Study abroad or not : Double standards of the young and smart

Published: October 4, 2011

Students exhibit great anti-American sentiment, yet they are lining up to write the SAT.

There is an excellent strategy to make anyone shut up during an anti-American rant, if they are 18 or younger, that is. Right in the middle of their ‘the United States of America (USA) is controlling the International Monetary Fund to turn us into beggars’ or ‘the USA is plotting with India to annihilate us’ speech, look these people straight in the eye, and very calmly say, yeah, that is great…so how was your Scholastic Aptitude Test?

Someone once said that they would stop believing America was great when the immigration and visa lines outside US embassies start decreasing. I would like to add that – I will stop believing the US is so great when the droves of students applying for higher education there start decreasing.

Including right here in the land of Pak.

Want to know exactly how popular American universities are? Try booking a seat right now in any one of the multiple Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad SAT centres – they are all full. The smart ones register months before, the unlucky ones hitch a plane ride to another city – if it has any seats. The students taking the test debate whether California’s beaches are overrated or whether Connecticut is really as cold as it sounds.

These are all perfectly legitimate questions, if it weren’t for the side helping of virulent anti-Americanism.  How on earth did we get here? How do these students reconcile two such obviously divergent viewpoints within their minds?

The answer – they don’t.

Picture this. Two final years students, Shazeb and Sophia, held a ‘US-Pakistan alliance’ debate at their school. The debate was meant to discuss the future of Pakistan’s relationship with the US and suddenly unravelled into a discussion about freemasons and Jews. Both students called it one of the most disturbing scenarios they have ever witnessed. “Imagine 15 kids in a room all spouting off nonsense about RAW, ISI and Afghans, only China came off as perfectly sane,” said Sophia. “The singular most adamantly anti-American person in that room was a first year A-Level student who made a ten minute long speech about how our minds were being corrupted by the west.” She added that the student later came up to her and asked if it was better to take the SAT this year or not.

Look at that line. Remember that line. There, right there, is the ultimate example of hypocrisy. You see – its one thing to say you can’t stand America, to burn effigies or flags and protest every single thing Mullen says to you. It is quite another thing to sing along to the popular crowd and then go home to work on your vocabulary list for the standardised test.

Pak-Cheen may be bhai bhai [Pakistan and China may be brothers], but what about the bhai that actually educates you? Is this the kind of response you reserve for that bhai? Or is this just something private, something you hope the immigration officer won’t pick up when he hands you the visa?

Perhaps the simplest explanation is the least worrying one.

There’s no outward difference in these students, no apparent religiousness – nothing about them screams controversy.

They wear Nike shoes, study in co-ed schools and give foreign exams. The only remarkable thing about them, then, is that they just happen to be occasional haters on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, or really, whenever being anti-American suits them. Ironic? Sure, that is what happens when Pakistani students go off to take the SAT.

Correction: An earlier version of the article incorrectly stated Scholastic Aptitude Test as Standard Aptitude Test. The correction has been made. 

Meiryum Ali

Meiryum Ali

A freshman at an ivy league school who writes a weekly national column in The Express Tribune called "Khayaban-e-Nowhere".

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Parvez

    The contradiction you talk of is just natural, its a known commodity. I don’t think you can really call this hypocrisy, possibly immaturity may be a better term. Also, what is wrong in holding a strong opinion on American policy and at the same time accepting the fact that they have one of the best higher educational systems from which you could benefit ?Recommend

  • AAK

    Incredibly confused article – many disagree with American foreign policy and the actions of American politicians and governments. Protesting against the policies of a government doesn’t mean we do not recognize the culture, education and people of America as something beneficial for the wider world.

    In short, its common sense.. Disagree with American foreign policy but talk to the people. Recommend

  • Omair Shakil

    What a pathetic article! Just because one disagrees with certain American policies doesn’t mean that one has to swear off everything American. A lot of Americans don’t like Obama’s economic and health care reforms; should they jump ship and relocate to, say Zambia? I could also easily argue, that if you like American so much so as to stay silent over its high-handedness then why do you still retain your Pakistani nationality? Why do you still come back to Pakistan for your summer/winter break? The author is being very myopic and singular in her approach over the issue. No one or no country for that matter is all good or all evil. And to call a spade a spade doesn’t preclude lauding the good side or benefiting from it. I don’t like how the US treats every other country except itself as a second class citizen of this world, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect their culture of tolerance, hard work and open-mindedness. If the author is under the impression that her applying to the US for her higher studies requires her to accept the United States and all its ills, she’s just doing a disservice to herself by closing her mind to questioning, Recommend

  • Talha

    Well below your standards Meiryum, didn’t expect such a silly piece from you. Frankly it’s quite amusing how Pakistani lefties have trouble understanding the simplest of things, yet take the posture that they’re the enlightened ones!

    The foreign policy a country follows and its society are different things. It is perfectly valid to have issues with country X’s foreign policy (and for the country in question, one would have to be extremely confused or without conscience to not have issues with the foreign policy), yet admire aspects of its society.

    In fact it’s even valid to dislike a country yet want to travel there if it achieves some purpose for you.

    It’s not that complicated really; shouldn’t have to spell it out. Recommend

  • Tribune Reader

    who keeps letting her work Publish?
    i mean seriously, her blogging makes for terrible readng
    and et blogs arent supposed to be a personal diary of a 17 yr oldRecommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    We will go bulk…and thus we will capture Amareeka….Radio Pakistan Washington is coming soon…Recommend

  • Hanna

    Sorry Meiryum but it appears you might be the one who seems a tad confused! Criticism of American government policy does not equate to a hatred of America. Just because one wants to sits SATS or gain an education in the US, does that men one must be bullied into silence of American policies? No! Many American themselves are critical of their own governments policies too – what does that mean? are they hypocrites too??! Your intellectually confused “analysis” really clouds the real issue, this is not about America or Pakistan…but about right and wrong, about justice and injustice, about freedom and the illusion of having freedom. Think Meriyum, think.Recommend

  • Doctor

    @ Parvez – it is hypocrisy plain and simple. If you are a terrorist sympathizer, why is the US letting you in to study in the US? It’s people like you who give Pakistanis in the US a bad name. Recommend

  • Ali

    I study in the US, think their government’s foreign policy is foolish, but I also think this is the best country in the world – from within. They have excellent social values in place (they meet not meet your Islamic standards, but that’s no reason to say they are corrupt). The government also actually gives a crap about the people.

    Yeah, obviously if someones says that the west is corrupting our minds, then they should rather stay away.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Com’on, dear Author,

    You are talking like Pakistan is hypocritical only when it comes to USA.

    Can I dare say that Pakistan itself was created on hypocricy. While a majority believe that the country was created for the Muslims of the subcontinent, the truth is, Pakistan was created for the wealthy businessmen, Jehagirdard, Zameendars only. Jinnah was influenced and supported only by these people.

    So, what do you expect from such a country?Recommend

  • Aadi

    Pervaiz you are right. I live in Conecticut, USA. That is true their education is really modern and higher. We just need the right and true establishment who work on our education system. And, there is no doubt they humiliate and harrass us that’s people’s attitude become Anti American.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Outstanding work! It’s the kind of questions all these self-obsessed, USA-haters ought to be asking themselves.

    You can’t stand outside the US embassy begging for an immigration visa in the morning, and chant “Go America Go!!” in an afternoon rally.Recommend

  • SomeGuy

    If you think America is a great evil, that their people lack morality, follow the wrong religion and don’t deserve the same rights as Muslims, etc. etc. then why the hell would you go there in the first place? I am a Pakistani living in the US and I constantly see Pakistanis here talk ill of the country they are living in and their people. They even say stuff like “America hamara dushman hai” while they live here! Do you not see the contradiction? You want to take advantage of their country’s educational system, their lifestyle, their TV shows and movies, their products, etc. yet you still hate them.

    That is what is called hypocrisy. Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    Wow! I don’t usually like to criticize authors for their posts but Meriyum your articles seem to get worse as days go by. Increasingly more incoherent and silly.

    Many US citizens don’t agree with their foreign policies but they don’t go off and live/study in say an African state.

    US has one of the best education system where higher education is concerned and that has nothing to do with the governmental policies. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    OK, I don’t see the contradiction at all here. I think you are a good writer of course (one of the best on ET!), but this blog is a touch ingenuous. :P :P

    America has fantastic education standards, is a great place to live, and has quality products. Its government’s policies are not so great. Why can’t I wear my Nikes, try to get an education in America, yet still be against her policies?

    What about the Americans who live in America, and live the typical American life, yet are against her courses of action?

    Let’s examine Pakistan for a second. We don’t make great products anymore, our government’s policies are even worse, our education system is dreadful. Should we just get up and leave Pakistan?

    I am pretty sure most people reading my reply are reading it on a computer Americans had a large part in putting together, are wearing clothing that if not made in America, was influenced by it in some manner of fashion etc.

    It is like a person who has characteristics you like, and dislike. I suppose the question you are asking is if America’s negative aspects are enough for us to disown it completely, and in every way. Something to think about, I guess. :)Recommend

  • Malik

    Pakistanis dislike American foreign policy and not their education standards. IMO, it’s perfectly fine for someone who hates American policy to apply for education there. Recommend

  • Hamza

    Atleast we give SAT 25 doller surcharge. If Americans are against middle east then why they use its Oil, but if they pay money then they are welcome to criticise. If Europeans hate Pakistan then they should also stop usuing the textile items of Pakistan. But thats no logic that you are paying 100 dollers for a test plus you cannot blame USA for its rash policies what an Idiotic justification . Zero marks for article.Recommend

  • Hala

    loved this article and shocked at the comments, you cant take advantage of a country and then talk about how awful it is. yes disagreeing with some policies is normal. but i have met people who say america should die but are dieing to go there. of course its hypocritical to use a countries benefits when it suits you and condemn it when it doesnt. Recommend

  • janan khan

    aoa…great facts and some harsh realities highlighted by the writer of this blog….our whole society is based on hypocrisy, and when someone tries to make them feel about their hypocrisy then they declare you immature…kafir…and confused….its the very trend of our people….in our society our so called educated even don’t know how to criticise the foreign policy of other nations because they could not differentiate between criticism and hate…and so-far we didn’t hear anything from these so called critical people about the foreign policy of USA, yes but we hear speeches based on hate regarding USA as a nation…it is very much hypocritical attitude of this society….. Recommend

  • Moderate

    One of the most lamest article on Tribune. US universities offer best education, that is a FACT! All the war and killings of US Govt are a separate issue. You cannot deny the scientific and technological advancements of US and you cannot deny the fact that it was IS who destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan resulting in killing of million Muslims. Extremely narrow-minded approach by the author.Recommend

  • Darth

    It is the Scholastic Aptitude Test and you ‘take’ tests, not give them. Recommend

  • F.

    So let me get this straight: most of you here are actually saying “Faida bhi lo, gaaliyan bhi do“?
    Wow, Meiryum’s article was good but I had no idea it was THAT spot on.Recommend

  • Anum

    Not even most of the American people support the war on terror, that doesn’t mean they showing double standards! So its a pretty ridiculous notion of yours that protesting against American policies doesn’t give the right to get education there.Recommend

  • Yasir Ali

    I am certain, that when most sane, educated, right wing liberal Pakistanis side with the supreme America, it’s not the money grubbing 7/11 capitalists that interests them, it’s the relentless pursuit of the idea of happiness and freedom. The undying nationalist spirit and a die hard attitude towards peace and prosperity.
    You see a nation really has to make one simple choice, ‘Road-accidents or Speeding-Tickets? – and then stick with it’Recommend

  • eccentric

    what we despise is their superfluous jingoism and not their commodities..stop mixing the two things….there is a difference between ideology and tangible aspects….Recommend

  • Muzaahir

    I hate some American policies and i talk about it when such a conversation arises but at the same time i acknowledge aswell as say it out loud,at any forum,that their higher education system/RnD/medicine/ etc etc stands best in the going by your hypopthesis I have no right to study in the US….
    You are not even making sense,what to talk of validity here!Recommend

  • ayesha khan

    This article is nonsense.
    These students are disagreeing with how they are interpreting America’s foreign policy objectives.
    If they want to go study in America or take their SAT , their is nothing wrong with that.
    Infact its a good thing .
    We all know that the US universities are one of the best universities in the world, so striving for a better education there should be encouraged.
    Infact the good thing about this would be that once they actually do go there , they will come with a more positive picture of the world.Recommend

  • hey

    So….how was your SAT?Recommend

  • Obaid

    constructive criticism anyone? the writer has her opinion, let her express it. no need to be a ** about it. if you don’t like someone’s writing then don’t read it rather than going on bashing them out.

    this is what our problem is. instead of encouraging someone who’s trying to improve on something (in this author’s case i’m assuming her writing), we choose to criticize them and discourage them. what a shameRecommend

  • Sameer Usmani

    Lets consider this scenario, the USA/EU/Nato says Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, etc is exporting terrorism, sabotaging human rights and blah blah blah ! Still they do engage with those countries in multiple ways like bussiness, buying and using their oil, using their land for specific purposes, have embassies and ambassadors and deploy intelligent people like Mr. Raymond Davis over there. The USA/EU/Nato voice support for their people and come and rescue them from the corrupt and terrorist leaders (who by the way, have been the apple of their eye 5-10 years back).

    Now, isn’t this hypocrisy ? aren’t these double standards ? Of course, some people are too biased to see the other side of the picture.Recommend

  • Rizvi

    Rubbish. Most of my friends who are studying in America will gain the education and then come back and serve Pakistan. There is nothing wrong with that and certaintly not hypocrisy. Being against American policy is one thing and being against the American people is another.Recommend

  • Sameer Usmani

    And moreover, the USA as a state, can be regarded as one of the best in the world. The state of US is a welfare state which Islam teaches us to establish. It is a state where the needy are taken care. Therefore, again, the problem lies with the US interfering in our affairs, we say Go Amreeka Go, which means k dear amreeka, go to amreeka, don’t affect our politics, go amreeka go doesn’t mean that we want it to go establish a state on moon !Recommend

  • Mina

    btw, SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test not ‘standardized’ :PRecommend

  • Nicholas Sharaf

    The harsh reality is that higher education in Pakistan is comparable to suicide and most students, including me, look to the west to improve their own life as opposed to think about the ‘Greater Good’.

    I used to be very patriotic and never wanted to leave Pakistan but certain things happened to me inside Pakistan, and its Universities, that changed my mind. Our Institutes and Universities are run by arrogant medieval hacks who give the more innovative and ambitious no option other than to leave.

    You need to take into consideration the psyche of our administration and what they make students go through before accusing the youth of wanting out.Recommend

  • malik

    I am a great admirer of this author and from the uniform reactions of everyone, I can see that she has touched a raw nerve. Hypocrisy and duplicity runs in our veins.

    Everyone is jumping around and saying,’We hate the foreign policies of US but that does not mean we will not go there to enjoy life to the fullest !’ You mean to say, only their foreign policy is bad, but otherwise, all their other policies are so great that I must go there, don’t you?
    One guy says, even Americans don’t like their foreign policies and still they stay there. I have never heard a more idiotic comment in my life.

    Dudes, they, the Americans are born there. It is their government. If they dislike the leaders or their policies, they will change their leaders, instead of killing them.

    Whereas, you pay through your nose to get to the very evil place, which, according to you, is trying to destabilize your country. When you pump in your money to US, you are contributing to the growth of their economy. And they are going to use that economic might to destabilize your country with a foreign policy which you seem to detest so much. Is this hypocrisy or not?

    You think America is Pak’s enemy number one and still you go there and spend your money in US, strengthening their economy. And they are going to use that money to send more drones to your country. If you still don’t see a contradiction here, then, well, I think you are the most opportunistic hypocrites on earth.

    I agree that the criticism of America does not mean hatred of America. But, going there and living there and consuming their products and contributing to their economy and to their university and to their society…..IS APPROVAL OF AMERICA. Recommend

  • Dee Cee

    The emotional responses to the author’s position fail to see the key difference between “criticism” and “hate”. Criticizing is what everybody does, for every country, every policy, everywhere. “Hating” is the private jaagir of fundamentalists (Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Christian) and jingoists (martial race, akhand bharat, new world order). I think the author’s target is not the students who conduct “rational criticism”, but those who are “fundamentalist haters”. If you think that you offer only rational criticism, then this blog post is not critiquing you honey! :)

    @Meriyum: This is identity crisis, and can be resolved only by sane introspection. Thanks for instigating the debate! :)Recommend

  • SomeGuy

    So how many of you would be ok with letting in people who hate Pakistan? Let’s say there is a guy who thinks Pakistan is a country which supports terrorism, that Islam is a horrible religion, that our country is depraved and lack’s morals, that it needs to be reformed via Christianity/Hinduism, that it deserves terrorist attacks it is suffering, etc.

    Would you be ok with such a foreigner coming to Pakistan to study here, work and live here, mingle with the people? Recommend

  • Ovais

    Mairyam again you compel me to comment .. your generalization for a specific portion of the society are too biased even . Moreover you are only talking about the 1 percent of Pakistanis what about 99 percent that feel the torture of busses , Loadsheddings and even drone attacks … The world is so good for you maybe try to see the other side.. Recommend

  • saad

    If you can’t stand the writer don’t read her. How hard is it to understand that? She’s one of the best and one I can actually relate to.Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    Excellent article. Followers of OBL have invented a great theory that Americans are great people but their government’s policies are bad. This is most absurd statement only to fool their hosts. They know, who makes those policies. Are they not American people themselves? OBL did not distinguish between ordinary American and their government, but his smart followers have amended his message to get into USA, until they return to his original message.Recommend

  • MK


    Disagreeing with US foreign policy means one is a terrorist or a sympathizer. Hmmmm . There are millions in USA itself by that definition. Recommend

  • malik


    I forgot to add in my previous post. You are a terrific writer and I immensely liked your pencil article. Way to go, girl !

    PS: I am sure you are a voracious reader. My suggestion; please include P G Wodehouse in your list of ‘must-read’ authors. Reading his works will further enhance your language skills!Recommend

  • Open Eyes…

    I am against Zardari, Pakistan’s foreign policy, Pakistan state of affairs and on daily basis I chant slogan GO Zardari Go…and this article has opened my eyes..and tomorrow I am resigning from My University…no more education…If I dont like Pakistani Government and using the resources I am Hypocrite..quite simple….

    But How M i gonna shift my house in the air..because I shud not use the Land as well..? ny idea Madam Author..!Recommend

  • Big fail. And im a pakistani at a super-elite college.

    Sure, if by Anti-american is meant some kind of cosmic anger directed at everything American. Being opposed to the Establishment or how the government conducts itself all over the world is something different then being “Anti American perse”. Its dangerous to go with the other not so dis-similar from George bush way of youre either with us or against us since that can lead to Americans themselves being labelled as Anti Americans(happens to my friends -and often myself- all the time). No body is against the Professors with whom youll study(they’re probably more “Anti-American” then you are, unless the usual bought up by the lobbyists type), youre only hating on pentagon and the foreign policy- media nexus. In the case of “Death to all AMREEKANS, yar konsey college ko apply karoon?” that i wont defend,, since it lacks nuance, which also goes for the content of this article and the people who would flaunt it as presenting a sound argument aka the shallow superficial “liberals”rolls eyes of Pakistan, as well as a simultaneous lack of depth. And boy if the American media really reported what their government does outside its borders, yea, its people are probably going to be the most “anti-american” in the context that i have meant it in. Its kinda similar to someone arguing that since the abusive husband provides for the wife, or that the feudal lord provides land to the peasant, the oppressed in the case shouldnt speak out.
    Then again i dont come here with high expectations.Recommend

  • Yasir Ali

    Wow, this thread’s getting better than any past-time I ve had before.

    In all seriousness though, Miss Meriyum raises a good issue, atleast that’s what my impression is from the beginning of the article. I am assuming that the author is pointing towards the fact that, more students should demand better education in Pakistan.
    However, like any market theory, this one also assumes that the system work’s seamlessly, and one unit demanded will reflect the same unit from the supply side with equal accuracy.
    Reality is, in addition to all the stuff that’s goin down, Pakistan doesn’t have enough capacity to fulfill it’s energy requirements, expecting a sound education system can then certainly be ‘mind Blasting’

    After reading the article, thoroughly, commentators like my self are forced to face another hard fact about our selves. Most of the educated class in Paksitan are psychologically divided. Our thought process is fragmented with promises and dreams that science fulfills and the guilt of ignoring old traditions and value systems.

    However, most of us fight each day bringing the two together and that alone can be quiet empowering. With this new understanding, i really hope that at-least the secular/educated individuals can bring about a change within them selves and then their homes, which encourages openness, mutual respect, and really understanding the values and traditions of our elders through a newly evolved perspective of a nation that has been through so much.

    One of my elders once told me ‘only through compassion comes intelligence’Recommend

  • Grace

    You forget that many of us Pakistanis living in the West, inlcuding the US have great respect for American people and their society which is both free and tolerant. And yes there is more opportunity here. That doesn’t mean we can’t question foreign policy and disagree with national leaders. I don’t understand what you are trying to say. You mean that if a Pakistani wants to study in the US, he forfeits the right to comment on aspects of American foreign policy he or she finds objectionable? Perhaps you need an American education to tell you that debate is precisely what a Western education will qualify you to do. Not only debate but criticize and try to understand different views with respect. Recommend

  • Sonia

    I totally agree with what @Malik and @Dee Cee have written. Rational and logical questioning of American or Western Policies is fine and excepted. Having a differing opinion on anything under the sun is fine and expected and accepted.
    What is not kosher is the rabid hate one carries inside. What is not acceptable is a visceral hatred towards most things American or western. What is not acceptable is to use America like a rental place – get the educational stamp and work experience but ignore to the core some of the western values which are expected and accepted everywhere – secularism, plurality of thought, compassion to people who are different than you, respecting women’s rights etc.
    As regards to the American citizens who are not OK with their governments foreign policies or other polices – the same citizens will still put their own life on the line if an issue for the country is at stake. They will vote out the policy makers they do not like. They will raise their voice against what they do not believe in. Recommend

  • not impressed

    i love american people, its the government and the policy makers thats the problem – just like here, in Pakistan. Plus I believe its better to take the best from the West and use it to progress here in our own country. If we become like the Muslims of India did when the British took over and reject ‘English’ and westerm thought, we will be left behind once again.Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    The point is quite valid, we seem to be confused on whether to treat the U.S. as a friend or foe. Our people and government take all the benefits from the U.S. but still somehow seem to hate it.Recommend

  • Abhi

    Having fun time reading the comments! many people are claiming that they are opposing only the foreign policy, then why buring US flag and shout US Murdabad? Why supporting taliban and osama who did the worst crime against america? I think it is the same mind set in pak army who wants to user all the aid they can get but still support terorists.Recommend

  • hassan

    @Open Eyes…:
    You may not like Zardari or his foreign policies, but, he was elected by you. So, next time the elections are held, you should remember to cast your vote and you should vote him out of power.

    But, he can still come to power, if the majority of people in Pakistan wishes it so. Then, where would that leave you? You will have to accept the majority decision and live with it. If you think the majority who elected him are stupid idiots, then, you will have to ‘shift your house to air’ !

    By the way, i am amused by the responses of most the people here….according to them, the government and the people are different….what an ingenuous self-deception!!

    It is perfectly okay to criticize the government and still go to live there. But, it is not okay to live in an country that you consider as your enemy. That is sheer hypocrisy. (Can we apply that argument to Israel by saying that it is the Israeli government that is bad but the people there are good… ?)

    Another point: how can you dislike the government and still go to their embassies? Aren’t embassies part of government?

    Also, when you land at the US airport, the Immigration officer will ask you why you are visiting the country. If you are not hypocritical, you should tell your immigration officer, “Sir, I hate the foreign policies of your government but I like your people, so I am visiting your country.” Will anyone here have the courage and honesty to tell that to the immigration officer ?Recommend

  • Moz

    It is hypocrisy, pure and simple. When you study in the U.S, you pay them fees and taxes. Your money is also used in the WOT, so in a way u r endorsing American policy and hating it at the same time. Many American Universities and colleges have Muslim Students Associations, their prayer rooms. Tell me how many Pakistanis Universities and schools would allow non muslims to practise their faith. So those who are posting rubbish of “disagreeing American policy” don’t have the guts to oppose radical islamist groups, sectarian groups, and etc. Recommend

  • d3rwaish

    I live in canada but i like pakistan to be as good as this country is. Also the students/professionals going out of country are really foriegn exchange earning hands of pakistan. Foreign remmitences are helping out coutry. I also wonder why people still want to go to study in US. They should come to canada or may be australia, although i read some scarry stories of local australians beating indian orgin students :(. May be they had enough of desi students in their countries.Recommend

  • vickram

    What is common between these countries?

    US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Australia,Spain ….Muslims do not like the foreign policy or domestic policies of these governments and still flock there !

    By the way, is there any country whose foreign/domestic policy Pakistanis really approve of?Recommend

  • india….

    hi vickram — yup, we approve of china !! didn’t you know that ? Recommend

  • Amadeus

    Good one!!!! Recommend

  • vickram


    Yes, i know China is the only country Pakistanis approve of totally…..but you don’t go there to study….. do you?Recommend

  • Anoop

    You have a valid point but have talked about the aspect which is most vulnerable for criticism. Thats the art of writing, isnt it?

    You have to lay down points which are rock solid and consider all the alternative arguments about it.

    Lets say you had restricted you topic to Pakistanis going to America and settling there, but complaining about it, not only when they come back but when in America too, you would have had a rock solid point and the message would have been laid across.

    Or, you could have looked at some practical examples. For instance, when Raymond Davis killed a couple of guys, their families started shouting at the top of their voices, singing vile comments about America. But, part of the deal US made with them for their pardon according to the Sharia was letting them settle in the US. Nobody hears a peep out of them now, do they!

    Very good topic to discuss but sadly, you have left open loopholes, which people who disagree with exploit and exploit they have.


  • jahil_awaam

    Plain non-sense and waste of five minutes. You need to educate yourselfRecommend

  • Quratulain


    There is nothing wrong in holding an opinion however what is wrong is when grown men and women start berating the US forgetting that these are the very people behind cutting edge medical research, biggest charity organizations and top notch education both in their own country and in Pakistan. When IBA grads start talking ‘this nonsense’, forgetting that IBA was founded through collaboration with Wharton Business school; I see red.

    No one – including myself – has given a CSS exam and gone into the very ‘local/civil’ system in order to keep a country and its future intact. No ofcourse not, parents stop their children from joining the armed forces, or the railway, post office and other boring public offices meanwhile we ourselves wouldn’t dream of it. See no one can’t boast about it in their circle of friends and relatives can they? For me, i decided some time ago when I realized I had missed the boat; that it is better to shut up and not deride any country’s policy since I have not done anything to alleviate it. Perhaps if we all stopped complaining and started to do something, then chances are we will actually have a foreign policy and people in offices who would stand up against any organization (foreign or local) that was against the interest of Pakistan and Pakistanis.

    Till then, we only have ourselves to blame.Recommend

  • bilal ahmed

    Just a thought….

    The question is not about the staggering amount of young students flocking to USA for studies but what they want to do with the quality education which USA offers for sure. I think i will not call all those who choose USA for their bachelors as talented but lucky enough to afford it. Then again what we want to do with the quality of education ?

    Regarding the hypocrisy or immaturity i would say that hating the policies and loving the system are two different things. The hypocrisy lies in their (USA) application. What they think is best for them they don’t want that for others.

    Another thing is that why students choose USA for education: do they really value their education system or their thinking is more aligned with the west ( which i think is the result of being educated in western styled schools/colleges)

    Lastly every successful person (or nation) is clear in his thoughts and every failed person remains unclear and so is our nation !! Recommend