Pathan explains a thing or two, to Dharna dude

Published: October 1, 2011

"Pakhtun Resistance rocks dude!"

The characters:

Dharna dude from Islamabad – loves X-box, facials, and PTI.

Pathan from Peshawar – father died in a bomb blast, brother abducted by the Taliban.

Dialogue ensues:

Dharna dude: Hey Mr Pathan man! What kind of a Pathan are you? Don’t you know that Waziristan is under attack? Why didn’t you come to the dharna?

Pathan: I don’t understand one thing, why can’t you guys do a dharna against the Taliban? I mean, against all the suicide bombings and stuff?

Dharna dude: Oh my God! What is wrong with you man? Taliban is a reaction! They are fighting the big devil dude. Tell me were there any suicide bombings before the Americans came into Afghanistan? Taliban is Pakhtun resistance, Pakhtun resistance naswar power. Wake up khocha. They are fighting for you!

Pathan: Err, the Taliban kill Pakhtun children and lash Pakhtun girls in public, what exactly are you on about? If the Taliban is “Pakhtun” resistance than why do they mostly kill Pakhtuns? Can you even count the number of times Peshawar has been attacked during the last few years?

Dharna dude: Haha, well don’t mind my friend, but my daddy says that the real Pathan are the tribal ones, from the mountains, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) etc are not real Pathans you know. Fata are the real Pathans, wait what was that name? oh yes, the Faqir of Iffy.

Pathan: You mean the Faqir of Ipi?

Dharna dude: Yes, him, that dude wasn’t from Peshawar was he?

Pathan: Okay, so when you said Pakhtun Resistance, you actually meant “Tribal Pakhtun Resistance”, because those of us from KP also call ourselves Pakhtuns.

Dharna dude: Yeah, whatever man! Taliban are the Tribal Pakhtun Resistance, and they will teach the Americans a lesson, they taught the British a lesson and the Russ

Pathan: Have you ever heard of the Turis?

Dharna dude: The what?

Pathan: The Turis, they are a tribe from FATA; Kurram Agency to be exact.

Dharna dude: Okay, what about them?

Pathan: They are Shias.

Dharna dude: Shia, Sunni, whatever man. We are Muslims you know, all of us, and we have to be united you know, all the Christians are so united, but we Muslims…

Pathan: Hundreds of Turis have died while fighting against the Taliban.

Dharna dude: Well whatever man, I am just saying that America has attacked Afghanistan and…

Pathan: Which means, that all tribal Pakhtuns from FATA are not part of this “Tribal Pakhtun Resistance”.

Dharna dude: Yeah so?

Pathan: So you said it was Tribal Pakhtun Resistance, the Turis are tribal Pakhtuns and they are anti-Taliban.

Dharna dude: Well whatever man…

Pathan: So its not a Tribal Pakhtun Resistance, one could call it a “Sunni Tribal Pakhtun Resistance” perhaps?

Dharna dude: Okay dude, whatever rocks your boat man! They are going to kick America out of Afghanistan and…

Pathan: Ever heard of Ansar ul Islam?

Dharna dude: The what?

Pathan: It’s a militia of Barelvi Sunni Tribal Pakhtuns, based in Khyber Agency.

Dharna dude: Like…what the hell is a Barelvi?

Pathan: A type of Sunni, who goes to shrines, as in Daata Darbar?

Dharna dude: Oh I know Daata Darbar, isn’t that where Pappu Saeen lives? He rocks man.

Pathan: They are against the Taliban’s version of Islam.

Dharna dude: Who? Pappu Saeen?

Pathan: Yes, Pappu Saeen, his grandmother, and the Ansar ul Islam.

Dharna dude: Dude, why do you hate the Taliban so much man? They are going to kick America out of Afghanistan… and they…

Pathan: Just saying that the Taliban can’t even be labeled as Sunni Tribal Pakhtun Resistance, it’s not all Sunni either, so we can further restrict it to “Wahabi/Deobandi Tribal Pakhtun Resistance.”

Dharna dude: haha! Its resistance my friend, I am just saying we need to kick some gora ass man!

Pathan: Ever heard of the Punjabi Taliban?

Dharna dude: dude, come on, lets get over this whole Punjabi Pathan thing man, we are Pakistanis my dear Khocha! And anyway I needed to talk to you about something else.

Pathan: The Punjabi Taliban are also part of this resistance.

Dharna dude: Well good for them man, like America is causing global warming and stuff and they need to leave Afghanistan. But listen I applied….

Pathan: So what that means, is that this resistance, is not exclusively “Tribal Pakhtun”, it has Punjabis, and also, Uzbeks, Chechens etc as well.

Dharna dude: yeah so?

Pathan: So it’s basically a Wahabi/Deobandi Resistance, not Wahabi/Deobandi Tribal Pakhtun or Sunni Tribal Pakhtun or Tribal Pakhtun, or simply Pakhtun Resistance.

Dharna dude: Dude! Haha! You got a lot of time on your hand man, I gotta go home and play the new Call of Duty… its like pure awesomeness, but listen I needed your help.

Pathan: So, I hope we agree that it’s a Wahabi/Deobandi Resistance, and not a Pakhtun Resistance.

Dharna dude: Okay okay, now listen to me, I sent you my application essay for that Fulbright thingy, do check it out man, gotta get this thing nailed this time. Then its Ca-lee-fornia baby!

Pathan: Err…. You do know that the Fulbright scholarship is funded by USAID?

Dharna dude: Yeah man, lets kick the yankee out of Afghanistan! Pakhtun Resistance rocks dude!

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  • EoH

    Excellent writing! Real stuff! You are a good boy that you didn’t mention that Dharna Dude is a McBurqa guy who loves to attend dharna and rock & roll life!

    Hypocrisy and lies! That is the real motive of Imran Khan! You rock, man!!!

    Please read this about McBurqa guys as well… Really nice stuff:

  • Hafsa

    Very well written. But i must point out that Shia Turis of Kurram are not the only ones resisting the terrorists although they’ve always been the loudest voice. Sunnis of Kurram have now put aside the sectarian differences with Shias and are fighting the terrorists as well. Also, Bajaur, Khyber and other areas in FATA have their own tribal militias that fight these terrorists. Even the surrounding villages of Peshawar & villages of Charsadda have formed lashkars. There was a recent attack on schoolbus in Matani, Peshawar by terrorists to punish the tribes for forming the lashkar. Similarly some 30 boys from Bajaur have been kidnapped & taken to Kunar now. There have been systematic attacks including target killings, suicide attacks on lashkars & their family members for quite a while now. Funeral, mosques, nothing is spared.Recommend

  • Nadir

    Haah! This is amazing! Before anyone else says it, confess! Who is you paymaster! Rational thought in Pakistan but be a product of foreign funding!Recommend

  • meena gabeena

    What an excellent image of the daily conversations we have with dharna people…wait for the dharna ppl to read this…very nicely written…and just want to answer 1 more question to dharna people…drones started in 2002 there were 34 bomb blasts claimed by talibans..killing 100s..and in 2003 there were 40+ bobm blasts..including ones in quetta, jacobbabad, rawal pindi, Karachi, DI khan, jhang etc… so yeah drones were the reaction of talibanization..talibans were no reaction of drones..talibans r reaction of Zia ul haq. Islam came in 7th century…where wahabis came in 17th century and deobandis in 18th century in india..talibans r the reaction of the mindset they provided.Recommend


    Thanks for clearing the picture. Impressive post . THUMBS UP !!!Recommend

  • elyas kakar

    10 out of 10 broyou are the man very well written Recommend

  • Kamran

    Racist statements and biased article. Please don’t provoke pathans against your ownselves otherwise it may cause damage to national unity.Recommend

  • Nadir

    @Kamran: This article will damage national unity? Out of all the things going on in Pakistan you think that this piece is going to damage national unity?Recommend

  • txbashi

    Another futile attempt to redicule Imran Khan, and what else they can do?
    After 10 years, both military and political establishment coincided with his view that fighting will not solve the issue. But these so-called writers/intellectuals, who can’t seems to resist watching “beevas & buthead” re-runs, and get inspirational guidance from it, continue beating the drum of him being naive and misinformed about the “ground realities”. bravo…Recommend

  • meena gabeena

    @txbashis…lolll…. can u explain us the ground realities? ur highness if u have time to tell us unread people what the ground realities are..we would really appreciate it. :)Recommend

  • txbashi

    @meena- it is obvious that you did not “understand” the context. what I meant by this “term” invented by dictator Musharaf.
    Try again and keep your excitement aside…Recommend

  • EoH

    aah the troll of PTI is here!!! lol whatever u wrote itself is laughable!Recommend

  • faraz

    The deadliest suicide attack in Pakistan’s history was carried out by Taliban against the Jirga of tribesmen in Orakzai which killed over 220 people. Over 1500 tribesmen have been killed by Taliban in Kurram. Hundreds have died of conflict between Taliban, Ansar Islam and Lashkar Islam. Taliban killed over 700 Maliks across FATA. Hundreds of tribesmen have been slaughtered after being declared as spies. Taliban attacked van carrying children in Khyber; they bombed bazaars, and fired rockets and mortars on tribal population that is against them. They carried out suicide attacks against jirgas and funerals of tribesmen. There are dozens of lashkars operating against Taliban in FATA who have lost hundreds of men. Thousands of non-pushtoon militants are present in FATA. But dharna khan still declares TTP as pushtoon nationalists. Recommend

  • EoH


    and Imran Khan lives happily ever after with Jamima in UK… and u joining them so got ur letter of admission from Norway? Recommend

  • Hafsa

    To all the PTI fans: This article is not intended as some propaganda against Imran Khan but to challenge the stereotype about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & dispel the mis-conception that all or any of these terrorist outfits are an expression of Pashtun nationalism or that they are freedom fighters. So please don’t be up in arms in defense of Imran Khan & try to pay attention to what is being said here. Also, try to get to know Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & its history.Recommend

  • Umair Khan Pushtun

    this dharna boy seems more like a Punjabi boy Recommend

  • Syed Hussein El-Edroos

    Loved and humour alongwith the facts. Good articleRecommend

  • Bilal

    FYI, PTI condemns everyone of the suicide attacks. They don’t mean to offer protection to taliban. They want to eradicate their face from this earth, but it just thinks that fighting through drones isn’t the right way. We should make a wall and a proper border and regain authorities over the waziristan and FATA territories.Recommend

  • amerbail

    haha nicely written article but as being a deobandi, i am a little offended by you (author) calling talibans a wahhabi/deobandi movement :( All deobandis are not like that, as if i talk of myself and my family we are strictly against talibans besides being deobandis.Recommend

  • Yasir

    as usual racist, one side of the picture. as usual, pathan, being a symbol of fun and hypocracy. shame on you guys.Recommend

  • Faz

    NFP wannabes …..Recommend

  • wahwah khan


  • shoeb

    NFP rehash …. be original bro!! Recommend

  • ihtisham khan

    one thing mr pathan failed to explain…the drones never stopped …they are still going on…the army is still there…why are the taliban no finished…why are they getting stronger day by day…clearly ur plan is not working …the world’s army is lying in afghanistan ..why is the problem not solved in 10 years…and do u really think if america leaves the taliban will dissappear …plus..the whole parliment of pakistan condemn the drones…all the poltical parties are against the drones…why don’t u say that to them.??.why only the dharna dude…???which party support the drone strikes??..whats the harm in talking to them??…if america can talk to taliban ….why not pakistan..??..taliban is a reality…closing ur eyes and killing people through army will not sovle the problem…come and live in the areas where operations are goin on and then u will know what living is…??.shoutin from outside countries and cities telling the army to kill them is easy…just live there when an army gunship helcipter hits ur house…be there when a mortar fire hits ur family and because of the curfew the army won’t let u take them to hospital……its easy to say these things from the comfort of ur houses…Recommend

  • Imran Kamyana

    PTI= Political wing of Taliban and extreme right wing military establishment, having roots only in upper middle class confused youth. Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal

    A perfect blend of loads of NFP ideasRecommend

  • Kamal Memon

    Aala !Recommend

  • Nayab

    One word – Stupid.Recommend

  • Ashfaque Ali

    I feel like, I need to pop my eyes out with hot needles. I don’t mean to overreact but this is simply based on fanciful thinking which makes it a piece of crap.Recommend

  • EoH


    Avra Kadavra !!!!! Swish of wand by Taliban oops Imran Khan and gone are taliban!!! YEY!!!Recommend

  • Basit Khan

    Love it !
    And for all those, who think it’s NFP’ blend, obviously you lot know nothing about this author. It’s a pashtun perspective, perfectly in sync with how i as a pashtun think. NFP writes as a frustrated Pakistani liberal. Visit his blog before judging him, and you will know where he is coming from.

  • faraz

    @ihtisham khan
    What Imran doesn’t mention is the 3 decades old policy of using civilians to wage proxy wars under which thousands of children from poor families were indoctrinated and dumped in Afghanistan and Kashmir. Before 911, over 3 dozen militant groups were based in Pakistan which had over 500,000 members. In 1998, when Taliban attacked Mazar Sharif, over 20,000 Pakistani Taliban were sent to their aid. The militant network is so vast and deep rooted that problem won’t solve anytime in near future.
    Only practical way to halt drone strikes is to establish writ of the state. Imran wants the army to withdraw, shoot down drones, and hand over the territory to Taliban. Of course it would lead to peace, as Taliban would form their Islamic emirate. Taliban were in power in Afghanistan before US invaded; US is a foreign power. While army is not an external force, and all tribal are loyal to Pakistan. We cannot allow extremists to enforce their vicious ideologies on common man. Imran’s solution will lead to disintegration of the state. If we hand over FATA to TTP, Swat to TTP/TNSM, then what about ethnic gangs of Karachi, dacoits of interior Sindh, sectarian terrorists of Southern Punjab, and separatists of Baluchistan? They too will take over the state.
    According to surveys, Taliban are least popular in KP where people have to face the music. Not surprisingly, Taliban are most popular in Punjab. And I am against the use of air force and artillery except where Taliban have hideouts in mountains. I totally condemn their use in residential areas; this tactic must change.
    Negotiations should be held if Taliban are ready to accept the writ of the state. But past record suggests otherwise. Baitullah Mehsood had 200 men when peace treaty was signed. Year later he formed a deadly militia of 10,000 men, executed hundreds of Maliks and took over Mehsud area of South Waziristan; that treaty gave birth to TTP. Similarly, talks failed in Swat. US can leave Afghanistan anytime, and nobody is going to bomb schools in US. But the threat of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan is existential. Recommend

  • Gulbahadur

    Very well said.This is actually a fight between the dewbandi and the paid mercenaries of Saudi govt and America.The ignorant Pathans ,who are actually recruited in the madrasas of fazalrehman and samiulhaq are poor and desperate.Their parents are paid handsome money after the mission is accomplished.Others get handsome rent for their Hujras rented to the trainers of suicide bombers.They could be purchased for 100’000 rupees for someone personal enemies.Some decades ago,poor people in Pakistan were selling sex now they are selling their children for their living.In the next twenty years or so they would be forced to start a war against all those who have some thing.That would result in community wars and there would be complete anarchy.Our rich would have already left the country and our centuries old civilisation would be torn apart by the hungry and unruly masses.Every body would offer a perfect excuse to justify the killing of other,just like some civil society proponents justifying the killing of Salman tasserRecommend

  • Furqan

    The writer proves his own ignorance by serving wahhabi/deobandi in one plate…they are both on different levelRecommend

  • Parvez

    Liked the way you wrote this. Recommend

  • Israr

    Very well written and an interesting perspective that dearly needs to be out in the open. I’m curious about one thing though, with so many tribal leaders, lashkars, army and drones trying to root out this movement, what perpetuates their existence? Failing to wrap my head around how can they be so elusive when the people around them hate them and are up in arms against them, and the army is ever present their to support the locals and the skies aren’t any friendly either. Recommend

  • Imran Ghazali

    Hey dude lets get together at the Dhaba and I will get you some “real” good stuff!

    Obama Kushh! Whaaaaty amazing journey….Recommend

  • Zubair Farouq

    I get only one point the whole Pakistan is now uncertainty condition. The whole Pakistan stuck in many issue and every issue is further dived in his sub branches.
    We should think how to come over these issue. instead of criticizing. We also cannot neglect CIA and RAW influence. And they have only one mission destabilize the region.Unfortunately we people of Pakistan are now in deep of CIA+RAW+TALIBAN+Efficient Pak Gov..Recommend

  • salman qureshi

    You don’t get the point do you? Just because someone is opposing the drone attacks does not meant that they are sympathizing with the Taliban. I’m sick of people making that link/ assumption. Peace cannot be brought out by bombs.Recommend

  • H Q

    Lousy analysis.

    The TTP is neither Wahabi nor Deobandi. They follow the Takfeeri Ideology that calls for Jihad against Muslims. If you do research, these people are referred to as “Khawarij” or “Kharji” in Islamic history from the times of Hazrat Ali R.A.’s Khilaafah when this whole “fitnah” first started.

    The Taliban in Afghanistan have time and again distanced themselves from the types of Baitullah, Hakeemullah and Fazlullah. Recommend

  • Reality Check

    FYI, Wahabi’s and Deobandi’s aren’t the same thing. Learn to do your homework, dude.Recommend

  • A Rehman

    First of all, let’s not confuse Imran Khan with some of the young people who ‘dharna’ because it’s ‘cool.’

    Having said that, the truly cringe-worthy nature of the statements made by some ‘cool’ dharna folk should not take away from the fact that finally there is a tiny glimmer of political awareness among a demographic better known for its insular corporate aspirations.

    It’s a tiny step but at least it’s in the right direction.

    As for hypocrisy, this is not a sickness restricted to certain social classes. Half the people mocking ”Defence” types would give anything to live there themselves, just as half the people who show up at anti-american rallies would happily settle in the land of the ”brave” and ”free.”Recommend

  • Sean

    An jolt of reality for our confused ‘amreeka hamara dushman hai’ masses. Great job.Recommend

  • Columbus

    khaista, khkalay means beautiful and pretty …Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    HAHAHA..This was amazing.Recommend

  • D

    no they are not. they are the same.Recommend

  • Human

    An excellent piece. Those bringing revolution for Imran Khan are the elite class sitting in Drawing rooms and doing nothing practical. Imran is on a long term mission. Cheers to you for a brave resistance through Pen. Recommend

  • http://none Bangash

    Absolutely BANG ON TARGET.Recommend

  • Naina

    @salman qureshi:
    Not speaking against something means you are supporting it, and Imran khan has never spoken openly against such savages who are on the mission of killing people. This is a definite link that you need to realize. Peace cannot be brought by bombs but Sir, the time for compromises has now passed, sould we wait for more and more people to get killed in order to have peace through peaceful means.Recommend

  • Saeed

    Excellent. Keep it upRecommend

  • Azza Abbas

    Awesome =)Recommend

  • An Avid Reader

    A biased and a generalized piece, but a laugh nonetheless.Recommend

  • Saad A

    but this Dharna dude still runs the country, unless we stand up against the deep state put limits to their venture and lusts for experiments.Recommend

  • Salman

    crush taliban, they are terriorist Recommend

  • Hassan

    A great work. The pakhtuns in the view of Imran khan and his other like minded friends are Sacrificial lambs. Pakhtuns please realize the sensitivity of the situation and kick such people out from making inroads in your areas. They have always preached hatred, intolerance and inhumanity while your history shows that you are the soldiers of the largest non violent army of the world. Recommend

  • Ovais

    Yea blame it up on Deobands lol .. good going bro .. Pakistani Taliban and Afghanistani taliban are two different things . very lame article that obviously ET would love to endorseRecommend

  • Hassan

    The blog is a great example of when ignorance meets a vested interest, the respected writer wrote a similiar piece in another newspaper and proclaims that the views of the PTI chairman are an elitist misconception where as the writer has discovered the gospel of truth about the war on terror and the real identity of the TTP (which he obviously hasnt disclosed)

    The writer claims in his piece that the “IRA was not known to kill the Irish” the conflict in Ireland was sectarian in nature and not ethnic, so for Mr Imran Khan’s knowledge it was indeed the Irish that were being killed on both sides. Then Mr Imran Khan claims that the “LTTE wasnt known to kill Tamils” another flight of fancy, the Tamils suffered the most at the hands of LTTE because of their tactics of using civilians as human shileds against military operations. So his argument of ethnic uprisings not killing people of their own ethnicty is baseless.

    Now to why the PTI chairman believes that this it is a pushtun insurgency, the origins of the TTP can be traced back to when the US invaded Afghanistan and thousands of Pakistani Pushtoon triibesmen were mobilised for armed intervention across the Durand line. Sufi Muhammad, Nek Mohammed Wazir and Abdullah Mehsud were part of the initial resistance. The 2nd most important part is the arrival of Afghan taliban and Al Qaeda’s senior leadership which paid millions of dollars to tribal elders in return for shelter. Most of the top leadership of both groups went to South Waziristan and were offered protection by the Ahmed zai Wazir tribe.

    While these developments radicalised and mobilised the locals for their resistance in Afghanistan it was the Pakistan Army’s 2002 invasion which transformed this into a full blown insurgency where the Pakistan Army met resistance from local tribesmen and instead of fighting foreign elements the Pakistan Army became involved with its own countrymen the tribal pushtoons. this insurgency was initially limited to North & South Waziristan but spread rapidly across FATA and the resultant was the formation of several other militias which combined and formed the TTP.

    Now the TTP has morphed into two distinct groups one which is closely aligned with Al Qaeda and is focused on fighting the Pakistani state and is led by Hakimullah mehsud and Wali ur Rehmann (Jaish i islami). The other is group which is close to the Afghan Taliban (dont fight Pakistan Army) and focus on fighting in Afghanistan only this includes Mullah Nazir & Hafiz Gul Bahadur. Both these groups are known to have severe infighting as well for example Mangal Bagh who fights the pakistan Army also hated Baitullah Mehsud leader of the TTP.

    Currently there are atleast 24 militant groups active in FATA & Swat which form the TTP and most of these get their recruits from local pushtoon population, so the reason why it is called a pushtoon insurgency is not fighting for a pushtoon state but that it the insurgency has the support of the local population and is still over whelmingly dominated by Pushtoon tribes.

    As for the Kurram Agency shia vs Sunni clashes outdate the Taliban phenomenon, though the Taliban have exploited this conflict as well. The Shia and Sunni tribes have been fighting since prior to this conflict which dates back to the days since the Afghan war ended. the first major incident of sectarian violence took place in 1987 in Sada.

    Now for Ansar Ul Islam, it is a barelvi group which wasnt fighting the taliban or against the Taliban version of Islam they are in a power struggle (barelvi vs Deobandi) in Khyber Agency against a group called Lashkar e Islam headed by Mufti munir Shakir for control of the bara area in Khyber agency and both these leaders were kicked out by the local tribal elders in feb of 2006.

    In light of the above facts i would like the writer to conduct a proper research before writing such frivilous blogs on such important issues.Recommend

  • Salman Zahid

    Salutes….great workRecommend

  • jahan zeb

    what a creative writing and the true voice of Pashtuns… I hope Pakistani youth will learn how to be rational; however, they only learn when they see their own brothers, sisters and parents are killed in the bomb blasts as is is done in Peshawar, Swat, Kandahar and Kabul.Recommend

  • txbashi

    An excellent rebuttal on the this baseless blogg. These pseudo intellectuals are true defenders of insanity…keep doing same thing over & over again but expects different results…bravo..Recommend

  • Ahmed
  • Doctor

    This is a brilliant post. The PTI-Nazis have nothing to say because they have no response. The truth is that Imran Khan is a terrorist sympathizer and sycophant of the deep state (Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies).

    @ Hassan – you make a great point but the goal of the author’s blog is to point out that the PTI fanatics and other people in Pakistan who don’t see the truth and worship guys like Zaid Hamid are just wrong. There are many Pasthuns who really hate all the terrorists and hate their own leadership for giving the terrorists room to operate. Recommend

  • Farhad Yousafzai

    Lols..Seems like you are the Dharna Guy…( Type).if this is in your opinion sponsored by a paymaster then you must try your luck too.Recommend

  • Farhad Yousafzai

    How is it perpetuated…An example is given in this link

  • faraz


    And what about the mullah military alliance, its hundreds of thousands of members, the policy of proxy wars and strategic depth, the elimination of pushtoon culture by wahabi ideology. Sufi Muhammad existed a decade before 911 and rebelled against the state. Over 20,000 Pakistanis fought alongside Afghan Taliban during the civil war of the 1990s; what were they reacting to? The insurgency didn’t spread, but the insurgents took over FATA through brute force while Musharraf was running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Doctor: Labelling people PTI Nazis isnt going to get us anywhere one should be prepared to have a mature debate on such important issues, you might not agree with PTI and its point of view but calling one of Pakistan’s biggest humanitarians a terrorist sympathiser is crass and in bad taste. This “with us or against us” approach has never worked and never will if you disagree present an alternative point of view and argument otherwise talk is cheap.

    The truth my friend can be based on one’s own perceptions or cold hard facts, the writer presented a satire based on his perceptions and i have made a point according to facts. Yes pushtuns hate the terrorists and a sizeable majority despises the state of Pakistan as well the point is that we cannot label everything with the same brush.

    A couple of surveys within FATA, the first one by the New America Foundation has Imran Khan as the most popular leader within FATA

    So if he was misleading the people they wouldnt support him!!!

    Another survey where the people support Imran Khan overwhelmingly and believe that military operations arent the solution. So my friend if you believe in Democracy you must atleast give the majority a chance to present their point of view without you labelling them as terrorist sympathisers.Recommend

  • faraz


    You nicely omitted an important finding of this survey:

    FATA residents who support/oppose Pakistan military action against Alqaeda and Taliban in their region.

    Support 69 percent
    Oppose 24 percent

    This survey comprehensively demolishes the myth of TTP as an expression of pushtoon nationalism. Actually people support Imran because he is untested; people are fed up of the old faces. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ faraz, Just cherry picking aspects of the survey wont lend credence to your argument, yes the people support the Army in conducting operations against Al Qaeda and Taliban as you mentioned another thing to look at is the answer to the question

    Who Do You Consider Most Responsible for the
    Violence that is Occurring inside FATA Today?

    US – 40%
    India – 13%
    Israel 7%

    So 60 % of the blame is on external forces and the rest is divided amongst TTP, Afghan Taliban, Al Qaeda and Pakistan Army. This belief of foreign powers impacting violence in FATA is the reason that this insurgency gets local pushtoon support and is the reason that the Army operations and drone strikes have not been able to bring the insurgency under control.

    Which of the following countries or groups do you
    think pose the greatest threat to your personal

    US – 38%
    India – 12%
    Israel – 9%

    Again a manifestation of the minset that the people have and why this insurgency is still ragin on and getting recruits from the local pushtoon population.

    So the survey doesnt demolish the so called myth it actually gives you a deeper meaning to why this is a pushtoon insurgency but not in the traditional sense of fighting for a pushtoon state but rather pushtoons fighting for their religious beliefs.Recommend

  • Hassan Raza

    Absolutely SUPERBRecommend

  • Afridi


    data from ur survey

    Q7a-l. Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about each of the following groups?
    Very Favorable:

    Pakistan Army: 48.3%

    TTP: 4.4%
    Foreign Fighters: 5.4%

    Q9a-n. Please tell me if you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable opinion of: Leaders

    Very Favorable
    Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani: 38.2%
    Yousaf Raza Gillani: 31.8%
    Parvez Musharaf: 17.3%
    Asif Ali Zardari: 21.9%

    Jalaluddin Haqqani: 9.3%
    Siraj Haqqani: 7.2%

    Q11a-d. Do you support or oppose the presence of the following groups inside FATA today?

    Strongly Support

    The US Military: 1.2%
    Arab and Foreign Al-Qaeda Figher: 1.5%
    Pakistani Taliban Fighters: 5.2%Recommend

  • faraz


    These findings show that people, like rest of the country, believe that TTP are not an indigenous phenomenon but a conspiracy concocted by US-India-Israel. It is a result of propaganda by mullah military alliance and pseudo-intellectuals that put blame on hidden external forces. And by connecting TTP to external forces, people express their hated for it. By declaring TTP a Hindu-Zionist conspiracy, people don’t show their approval for their activities. If it was indeed a pushtoon insurgency, then pushtoons wouldn’t be supporting military operations against it? Elimination of Maliks, the traditional holders of power, is the confirmatory proof that Taliban want to take over the state. Recommend

  • Innocent

    Dear you better re-read the history. you are speaking the words of Hamid gul and zaid Hamid. Your beloved Intelligence agency did all this on the Pakhtun land with the help of the Punjabi taliban and their supporters by exploiting Islam and the innocence and Sensitive nature of Pakhtuns. You people have become blind and deaf and you can only follow the conspiracy theories. Can you please explain to me as to who created the Taliban? who assisted them? which countries approved their state? Who in your country is still in contact with them? the answer to all those questions is simply ‘the Punjabi establishment’.
    Do keep this writing as a proof with yourself, that you will repent your ideology after the fire comes to your home.
    We are burning in the same fire since thirty years and you are just watching us and persuing your goals.
    PTI is an illegitimate child of the establishment and will never succeed.Recommend

  • Achakzai

    Absolutely fantastic. A great blow to the PTI and its supporters. I sincerely advise mR Imran khan of PTI to dissolve his party and Join Jamaat islami, because of both having the same ideologies. Dharna/raili/Moham/Ihtijaj they are brothers and sisters in every aspect.
    Also I didnt see any JI, PTI people condemning today’s assault on the Shias. What an apathy?Recommend

  • BABA

    Inquilab through pappu boys has badly failed……
    Go and take rest PTI…Garmi bohot hai aur police maaregi tho inqilaab kese aayega…hahahahaRecommend

  • Lewanai

    Better Sit in your drawing room watch friends, Sex and the city, X factor. Inqilaab is none of your business…Recommend

  • So so

    Garmi mai inqilaab kon laye ga….
    Ab garmi khatam hone do bahar mai hum inqilaab laayengai….

    Inqilaab…. Murdabad

  • Dharna pappu

    You rock. All those criticising the article are in dark.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @faraz: you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink, for this particular argument it is irrelevant how and what kind of propaganda was done the issue being discussed was if the pushtoons support this insurgency the facts my dear friend are that they do and that is the reason which sustains this insurgency even to this day. Now all pushtoons dont do it an over whelming majority hates it also but the core fact remains that majority of the movement is pushtoon and that is why its labelled as such.

    I have proved by argument with facts now ill continue only if you refute my facts which you havent your propogating a different point altogether, so relax and try to understand what i am saying before going on an on about mullah military alliance and why Taliban wants to take over the world.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Achakzai: i dont see your comment containing any condemnation against the shia killings am i to assume that you are a Taliban apologist or would it be fair to label you as a rabble rouser who doesnt have an educated opinion but is only good for inciting negative propaganda against someone else.

    As for this illinformed blog its hardly a blow more like hot air and PTI is used to this kind of nonsense, we thrive against adversity.Recommend

  • tush

    hahhahahhahhahahhaha!!!!!……….Imran and his supporters keep on giving fodder for excellent comic writing.Recommend

  • faraz


    They are pushtoon because FATA is lawless area. Thousands of foreigners are residing there. It’s possible to establish training centers with tacit approval of the mullah military alliance. FATA is the poorest area of Pakistan and thousands of poor children can be easily recruited. State has abandoned FATA as it has little contribution in the national GDP. It has no presence in any state institution or the assembly.

    And the findings in the survey you posted exploded your own argument. Its common sense – 69 percent want military action against TTP, so TTP can’t be a pushtoon insurgency. You usually do better than this, but made a fatal mistake by posting that survey.Recommend

  • Achakzai

    Dear Hassan, I am sorry when I see educated people like you, who does not have a world view. Let me answer all your questions;

    I did apologize with the shias ( What you call Kafirs) communities and attended their funerals, but I did not mention all this.

    As far as this blog is concerned, if it is ill informed why did you waste your time reading it?

    TTP is never a Pakhtun movement, It has started by the Punjabi establishment, it has been supported by them and It will end in Punjab (please remember this). Pakhtuns have been used and as far as your example of horse is concerned I wish you had the same situation as we Pakhtuns have on our land. The horse has been made to run for hundreds of mile and then it has been taken to the water, and is compelled to drink it. so has happened with the Pakhtuns, they have been kept away from the mainstream, with no education and then misused in whatever way the state wanted, but imagine what justifications would you give after 10-20 years to the next generation of Pakhtuns.

    As far as I am concerned, I am a Pakhtun, and please do remember this as well that PTI is not going to win even a counciller’s seat neither in Balochistan nor in KPK. They are making inroads in Punjab and the reason is obvious (Most of the Punjabis support people having TTP type of ideology or their silent supporters).Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ faraz, They are pushtoon because FATA is a lawless area is that even an argument!!!! Like i said cherry picking questions from the survey doesnt form an analysis, 60% of the people of FATA consider the violence in FATA to be engineered by the US, India and Israel and consider the TTP as an extension of the same and thus want military action against TTP.

    At the same time the TTP is not one group but a collection of more than 24 different groups with their own vested interests and aims which recruit from the local population for a variety of reasons including poverty, revenge, religious indoctrination etc but the key fact remains that majority of the people fighting alongside the TTP are pushtoons and that the willingly or unwillingly the local population supports this insurgency i call it a pushtoon insurgency you call it Taliban taking over the world or military mullah alliance or whatever you like.

    As for representation FATA has MNA’s elected to the national assembly. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Achakzai: dont be sorry for me get a knowledgeable perspective before you debate on public forums, my worldview is based on a lot of research which is geared towards identifying the root cause and finding a solution. It is not based on ethnic prejudice and perceptions like your views.

    I do not see a condemnation Mr Achakzai in your previous comment maybe it was an invisible condemnation!!! You dont have any right to speak on my behalf and judge me keep your bigoted crap to yourself, it is you who thinks of the world in kafir and non kafir terms not me it is your sick mind that produces such hate not mine so stick to the issue.

    The difference between you and me is that i read everything and all perspectives i dont select material that conforms to my perceptions only, so dont worry about my time.

    Give me proof that the TTP was started by this so called Punjabi establishment till you can give some proof all your arguments are opinions and not facts. There are a sizeable number of pushtoons in the armed forces who have risen to the top so your argument that punjab controls the army is based on your hate for punjabis not a rational argument.

    No one has kept the pushtoons from education they are very much a part of Pakistan and has managed to rise to all levels of power within this country so this argument might fly in front of your fellow haters but not here not without proof.

    I am a Pakistani was born as one and will die as one and as for what PTI will win we shall see and cross that bridge when we come to it your political opinions are as flimsy as the rest of your comments.Recommend

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    an extremely racist article which doesn’t going to contribute in peace anyway, what it can contribute to is only racism and sectarianism
    we need to unite rather than being splitRecommend

  • Achakzai

    Yes I am a Pakhtun nationalist, and have a firm belief in Ethnicities, Go read your constitution which also approves 4 different ethnic groups in the country. I have never separated Musalman and Kafir. I look at all the people as Human beings, I donot hate anybody because of his ethnic, religious or cultural background but I must admit that I love my people more then any one else and i am proud of my sense of belonging to the Pakhtuns.

    As fars as Pakhtuns in the Army and other Jobs is concerned I agree there are many who are on good ranks in the military and in the civil bureaucracy, but majority is still in dark having no education, no health. The literacy rate of FATA is 3%. If your beloved establishment could create madrassa and Jihadi outfits why dont they build schools, colleges, and universities? Why have they kept FATA away from the mainstream? . I would like to invite you so that you could see first hand what the reality is? Stop watching PTV and Geo. Just come out of your drawing room and be brave to visit the most developed areas in Pakhtunkhwa.You are busy killing us, silencing our voices, but why dont you remember what happened when you tried to do the same to Bengalis?

    As far as TTP are concerned just watch the video below

    Is this a pakhtun? is this someone from Pakhtunkhwa. It is your blue eyed army’s colonel and a Punjabi himself. Using religion for Strategic depth policy is a part of your country’s deadly policy which is haunting everyone now.
    Dont worry all this is coming to your homes as well, and I will ask you after you are affected by such monsters?
    Could you show me any prrofs where Imran Khan speaks against the Army budget? the corruption in Army? the Atrocities coimmited by ISI?

    You wont understand all this untill you experience everything yourself, I have experienced all this myself, I dont go after surveys but I am practical and telling you whatever I have passed through.Recommend

  • Pukhtun

    @Muhammad Abdullah:
    How could Talking about one’s own people be a threat for the unity and integration of the country
    ? You people better cry and shout for Palestine and chechnya but when it comes to me and my people it is a threat to your unity. Damn such unity, Damn such peace that is going to Kill me and save you. I dont want any such peace for my people. Shame on your thinking.Recommend

  • Rational

    Politically Taliban Inspired….. PTI
    Down with those fanatics..Recommend

  • Pekhawrai

    Balanced article. Please those who do not agree with the writer express your views in a neutral way. and those praising the writer also have a right to do so. Pakhtoons have suffered the most in this country Pakistan and they have evry right to speak up against all those evil forces who have misused them in the past and who are trying to do the same today, be it in the sahpe of Zaid hamid, Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain, Fazlurehman. All are the killers of our children, they have used religion as a tool to get their worldly aims, they never speak against the suicide bombs and the other killings by the devils. Those siding with such people please open your eyes before it’s too late. Recommend

  • Hassan


    If you have problem with my constitution then maybe you are the one who needs to pack their bags and leave rather spew ethnic hatred against other ethnic groups. being pukhtoon nationalist doesnt give you the right to blame others for your problems, your puhtoon nationalist party is ruling KPK go and air your complaints with them and not against Punjabis.

    Like i said out of 14 COAS 4 were pukhtoons (not 5 as i mentioned earlier one was a Hazara General Musa) so a percentage your representation was as much as Punjab which is more than 50% representation population wise. So stop cribbing most of Pakistan is deprived of basic services your not the only one, why dont you ask your Pukhtoon nationalist ANP as to why they havent done anything for your areas you wont because the truth hurts. the Army Establishment is as guilty as political forces but your world view allocates blame to one only.

    I have been to the tribal areas and travelled extensively in South Waziristan, Khyber and Kurram agencies and the situation is like all of Bloachistan except quetta and most of southern punjab and upper sindh. So dont leacture me on what the reality is, like i said i get my information from all sources unlike you. No one is killing you or silencing your voices people all over Pakistan are suffereing so stop with you ethnic whining learn to think beyond your own issues and we might be able to resolve the problems in this country.

    Did he train punjabis he trained Pushtoons to fight in Afghanistan see the whole picture not what suits you, it was pushtoon warlords who took millions of dollars to fight the russians and then took money to garnt safe heaven to foreign militants as well so maybe you should look inwards before you launch your hatred against others.

    Speaking against army and taliban

    against Kayani’s extension

    Calling Pakistan army a proxy army for US

    Against military operations

    I have given enough proof if you want to change your mind but i know this is ionst enough nothing is enough once a man is hell bent on disagreeing.Recommend

  • Pekhawrai

    I didnt see Mr Imran talking on corruption in army or Army budget.

    Also I am not going anywhere, and I dont need any one’s support. I am educating my youth to know the realities and i will not teach them your distorted history, they will be good human beings, good Pakhtuns and good Pakistanis.

    Yes he trained Pakhtuns (menas you agree on what I said).

    I respect all people even Punjabis and have no biased opinion for them.

    Can mr imran condemn the suicide bombings and bombers? NO
    Can Imran openly say that Jinnahs vision was Secular? NO
    Can imran defend the class 8th student who was ousted from School because of a mistake?
    Can imran tell us what pakistan he wants Secular or theocratic because his likings looks more like theocratic?
    Criticising Nawaz shareef and Zardari why is Imran Khan party Chairman since 16 years? could he not produce even a sigle good follower?

    And your dream to win in coming elections will never come true? you will win a single seat only.

    Facebook likings wont help you win elections be practical dude dont decieve your own self.Recommend

  • Baba ji

    Well done … DUDE !!!Recommend

  • wazir

    Since when Hate Talib=Love Drone?
    Sounds like nonsense Islooite/USAID thinking.
    Most Pashtun Hate Drone, and hate TTP Talibs.
    They also hate US for its crimes in Afghanistan, and support Afghan Talib.
    And nobody likes the Turis. People still remember them doing oddjobs for the Brits.
    So you see, its not that simple. Imran Khan of PTI at least tries to empathize with Pashtuns being killed indiscriminately by drones. He points out that it is shameful for our government to abet robotic incineration of entire families to get at one or two individuals. The Americans are callous, but the GOP is being cheaper than a halfpenny strumpet. And denials don’t fool anybody, and only make the country look worse.
    Imran Khan of ExTrib, on the other hand, resorts to cheap stereotypes and misrepresentation. Unfortunate, he has plenty of like minded fans in this benighted country, especially among the English-speaking class.Recommend

  • Khudai Khidmatgar

    Dear wazir:
    Imran khan the blogger is doing a Job which most of the Pashtuns appreciate and I am the first one to appreciate him because he speaks the truth. His resort to stereotypes is perfectly OK because the Pashtuns are considered as ‘Qurbani kai Bakrai’ by the establishment, media, politicians. He wants to make us aware of those stereotypes.He is talking about the poor and the lower middle class while his opponents are those belonging to the cricketer Imran Khans burger type families.

    The Turis are the sons of this soil and they are liked as much as any other tribe, they have blood relationships with other pashtun tribes and to your surprise with Sunnis.

    You are wrong on all fronts. Where do most pashtuns hate drones can you please tell me where. I am from Waziristan and I know the local people who say drone is the only weapon to get the TTP members out. I know casualties occur but if our army is looking at TTP and saying nothing, I would prefer America to come and attack them. They have killed my customs, culture, and many of my elders. What else am I left with? Do you want me to wait and See?
    Imran khan the cricketer wants to persue the strategic depth policy but this time his tricks are not going to work. We are all working on stopping such bigots from deceiving poor Pashtuns……….Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    Imran Khan supports the pro-Taliban/anti-American camp in the Army and the ISI.
    There is a rift already within our security establishments and Imran Khan has hopes he will win elections if he sides with the real rulers of this country.Recommend

  • Khan Gee

    The writer has missed the difference between Pakistani taliban and Afghan Taliban.Afghan taliban are fighting the war of independence against the foreign forces who have occupied their country after 9/11 where as Pakistani Talibans are the bunch of misguided rascals who are funded by RAW,MOSSAd and CIA and alike to destabilize Pakistan,weaken its economy,reduce its role in Afghanistan and make it a state dependent on India. pakistani Taliban are neither serving the cause of Islam nor Pukhtoons not Pakistan but are dancing to the tune being played by those who are out to destroy this land of Pu res .i think we sshould understand this phenomena if we want. to get out of this mess .the sooner it is the better it will. Recommend

  • shandana

    heh heh, typicalRecommend

  • Rational Pakistani Khan

    True enough, that was the main point of the article.

    And yet Imran Khan is indeed ridiculous. He’s either highly misinformed about these important issues, lying, or a bit of both (I think the latter).

    If he was REALLY brave, and did not care about electability or popular perception (and popular ignorance in Pakistan), then he would protest against the Taliban in no uncertain terms. But PTI also calls for Islamization and implementation of sharia. His dharna dude drones are wealthy, spoiled brats, and their stated agenda is basically Taliban-lite. He is a defender of the post-Zia mullah-military status quo, and thinks the ISI is flawless can do no wrong (assuming he’s not just a front for all these powerful interests to begin with). He gives aid and comfort to all of Pakistan’s real enemies.

    His one redeeming feature is his charity; you know, the type of thing that other famous rich athletes – including in the evil America he so castigates – do all the time.

    Wake up Pakistani youth, he is NOT a saint. He’s arrogant, power-hungry and bigoted, and is not a relief from the rest of the political class in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rational Pakistani Khan


    Imran Khan has repeatedly said (including on international TV) that the Taliban are “freedom fighters” and a valid resistance. He also blames the suicide attacks on drones and not the Taliban (or other extremists in Pakistan) themselves. He really has to answer for that position!

    Further, after the first attempted assassination of Benazir Bhutto he said (again on CNN) that “she has no one to blame but herself.”

    So much for condemning terrorism.Recommend

  • Rational Pakistani Khan

    True, there are different types of Deobandi Muslims (I know some who are pacifist), and not all extremists in Pakistan are Deobandi.Recommend