“If you speak up for Ahmadis, Hazaras, you are Anti-Pakistan”

Published: October 11, 2011

Does speaking for oppressed Pakistanis make one anti-Pakistan?

I think its natural for Pakistanis in USA to speak ill of this country.. Kashif , your hate for Pakistan is admirable .. Didnt you get your Medical training from that country??? you dont love Pakistan… lets admit this.. Look at your posts”

Ajnabi Rastay

These were the accusations levied against me recently on a Facebook forum. I was labeled anti-Pakistan. What had I done? Did I curse Pakistan? Did I burn its flag? Did I take out a “Go Pakistan! Go!” procession in the centre of downtown Manhattan?

None of the above.

All I had done was share news items on the persecution of the Hazara Shia Muslims and the Ahmadi community in Pakistan. This included The Express Tribune coverage of the latest massacre in Quetta that left 13 Shias dead and the expulsion of 10 Ahmadi students from a school in Hafizabad on the basis of faith. I also started a social media group condemning the genocide of Hazara Shias at the hands of SSP and LeJ militants.

It is no secret that hatred is openly spewed against minority groups in Pakistan. Such a hate conference was recently held in Dharianwala wherein religious clerics encouraged villagers to force all Ahmadi children out of their schools and all deceased Ahmadis out of their graveyards. Soon after this conference, Ahmadi students enrolled in public schools in the area were rusticated. The government, that had earlier this year declared an educational emergency, took no notice of this disgraceful incident. No one seems to care about the plight of oppressed. And when you care, your loyalty is quickly put to question.

Does speaking for oppressed Pakistanis make one anti-Pakistan?

I take serious offence to this view for two main reasons:

Firstly, the Hazara Shia and Ahmadis persecuted in Pakistan are our fellow countrymen. They are equal Pakistanis. So are the Christians and the Hindus. Therefore, voicing their concerns is being the voice of Pakistan and not otherwise. The belief that standing up for the rights of disadvantaged Pakistanis is being anti-Pakistan and unpatriotic is ridiculous. Where this notion assumes that these persecuted groups are not Pakistani enough to deserve the voice of the rest of us, it also assumes that the extremists who cause them pain are true representatives of Pakistan. As a Jinnah’s Pakistani, I take exception to this.

Second, the majority of Pakistanis are hospitable peace-loving people. The minority extremists do not represent our ideals. It is very unfortunate, then, that we have allowed the two to be associated in recent times. Our deafening silence has not helped before and is not going to help now. It merely proves to the world that we are content with being associated with extremism. It portrays intolerance as an accepted norm in Pakistan. On the other hand, fiercely denouncing extremism projects our values of tolerance and peace to the world. It shows that true Pakistanis do not accept intolerance as normal. They reject it, vehemently oppose it and disown it.

Preventing one from speaking against intolerance and extremism in Pakistan, therefore, implies that intolerance is very much Pakistani – that Pakistan and extremism are names one of another. As a Jinnah’s Pakistani true to its founding ideals, I again take offense to that.

Pakistan was founded on the ideals of religious freedom. Islam and my basic humanity compel me to speak for all oppressed peoples anywhere on earth irrespective of faith or color. As a Pakistani, however, I feel obliged to focus on my motherland. Charity, as I have learnt it, begins at home. As such, a Shia Muslim killed in Quetta or an Ahmadi Muslim martyred in the Punjab should at least create the same outcry as a Palestinian man injured in an Israeli air strike. Oppression is all condemnable, but we can only worry about our tenth-door neighbor if we have our home in order.

When early Muslims were persecuted in Makkah, a group took refuge in Abyssinia.  Did their outcry before King Najash – on the persecution at the hand of the Makkans- signify hatred for Makkah? The Holy Prophet (pbuh) himself had to migrate to Medina. His condemnation of the oppression in Makkah and his eventual emigration did not mean that he did not love Makkah. He longed to return to his motherland. Even while he was in Makkah, he condemned all injustice openly, not because he hated Makkah but because he loved it, and wanted to see a positive change.

And here we are, people content with the continued persecution of our own. You might choose to love Pakistan by remaining silent witness to its exploitation at the hands of its enemies. I, on the contrary, will continue to express my love for Pakistan by speaking up against its opponents, against those who tarnish its image globally and those who do not exemplify its true values.

Pakistan was meant to be a great nation. However, thanks to your silence, it is only moving backwards. Jinnah’s Pakistan has been hijacked by his enemies. As a patriotic Pakistani, it is my duty to continue to let everyone know that I disown extremism and intolerance that has plagued the nation. Like me, there are many others who chose to do whatever much (or little) they can to prevent our nation’s downfall at the hands of this menace.

If you chose to remain silent, therefore, by all means do.

But I’d very much prefer if you shed your self-righteous attitude and join me in being a patriotic Pakistani.

Will you?


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Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (twitter.com/KashifMD)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • anonymous

    Aptly stated. What these people think is patriotism is actually a very deformed, not to mention unhealthy and negative mutation of nationalism. Recommend

  • S

    Very well written, more voices against minority discrmination. Jiyo Kashif!Recommend

  • Dee Cee

    Not because you love Pakistan less, but because you love justice more!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Yes, I would like to add my voice to yours. Brilliantly put and your reasoning can not be faulted. On an individual level you will find many who will agree with you.
    On a country level things are different. Politics, power, money and foreign (Muslim) countries involvement complicates the discourse. Religious principles, logic, moral rectitude, patriotism, humanity all take a back seat when human greed is involved. Recommend

  • umer

    another idiot blogger sitting on his computer in his room, thinking he’s changing our coutnry for the better.
    actually speaking up for ahmadis, hazaras and others is PRO PAKISTANI. because our ideology in pakistan is to give minorities rights and freedom. those who speak against ahmadis/ hazaras are anti pakistani.
    i doubt any pakistani has said speaking up for ahmadis/hazaras is anti pakistani.
    i feel you are just making that up to justify your rather pointless blog. Recommend

  • http://fruitforbidden.wordpress.com/ Forbidden Fruit

    It was a norm in my office for people to talk about “Shia Kaafir hain” over tea till I heard it one day and spoke against it. From then on, they stopped asking me to come to tea as they used to. And oh, I was also told “Aisi baaton se he deen kharab hota hai!” Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    This is every where you cant say something wrong going on like if u say this any country
    and if u are minority or atleast not the same reliegen u will be considerd traitor or u hate
    the country then what animal is freedom is this animal exist in this world or gone foreverRecommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    The whole world is allow to say any thing against islam/ muslims but they not allowed to

  • http://balalhaider.wordpress.com balal

    Well saidRecommend

  • Umais Ahmed

    I right up there with you bro. It deeply saddens me to see that we fail to treat all citizens of Pakistan as equal citizens. Whats even worse is that the constitution differentiates between the majority and the minorities. For Pakistan to progress it is imperative that we get rid of this curse (amongst many others such as religious extremism, poverty, illiteracy, etc).

    Very good article!Recommend

  • Jameel

    Second, the majority of Pakistanis are
    hospitable peace-loving people.

    Ahem..let’s hope so. I have a feeling if a poll is cast in the country right now Mumtaz Qadri may end up at the top.Recommend

  • Ilyad

    Brilliant – well said.Recommend

  • HI

    Very well written.Recommend

  • waseem

    yet you read his blog and were kinf enough to offer your comments.. why don’t you go and throw rose petals on your beloved qadri, better yet tell him that you will sacrifice you life by letting him free. atleast you get get out of the computer screen and will put your words in action.. Recommend

  • http://deleted khawar kazmi

    It is crystal clear that Pakistan and malevolence cannot coexist. If the militants are allowed to survive and increase their hold in Pakistan, it would amount to negation of Pakistan and negation of Quaid-e-Azam’s dreams, vision, philosophy and commitments as well as the objects and purposes for which Pakistan was created. Hence, we have no option but to cleanse Pakistan of all extremist obscurantist religious forces and all kinds of terrorists, so that Pakistan can be made a non-violent, peaceful, moderate, tolerant, progressive and modern state.Recommend

  • HNC

    The best most moving article in a long time.Recommend

  • Janjua

    Very well written post Kashif.. In my humble opinion, this attitude of intolerance is our trademark… As a nation, we haven’t been taught the true humble and tolerant Islam of our Great Holy Prophet (SAW) rather we’ve been given lectures about Intolerance in the name of our great religion. It’s a pity and our rigid Mulla’s are responsible for our present state of affairs.Recommend

  • Acha bacha

    it’s really pathetic to say that we pak have turned brutal now. Recommend

  • mansoor

    This is unfortunate for Pakistan that the killer (who confessed the murdering of governor at every forum — from the district magistrate to the trial court.) of Governor of Punjab is portrayed as Islamic Hero and Ghazi by Mullahs. They are giving bad name to Islam (which itself means peace)—— Recommend

  • mansoor

    It looks more difficult to kill mosquito then to kill Ahmadis and hazara community in Pakistan. Well written Kashif brother………….. keep writingRecommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    If we are to combat religious racism or hate, we must be honest and recognize a painful truth. We must remove the shackles of cognitive dissonance and religious taboo simply because it would hurt the sentiments of the majority’s wish to maintain a happy facade of homogeneous religious and nationalist unity, who rather deny or be ignorant of the fact that there is an anti-minority bigotry problem, besides an ideological assault.

    Wahhabi/Salafi ideals, sectarian nationalist ideology and religious fascist supremacist views, unfortunately are not simply restricted to the most conservative or extreme Sunni Muslim Pakistani fringe. Those views have indeed even infiltrated the orthodox mainstream of the majority, that are the Sunni Pakistani moderates. This sadly led to create an atmosphere of intolerance and prejudice against the ‘other’ Muslim and non-Muslim minorities.

    Sadly, these extreme religious nationalist and ideological views were all encouraged by the state.

    The intolerance is now finally being felt by some moderates and most liberal Sunni Pakistanis. It is not too late to combat and fight back the bigots and the extremists. Recommend

  • http://djdurrani.blogspot.com Saad Durrani

    Whoever made the headline. He or she was very brave.

    I like the point being raised but isn’t this whole “Ahmedi” issue getting overplayed? The same stuff is being replugged.Recommend

  • M M Malik

    Speaking for the oppressed is jihad.Recommend

  • Rana Waheed

    Excellent BroRecommend

  • Humanity

    Shabaash!! A+Recommend

  • Manju

    Some one talking sense in a land we indians largely regard as communal. Not that there are not enough idiots on this side of the line doing these very stupid things but its heartening to see some voice coming up over there which talks of humans before their adopted identity. Good that some one sees islam as a part of humanity and not a separate set of ideology above the rest of world. Congrats on such an article on behalf of all indians…..Recommend

  • Truth Speaker

    @ Umer (In Favour of you)

    Ya u are right. These people having biased mental vision always try to create the discrimination in the nation.On the other hand all the peaceful Sunni; Wahabi ; Deo bandi even Shia and people from all other sects never involve in such fruitless discussions.


    Dear brothers… Open your eyes and be unite…..wether the people having the confuse vision (like the above blogist) will try to mislead the nation………….

    B one
    B muslim
    B PakistaniRecommend

  • rehmat

    @Truth Speaker:
    “B one
    B muslim
    B Pakistani”

    What about those Pakistanis who are not Muslims?Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    Very few people are coming out and voicing their concerns over the discrimination against minorities, because of fear of retribution from the radicals.Recommend

  • Zaki Shah

    @truth speaker
    You just participated in the “fruitless discussion” Recommend

  • zehra

    @ truth speaker and umar
    as you end your remarks you mention be musilm be pakistani so you feel that only muslims are pakistanis?frankly that is alarming.

    Am glad to see most of the sane people understanding the issue and more than higlighting the minority issue or that extremists are killing them for going astray the crux is that being a pakistani doesnt mean you have to be a muslim and these days how patriotic you are is usally judged not by what you are contributing to your country in terns of revenue, resource, support rather what religion you belong too!

    A great article after a long time in ET keep up kashifRecommend

  • Ali

    well written Kashif, you raised your voice for oppressed ones, We have to clean Pakistan from all extremists.. Recommend

  • Zohaib

    Well written Kashif, but AHMADI MUSLIM … sorry? you wrote this more than twice in your blog. Forget abt religion, even by law they are desginated as non muslim clear cut….. Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Who will speak for this Martyr who was an Ahmadi until few months ago?


  • Haji Rafiq

    Unfortunately very few Pakistanis have sufficient courage to speak out. Everyone signs the declaration on the passport and ID application form that “I do not agree that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is this or that”. What does it mean? It means that if you recite the Kalima “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed (peace be on him) is his prophet” that makes you “only” an Ahmadi. In order to be accepted as a Muslim you have to continue this Kalima with a negation of “and I do not believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad..”. Now, who is changing the Kalima here? And everyone keeps signing… Recommend

  • Ali

    Are ahmadi’s even mulsim? Personally I am certain they are not but the government should not rule on the issue. It’s not in their jurisdiction.Recommend

  • Adil

    Kashif, through your beautiful way of writing and explaining things, you stand head and shoulder above these ignorants who really haven’t given the whole thing a bit of a thought. Do not let them de-moralise you and keep-up the good work! Recommend

  • Mohsin

    The “lost sheep of Moses” return to Israel after 2600 years;



    And how Shimon Perez (killer of Palestinian Muslims) praises them;


  • R.A

    The last chapter of holy Quraan start with
    " I seek refuge with Lord of MANKIND
    The King of MANKIND
    The GOD of MANKIND "
    It does not say God of Muslims or non Muslims
    It is only in Pakistan that some people believe
    in God of Muslims.
    Perhapse for that reason they do not care
    for minorities.
    Please keep in mind the day of Judgement
    when you wil be facing GOD OF MANKIND

  • Truth Speaker


    “B Pakistani” narrates itself for the minorities other than muslims. So first understand then speak.
    SInce some ppl only knows to criticize despite reading or understanding.
    Remember; if you thoroughly read the teachings of Islam you will shocked to know the way Islam defines for minorities; no other religion gives the same right to the followers of Islam.

    So before taking part in discussion……….first understand the others statement and then comment.Recommend

  • ahmad

    Quaid said,
    “Minorities to whichever community they may belong; will be safeguarded. Their religion or faith or belief will be secure. There will be no interference of any kind with their freedom of worship. They will have their protection with regard to their religion, faith, their life, their culture. They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste or creed”.

    shiaa sunni bhai bhaiRecommend

  • Haji Rafiq

    I once asked a Session Judge of Pakistan to quote me a verse of the Holy Quran which states that members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat should be considered a minority. He answered: “There is none, this is a political action”.Recommend

  • zalim singh

    Powerful narrative. Sadly, it will be swept under the carpet,I am sure. Islam needs reform, that is my observation, friend. It needs to stumble out of the dark ages. It should learn a thing or two from eatern religions. ‘AHIMSA” anybody? It is a beautiful word.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    @Saad Durrani: {{{but isn’t this whole “Ahmedi” issue getting overplayed?}}} This blog is written with missionary zealous. It is not written in love of Ali but out of the bias of Muhawiyya. (“bughuz-e-mauvia” and not “hub-e-ali” It is part of an organized and systematic propaganda of Ahmadi machinery. No love for hazara Shias. )Recommend

  • Mohsin

    @Haji Rafiq: I laugh at your innocence for your search of finding about Ahmadis in Quran. Next time ask a High Court judge where Mirza Qadiani is mentioned in Quran as prophet or promised Messiah or Imam Mehdi. You should first try to know who are Non-Believers (Minority in a Majority Muslim Country) and then see if Ahmadis fit as Minority. Quran sets principles and laws but does not mention about future cults. Recommend

  • kashan


  • Munis

    Nice post but you should have not provided the link of the person you had argument withRecommend

  • Jaf

    Very well written Kashif. People even don’t know the realities but yet they try to give out their “FATWAS” about any of occurrence around and proudly say that they are the “GREAT THINKERS” of country. on a discussion on Mumtaz Qardi case a friend of mine said that Taseer (Late) has done the wrong thing and Qadri was good to do it but when I asked what did Taseer said, He just replied he must have said something wrong that people are angry. So how can Pakistanis be right on issues while they don’t know a sigle word of it. You can not say a word about the MAN-MADE laws otherwise you must be hanged in Blasphemy rule. When our people start to think of their own and make comments after some research the things then may be made better, otherwise we would have the same situation around for life and brave people who dares to say truth will also get the status of Anti-Pakistan or be killed like Taseer (Late).Recommend

  • Jameel


    Quran sets principles and laws but
    does not mention about future cults.

    So listen to this interpretation of Quranic principles;

  • Saad

    Very well written .. There used to live an old woman during the time if Holy Prophet(PBUH) who used to throw trash at him whenever he passed through her house and cursed him.. That was her daily routine.. One day she didnt come out to throw trash on Holy Prophet PBUH, the Prophet PBUH got confused and went inside her house to see what the matter was and found her sick, instead of cursing her, he offered condolences to her.. If the “dark blasphemy law” was actually a Islamic law and had nothing wrong in it, then instead of ordering that lady to be killed, why would Prophet Muhammad PBUH offer her condolences? Was not she committing an act of blasphemy? These Jamat-e-Islami radicals are the worst thing our country has produced.. The blasphemy has no place in Islam and yet they consider Qadri a hero.. And unfortunately this acceptance of Qadri is not only limited to uneducated population of Pakistan but it is also accepted by many educated people since any people supporting Qadri on blogs have good English skills and Jamat-e-Islami people are well educated as wellRecommend

  • Saad

    Secondly, they really love to burn American flags, carry out useless rallies and blaming America for every problem Pakistan is facing .. The only good reason they had to rally was to demand an end to drone attacks, but I wonder when will they rally against the unprotested killings of Shia, Ahmadi, and Christian Pakistanis .. Why didnt they carry out a rally against the killing of people of Hazara? WHY! The biggest problem we are facing is the silence of moderates .. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING ..we really need to speak out and shut them up Recommend

  • Saad

    Im not sure but I have heard that by Wahabis people usually refer to the Ahle Hadees sect .. My mother is a Ahle Hadees and there is no such teaching that promotes violence according to them as well .. So basically we should not blame them as a whole for these things Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/KashifMD Kashif

    Thank you to the most of you for heeding to the call. Let us unite as Pakistanis and use our voice to disown intolerance and extremism.

    @Someone asked for the link to the profile that levied these accusations. It is provided below the opening paragraph.

    @Those who are obfuscating the message here. Note that this is not a theological discussion. Whether the Ahmadi Muslims are right or wrong is not the issue here. The issue pertains to our basic humanity, of our love for Pakistan and all that live within it, without any discrimination. I do not agree with many Hindu and Christian views but that shall never come in the way of my humanity and my Pakistaniyyat. I shall love them equally and speak for them should anyone think of harming them. My love for Pakistan means I shall speak for all Pakistanis ALIKE! Recommend

  • Mahreen

    Well, its all about being judgemental about people that causes these problems in our country. If we believe on our basic principles that Allah will judge us on our own actions, we can realize that instead of correcting ”others” and bothering about who follows what, we can spend more time correcting and changing ”ourselves” and not others for the betterment.

    Well written Kashif, its the feelings that count, regardless of whether you are sitting here or in the US. Btw, do ask that commenter if they too long to be sitting in the US too? ;)Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Yes we need to speak against the injustice being faced by minorities BUT

    “Ahmadi Muslim martyred” ???

    The author seems to have no idea about the constitution of Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://pioussluts.wordpress.com EoH

    Dear Writer,
    Please beware of PTI Trolls around here. They will launch a campaign against you. Generally your love for your country and loyalty towards her is judged by how much you praise Taliban and support them by offering them unconditional surrender and keys of North Western Pakistan and unchecked sport of killing minorities. Of course, if you are working for the betterment of minority communities in Pakistan then you are a liberal, anti-Pakistan, CIA / MOSAD funded and ahmadi yourself.
    Well, in our country, we love the culture of hypocrisy. Just, for example, look at Imran Khan and PTI. The kind of people who go to dharnas and protests. Well, aren’t they themselves are westernized and following the traits to which Taliban are opposed to?
    Well, but who cares as long as my passport is stamped with multiple entry visa of USA, UK, Norway, Australia and my case of nationality is under process!
    It is fun to be at dharna and protest anyway!Recommend

  • http://pioussluts.wordpress.com EoH

    @ ET

    This picture that you have posted here is a bit inappropriate as it is Gandhi’s saying about peaceful life. These Gandhi k 3 Bandar shouldn’t be here.

    These three principles are:

    Burra mat daykho
    Burra Mat Suno
    Burra mat Bolo

  • Saad

    Kashif, i regularly read your blogs on Huffington Post and they are as eye opening as anything .. a marvellous job you are doing!Recommend

  • Saad


    being modernized or “Westernized” as you call it, does not mean that you cannot speak up against a western country which is violating some international laws by not giving a damn about a country’s sovereignty .. if he speaks good English, wears nice clothes, is well educated and had a british wife does not mean he cannot stand up for his country .. secondly he has always spoken out against radicalization in Pakistan and raised concerns about it at both domestic and international forums .. and his strategy of peace with taliban is his own thought and well is pursued by americans as well in afghanistan .. for how long are you gonna let your soldiers die for a war which has no future? and let me correct you, the peace with taliban would NOT mean unconditional peace by any means.. if americans can talk peace with them, then why cant we? arent americans liberals as well? this has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative and this has certainly nothing to do with this article!

  • http://pioussluts.wordpress.com EoH


    Well, you missed the points like all members of Immi K Fan club. The point is that Taliban wants implementation of Taliban Shariah in Pakistan. They deem everyone with westernized values and even cloths as Kafir.

    Why should I be stoned or lashed for my westernized life when Imran Khan will not be? Imran Khan doesn’t talk about radicalization of this country. He talks about surrendering to Taliban and call their all brutal acts as reaction! How it is just reaction? Lashing of people and women for going out from their homes so that they buy milk is reaction?

    Imran Khan has not spoken that how he will address the Taliban propaganda and their fascist views about people such as Ahmadiya, Shia, Barelvi and of course everyone who doesn’t adhere to their version of faith. They have openly declared these people as Kafir and it is on record.

    You haven’t said anything positive. BUT you sound better than typical PTI Trolls!Recommend

  • TT

    Like If you speak up for the rights of Muslims, specially Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, You are terrorist, extremist, agent of al qaida, taliban, mullah …

    I posted this comment 3rd time, why ET is ignoring my comments, and only publishing so called liberals comments.Recommend

  • Marium Mehboob

    Awesome blog !!! I dont know why people are being discriminated on the basis of religion. Its a bitter truth but i have to say that Islam has been divided by muslims them selves into soooo many firqas that now its easy to count religions all over the world but more difficult to decide how many firqas are there in Islam. From Shia to Sunni, From Ahmedi Muslim to Barelvi, then comes deobandi, then Hazara Shias, then Sunni syed, then ismaili then, shia syed …. and the list continues. All this have bought disparagement to our religion. And moreover i need to make one thing clear to all that Ideology of Pakistan is not two nation theory, or that none other than Muslims can live here on this piece of land. I agree that two nation theory was the basis of Pakistan struggle but our foreign policy which for the first time was documented by Quaid was totally opposite than what Two Nation Theory. Firstly, Every one whatever firqa is it, it is being a Muslim and has equal right. Secondly, whatever religion is it doesn’t matters what matters is being a PAKISTANI ! Reaction on issues such as Raymond Davis, Mumtaz Qadri all this shows the way some of us interpret Islam. For sake, its a religion of peace .. PEACE AND JUSTICE ! Respect all minority or majority. Stand up for Justice … It will bring you peace ….. Recommend

  • Saad

    EoH, the thing is that we DO NOT have anyone better than him right now .. And Im not sure but I dont think he has ever talked out about letting Sharia law being implemented in FATA.. And dont forget that Sharia itself is not venomous law as many people say but its THEIR
    version of Sharia which is .. Plus this war is not gonna end any sooner if we keep fighting like this .. Are we gonna let our soldiers die everyday? The fact is we dont have any other solution right now, but I seriously wish we did !Recommend

  • Mehdi

    I am Hazara and to be frank and candid, you used the word Shai Hazara which is totally immoral and against the interest of Islam. What do you mean by Shai Hazara? What are you trying to suggest? Shai and Sunni are brother and are Muslim. Please don’t try to create a schism in Islam.
    Secondly it is also technically wrong. Have you ever seen Shai Punjabi or Suni Punjabi or for that matter Shai Baloch, Sunni Baloch? Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf


    Read it again. The author isn’t trying to create division or schism, nor attempting to marginalize you, but simply stating a known fact of why you are discriminately targeted, and he is speaking out against it.

    It’s commendable you don’t want to hear of the divisions. But let’s not be naive. Provincial Pakistani or ethnic sectarian citizens do get identified given the context of a story. And yes, it might break the ‘hum sub bhai-bhai hai’ sectarian and ethnic comfort level and make you worry and fear that other majority Pakistanis may lose sympathy for the Hazaras and instead be prejudiced when the religious differences are mentioned (which is a classic example of what intolerance breeds), but that is not what was suggested nor the author’s goal.

    Instead the author was claiming that no matter your ethnic or religious background, which will be naturally different, you are Pakistani, and speaking for different groups should be encouraged and not seen as anti-Pakistani (read: anti-Muslim), as some bigots and extremists want, who will get inflamed no matter with or without the mention of differences or religious/ethnic backgrounds.

    And the recent attacks on Hazaras were carried out by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a known extremist Sunni/Wahhabi sectarian terrorist organization originally based from South Punjab. They’re not simply targeting the Hazaras on appearances, though it helps and makes it easier, as well as cultivating their ‘foreigner’ and ‘anti-Iran/Shia’ narrative. It’s because generally Hazaras are of Shia Muslim background, with one obvious target being the pilgrim buses.

    While you may not see a difference between sects, they clearly do and are indulging in a sectarian cleansing, whether you agree or not, and this is fact. If you want to sweep it under the rug because you’re uncomfortable with any sectarianism mentioned, go ahead….but that fake facade and garner in ethnic sympathy won’t protect you for long from the extremists unless you speak up and out against it and identifying the root causes, instead of being in fear and self-censoring. Recommend

  • Fist of Fury

    I am with you brother. We as a nation are a disgrace to Islamic and Quranic teachings. We consider ourselves more powerful and authoritative than Allah Subhana u Taala. Surely we should
    reflect on our pathetic record of rights trampled and responsibilities trashed away. Otherwise Pakistan will end up in the dustbin of human history. I feel sorry for my country, and my heart cries out tears of blood. I dont know whether I should hope that we will ever become good and exemplary human beings and Muslims again. Recommend

  • Cynical

    Pakistan was created for the Muslims, by the Muslims.
    Why should there be any space for non muslims?
    Just to make us look respectable in the eyes of the world outside?
    Lets be honest to ourselves.Our forefathers didn’t bargain for minority rights, they fought for
    a piece of land for Muslims, pure and simple. Recommend

  • http://pioussluts.wordpress.com EoH


    Taliban has explicitly mentioned that they will only make peace IF Shariah is implemented in Pakistan. And it is very clear that they talk about their version that they implemented in Afghanistan and Swat… Can u explain how Imran Khan is not talking about Shariah when he is talking about making peace with Taliban and accepting their “legitimate” demand?

    So you are saying that Muslims shouldn’t be afraid of Shariah? So Imran Khan deserves to be tried under shariah for his alleged involvement with Ms Sita White? Recommend

  • csmann

    yet mr . mohsin and the comapny were saying ranjit singh should not be taught in schools because he killes hazaras;that might have been in a battle;but here they advocate killing of innocnets,their neibhors and brothers , and denying them being a muslim bacuse they say soRecommend

  • Ahmed

    Where are balochis…. when a balochi asks about his right, he is meant to be anti pakistan tooRecommend

  • stan

    @umer: you seem sadly conflicted and confused, perhaps you should relax and breathe some fresh air…Recommend