Rape is not funny

Published: November 14, 2011

Why make jokes about an issue that is serious and has real implications? ILLUSTRATION: JAY'S TOONS

“Yaar main nay toh exam ka rape kar dya

(Man I totally raped the exam)

…I overheard someone triumphantly say as I was packing my bag in school. My fingers fumbled with the strap as I tried to drown out the peals of laughter that erupted after the inappropriate comment.

Sadly, it isn’t that strange to hear someone use the word ‘rape’ in such a frivolous manner. People have now become accustomed to using this word casually in contexts that are far from serious. This immature use takes away from the gravity of the issue, and attributes a humorous quality to a crime that is far from a joke.

The expression ‘rape’ has turned into some kind of a fad. Its presence is almost ubiquitous, whether it’s for the replay button on YouTube or during a match against two teams. I, for one, find it far from amusing when someone hollers:

“Section A nay Section B ka football match main rape kar dya

(Section A raped Section B in the football match)

It’s very disturbing and disconcerting to find this expression being used so carelessly without people giving any real thought to what it really means. Dozens of Facebook pages have used it to come up with quirky one-liners which are then ‘liked’ by millions of people.

Rape jokes have become widely prevalent today and are thriving amongst both the literate and the illiterate alike. This is a sad reality given the fact that there used to be a time, not long ago, when the mere mention of the word was taboo. Even stand-up comedians, who are generally granted liberties beyond normal measures, did not make jokes about sexual harassment.

Now people say ‘rape’ in a way that makes a traumatic experience sound silly and entertaining. Although I appreciate that people can now talk about the term and it isn’t only used in hushed whispers and treated as taboo, I do have a problem when people make a mockery out of a serious issue. The rabid, tractable way in which it is now being used has broad implications:

“Rape victims are only seeking money and publicity”

“Rape does not need to be investigated or prosecuted”

or worse

“The victim must be lying”

These are only some to the responses many rape victims get as people have made a joke out of the word.

Rape is played down enough already by politicians, many sapient religious leaders, bright students, newspapers, the internet, by people on the streets, and even by some of the people you interact with on a daily basis. I highly doubt that it requires anyone else’s assistance to be further minimized.

When the horrendous idea of abuse is not taken seriously, it logically translates that rape victims are not taken seriously. In addition to this, just imagine for a second how cruel and debilitating these jokes might sound to someone who has been molested, or who knows someone who has suffered the same cruelty. Would you make the joke if you were in the same situation? No, right? Then why make someone else needlessly suffer?

The next time, someone tries to indulge you in a rape joke, please don’t be silent and let the joke go on.


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Tayyaba Iftikhar

A student who is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication from NUST Business School.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I don’t forward violence!!! Recommend

  • Godhpur

    Good heavens, how frivolous can one be? You are no different from those feminist who want history to be read herstory…..Why do you want to rob a language of a powerful word? “You broke my heart”, now is it offensive to heart patients.Recommend

  • Ameer Aftab

    And ur point was? Recommend

  • http://fromahazydistance.blogspot.com/ Sabbah Haji

    Agree completely. The casual use of the word ‘rape’ is unfathomable. It is a heinous act and its very use should be associated with horror. But no, let’s trivialise it, let’s make it not such a big deal. Head>desk.Recommend

  • Aaliyah

    I agree with you. I am happy that you wrote about it. The word has found its way in to everyday language as a joke. Gone are the days when I wondered why people use the F word to express ..when so many other words can be used. Why must words like these be made in to euphemisms?

    Godhpur : it is not a feminist thing. Rape may predominantly be a crime against women but if you look at the statistics in Pakistan the number of child-rape cases are horrifying, abuse of young boys is also common. It is not taking out the word from the language ..it is about realising what is meant by them and using them in an appropriate context. I am sure you are talking about “taking it easy” but this is a serious matter. Recommend

  • http://fruitforbidden.wordpress.com/ Forbidden Fruit

    Anything to seem cool my dear.. anything! “Stop raping my brain/ears/car” etc are used by people who cool brag about themselves. How “Raped” would they be feeling now – I wonder.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/smohkim Sardar Mohkim Khan

    Thanks for the translation and sharing it so publicly. Let me guess, this is awareness IMHORecommend

  • Ali Hasan

    Heart-attack doesn’t scar you emotionally now does it? Nor do blood-pressure variations nor angina nor blod clots. If they did, everybody would be extremely healthy just to keep away the mental devastation.

    However, the argument presented in the article is very particular and I feel more related to how as time goes on, what was considered taboo and obscene in the past becomes part of everyday conversation. This may or may not reduce the weight of the actual scenarios behind the terminology, but that is a hard argument to make. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/007Zone Habibies

    @Tayyaba Iftikhar aapne tu ye article yaha share kar k http://blogs.tribune.com.pk ka Rape kardia heheheh….. i can’t stop laughing yar :DRecommend

  • MA

    Thank you for writing this! Recommend

  • Fatima

    It is just like insulting the ones who have been raped :(Recommend

  • Salman Sikandar

    This is so pointless. You can’t expect teenagers to use Oxford English. That’s the beauty of language. You can use a certain word in a totally different context to augment your argument. “Raped” was used for emphasis. It was in no way meant to be offensive to the rape victims or the rapists for that matter. Anyone having an ounce of common can see that the comments quoted didn’t have anything to do with the actual act of raping a person.Recommend

  • http://www.thehrdesigns.com Hassan Raza

    Although i don’t indulge myself in dirty, never i speak any. But i don’t get what you are trying to say actually. Why RAPE word jokes are any different than F* jokes? You haven’t discussed that. I believe INTENT matters. You talk so many sexual innuendo words or sentences and no one has ever said about putting a STOP to it.
    What actually i am trying to say is that it is just like any other same category offensive word. What you have said is totally unpractical and can never be implemented. Either put a stop to lame sex jokes or just keep them running. So what would be the next topic of your article. “Using the word F is not Funny?”

    I believe you have spent quite a time on a useless topic. Recommend

  • a bored reader


    you really couldn’t come up with anything else to write about..?Recommend

  • http://think-islam.blogspot.com PostMan

    I would rather agree with the author here but only in a narrow context. Issue of rape being trivialized through jokes. For a ‘sick’ joke read this…

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    “F” is a most (ab)used word than “R”. What do you think of it. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647842094 The Reader

    I guess it varies from place to place. I have never seen anyone use this word in my city but when I went to Karachi I saw (without meaning to be disrespectful) both kids and adults using the word ‘balatkaar’ more frequently and with casual ease as if it is a normal thing.Recommend

  • Waqas

    I kind of agree with Godhpur.
    @Ali Hasan and pretty much everyone
    Heart Attacks do not scar you emotionally but if a loved on of yours had it and died from it, you’d definitely be reminded of the incident. Similarly saying things like “Pagal to nai ho gaye?!” could sound extremely insensitive to someone with a mentally disabled child or relative or even a friend maybe. Who is to say what is worse? People make fun of HIV, cancer, sex and a million other things. As long as they fun stays between a few people who know the context in which it is being said, I believe it is alright. I doubt anybody would joke about an actual incident of rape or those serious diseases. The word “rape” is just getting a new meaning in our language. Exaggerating it to mean something more is rather ridiculous if you ask me.

    HOWEVER, people with mentalities as such, mentioned by the author,

    “Rape victims are only seeking money and publicity”

    “Rape does not need to be investigated or prosecuted”

    or worse

    “The victim must be lying”

    are truly insensitive and even ignorant. You want to use the word in different contexts, go ahead, but passing judgements like these about actual rape cases with no information whatsoever is by far the most “Jaahilana Harkat” ever. Believe it or not, these people are the ones who still consider it a taboo word but have no problem discussing those “stories” and then giggling about it.Recommend

  • Xari

    completely agree with Godhpur here. ‘Rape’ is an expression of the English language, for those who have a good command over the language and who understand metaphoric references this is not a big deal, but for others who are trying to be painfully politically correct this is a new thing to discuss. Please stop being so PC.Recommend

  • Tooba tariq

    I completley agree with you..such words shouldnot be used or spoken even if its a joke or anyother convo..and its not just this word..yesterday night I heard my 7 year old sis saying F*..obv she didnt knew the meaning but using the word so openly by a SEVEN year old girl…means something is def wrong in pur society
    I do believe that it is vey natrual that a human always move in the direction of such things which they are not supposed to..but still it is in our control to stop it…
    P.s personally i think using abusive or such words by a GIRL completley destroys the girl imageRecommend

  • http://www.pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    I am anti feminists who come forward on stupid issues but this is serious .. Completely agree with you , we have made fun out of rape Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    Being needlessly sensitive, if you ask me.

    “Don’t scratch this car, or dad’s gonna kill me!” (Murder is not funny)

    “If I watch five more minutes of this movie, I’ll go jump out of the window!” (Suicide is not funny)

    “You just blew my mind!” (Terrorism is not funny)

    “He’s totally setting the stage on fire!” (Fire hazards are not funny)Recommend

  • Humna Mehwish

    @ Xari: Why is it so important for u to use the word ‘rape’ metaphorically.. will ur English writing/ speaking skills suffer tremendously if u miss this sensitive word? I totally second the writer’s opinion… being sic doesn’t deem you cool! Moral values should be preserved whether that be English.. Urdu or any other language on the face of the earth!Recommend

  • MB.

    @Faraz Talat — You are being needlessly insensitive , if you ask me.
    The examples you gave are not as serious. Rape is a very serious crime and any woman subjected to this kind of torture probably would take years to recover from the trauma. Rape victims end up losing their self respect and reason for living. The examples you gave are just toooo frivolous to be compared with what the author has to say. Recommend

  • Asad

    This an excellent blog. Keep it up! We need more such sensible use of this space. Bravo!Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com Shumaila

    I have always opposed the use of the word, and I will continue to do so. It is insensitivity to use the word in a context like ours, where rape is a painful reality felt by women and children, and even men, daily. I never understood how people could use it so casually. I shudder every time I hear it, personally. Just goes to show how easily one can be desensitized to stuff. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    Rape is not as serious as murder, suicide, terrorism or fire? Really MB?

    Nobody here is arguing whether rape is a serious crime or not. But sometimes comedy is just comedy, and shouldn’t be taken literally or personally.

    A guy says to a friend, “The result totally gave us a heart attack” and my friend starts weeping, “That’s so insensitive! My taya-jaan died of heart attack! It’s not a joke!”. Next thing we know, that friend is writing a blog about how our society doesn’t take angina and acute myocardial infarction seriously.

    The solution is not to stop using these lines altogether, but to avoid saying these things to people who are likely to be hurt by them. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no limit to things we’d need to strike out of our daily conversations.Recommend

  • Nabs

    I pity the write, if only he opened the dictionary to check other meanings of Rape: “Destroy and strip of its possession” , It also means (as noun) “The act of despoiling a country in warfare” and “Eurasian plant cultivated for its seed and as a forage crop”Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Win-or-Lose-We-Still-Love-u-Team-Pakistan/182383688454102 Musadiq

    It’s kinda boring. Stop reading it half way through. “F” is most used word!!Recommend

  • AAQ

    lets see what Jay has got to say about that :PRecommend

  • http://samanrk.wordpress.com Saman

    nice work tabby. i myself find such “weird” jokes hard to absorb. Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/pavanmehta Pavan

    You must know that the word ‘rape’ and its usage is in no way related to people’s implications about rape victims.Recommend

  • http://www.salmanlatif.wordpress.com Salman Latif

    @Sardar Mohkim Khan:
    Oh no, she made such a mistake. We ought to hush down all such um…what, ‘shameful’ words and pretend they don’t exist? You remind me of Munawwar Hasan dude!Recommend

  • pinky

    interesting..all the females supported the article in their comments, while 80 percent of the males considered it “pointless”, “needlessly sensitive” etc

    at the risk of making a mountain out of a molehill, let me deduce that since the crime (rape) ratio is skewed, females are more likely to be raped than males, females feel more strongly about the issue (which includes the misuse of the word) than an average male…Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    This actually shows the misogynist mindset of our society.Recommend

  • Omaidus

    Well, to confess, I frequently use this word in my casual conversations, but never tried to understand its offensiveness by women perspective, really a good article to tell the other side of the world (males), that such pointless, needless, casual, maybe funny to us things could mean a lot to other side of the world.Recommend

  • Sparkle*

    Ok. I’m pretty puzzled here. But.. yes it ain’t appropriate!!!
    Guys seriously?
    Some people here don’t realize the true meaning and impact of just a single word do they? Ever thought what example you guys would be putting in front of your younger ones?
    I don’t just think but believe that a person who belongs to a good (shareef) background would ever be using such words randomly. And not just this word, the other words in particular as well. The words probably all of us know and use with pride. Shame!
    Anyway Tayyaba. I’d like to encourage you to write more and one day you’ll surely do a topic that would suit everybody’s taste. Just be sure to analyze every square inch of the title and of course the topic you select for your writings. Toodles. =)Recommend

  • Uzair

    I am a male, and I strongly support the assertion that the word “rape” is not something to be used lightly, and certainly not when making jokes!!! Rape is a horrible horrible crime which leaves lifelong scars on the victims, and should never be trivialized. Those who do trivialize the word should realize they are making themselves look like insensitive fools (if not insensitive, then definitely ignorant fools!).Recommend

  • jawed sarwar

    It is very offensisive to use word of rape in any manner,it is insult to rape victim and to mankind. The person who use this word is actually suffering from of complex. It is morally, socially and ethitically wrong to use this word in public especiall when there are female around.Recommend

  • http://www.hafsahmad.wordpress.com Hafsa A. Sial

    Same exact subject, very eloquently put by Eve Ensler:


  • Fatima

    Totally pointless article. Slang is slang, take it as such. And don’t tell me you’ve never said “I killed that exam” or “I bombed that test”. Seriously, reading this was an epic waste of time.Recommend

  • sajid

    But a couple of months ago I came across a very tasteless joke on a pakistani website that made a mockery of rape
    I was just stunned at how heartless, preverted and sick our society is.
    And you know what the people on that online forum were laughing and celebrating the joke.
    I think to change rape jokes you have to change the mindset which is extremely difficultRecommend

  • Nandita.

    @Faraz Talat — Please read the article Hafsa has posted here. Will do you and men like you a world of good. ” comedy is just comedy ” — That’s what you say faraz talat ! you find such jokes comic ? You probably wouldn’t if , god forbid, any women close to you had to face such a trauma. And yes, a heart attack is not as serious as RAPE. because rape is FORCED. You understand the word ” forced “ don’t you ? It is one individual forcing himself on another un-willing person. iT is a violation of rights. You understand that right ? Suicide is not a violation of a persons right. It is one person inflicting harm on himself/herself. A heart attack is not a violation of your rights or dignity, WHILE RAPE IS. Hence rape is far more traumatic and serious than having a heart attack. A girl would/may recover from a heart attack but the scars of rape will never fade. Physical scars / wounds heal , emotional scars dont. Thats how rape is different from a heart attack. i may not be eloquent enough, but i really hope you’ve got the message. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Faraz Talat:
    I find your comments so damn insensitive. And highly illogical. Pls read my earlier comment. I wish humans could ” grow hearts ” Recommend

  • Point?

    It’s like a student of a URDU-MEDIUM School searching the Literal meaning of RAPE in dictionary!
    Pak Raped XYZ Team in Cricket doesn’t mean the match was played in the Pavillion!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    I’ve already said what I had to, and I urge you to read both my comments again.

    Suicide too can incredibly traumatizing for the victim’s family and friends, from which they may never fully recover. But you don’t pounce on a random bloke who says, “I’m gonna shoot myself if I have to read one more page of this book”. The most you can do is ask the person not to use a suicide reference in front of the victim’s family to avoid an awkward moment.

    Also, as somebody else pointed out, the dictionary definition of rape is, “to strip one of its possession”. When a “The German soldiers raped our land”, they don’t mean to say, “The German soldiers had intercourse with our land without its consent.”Recommend

  • Asiya

    @Faraz Talat: I doubt if someone mentions rape in front of you, You’ll think “to strip one of its possession” instead of just “a type of sexual assault” but wait, isn’t it the same thing? You are stripping one off his dignity/respect.

    And Rape victims don’t have “I was raped” written across their faces so you don’t know who’s going to overhear the joke – as the writer said.
    “The most you can do is ask the person not to use a RAPE reference in front of the victim’s family to avoid an awkward moment.” How would you even know that? -.-
    Plus, it’s not going to harm anyone to just not use that word instead of bickering about it. Simple as that.Recommend

  • Asiya

    Yes, Apparently Urdu medium schools are very beneath your aristocratic, highly intellectual, villayati upbringing.

  • Amna

    I don’t know whether to like what the writer has written or thrash it to pieces, for one i respect author’s intents and sensitivity and know how derogatory and offensive certain slang words are, but I disagree with the impact a jokingly intended slang can cause on the victims or actually represent an insensitive mindset. People using this word might not become desensitize towards the actual horrendous act of rape. Those who put victim at fault have this mindset not because this word is used as a slang or this might start making people take rape as a joke. Those who find sch incidents frivolous are probably the ones who don’t care about language or any civility at all.
    There are swear words that degrade women but it doesn’t make them less dignified. Yes we are living in a patriarchal society and women are not treated fairly but things wont change by denouncing the use of slang language whether we like it or not.
    Yes it pains me when people exhaust their energies to blame the victim for asking for the act, that needs to be addressed with serious campaign of awareness and education…Recommend

  • Ather Sultan

    The Indians boast of their indigenous car industry however I think that the only car they have produced locally is “Baladkar”; at least that’s what their movies and soaps are all about…!!! If ppl are comfortable with that, then why make a fuss on the word “rape” only? We, ourselves have allowed this “slow poison” to permeate through our society…..Recommend

  • Dee

    Even stand-up comedians, who are generally granted liberties beyond normal measures, did not make jokes about sexual harassment.

    And today we have people like Sami Shah who are obsessed about molestation and molvis!Recommend

  • Raza

    So we should stop our friends from making rape jokes but do nothing about all the women who get raped in Pakistan everyday? Jokes are just jokes. Focus on the real subject here.Recommend

  • Rizvi

    I think its very cool to use the word rape…..you are just blowing it out of contextRecommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    “And Rape victims don’t have “I was raped” written across their faces so you don’t know who’s going to overhear the joke”

    As opposed to families of suicide victims who have it tattooed on their foreheads: “Hey, folks! My son shot himself in the mouth, so no gun or suicide jokes please! If you do, I’ll be forced to write a teary-eyed article about how suicide is not funny.”
    “I find your comments so damn insensitive”

    My priorities lie in pushing for tougher laws for the protection of women’s rights, training and empowering law enforcement agencies to better handle domestic abuse, and teaching the society to respect women through awareness-raising.

    Indeed, I have no sensitivity for non-issues like lynching a random guy for using the word “rape” in a casual manner.Recommend

  • Ali Noor

    @miss tayyaba: what utter nonsense, if you pick up any dictionary you will clearly see that rape does not necessarily only mean to have sexual intercourse with someone forcibly but it also means to plunder and to seize something by force. Thus to say our politicians are raping our mother land is neither incorrect nor taboo but a fact. Recommend

  • acha bacha

    I agree with the writer. People must take care of using such offensive and grave words publicly. It really can awaken a negative side of people because you become what you think about most. Moreover, using such word frequently will ultimately reduce its negativity in society which may lead many sexual victims. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @faraz talat — you said and teaching the society to respect women through awareness-raising. Yeah. Right. This is how men shall now raise awareness — by debating with a bunch of women how using the word ” rape ” in a casual conversation is okay and women should just lighten up and take a chill pill.

    If your priorities lie in “pushing for tougher laws for the protection of women’s rights, training and empowering law enforcement agencies to better handle domestic abuse, and teaching the society to respect women through awareness-raising.” and if you really find this topic to be so frivolous blah blah then you really should not have even bothered to comment on this topic

    And if a person says, ” If i watch 5 more minutes of this movie, i shall jump out of the window ” – that does not sound half as bad as saying something like ” saala. England ne toh australia ka match mein rape kar diya yaar. Poora balaatkar ” I mean , seriously !! If someone says the latter sentence to me,the thought in my mind would be ” Dude, which gutter were you born in ” Recommend

  • Waqas

    The article is titled “Rape is not funny” when it is actually about, “The word RAPE is not funny”.
    I bet no one here will find rape the least bit amusing. I don’t even like using it in other contexts mostly because I can’t think of it in any other way. With the way things are going on in our country, it is hard to use that word in a joke. But I really do not have a problem with the few people using it. I don’t tell them to stop because they don’t mean the actual act when they use the word. If they do, then it’s a serious discussion about the perverted behaviors of our country, not a joke mind you. So I ask you, if someone condemns rape but just doesn’t find the word intolerable to use, mainly because he was using it in another context, does that make him insensitive? He IS sensitive about the statistics showing the country is going to hell with all the rape cases, but he is using the word as a joke, implying he destroyed the damn question paper which was meant to do the same to him.

    I doubt anyone uses the word in a company of strangers. And the only movies having fun with the word are indian. The whole world however, doesn’t go as far as to use it in a humorous way in a public content. The people who use the word jokingly do NOT go to every other person and describe their exam in the same way. Everyone has the right to say what he/she wants and they’re being sensitive about not using the word SO publicly. If someone finding it offensive overhears it, bad luck. Just like the words murder and heart attacks and all. Nobody thinks rape is funny which goes against the topic. And the people who DO find it funny, I think them using the word as a joke is the least of your concerns right now. Them finding rape funny, is insensitive!

    So please stop labeling people as insensitive just because they don’t share the same feelings for a word as you. Next thing you tell me the word rape should be removed from all languages in which they have some other meaning especially a humorous one. Just so no one accidentally overhears a person telling a funny story and using the word rape (which may mean something completely different).

    Every circle has some terms they use. It is not at all your right to tell them if it is right to use it or not. It could be an inside joke even. I am sure VERY few people actually go all loud and public when they use the word rape in their speech, especially if its a joke or something. How come nobody has a problem with “Yo mama…” jokes? Are we not fond of our mothers? Where did those jokes come from?Recommend

  • Asiya

    @Faraz Talat:
    When did the writer ever say anything about lynching a random bloke for making a rape joke? She just gave out her OWN opinion that she thinks it’s wrong. -.- Rape jokes are disgusting, yes.
    Either ways, Rape jokes or any other senseless joke for that matter aren’t exactly made of sunshine and rainbows and no, I don’t think we should just ignore them. She gave out her opinion. Agree or don’t agree. Bashing her for writing something that is prevalent in the society is clearly not right. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    One of my friends who is associated with the banking industry used to say “When the rape becomes evident, relax and enjoy…!!!”Recommend

  • Adeel

    On a lighter note, when a reporter asked our very own legendary Meera as to what she thinks about rape, she said “Rape is not an offence, it’s just a surprise sex…!!!”Recommend

  • Bisma

    Faraz talat nailed it. A joke is a joke. I dont make such jokes but when anyone does, i dont think of them as rape-o-philes.

    And nobody cares what YOU might be thinking of that person, since the whole point here is ‘what if someone who has been through it, or knows someone who has suffered, hears it’. Which will be equally disturbing to a person who overhears a suicide joke. So either be sensitive about all technicalities involved in all the jokes possible, and be the anti joke chickens if you must, or dont think suicide or murder is any less horrendous.Recommend

  • Salman Sikandar

    @Nandita & Asiya
    I’m sorry but your responses lack anything of substance. And I’m not saying this because I’m on the same side as Faraz Talat. He has got a point. Your arguments are redundant.Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    @Salman Sikandar
    @Faraz Talat

    I think some clarification is needed here. The writer didnt say that “rape” shouldn’t be used as a word, only that it shouldnt be used in jokes and trivialised. For instance, its fine if we’re watching a history documentary and the narrator says something like “the clan of blah de blah raped and plundered the lands they invaded”.

    What is unexceptable and distasteful is something cheap like “Yaar, I totally raped that presentation” —- this statement implicitly suggests that ‘rape’ is associated with positive things like achievement and triumph, which is WRONG. Saying for instance, “You gave me a heart attack” still associates the condition with negative things like shock and an unwelcome surprise.

    Think about it, how many people JOKE about suicide? Seriously? None. At least no one sane and with any respect for life.

    This is just the degeneration of the Pakistani youth into animals like most of their other countrymen.
    And those of you who claim slang is slang and its fine to use it, what on earth is proper language for? Go and use slang on your CV and job application/college application. And maybe even at your job/college interview. Lets see where that gets you.Recommend

  • http://www.usmanfarooq.com Usman Farooq

    The idea do relating the word rape to such a topic is completely useless, I dont know what are you trying to portray but the point is that ‘Rape’ is not the only word that is used in casual conversations. There is a lot more if you ask me though if you think writing a post on such a topic i think your ruining your own reputation…Recommend

  • riz

    is “oh bhens” funny?Recommend

  • Bisma



    Honey, slang is called slang BECAUSE its not the official intended use of the language. You dont use slang in your daily life? And forget slang, nobody uses informal language in CVs. Or do you? :D How absud to bring CVs into this. If we were to write our CVs in the way we normally speak, we’d all be jobless. Do you write ‘you know’ ‘i think’ ‘know what’ in CVs? No. Because we are NOT being informal with the recipient. Recommend

  • Bisma

    You might have offended a buffaloRecommend

  • Hira Z

    Agreed ! Its so uncomfortable to see when ppl write i was raped in my FYP :SRecommend

  • A Girl

    I would rather say that it is a pointless discussion going on. I can understand how a girl being raped feel when someone else uses this word in/as a joke but I guess she need to be that strong to encounter such comments and jokes. I would, in general, say that all girl must be strong enough to take these comments. I am a biology student and while being a student in a girls’ school have heard words like “breast” and other parts from male teachers even when there is no need of its teaching/talk. I was really taken-back by such words, even though there where other girls as well. But this is life!..You’ve got to be mature enough to take these things easily for yourself. When boys,even girls, joke around using words like “rape” doesn’t mean that they are raping someone. Please broaden your mind.

    After reading your post, I guess you are a student. One advice that I have for your is to broaden up your mind before you step up in your professional life. Because there you have to work with men, and you will encounter such comments and phrases that may make you think that maybe you are harassed in someway, may be YOU EVEN ARE, but you have to deal with it. This is a MALE DOMINATING WORLD and in any case, you have to fit in this place to make your own living. You won’t be able to stop them to pass such comments or stop joking about something. So its better that you make your own figure that strong that no one is able to joke with you in such a harassing manner. AND in other case, leave them on their own and live YOUR LIFE HAPPILY..:)Recommend

  • http://www.oocities.org/~oldbrit/Keatonpies.html Custard Pie Chucker

    If you start off condemning one word, you then move on to other words considered offensive like the PTA ban in sms messages. Before you know it, you will not be allowed to say anything for fear of offending someone.

    You’re going down a slippery slope madam.Recommend

  • Pir Ali Raza

    People shouldnt make a big deal out of words but of course the actual act should be punishable ‘Sialkoti style’Recommend

  • Marc

    The author very passionately makes out a case saying, “Please don’t use the word ‘rape’ as a verb, as a kind of accomplishment.” Guys use the word, ‘raped’ as a kind of dominant conquest, an achievement of total victory.

    But, I am astounded to note that guys are defending the usage ! I mean, you call yourselves civilized?

    Your society, especially, the English-speaking ones, is SICK !!Recommend

  • Hayyan Zuberi

    Words do have great impacts. This is a fact no one can deny. So we should be careful while using them. I completely agree to the authors opinion. Hats offRecommend

  • Nottelling

    @Ali Hasan:

    It might be very trivial of me to say this but do you honestly think a heart attack doesn’t cause any emotional scarring? Has anyone in your family ever had one? Please talk to them if they have. It’s a fatal encounter majority of the times. Just my two cents. Okaybye.Recommend

  • Nabeel Malik

    Well, I kind of agree with you about this particular word (that I choose not to even repeat).
    However, I don’t really see the point of writing down a whole article for this one word. There are many other swear words very casually used today, and each one of them equally disgusting. So yes I am against obscene language in general, not just the word you are worried about. Recommend