A sublime love

Published: September 29, 2019

She is love,To everyone she sees. PHOTO: PINTEREST

Her emerald eyes

They glisten by the moonlight

The satin dress

The olive skin

The auburn hair

She is the rainbow of the night


She glides across the dance floor

Capturing imagination far and wide

She talks in song and smiles along

She is every Romeo’s Juliet delight


Like fine wine she ages

Every passing year more exquisite she seems

Blame us not for being unable to resist

Her beauty soaring like the falcon’s flight


She is rain

In a dry, drab corner of the Sahara

She is warmth

In mother Russia’s icy dark December

She is a heart

To the savage who refuses to feel

She is treasure

To the swindler and his impulse to steal

To a broken man

She is hope and the absence of strife

To the one breathing his last

She is the potion of everlasting life


She is love

To everyone she sees

And everyone

Who may be lucky enough to see her


The only thing she isn’t is mine

But that is okay

I still have my dreams to keep me company

And in my dreams our love is sublime

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (twitter.com/salmanzafar1985)

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