I am a victim of liberal fascism

Published: November 20, 2011

Having a beard does not make me part of the Taliban, nor does it make me a suicide bomber or a terrorist.

It was about three years ago when the infamous tableeghi jamaat (missionary faction) rang my door bell and humbly invited me to join them in congregation.Without pondering too much on the possible implications of my actions, I decided to give it a try. They inspired me, and I started spending more and more time with them, and soon, I fully ‘converted’.

Since I come from a so-called ‘moderate’ family background, my conversion was greeted with sheer hostility. According to my uncle, I now look like a part of the Taliban, as I now sport a beard. To these ‘liberals’, my conversion was of prime importance and how I began to behave like a maulvi (cleric) was the top agenda of every family gathering, every dinner, lunch and even wedding.

Despite the fact that they didn’t have the slightest clue about my conviction, my family and friends lectured me for long uninterrupted periods of time trying to ‘convert’ me back to what they thought was normal. They quoted misinterpreted hadiths, saying that there is simplicity in religion and I shouldn’t make my life miserable.

My life was far from miserable

Had I raised my voice against their ignorance, which I did, they would have questioned my faith and said that religion preaches respect and tolerance towards to those older than one. As for my friends, sadly enough, I lost many of the ones who were bred in a similar intellectual upbringing. As I was now a maulvi  they naturally assumed that I was ‘narrow minded’, ‘intolerant’ and very different from them.

People used to criticize me when I jogged around the neighbourhood with beard, which to me isn’t a big deal, but their ‘broad-mindedness’ apparently, could not tolerate it. People around me began (and continue) to make ridiculous assertions (aimed at me) such as:

“The tableeghis are hand in hand with the Taliban.”

“They will indoctrinate you and make you into one of them.”

And the one I hear most often is:

“The FBI will break into your room and kidnap you at night.”

Fortunately for me, none of the above predictions have come true yet. People have even mocked and ridiculed me by saying

“You were behind that terrorist attack, weren’t you?”

All this slander, simply because I have a beard. I couldn’t have been bothered, and hence ignored them.

I remember walking with the tableeghis on the weekly gasht, in which we humbly invite people towards Providence. I rang the doorbell and the person in the house without bothering to come out to greet us, yelled from the patio of his house in a cynical and displeased tone:

Oh, aa gaye nay khudkhus bambaar.” (Oh the suicide bombers are here.)

People reluctant to join us went to the extent of altering their voices and telling us that ‘so and so isn’t home.’ They didn’t seem to have the slightest bit of courage to come out and say that they didn’t want to join us themselves. Now that’s what I call intolerance, but hey, aren’t we, the tableeghis, the only intolerant people around?

Accusing men, who committed the crime of growing a beard, of being intolerant is their norm, while women who choose to cover their modesty are deemed to be oppressed. Such inconsiderate and prejudiced assertions couldn’t be further from the truth. I find these ‘pseudo intellectuals’ and ‘pseudo liberals’ to be as narrow-minded and intolerant as any any fascist ideologue out there (such as Bal Thackery or Mussolini) whom they claim to despise.

The only thing on these peoples’ agenda is hatred; this is their sole dedication. They hate men with beards, however, ironically, they never seem to tire of calling themselves ‘liberal, tolerant and progressive’.

Should I, then, blame these people for being who they are, or should I respond in kind to their hate-ideology? Maybe it is their lack of adequate education that compels them to act this way. They do not seem have the slightest clue about Islam – the political Islam, the judicial Islam or the financial Islam. They, perhaps do not know that the endless contributions to the fields of science, medicine, and philosophy have been made by men who were maulvis.

As Sir Thomas Arnold said:

“Those who accuse the Muslim scholars of lack of originality and of intellectual decadence, have never read Aveross or looked into Al-Ghazali but have adopted second hand judgments.”

When people say that I am part of the Taliban just because I have a beard, when they hurl accusations at me about being a terrorist, when they treat me as their inferior, I wonder if they are aware that it is they who are ignorant and intolerant.

Let me take a stab at educating people here and let me make something adequately clear: Yes, I do have a beard, yes I pray, and yes, I am a Muslim. This does not make me a terrorist, nor does it make me part of the Taliban.


Abdullah Mirza

The author lives in Kuala Lumpur but adores Lahore with all his heart and soul

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://jingoist.pk/blog jingoist

    I am seriously moved by your blog. Excellent write up brother.

    A lot of such articles are required at different forums to highlight the reality.

    May Allah be with you.Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    You are right dude, You just have to ignore the “liberal fascists” !Recommend

  • Kashif

    do you live in Pakistan or USA because in Pakistan so called liberal fascists make 0.001%. 95% of population is religious. Recommend

  • Shahid

    Congratulations Brother. There is nothing in this world. The real life begins with world hereafter. We should all strive for that and leave this world for infidels to make it a better place. These dirty women (as said by a famous Scholar on youtube) are nothing compared to 70 virgins. Then Allah by his grace will also increase the time for men… You have choosen a right path Brother, will meet you in Jannah beech one day, circled with virgins, sipping Sharab e Tahoora. Allah be with you. Jazak AllahRecommend

  • maha qaisar

    AWSUM article… I REALLY LIKE YOUR VIEWSRecommend

  • http://www.farhanvirk.blogspot.com Farhan Virk

    This article is more of an exaggeration than a fact. People are mostly afraid of Tableeghis and sarcasm they spread, they’re afraid to comment on them. Yes, some are good but their extremist portion also exists which spreads hatred amongst all walks of society. Fanaticism is unaccepted. But writer has also portrayed a satire upon social approach which needs to be dealt too. Recommend

  • SM

    No offense, but your family seems anything but moderate and they possibly can’t be classified as liberals if they have issues with one’s appearance or religious belief. People the world over have beards, including liberals. In fact the ideal for many liberals, Karl Marx, had a bushy beard too.Recommend

  • Umer

    Very refreshing to have a decent blog on here which is acceptable to 99.999% of our population for once.
    It’s a shame that in the UK having a beard is deffinetly accepted if not respected by the so called “non believers” whilst it is ridiculed by foolish, ignorant wannabes in Pakistan. Shame. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/749/muhammad-umair-savul/ Muhammad Umair Savul

    I second what you said. I hate these artificial Liberals, these liberals seriously need Cupid’s itchRecommend

  • WhoWasThatMaskedMan

    No words, dude! I can assume you don’t live in Pakistan. Majority of people still appreciate those going Islamic apparently or otherwise. Maybe, you should get rid of such friends and family with little brains.
    …and what girls are you talking about who cover willingly and are oppressed(unless going for a job in corporate world)? Opposite maybe true.
    I must write a blog as they don’t let us wear jeans @NBS(NUST Business School) even with long ankle-touching shirts because it’s ‘jeans’ or chooridars because well they are obscene in some unknown sense. I’m sure soon, we’ll be forced to wear shuttlecocks or cover sexy eyes like Barbaria kingdom plans to do. Well, that’s oppression, of a kind. Need to write a blog.Recommend

  • Haris

    A point worth notin; most of the readers of ET comprise of those same liberal fascists, however, none had the nerve to even remotely acknowledge the substance in your write up. Excellent work.. Good luck..Recommend

  • Ali Islam

    Awesome writing brother. It’s the problem of our society now. I have been living in Sweden for almost 3 years. Friends and family in Pakistan are against my beard, everyone said you will face problems, truly speaking having a beard on your face is a more problem in Pakistan then in EU, this is what I have felt (I am talking about my observations). In Pakistan even my siblings and closest friends ask me to remove the beard, some people tag you as taliban, even the closest who know the difference between Muslim and Sikh beard, call me a Sikh. Alhumdullilah I never get irritated but it really makes me sad when they are making the fun of a thing which to me is a faraz of every muslim men, as I have heard scholars like Zakir Naik and Israr Ahmed saying that. The thing which really amazes me is that people claim to have love for the Prophet PBUH but when someone adopts the appearance of the Prophet PBUH why do our society become hostile at them. I read a blog sometime back on ET about a girl who lost a job just because of her modest clothing, may Allah bless that sister. But these are the problems of our society and we have to inquire people that if they claim to have love for the Prophet PBUH then why do the make fun or hold the person target of derision. It really amazes me. May Allah strengthen our Eman. AmeenRecommend

  • Javed Afridi

    [email protected] Yaqub, Following your sweeping statement, I would suggest you grow a beard and see the reaction from within your family before you face those 95% religious population.Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoorq

    This is nothing

    Well I do not have a beard, and only today one of my cousins called me slave, one who might buy or sell kids as slaves, a broken record n too late for to broaden your horizons, “ur brain has been infused with all the stuff they pack and sell in the holy packages”..one who would party with lasses, holier than thou virtues,would marry a hundred women and have a thousand children dun even know the names of…

    thats the fresh dose.

    and Thanks I am a teracher son, and do carry a sense of humor, else we all know how these suicide bombers come into making ;-)Recommend

  • Sabih Zafar Ullah

    “Liberal Fascists” are okay for me as long as they do not carry a kalashnikov; which, unfortunately, the “Bearded Fascists” are quite fond of…Recommend

  • Kashif

    RT @Waleed Khan: Taleban alert. Keep guys like these away for enlightenement newspapers and populated areas.Recommend

  • abdul basit

    how many terrorist attacks have been carried out by the liberals and how many innocent lives have been taken by the beliefs of the religious fanatics in our country? a sad attempt at playing the victim card by this tableeghi fellow.What next,will we have wife beaters crying their hearts out over how they are the real victims?Recommend

  • http://iblees.wordpress.com/ Haseeb Asif

    brother abdullah, i feel your pain. when i joined the jamaat my family was very upset too. they were particularly, and rather irrationally i thought, aggravated by my burgeoning facial hair. my mother used to hover outside my room with an electric shaver. i had to resort to barricading the door at nights, locking it wasn’t enough as she had the master key.

    father threatened to disown me. i gently told him that to disown something you have to own it first and that i was a free man under god’s blue sky. he then cut off my monthly allowance and i was forced to sever ties with my jamaat brothers.

    i had to go three weeks without so much as an assalamuialaikumwahrehmatullah. sheer torture. then i came upon a brilliant way to get back into the jamaat without upsetting the family. i got a stick on beard. Recommend

  • Talha Ahmed

    Alot of liberal fascists are in Pakistan and they try to stop the spreading revival of ISLAM in youth….. nice blog brother….Recommend

  • muhammad saad

    the tableeghi jamaat is as homophobic,misogynistic and bigoted as most of the other islamic organisations.ET should get one of its reporters to interview the leaders of the tableeghis and find out their opinion of gays,atheists and what they think is a woman’s place in society? this was a sad attempt to portray the poor,masoom,bichara maulvi as the innocent victim.don’t let this misleading blog hide the true face of the mullah brigade.Recommend

  • sarmad khan

    this is an early christmas gift or rather belated eidi for the religious fanatics.they are already sharing this blog like crazy on their fb groups and twitter.in a country where 80% respond that they support the stoning to death of women for sex outside marriage ,this blog was not warranted,don’t the religious fanatics already have full control of the news channels,ab ET is also pandering to them??Recommend

  • Maani

    Dear Kashif, about which Pakistan are you talking, where 95% of population is religious? May Allah SWT accept the your words and convert them into reality. Insha’Allah Aameen. :-)Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Syed Hussein El-Edroos

    Enjoyed reading the article by Abdullah Mirza. One should follow their beliefs. If someone does not like it’s that person’s problem.

    When my daughter started wearing a hijab, her grandmother criticized her. When my daughter told me about the views of her grandmother, I told her it was her decision to choose how she dressed. I also sent a message to the grandmother to leave my daughter alone.Recommend

  • Azim Pervaiz

    In a place where right-winging, conspiracy believing, military loving people outnumber liberals by enormous numbers (atleast in the upper and lower middle classes), this article or your story does not arouse any sympathy in me. The tableeghis are the privileged ones, ask the ahmadi muslims and other minorities how amazing life is for them over here. Recommend

  • Nadir

    How can you be a victim of liberal facism, when the term itself doesnt mean anything!Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    All cry twenty tears for this poor, poor man….the real victim of Pakistani culture.

    Indeed, it is liberal “fascists” who barge into our schools and beat young girls and teachers for not maintaining pardah.
    It’s the moderates who vandalize our art galleries and assault their curators.
    It is atheists who blow themselves in our marketplaces “in the name of Stephen Hawking”.
    It is the liberals who come knocking on your doors browbeating you to not offer your maghrib prayers, and scare your with eternal torture if you refuse to do so (or as you call it, “humbly invited”)

    On behalf of my fellow liberal fascists, I apologize for all the terrorism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, self-righteousness, isolationism, hate-mongering, fear-mongering, ignorance and plain stupidity that we bring to your holy land.

    Oh wait! That’s your job.Recommend

  • OhLaLa

    You got called an extremist because you grew a beard? I got called a religious extremist in Pakistan because I do everything liberal (Trust me EVERYTHING!) except drink alcohol like the rest of my friends. It makes me realise that so called liberal fascists dont really have much of an ideology, are extremely insecure about themselves and criticise anything religious for the heck of it.Recommend

  • Uzair

    Dear Brother Abdullah Mirza,

    Kindly point out how many of those “liberal” acquaintances who accosted you on the basis of your beliefs or appearance also threaten you with dire consequences, including but not limited to killing you? How many shot you with an AK47 or tried to blow you up with a bomb?

    None, you say? Well then, the “liberals” ARE NOT FASCISTS. Please stop pretending innocence as if those who believe in equality, tolerance and rationality are somehow as vicious and barbaric as the true fascists.

    A non-fascist.Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    Nobody criticizes tableeghis for their beard, so there’s no need for this embarrassing pity-party.

    They’re criticizing you for your sanctimonious attitude and an obsession to “fix” everybody around you, even when they are perfectly happy with the way they live their lives.Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoorq

    @Azim Pervaiz:

    A correction the constitution of Pakistan does not recognise Ahmadi’s as Muslims. Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    If they were true Liberal Fascists they would have forced you to do as you pleased.Recommend

  • Sarah

    Really liked your article. Keep up the good work! ET should be producing these types of articles rather than their other “too liberal controversial articles” May Allah keep you strong and give you the strength to ignore such people.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Insha Allah Pakistan will become a true Islamic State under Tableeghi Jamaat umbrella and you will lead the movement. Recommend

  • A Rehman

    those who think this doesn’t happen in Pakistan, For their info this happens in Pakistan too and guys with beard are titled as Maulvi, Mullah ( and these were suppose to be respectable titles but no more … ) if some one is beard,its by his choice, but he’s hated in the society .. its really hard to continue such life, many of my friends kicked me out from their group, i don’t have a social circle, the lady to whom i was suppose to marry rejected me for the same reason……
    .Beard is Sunnah, still people hate it not just hate it but also create problems for the beard ones in professional life too.Its really hard to face all of them.:(
    I feel like some peoples are ashamed of being Muslim.Recommend

  • Hafeez

    @Ali Islam:
    At least liberals dont explode their bodies in crowds.the problem is on your side bro, you are ignorant of difference between cultural liberal and ideological or political problems, political liberals dont behave the way the blogger shared here. and by the way once you said “Tribune content is very much non-islamic”. what do u say about this post? Liberals dont have any prob with beard face, may be they have with the attitude not to tolerate others.Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    That’s really bad. I think you should compliant to their abbu.Recommend

  • Mj

    A liberal fascist? Never met one. Are you playing the victimization card which the overtly religious people are so fond of?. And by the way, If I dress in Nazi attire, should it not at least warrant apprehension and reproach from a common person? Blame the bearers of beards for the negative connotation due to their actions, not the liberal ‘fascists’.Recommend

  • Sidra

    You’ve got a point there. Good article, too.
    But we also have to remember that it is often certain bearded people that are very extreme in a lot of ways which leads people to believe all people like that are the same. Recommend

  • Sirat-ul-mustaqeem

    MashaAllah brother keep it up and do not worry about these liberals. They just do not want the revival of Islam. Just ignore them and keep going. May Allah be with the true believers Ameen.Recommend

  • AAQ

    i am stabbed…NOT!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    It is not your facial hair that repulses your friends. It is this idea of yours that everybody around you is ignorant and flawed, and that you have to correct them at every turn.

    Your family’s concern is understandable, because you’re riding a path from which many a soul has slipped into fanaticism, and ultimately, terrorism.

    As a liberal person, I’m deeply offended by your casual use of the word “fascists”. Merely criticizing somebody for acting a certain way is not fascism. And such impudence does not make you any better than the kind of people you’re complaining about.

    Be that as it may, it’s refreshing to find some diversity on ET blogs.Recommend

  • xzy

    There won’t be any rebuttal to this blog titled “I am a victim of religious fascism/extremism“, because all of the victims of religious fascism/extremism are dead or killed off.
    Guess who’s more tolerant.Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    Amazing article – very moving !!Recommend

  • azhar

    arent usa, canada, france and england all liberal governments yet they all participate in the killing of innocent men, women and children. @abdul basit: Recommend

  • Maz Kaleem

    Beards are great, moustaches are better. Going door to door, inducing guilt and fear into people – not cool bro, ‘live and let live’ is a two-way street.Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    mashaAllah.. May Allah be with all of us and show us the right path.. AmeenRecommend

  • Sirat-ul-mustaqeem

    @xzy: Even if religious extremists killed some and that was wrong and punishable, but the words of liberal fascists are even more dangerous than killing some people. Because these words and actions of liberals are trying to destroy a whole nation and its ideology. So i think now you know who is worse, religious extremists or liberal fascists.Recommend

  • unknown

    so true.
    If we try to follow little bit of Islam you are termed as ‘Taliban’.Recommend

  • darkknight

    Lolzzzz..mummy daddy liberals ko kitni aag lg gaaai heee aik dam..
    Good article broo..keep it up..
    And to all the liberals fascists of pakistan: Just look at your comments all of u and see the desperation in them..
    And yes islam is in heart and minds of most of Pakistanis whether u like it or not…if u want to change that stop moaning in ur air conditioned rooms and start some REAL efforts..butt my bad
    “Bahr garmi me ap log khraab hote ho”Recommend

  • sajid

    Wow i loved ur article
    but can’t stop laughing at “lo agai khudkush bambar” for some reasonRecommend

  • Maulana Diesel

    I have had many sittings with the Tableeghi Jamaat when I was in college. They do indoctrinate you. The next step for you will be the Taliban’s salafi ideology unless you listen to your loved ones and mend your ways NOW. Remember your family is the only one that really cares about you, for the others you are nothing but cannon fodder.Recommend

  • ChaoticOne

    Do people even try to understand the words like ‘fascism’ when they decide to throw them around in normal speech. It has become a joke. People talking about your beard is now fascism.

    BTW Is this blog post here to answer the criticism that tribune had been facing in recent times that it had become a liberal mouthpiece? Recommend

  • Musthaq Ahmed

    This boy studied yellow logarithms in school . Liberal fascist ! Know the meaning of words to play with them. The replies reveal the reach of religious affliction in middle class. Arabs are far better than the Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Mj

    And by the way, I would have been much much more sympathetic to your ‘plight’ had you not started judging people and being antagonistic. It is better not to exhibit the same behavior which you deride in your blog.Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com Shumaila

    I concede that it is wrong to label anyone – ANYONE – for their appearance, or even their behaviour. On the other hand I find your classing everyone who criticised you as a ‘liberal fascist’ as evidence of a similar unjust attitude. Not everyone that wears a beard is taliban, not everyone who opposes it is a liberal fascist. I don’t even understand that term, its an oxymoron, and shows a deep misunderstanding of the true meanings of both liberality and fascism. Recommend

  • Acorn guts

    You don’t seem to be very opinionated and you have made a good point of how you think ‘we’ are wrong now perhaps you can shed some light on why ‘liberal fascists’ like me take ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ so negatively? People don’t make perception for no reason my friends. Recommend

  • Majid Rashid

    Hahahhahahhahahahaha my expectation was correct that people were fighting in the comments :D please people go on and fight I am really enjoying this. BTW now I am sure that debates only accomplished one thing more debates. and that going on the never ending cycle of arguments, counter arguments, in which both sides interested in only talking and not willing to listen to other views, in these kind of so called discussions (read fish market ) serve only one purpose entertainment nothing more. As one of my friend use to say “Yaar yeah sab faltu geeri hai”. Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    I am surprised. ET has published such a blog.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    There is no such thing as a liberal fascist in Pakistan. Its impossible for them to exist (not even Ayesha Siddiqa and Ahmed Rashid with their twisted agendas are, as you put it, liberal fascists). I think you’re taking this too far. If someone asks you whether you were behind the last suicide attack, its obviously a joke, they are not mocking you.
    Many people in my family have beards, and I am one of the people who often makes jokes about them, but I am never serious, and no one else who makes such jokes is. As for people actually seriously lecturing you, your elders will always lecture you when you follow a path that’s different from theirs, and they are very sincere in trying to make you come around to their way of thinking, right or wrong. There’s no need to get angry about it.Recommend

  • faraz

    Fascists enforce their believes; there is no liberal out there who enforces his beliefs. And a correction – Al ghazali declared that the great Averroes is a heretic. Many of the Muslim scientists were agnostics and even outright atheists. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    One of the best blogs of the week.. Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    Sirat-ul-mustaqeen: “the words of liberal fascists are even more dangerous than killing some people”

    Congratulations. By claiming that the defence an ideology is more important than the preservation of human life, you have admitted defeat in the war of sanity.

    We thank you for proving our point. I rest my case.Recommend

  • Cynical

    Dear Abdullah Mirza

    ‘Liberal facist’ is an oxymoron, means nothing more than a sound-bite (even then it’s of poor quality).Playing victim card is a good strategy, but people are getting smarter.It won’t work for long.
    As for people being apprehensive about bearded (particulaly whiskerless type) men,burqa-ed women I can only say, ‘If you act differently *(from others) then be prepared to be treated differently (by others),* Recommend

  • jv

    the best article on this blog……its rite tht most of us r ignorant of islamic teachings thts y we associate terrorrist or talibans with islam…..islam is the religion of peace and islam has always protected the rights of others…..as far as tableegh is concerned it is the responsibility of every muslim to preach it to others…..JazakALLAHRecommend

  • M Baloch

    Before quoting Ghazali’s rationalism, originality and services to Islam and Muslims, keep in mnd this is the man who banned science and mathematics and Yazd lover:
    But in the 12th century, Muslim orthodoxy reawakened, spearheaded by the Arab cleric, Imam Al-Ghazali. Al-Ghazali championed revelation over reason, predestination over free will. He damned mathematics as being against Islam, an intoxicant of the mind that weakened faith.https://secularpakistan.wordpress.com/2009/04/08/islamic-failure/
    If these people are your heroes then good luck tableeghis for increasing pace of conversions for next 100 years we can’t produce any scientist and mathematician….!Recommend

  • Moz

    Imagine if anyone of us told our families that we are athiests. And this tableeghi is lecturing us about intolrance.Recommend

  • faraz


    Aren’t you the Lashkar e Jhangvi and Molana Ishaq fan? Recommend

  • Salman Ahmad

    @Khurram Mansoorq: Since when did the constitution become greater than Quran?Recommend

  • waleed rana

    No doubt you are on the right track brother :)Recommend

  • Rehan

    Excellent article bro..Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Ever since this became a greater issue in the West, everyone on the Express Tribune is obsessed with the social status of homosexuals. There are more important things, but many of the followers of the Tribune seem obsessed with taking every issue the West faces and trying to apply it to Pakistan. Half the people here are talking about the view of clerics on homosexuals, for God’s sakes, there are more important and more relevant things to think about.Recommend

  • Sara A.K

    thank you so much for writing this! great blog post :)Recommend

  • Taimoor

    Oh great 70 virgins is your goal in life. Before talking down to others why don’t you understand who gets 70 virgins. If you are married, you’re out of luck. Make something of this life and the hereafter. Recommend

  • sidjeen

    come on now you dont even know the meaning of fascist but i’ll leave that alone you actually mentioned Averroes and imam ghazali in you blog of being great muslims well how many of these two great gentlemen have been produced by tablighis and you criticize people for not coming out and telling these tablighis that they dont want to join them thats ridiculous in a country where mumtaz qadri is considered as a hero who would tell the bearded brigade to shut up and one more thing if a person does not pray, does not fast and drinks that does not automatically qualify him to be a liberal you might wanna google the word liberal to know its true meaning.Recommend

  • angel

    We cannot say that all is well there. There are loopholes. The problem is not with the “libral fascists” it is within the ranks of the religious. We should not blame others for our faults. Isnt it true that the Taliban, religious extremists and other militants are using religion to legitimize what they do in the shape of terrorism, suicide attacks etc. And unfortunately all of them have beards and are regular visitors of mosques. My brother is criticising librals throughout his blog but dare not mention the black sheep within his own ranks.Recommend

  • Parvez

    What seems to bother you the most is that others seem to be bothered with your appearance, as they automatically identify this with extremist behaviour. After seeing what’s happening around you, can you in all honesty blame them ?? In your individual case they most probably are wrong but generally speaking your argument does not hold up.Recommend

  • Prometheus

    What utter nonsense is this my friend? If anything no cares about your face and what you are wearing, it’s the proselytizing and the “holier than thou” attitude. I have seen tableeghis forcing people to join their congregations in Mosques. I have never had a “liberal fascist” ask me to get my beard cut.

    Just because you can come up with a new term doesn’t mean that it has a physical meaning nor does it mean that the term “liberal fascist” actually describes something.

    For instance : ” liberal terrorists” is not a meaningful phrase. Recommend

  • sajid ahmed

    Well said brother. Reading your article felt like an echo of my thoughts.. Recommend

  • cosmo

    @abdul basit: i second u.
    to the author: well, you may have good intentions but most of the others are involved in nefarious activities. Dont just pick your example and generalize behaviours of two sects of population. Recommend

  • Bilal

    Refreshing to see something good has been posted on ET
    And the comments section does lead me to question some of the people and i.e.
    We are ever so ready to blame bearded people for everything related to brutality, why don’t we ever point our fingers at what States has done to Afghanistan and Iraq? Wasn’t that the biggest show of brutality? And I have never seen any bearded people in American army? I am in no way saying that suicidal attacks are justified but why cant we look into the root of the problem? Drone attacks are carried out every other day, killing 8-10 people on average. Why don’t we criticize these shaved people? Or maybe I don’t apprehend the logic of how these attacks are justified. Recommend

  • usman

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah

    as if the the world wr 1 and 2 were fought by religious fascists……….. stupidty has no limits as is evident by the criticism most people have done on this articleRecommend

  • Humanity

    @Khurram Mansoorq:

    While you carry on the worship of the constitution as the “Judge” of a person’s faith, the Ahmadi Muslims are happy to worship Allah as they see fit. They don’t need your approval or permission to call t themselves what ever they choose to Recommend

  • Humanity


    If only one would learn to live and let live, all will be well.

    Please sport as long a beard as you fancy, but imbibe in yourself a pinch of humility to not assume that you are somehow entitled to judge others and teach them how to live their lives the only way, which is your way.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Which Muslim scientists were outright atheists (Khayyam wasn’t)? Don’t twist the truth.Recommend

  • Shahid

    Majority of Liberals and religious folks here have praised this piece. Now let us show same spirit, if some one writes that he is an Atheist, Gay, Lesbian, Ahmadi or Shia. Tolerance for all, not only for those sex starved who are dying for lust of 70 virgins.Recommend

  • Adarsh

    @Author: Son you are great !!! certainly on right path to get 70 virgins in jannat.Recommend

  • Pakistani First

    Do women also get 70 virgins in heaven?Recommend

  • paindo

    very true and wonderful, God will give you the reward of this precious effort.Recommend

  • Peace

    Dear Abdullah
    You are the first Tableeghi I have heard who is saying that I do not like Taliban. The real Tableeghis love Talibans and they whole heartedly support them. They just say that Talibans are not doing the bombings, its the foreign agents who are doing the bombings to defame Talibans.
    If you do not like Talibans, I wonder if you are a true Tableeghi. You are actually defaming Tableeghis by saying this so double check with your fellow tableeghis before writing another blog.Recommend

  • http://sahar-syed.blogspot.com/ sahar syed

    From the more religous side of the society, we usually hear only views of extremists.Though yours was sensible,decent and fresh.
    We would like to read from your sideRecommend

  • jawad

    I remember walking with the tableeghis on the weekly gasht, in which we humbly invite people towards Providence. I rang the doorbell and the person in the house without bothering to come out to greet us, yelled from the patio of his house in a cynical and displeased tone: “Oh, aa gaye nay khudkhus bambaar.” (Oh the suicide bombers are here.)

    –> Dude, I am sure there are lot more avenues in Pakistan available to invest your time on.. Going on Weekly gusht will definitely not solve our problems at all.. If you are educated, you MUST teach poor kids rather than wasting your time on people trying to grasp your version of religion.. I am of the opinion that people who treat you like that are doing it the way it should be .. I would request you to read Quran instead of going to the mosque and understanding movli’s version of Islam.. I hope you understand ! Recommend

  • faraz

    @Mustafa Moiz

    Al Razi was an open atheist.
    Imam Ghazali declared that Ibn e Sina and Al Farabi are heretics in his book ‘Incoherence of Phislosophers’.
    Averroes was declared a heretic and his books were burnt in the streets of Cordova. He was banished and this last great Muslim philosopher died in exile.
    Al-Ma’arri was an atheist.
    Omar Khayyam didn’t belive in the hereafter.
    Bin Hayyan the chemist was placed under house arrest where he expired later.
    All books of al-Kindi the great philosopher were confiscated.
    Ibn-e-Haitham the great physicist had to pretend that he was a madman so that he could save his skin
    Dr. Salam was persecuted for his beliefs.Recommend

  • Mehrunisa

    I respect you. Recommend

  • Pir Ali Raza

    haha its funny that you mention Averoess when fundamentalists have always been against him or even the idea of Islamic philosophy. We live in a ignorant age where people use religion as a pyschological weapon.Recommend

  • Abhi

    I remember walking with the tableeghis on the weekly gasht, in which we humbly invite people towards Providence. I rang the doorbell and the person in the house without bothering to come out to greet us, yelled from the patio of his house in a cynical and displeased tone: “Oh, aa gaye nay khudkhus bambaar.” (Oh the suicide bombers are here.)

    Now telemarketers also can write something similar, those poor fellow have to hear lots of abuses when they make unsolicited calls.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Bal Thackeray is chief of Shiv Sena which is a hindu nationalist party. Not exactly liberal fascist, a phrase which doesn’t really mean anything.Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    look..your life and the way you lead it should be up to you completely…thats what us the ‘liberal fascists’ (As you call us) like to believe…its just that we do not want a certain religion or sect to have complete sway over a country’s constitution…islam did not die in turkey even though it is secular…why are we so insecure about it here?Recommend

  • Nayab

    Mr. Abdullah Mirza, you’ve just earned yourself a fan! Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Islam, Secularism, beard, bakra eid, atheism, homosexuality, hijab, Taliban, Jeans, terrorists, intolerance, evolution, blame-game. Et, we understand that your website needs constant clicks for generating revenue, but can’t it be done by capitalizing on “content” rather than “contempt”?Recommend

  • Someone

    My friend the majority(95%) of our population is Fascist be it religious or otherwise. The author is right we tend to judge people far too often. Recommend