Bollywood, give us something new!

Published: November 19, 2011

Bollywood has just become about big names, singing and dancing. What happened to a storyline or a plot? PHOTO: AFP

The Indian film industry just copies ideas from wherever it can. Be it from China, Arab countries, Pakistan or the USA, Bollywood has turned in to mere replica. This is why I had to stop watching Indian movies.

What happened to the good old days, when a movie was just based on a good story line and didn’t have fancy animations?

Recently I saw low-budget movies like ‘Dou Dunni Char’ and ‘Love Express.’ Now these films really have substance. They don’t rely solely on dance and songs. Even high-cost comedies do not have any content these days. It is the low-budget Indian movies that really have something interesting and different to offer. This growing trend of shooting movies abroad and spending huge sums of money on promotion lead to growing excitement from the anxiously awaiting viewers. However, these films are unfortunately, most of the time, a let down. Plots have come to resemble movies previously seen, characters are one dimensional and the story-line is completely un-original.

I recently saw ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and in the interval, I felt like fleeing the theatre. The movie repeated a love story that I have seen countless times. The only new things I saw were the songs, dances and the clothes. Correct me if I am wrong, but are music, choreography and the styling the reasons one goes to watch a movie? Why not watch a musical instead?

I often wonder why these films generate so much money and why people even bother to watch them. High-budget films only work due to the advertising. Just because the audience knows its a Shahrukh Khan movie or that Salman is the hero, they flock to the theatres. Let me ask you this though; when was the last time you saw a movie as brilliant as Shahrukh Khan’s “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ or Salman Khan’s ‘Andaz Apna Apna?’

If you look at recent Shahrukh Khan releases they are just so repetitive. The super-star has fallen in to the trap of arrogance and simply stars in films for the money now. Salman’s ‘Dabangg’ was good, but then again, it was copied.

Indian movies that boast high costs do not teach us anything. Amir Khan is somehow an exception, but I can’t say that the same holds true for other actors.

Hollywood also makes high budget movies, but they still have a storyline and a concept that has not been seen a million times before. Just a few examples are ‘Babel’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and ‘The Blind Side‘. All three movies have completely different plots, they are all original, and a pleasure to watch. Can the same be said for Bodyguard?

Indian media does not teach anything to our society. There are no lessons to be learnt from a Bollywood movie except that if you throw a man and a woman together, they will dance, sing, and fall in love. I am disappointed to say that Indian movies were nothing like this before.

Sadly, these films are making a large impact on our youth, who are now going through every possible measure to be “dramatic” and fall in love. Did you hear about the boy who shot a girl and then himself because she refused to marry him? Does this sound like an Indian movie to you? Girls in Pakistan now just want to get married or engaged after graduating from high-school; they think that its a very big achievement.

My plea to Bollywood is to make films that encourage our youth to achieve great things, to motivate them to be honest citizens, to light a fire in them to succeed. Did you watch the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness?‘ Did it not inspire you and make you believe that anything is possible?

Please Bollywood, make a movie like this – a movie worth watching.


Tahreem Muhammad Yousuf

A student studying Accounting and Finance from the Virtual University of Pakistan in Kuwait.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • rabi

    You are super right… i am with u….Recommend

  • Ali

    No one is forcing you to watch those movies.
    They are commercial movies, not art movies. They want to make money and hell yeah they are bloody good at it. Hence such movies keep coming again n again. Bollywood is basically a dream merchant. There is a certain segment who would want to forget all the worries in their lives and just be enchanted by a dream story – no matter how illogical it seem.
    How about you pondering more about revival of the almost non-existent Pakistan film industry rather than looking beyond your border and cribbing about what they do.

  • Rohab

    I am sorry who are you and from what authority do you ask bollywood to give you something. Bollywood will give what the Indian audience demands not what some random pakistani girl
    wants and her lollywood is incapable of giving. stop this obsession with us. you guys are amazing you separated because of 2 nation theory. where does that theory or Quaid dream go
    when you watch Bollywood.

    Sorry for being blunt. Instead of being interested in India start taking interest in your own country. By not doing that you are doing injustice to it.once again sorry if i offended you.Recommend

  • Waqar

    Listen dude, indian movies dosent make for muslims or pakistani, they are targeted at domestic and NRI there is no quistion of weather u like it or not?
    if u dont like this movies dont watch them and start watching iranian movies no one force you to watch bollywood movies.
    Bollywood was never copying anything from pakistan there in india no one knows there is a movie industry exists in one knows about one knows shaan,sangeeta,omar gul there.
    and your quility hollywood also copys from south korean,european movies.
    so stop commenting and speak about lollywood which is our not about others.Recommend

  • AliRiaz

    The only thing that these movies have achieved is that they have made our youth morally corrupt. We are now happy with watching kissing scenes openly with our family. Our youngest to eldest is happy in watching 25 women naked(barely 2 inch clothes) women dancing.

    So thats it. We are happy with it. Let us watch so that we can become more morally corrupt.

    Pakistan – a Morally Bankrupt Society influenced by Morally bankrupt Media & Politicians!Recommend

  • Manish Kumar

    I hardly believe Bollywood copies any movie from Pakistan..err is there a movie industry in pak ? Yes i agree movies are copied, but i can recall watching some exceptional movies being made here in India in last 5 years. Its very encouraging. Dabang as the writer mentions is not copied but a remake of a south Indian movie, for which a huge some of copyrights was paid. The low budget movies however have proved to be better. Bollywood does need to get over its obsession for love dramas because they are getting repetitive, but then again consumer is the king and no one is being forced to watch them. They certainly generate huge money, making it a good business investment. However this should not take away the credits of some great movies made recently and we all loved watching them. Bollywood has gained a lot of international appreciation. We all noticed the international stars working in Indian movies, and each time its a bigger name.Aamir khan is not the only exception, i as a matter of fact would like to think hritik roshan is good too. But mentioning some good movies from hollywood and comparing with some bad one from Bollywood does not make ur blog critical.Guru was as inspirational as Pursuite of happiness. Lastly very disappoiting to see that again its India (indian movies) being blamed for somethin wrong happening in pakistan. Appalling that a bf kills his gf and then himself, have seen that happen in movies from around the world. Secondly most recent indian movies show actresses as working women having a professional carrier. In india all women i meet want to go out , work bulid a professional life. You go to offices and there are many women working, you go professional courses , half the students are girls Bollywood movies have not impacted them negatively, so if girls in pakistan see it in a negative fashion..then certainly the indian movies are not be blamed.Recommend

  • NITS

    Bollywood copies from PAK movies? :) Is there any comparison between Pak film industry & BOLLYWOOD?? … by saying this u have cracked d JOKE OF D CENTURY!!!!! :DRecommend

  • Sadaf

    Watch Kung Fu Panda =p You won’t be disappointed !Recommend

  • Y.A.Badshah

    I am quite agree to Mr. Ali.
    Who is telling you to Watch Indian Films.
    Please, now is the time to talk about Pakistani Film which is going down Day by Day. Let me tell you one think inspite of watching the Movie “BOL” by Shoaib Mansoor, I recommend you to watch Pakistani Films Bhai Loog,by Syed Faisal Bukhari, Love Mein Gum was a good one but must watch this Movie by Mrs. Reema Khan. Tell you more about Pakistani Film Industry a sequel of Bhai Loog will be coming sooner on 2012 or 2013 which is expected. Moreover, Syed Faisal Bukhari is making a lot in Pakistani Film Industry. His New film is under the production named “Sultanat” a Dubai’s investor have also made a contribution in it.
    Pakistani Film Industry are having a bit crisis they have to come together forgetting about the Government Aid. They have to come up with a Plan and I Love it when the Plan comes on. The Industry have to come together. Talking about “Blind Side” I saw it three times it was a great Movie, even “Remember the Titans” 2000 starting one of my Favourite Denzel Washington. These films have been produced by three to four or even more producers, Why don’t Pakistani Film Producers pool in One Basket for a epic Movie?Recommend

  • Anthony Soprano

    If u dont like bollywood just stop watching it,I stopped a long time back.Didnt know our movies were so popular in pakistan.Better focus on ur own film industry.Iranians make far better movies than those dumbos in mumbai.Recommend

  • samia

    Well thats why they are movies.Recommend

  • Su 30MKI

    I am indian and a film buff, hailing frm south india..Well i agree wtih you how bollywood runs…..Most of bollywood are cheap copy of korean, thai or official remake of hollywood..Its not we are shortage of writers or we dont have novelist, where we can make a movie out of it..Bollywood is run by powerful stars. most of the elite crowd come from dynasty, and whether they are talented or not, they become actor or directors just for the sake of surname..This really kills talent who are waiting outside with raw talent ..nevertheless things are changing, with low budget films with unique idea are making waves..

    Now I seriously doubt if pakistanis are aware are rich diversified indian cinema..due to inability to understand their culture or to follow other language for ex ( tamil,malayalam, bengali).. these industry make some serious good movies( ofcourse many are just crap like bollywood )..Unfortuntely, even rest of india are not aware of such movie with international appeal..

    The reason that bollywood minting with huge box office hit is due to desi crowd outside india,which include large pakistani crowds..they largely relate to the culture and language of bollywood cinema… To me, Bollywood are just obsessed about white skin girls especially who have come from white parents, and cant even look like average sub continent people, yet they become super stars with zero acting skills.. make a red carpet premier in london or fashion parade or shooting in all exotic locaiton across the globe is all what make bollywood on par with hollywood .

    There is a shift in the way movie made here..but its a long way to go..the only hope are emerging film makers like dibanker banerjee, anurag kashyap, vitramaditya motwani, shimit amin, vishal bharadwaj…however, powerful star overshadow these small crowds.But defintely things are changing, coz the frustrated crowd become larger and looking for different cinema just like you and me…

    I rate bollywood par below to even iranian or korean or israeli or polish films..go to movie renting shop, close your eyes and rent any iranian or korean movie..i bet you will see life through other side..and beleive its not art movie, those are serious thrillers, action movie..but are brilliant in content.otherwise why would martin scorscee remake a simple hongkong movie to remake The departed.. I am glad crowd across the border are equally frustrated, and i request to look indian cinema beyond might find some gold mine..:))Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    The author is utterly ignorant to call “Indian films” as Bollywood.

    If you want to write on a national daily, that too a blog, be a little responsible.

    Indian cinema is much bigger than Bollywood.

    Bollywood is in fact one face of Indian cinema, an ugly face.

    Yes, you are right, Bollywood is horrible. Why watch it and why even write about it? Just leave those movie to a percentage of braindead Indians.Recommend

  • Ans Awais

    but they are better than our Lollywood Movies :DRecommend

  • bilal

    i wud suggest: go & watch Rockstar my dear, & then rewrite the blog please…(cuz the feelin WAS mutual).Recommend

  • sana

    hahaha good work totally agree with u Recommend

  • bun

    the movie wednesday was a fantastic .
    see that . no songs no dances . a good 1 hr 30 min storylineRecommend

  • http://Boston Sundeep

    Why not make your god damn movies instead of taking up media space to whine about ours? I can go on and on about what Bollywood has or hasn’t, but it seems to me the point of this article is to relieve the frustration of the author for not having anything like Bollywood in her country. Recommend

  • Bollywood man

    Dear Author, (What was your name ?, Well whatever). Your Plea is REJECTED.
    The reason ? There are possibilites that people (especilly the pakistanis) will not like the Bollywood stuff. But there are evern more chances that we care a damn, as to what pakistanis think. Recommend

  • MD

    Your criticism of Bollywooed movies appears rather unfair to me. Although, I am an Indian, but, I seldom watch Bollywood movies or the soap operas of Indian tv. However, that doesn’t mean that I am intellectually superior to others who watch them. As for Bollywood movies and tv dramas are being unrealistic, repetitive and over dramatic is concerned, that is not confined to the Bollywood alone. Hollywood too does produce similar kind of unrealistic, stupid movies. How do you explain our Hollywood heroes wrecking havoc amongst 200+ or so terrorists or bad guys virtually singlehandedly? What do you make of the gravity defying Chinese movies where all the fighters keep floating in the air effortlessly? Over 90% of Bollywood movies defy logic, but, same is true when it comes to the Hollywood or Hong Kong movies.
    Having said that, however, I don’t blame any of the above film industries for producing such an unrealistic, fictional and fantasy stuff. That is because we, humans, are highly imaginative animals and with our incredible ability to imagine, we could easily be led into the world of phantasia and we love it. All that you need is a good writer, poet, singer, musician, dancer, painter etc. All that the above industries are doing is to cater to the popular demand.
    I can understand your desire to watch the movies which are much nearer to the real world, but, not many of us humans want to spend their spare time encountering the same bitter realities of life, that they face in their day to day life. That make you a minority and that explains as to why only few art movies are produced.
    However, the majority shouldn’t be blamed for preferring movies which are stupid, but, are sexy, glamorous and full of “item numbers”. :DRecommend

  • anoud

    wallah zabardast you should’ve writtemn about bol ;)Recommend

  • http://India punit

    Hi honey…you are absolutely right……..Hope Bollywood returns to the good old days where it had a good storyline….Recommend

  • Alok

    ‘Bollywood’ is a loose inclusive term for the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai. There is no sign at the top of a hill screaming ‘Bollywood’. Those two Hindi movies mentioned here are also part of Bollywood.
    Secondly all the Hollywood movies mentioned here; none of them are current year releases. For every Babel or No Country for Old Men there is a Twilight Saga and Sex and the City.
    Last point Bollywood is not only limited to the Khans, please widen your catalog and you may find a Rocket Singh or an Aamir(not Khan).Recommend

  • FAZ

    She is pointing to the fact that our ignorant masses are becoming “love psychos” watching these movies. Every gal wants a superhero who does a “600 caror ka business” and every boy looks for a sheela out there!!
    Read the links pointing in this article! Recommend

  • CorporateSlave

    “Girls in Pakistan now just want to get married or engaged after graduating from high-school; they think that its a very big achievement”
    Nailed it!! And the big fat ostentatious weddings we get to see these days too are a result of Bollywood created fantasy mindset.Recommend

  • Deb


    I agree with the general thurst of your post.I presume you based your observations on the general nature of films made in Hindi.
    It’s generaly true for big budget movies with high power star cast.The associated financial risk works as a dis-incentive for the producer/director to try something new.
    But as you rightly point out there are many small budget movies staring low profile actors,which are based on refreshingly new ideas.
    One other thing to be noted is that there is a large body of work available in various other regional languges in India, many of them are appreciated in International film festivals.
    Finally thank you for a perceptive post. Recommend

  • Sirat-ul-mustaqeem

    who cares Recommend

  • Jack

    I agree with the author’s comments, and the reasons are not hard to find. There is a significant segment of the population (both in India and Pak, I would imagine) who want to forget their cares for a while and watch a predictable ‘happily ever after’ movie with a couple of good songs, laughs and fights, and this is what ensures that the producers make money. However, increasingly, the Aamir Khan approach has shown that movies can easily recover their investments, and possibly make good money just from the multiplex crowd – and these can afford to be offbeat, whacky and experimental (Ex: Delly Belly). I believe that both kinds can co-exist – there are many movies that will appeal to us which may not make much sense to someone in rural UP/ Sindh. As far as the state of Pakistani film industry is concerned, I believe that you should consider the current situation from the perspective of comparative advantage – Pak film makers will find it difficult to compete with the Bombay film industry, and should not really try to. Instead, if the overall market for films grows (Pak, Indian, English), this gives opportunities for investments in malls, multiplexes and will give real estate a fillip in several locations in your urban markets. Alternately, you need to be able to offer something different to your population, or offer your current fare to someone new – this is why the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali film industries continue to do well in India. But protectionism at the cost of entertainment will only help piracy.Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    India ‘s parallel film cinema is alive and well. You need to check out works of Anurag Kashyap (Black Friday, No Smoking. The girl in Yellow Boots, Dev D, etc) Vishal Bharadwaj ( Omkara, Kaminey, Maqbool, The Blue Umbrella etc). Countless good films are made here but they are not heavily promoted because the average viewer has no taste for such films. Such films are made only for multiplex audiences and hence commercially not popular here or abroad.

    Infact India’s regional cinema especially Marathi cinema are known for making very sensitive films. Most Bollywood movies are copies of films of telegu, tamil, kannada or malayalam cinema. Dabbang, Ghajni, Bodyguard, Ready etc. Those interested in quality cinema should definitely check out films from south with english subtitles. Their quality at most times is even better than of bollywood. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    You saw Love Aj Kal recently? Are theatres still playing it?

    Anyway, I agree with the article. All Bollywood movies, save for a handful, are mess of obnoxious dialogues and asinine plots. And actors like Sharukh Khan are hideously overrated (some of his performances are noteworthy, but most are plain embarrassing).Recommend

  • Saad

    You talk some sense but there are some mistakes in the article which I just have to point out.

    You really need to learn the difference between it’s and its. Other than that, great work!!Recommend

  • Raj

    Well you are right is certain aspects but I can’t agree with everything you said. Infact Bollywood is now more versatile than ever. It’s true that Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan movies does the business but then a lot depends on the outlook of the viewers as well. There are new genre of movies coming up and they have created their niche market and the good news is that these markets are growing. Bollywood is no longer dominated by only one type of movies. Here you now get movies like Dev D, Paheli or Love,Sex,Dhokha which are very original and represent distinct genres . It has produced Rang De Basanti which was quite inspiring. Yes the musical movies will be there for foreseeable future as there is specific demand for such movies, and it is true that they will get ever boring with all their glitz and glamour but then that is no longer the only face of Bollywood unlike the 80s and 90s Recommend

  • Amar

    I don’t like run of the mill Bollywood movies, but occasionally you get these low budget high substance movies like Udaan, Amir, hazaron khwahishen aise, Bheja fry which I love. Having said this, vast majority of people like masala Bollywood movies and who am I to judge what’s good and what’s bad. I keep watching movies that I like, the same way others who love going to classic Bollywood – boy meets girl and villain enters and at the end everyone lives happily ever after. Recommend

  • Khalid Ahmed

    1) Welcome to Capitalism.

    2) Capitalism both satisfies demands and creates demands. It’s a chicken-egg situation which reflects the fundamental nature of human ‘wants’.

    3) Love Aaj Kal became huge hit because people (consumers) want unlimited supply of love stories and Capitalism gives them what they want.

    4) Bodyguard became mega hit because people want to see Salman Khan’s biceps and his impossible fight scenes and Capitalism gives them what they want.

    5) Bollywood is not a non-profit entity with social cause.

    6) For movies with social message try 3-Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Udaan, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara…to name a few.

    7) Remaking is fine. It still requires a lot of creativity.

    8) Youth falling in love because of Bollywood is like saying people murdering people because of Heavy Metal music.Recommend

  • Arjun

    I am Indian but from south. Yes we Indians are definitely not proud of bollywood movies but thats what you Pakistanis watch and think it is only Indian way. If thats the case then your article represents the height of arrogance and ignorance as well!!
    Bollywood movies are made for Indians not for Pakistan..I will repeat this……

    First you need some education-Bollywood is NOT only Indian. its one of the 14 film industries India has-please know we do not ape Arabs and ofcourse not Pakistanis-if the case you feel good about one Pakistani song in 1000 songs churned out -is copying then you need help!

    Pakistani singers come to India for earning money and make a living-because islamic pak will have another treatment for those poor fellows….

    May be Pakistan has interest in copying Arabs-as many Pakistanis call themselves- Who cares?

    India does not have to because our culture is secure- not purely religion based.

    Contrarily-Pakistan does copy anything Indian-try to prove my statement wrong? So what makes Pakistan look at Indian movies that are based in Indian culture? Or why cannot the arabs “your forefathers” make some decent movies….. They cannot as they still need to learn how a make a car instead of selling oil or selling religion.

    I guess the author should try to ask what makes Pakistanis see Indian or western movies when neither Indian nor western nations try to learn or see anything arab or Pakistani…

    Indian movies are made for Indians not Pakistanis nor some other country. The better way to ask is why your country cannot have some peace to allow those poor fellows make some decent movies and avoid travelling to India and feel that we are copying what ever great islamic stuff you have “invented ” other than taliban terrorists. I am sure that interest to build a nation or secular society does not exist in Pakistanis or Arabs other than beating chests that they are muslims. Recommend

  • farqaleet

    The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favrt movies. you are absolutely right . bollywood should think abt it.Recommend

  • antony

    hello ? Whats the arrogance in the assumption that somehow bollywood film is made for pakistan ? .Its not .period. Its for Indian mass and global indian diaspora .You are welcome to see it by paying money and curse it for wasting your money and that is fine ..But never think pakistan is in the scheme of things for bollywood film makers for earning money or coming up with a movie..I as an Indian would like Hollywood to show one South Asian really admirable and hero before whites who salute to this south asian hero but this is wishful thinking and I dont have any right to ask them create films as I want even though I pay money to watch a hollywood film..However If an indian american makes a hollywood producer like vijay amritraj is willing to put his money for such a script then thats possible..So now figure out what needs to be done if you want bollywood to suit you!!!Recommend

  • Nouman


    Blockquote> The Indian film industry just copies ideas from wherever it can. Be it from China, Arab countries, Pakistan Blockquote


    Seriously? Pakistan?Recommend

  • Ashok

    Yes, I agree. By the way Tahreem, try watching a few Malayalam movies (with subtitles of course) starring Mammootty or Mohanlal. Many of these movies are quality films worth watching. Not all are as deep as maybe some French or American movies, but they do manage to portray a more real version of India in a slightly more humorous or delicate way fit for audiences.

    Once in a while, there are some good Tamil movies worth watching too. “Autograph” is one. “Kannathil Muthamittal” is another.

    The hindi movie scene has lost originality and frankly is just not worth watching. Recommend

  • Raj

    Why are you even bothered to watch Indian movies? Why don’t you produce such yourselves? Pls note your movie halls are surviving becoz of Bollywood…Recommend

  • anish

    We in bollywood are in the business of selling dreams … and people are buying it … Offcourse there are cinemas recently like “I am Kalam”… which are also made in bollywood but may not be shown in pakistan …. however bollywood is not Indian cinema .. Indian cinema is ocean of which bollywood is part.. the regional Indian cinema where movies are made in regional langages like Bengali, marathi, Tamil etc also produced big movies..
    I do agree with Ali.. please brain-strom how to revive the pakistani film industry rather than worrying about bollywood.. If tommorow entire pakistan decides not to watch these movies it does not event dent in bollywood revenues.. but alas pakistani singers/actors are litterally dieing to come in bollywood… The interviews of Atif islam and “Tere bin laden” hero on pakstani tv are proof of the same Recommend

  • Vineeth


    I agree on one point. Lots of movies like ready, wanted, Dabang etc were overhyped and didn’t worth the money spent.
    But it is not true that good movies are not made. In fact there are plenty.
    have you watched movies like Zindagi na milegi Dobara, Aarakshan, Rajneeti, A wednesday, Band baja barath? These are just to name a few, but there are many good
    movies if you want to watch.
    So choose which ones you want to watch and don’t generalise!Recommend

  • mohinder sandhu

    The writer is right to a point,we do need a change and the demand is growing for better plot and script.The educated people in the indian sub continent are specially opting out for hollywood.The problem for bombay film maker is that his audience is not as educated and matured as it is western world.Majority of people are poor,who when see a bmw or mercedes go by dream of owning it one day,that day probably will never come in their life time,but they can dream.Also, the culture,young boy is not allowed to have a girl friend.I can understand a 16 or 18 year old boy get attracted to a girl or vice versa but can never express his feeling,gets into trouble so many times growing up.He can dream when shahrukh runs around with beautiful girls.We don,t run around or sing songs in public with girls.
    Cost to make a movie is so high,failure many time destroys many families.You only see the glitter in the industry,there are so many sad stories,if you get know all that, you will probably hate bollywood. If the formula film is made then atleast rickshawalla taxi driver or general labourer will show up for movie after days hard work. Recommend

  • Alina

    Because, in today’s society, especially in Pakistan, the more dominating movies are the ones that come from across the border. I’m not saying Bollyeood movies are bad just because they come from India. I loved Do Dooni Chaar, and 3 Idiots. But seriously, in today’s world, where countries have female leaders (Julia Gillard in Australia), do we really want to enforce the idea that women in India/Pakistan should all just dream about falling in love and getting married? Do we really want to encourage today’s young men to have ‘bodies’ like Salman khan, and act all ‘romantic’ like SRK? I’d rather see, not just a specific country, but a WORLD, where today’s youth is ready to Battle war and poverty. I want today’s young scientists to find the cure for cancer, finally eliminate polio (whose end we are so close to, thnx for the youth). Its not about ur country or mine. It’s about what we should ideas we should prioritise, and hence encourage.Recommend

  • Faysal

    Why don’t you like start your Lollywood? It’s embarrassing to blame the neighbour’s dog.Recommend

  • Shock horror

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. I suggest you stick to watching Lollywood produced movies. I am sure you like them a lot more, and of course each lollywood movie is totally brand new and very interesting, with no copying of any thing. Wait a minute for breaking news. Pakistani news channels often have songs from Indian movies to illustrate and entertain the audience!Recommend

  • Mrs K

    Oh dear you get it really slow,dont watched many many Indian movies to realise they are repetitive??? I was about 12 and realised after watching maybe 10 bollywood movies that they were boring and always same old stuff. Never looked back since, now if i ever bother to watch a bollywood movie,then its only because sooo many of my friends and family memebers recommand it. Hence me watching once a movie called khabi kushi, khabi ghum.

    You dont miss out on anything if you dont watch bollywood movies, so maybe you should take break from it, besides i dont think its a movies job to teach you anything, also someone once told me that bollywood movies offer escapits fantasies, so people there no ready to watch movies like the blind side or my sisters keeper.Where in such movies would you add the dancing and the singing and how might such stories help people forget about their own problems?Recommend

  • Alok

    Did watching Mogambo inspire Osama Bin Laden in wanting to take over the world..?? Hmm there’s a food for thought.Recommend

  • gp65

    Some questions for the author:
    1) Copying Pakistani movies? Pakistan makes 2-3 movies a year. Can you please tell me which Pakistani movie was copied by Bollywood?

    2) You can complain all you want about ShahRukh’s repetiveness. But the characters in My Name is Khan, Ra.One. Chak De India, Kal Ho na Ho, Swades, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Suri in Rab ne Bana Di Jodi are very distinct. Also see the range of movies acted by the young Ranbir Kapoor Saawraiya, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Rocket Singh salesman, Bachna – E- Haseeno, Anjana Anjani, Raajneeti, anjana Anjani. See Vishal Bhardwaj and Anurag Kashyap’s movies, Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai, 3 Idiots small budge movies like Bheja Fry, Amir, Wednesday etc., Mani Ratnam’s movies, Farhan and Zoya Akhtar’s movies – you will find diversity. OFcourse there are some run of the mill movies also but it really is upto you what you want to check the reviews before you watch

    3) Typically any Hindi movie gets less than 1% of its revenues from Pakistan. So no-one is going to change what they make to cater to the Pakistani audiences.Your plea would be better directed to Pak movie industry.Recommend

  • rehmat

    @Author: “Girls in Pakistan now just want to get married or engaged after graduating from high-school; they think that its a very big achievement”.

    Bollywod movies were not permitted in Pakistan between 1965 and 2008. So I presume that at time most women became Ph.D, – correct? I suppose the girls schools getting bombed in Swat and KP also is to facilitate these girls getting married soon. Seriously grow up.Recommend

  • ayesha

    I haven’t seen any movies in the last 10 years which have shown
    – a boy killing a girl because she refuses the marriage proposal
    – a girl drops out of high school to get married.

    Speaking of movies that can inspire you – have you watched Taare Zameen Par, My Name is Khan, Swades, Chak De India, Black? Did they not inspire you? Even a more happy go liucky , feel good movie like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara encourages you to follow your dreams.

    Finally why should every movie be inspirational – that is not its goal. Even if people feel entertained and it reduces their day to day frustrations, that is still a good enough reason to make a movie.Recommend

  • Karan

    @Rohab: Obsession?? Do you know after 9/11 these guys in US and West pretend as Indians
    to get jobs because of their bad repute. Its a lot more than obsession. If i have to give
    you an example the best would be Mexico-USA scenario. Pakistan is the mexico here rheir
    artists always wanting to come, their citizens cannot live without our movies and in doing so
    they forget that its not their own country and demand things like this author has asked. i feel bad for them. Recommend

  • Ram Kapoor

    See how she says Indian media does not teach anything to OUR society and OUR youth.

    Time to wake up dear, you are a Pakistani , we are Indian. There is no so called OUR. The
    OUR died in 1947. If you dont like Bollywood then simple dont watch it. I am sure you will be
    happy with what your own country gives you. And if you are not then i feel sorry for you and its
    a reality you have to live with. The best option even then i would suggest is stop watching BollywoodRecommend

  • indian

    Bollywood is all crap . nothing but a family cabal……Recommend

  • Tribune Reader

    Did you write this in 2009? cause movies u just listed down were not released this year.
    Love Aaj Kal is 2009.
    and if you want something nice and semi original, watch ZNMD
    or a light feel good movie like MBKD
    dont watch Mausam or Rock star
    3 hrs of tortutreRecommend

  • Joginder

    My views exactly, Tahreem. I too saw “do duni char” (well, not the beginning anyway) and found it surprisingly good. Most of the Bollywood song-and-dance numbers look like they were turned out on an assembly line. I like to see old movies also and find that the storyline quality deteriorated significantly when colour movies became the norm, i.e late Sixties and Seventies. In the earlier B&W days they had to work harder on the songs, music and story. No matter, all is not lost. When the same formula results in a string of flops the movie makers do start looking for something else to copy!Recommend

  • bilal

    go & watch Rockstar!Recommend

  • powerball

    what exactly is the issue here? Are you mad because they copy stuff, or is it that they have songs and dancing in it or is it that they’re a bad influence, or is only that you just feel like bashing bollywood?!! Nothing is wrong with any of the things you mentioned. These movies are made to entertain people and that’s exactly what they do! And about them being a bad influence on the youth, I agree with that but you cannot blame bollywood movies for that.. the internet, tv shows, hollywood (even without songs and dances)..everything has a bad influence on the youth. It is our job to chose what we do.. Bollywood movies or anything else in the world does not justify our actions. You possibly can’t tie that guy murdering that girl and then committing suicide to bollywood!Recommend

  • powerball

    All these Indian people here saying Bollywood does not copy from Pakistan are wrong.. But I won’t expect you to know that because you don’t know. There are many songs in Indian movies that were copied from Pakistani work.. One example of it is a very popular song from Dabbang..Munni Badnam hoyi. that tune came from a Pakistani song from 1992! check it out: .. Start listening from 1:50. There are many other example like this but you guys won’t know because the first time you hear it is in a Indian movie and u think it’s original. sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not!!
    So ya, Indian movie business is a huge industry and they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing..entertaining the audience. Pakistani movies aren’t popular at all but don’t be so ignorant and say Pakistani aren’t capable of producing anything that’s worth copying cuz that obviously isn’t true!! Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Like many fans, I am also very frustrated and sad on the demise of Bollywood film industry. I believe crap movie ratio is no different than other film indstries of the world. In my view blame goes to the so called super stars of recent times. During golden era of Bollywood, I mean sixties, seventies and eightees, the superstars like Dharminder, Jatendar, Dilip, Manoj, Dev, Rajesh, Rishi, Shashi, Shami, Amithab, Rajinder, Shatru, Mithan, Rajni and few others use to work five to ten movies a year with exception of Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar. With their presence in so many movies throughout year about forty to fifty A class movies were normally released. Compare these figues with recent times. Now super stars who are fewer in number compared to golden era, they also do not work in more than one or two movies a year. Surely with their better money making skills, they are earning more with less work but industry is surely going south.Recommend

  • infidel

    “when was the last time you saw a movie as brilliant as Shahrukh Khan’s “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ ”
    you seem to be a love sick puppy,SRK’s best ever movie if ever there was one it could be “swadesh” or “chakde”.anyways ,what were you expecting from a movie which has a title “Love Aaj Kal” , zombies blowing anything human or psychopath turned vampire with a twist in a tail where hero becomes a cannibal just for the heck of it..Bollywood became quite innovative these days,they are comping up with titles “it’s not a love story” when it’s not a love story,yet you chose to go to the movies which are love stories and you are expecting it to become a terrific thriller,that’s something i cannot comprehend with
    and coming to salman khan, he become a merchandiser for south indian films in north India , starting with wanted(Telugu remake ),bodyguard(Malayalam remake),dabang(Tamil remake),but all of them are made in India… start watching movies which don’t sound like/look like love storiesRecommend

  • bharat

    chiller party
    zindgi na milegi dobara
    socha na tha
    ek chalis ki last local
    honeymoon travelsRecommend

  • Deeja

    Religion is a personal and sacred matter to everyone. Keep it out of bashing each other and may I point out that if your are such a patriotic indian and you dislike pakistan so much, then what interest do you have on a pakistani blog??????? Question yourself before pointing fingers at others. And perhaps try to be the better man by NOT spread hatred!!!!! The article is someone’s opinion and every human being is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t people forget respecting other human beings!!! How different are you from the rest of the people who spread hatred then???

    p.s. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

    @Arjun: Recommend

  • http://Google Baigan Khala

    Why amir is exception..he remake Gajini..he copied tare zamin per. 3 Idiot is inspired from Munna Bhai MBBS. Y r only bashing SRK and Salman..Atleast they didnt cheat. they clears about their project before release itself..and from which angle OSO, rab ne, Chakh de, MNIK, swades, veer zara u found repetitive. chale ate hai ek se badkar ek opion leke hue..what u found special in older movies. Lost and gain formula, badle ki bhavna, 2-3 hero multistarrer masala movies. Recommend

  • Anoop


    First, I would like you to thank you for watching Indian, rather to be more specific Hindi Movies. You and your countrymen are channeling much needed money to India, which we really need and also reinforcing the Soft Power of India and the fact that its a cultural juggernaut.

    Second, I would like to point out that there are 22 ‘recognized’ languages in India, out of which Pakistanis can understand and are dominated by the Culture of just one- Hindi.

    There are dozens of Movie Industries out of which Hindi is one of them. Hindi is probably spoken by 3 or 4 out of India’s 27 states. It is certainly the richest Film Industry in India but by no means the best. That title belongs to the Tamil Film Industry. Other excellent Film Industries are Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam,etc.

    Anyway, what I want to point out is that you know NOTHING of Indian cinema. Nothing. You know bollywood, that too in a biased manner(Knowing you have failed to mention the excellent movies that have come out this year like “Zindagi Na Mile Dobara” or “Yeh Saali Zindagi” or “Girl in Yellow Boots” or “Dhobi Ghat” or “No one killed Jessica” or “Pyar Ka Panchnama” or “Singham”). How can you miss these released this year alone?

    So, all in all: you dont know anything about anything with regard to Indian Cinema or you are just too biased or you haven’t put your heart into researching the topic. Take your pick.

    On another note: So many Countries struggle to maintain just one Movie Industry, India has it in the dozens.

    Third, let me introduce you to something which is not Bollywood.

    This is a movie in Tamil that came out few days ago. I promise you that you will love it if you would watch it, specially if you like Action movies. The guy who has played the protagonist has done the original Ghajini(Later remade, with due references, by none other than Aamir Khan) and the original Singham(Again remade by Bollywood by Ajay Devgan).

    If you want to write about Indian cinema at least please know something about it. I cannot come and write about Nuclear Physics tomorrow, can I!!!Recommend

  • Wahab

    Kissing and intimate scenes are in Hollywood too, or is it just Indian films corrupting everyone? Good and bad films are in every industry. Some brilliant low budget ondian films have been produced in recent years. Audience are well informed now a days and that is the reason not every film with a huge star is crossing the 100 crore mark. Internet is a house item which you explore to get corrupt morally or otherwise, choice is ours.Recommend

  • Talha

    Here is a list of Pakistani movies copied by thiefs in India.

    Lollywood original, Bollywood copyRecommend

  • Talha

    These Indians are very bitter and hostile online, its much safer behind your screen.

    We shouldn’t entertain this kind of junk here, and Pakistani’s should not write about their nonsense either.Recommend

  • nikhat

    well NITS dont know about films but certainly bollywood copies pakistani songs. for example mehdi hassan’s song BAHOT KHOOBSURAT HAI NERA SANAM ; KHUDA AISAY MUKHRAY BANATA HAI KAM was copied by bollywood in the laate eightees for the movie SAJAN AND WHICH WAS PICTURISED ON THE TOP ACTORS LIKE MADHRI DIXIT; SALMAN KHAN AND SANJAY DUTT.
    there are many other songs that were copied and from all over the world.
    pakistan also copied indian movies.Recommend

  • Rizvi

    Two Pakistani Movies have brilliantly outshone all the thousands of movies made in the last 5-6 years. Bol and Khuda Kay Liye.
    And no one really cares about Bollywood. Our music industry is way better !!!!Recommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    Well first of all, you said you “recently” watched ‘Love aaj kal’. In which cinema on earth did you “recently” see a movie released in 2009? OK forget it! But who are you to even damn care about where Bollywood is heading? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about our own cinema? At least Bollywood has something to offer. Positive and negative aspects are always there. And while you are talking about Hollywood, well how about ‘Twilight’? What on earth has that movie taught you? But you can’t blame the whole Hollywood on that, then why Bollywood? Keep one thing in mind that it’s the same Bollywood who made movies like ‘My name is Khan’ and raised an issue which your own industry never dared to raise. Not because they were afraid of someone, but it’s because they never thought it was important. You have got a lot to discuss about your own country, better concentrate on that.Recommend

  • Mahnoor

    i agree with the author! Give her a break people. She is right and you know she is. Indian movies are not as good as they used to be before. Majorities of the movies are nowadays flops. As pakistanis, i know we dont really have the right to judge but our language is almost the same and we have grown up watching movies like ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ and ‘dil chata hai’. I still love watching them! But these days the ‘super hits’ like “ra-one” and “dabangg’ are nothing compared to the old ones. I wouldn’t enjoy watching them again. No one should compare lollywood with indian movies..we know indian movies are way better but aren’t movies made for the world audience as well…and indians should be grateful that pakistanis have a part in your movie’s success too by paying to watch YOUR movies….so we DO have a little right to speak up. I used to love watching indian movies before and now I just feel bored most of the time. I watched BOL recently, and i must say that you all should watch it. There is a hope that pakistani movies will get better someday. And as far as indian movies are concerned, enough with all the publicities….just give the audience a good story!Recommend

  • Arsalan

    IF you don’t like watch indian movies then you better stop, idiot.

    You need to get a life, may god help youRecommend

  • Mehwish Rizvi

    Dear Tehreem u are absoultely right and have depicted the true picture , there was a time when I used to watch bollywood movies when they had quality :)Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!!!! now thats funny …. Bollywood, give us something new! Oh for God’s sake tell this to Lollywood first … and honestly I am a Pakistani !!!!!Recommend

  • Anoop


    The Pakistanis could come and sue the Film makers here if it were true. Farah Khan almost got sued but she bought the rights of some movie she ripped off. Same can happen.

    Why aren’t the Pakistanis doing that? Simple. Its not true.Recommend

  • MBN

    You’ve obviously never seen a good art house or independent bollywood movie. BIG NAME stars aren’t where the good stuff is at. Recommend

  • MBN

    And in which theater was Love Aaj Kal still playing?! =PRecommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    There is also a decline in bollywood music gone our the days of soothing melodies of 70’sRecommend

  • moi

    HAHA ..what a silly article. Since you claim that indian movies are such a bad influence on the pakistani youth, i want to ask if you would attribute the religious extremism in pakistan to india and indian movies as well.

    It is high time that pakistan stops blaming others for its own problems.

    Ans since you consider indian movies to be such a bad influence, why don’t you people just stop watching our movies. Make your own movies if you have the capability to.Recommend

  • wise counsel.

    why does arnold schwarznegger have miuscles and acts in movies..action girl..action.If u get wrong ideas thats ur problem.Recommend

  • bitterTrue

    @Tahreem Muhammad Yousuf…..

    You are absolutely right . I agree with you. But thing is that whether your society will accept this ? recently I heard that ur gov has banned text messaging of some words like Jesus ,gay etc. When a society keeps such mentality , How can they watch new concept movies? If directors come with such stories ,they might have to share the fate of Miss Taslima Nasrin . “My name is Khan” was digested fairly in your country ,but if any director comes up with movie of opposite idea like 26/11 or islamaphobia , then will you guaranty that your gov won’t ban it ? Your citizen complains of intimate scene or Kiss in Indian movies . In this 20th century ,If a child asks his parents about AIDS ,then what would be their reply ?? Put yourself in director’s position ans think which is the safest bet to earn more .Recommend

  • Grace

    One correction: Most educated Pakistanis do not watch Bollywood movies since we don’t relate to it. We prefer to watch western movies. If I want to watch movies from another culture, my first choice isn’t an Indian movie. You may have stopped watching Indian movies now, but lots of Pakistanis never watched them in the first place!Recommend

  • Vigilant

    Well said Article….Now a days Bollywood is a photocopying machine not in terms of Cinematography but also music, serials & other electronic media components…..except some original artists who r producing something original…. since last 6 year i just watched 4 or 5 Indian movies…. Recommend

  • Raj

    You have the right to criticise Bollywood films as they are legally released in Pakistan. Rajeev Masand and others review Hollywood films released in India and the US entertainment press reviews Bollywood movies released in America. But unlike them you make sweeping generalizations and assume that everything wrong with your country’s youth and women is due to Bollywood. And that is because they are professional critics and you are a struggling wannabe and would remain so if you continue wearing a stereotypist heart on your sleeve. You might have some knowledge of Bollywood but you are totally ignorant of Indian cinema. You have not watched movies by Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bharadwaj, Madhur Bhandarkar or Abhishek Chaubey. Pakistan with half a dozen multiplexes or so do not have the infrastructure to screen these films. India has a thousand multiplex screens where films from Hollywood to Malayalam films are screened on a weekly basis. The filmmakers I had mentioned above are contemporary Hindi filmmakers and you are totally clueless about films in other Indian languages especially South Indian ones.

    The other thing is that Bollywood is an industry and a big one too. According to Hindustan Times and other media reports Salman Khan charges $10 million for ‘Ekta Tiger’, his upcoming film ( $4 million fees and $6 million as profit share). The producers of Krrish 2 have struck deals worth $ 25 million even before the shooting of the film has started. No studio wants to go bankrupt after risking millions of dollars. So, they make movies for a mass audience. Even if the movie is a dud at the box office, they should be able to cover the production and marketing costs through non theatrical revenues ( TV rights, home videos and product tie ups). These days few Bollywood movies lose money because of the marketing and non theatrical revenues. And for that you need stars with market power who can fill the cinemas before the pirates and the critics do real damage. Now, do not tell me that ‘Bol’ is a blockbuster. Very little money was riding on it and it just grossed $ 1.1 million worldwide. Offbeat films like ‘Delhi Belly’ grossed $ 19 million worldwide, ‘DevD’ took $3 million home and ‘ Peepli Live’ got $7 million. So, Bollywood makes small successful films but they are not in the mainstream as ‘ Bol’ is in Pakistan because there are much bigger films being made in india and many of them are brain dead like ‘Bodyguard’. But in order to comment on Indian cinema you have to look deeper. The only movies you know about are the big Bollywood films which most Pakistanis like most Indians watch. It would help if you watch ‘Black Friday’, ‘Ishqiya’ ‘ No one killed Jessica’ etc to comment on Indian cinema.Recommend

  • Usman Farooq

    I dont know how correct everyone is here, my perspective of looking at things would be that Bollywood has a lot of talent coming in but why the hell are they wasting time and money in making movies like RA one and other movies… I’d rather say that instead of trying to make such stupid movies they should invest in movies which make sense to the person who is watching the movie and investing 3 hours of his precious day time…Recommend

  • Custard Pie Chucker

    Could not agree more. Indian movies are just glorified day time soap operas with some costumes, singing, dancing and overacting thrown in. Mind candy for morons.

    Whenever I’m on a plane, even if someone next to me is watching an Indian movie, I try to get my seat changed.

    If I was being tortured for information, all my captors would have to do is threaten to show me the latest big budget turd from Bollywood, and I would spill my guts in an instant.

    If I die and go to hell, my punishment would involve being strapped to my seat and being forced to watch Indian movies for all eternity.Recommend

  • Roberto

    I’m Italian and I don’t known a lot about Bollywood. However, in the this globalized word, it’s possible to see film and listen almost form everywhere.
    I sugget as good film not only ‘The Pursuit of Happyness” but also Departures (from Japan) and The concert (by Radu Mihaileanu)Recommend

  • u_too

    the finest indian movie i watched was shoot out at lokhandwala the rest are pretty much copy and paste material.Recommend

  • bollywood


    Bollywood give us something new

    so, how about sunny leone in action ?
    will that be ok?.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Here is a track that is taking South India by storm. Pakistan will never get to hear this from a part of India which doesn’t speak Hindi.

    The beauty of India is that today I can enjoy a Tamil song, tomorrow morning a Telugu movie, tomorrow evening I can admire the action scenes in a Kannada movie. Yet, I can get up day after and admire and watch with awe Salman Khan in Dabangg.

    Wake up, India is not just Hindi. Cant blame anyone in fact. The only people who can truly understand and comprehend the diversity are Indians. The sheer magnitude cannot be absorbed by anyone, not even the genetic brothers in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Srilanka.

    Why this Kolaveri? Meaning “Why this hatred?”. Have fun. Recommend

  • Fah

    you are right… but the other argument is that bollywood is for indian audience.. you shouldn’t bother..Recommend

  • djankit

    are mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai ki saare pakistani har bollywood movie ko dekne ke baad bolte hain ki copied hai, abe nakal main bhi to akal chahie?
    Aur hum log movie banate hain jo daily life ki stress ko dur kare,
    if you feel happy after watching it then its more than enough…
    Aur vulgarity ki baat kahan se aa to tumhari soch par hai ki kaise interpret karte ho… Do what the present wants unless you would fall in a ratrap of past..change is neccessary and that irg what india doing.
    Charles darwin had said that “The one who cope with the chnges are the one who survives..
    So better think before criticising others..
    … JAI HIND..Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    @Amar: If u liked Bheja Fry try khosle ka gosala , phus jaey Obama& challo dilli u would like them.I liked Khuda ke liya and Ramchand Pakistani. Any suggestions about good Pakistani movies on youtube ?Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    @Tamil Arasan: That was a great movie so were the Munna Bhai lot, EMI &Ek chalsi ke local are also good fun .Recommend

  • Anoop

    When am I going to see a blog on ET which actually thanks India and Indian film Industry by providing Entertainment to millions of Pakistanis, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, mullah or an atheist, gay or sad, gay or heterosexual.

    India has been doing this since birth. It has even provided a semblance of normalcy and culture in a Country that has been in turmoil ever since birth. The bullets from the dictators who took over Pakistan have stopped but not the “timepass” entertainment, soul-full songs and the hip dance numbers from a Country its leader had rejected.

    Bollywood is the only thing in Pakistan which doesn’t discriminate. Probably that is why millions of Pakistanis throng to cinema halls to catch the latest release of Salman or Shahrukh or Hrithik.Recommend

  • Sid

    @Tahreem : Sadly I agree with you. I gave up watching Bollywood movies ages ago. Just now and then when something little different ( need not be original ) comes out I would watch it. But again I am just curious why are you complaining about it’s originality ? I would rather see my Pakistani friends make a better original ones. This would be some creative competition where only consumer will be the winner. Recommend

  • Salman Ahmad

    Somebody not of Pakistani origin reading an article on Pakistani website writing the above comment kind of ironic :) do you think this article is written for you?Recommend

  • Ajay Singh

    Dabangg, though an over-hyped movie, is ORIGINAL. It is being remade as Osthe in Tamil(releasing Dec 2011) and Gabbar Singh in Telugu.
    And Pakis may ignore Indian movies.
    We don’t make movies for terrorists.Recommend

  • Tilopa

    Its understandable when you said that bollywood copied from USA and other places but China?
    Do they even have a reasonable amount of movies to copy?
    Everybody knows no chinese director can make a movie easily because it is a himalayan task to get past the chinese censor board.Recommend