Rehman Malik does not deserve a PhD

Published: October 13, 2011

Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad presents a PhD degree to Federal Interior MInister Rehman Malik from Karachi University. Vice Chancellor Peerzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui also presents the award. PHOTO: INP

Our Interior Minister Rehman Malik has been awarded a PhD degree for his remarkable efforts in bringing peace to the country, specifically to Karachi. He now joins the ranks of 5,300 PhD scholars in Pakistan and sits amongt the top rung of the educated population. Sindh Governor, Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan, who is also the Chancellor of the University of Karachi, conferred the degree on Senator Abdul Rehman Malik in a special convocation held at the Governor House. 

The degree was awarded by the syndicate of Karachi University who justified this award with the words:

“(for providing) matchless services to the country in the war on terror and particularly in restoring peace to the citizens of Karachi.”

When accepting the award, Rehman Malik expressed his resolve to rise up to the expectations of the nation and serve the country in an effective manner. In his speech, he told the audience (which included Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellors and senior faculty of Karachi University) that his father had advised him to always respect the teachers.

“I paid heed towards this advice and throughout my life I remained successful in every sphere,” he remarked.

Rehman Malik who did his Masters in Statistics in 1973 from the University of Karachi, stated that when he was a student he witnessed a united Pakistan, with no division between Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch, Pakhtoon and Muhajir communities. He went on to state that there is a crucial need to foster the spirit of ‘Pakistaniat’ as we are all Pakistanis.

Having watched the ceremony, I was left wondering, is this a moment of rejoice or mourning?

What exactly has Rehman Malik done to deserve an honour which hard-working students strive for many, many years to achieve? How hypocritical is it to award a man a degree for peace in a country where hundreds of people are dying by the day?

In order to justify my rhetoric, I have compiled a list of facts which highlight just how much peace Rehman Malik has brought in to this country, especially in the ‘City of Lights’:

1. From 2003 – 2007 the total casualties from suicide and terrorism incidents were 6,800. However, after the PPP came in to power and Rehman Malik took charge, the number of casualties rose much higher.

In 2008 alone 6,715 people were killed.

In 2009, 11,585 people and in 2010 7,435 people were killed.

Up until till  February 2011, 708 people have been killed in Pakistan due to terrorism related incidents and attacks.

 Some peace Dr Rehman Malik has brought us. This number is a staggering 26,443, almost four times the amount of people killed during from 2003 to 2007. If the award were for quadrupling the death toll, Malik certainly deserves it.

Below is a tale which contains the breakdown of terrorist violence in Pakistan between 2003 and 2011:




Security Forces (SFs)






















































(Source: SATP * Data till February 20, 2011)

2. Target killing in Karachi has worsened and hundreds of people have died during Malik’s tenure.

In 2008, 777 people lost their lives in Karachi. Over the years this number has increased.

2009: 272

2010: 1.339

2011: 1495 (so far)

3. The situation in Balochistan has worsened and if proper steps are not taken we might loose another part of Pakistan.

4. US drones have been entering Pakistan and have killed civilians almost every day.

5. It was under Malik’s reign that US forces entered our territory to capture and kill Osama bin Laden

These are just the top five facts I have compiled which clearly reason that awarding Remhan Malik a PhD degree for peace is a joke to say in the least.

In my opinion, this degree has only been conferred on him for his ‘matchless’ efforts of bringing the MQM back in to government time and again and his ‘matchless’ patience in listening to the accusations constantly levelled at him.

I feel Rehman Malik does not deserve the honourable title of ‘doctor’ next to his name. In my opinion, he has brought us only pain, misery and shame. In fact, awarding him the award of a PhD lessens the value of this prestigious degree in all Pakistani’s eyes. It is such a tragedy that the leaders of our country reward people based on their connections rather than their achievements.

Asad Ur Rehman

Asad Ur Rehman

A Muslim, patriotic Pakistani, OD professional, Social Activist and a blogger, who is currently serving in Asia's largest textile unit." He tweets @asad_piracha

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  • Moazzam Salim

    This is what happens when a politically appointed Governor thinks better to oblige a political friend..and if in the process sanctity of the educational institution or its repute gets mauled then who cares ..its just collateral damage. In bestowing this honarary degree Dr.Ishratul Ebad must have taken lessons from the President when he bestowed National Awards to the leaders of his own party!Recommend

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Dr. Rehman Malik for president! oh shush you.. stop talking sense!Recommend

  • NSK

    Run KU have lots of PHD degrees just for Free … KU rocksRecommend

  • NVD

    I happy that I am not a graduate from KU Recommend

  • Parvez

    It just reflects badly on KU. Your write up is spot on.
    This episode gives new meaning to the phrase ” from the sublime to the ridiculous ‘. Recommend

  • NAR

    “The honorary doctorate is to the PhD as the Burger King crown is to the monarchy”. Its an honorary degree! How does he join ‘…the ranks of 5,300 PhD scholars in Pakistan’ ? Recommend

  • Ishrat Salim

    This is Pakistan….everything is possible in this country….you want a battleship…?? no problem….just give an address & it will be delivered…pay on delivery…??Recommend

  • SJS

    Instead of bashing a political move, the readers of this website have started with KU bashing. This reflects poorly on their minds as they simply try and berate many graduates who work hard every year, against the odds, to secure degrees… DESERVEDLY!

    Please limit your responses to the governor, Mr Malik and their connivance instead of bad mouthing an entire varsity.

    PS: KU teacher body has openly criticised the decision!Recommend

  • david

    and pray tell us ….what he deserves…..


  • buttjee

    What one can say about a prime institution of the country which has itself brought disgrace and shame to its own degrees. A Ph D degree not the worth of that paper on which it has been printed.Recommend

  • Umer

    Nicely written. This is truly a joke, they’re giving each other degrees politically without any justification. Makes a Pakistani phd lose it’s value.Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    Degree to degree hoti hai, Asli ho ya honorary.Recommend

  • Zulfi

    I dream for tomorrow when all the graduates and PhDs dare to return their degrees back to KU as a protest until this honorary PhD is taken back from RM……………..I wishRecommend

  • Tanoli

    it’s the gift from MQM to Rehman Malik for his matchless services for them. Recommend

  • Natasha

    Speaks volumes about KU’s standards.Recommend

  • aftab

    thanks God , i am not graduate from KU.Recommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar

    This is why Pakistani degrees are not accepted anywhere in the world.

    Q: “Why are Pakistani degrees useless”
    A: Because people like Rehman Malik are given PhD degrees.Recommend

  • Imran Swati

    I have also some reservations on his master degree !!!
    Have You ???
    If ” YES ” then Recommend .Recommend

  • bigsaf

    In any other democratic state (and even undemocratic, like China) he would have been held accountable for such incompetence, either forced to resign or be outright sacked.

    But Pakistan does not have a real democracy with any concept of accountability. It seems instead gross neglect, leading to thousands of lives lost, is rather rewarded. Recommend

  • Acha bacha

    This is very satirical to say that we need to understand that KU by giving such prestigious degree to a person (who deserve to be sued) is not because of tackling PAK well but becuase how he has sold PAK to WORLD SOLE SUPER POWER. That’s the reason behind giving him this degree. Assume that he has done doctorate in selling his conscience. Wait for the moment when President Zardari will be awarded with PhD degree… O GOD save PAK.Recommend

  • asif

    Dr. Rehman baba…Recommend

  • http://Uk Shamy

    Looking at this, im just wondering wat will be going through the minds and hearts of those families whose loved ones have died in this violence….Recommend

  • Mohsin

    He deserves a Doctorate for rising from an Assistant Director FIA post to an Interior Minister position.Recommend

  • Ravian

    I feel very ashamed to see this standerd of eduaction in our country. The educating people in our country cannot get their deserving position. And our Karachi university also saw their real education standerd’s picture. Recommend


    The author has unfairly criticised Rehman Malik. Infact he should backed by all right minded Pakistanis to bring peace in whole of Pakistan which would make him a deserving candidate for winning ‘Noble Peace Award’.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Rehman Malik? A PhD? Funny?

    Did he fumble during the acceptance speech?!!! :))))Recommend

  • Shafique

    It is not unbecoming of KU that has been spreading the cancer of degrees in this country for decades. It also indicates that after running out of the highest national awards to prize the cronies, the royal club has inaugurated this highway–and they must have chosen the most conducive place. Shamelessness has no limits for these champions of corruption.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    You wrote an article on Rehman Malik and his Phd degree but know NOTHING on honorary doctorate degree ? Do you know even Dhoni has received doctorate degree from Montfort University after a mere 20/20 match. Recipients of honorary doctorate degrees do not earn the degree through academic achievements, rather with generous and altruistic actions or lifetime accomplishments that benefit a community, nation or humanity in general. Recommend

  • ParrotGreen

    Dr Rehman looks so pretty in his parrot green gown!Recommend

  • Malik

    He is getting Ph.D for making peace between PPP & MQM as he has been acomplete failure in maintaing peace and law and order in the country, otherwsie…. every thing has become a joke in Pakistan, dont know what are we heading up to….Recommend

  • pakistani

    clearly Musharraf era was far better!.. for the common man be it law and order or economically. democracy has failed.!.. prosperous future lies in a combination of Musharraf/ imran khanRecommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    With the exception of few, most of the Ph.D. degree holders have earned them Malik’s way. Recommend

  • zalim singh

    whats up doc????

    thele is a vevy vevy big tellolist in this hole. I want to make tellolist soup after shooting it.Recommend

  • jaweria rehman


  • Goraya

    it’s the gift from MQM to Rehman Malik for his matchless services for them.

  • Khan

    Of course he does not deserve a PhD or any other honor for his “services” to the country in “war or terror”. There’s no question about. It’s a joke played by KU and Rehman Malik. Recommend

  • Osama

    He did sincerely worked for restoring peace in the Economic hub of the country. Good encouragement & honor for him. He deserved itRecommend

  • MarkH

    I really don’t have a significant positive or negative opinion of the guy but, there are things about him that most internet news readers and those who comment don’t experience that would result in things like this.

    On here, you basically get to see all sides at once and compare facts to form the response/opinion. People in person, however, are simply in the presence of someone telling them that they care and that has something of a big effect on people whether he means it or not. Most will also not see the other side of his little verbal blunders and awkwardness. They make him look human, whereas most politicians have a pervasive feel of distance from the common man. I’d imagine, deceptive or truthful, smart or stupid, competent or incompetent… He actually comes off as quite likeable to people in person, especially when the content of his words relay the intention of a helping hand and sympathy for people who have been hit hard by a tragedy. Even the very fact he is doing it in person, rather than through go-between mediums will make him seem all the better, especially in comparison to how other politicians have been acting towards the chaos, which looks very impersonal and done for publicity.

    It didn’t make too much sense to me that he got it at first, as well. But, after thinking about it, it’s not all that confusing.Recommend

  • Salman

    It is totally a disrespect for the degree itself..Recommend

  • Salman Latif

    There comes a point in the spiritual journey of a man when things no longer are what they seem. Whereas others look at things in the same ordinary fashion, you have a deeper understanding of them and discern other, deeper meanings of them. For example, the other people be looking at apples and calling them apples but nay, you be the wise one, knowing that what they see is a banana, looking like an apple. Such is the profundity of true wisdom. And when such true wisdom transpires to others who can ‘see’, they are elated and instantly rush to you to congratulate you at having achieved that height of spiritual excellence. These like-minded wise men then shower you with all sorts of accolades so as to prompt you onto your path of wisdom so that you may reach that pinnacle of human intellect whither you can discern that an apple is both an apple and a banana. The-duality-of….fruits phenomenon, as they call it.Recommend

  • Natasha

    That was ‘deep’ , Salman :PRecommend

  • Asad Ur Rehman


    I know already what are you saying and that is why I have discussed in detail that peace has worsened during his ministry. If Dhoni has got a degree then what is the justification here. Just because he has got a degree wrongly we should also start following. Rehman Malik doesn’t deserve the honorary degree as he hasn’t accomplished the purpose for which degree has been granted.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Look it his poto how magna lage he.Recommend

  • Saad

    I think people are getting too worked up on the what’s, why’s and how’s of an honourary degree. All there is to this story, and the writer has mentioned it as well, that the only reason he got the degree in the first place was because of his alliances with the mqm and the sindh governor (whatever his name is)Recommend

  • Salman Latif

    Lol. Hai na? :P
    I realized that since there seems no logic in Rehman Malik’s being awarded the degree, there must be something ‘deeper’ to it than meets the eye :DRecommend

  • Noumaan Shamsi

    Im embarrassed to be a current PhD candidate, knowing that people like Rehman Malik are now in that league.
    What a shame….Recommend

  • Zulfi mirza

    Obama was awarded NOBEL for PEACE he brought in the world, people demanded one for OSAMA too, this scene looks resembling and PhD should be awarded to ajmal Pahari and company……Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli,

    Who ever made his picture makes me laugh for long time………………..Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli,

    Ladies & Gentleman Three Musketeers,Recommend

  • Waqas

    People like Abdul Sattar Edhi truly deserve such honours. I am glad at least one institution IBA recognised his services by awarding a PhD.Recommend

  • zohair khan

    Nice written, I think Rehman Malik was awarded the degree for his unforgettable efforts for terrorists including MQM’s target killers. Governor Sindh who was also responsible for the killings of innocent people in Karachi awarded the degree to Malik for his Faithfulness with the MQM. Further that shame on the vice chancellor of University of Karachi who said that the degree was awarded to Rehman Malik for bringing peace in the country. I think the VC became blind as he could not see the violence in the University and become a party member of ethnic party. Recommend

  • KN

    Look at Rehman Malik, he himself seems embarrased to receive this degree :)Recommend

  • sohail akram

    aoa. Sir Oria maqbool jan colum “kya waqat aan pohcha hai 3” describes well about the background of such incidents that why took place and would be untill… Recommend

  • A.

    i agree 100% with this article :S how does he deserve it? what has he doen to fix these divisions in society and enforce ‘pakistaniat’ (which is kind of a messed up term)? if hes tried really hard, then he should be rewarded for hsi efforts .. but not with a phd!!!! I AM SO ANGRY THAT I AM USING MULTIPLE PUNCTUATION MARKS.Recommend

  • http://none vikash

    one question i want to ask the writer.why people like you always criticize the politican?
    he did everything to bring peace in karachi. not in karachi all over the pakistan.Recommend

  • Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

    Your arguments are perfect example of abuse of Allah gifted intellect. How much Karachi is peaceful? Every day there are thousands of robberies, mobile snatching etc. etc. And you find the responsible person as deserving to get this degree! He is fraud from top to bottom and he and MQM match very well. Recommend

  • Ishrat Salim

    Reply to @ SJS…do not take it personal…KU is not being targetted…but the management who agreed to give degree to Mr Malik….?? it is political…yes ! you are correct but if so, it shud hv been rejected on this ground by the management of KU….that is what KU teachers are protesting about….this degree shud be cancelled & revoked….Mr Malik by thousand years do not deserves this…& the cheek is….he knows the reaction of many…yet he does not hv morality to return it….?? this degree is like giving nobel peace prize to Obama for ” PEACE ” – where is it….??Recommend

  • Shahbaz Younis

    KU lost its credibility after awarding PhD degree to Rehman Malik :(Recommend

  • Asad Ur Rehman


    Nice question Vikash. I must appreciate your intellect in raising such an impressive question. Now can you show me what everything he did to bring peace in Karachi. And if he did everything to bring peace then I am afraid what had been the situation if he hadn’t done anything. Can you please tell me what he hasn’t done for Baluchistan. Is he not the interior minister of Baluchistan. My dear talk on facts and not on emotionalism.Recommend

  • anila

    Oh really Tanzeel??
    Mind telling us about achievements otherwise for the betterment of humanity or any [email protected]: Recommend

  • buttjee

    Karachi university is no longer a university. It is post office.Recommend

  • All students and common people

    Disgrace brought to Karachi University by the hands of its V C Peerzada Qasim, Governor( whatever his name, some fake guy with no brain ), Rehman Malik and off course so called President Zardari. Now any one who has done some kind of crime, stupidity or dumb can join karachi university and get a degree if he or she has any political affiliation……..And now its quite clear that Peerzada Qasim is as equal a criminal as all other killers, he killed the education , killed youth desire to study in karachi university. Who would like to go to such place where there is no credibility. Any one who wants a degree without developing the capability will join this fake university where head of the faculty is fake and political tool, helping in destroying Pakistan …..
    In a country where corroupt and criminal can become President
    Incompetent and briber can become Prime Minister
    Killers can become leaders . and also call them selve educated….Any thing can happen there. Shame shame shame.Recommend

  • Baba ji

    If he can be the minister of the most sensitive and vital ministry, then whats the harm in being a PhD ?

    Desi, Pakistani PhD ko kaun poochtaa hai ? relax guys ….Recommend

  • QJ

    Joke of the CenturyRecommend

  • Ali Zar

    this news item doesn’t deserve any kind of recognition but still on one side I feel that no one should discuss it even a little bit so that the real purpose (more fame) of putting this special feather in Malik sahib’s collection goes to waste.
    On the other side I think that we should condemn this to max. and not only this newly born Dr. should be laughed at but also the ones who brought this noble idea and shamed the institutions and all of the hard working real scientists.