“My family thinks I’m disgusting”

Published: October 25, 2011

Transgenders are often forced to live under miserable conditions in Pakistan. Society does not accept them and they live as outcasts who are discriminated against in every field of life. This treatment extends not only to strangers but the family of transgenders too, who disown them and may even beat them till they are forced to leave their homes. 

In this video we learn of the humiliation they are regularly made to suffer. People not only mock and ridicule them, they do not allow transgenders to study alongside them in school. Many eunuchs are, thus, forced to live a life of begging, dancing and entertaining – this is their livelihood. It is evident that they are viewed as the lowest rung of society, and people only associate them with either shame or jokes.

Even though the Supreme Court has stated that 80,000 transgenders have been registered, there are still many who are unregistered. The government has been instructed to provide them with education and money, however, the transgenders interviewed have received nothing.

Moreover, religious scholars of Islam, Christianity and Sikhism have stated that their respective religions preach only equality towards all people. Yet, transgenders live a life of suppression, mockery and degradation in Pakistan. They are destined to eternal  abandonment and loneliness where they have to suffer the realisation that they are unaccepted everywhere they go.

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