Thanks for winning Team Green!

Published: November 12, 2011

Pakistan has secured a tremendous victory over Sri Lanka by a staggering eight wickets. PHOTO: AFP

I still remember the first time I beat my male cousins at a sport they loved and thought only boys could be good at. I was 14-years-old.

Just like everyone else in the neighbourhoodI grew up loving cricket. There would be heated debates over cricketer crushes, whom we referred to by their nicknames. We watched entire matches; I think we all lived for those and still do.

Pakistanis ardent love of cricket can be seen in every street where the game is played with heated passion. But this is not because every kid playing the game wants to be on the national team one day; cricket has simply become part of our identity. Lala (Afridi), Gul, Misbah, Waqar, and of course Wasim bhai, all seem like family to 170 million people.

Yesterday, the nation was blessed with the chance to celebrate with Pakistan’s bashing of Sri Lanka in the first ODI in Dubai. Pakistan won by a whopping eight wickets after getting Sri Lanka all out for a meagre 131 runs. They chased this target in just 21.5 overs, with Imran Farhat and Younus Khan scoring half centuries. What a pleasure it was to watch Afridi take three wickets for 27 runs. Thank you Pakistan cricket team for making the nation so proud.

Our cricket team has done us good time and time again, be it with Pakistan reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup or with Pakistan winning the last five Test series it has played. It is for this reason that my green jersey, which I have worn to all cricket matches I have ever witnessed, makes me feel so important. The number ten on it reminds me of the one person I am very proud to have on the team. Just like you all, I have seen this number appear on various roadside matches, where little children imitate the signature pose of the legend, Shahid Afridi, hoping one day to be in his shoes.

It makes me sad to see the massive hullabaloo over the mistakes our players have made. The amount of media coverage our ‘tainted trio‘ has received has been tremendous. People have been unforgiving. Why, I ask, can’t we celebrate our victories with the same gusto? Pakistan just secured a massive win against a world-class team. Why aren’t people happier about this? How come I haven’t seen a single blog post about this news? Why must we always dwell on the negatives and forget about the positives?

Today, I would like to give our cricket team a standing ovation. For once I would like to put aside ball-tampering controversies, match fixing allegations, doping issues, and spot fixing – I would just like to pay tribute to a team who is doing the best that they can.

Let’s face it, one win against India will make us forget whatever resentment we might have had against our cricketers. Why can’t we feel the same way about a tremendous performance against Sri Lanka? My advice; stop being petty and celebrate. Pakistani cricketers deserve your applause.

Mariam Ishaq

Mariam Ishaq

A graduate student at LUMS, who is also a social worker interested in gender and a Y-PEER Trainer on HIV/AIDS (UNFPA).

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    Hey, congrats for the win of your team green. I m frm India. But i m not racist. I do not divide people by countries or race. Your blogs are nice. ThanksRecommend

  • Ovais

    I actually agree with u .. nice article Recommend

  • Asab Abbasi

    yeah u r rite
    its all depend upon the way ppl think
    so its really hard to make pakistani ppl to think positiveRecommend

  • Rehan

    Immensely naive. More important issues than cricket, and those 11 guys that never knew you, will never know you, and let’s face it, are not known to anyone outside the subcontinent and England. Move on!

  • Umar Akram

    Let’s declare it a public holiday! =(Recommend

  • Adee

    Make a correction, Pakistan has not won all last 5 test series, it has won three and drawn the other two.
    Nice article though.Recommend

  • Jaani

    Why don’t you stick to the title of this blog?

    The tainted trio caused us international embarrassment and hence it will linger on our minds for some time to come. Just appreciate the performance of our team and stop asking people to FORGET about what happened in the last 10-12 months.

    You know like you we are die hard fans of Team Pakistan, but when our heroes get themselves engulfed into greed and cheating then I am sorry the fans will speak out and they will watch every game with suspicion.

    Having said that, I would also like to commend the performances of our boys in dubai and generally over the past couple months they have bowled their heart out, they have improved two-folds in every department. Wish you the best of luck for the remainder of this series Team Pakistan.

    BUT hey Ms.blogger..try to restrict yourself to what the title of this blog refers to! thanks! Recommend

  • pinky

    sorry, misbah is NOT like family to me ;pRecommend

  • Maria Tahir

    i believe we as a nation are an oversensitive and super emotional nation. we just don’t know when and how to invest our griefs, disappointment and mirth…… we expect too much and give too little……..A very nicely written article Hope to see more of your work :)Recommend

  • Musa

    Good to KnowRecommend

  • aneela

    i think as a nation the people of pakistan are a little resevered in their celebration now seeing as when ever they happy, over-joyed some controversy is lurking around the corner ready to dampen everyone one moods :(, but never the less it was a great result team pak played really well and im soooo soooo happy and exicted AFRIDI has returned and what a come back it was :) xxRecommend

  • Usman Farooq

    Nice post… This post actually shows the patriotism you have inside you for your country and for the first time their is no criticism…Recommend

  • Ahmad Hammad

    aaj bhe jeetain gay :)Recommend

  • Ahmad Hammad

    Dekha, Hum uss roz jeet gaey thay Mariam :)
    Aaj phir jeetain gay….

    tab tak, read my article on Indian Match Fixing whistle-blowing… :)

    Kindly go through the article: