Meera has a website!

Published: July 31, 2010

After conquering Lollywood and Bollywood, Meera is determined to try her luck in Hollywood. PHOTO: MEERAONLINE.COM

‘Super star’ Meera’s website is up, and I’ve seen it and I think it’s quite awesome. I’d rather you visit the website yourself, but if you are too lazy to sit and analyse each point like someone who has nothing else to do, you can always take a look at my humble collection of observations.

The biography page

I loved this page. It provides the viewer with all the information one could ask for.

For instance, we don’t have to make any guesses at the film star’s age anymore because the site is kind enough to inform us that ‘the dashing beauty’ was born in Lahore on May 12, 1987. That makes her 23 years old. I for one believe this. I mean look at her.

At, I think, three places in the biography, the website tells us that Meera was nine when she started her film career from the movie ‘Chief Saab,’ in 1996. ‘She enjoys the status of being Asia’s youngest actress as she graced the silver screen with her ravishing looks and acting skills at a young age,’ the site states. I agree. Nine years is quite young. In case you are wondering what Meera looked like when she was nine, click here.

‘The beauty queen belongs to a Syed family that is both educationally and professionally sound.’ Reminds me of a statement a minister, or someone similar, made when Gilani was elected prime minister, excluding the beauty queen part of course.

A ‘household name’ in the Bollywood film industry, Meera ‘still aspires to reach the height of fame similar to the one achieved by Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.’ I respect the second part of the previous sentence.

The last line on the page states, ‘despite fame and success, Meera still lives with her parents.’ I still live with my parents, but of course I am not famous and successful, so it’s nothing big.

Other features on the site

Apart from the dazzling description, the site also elaborates on the charity, Shafkat Trust, that has been initiated by the female actor.

Not only is Meera claiming to educate girls in various aspects of life, but she is also going to provide Rs3,000 every month to the families of the students. This is certainly an admirable step and should, in my view, receive appreciation.

The site also features a portfolio section for all of Meera’s fans to glance through (Right click, save image as, or print screen anyone?).

The website could perhaps have featured more content, but it is certainly worth visiting, especially for all those who sit ready to mock her at every step. Grow up guys.

Ali Syed

Ali Syed

An MBA student at LUMS who likes to write about matters that may not really matter to most. He tweets @alisyedsays

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  • Ghausia

    I giggled so hard reading this. What is she wearing in the second sequence in that video?! Now I was only 7 in 96, but I do know that we were not that liberal in that era, to be allowing such clingy form fitting clothes in our movies!Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    Wow, she looks so young for a 9 year old ;)Recommend

  • Ali Haider

    LOLS some things never change…:)

    The first line of her intro. I think she wrote it herself.
    Here goes…

    Born IN 12 May, Meera has been a star-in-the-making since a young age.


  • Fatima Y

    Apparently she has upgraded her age to 12. How quickly they grow!Recommend

  • Hira Shah

    amazing blog!! i loved it. and people say that children mature fast now-a-days…look at meera. she was blessed with the looks of a 20 year old just at the tender age of 9 :DRecommend

  • Sarah Batool Haider

    Apart from the age thingy,which is truly hilarious, I don’t find anything else funny about the website, or about the film actor for that matter. As far as her english is concerned, that is an area which has been the bull’s eye for almost everyone. Even I had been the one to forward Meera’s english jokes to everyone, like she said, ” The court is in your ball instead of the ball is in your court” and when asked about her qualification,m she said she has done her ‘intercourse’, meaning intermediate. And not to forget that she once said Lacoste to a crocodile! and I even joined a community on FB entitled, I name is Meera and I sapeak English. Well, it’s kind of retarded of us to criticize someone’s English so much. After all, it isn’t our mother tongue. The same sort of comments are hurled at Pakistani cricket players when they fail to communicate in English before so many people,and we are the ones who feel embarrassed. Well, what I realise is that she is a very talented actress, and no doubt has good looks. Ever seen the Miss World Pegeant?? Girls from a lot of country participate in the megaevent, and yet they cannot utter a single word in English, they bring along their language interpreters with them. So I think we should appreciate her talent, rather than destructively criticizing her all the time. It is surely her versatality, because of which she was invited to Bollywood. And Yes, the website lacks content, and need quite a lot of improvement.Recommend

  • Sarah Batool Haider

    Bullseye! Sorry for the emotional typo dear critics :PRecommend

  • Fayz

    Man this is hilarious!Recommend

  • Tayyab

    BINGO. i wont get any bore after a days work :P Meera’s website here i come…………….. :PRecommend

  • SHaider

    Chief saab? at the age of 9? if so then, pure case of child molestation i say!Recommend

  • Reader

    Batool, Seriously?

    Meera isn’t criticized (read made fun of) for her her knowledge of the english language, she’s mocked for her impeccably delinquent usage of the language.

    Ali! Brilliant find!!! I couldn’t stop laughing at the website for minutes!!!!Recommend

  • Khurram Zahid

    Besides all negatives, Meera has a huge fan base, people love her. That is why, Lux has taken her as its brand ambassador…Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    LOL……Whata piece? She came when I was 12 and now i m 30….shes is still young……What vitamins she uses? :PRecommend

  • Sarah Munir

    God! What would we do without Meera.since our media has been so ‘responsible’ lately, why dont we start going to Meera for official statements instead of Rehman Malik.The chances of her making accurate and entertaining statements is probably far higher!Recommend

  • Fauzia

    Sarah, its pageant, not pegeant. Now I know why you’re defending Meera. And as for Miss World, hah, drawing comparisons between a washed up has-been and a bunch of women with such low self esteem that they’ll gladly parade themselves like they’re pieces of meat on display,well you’re not scoring points for either Meera or yourself there.

    If Meera doesn’t know English, she shouldn’t attempt to speak it, plain and simple. No need to bastardize the language any more than the Americans have. I often stick to speaking English because I can express myself better and with more ease instead of Urdu, and English isn’t my mother tongue either. I don’t try to make a fool of myself by trying to say things in Urdu which I’m incapable of.Recommend

  • Deen

    I would not even buy she was born in 1977
    let alone 87
    she was certainly not 9 years old in Cheif SAAB, she looks easily 29

  • SadafFayyaz

    The only thing one feels bad about is that I saw interviews of Tina Munim, Zeenat Aman and waheeda rehman that day…They knew how to speak and talk at least….One feels like listening to what they were talking about…..Recommend

  • Sarah Batool Haider

    Fauzia, just because you do not agree to my point of view, you pointed out my spelling mistakes, did that score you any points?Recommend

  • Sarah Batool Haider

    By the way, talking of pointing out mistakes, the prefix “self” is always hyphenated; e.g. self-esteem, self-image, self-conscious.Recommend

  • sidrah

    a truly entertaing piece!!!meera brings us all the more occasions to laugh about!!Recommend

  • Deathcase

    well in that case, the hero was a pedophileRecommend

  • Tooba

    That was brilliantly hilarious!
    You should blog more often :)Recommend

  • Zainab Imam

    Hilarious. Good one, Ali!Recommend

  • Minerva

    Alright, so first she was nine, now she’s twelve … maybe in fifteen days, she’ll actually admit she was twenty-freakin-two when she did that film!Recommend

  • Minerva

    Oh and wait.
    My favorite part of the ENTIRE website is:

    SUPERSTAR Meera.


    dies of shameRecommend

  • Murtaza Ali Jafri

    Awesome man! Glad to see you up and blogging!

    I’d also like to point out that Pakistan’s population isn’t 16 million as Meera claims. Recommend

  • Jahanzaib Haque

    A truly inspired piece – well written!


  • Marium Peer Mohammed

    Bubloo, The article is brilliant man!!!Recommend

  • Ghausia

    I clicked on the web page link to see how old she is now, but I died laughing at the Super Star Meera part.Recommend

  • The Prodigy

    I wish to see Saima’s website! :P but I fear that clicking onto Saima’s website would add one more search in the ‘pornistan’ list. HAHARecommend

  • Zia Syed

    Lets not blame Meera, she is reflecting actual society’s weaknesses (some what low self esteem/ bluntly lying/ lack of character) on a bigger screen. I happened to meet some of them on the streets and in Malls. Recommend

  • Rana Usman

    Now trust me that is interesting to watch a 9 years old girl with body of woman lol floating in air trying to dance ..

    Indeed Interesting haha!Recommend

  • Kamila

    This is absolutely hysterical…. I cant believe the lengths she would go to to hide her age. But in her defense i would also like to add that I admire her conviction and her aspirations. She has done more and reached further than most Pakistani actresses and for that you have to give her credit. I wish her all the best and hope that one day she actually makes it to Hollywood….Recommend

  • sultan


  • ThoroughlyInspiredby Meera..!!!

    If she was 9 in 1995-6 , then what she did in those movies was just not suitable for viewing for that age group …!!! Let alone act in such movies…
    When I was nine, I was just busy in cartoons and all…and wore simple shalwar kameez…but she at 9 was able to wear , dare I say, well I will not dare to say it as comment will be deleted but I know you understand what I meant….Such clothes worn at 9 years of age are …………unbelievable to say the least…..or should I term them as “clothes”…!!! Its easy to beleive that such revealing clothes were worn by a 19 year old girl but by a 9 year of age girl…..well that is some accomplishment!!!
    And how come a 9 year old girl be having 3 feet long tresses, 5 feet height and physical appearnce of a 19 year old girl…..?????
    9 in 1996 ….Hillarious and nothing else……I think even in 2020 she will be 25 so subtract 25 from 2020 = her birth year will change to 1995 in 2020 …that will then mean that she started working in movies while she was in her mother’s lap………!!!!!!Recommend

  • SS

    ‘The beauty queen belongs to a Syed family that is both educationally and professionally sound.’ Reminds me of a statement a minister, or someone similar, made when Gilani was elected prime minister, excluding the beauty queen part of course.

    very apt and well-drawn analogy. Recommend

  • SS

    and she is not from Lahore… she was born and brought up in the city of sheikhupura!Recommend

  • Afia jamal

    woww! totally lovedd it .. looking forward to more from u!Recommend

  • Khadija Masood

    Born in 1987…riiiiightRecommend

  • Aamina

    Hahahahahahaha my my, that is the oldest looking 23 year old I have ever seen!Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    recently her sis Aqsa got married :PRecommend

  • Saman

    She was 23 when i was 16. She was 23 when i was 20. She was 23 now that i’m 26. I give her points for blatant fabrication and even more blatant sticking-to-itiveness. Recommend

  • Batul Tunio

    Excellent article Ali !!
    I remember KS warned us not to defame Meera – and you did nothing but promote her website and good work.

  • Lovita

    O God!!! i am 23…nooooooooo please i cant digest this truth…lolzzz Recommend

  • Qasim Zaidi

    this is some serious side-splitting stuff. Although her official website is down now but the article itself is entertaining enough to give genuine laughs. BTW! i never knew about her intercourse…errmm intermediate education…but the moment i read it i just couldn’t suppress it any longer…i almost died laughing..just imagine the state the interviewer must be in having ‘freshly heard’ that statement of hers.Recommend

  • Madiha Mustafa

    hehe…aplause for our super star lol…1987…my GODRecommend

  • Mariam

    you know, she’s not the only one…the other day i was watching this show on tv.. they had invited nirma over for a cuppa tea…and she went on rambling about how these actresses hide their age “bicuz” its not “nasassury” “you know” “like” “im only tuwaanty thwee” and “like” “bicuz” its not “profreshnal” to hide one’s age. i was in fits!! Recommend

  • Hamza

    @ the Writer, dude im afraid u have got it horribly wrong. The website clearly states that she was 12 years old in 1996 and not 9. Which means she was born on 1984 and would be now 26 years old. Though i seriously doubt that but atleast get the facts straight man. :)Recommend

  • pretty

    to whomRecommend

  • Maha

    Hey everyone! Don’t make fun of her.
    Meera is sure an entertainer :)Recommend

  • faqir nawaz

    Meera is Meera
    she allows for saying any thing bcz she is good entertainer.I like his secreen beauty and also his talent and for his pleasure i accept any thing bcz i his fan.Recommend

  • sumera

    Apparently she has upgraded her age to 12. How quickly they grow!Recommend