Are Qaddafi’s killers better than him?

Published: October 22, 2011

A fighter points to the concrete pipe where Qaddafi was reportedly found. Arabic graffiti in blue reads: ‘This is the place of Qaddafi, the rat. God is the greatest.' PHOTO: REUTERS, AFP /AL-SUMUD TV

I had a long day at work and was so tired that I hit the bed as soon as I reached home, missing all the updates on Qaddafi’s death that were aired whilst I slumbered.

And as I came to work this morning, my colleague showed me some pictures of his body coming in from wire services. I was shell-shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw his mutilated face, the small tunnel he was hiding in and people celebrating his death on the roads. It was depressing.

Although I was never his supporter and condemned his dictatorship, what I saw was heart-wrenching. I know he spent a luxurious life while the people of Libya suffered under his 42-year-long regime but he was not a rat, he was a human being!

What scared me more was when I tried imagining myself in such a situation. I empathised. I thought that had I been hiding like that with bombs being thrown at me, that would’ve been so scary. Working in the newsroom, I saw the live updates of how the Libyan strongman was being dragged out of the tunnel. Qaddafi was shown dazed and wounded being dragged off a vehicle’s bonnet and pulled to the ground by his hair.

A news story by AFP said:

“In the grainy images seen by an AFP correspondent, a large number of NTC fighters are seen yelling in chaotic scenes around a khaki-clad body which has blood oozing from the face and neck.

The body is then dragged off by the fighters and loaded in the back of a pick-up truck.

A stills photograph taken on a mobile phone and obtained by AFP showed Qaddafi heavily bloodied but it was not clear from the picture whether he was alive or dead at the time.

In the grainy image, Qaddafi is seen with blood-soaked clothing and blood daubed across his face.

“We announce to the world that Qaddafi has died in the custody of the revolution,” Abdel Hafez Ghoga said.

“It is an historic moment. It is the end of tyranny and dictatorship. Qaddafi has met his fate,”he added.

All I knew about him was from my parents who lived in Libya for some time and the stadium in Lahore named after him. All I know is that he was old. As old as my grandparents. Couldn’t he be spared for being that old?

It is sad to see the world celebrating his demise. People all over the world are saying that his death has brought democracy to Libya. The United Nations and the G8 have said that they now have high hopes for Libya’s future. Even the UN chief has said that the death of Qaddafi marks an “historic transition” for Libya.

I know he tortured the people of Libya and even hanged some of them in Benghazi. He used to move with a 40-member contingent of women bodyguards handpicked by him.

But are those, who killed him in cold blood after capturing him, really any better than him? Since when have we become so inhuman to ‘celebrate’ someone’s death? I cried today not because he died, death is surely inevitable, but because of the way he was killed.


Sidrah Moiz Khan

The author is a sub-editor at The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Saleem

    No one in NATO bothers whether he was dictator or not. Its just an oil game where they wanted to remove him so they can have unabated access to oil reserves of libya and can pump out as much as they want like Iraq. The statement “I know he spent a luxurious life while the people of Libya suffered under his 42-year-long regime” is difficult to prove. Your parents or even available stats show that libyans had access to best education and health facilities in Africa. There country is celebrating today , only few years later they would realize that mega oil companies would trun them into Nigeria. Each country and its oil company would be backing a faction and supplying them arms in return for access to oil on areas under control of those factions. Amazed to see how a nation is celebrating on beginning of there own demise !Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have allowed the emotional side to overtake the realistic side of your thinking process.
    If you studied this a little deeper you would be more forgiving in your final conclusion.Recommend

  • Be+ve

    I was waiting for someone saying something good for Qaddafi, besides the cruelty of the whole world celebrating death of human in a inhuman way! I was also against Qaddafi’s dictator ship , but it was more depressing for me to watch people dancing in the civilized western countries, Oh God world has proved more cruel than him! …….! RIP Qaddafi!Recommend

  • jingoist

    Superb ending Author…
    I wound 2nd the last comment!
    I wonder where are the humantarians who talk about the crap of Humanity?

    This was not a killing!
    It was brutality that was shown all over the world.!Recommend

  • dr.fato

    Glad to see there are people like you among us who feel this way.I too am sickened by what is being aired on the tv .Today they showed him lying in a meat storage room,on display for people to see.Allah is watching everyone of us,and he should have been given a burial by now,no matter what.Recommend

  • Meerza

    Qaddafi Shaheed nay Ummat e Muslimmah ki Sarbulandi k liyee apna farz adda ker deeya,

    Always remember it was Qaddafi who Provided first Hundred Million Dollars for the Pakista Atomic Program,
    Member of his Revolutionary Command Council Salim bin Amir flew in to Islamabad International Airport with a a 747 Jumbo Jet of US dollar bill.
    (See the 1980 Documentary “The Islamic Bomb”)
    Indeed a Mohsin e Pakistan & Islam left us today when we were cleverly intimidated & engaged into threats of Invasion, our “Ghaddari” leaders could not utter a single word of praise.

    United States & NATO in a very similar fashion, did away with Shah Faisal Al Saud, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Saddam Hussien, Eedi Ameen, President Zia, Osama Bin Laden & many unsung heros of Islam.

    All of the above mention Islamic Leaders refused to tow the American line while challenged & dented the American hegemony & financial supremacy in the World.
    Allah o Akber,

    Allama Iqbal(r.a) nay kya khoob farmaya hay,

    “Shahadat Hay Matloob o Maqsood e Momin,
    Na Maal e Ghaneemat Na Kishwar Kushai,
    Dou Alam Say Karti Hay Bay Gana Dil Ko,
    Ajab Cheez Hay Lazzat e Aashnai.”

    In illah e wa inna ellihe rajaoon.

    Col. Moamar Qaddafi ko Shahdat Mubarak ho.

    Subhan Allah,

    Mabrook, Mabrook ya Shaheed Sheikh Al-Qaddafi.Recommend

  • musharaf

    1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free
    for all its citizens.

    There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are
    state-owned and loans given
    to all its citizens at 0% interest by law.
    Home considered a human right in Libya –
    Gaddafi vowed that his parents
    would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a
    home. Gaddafi’s father has
    died while him, his wife and his mother are still living
    in a tent.
    All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinar (US$
    50,000 ) by the government
    to buy their first apartment so to help start up the
    Education and medical treatments are free in
    Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25%
    of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%.
    Should Libyans want to take up farming career,
    they would receive farming
    land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and
    livestock to kick- start their farms
    – all for free.
    If Libyans cannot find the education or medical
    facilities they need in Libya,
    the government funds them to go abroad for it –
    not only free but they get US
    $2, 300/mth accommodation and car allowance.
    In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government
    subsidized 50% of the price.
    The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.
    Libya has no external debt and its reserves
    amount to $150 billion – now
    frozen globally.
    If a Libyan is unable to get employment after
    graduation the state would
    pay the average salary of the profession as if he or
    she is employed until
    employment is found.
    A portion of Libyan oil sale is, credited directly to
    the bank accounts of all
    Libyan citizens.
    A mother who gave birth to a child receive US
    $5 ,000
    40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15
    25% of Libyans have a university degree
    Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation
    project, known as the Great
    Man-Made River project, to make water readily
    available throughout the desert

  • musharaf

    well wht i belive Gaddafi was the real Lion of Africa…………………….. and was man of his worlds……… there is a saying ……. lions one days life is better then fox’s 100 days life ….Recommend

  • smssr84

    strongly agree!!!…. I have been disgusted by the way he has been killed!…. no doubt he was a really bad…. but this is not how ppl should react who are seeking justice themselves!Recommend

  • Abdul Basit

    1st of all i would like to tel you that this is a game of USA.
    game for what, game of Oil, game of slaughters of Muslims,y dont u understand man?
    this is the same game which USA played against Dr. Nusrat in 1978-79.
    can u please read the book (THE CRASH OF 79) .
    Then u will cum to know dat how america play games.
    u can be against Gaddafi but u cant be against his policies.
    can u see that what did he do for Libya?
    dont u see?
    he gave them each n every facility in every village n city.
    May his soul rest n peace.
    love u Gaddafi.Recommend

  • Libiyan

    This is strategy of US and UN to extract Oil from Libya which Qaddafi did not let them do. So, through conspiracy with name of Project Revolution, they succeed in their filthy mission. Surprisingly, Qaddafi till his death was not against his people. Unfortunately he failed to make understand his people the trap which USA has laid. Now, Libyan people will see that our new president will work like a Puppet of USA. God bless Libya, these triumphs all the way long.
    Dear Qaddafi we love you.Recommend

  • Raja obaidullah

    he was Cruel to his Public but What about public who claimed of Victory with the help of NATO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thats our lakage we never Reconized our Real enemy. Allah show the End of Qaddafii and finally he acheived his destination.
    now who will lead Libeya…. who help to make Cabinet………. and whom money they will estbish Government????????? public of libeya not won now they started the Slave life……………..Recommend

  • Shadab

    Life in Libya with Leader Gaddafi:

    Electricity for household use is free,
    interest-free loans
    during the study, government give to every student to 300 dollars/month
    receives the average salary for this profession if you do not find a job after graduation,
    the state has paid for to work in the profession,
    every unemployed person receives social assistance 15,000 $/year,
    for marriage state pays first apartment or house (150m2),
    buying cars at factory prices,

  • khalis

    a nation rose against the tyrant and nato stepped in to help( get some leverage post gaddafi).
    its a bit of foul play but not a wel planned conspiracy in nato HQ.

    pakistani mob err people are admirer of gaddafi as it gave them money for destruction feed pakistan when ever it got hungry. but it was at the cost of his own people. its a matter of a separate nation which is no backyard and playground for pakistan.

    pakistan and pakistanis should stop looking at every muslim nation as their own property and made-to-play-with toysRecommend

  • @smssr84

    Mr. smssr84, QADDAFI was the great and legendary leader but international media portrayed him autocratic leader. Wake up brother/sister and read his history well.Recommend

  • Adnan Shahid

    I don’t know abt the murder of Qaddafi, that is it wrong or right or will it be good for Libya or Libyan peoples. But i am also much shocked to see that people are humiliating his dead body. That is so ridiculous. Recommend

  • Nabeel

    Surely he should have had a trial and prosecuted by a court. That would have been the right thing to do. But Looking at the circumstances in Libya we can’t really blame them for what they did.Recommend

  • mind control

    Are Qaddafi’s killers better than him?

    If we believe in the oppressed right to resistance, this question should not even be asked.
    What next, Is the Judge sentencing Qadri better than Qadri?

    Be sensible for a change.Recommend

  • Natasha

    Well, whatever happened to him during his final moments is heart-wrenching indeed. But I can understand the celebrations of the people who’ve seen their loved ones dying because of Kadhafi’s hunger for power.

    As somebody said, he listened to America and rolled back his nuclear program. He couldve listened to his people and left power to avoid meeting death the way he finally did.Recommend

  • sania

    @ the author I completely agree. I had no support for Gaddafis wrongdoings or his dictatorship but the way he was treated by the rebels was depressing and heartbreaking.
    If Gaddafi was a killer and barbarian than his captors were no less animalistic than he was.
    He was a human being for God’s sake. The way his body has been put in a public freezer at a shopping mall and the way people are dancing around it is disgusting.

    All I would like to say to the Libyan people that Pakistan has had it’s fair share of dead leaders. People rejoiced when Bhutto was hanged, distributed sweets when Zia-ul-Haq was blown up, prayed shukranas when Nawaz Sharif was sent to exile and sent each other congragulatory messages when Benazir died. BUT pakistan is still stuck in the same rut as it was before. Killing and violence does not bring any change. Change has to come from within. The NTC has proven itself to be the same as Gaddafi but with different faces. Recommend

  • Zain Ali Akbar

    The way he was treated was shameful.

    I don’t support dictatorships of any nature, but the fact remains that a Interim government formed on the basis of giving the Libyan people human rights, should have displayed some sort of human rights in actually giving him humane treatment.

    He was cynical and senile, however they should have tried him and gone through the public justice system. However, I am a firm believer in Karma, what goes around comes around. He must have done something wrong for God to actually take his life away in such a manner.

    That said I disagree with many people in the comments section that Qaddafi is a martyr or hero of Islam. Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Muslims everywhere are the same. Recommend

  • Zahid

    Libya, under Qaddafi, prospered and made a huge progress. According to African Union sources, Libya became the most developed country under his rule and ranked as the only country in the region without any external debts (I highly doubt if Libya can maintain this status under NATO’s Libyan puppets). Despite the fact that Qaddafi was a dictator, it is unfair to compare him with Saudi tyrant rulers those who have cultivated a culture of terror inside and outside country. They exported fundamentalism to countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Qaddafi was surely a dictator, but he’s has not been removed because of this character. How come we can forget that the US and the rest of the civilized west installed a number of dictators over different developing countries? These brutal dictators, who were involved in severe human rights violations and other forms of huge corruption, received complete support and backing from these countries and, in return, allowed empire to exploit natural resources of their countries. Actually, he always gave tough time to greedy oil corporations and didn’t let the so-called civilized world exploit Libyan wealth. The credit goes to him for awarding rights to women, and making Libya free from religious discrimination and fundamentalism. Above all, he was anti-imperilist in nature and refused to bow in front of the empire and its allies. The way he’s been removed has raised several serious questions about national sovereignty, open destabilization of independent countries, and the role of the UN in our unfortunate uni-polar world. Indeed, the US imperialism is at its peak and it seems there is no single power to challenge her malicious actions. However, the recent repressions against people of Yemen by Yemeni government have confirmed that landscape of the Middle East is not on the US agenda. In addition, uprising in Bahrain failed to receive any serious attention in the eyes of Washington. In my view, the US does not pose any immediate threat to Saudi monarchy in near future. It is because Saudi thugs are, wholeheartedly, collaborators of the empire.

  • farwa

    i don’t knw why the people of our country or another muslim country is taking law nd judgement in their own hands.Recommend

  • Zahid

    Look at this hypocrisy.

    I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street

  • Mu’ez

    NATO loaded the gun and their stooges pulled the trigger and everyone cheered like in the Roman Colosseum. Pathetic and lame.Recommend

  • Zahid

    @musharaf: I don’t doubt the facts presented here, but it would have been nice if you give source of information to back up your claim. Could you, please, do so at your ease?Recommend

  • GarbarGatola

    I am sorry but this is a pathetic blog.
    I too condemn Qaddafi’s brutal killing and call for an inquiry into it by the international criminal courts in Hague (something which will never happen since the US, the bastion of justice and human rights, doesnt recognise it!). Said that, i would have rather wanted him to suffer life imprisonment (whatever time he had left) without the luxuries of life that he had become used to. An sub-continental quote loosely translated, ‘THAT would have been the death of him’.
    He was a dictator, a murderer (lockerbie bombing, case in point) and denied his people the right to a potential ‘exponential growth’ despite being an oil rich country!. HE should not have been dealt with mercy but killing him was an easy way out for him. I urge the international comity of nations to trace down his sons (who were party to the atrocitites metted out by their father) and be punished in the international courts of law and not the barbaric UN and a very pissed Libya!Recommend

  • Salman

    The way these barbaric rebels paraded him and now keeping his dead body in a shopping center freezer for a public display makes me wonder whether they will ever able to form a conciliation govt. I see them fighting with each other now.

    He may be a tyrant at times but you really no what, education was free under him, no interest in bank loans and many few good things.Recommend

  • MarkH

    Just like with Afghanistan you talk about the people of Libya like they’re objects without a brain. How his corpse is treated understandably gets a negative reaction but you also combine it with basically telling the people of Libya they should have taken the abuse and liked it just because he did you a couple favors. It’s no wonder most countries in the region can’t stand Pakistan. You support the abuse of everyone but yourselves and then you find the leader overthrown and get left with a foot in your mouth and death stare from the people who heard every word of it and remembers it well. Actually, you even support it when it is another Pakistani citizen pending on which way the wind is blowing. God forbid they find anyone who cares, especially if it’s the West. You guys really are justifiably hated by even the people you call your own. Well, they’re only “your own” right up until it’s no longer convenient.Recommend

  • Shafaq

    It’s a relief to learn; that the nausea i feel after seeing half of the video of his killing sickened other people too..It gives me hope that at least there are people around me who also believe that ‘taking human life’ is not an answer …A human life and no respect for it is what is the worst of all the problems that we have today.
    There is a feeling of tightness in the pit of my stomach,the same that i felt when some mugger was caught by the public in the streets of Karachi and burnt alive..
    Why cant we feel what this is doing to us,its bringing the raging animal out from us which once awaken is difficult to control.
    I respect that people felt he deserved to be dead;but is this the way someone with a human heart and respect for humans and their lives would inflict death on him …wound him and drag him or like they did to his son ,shoot him and give him cigarette and let him bleed to death …what is wrong with us people and i ask again ,what is wrong with us Muslims ??
    U.N. acting so supportive because of their reasons ;which is invariably oil as we have learnt from history and all that …also leaving aside the way Ghaddafi dictated the free will of people he governed who feel like rejoicing now at his death ,I feel he was a HUMAN ,he should have been trialed and punished as per the law….alas !!
    We always give in to emotions like sorrow ,anger,resentment and every time give inn to our evil desires leaving our conscience sit aside in anguish.Recommend

  • Phatty

    @Author: I am in complete agreement with you. And it’s not just Qaddafi; I feel the same way about the death of Saddam Hussein and the death of Osama bin Laden. Yes, no doubt, they were people who have been barbaric, but there was just something about their deaths that doesn’t feel right. By highlighting their deaths, and airing them on TV, I can’t help but pity them. This is not what Islam is about.

    Justified would be if he were publicly tried out for all his misdoings. And then sentenced to death or something.

    But I really don’t know why, all of a sudden, I just felt really sorry for that man. Recommend

  • mind control

    All Those Feeling Sorry for Qaddafi

    Do find out the fate of Mohammad Nazibullah, ex-president of Afghanistan, who was a fugitive not even offering any resistance to the Taliban. Recommend

  • MD

    Though no one can condone the way he was killed and the brutal video clip was indeed ghastly, but, I don’t feel any sympathy for the cruel dictator. How can anyone forget the fact that he sent warplanes to bomb the unarmed demonstrators, his own people. The pilots turned out to be more humane than their master, as they refused bomb their fellow citizens and instead landed their warplanes in the neighboring country Malta. Within weeks of the uprising, Gaddafi killed more than 1700 innocent civilians using heavy weapons such as tanks and mounted machine guns.
    I need not have to go into the details of his brutal rule where he tortured, maimed and killed thousands of Libyans to prolong his dictatorship for more than four decades. There was no elections, no parliament, no trade unions and no other state institution ever allowed to exist. He even abolished all ranks above colonel in the military.
    Despite the immense oil wealth and little population, unemployment in Libya stands as high as 30 percent. Reason for this anomaly is the total absence of any mentionable industry, other than related to oil. Even this oil industry, mostly, is in hands of European companies who recruit their work force from all over the world except Libya, because of the availability of the local skilled workers is very small. That shows the quality of education in Libya.
    Gaddafi would be remembered only for his eccentric behavior, loudmouthed utterances, weird looking dresses, pretty female bodyguards and of course the breathtakingly beautiful personal nurses!! Recommend

  • AT.

    @MarkH: I love each and every word of your post. Recommend

  • Zain Nabi

    If it is only about emotions, then the families who lost their loved ones during those 42 years should also be highlighted. I am sure their story would be a more heartrending.Recommend

  • faraz

    Regarding the 100 million dollars for nuclear program; he also provided evidence agasint AQ Khan’s black market and handed over the equipment to US which he had bought from AQ Khan’s networkRecommend

  • Multan

    Even dogs can kill an old and wounded Lion…Recommend

  • majid

    if he is alive we are not happy, now his death too does not end the controversy, the man who disgusted humanity now is being woed for his wounds and death, get over it people, have a kitkatRecommend

  • Japo

    I’m sure those NTC “fighters” do the same for other ppl showed support for Gaddafi … Maybe worse.Recommend

  • farah

    i am so glad you wrote this. what are we teaching our children? to rejoice someone’s brutal killing? this is deplorable.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Gadhafi was a ruthless tyrant, and at initially I saw the so-called revolution as a good thing. However, my views quickly changed when the rebels invited NATO to bomb their country, so they can get power. They were effectively selling their country for power. This, by the way, was not a people’s revolution, it had nothing in common with Egypt or Tunisia, rather, it was people of one region, of a certain tribe, fighting for power of Libya. They are absolutely no better than Gadhafi. I didn’t support Gadhafi, but at least he didn’t call in foreigners to bomb his own country for him.Recommend

  • Nimo

    A man who killed thousands of people just to maintain his rule, should be treat more worst than this, like whatever happened with him.
    i wonder why auther didnt write any thing when he was treating his nation like his slave but know she is becoming very sensitive when he faced for whatever he did during his 42 years of dictatershipRecommend

  • The truth

    I don’t know why some people can’t understand the facts. How Qaddafi was killed? Do you know the ground realities? Basically he was called upon/ invited for signing an agreement to stop resistance and leave the country by NATO…..the day he accept….he came for negotiation and agreement……he signed the agreement and was insure to leave the country……it the same time the NATO hit/bomb his convoy and after identifying that he is still alive and injured…the NATO has given the information about his place to the rebels……. And was captured by the rebels and was killed. Remember it’s the same thing/situation again like Karbala……with Hazrat Imam Hussain….the history repeat its self in a new way…..and after decades….you will see that the same rebels will be crying and beating them self for their fathers and brother deeds. Further what was he or whatever he did as Human and specially Muslim…….Islam doesn’t not allowed any to act and kill someone in this stupid way. Remember my word…..the day will come that you or your children’s will be crying for their honor, integrity, prosperity and leader of the past. Recommend

  • DS

    whether Gaddafi was right or wrong, that is separate issue, but who are USa and NAtO to come to fight against Gaddifi’s dictatorship. There are 52 countries, which are
    ruled by dictators but Usa only see muslim dictators of rich countries. Recommend

  • Humanity

    42 years is one hell of a long time to stifle and control a people. The dictator should have had the sense to leave with dignity.

    Nothing justifies the inhumanity of the people who executed the dictator and desecrated a dead body. They should be ashamed!Recommend

  • shahzad

    i think the the Qadfi has been murdered is not good for any human being.So i think the rebels should caught them and if he committed crime against humanity then court should brought him to bookRecommend

  • meena

    those who killed him are much better than him because he was a killer of millions innocent people .. its not good to always be emotional.. !! Recommend

  • Salman Qureshi

    Ever read the book ‘Animal Farm’? Sums up the situation. Recommend

  • zalim singh

    @ sidrah moiz khan

    very disturbing scenes for people like us who do not even think or identify him as one of us. I could not sleep the whole night thinking of his unfortunate fate.

    But alas, this kind of scenes are one too common in Muslim world these days. Saddam Hussain, Najibullah, now Qaddafi. Hope i am wrong when I say, muslims on the whole should introspect for what has happened, rather than shouting at me that I am a bigot.Recommend

  • Kamina

    If you take sword, you will die with a sword. A quote from Holly BibleRecommend

  • Rohit Valeecha

    Finally The ENDRecommend

  • Hamza Ashraf

    [link text][1]


    research well next time before writing about something so serious and fragile.
    this video is just a glimpse.Recommend

  • rex minor

    The new self styled leader who served late col gadaffi says that future Libya will in future be ruled by Islamic laws and sharia. As a former justice was he following non islamic laws in the country? Under Col Gaddafi libyan people were not exposed to the world; the world now nows what sort pf humanised libyan people are? They have been on the rampage with support from foreigners and have definitely caused the death of more innocents than the people the NATO was trying to protect. The guy is already advising other arab states what they have to do!I Let us see how long he is going to last and what miracles he is going to spin?

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • sak

    I totally agree… We cannot judge other people when we too are imperfect…he was a brave man and he deserved a better death…it was really inhumane and I condemn itRecommend

  • rex minor

    Those who took part in the rampage in Lybia are barbarians and third rate thugs who turned the non violence spring revolution of Tunisians and the Egyptfans into a bloody revolution by so called muslims in the 21st century. According to Mr Obama the USA contribution was two billion dollars. How much money was contributed by the Brits and the French? .

    Hell awaits them in this world and hell is being prepared for them in the next world. Col Gadafi called them rats and that is what they have proven to be.. Col Gadafi was not an angel but dragging his dead orso with disrespect is not the credo of a muslm!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • http://ptcl erfan

    Gadafi was a great mAn & THo SE wh0 killed him were cRuel & it ix against humanity !Recommend

  • abhi

    I think it is time to name karachi stedium also after him.Recommend

  • Hassan

    I guess the Libyans learned from the best ,the Sialkot lynch mob.Recommend

  • hassan

    Author and dear fellow commentators,

    if Qaddafi was not a Muslim, and the rebels were also not Muslims, your comments and your reactions would still have been the same? I doubt it.

    I wonder why most people in Pakistan view the world through the ‘he-is-a-Muslim-so-he-deserves-empathy’ prism.Recommend

  • KillAll

    Dear Young writer,
    U shouldnt be worried about whatever happened with Moammer Gaddafi untill U arent realiseing fact beyound the scene, which has been clearly ellaborated by most of the Thread replyers here.. Must say, writers should pay some heed on their articulations, whilest writing very comfused sentiments for a Hero… Shed his Life and his sons on the soil of his mother-land..
    Similar as, all Islam Loveing Heros, Gaddafi has embrassed a degnified myrtchdom instand of bowing himself at foreign hands. He was a man of might who fullpilled, as if he said that nothing is going to make him flee out of his country.. Thats the act of Bravado..
    UNO is like a pet in the hands of USA, which pretends to be ready for every order of USA, that
    s the terrorist Organisation, or a Weapon of demoralising Muslim World. Muslim countries should boycott UNO and better refuel their own organisations like OIC, Arab League, and African Union…
    And miss Writer we wont accept ur weeps as if they aint for loosing a Hero..Recommend

  • KillAll

    Muslims respect every society,culture,religion and civilization, for that they condemned 9/11 incident, because they knew killing innocent ppl isnt justice, but now if they are being treated by themselves in such innhumane way,shouldnt they b authorised to rise their solgans either??
    Use some mind and try to remain in Ur identity, who hopefully would be muslim as well..Recommend

  • hassan


    hello, come to reality ! Majority of the Muslims believe that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy and majority of Pakistanis even now believe that Osama’s capture in Abbottabad was a hoax.

    The fact is, Muslims always say, “You tell me the names of persons involved and then I will tell my opinion on the issue !”Recommend

  • Cynical

    “Are Qaddafi’s killers better than him?”

    The answer to your question is, “No, they are not.”

    And they don’t have to be, as long as they are not worse than him.

    Remember those 270 lives lost from bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, on 21 Dec’88. Recommend

  • Sharjeel Basit

    Dear Readers,

    Qaddafi was killed in clod blood or what ever.

    Here i would like to share my view that is very valid to me.

    How could American and European countries where people from all over the world are living as a nation (at least better than in Islamic Countires) under one prime minister or president? We dont see such events happenings there.

    So why Qaddafi, Saddam and many other Muslim rulers , ruling for decades and decades could not develope the harmony and unity? Qaddafi late rules for good 4 decades and he had long time to make Libya a peaceful country but he was unable to do so.

    What could be the reasons for that……. i finish this discussion at an open node.

    Take care nd best regards.Recommend

  • mushtaq rajper

    dear all
    i respect all ur ideas and emotions and dont support action of killers of Gaddafi, but want to ask a simple question thats why people like u only commit on killing of a king, prime minister or dictator.their were thousands of innocent libians killed by Gaddafi and none of u raised a single question on them.
    friends its not meal or home which makes us human or makes us feel good, its freedom which is most loveable. i dont support western way of making our people so called free, but at the same time i will not also support those kings , general and autocrates whose rules us like we r sheeps or animals.
    we always measure every thing by our being muslim instrument thats is why these few kings and general rules us.
    let us make a way which is followed by principles, humanity and education and change this dark ages on poor world into golden ages. we r human and killing of every human is biggest crime in the world..Recommend

  • malik

    @Sharjeel Basit:

    I will ask you one more question to ponder upon: among Muslim rulers, no King or Emperor lives and dies of old age. Or if it happens, it is an exception.

    Every ruler gets assassinated, and this has been so even during the beginning stages of Islam. (Abu Bakr, immediate successor to Prophet (PBUH) died of old age but those who succeeded Abu Bakr were not so lucky.)

    Are you familiar with Moghul history? The moment a Prince reaches his teen years, the first thing he does is to kill his father or brother. If I remember right, it is the norm in Afghanistan to assassinate your ruler. (Mohd Daoud, Taraki, Hafizullah Amin, Najibullah……)

    Why Muslim societies so hate natural death? Why are we intent upon sending our co-coreligionists to heaven through martyr status? Recommend

  • mushtaq rajper

    dear malik
    before answering ur question i would like to ask u a question? why europions call 14, 15,16, centuries as their dark ages?
    because they were rules in the name of religion, when any nation is relues by a faith they became dogmatic and every instrument of progress e.g its science, culture, behaviour or society became salve of that faith and group of people starts to rules them on one point agenda{religion].
    we muslims r in same position now as they were in 14,15,and 16 centuries. and the solution is like same as they europiens did, they saprated religion from governence and made people free to make thier own rules for governance, thats why no boby is killed and every body in government is held responsible in his sins.
    u can get example of few of our muslim countries like malaysia, turkey as well, none of their rules is killed for governance and no body can doubt of their being muslimRecommend

  • kanwar abid

    These allied forces NATO and others were not loyal with their own peolpes They are using their TAXES in war and the fruits come from the Oil Sale will distributed in their own link persons and companies ……the common people were suffered from these actions.Recommend

  • Sharjeel Basit


    I cant agree with your view point, more than this.

    TRUE SAYRecommend