Will Israel go to war?

Published: November 16, 2011

If Iran becomes a nuclear power, this prevailing scenario will change and Israel will lose its predominant position.

From operations like the 1948 War of Independence to the Suez Crisis, from its great victory in Six Day War in 1967, to legendary action in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War, the Israelis have proved that they are the best at their job. The country has shown time and again that it is capable of doing the impossible for the security of their citizens.

One more thing which we observe is that for national security, the Israelis can even make sacrificial lambs of their allies. During the 1967 War with Egypt and Syria, the Israeli Air Force knowingly bombed the USS Liberty — an American surveillance ship — and blamed it on the Egyptians. The main idea was to garner US sympathies and an American response against Egypt and Arabs. After understanding the core values of Israeli strategic elite for Israeli security, now let’s have the look on prevalent strategic environment of the Middle East. There is an insurgency going on in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian federation is in chaos. Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia are no match for Israel. Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East and has the largest stockpile of nukes after the US, Russia, China and France. In short, there is no rival to Israel and it’s the only predominant military power in the region. If Iran becomes a nuclear power, this prevailing scenario will change and Israel will lose its predominant position. Hamas and Hizbullah, which are allies of Iran, will become more aggressive and the operations of these organisations will become more bold and deadly, forcing Israel to negotiate with them on an equal basis. Syria will also get stronger as it is a major ally of Iran and committed to the Palestinian cause.

On the diplomatic front, Israel is trying to create consensus against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and trying to convince the US and Arab nations that a nuclear Iran will create trouble for them and could lead to an arms race in the Middle East. In addition to this, Israel is creating dissent within Iran. But one thing will be different this time around. If Israel does attack Iran, it will get a matching response and the whole region could go up in flames.


Muhammad Bilal Iftikhar Kahn

An associate producer with Express News.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fahad Raza

    The middle east is in grave danger if Israel will attempt such a thing. Chances are the diplomatic pressure on Iran will be Immense. This time around Iranians are more pumped up than Israelis. Any mis-adventurism will certainly result in a full scale war.Recommend

  • Ibrahim Seleighvakoevic

    Israel will bring Iran to its knees… Enough of this Iran being tough… Israel’s air force can level Iran in a few hours… i don’t know why some idiots think Iran has the might to stand upto US/IsraelRecommend

  • american

    Point 1: Israel is militarily stronger than any Arab nation or any combination of arab nations. The Wahabi regime of saudi arabia is more afraid of iran than israel.

    Point 2 : If the hamas and hezbollah do any ” deadly operation” the whole world knows that Israel would retaliate with absolute ferocity. ( remember hamas and hezbollah are not nations only militias, they have limitations)

    point 3: The military alliance of USA with israel should never be underestimated , eventhough USA is weakened no country has a comparable military or an economy .

    If the Iranians have a Bomb, the middle east will become more dangerous than ever since the arab nations would want to have the bomb. Observing the Shia-Sunni conflict, one can say both of them killed more of each other than israelis, so it will just increase sectarian conflict to a whole new level.Recommend

  • http://YesIknowbutthiswillhappen John Christopher Sunol

    @Fahad Raza:

    Yes I think Isreal will go to war with Iran and the middle East will turn into fires all over itt, this will also lead into North AFrica and maybe world war 3, this is correct but I think it will happen and I will support isreal as they are the victimes of Arab agressionRecommend

  • Britistani

    I really hope not. This would certainly trigger a Third world war! Recommend

  • http://solomon2.blogspot.com Solomon2

    “During the 1967 War with Egypt and Syria, the Israeli Air Force knowingly bombed the USS Liberty — an American surveillance ship — and blamed it on the Egyptians.”

    The Liberty, operating just outside Egyptian waters, was indeed attacked by Israeli warplanes. It was a “fog of war” mistake:

    The Liberty was not far away when an ammo dump on shore suddenly exploded – thought to be by a bombardment from ship. Although identified earlier as an American warship, the Israelis did not maintain contact – they were looking for Egyptian warships and subs – and the Israelis thought, talking to the U.S. naval attache, that the Liberty was gone from the area; however, these orders had been mis-routed. The Liberty remained offshore but after the explosion proceeded (by unhappy coincidence, having reached the eastern end of its patrol area) towards Egyptian waters at high speed, and was then mis-identified as an enemy vessel fleeing the scene of an attack.

    These facts are available from both U.S. and Israeli official sources and U.S. documentation. I hope all readers note that very few, if any, Pakistani, Muslim, or Arab writers exerted themselves in the slightest fashion to unearth the true story, as best as it is known.

    Over and over even “liberal”-minded Pakistanis miss the truth about Israel and its actions, preferring to wallow in demonisation instead. How many realize that the mind-set necessary to do this is EXACTLY the mind-set that invents reasons to bomb mosques and rape and kill innocents in their own country? The same mind-set that gives the O.K. to corruption rather than good government? I guess such thoughts, too horrible to evaluate, simply vanish on contact – and so Pakistan’s terrible decay continues and its citizens continue to sink into a vast moral morass.

    The Arab writer, Abdulateef al-Muhim, formerly a Saudi naval commodore, has often wondered how history would have been different had the Arabs recognized Israel in 1948 instead of vowing to eliminate the country and exterminate its Jewish population. So do I: perhaps there might never have been a Saudi-supported Pakistani curriculum promoting the distortion of fact and fraud on an ummah-wide level. Muslims would have realized that by supporting extermination-minded Muslims against Jews that they are supporting criminality, not justice. Can Pakistanis gather the strength to change their own nature?Recommend

  • Imran

    People don’t dislike your post… They dislike the reality…Recommend

  • Sajid.

    Baluchistan may see its population increase. Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    You are right in saying Israel is ruthless. But, you are wrong in assuming that Iran would be left in the position to provide a “matching response” once Israel attacks. Israel is too smart and capable to let that happen.

    the whole region could go up in flames

    Yes! the last hope of the desperate. “If I burn-down my house, a few sparks might land on my neighboring enemy’s too”Recommend

  • Ather Sultan

    I think it’s just a pressure tactic, Israel/US will never attack Iran as it will eradicate the very basis of “Divide & Rule”- the Shia-Sunni factor…Recommend

  • Baqar

    @Ibrahim Seleighvakoevic:
    You are right if we see things in military perspective but wat you didnt ponder upon is the vulnerability of persian gulf. Iran can block the oil supplies to the west in no time, moreover the size of Israel is its biggest enemy. Even if 3 iranian missiles hit israeli mainland it would be enough to wreak havoc Coupled with Hamas and Hezbollah ground attacks. Not to forget Israel does not have a friendly Turkey on its side anymore and Egypt’s new found public power will add to the troubles.Recommend

  • Ray

    So what if Israel choose to attack Iran. We should be brave enough to support Iran not just verbally but physically.

    If Israel can chose to be a nuclear power then why not Iran?

    Iran has full support of all Muslims, we have the courage to fight these nobodies & fear from Allah alone. We are not afraid of death as it is something inevitable. Israel is threat to Iran’s national peace & security & if Israel does attack Iran, Iran should fight back. Recommend

  • Ali

    Iran is not alone, attack on Iran or any other brother country will be consider as attack on Pakistan, and attack on Pakistan will be consider as attack on China, which means WW3. So Israel can’t dare to go for war at this stage.Recommend

  • Ali

    Pakistan’s long range missiles which are capable of war heads, can bring Israel to its knees in seconds.Recommend

  • sidjeen

    so much is wrong in our own country and we are worried about israel iran war what a nation.Recommend

  • UK

    This is called International Relations, and access to information. Also Iran is in our immediate neighbourhood. Stop reading and commenting on news if you do not like information. Also do not make asumptions that knowing what is happening in this world would distract us from issues here. Ignorance is a bliss for some people.
    I suggest you stay ignorant.Recommend

  • UK

    @Ibrahim Seleighvakoevic:

    Same as Israel brought Iran’s proxy Hisbullah down to its knees in a few hours(NOT!!)Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    Iran can block the oil supplies to the
    west in no time, moreover the size of
    Israel is its biggest enemy. Even if 3
    iranian missiles hit israeli mainland
    it would be enough to wreak havoc
    Coupled with Hamas and Hezbollah
    ground attacks

    Sigh! Think Israeli nuclear retaliation and you would realize that none of the things you said would really happen.Recommend

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha

    Whatever makes people think an attack on Iran would be considered an attack on Pakistan ?!

    It’s a pressure tactic I agree. With the economy already in shambles, an unprovoked attack is the last thing the world needs.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/8909/will-israel-go-to-war/ Ehsan from Iran

    shame on you
    your post got very exactly historys but you and the part of the newyers share news that force you or change your addictive.

    I say next shame on youRecommend

  • Akbar

    Israel will not only bring Iran to its kness but will tear Pakistan apart in two days-especially a weak pakistan like as now. It does not take too much force to tear apart a weak nation like Pakistan. In a matter of one second, USA or CIA can take decision at this moment to split Pakistan-if not for the refugee mess.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    So let me get this straight. Pakistanis hate Israel because it kills Muslims. But, so does China in Xinjiang. The only difference between China and Israel is that China gives money to Pakistan. So, money is greater than a feeling of Religious sympathy, thereby Religion itself?Recommend

  • zalim singh

    @ Ali

    Pakistan’s long range missiles which are capable of war heads, can bring Israel to its knees in seconds

    Stop joking. Pakistan’s missiles will never leave Pakistan’s borders.Recommend

  • SM

    Israel dare not attack Iran… Just the fact that they keep mentioning a possible attack on Iran again and again in the media means they do not and will not attack Iran. When they stop mentioning any possible attack on Iran is when Israel will strike.
    Israelis go quiet when they are planning something… and will not say anything when they attack, as was the case with Iraqi Osirak reactor and Syria so-called nuclear plant.Recommend

  • yousaf

    Israel will never go to war with any one,You may call jews by any name but fools they are not.Local skirmishes aside 2000 years of wanderings have taught them enough as how to achieve a goal without creating much hue and cry or alarm on the other side.So instead of always talking of war and nothing but war we should learn some lessons from themRecommend

  • saad

    zalim singh i think u haven’t read about the range of pakistani missiles so before commenting just go through aurticles on range of missile u will see which countries are in range of pakistani missiles……..Recommend

  • Moe

    Iran will go to war to protect the human rights.Israel will go to war to protect it’s assets. Which is more valuable. Recommend

  • bitterTrue

    There is no match to Israel in Arab world . Jews are best in all aspects ,whether it is science or technology or war . When Arab suffers from food ,Israelis grow food in desert . When Arabs suffer from water , Jews extract water from ocean . Truly spirited people .Recommend

  • Ali

    Pakistan armed forces and Pakistani weapons are always big danger and threat for enemies for Islam and Pakistan, just like reaction in some above comments. We have already fitted Ghauri-II missile near Iranian border that can reach very easily TelAviv in Israel, and what about Ghauri-III with range of 4500km and Omer 1 ICRBM missile which has range of 12000km. (O.o) We talk about facts, but don’t believe us, check your own media and ask yourself who is superior.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Ibrahim Seleighvakoevic:
    Yeah Yeah right .. the same rhetoric Israelis did when Pakistan was planning to test nukes back in 1998.
    @John Christopher Sunol:
    Isreal is the victim of arab aggression.. O Yeah absolutely.. and George Bush’s IQ surpasses Albert Einstine Your are eligible for the Moronic Order of Stupidity.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Baqar:-when the alimentary canal is blocked who suffers?and this talk of missiles,rockets,A/bombs,war,Islamic brotherhood etc,etc.does any other muslim country ever talk of our problems?did any country so much as make a protest to India when east Pakistan seceded from west Pakistan due to her uncalled-for intervention.This war hysteria has already crumbled our economy and entire social fabric,we are at loggerheads with every-thing that is good for the health of our country.When will we grow up?Recommend

  • G. Din

    “Pakistan armed forces and Pakistani weapons are always big danger and threat for enemies for Islam and Pakistan”
    Not so far!
    Zaalim Singh did not even mention ranges of your missiles. He said that your missiles will not even leave their silos just as Israel gutted the whole Egyptian Air Force before any of its planes could even take off! Get it?Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    I dont understand why Pakistan should get involved if Israel attacks Iran. Ummah does not count because, the saudis will support israel behind the curtains. In any case i think the jews are smart enough not to cause havoc but get their job done by surgical incursions (what ever it may mean) than all out war. If pakistan gets involved then it is at its own peril.Recommend

  • sajid

    If Israel does attack Iran would gulf countries such as Saudia Arabia be standing in the backdrop celebrating Iran’s demise.
    Hmmm.. interesting dilemma for pakistanis who like to jump on the ummah bandwagon every time. Which part of the ummah shall we support?Recommend

  • sajid

    @ UK
    If it is about international relations then we should analyse it like that. Instead of talking about what the possible effects of this war would be on Pakistan e.g. refugees etc. everyone is talking about how pakistani long range missiles are going to attack Israel, how pakistani forces are going to help fight Israel.
    I am all for helping our brotherly countries as much as possible but going to war for them is just insane and stupid. Recommend

  • Baqar

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    Man you are going too far…Israel can never use the nukes against Iran. Dropping daisy cutter is different and dropping an actual nuke is whole different thing. You think that China, Russia nad for tht reason Pakistan will remain silent on it.
    See brother the thing is Iran may be isolated worldwide but the war between Iran and Israel will not be isolated and its impacts will global. Its not a brawl between to guys on the road. Recommend

  • Baqar

    I just gave my opinion i didnt say Pakistan army wud do something. Moreover, i totally igree with your POV, Pakistan first rest of all can be used as means to an end. We have to have an ultra-selfish one point agenda…. Safeguard Pakistan’s interest and all the others can go to hell. As far as attack on Iran is concerened well wat instigate me is the fallout of the situation on Pakistan, which wont be good for us.Recommend

  • Ali Noor

    I doubt israel has the face to attack iran directly. After the whole flotilla fiassco and the nathanyahu lying spree they just can not justify an attack on iran or any other country for that matter. Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    The author posses a wrong question, will Israel effort of destroying Iran nuke programmes, or stopping it would be successfull or not would be the right question.

    No country is going on for war……plain and simple, nor the Iranians want it nor the Israelis….there is too much upheal politically in the Arab world………no sane person will think of war.

    Israel assertiveness in the region is not due to its nuclear stockpile, but to get the results to suit them by hook or crook (and lets accept they are good at that).

    So all this hubaluba, mongering, sanctions are part to derail the Iran pace and not let Iran have the complete influence over the middle east.

    Iranians need to bit cunning……it should not take the bait for war or hardend its position, its better to keep low….let the IAEA do its job and come clean(Nuke) and also let’s its influence grow, the ripe time will come for Tehran.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Israel won’t go to war with Iran. Even if Iran somehow managed to acquire nuclear weapons, they would be trained to the East at Pakistan, not to the West at Israel. Iran is worried about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, and the risk if someday Pakistan’s Sunni rulers (more rightist rulers than today, rulers we have never had) someday decided to bomb Shia Iran, and that is why they want nuclear weapons, it is not to be used against Israel. Iran’s talking against the US and Israel is all just a farce, they won’t do anything against them, but at the same time they will be admired among many Muslims for what is perceived as a show of bravery.Recommend

  • a.

    LOL um dude Saudi, Syria, Iraq and Iran all have nukes :PRecommend

  • trueman

    The author has discussed a very possible scenario although in a very biased fashion against Israel.

    Israel is a very tiny country and even with todays technological advantage it will not be able defend its tiny strip of land. NO STRATEGIC DEPTH to be precise. It will not last long on a conventional war even with a nominal force like Iran. (with all the exports ban on IRAN for sensitive technology, it can be very well assumed that its technology is far behind)

    The only chance of survival Israel will have is to make decisive preemptive strike against the aggressor. The history will tell you that Israel is willing and is capable to do that. There lies the real danger of war. It simply cannot afford to take the first hit.

    Now even if Israel attack Iran there would be world wide condemnation, but a military response against Israel is highly unlikely given the fact that Iran is no great friends to any one other than itself. No not even Pakistan will be interested in wasting its nukes and possible retaliation if detected.

    Given the state of affairs in Gulf i would assume that Saudi Arabia and its allies are actively but clandestinely supporting the west to get rid of Iran even at the expense of joining hands with Israel. As it stands now they know that Israel is not a threat to their existence or interest unlike Iran. Recommend

  • Chussu

    but dont forget one thing, the last war Israel fought was with Hizbullah, it was a complete mossad Failure. I expect some balance in the war. and remember one thing PAF is the only Airforce who has shot down Israeli Planes. Recommend

  • SSP

    Will israel attack Iran?? No it wont.Recommend

  • yushin

    don’t overestimate yourself, Israel is beyond your imagination, not a single missile will fly more than a limit towards Israel, check why. their strength is brain and technology, not ignorance, brainwash and fake patriotism. and do you think that china or north Korea will help you to make such range-missiles? and china will never oppose any attack on Iran by Israel or America according to their policy and interest, but wil make a feeling that they are opposing it.
    look what is saudi saying about iran’s nuclear projects.
    currently, pakistan’s longest missile range is around 2500 km, and do you think that you only possess such missiles?Recommend

  • http://iranisrealwarpossible2011.blogspot.com/ Aaron Andrews

    For the sake of all humanity I hope Iran and Isreal do not go to war.Recommend

  • Ali

    You are absolutely wrong my dear. You have no idea about Pakistan Missile technology. Pakistan’s longest range Missile is (Omer 1) 15000-16000Kms.
    Pakistani Ballistic Missiles:
    Ghauri I=1500Kms
    Ghauri II= Range 2300Kms
    Shaheen I= Range 1500-1800Kms
    Shaheen II= Range 2500-3000Kms
    Shaheen III= Range 4000-5000Kms
    Tipu I= Range 6000-7000Kms
    Tipu II= Range 7500-8500Kms
    Tipu III= Range 12000-13000Kms
    And Omer 1= Range 15000-16000Kms
    Pakistani Cruise Missile:
    Babur I= 700Kms
    Babur II= 900-1000Kms
    Babur III= Under development.Recommend

  • mahdi from iran

    hi plz read exactly
    i live in tehran and i have informations that never of our western friedn cant touch that!
    the westerns reader plz tell me if isreal attack iran how can handle with these:
    1-the hezbollah and maybe syria come in war for iran isreal attack to hezbollah in 2006 was faild so tell me how they can handle with that!
    and maybe bashar assad come in war becuse he is in pressure from isreal and the war is good reson for they oppososion to stand down
    2-we have sarcasem that for example when i was chile and bleeding and cring my grandma says oooo whats that?the jews see blood vaaaaa! that sarcasem means jews people are very fearfull people.when isreal say we want to attack iran some poeple leave the isreal becuse of their fear! maybe iranian missle is not full technologic but it is massive that can send thousand of missle in 15 minute from silo in ground maybe turkish and nato anti missle block some of them but there is no doubt that some of shahab 3 missles hit jursalim and then jews poeple run from isreal any one can say its not?
    3-iran block tange hormoz which 40 percent of oil transfer from there and the world economy(that now in problem)coming to die!so the world country dont permis to isreal to attack iran and how isreal can attack iran and win without west country back ther???
    4-we are in spiring of arab they have their problem maybe sudi arabia or some wahabi governement want to help isreal but if they want to help directly they will have more problem with they people to anserw the question: why you muslim king didnt help palesting going to free?
    5-and russia dont want nato and isreal force be in under of him and russia and china give lots of money and benefit from iran if islamic republic down who gave them such as money???
    6-maybe some of iranian have problem with governement but all of them have nationalism feeling that if isreal attack iran lots of opposive people say me they go to first line of war
    and that war coming people and governement to gether more than past and isreal and usa dont want that!becuse they dont want poeple providing governement and the main plan for coming down islamic republic in iran is with iranian people not with war.and you must know that we fight with iraq in 27 years ago that all of the world provide iraq arabs with money germany with chemistry bomb france with plane us with weapon and information and mony and … but they cant win!!!!
    and you must know there is more than 100 years that iran dont attack to any country!

    7-why do you think the only way to bulid atomic bomb is creating! they can buy 5.5 kg uranum 90% without any problem! the iran nucliar title is only for adversiting and presure on iran not more!!!!

    so tell me my western friend your mind is full of wrong information and im sorry for u and i hope you change becuse if west get to war this is your tax payment that spend in such this war not my! becuse we our a country that people dont work a lot and eat the oil mony!

    im sorry for my western readers and im sorry for my bad english!!!
    plz feedback andwrite comment for me!
    thanks a lot!

    this is only adversament(i dont know exactly word!) for fearing people in iran and story for oposit people in isreal to change their vision from isreal problem to iran!Recommend

  • buddy

    ” legendary action in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War”,
    What exactly was that legendary??
    As it’s forces were reeling in october 1973, Israel threatned to use nuclear WMD, forcing Nixon adminisration to massively airlift $1.1 BILLION in American taxpayer paid for arms/electronics. First use of Israel Nuclear blackmail,causing US and former USSR to go on worldwide nuclear alert. See operation Nickel Grass, for saving Israel’s “legendary” Bacon. As far as USS Liberty, Israel slaughtered 34 US seamen in cold blood in international waters.The intention of Israel was to sink the American vessel with all hands,then pin the blame on Egypt. Miracoulsly the ship survived although Israel used enough firepower to sink an aircraft carrier.Although the Israelis used unmarked planes( a WAR CRIME) they were identified as the culprits. In the 1950′ Israel used similar bombing ploy to draw US into attacking Egypt. Israeli security services recruited Egyptian Jews to firebomb American cultural buidings in Cairo and Alexandria. See Operation Susanah,Lavon affair.Recommend

  • Jaws7

    Israel has always depended on the US for its military hardware and
    to be replenished in a time of war. Israel has not been tested on
    on the military field. All its Arab opponents have been weak and in
    the 1967 War Israel struck first. In Iran it faces an opponent that
    has prepared itself to engage in war with a country that spends more
    on its military and airforce. Iran is bigger and its geography is better
    suited to take on the Israeli army. Irans’ economy is bigger and
    could weather a long war better than Israel. While Israel would not
    lose a war with Iran it would not win it. But it would be left with so
    much war damage that it would lose its position as a regional power.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Ali:–when and where are you going to use the arsenal given by you in the long list of magazine,moreover please stop talking of nukes as if they were fire-crackers.As a deterrent may be they are useful before actual war?(I hate the very word)starts,but to use them as a war weapon?????..it will be akin to suicide bombing.when will we ever learn?.btw.I have no intention to discourage any-one,I only say what I feel is right. Recommend

  • yousaf

    @P.S.for Ali:–you must have seen mothers of the shaheeds telling people that they were proud of their sons for having laid down their lives for the cause,and that their sons died,for us to keep living.I do have great regard and respect for such mothers who say such brave words,but when I see them crying in the secret and I see the widows of the fallen soldiers lamenting of the hardships being faced by them and cries of their innocent orphans I cant help but hate WAR.Here I tell an actual incident of the heart piercing cry of a mother whose son was killed during 1965 war.The present day luxuries of mobile phones was non-existent in those days therefore the family of the shaheed could not be informed in advance as they lived in a remote area of present K.P.It was very early in the morning when we reached his home,with his corpse in the ambulance.His family was very parda observing,according to pakhtoon traditions.The sudden news of the arrival of the dead body made his mother run towards us and there she said one sentence that has been and will keep haunting me for the remaining days of my life.She said”O Khudaya khapal zaman de nishta,Ta praddy zaman sa payjaney(words that only a mother could say for her son).That is why I HATE war and hate to talk of weapons that kill people. Recommend

  • Ledoj Conrag

    Here is a very simple analyses…Granted, countries like China, Russia, and yes, even Pakistan, may retaliate against an Isreali nuclear attack on Iran, but it would be insane to do so as it would expose them to further israeli attack. I think in all this talk to Iran and Pakistan and the ummah destroying israel we forget that, even discounting the USA in that war, Israel will wreak havoc on all its enemies even if it were itself to be destroyed in the process. Ask yourself, why would China, Russia, or Pakistan, want to have hundreds of nuclear weapons dropped on their country and destroy their economies simply for the sake of Iran? I mean, they may have a death wish, I don’t know. But, on a purely analytical standpoint, it would be a dumb move. The Jewish state is able to protect itself and it has stated that, yes, Israel may indeed be destroyed, but it will take all of its enemies in its wake. Do you even begin to imagine what sorts of contingencies the Israelies have planned for in order for them to retaliate against anyone who attacks them (Pakistan, Russia, China). Isrealis have a large number of nuclear arsenals and we are not even talking about the level of nuclear arsenal that was detonated at Hirojima and Nagasaki. The power of the ones the Israelis possess far exceeds the impact of the two bombs that were used on Japan. What we want, ladies and gentleman, is a world without nuclear war. What we will get, ladies and gentlemen, is a world that will experience nuclear warfare the likes of which we have never seen before. And, I for one, know something for certain, and I am not even a Jew, Israel will outlast all its enemies and will exist forever. Recommend

  • Johnny

    What does Pakistan has to do with Iran? Nothing!!!!! If they go to war, let them be. None of Pakistan’s business.Recommend