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Published: July 31, 2010

After conquering Lollywood and Bollywood, Meera is determined to try her luck in Hollywood. PHOTO: MEERAONLINE.COM

‘Super star’ Meera’s website is up, and I’ve seen it and I think it’s quite awesome. I’d rather you visit the website yourself, but if you are too lazy to sit and analyse each point like someone who has nothing else to do, you can always take a look at my humble collection of observations.

The biography page

I loved this page. It provides the viewer with all the information one could ask for.

For instance, we don’t have to make any guesses at the film star’s age anymore because the site is kind enough to inform us that ‘the dashing beauty’ was born in Lahore on May 12, 1987. That makes her 23 years old. I for one believe this. I mean look at her.

At, I think, three places in the biography, the website tells us that Meera was nine when she started her film career from the movie ‘Chief Saab,’ in 1996. ‘She enjoys the status of being Asia’s youngest actress as she graced the silver screen with her ravishing looks and acting skills at a young age,’ the site states. I agree. Nine years is quite young. In case you are wondering what Meera looked like when she was nine, click here.

‘The beauty queen belongs to a Syed family that is both educationally and professionally sound.’ Reminds me of a statement a minister, or someone similar, made when Gilani was elected prime minister, excluding the beauty queen part of course.

A ‘household name’ in the Bollywood film industry, Meera ‘still aspires to reach the height of fame similar to the one achieved by Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.’ I respect the second part of the previous sentence.

The last line on the page states, ‘despite fame and success, Meera still lives with her parents.’ I still live with my parents, but of course I am not famous and successful, so it’s nothing big.

Other features on the site

Apart from the dazzling description, the site also elaborates on the charity, Shafkat Trust, that has been initiated by the female actor.

Not only is Meera claiming to educate girls in various aspects of life, but she is also going to provide Rs3,000 every month to the families of the students. This is certainly an admirable step and should, in my view, receive appreciation.

The site also features a portfolio section for all of Meera’s fans to glance through (Right click, save image as, or print screen anyone?).

The website could perhaps have featured more content, but it is certainly worth visiting, especially for all those who sit ready to mock her at every step. Grow up guys.

Ali Syed

Ali Syed

An MBA student at LUMS who likes to write about matters that may not really matter to most. He tweets @alisyedsays

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