PTI, PML-N, MQM…all rally, no change

Published: November 1, 2011

Imran Khan addressing the crowd at the PTI rally yesterday. PHOTO: AFP

Between 100 to 300 vehicles from other districts arrived in the city on Friday carrying PML-N workers. PHOTO: AFP / FILE Tens of thousands of MQM supporters including members of the Hindu community attended the MQM rally. PHOTO: ARIF SOOMRO/EXPRES Imran Khan addressing the crowd at the PTI rally yesterday. PHOTO: AFP

Habib Jalib must be turning in his grave at the recent brouhaha of Shahbaz Sharif’s rhetoric and his poetic embarrassment in an uncalled for rally against President Zardari.

This same address conveniently ignored corruption charges, bad governance and lawlessness in the very Punjab government headed by the Khadim-e-Aala in disguise.

It is no secret that the current People’s Party regime has not lived up to expectations. However, claiming to hang the President of a democratically elected government in the presence of free judiciary just goes to show the restlessness of the PML-N for their promised turn following after the current regime.

What the Chief Minister of Punjab uttered in the rally against President Zardari is hypocritical to say in the least as the same corruption and bad governance model can be witnessed in Punjab too, where dengue is still at large. Moreover, lady health workers protesting against non-payment of their salaries, mismanagement in railway employees pension, and the violent agitation by the students in the online result fiasco are some of the clear cut indicators of what the Sharifs are up to.

On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s rally showcased around approximately 100,000 people, including youngsters who were hoping for a changing Pakistan.  The growing rift between the PTI and PML-N in Punjab is setting new trends of political boasting in the province.

The power hungry politicians, instead of conducting a decent round table conference to provide a solution to the people of Pakistan are impatiently looking for the power base of Islamabad.

So far President Zardari’s politics are considered to be smart. His strategy of reconciliation with the MQM, ANP and PML-Q has successfully helped him secure the President house and quite likely another tenure as well.

The sudden jump of the MQM into the PML-N vs PTI tournament has given a new attraction to TV channels and political enthusiasts of this unfortunate nation. Last weekend, the nation was all set to witness the beginning of a series of rallies and protests on non-issues that actually proved the seriousness of our leaders towards the prosperity of Pakistan.

However the consequences of the political circus in Pakistan and the fight for proving ‘our political show has a larger crowd than yours’ caused systematic frustration in the sensible lot of Pakistanis. In such circumstances a Pakistani with even with a bit of eminence has lost the charm he/she once had in the Pakistani nation. It goes thus, that they would feel no urgency in voting for any politician with the hope of change, since they all seem to be equally petty and childish. Surely we can all agree that current politics is no basis for real enthusiasm.

Unless the people of Pakistan stand up by themselves under the non-political entities and march for their rights towards a just cause, we won’t witness any change at all, since the most shrewd man of this country has  brought our politicians at each other’s throats while he’s munching pop corn in the safety of the President house.


Tanzeel Ahmad

A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at

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  • Ahmed Munir

    The president is clever. You got to give him that!
    Besides, I seriously feel for Pakistanis crying Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan. He is an philanthropist not a politician and his political plans seem hollow. My heart goes to the youth who thinks Imran is the answer. He will shatter their morale after failing to do anything concrete and then who should they look up to? There are too many players…the pieces are us! And we are letting ourselves getting toyed again.
    and one has to be downright stupid to go for PML-N!
    So its a mess!
    In reality, the only hope for this nation is themselves. They need to bring a change in themselves and since correct this God forsaken system!Recommend

  • Majid Urrehman

    Tanzeel you Karachi boy, with your cruel analysis, you have proved that karachiites are not supid like lahoriites to come into the trap of Imran Khan.Recommend

  • Ikramuddin Akbar

    Some of the politicians behavior clearly indicates,they have no sympathy with this nation’s plight.It was like a festival they were celebrating.Pakistan is like coconut in the hands of monkeys,throwing to each other playing,a short while ago they have dropped one ,splitting in two, the rest is waiting its destiny.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    you cannot stand pti and pml nawaz in one line since the former one is untested but i agree both these parties should avoid looking at each other eyes and lookfwd to resolve matters than doing adventures.Recommend

  • Murtala Muhammad

    This is really funny. I believe that if someone is “shrewd” then their popularity would not be going down the drain now would it ??? It is very clear now that neither individually nor together both PPP and PML N could do any good to the country and could not run the government successfully . They are way past their expiry date.

    And that “politicians at each others throat” you say is actually called “CAMPAIGNING” :) !!! Recommend

  • Aminzai

    The author doesn’t understand politics! Just another typical english-medium educated who thinks he’s a know it all. PTI is a movement for justice, but if it wants to implement justice it needs to come into power. It’s with rallies such as this, that it can increase its popularity, get votes, come into power and inflict much needed change. “Sensible lot of Pakistanis” will continue sitting in their air-conditioned rooms, reading and writing in english papers while the common man out there is struggling and fighters such as Imran Khan are sacrificing everything for the sake of their country.Recommend

  • Haqqani

    when was the last time you talked sense ????Recommend

  • Hamza Baloch, (@H_Balouch)

    Dear Mqmer: your 1st statement fit on Altaf hussain too about Jalib:)Recommend

  • Shahid Ghauri

    Great article and I agree with the fact that nobody here would is clean not even the “party of cleans” that would emerge in few days. Pakistan is in the hands of corrupt politicians who cant change the fate of Pakistanis, they will keep supressing us. The best part of write is about Asif Ali Zardari.Recommend

  • Jiyala

    @Aminzai: So far there are no sacrifice in Imran’s account. All other political have lost their precious members and relatives in the political movement.Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    I agree that instead of holding rallies and bickering among each other, something practical must be done.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    The fundamental problem with this nation is its abundance of anti-government critics and an utter lack of problem solvers.

    “End corruption” and “Let the rulers declare their assets” are things that Pakistanis have been screaming for the last 20 years! Imran Khan hasn’t said anything that has not been said countless times before.

    He, like all others, has failed to offer any pragmatic plan as to HOW these objectives can be achieved. He’s a demagogue who simply says what people want to hear – not the kind of consummate politician who can actually bring about this change.Recommend

  • Nasrat Baloch

    THE CHANGE: change is the need of the hour in this country but how change comes; will it come by, merely, ousting the present Govt or stopping Nawaz from being elected again? Change should come from the top to the bottom. The present system of this country is in state of a total decay. Corruption is penetrated in the veins of of every one and I mean every one here; be it a peon or a top bureaucrat, be it laborer or Industrialist, be it a common political worker or a political leader and the list goes to our own selves. I have been observing this system for more than three decades now and seen it more deteriorating after every new govt. It is because faces of people have been changing not the system it self. We have seen various Govts with various slogans but when they came to power situation got worsened.The political party goes to masses with attractive slogans and wins the elections. so what? they never get the real power/authority from the “certain powerfull quarters” to freely govern the country nevertheless conspiracies to destabilize it start from the day one.The media is always there to help those “quarters”. Imran Khan should consider these bitter realities also.We need a revolution but not change of faces now; it should be a major surgery of whole system -be it establishment, extremism,media,businessmen and politicians. A REAL CHANGE.Recommend

  • Realist.

    //What the Chief Minister of Punjab uttered in the rally against President Zardari is hypocritical to say in the least as the same corruption and bad governance model can be witnessed in Punjab too, where dengue is still at large. Moreover, lady health workers protesting against non-payment of their salaries, mismanagement in railway employees pension, and the violent agitation by the students in the online result fiasco are some of the clear cut indicators of what the Sharifs are up to.//

    CARE to explain the CORRUPTION here ? :P
    Not even a single corruption scandal against Punjab government.
    Mismanagement YES.
    Monetary corruption ? NO.
    You yourself know that quite well!
    & regarding dengue , Ask the people of Lahore if they’re not satisfied with his hard work.
    He has WORKED alot!
    I & all other lahories admire him for it.
    & are you KIDDING me?
    RAILWAY & lady health workers are a FEDERAL subject goddammit!
    Lady health workers were federal employees. The AMOUNT of salaries was not shifted to provinces along with the Ministry.
    Get yourself educated mate :)Recommend

  • http://Lahore NJ

    I feel pity for all the young blood who thinks IK is the last hope, He isn’t even a Hope!! Alas my Generation!!Recommend

  • Columbus

    imran khan you are either giving a good time pass to our new generation or have destroyed them… Recommend

  • Imtiaz

    Kind of a ‘try hard’ article, you anachirst hipster, you. If Punjabs biggest problems are mismanagement, and pension discrepancies, in a country where terrorism, lawlessness, target killings, feudalism, crime, corruption, YADA YADA YADA are present; I’d say Punjab is holding its own fairly well. I support The PTI, but let’s call a spade a spade.

    Getting people to sit on a table and making resolutions might work in family-run business, but in our country where people have started digging up graves to feed their hunger, it’s clear you need something bigger. The system needs to be changed and getting the right, (seemingly) incurroptable leadership is the way to do it.

    They say IK is a philanthropist, not a politician. I agree, but I also think at this point we don’t anymore politicians; we need an idealist who’s willing to roll up his sleeves.


  • Realist.

    Pakistanis have a habit of falling for rhetoric.
    They like to live in Dreams & denial!!
    Yes am addressing you PTI Torus :)Recommend

  • Javeria Mahmood

    Wondering What else could be more time wasting???Recommend

  • waqas

    Why are you asking them, and blaming PTI, MLN, MQM to bring change, and everyone criticising Political parties for change, you yourself is responsible for change.

    and all those who are who are saying Ik is not only hope. do something yourself and prove your self and become our hope. if you cant, then shut-up.don’t comment here.
    faloo log.Recommend

  • Aristo


    The PTI Torus have nothing to lose. One must give the credit where its due, unlike us they came out of their cozy habitats and made an impressive/remarkable statement. Idealism is any day better than cynicism. If there are plenty in Pak who live in dreams and denials then there are those too in huge numbers who thrive on criticizing, whatever may come their way, to criticize is their national past time and a religious ritual embedded in their DNA.

    P.S. I am not part of the PTI Troll, however just a bit opinionated and try to be impartial.Recommend

  • Anam

    Everyone is so wise these days, full of wisdom i must admit. Change doesn’t come in a blink people. The terrain is tough and it is a slow going process. I support Imran Khan not because he is a good looking ex cricketer. I can see a genuine commitment in him, why would he care for Pakistan when he could live a life of luxury like the rest who sit at home, sipping whatever and enjoy their freedom of expression by criticizing the ones who dare to dream. We are fed up of the political circus that has been going on for many years. Let’s give PTI a chance and see if they can deliver what they are promising. But before that making false allegations and assumptions is stupid and insipid. Anyway the f* bhuttos, sharifs and the like aren’t going to get my vote this time.

    And Mr. author please share your wisdom what other solution do we have besides PTI? Fight our own battle? We surely need a leader who can unite the hopeless and divided masses, saw a reflection of that on 30th Oct at Minar-e-Pakistan where people from all walks of life gathered without being tempted by a plate of biryani or threatened at the hands of thugs. Recommend

  • Nasrat Baloch

    @ Anam. bb be patient when someone become public property then anyone has the right to say something in favour or against. When he entering in national politics so he also be prepared to face anything against him. People are not just going to vote blindly.See Zardari whatever u may think of him, he has been facing all the critisism (even abuses) for the last 3 years.It is only begining you seet it now as you have to face the most vocal PML -N. It is always very easy to say anything about others and it is always very difficult to listen it yourself. You people have critisised all and it is now your turn to listen also. Tjhey will dig out every thing against him which was hidden for long.But as they say allah is with those who has patience so be patient and have the courage of any eventuality which may come. His is strong man and been a a leader of a wnning team so he has the guts i know.Recommend

  • Realist.

    I was being Impartial too.
    I was letting them ‘know’ that rhetoric & practical implications have a huge difference in their characteristics.
    DO NOT fall for big & impossible dreams & stop living in state of denial.
    This system is going to change through Evolution. NOT a revolution. :)
    I hope am clear on that now.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    Majidur Rehman,

    Yeah. They’re even more stupid. They choose to listen to Altaf and defend Zardari. Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    Well said Imtiaz.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    No corruption scanadal? Do you know who Shakil Anjum is? Dengue spray contracts? Money made from the recent intermediate exams? These are just recent ones. I agree MLN is not as corrupt as PPP but just because they dont get as much media coverage as the central govt does, it doesnt mean they are not corrupt at all. Sharifs still have corruption cases pending in the court Sir.

    And I agree with the Railway, Lady health worker bit. They are federal subjects. Bad homework by the blogger. Needed to research more before pretending to be a ‘sensible’ youth cringing at rallies on ‘non-issues’. There was only one show that was based on a non-issue by the way. The rent- a-rally show.Recommend

  • Gurria Rani

    Our President Is A Utilitarian………! He Knows How To Cope Situations……..! While Other Political Parties Are Just Damn…….! Particularly PTI is Just Nothing……..! Atleast I Found Nothing Provoking Or Convincing In Imran Khan’s Speech………! It Was Nothing More Than A Typical Political Rhetoric Piece……….!Recommend

  • u_too

    But, will he deliver??Recommend

  • Realist.

    @Natasha Suleman:
    Shakil Anjum was NOT a ticket holder of PMLN when he did all this stuff There were other high-officials involved in that scam Including Musharraf & now since the report came His membership is suspended by the party until he gets a clean chit from the court & the party is clear that they will not give ticket to him until the court acquits him. Intermediate exams was an example of mismanagement , i have not read any report on ‘monetary’ corruption involved in it(would like to see that please share the link :) As far as pending cases are concerned , i am all for justice the court should better pursue these cases & give a timely verdict soon.
    I do not have any problem if justice is served! :)
    Among many allegations one is of Qarz utaro mulk sanwaro scheme
    You can read the annual report of SBP page 127-128 tells the story of ischeme. :)

  • Zahra

    The author is clearly a mouthpiece of Muthada. While he hits hard at PML-N, he did not mention how MQM had become a rent a party by organizing the Karachi rally in favor of the corrupt Zardari whom Altaf himself abused when MQM was in opposition lately. The author also overlooks the success of Minar-e-Pakistan rally.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant article minus the second last paragraph.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Well I am not interested to be a part of the mudslinging going on among keyboard-warriors belonging to different political parties here infact I feel sorry to rain on your parade but my point is none of the politicians came up with the concrete mission statement of his party or any realistic approach. They were infact seen making fun of their rival politicians by calling them “Dengue Brothers” or the “Gambler” etc backed by the same political rhetoric.

    Secondly, whoever takes out rally and talks about eradicating corruption, bad governance should vouch his words by his deeds if Lady health workers or railway employees were beaten and tortured by the Punjab Police it was Punjab Govt’s responsibility to ensure that no such human rights violation take place in the province.

    It’s high time to come to your senses. IMHO, blind partisan loyalty is not only foolish, it’s downright dangerous.These party leaders are only human, and it’s up to us to hold them to account rather than being their worshipers.Recommend

  • Rohail Butt

    the real leader of Punjab is Nawaz Shareef he showed us the way to fight with rests and created patriotism in us,,,, We will not accept no other outsider in the heart of Pakistan ///Lahore.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    The last thing we need is cult followers lecturing about blind following!!!!


    Anjum Aqeel* sorry. And yeah the party suspended him after the ‘great escape’ caught media’s attention. :) Not to forget Rana ‘Plaza’s ‘this is a conspiracy to malign PMLN’ claims. And how naive is MLN. They have no idea what kind of people buy tickets from them. :) There’s this money thing related to the rechecking fee if im not wrong. Let me not go to the Asghar Khan case. Let me not dig into the money laundering stuff. And let’s not talk about how Ittefaq foundaries massive profits. All’s well!Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    Punjabis are openminded enough to accept all. But please tell me which outsider are you referring to?Recommend

  • Ikramuddin Akbar

    @Tanzeel Ahmad
    Congratulations! It was the great article to read,and last para being the essence of the article,a great effort. You need to write more on the circumstances prevailing in the state. Some people live in delusional world, and the present plight of Pakistan hasn’t jolted them yet.They are so accustomed to obeying and bowing head to the feudal politicians that their mind doesn’t stretch beyond the used old faces They are like children of the pied piper being mesmerized by the attractive music which is about to lead them to the valley of disaster never to return back.We need to discard the “used” one and have courage to trust the new ones. If son of a slave can enter into the White House, why cant those who are from the middle class of this country and know the miseries and pains of the common people who generously want a real “change ” here., every day dozens of ministries are being created and who will pay for them ? the poor people of Pakistan with more load of taxes. Thanks ET for publishing such an article.Recommend

  • S.Khan

    @rohailbutt: Pakistan including Punjab is as much Imran Khans as ne one else so be it Nawaz Sharif….He doesnt need your acceptance to move around and speak the truth.
    having read the msgs i am really lost as to whom to vote.We all know how PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, MQM and the mullah parties are. the only untested individual is Imran Khan…i think there is always a first time may be he can bring a change….and even if he failed atleast i wont wonder “what if”?….every individual cant act on his/her own…every movement requires a leader so instead of criticizing i would love to hear who is reliable enough to be voted and hasnt screwed us as a nation in the pastRecommend

  • Jehanzeb

    I’m beginning to notice how powerful the PTI rally is. To give an example: It makes those who oppose PTI write so many articles exposing themselves as people who don’t want justice in our society, and they show it in their intellectual injustice when they try to equate the good and the corrupt. The fact that they are paying attention and writing silly articles just shows we are on the right track. PTI rallies will continue because they are meaningful and they are powerful. Your analysis just shows us how unique and distinct the PTI movement is. Keep it coming, We will keep on going!Recommend

  • Awais

    This article is missing the most crucial point. By giving a serious threat of civil-disobedience, PTI has put PML-N in the corner. If it doesn’t support PTI in weakening Zardari, then it will suffer seriously in Punjab. PML-N supporters, you have a huge responsibility, be smart, Zardari is eating pop corn with MQM.Recommend

  • Afgahni

    tanzeel bahi ….ponka :PRecommend

  • Humayun

    PMLN Rally _ a political drama just to overthrow PPP government before senate elections – no change
    MQM Rally _ a rent a rally by the so called ‘middle class anti-feudal’ party in favor of Pakistan’s greatest feudal lord, the height of hypocrisy and expression of jealousy against PML
    N – no change
    PTI Rally – here the author needs to rethink. Didn’t we see the signs of change? afterall it was neither a gathering of Patwaris nor an assemblage of terrorised women and men. Young girls, women and university students appeared in large numbers. It was something Jalsa culture in Punjab has never witnessed.Recommend

  • Lobster

    In past I have read comments from the author on various posts, he is an ardent supporter of MQM. Being from Karachi myself, I can understand that. But current blunders by Altaf bhai like singing show and defending Zardari has left even such a hardcore supporter helpless to defend. So best strategy he found is to blame all while looking impartial, a dishonest attitude. Recommend

  • Javeria

    The best part of your writeup is you didn’t become part of tehreek-e-insaaf , mqm, pml n fad but criticized their weaknesses… pretty different and honest point of view you have… Good work.Recommend

  • Ikramuddin Akbar

    @Rohail Butt:
    Listen Mr. Butt, this rancorous mentality of yours and your clans ,and injustices with the people of a former part of Pakistan has already divided Pakistan, and still you haven’t learned any lesson.No one is outsider here all are Pakistanis.We live in Pakistan as a national of Pakistan, we breath in Pakistan as a citizen of Pakistan.and you live in Pakistan , not in Punjab,do you? Base of Pakistan is not culture or provincialism,Your king size ego about being supernatural in Pakistan is already paying much,how far do you want to go.Just ask the government to create a section of Province in your passport and while landing at any airport insist them to treat you honorably because of your being a Punjabi You may be a Punjabi in your province but we recognize you as Pakistani with others.If you want to be known merely a Punjabi than i don’t think any bad reason for that, a man belonging to Punjab will be having every right to be called Punjabi, like madrasi and gujrati so whats wrong ? just remove the line that had been drawn in 1947,we will be glad to visit in a ” broad minded” part of the subcontinent.Nawaz Sharif may be your mentor to teach you how to live in a province but living like a Pakistani is something different.Recommend

  • Rohail Butt

    several offices of the PML-N came under attack in various areas of Sindh…what is this ?every party belongs to different clans in pakistan my clan in nawaz shareef and my city is lahore, i m proud of it. every party of pakistan has its city and territory. my city lahore votes for nawaz shareef and people like this party. so those who are trying to enter in lahore would not be welcomed here. imran khan only remembers lahore when he wants to do rally here otherwise he frequently flies for abroad what is his manifesto i have no idea. he is just a new guy who’s carrying attention for everyone while nawaz shareef and khadim e ala are the sons of the soil with no scandal attached to them thus it proves pmlns city is lahore and their province is punjab. do politics in other cities dont disturb us….we will not allow you here.Recommend

  • Arim

    Imran Khan got support not becasue he earned it but because others lost it. Parties like PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, MQM, ANP, JI, KUI-F and others failed to deliver.
    For most of the supporters of Imran Khan his policies were not the criteria. His support is at the moment limited to typical urban upper and upper-middle class, the once die-hard fans of people like Zaid Hamid and other conspiracy theorists.
    Conspiracy theories, baseless emotional claims may get masses jumping in a Jalsa but performing in PM/CM house is another thing.
    I will vote for Imran Khan, not because I like him but because I want to give him chance. The chance that other got and missed. Enough of “If not Imran, who?” argument. Give him chance and get it done. If he performs, well and good and if he fails, well I told you so.Recommend

  • Reluctant Liberal

    Wow, I love the way the author puts up himself as an impartial observer. Why did not you choose another set of questions this time to be asked from MQM and play play? MQM propagandists have to change their strategies so often.Recommend

  • Tahaf

    So, why don’t you share your recipy of change? The drawing room kids belonging to Pakistan’s liberal eite are in the habit of bashing politicians. Altaf bhai did not organise his rally for bringing any change, he wanted this corrupt government to continue. So, you should not bracket him with others. PML-N’s thugs are already exposed. So, I have hopes with Imran Khan and I can see the change. Can’t we Pakistanis be less cynicist?Recommend

  • Tipu

    @Tanzeel HHAHAHHA
    If u Karachities are that intelligent then u should have the courage to ask MQM what they have done in last 10 years in power???? Surely u dont have courage.
    Instead u people are criticizing Mr Khan that he has no political plans and he is a philanthropist, same can be said for MQM that it is a terrorist party and its political plans are hollow other than staying on government even if US rules here.Recommend

  • Areej

    Express Tribune blog section is filled with PTI Torus’s blogs , nobody make a noise on their cheap exhibition of love affair with Imran Khan but when an unbiased person raised question on all parties he’s blamed as MQM propagandist. Recommend

  • Tipu

    @Areej u r another MQM worker Recommend

  • Tipu

    @Rohail Butt U r tail of past Lahore is in Mr Khan hands now and it will support Khan 90 percent, Sharifs are gone forever ….Recommend

  • Rana Iqbal

    Everybody knows Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan is holding sit-ins and rallies on the directions of the establishment, Later you will see Tehreek-e-Insaaf will merge with our party PML (N) because without our help they are nothing. Recommend

  • Akber LeJ

    May Allah protect Khan from militant wing of PML N ;-)
    Akber JhangwiRecommend

  • Ahmed Abdullah

    As far as the timing of the PML-N and the PTI rallies are concerned, all sorts of rumours are floating around. As I said in these pages last week, most of these rumours are products of the ‘vivid imagination’ of newspaper columnists and talking heads on TV. Frankly, politicians are only human and they also read and listen to what people like us have to say. Nevertheless, the role of the ‘establishment’ is something that should not be entirely ignored. After all, four times in the 64-year history of Pakistan an army general has stepped in to take over the country. So even if the present situation does not seem conducive to a military takeover, it is always a possibility, especially if the PML-N and PTI anti-government agitation creates a serious law and order situation forcing the military to intervene in the ‘national interest’.Recommend

  • Ahmed Munir

    @Nasrat Baloch:
    I agree. But dont you think the change should come from bottom to top. Yes, there msut be some inspiration but just putting up Imran Khan there is the idea of changing it all by all. Which is stupid. If your nation is awakened, they dont need imran khan to set their morals right. do they?
    A lot of people demand justice including Imran Khan. A lot of people are committed to working for this country. We are talking about capability. I dont think he has the capability, i dont doubt his intentions. This elections I have to decide b/w a fool who is loyal to us and a shrewd who is loyal to himself only…and this is going to be bad!Recommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    Railways is a Federal subject not a provincial one so please dont blame it on punjab government for it.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Nailed it. Recommend

  • Saira Maryum

    Unfortunately our people are so naive they don’t have ability to think out of the box.
    Imran Khan didn’t offer anything special or new in fact he blew the same own trumpet like other politician have been blowing but considering the present situation of our country people are so desperate and disappointed, they completely lose their hopes , they not only tested but also gave second chance to both biggest parties but Alas !!!

    So here comes the right time for a Heroic entry … that ‘s what Imran Khan did .And once again our people have started looking up to him hoping that he would going to bring some good change. They gathered to listen what he is offering though they didn’t find something unique or new for sure but I think people are using” Give it a try” strategy in case of PTI…Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    You make sense Saira …: )Recommend