How Imran Khan won me over

Published: November 1, 2011

At the PTI rally on Sunday October 30. PHOTO: SABAHAT ZAKARIYA

A fellow-volunteer at TCF (The Citizens Foundation) asked me the other day if I was going to the PTI rally. My first reaction was to laugh, and then wonder ‘Women go to political rallies?’ Perhaps what I really thought was ‘Do women like us go to political rallies?’ ‘Us’ being  shareef  (modest) and middle class, belonging to families who may have acquired almost-elite status over time, but who’s middle class values dictate that the arena for women’s political participation should be the family’s television lounge, not the uncertain grounds of Minar-e-Pakistan. 

By the morning the momentum was clearly palpable on my Twitter timeline. I have always been ambivalent about Khan’s politics but I am also a sucker for a mela (carnival) and this was promising to be a carnival like no other. Despite trepidation at braving such crowds on my own, I went out driving alone and joined the PTI caravan at Kalma Chowk, buoyed by the hope that harassment of women might figure low on the agenda of willing attendees of a rally for change. The optimism wasn’t misplaced, for the most part. The Lawyer’s Movement had brought the burger crowd to the streets before, but this felt different. For many of those following the caravan from Defence and Model Town, just going to Minar-e-Pakistan was an act of immersion and solidarity with the general populace, and a form of political awakening. Jeans and kurtas all powering forth in one direction.

It was certain by this time that the gathering was going to be huge. People around me made victory signs atop buses belonging to private local colleges. Cars played Amanat Ali Khan’s ‘Ae watan pyaare watan’ but the most ubiquitous song remained Jazba Junoon, blared constantly from the leading truck in the procession. I wondered if other political rallies ever use music from a Pakistani rock band, and whether I was imbuing this act with too much meaning. But to children of Zia’s era even small signs of ‘progressiveness’ are cause for some celebration and relief. This pop music motif continued till the end, an obviously deliberate attempt to soften the ‘Taliban Khan’ image and to keep PTI’s strong youth base harnessed.

I saw many of my Aitchison students along the way, most of whom will turn 18 next year. This means none of them is a potential voter because they are not eligible for vote registration yet. They couldn’t have formed even one percent of the total number in the rally, but their presence did reinforce the Zohair Toru stereotype in my mind, possibly because I knew most of them personally. A democracy, however, for good or for bad, does not differentiate between a Zohair Toru and an Ardeshir Cowasjee.

Upon reaching Oriental College, Punjab University, I parked my car inside (privileges of being the ex-Principal’s daughter) and joined some friends in theirs. It was their first time at such a rally and the three middle-aged sisters had much of the well-intentioned, wide-eyed political naivete that seems to be the hallmark of the PTI supporter. Traffic was so choked by the time we reached Karbala Gamay Shah that we had to walk the last mile to Minar-e-Pakistan, carried along by the crowd’s thrust. Some boys in front of me made suggestive thumkas (hip  movements) and burst into raucous laughter at their own cleverness. On the other side men danced and marched to the beat of dhols while we weaved our way through the crowd amidst shouts of ‘Let the ladies pass!’

Once we reached the ground and had squeezed our way through to a decent position, it became impossible to see a panoramic view of the crowd, so it was not possible to make any kind of guess as to crowd numbers or even to take it all in in one sweep. One could only tell that there were thousands of chanting people on every side and Manto Park was so full that it was not possible for anyone to try and squeeze their way out of the stadium.

The crowd around me was impatient with the speeches of ‘irrelevant’ PTI leaders and its only interest lay in hearing Imran Khan, constantly chanting his name to urge him along. While this one-man-show has often been touted as a major drawback in Imran Khan’s chances, I don’t see it as a particular hurdle in a country where the politics of personality cult ensures people vote for Bhutto even thirty years after his death. Where the populace does not know the names of the candidates but votes for ‘teer‘ (arrow, symbol of PPP) or ‘sher‘ (lion, the PML-N symbol).

Strings came on for one song to boost sagging morales.

Half-way through ‘Main tou dekhoon ga’ I fished for the PTI flag someone had thrust in my hand earlier and I had promptly discarded under my chair, and waved it in thumping rhythm to Strings’ lyrics; for that moment one with the crowd and just as starry-eyed and hopeful as them. For who so hard-hearted that can resist the adrenaline-pumped optimism of thousands of people singing along to:

“Woh din phir aae ga jab aisa ho ga Pakistan’, ‘jab roti sasti ho gi aur mehngi ho gi jaan’, ‘jo duur gae thay bhoolay se, lotayn ge phir watan ko aek shaam” (A day will come in Pakistan when life will hold more value more than sustenance, and the people who once left the country will come back to it.)

This stanza in particular makes me misty-eyed.

Imran Khan finally took to the stage at around 7 o’clock in the evening by which time the crowd was getting increasingly agitated and several women and children were trying to unsuccessfully make their way out. The crowd, however, was too thick to allow anyone to pass through. Imran took the mic amid a deafening roar. His cricket analogies prompted gleeful high fives from the boys in front of me while those at my back chanted ‘Jab tak sooraj chaand rahay ga / DJ Butt tera naam rahay ga‘ (as long as the Sun and moon remain, DJ Butt’s name will remain) upon Imran’s mentions of DJ Butt-again I suspect, a deliberate attempt to identify with a youthful, pop-oriented figure. Sound strategy, I feel, of juxtaposing Islamic rhetoric with identifiably popular elements of youth culture.

The speech was full of feel-good optimism as was expected and required. Talk of corruption, delivering rights to the poorest in the society and anti-Zardari sentiment elicited the most visible roars of approval. Personally speaking, I was disappointed at his resorting to lies about Hussain Haqqani’s nationality but heartened by his passing mention of minority and women’s rights.

I came away feeling that Imran’s never-say-die philosophy seems to be paying off once again. I made yet another mental note to get my vote registered the next day. If I manage that, I will be voting in the next elections for the first time in my 33-years. And that right there is a victory for Imran Khan.

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Sabahat Zakariya

Sabahat Zakariya

An English Literature teacher at Lahore Grammar School who freelances for various publications. Her personal blog can be accessed at

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • estee

    Er…(speechless in a bad way).Recommend

  • Realist.

    Get over it Kids!
    you guys have JUST started.
    there are BIG game changers sitting in this country.
    The BIGGEST one ?
    Asif Ali zardari!
    The MASTERMIND! no matter how much you dislike him , hes got the best political brain in todays politics!Recommend

  • Idealist

    @Realist , PPP is finished, PTI days have started. Just admit it.Recommend

  • http://Lahore NJ

    No Wonder you’re very new to this political scenario and straight away you’re trapped in IK’s drama;And you belong to the generation to whom these so-called enlightenment means the Revolution; ALAS my Generation! Recommend

  • izhar rana

    imran khan is da only hope for Pakistan,Recommend

  • ahsan goher

    It is a revolution in the making. After Quaid e Azam himself, I don’t know of any level at the national level who has so much of credibility. Imran Khan is a role model for most of Pakistanis. But then there will always be a minority who will disagree to everything that you do. PTI will bring change. I am with you Imran Khan.Recommend

  • Shameel

    Just one correction: It was never “Manto” Park, it was “Minto Park”, i.e. after Lord Minto. Secondly, the name “Minto Park” was changed to “Iqbal Park” years ago. Recommend

  • ptilover

    Please remember the paradox child is father of man.Recommend

  • Tipu

    @Realist !!! You must not forget that Musharraf was also used to say this “Akhri mukka mERA Ho GA” then u see what we the people made of him, who had the last Mukka???
    Who is Asif Zardari????
    A coward sick man who betrays his friends for little political gains, and we say Musharraf surrendered to one American call but ur Zardari surrendered to one call by Kyani on March 15 2009. I just showed u one example of what worth Zardari has!!!!! Recommend

  • Tahir Saleem

    Imran Khan is great leader, He will do something for pak.Recommend

  • Parvez

    I saw the Imran rally live on TV but your description has given it a 3D effect. Just great !! Recommend

  • Rashid

    I wish I was in Lahore on 30th! Man, I missed it!Recommend

  • The Reader

    Your closing line nicely sums up your otherwise critical piece. It says it all. If people like you are convinced, we all should unanimously agree that change is coming.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Not impressed.

    I was expecting to read more about Imran Khan’s mission statement and plan-of-action and how it has convinced you to vote for him…and I ending up reading an irrelevant horror story of a girl stuck in traffic.

    (If the point of that sad digression was to impress upon us the extent of support for Imran Khan, then I stand unmoved. It’s argumentum ad numerum, an assumption that something is true just because a lot of people believe in it). Recommend

  • Realist.

    no one has been able to finish PPP in 4 decades what are you talking about.
    try to ACCEPT the fact that PPP is here to stay!
    & your Nick says it all ;)
    get real mate :)Recommend

  • Imtiaz

    Great article! Really made me wish I could’ve been there myself.
    And as for Mr. Realist and his infinite wisdom of being a backseat political pundit since the creation of politics; the youth have spoken. Whatever little we may know is more than enough to change the disastrous route of the past. Us ‘Kids’ will take it from here, thanks. Recommend

  • Realist.

    @ahsan goher:
    Dear o dear!
    I guess you should start reading ‘history’ :)
    do read Zulfiqar ali Bhutto.
    & to find similarities of Imran khan read ASGHAR KHAN! :)Recommend

  • Amer

    Man I wish I was in Lahore! But your blog gave me a good sense of how it all went down. Nice!Recommend

  • Realist.

    My friend to oust Musharraf ALL of the people were together.
    ONE agenda of all the political parties & people.
    In case of zardari , ALL of you are divided.
    & your division is what benefits zardari , that is why they call him ‘ek zardari , sab pe bhari’.

    PS: I’m not a Zardari supporter am stating the ‘facts’ , the ground realities.Recommend

  • The Reader

    I was at the jalsa myself and from toddlers, kids, youth, middle aged, to aged men and women – everyone was there. Educated and uneducated, rich and poor, young and old. Green + red color everywhere. I am so glad we Lahoris didn’t let him down. I am so glad we helped him uplift his political career. I am so glad IK made it big. Recommend

  • The Reader

    And by the way I am a Defence girl myself. Attending a political jalsa was completely out of question until now but there was something about Imran Khan that neither we nor our families could stop us from attending it.Recommend

  • oMAR

    will see if a ppp rally gets over 100,000 people? thats if ppp is not scared enough to hold a rally?Recommend

  • M. S. Shahid

    No doubt Imran Khan is not 100% perfect man, but it is also reality that we cannot compare anyone with Imran Khan, according to my humble opnion, at this worst situation Imran Khan is only leader who can save Pakistan. We must opportunity a new man which have new zeal and determination. we should not repeat our mistakes to elect the checked people. Imran khan is better than all others. Recommend

  • Sabahat Zakariya

    @Loneliberal PK:
    I had begun with the object of writing about that too, but then I felt the post had got too long with other details. Perhaps in a different post.Recommend

  • Ali

    Awesome peice… commendable. Your recreation of the ecstatic moments gave me goose bumps.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    Again, well-said Imtiaz!Recommend

  • Realist.

    you bet my friend ?
    I am not a PPP supporter But let me get this straight to you.
    PPP can hold the biggest rallies In Pakistan that no one else can.
    They just need to lit that spark in Jiyalas Of PPP & there you go.
    Jiyalas of PPP have the affiliation with their party like NO ONE ELSE has for his party.
    Time & again PPP has proved it. forgot Benazir’s welcome in lahore?
    & her welcome in Karachi ?
    Which world do you live in?Recommend

  • aslam choudhary

    Mian Nawaz Sharif is great leader establishment trying to create a new leader in front of PML N but it is not possible next term will be of mian nawaz sharif Inshallah.

    Imran Khan can not win his own seatRecommend

  • El Khan


    I think that there is an impression about Imran Khan which only appeals to the conservative voters – such as myself – but isolates him from the leftists.

    As a consequence, IK may only appeal to the (ex-) voters of conservative parties, like Nawaz Sharif, but he might not be able to make a dent in the votes of the leftist parties (which are currently in power).

    If IK wants nationwide acceptance, then he needs to attract votes from all segments of voters – not just the conservative segment.Recommend

  • M Aslam

    Imran a playing in the hands of establishment.
    infact he can not win his own seat from any constituency.

    Next term will be of great leader Mian Nawaz Sharif InshallahRecommend

  • M Aslam

    A man could not handle his house in good maner how he will handle such a big country.

    How he build Buni Gala Mahall in Islamabad.

    He is feeding Mushraf,s dig still.Recommend

  • blah!

    Whatever, the bottom line is we all love him, we all will vote for him and he WILL be our next Prime Minister. Vote for PTI – SPREAD THE WORD!Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    My question/concern.

    What would happen to PTI if IK dies tomorrow? It is becoming increasingly dependent on its leader which horrifies me. Keep in mind that IK doesn’t have the luxury of ‘Bhottos’ in his family. The issue here is that people are relying more on IK than considering PTI as the viable option compared to the other two . If IK falls, (for whatever the reasons) this bubble will burst ,shattering the new found dreams and hopes of millions. Unfortunately, so much is dependent on just one person. Pakistanis can never succeed as long as they dont understand that developing systems and institution is much more important than to keep on praising individuals . If that happens, nothing much will be left to differentiate IK fans and ‘Jiyalas’ . There should be a difference between the two if one means real change! Recommend

  • Shoaib

    You are right. We know that he is a crook but his days in the presidential palace are numbered now.Recommend

  • Anum

    To everyone:

    IT is a misconception that registration for voters has ended. The deadline of 31st October was merely for the door to door drive. I have confirmed it with the ECP officials. Also spoke to a PTI rep. Please register yourself and vote for PTI!

    PS: I do not have any political affiliations. I just see PTI as the only hope.Recommend

  • Think Tank

    Good Luck Khan ‘s .I like to say that we all the supporter of PTI live like one Family under the shade of PTI. we all are brothers and sisters and support our Hope . (develop a positive society)Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Well, first of all, a great article to read! So my heartfelt gratitude to the essayist.

    Furthermore, Pakistanis are so depressed with everything that has gone wrong for decades that we’ve turned into a very pessimistic society. Our minds are so numb that we accept things for what they are, without ever wanting to go beyond the ordinary. We elect politicians, they turn out to be corrupt, then we elect the same ones or others just like them and then, for some odd reason, we expect different results.

    This is not about PPP, PML-N or PTI or any other political party. This is about Pakistan, this is about my country. So,

    What if I am idealistic about it?
    What if I do wanna change this country for better?
    What if we dare to take steps to make Pakistan the country we can all be proud off?
    What if, this is just our first step towards our destiny?
    What if, we awaken today and refuse to be fooled by these puppet masters?
    What if, we really make Pakistan an ideal nation?Recommend

  • Huma Akhter

    @M Aslam

    “M Aslam an hour ago
    …Next term will be of great leader Mian Nawaz Sharif Inshallah”

    “A man could not handle his house in good maner how he will handle such a big country.
    How he build Buni Gala Mahall in Islamabad.”

    I wasn’t too sure at first whether your comments even warranted a response, but then you seem slightly confused and agitated.

    People seem to be banging on about his Bani Gala house which is modest in size but on a significantly laghe plot. Bani Gala was a complete “crap hole” even years after Imran Khan purchased his plot. I personally was offered a significant parcel of land by a local estate agent at a rate which was less than the land in my Village. The concept of a “farm house” had not hit the main stream elite as it has now, hence there was very little demands for large plots in underdeveloped areas such as Bani Gala, Chak Shezad etc. People were afraid that having land so far out would result in the “land grabbers” seizing control of it.

    Secondly, I think it’s quite disgusting that you attempt to attack someone’s private life. Unless you’re perfect yourself – you really are then in no position to be casting stones at someone else. We all err, but to admit so publicly that you have made mistakes make you the better man and then to go on and reform yourself is even greater.

    You’re obviously quite the ardent supporter of Nawaz Sharif. I am sorry, but if you’re at all aware of Central London you would know that Mayfair ( i.e: Arabs, Russians, Indians), Belgravia ( i.e: famous billionaire racing tycoon) , Kinghtsbridge (home to One Hyde Park Residences which command in excess of £100 mill and Harrods) are all areas where your beloved Nawaz owns significant commercial and residential properties. Hmmmm….remember the time when he told the British expatriate community (who work day and night in grubby factories on min wage) to send their life savings in £’s to Pakistan and he would provide a good annual return on these savings. Remember the time, when the economy hit a stalemate a sizeable proportion of peoples savings were eaten at!Recommend

  • Hassan

    Long Live Zardari!!! He will come again as our President, INSHALLAH!Recommend

  • Brut Clock

    @Realist .. hahaha .. go back to ur partying life, Bilawal.Recommend

  • Sanity

    Though I do not agree with Imran Khan on most of the points, but in my opinion he will do well in the next election, because his mindset resonates with that of the society.

    1) We want to equal rights for minorities, but we do not want secularism.
    2) We want Islamic type of rule, but no restrictions on western culture or strict Islamic rules as in Iran.
    3) We want to eradicate terrorism, but do not want to accept our contribution to this menace.

    In short, we are a confused nation that is constantly in denial mode.

    Having said that, I believe that IK is the best available choice among the current lot, so my vote for IK. :(Recommend

  • M. S, Shahid

    @ all,
    I would request to all, plz do analysis with realistic approach than mere political rhetoric. bcoz it is the need of hour to take decision in the favor of country rather personal interests. if PPP, PML-N, MQM, PLM-Q ANp etc, are good parties and they can handle to country with best way, then why Oakistan is crippling day by day? indeed, All these parties are looters, corrupts and doing government on illegal compromises with each others. so we should give opportunity to new person such as PTI. Unlike other parties, PTI has agenda and policies about countries. so plz think on national interests rather than personal interests bcoz Pakistan could not sustain further experiment. plz think about it, but with cool mind Recommend

  • Anum

    All the information you need is here:

    Imran Khan’s primary support is new voters like us, who have not been registered before. Please pleasee register yourself and vote for him.Recommend

  • Majid Urrehman

    He has always been successful in won ladies over!Recommend

  • Dr.jobless

    So, maybe everyone is relying too much on Imran only and that too blindly. Because which politician has not promised jobs, electricity and women rights. Agreed.
    But it all sums up to this: the rest of the lot has proved time and again how they love to see the awam dying each bloody day as they beef up their own bank accounts. We have absolutely no choice but to give Imran one opportunity. If he fails, there’s nothing to lose. If he succeeds, I’m hopeful for a better Pakistan. InshaAllah.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    Whether he is the right man for the job or not, Imran Khan clearly lacks vision, leadership qualities and oratory skills. I would be extremely surprised if his party ever one the majority in the assemblies. No matter what PPP is the only national party in Pakistan.

    If we assume that Imran is honest, then all the more reason for him to fail. Pakistani’s do not support honest leaders as they thrive on graft and corruption. The average Pakistani wants leaders who can cut corners and do favors for them whether monetary or otherwise.Recommend

  • Corrupt

    Our Idealism and optimism is going to Corrupt your realism.Recommend

  • Shahid

    PPP is surely gonna hit back very hard when Bilawal would return to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Taimoor

    Yeah we all feel terrible being part of your generation. Recommend

  • Mangoman

    ‘Let the ladies pass!’ = ‘Lay-dissss ko rasta do’Recommend

  • Karachite

    @Ali Tipu:

    bro you are rite to some extent only !!! may ALLAH give health and life to Imran Khan .AMEN

    the thing is he is trying to provoke the new generation particularly, to get their direction rite.he is trying from the day first the efforts to excell justice, importantly now the people of pakistan especially the YOUTH irrespective of their lingo are behind his moment (PTI). no matter what happens next, the youth is with IMRAN and PTI. people dies but their name does not and their efforts never. period.Recommend

  • Pir Ali Raza

    hopefully he will win election hence bringing about change in our countryRecommend

  • Dreamer

    yeah we are idealists and there comes an end to realists’ pessimism…. “Mai tou dekhon ga” is our slogan.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    This is a revolution in the making. Get your vote registered and vote.Recommend

  • zalim singh


    won you over with his good looks no doubt. Wait until you Pakistanis find out how vain and contempteous he is, once he gets elected.Recommend

  • Jameel
  • Hannan

    People talk about Imran has very bleak chances of wining next election. I would say leader is that who gives hope and keep fighting even if he knows that the odds are against him.

    Imran gave hope and have been fighting against odds for a decade. I utterly believe best thing about him is to never say “it can’t happen”. He will always say “he has faith”. And for me this is the key. I’m life long fan of Imran Khan as this guy has always delivered.

  • To Mr Realist

    Hey bro, would you let the kids have fun and not be party pooper?

    It is good to see the young generation finally awakening to politics even though I have little doubt that they are gonna win anymore seats than a bakers dozen. The euphoria would soon fade away when PTI supporters realise the candidates are all old wine in new bottle.Recommend

  • Ahmad Hammad

    I love Imran Khan when he does NOT speak against Nawaz Sharif who has been a symbol of economic growth in the country and a resistence against the status-quo weavers known as ESTABLISHMENT.
    Back in April, I too worte for Imran Khan. Plz see my blog “PML-N losing to Imran?” at But then, I realized that he is being unjust for the PML-N, and indirectly but amazingly inclined towards the PPP who has almost jammed the wheel of our development.
    Imran is a Pro-Establishment politician, they say. And unfortunately, Imran is proving to be so. He should realize the fact that the very establishment which is helping him establish as a politician will tighten the snooze around his neck once their purpose is fulfilled.
    And….I am sure, Imran is a mature person now. He won’t let himself be played in the hands of the establishment….
    Let’s vote for Nawaz Sharif who is a visible n undeniable symbol of resistance and glory…..a male suu kyi of Pakistan….Recommend

  • ALi

    if not know then never, only hope of the nation is PTI.Recommend

  • Kjkhan

    Loving the last para..It is indeed a victory for IK.Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    The political leaders promise a lot but are unable to take this country out of the quagmire of terrorism and extremism.Recommend

  • Shahbaz Younis

    Please vote for IK in next elections as he is the one and only hope for PakistanRecommend

  • Yo


    His mention to Hussain Haqqanis nationality was sarcasm…he meant that he serves the US agenda more than pakistans…wasnt a lie…

    Your article warmed my heart…nice!Recommend

  • http://google diamond

    i m sure sat imran khan wil bring a change in pakistan…….all our wishes are with him…sub pakistan ko husrat say dekha kurein gay….na mehengai ho gi na berozgari na corruption ho gi na dehsat gardi…..wo isi waqt mumkin hai jab imran khan aaey ga…ppakistan ko kisi bhi mulk ki khulamy nahein karni paray gi…..everyone have to vote imran khan in the next elections…..he is a real philanthropist…………………………………………………………………….love u imran khanRecommend

  • Rida Khan

    Imran Khan is the best we have. He has come a long way but still has a longer way to go.
    We can not forget the support and power which leaders like Altaf Hussain and A.Zardari have. Its going to take more than Punjab’s support to crush that.
    One thing is clear though, all our hopes rest on I.Khan and our support (‘us’ being majority of the youth) is with him.Recommend

  • Muhammad Talal Khan

    @NJ & people like him

    You people people trying to convince us that Imran does not have any agenda or road map so it is useless to vote for him. Please don’t ask me to therefore vote for Zardari or Nawaz, seriously I will be laughing hell. By the way this premise is as expired as of yourself and by saying so are you people sure enough that youth and people of Pakistan will vote for those who do not only don’t have any agenda but they are crooks and renegade of High-Quality as well. Its better to give vote to Imran rather than casting votes for devils like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. Although, Imran does not have clear road-map but surely he will not plunder and bring the country at the verge of destruction as did by Nawaz and Zardari.Recommend

  • Maleeha

    @Taimoor: Indeed!
    N unfortunately ‘my generation’ is glad to see Mr.Immaculate Khan praising DJ BUTT, this gives ‘us’ confidence that he is liberal and secular. Recommend

  • Maleeha

    @Tahir Saleem: awwwwww cuteeeee .. he will INSHALLAH and our spooks are ensuring that he does ‘something’.

    Hail mediocrity!Recommend

  • khan

    we need an honest leader thats all we need n we have found it.. and yes its one man show unless we join him to make his struggle against injustice strengthened coz its nations that produce leader not the leader that produce nations.. .. Recommend

  • Rez

    @The Reader: ah the mummy daddy crowd, joking, I live in defence as well and a lot of my family members were attending that jalsa.Recommend

  • Hasnain Sajjad

    The Speech and the Jalsa itself showed a changed Imran Khan. It is more mature and realistic.

    Next elections will show that how much the environment has changed and the time has also changed a lot.Recommend

  • Anas Agha

    Imran khan donates 40 lakh to shaukat khanum,30 lakh to namal institute ,97 percent students are studying free due to imran khan at namal and going to get bradford degree,all of hiss assets are on the record he is not a hypocrite,moreover he is honest.I pray that Pakistani People will Vote 4 IMRAN KHAN who Provides Us Actual Pakistan ((“”PAKISTAN OF OUR BELOVED QUAID-AZAM & ALLAMA IQBAL””)) And 1 thing more Only 1 Person in our Country Who Speaks Against America….. That America who wants 2 Destroy Our PAKISTAN and On Contrary IMRAN KHAN wants 2 Save Pakistan from every aspect.Pakistanio ki sub say bri badnaseebi yahi hai vote halke ko daikh k karte hain na k mulk ko daikh k.imran isnt corrupt that is more than enough for me.there are 500 billion dollars of pakistanis in swiss banks and pakistan govt is begging us for 1.5 billion dollars ???? what the HELL is this??? hum kutaay hain???Only 1 genuine Leader we have in Our Country And He is IMRAN KHAN who can bring Revolution in Our Country from Every Aspect….. He is Perfect …. Puri Pakistani awaam tga kahin ka ni chora gi ab agar dubara 2 na Imran Khan k khilaf Ghalat baat ki 2???? Baqi Sud Corrupt Leaders ka 2 sarii Pakistani Awaam ko pta hi hah k wo Pakistan ma aur Leader Ship kren ga 2 Pakistan jo aj hamara pas hah ye b Tukra Tukra ho jay ga …. And INSHALLAH I pray that IMRAN KHAN will Become Our next Prime Minister then tum log dkhna jo Pakistan aj hah American Aid par chal rha wo Totally Change ho jay ga Due to 1 Genuine and Great Leader after Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal “””IMRAN KHAN”””,,,, Imran k khilaf Baatein krna waloo Bus kr jao tum logo ko uska khilaf Baatein nai mila gi…. I hope Pakistani People undrstands My View…. Take Care… I am a Student of Namal University (An Associate Institution of University of Bradford U.K) And I Love Imran Khan,,, And I am motivating my People too To Join P.T.I and Get Ready 4 Revolution in Our Country…. Regards:- Muhammad Anas Anjum AghaRecommend

  • Anas Agha

    @Rida Khan:
    U r exactly Rite and U should motivate ur People as well 2 Join P.T.I to save PakistanRecommend

  • farid

    AOA my brother and sister in my mind who ever is i just want my country at top of the world i did go the imran khan ralley as well just for change i like this sentance of Imran Khan i love it(A day will come in Pakistan when life will hold more value more than sustenance, and the people who once left the country will come back to it.) i love itRecommend

  • tariq ehssan

    i like imran khan and PTI imran khan is just hoop for making is best pakistan come with PTIRecommend

  • Pakistan News

    The above post How Imran Khan won me over.. it would be now how IMRAN KHAN won over every one’s heart because note out he is a good leader has ability to run this country.Recommend