Video blog: Fatima vs Bilawal Bhutto – a brighter future?

Published: September 29, 2011

This video addresses the two bright youngsters of the Bhutto family, Fatima Bhutto and Bilawal Bhutto. Filmed in a way that encourages comparison, the imperative question asked is which one of the two could lead Pakistan to a better future.

The name Bhutto is, most definitely, one that is familiar to each and every Pakistani. With Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Chairman of the PPP, emerged a family that would continue to play a strong role in Pakistani politics. Even though three of his four children were murdered, Fatima Bhutto and Bilawal Bhutto are continuing to carry the family legacy of an active history in politics.

Although the two youngsters are similar in that they have both lost a parent, and are vocal about Pakistani politics, this is as far as their similarities go.

Fatima Bhutto is an ardent writer. She has been overtly critical of her Aunt, and has blamed the death of her father on Benazir Bhutto’s regime. She has made her presence on national and international forums. However, Fatima has no desire to use her family name to enter politics; this, she says, she wasnts to do solely via her prose.

Bilawal Bhutto, on the other hand, was born in Pakistan, but spent most of his life in the UAE, and then went to Oxford University. At the ripe age of 19, he was made the Chaiman of PPP, however, he can hardly speak his mother tongue.

The two youngsters are politically seasoned, have sound educational backgrounds and have had a tremendous amount of exposure. Is this, however, enough to guarantee a bright future to Pakistan?

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  • Moazzam Salim

    Is Bilawal really a Bhutto? Even with all the name changes he will always remain son of Zardari. Recommend

  • Adeel

    First of all, Bilawal isn’t a Bhutto. Secondly, how is he “politically seasoned” ? Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Aatif

    We are mentally slaves and still we complain of Feudalism and discrimination. I believe that both of them specially Bilawal, got no talent and zero ability to lead us to better future. They are not even Pakistanis, they live, speak, enjoy and die abroad. We need to have some self-esteem and believe that they are not gods or destined to rule us, while their elders even after ruling for decades gave us nothing. Pakistans future could be improved by genuine, patriot and educated LOCAL leadership, and not US installed, corrupt and feudal one.Recommend

  • daud

    “The two youngsters are politically seasoned, have sound educational backgrounds and have had a tremendous amount of exposure.” I would like to know from the writer that howcome Bilawal Zardari is politically seasoned? The guy cannot even speak in urdu. How is he supposed to solve our problems let alone understand them? I am sorry but I am done with Bhutoo’s. Recommend

  • sarah

    if bilawal isn’t a bhutto then all anti-bhutto people should support him. their ”demand” that ppp must be run by a non-bhutto has finally come true. atleast , i support bilawal ‘bhutto’ zardari. he z a promising young politician.Recommend

  • daud

    Can you please enlighten me that how come Bilawal Zardari is a promising young politician?Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have asked a question and the answer is a no-brainer : neither of the two.
    If pushed to choose the Fatima is the logical choice as she has had more exposure.
    Talking of education and family dna, did it make any difference for Benazir Bhutto ??Recommend

  • sonia

    bhutto or not , he z the current chairman of pakistan’s largest political party. and thats what matters the most. good luck 2 the young chairman.Recommend

  • sarah

    @pervaiz, how come fatima be a ”logical” choice. she z not a part of pakistan peoples party. she supports her mothers faction of ppp shaheed bhutto group( which failed 2 make an impact in successive elections). she may run 4 a ational assembly seat 4m her party’s platform. and if people vote 4 her she can play her role in pak.politics. by the way, for the most ppp workers and voters , word ”bhutto” doesnt represent the bhutto clan. had this been the case people have never voted 4 benazir bhutto,whom his own brother,murtaza,(who lost miserably against benazir’s party) and now her neice loves 2 call ,mrs.zardari. Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    Fatima has my vote!Recommend

  • BEN

    If studying in Oxford is the qualification for being ruler of Pakistan, we have other people, more promising and talented in their respective fields, who have studied or are studying in world best universities.

    Seasoned Politicians? what a joke? Truth be told, had these been not from the family, no body would have ever heard about them. A seasoned politician is the one who comes from nowhere (start from the scratch) and make his own image by his own efforts..not with some gifted party with chairmanship given in plate. This is so ironic that Imran khan, being in politics for fifteen years, couldn’t earn the titled of a “seasoned politician” from our so called intellectuals, but all of sudden the bhutto youngsters, who have not been in active politics yet, got this title. The ET should reconsider the policy of publishing such immature and bias blogs. Recommend

  • RJA

    Chairperson PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari CAN speak Sindhi which is his mother tongue, even if its imperfect. I lived all my life in Karachi and both my parents are Sindhis bvut even I had problems with the language at the start.Recommend

  • Pakistani Lawn Collection

    Yes its true bilawal isnt bhutto.. and its fake to use bhutto`s name and add in politics..Recommend

  • http://FacebookOmarHaleem Omar Haleem

    I think they both can be good leaders, It’s good to see that this new crop is more cosmopolitan and educated than the old. I have born witness to Bilawal’s mother giving the education minister’s portfolio to someone who claimed he was illiterate but whose son is very well educated. I heard Bilawal recently and was very impressed by his articulated and well thought out speech which was very much in synch with a 21st century educated youth. He shines on the global stage. What i would advise him to do is to behave exactly the same way with his supporters as he does when he goes outside and addresses other nations representatives. He should not try to behave like his grandfather. He should just be himself. If he wins in Lyari I will hope that his trip in China where he visited their economical mega housing projects will bear fruits in him assisting those people who live in slums acquire better housing and public amenities. They should both try to inspire others by what they have to share through their own experiences and not follow the same old formula, make your own solutions work by projecting them. Whatever wrong your forefathers may or may not have done, you are the ones who can be their redemption. Recommend

  • Daniyal A.

    If anyone who is even REMOTELY close to Bhuttos comes in power, Pakistan is DOOMED for good. These people have stolen from the country beyond anyone’s imagination.

    If you are a “Pakistani” then LIVE in Pakistan and SPEAK languages that are spoken in Pakistan. His ridiculous speech with broken Urdu was laughable and was a YouTube sensation because of the sad reality of Pakistan and the people who were cheering for him.

    I think these people need to stay AWAY from Pakistan and find a Halal way of making their income. Recommend

  • Amjad

    Anyone can and deserves to be the leader of Pakistan. Bilawal has every right to contest elections too and rule if he enjoys the support of people. Who cares if he is a Bhutto or Zardari- the last I checked Zardari is a Baluch name and Bhutto is a Sindi name: both Pakistanis. Any Pakistani deserves to be a leader of the country if he has the ability to run and win in elections.Recommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    Pakistani democracy seems to be even worse than mughal rulers. At the end of their father’s reign princes fought and the most competent planner out of the lot came to power. where as in Pakistan even a retard can come into politics and hold public offices since his parents were holding that office in the past. Not only polititans but army officers and bureacrats try to use all means to make sure that their progeny holds the same position they occupied for years.Recommend

  • another_dude

    Sarah she probably has a crush on him!..

    btw Fatima bhutto can atleast speak in public and speak sense.. she has a thinking mind (has written numerous best selling books).. to summate, she is simply WAyyyyyyyyyy better than Bilawal in almost any way you compare both of them!Recommend

  • Hamza

    They are all same whether Bilawal or Fatima whatever. Politics is the profession of these families and they are all share same blood. I dont why people still discuss Bhuttos what these thugs have given the nation besides grabbing money and giving security to feudal lords which is also there profession.
    LONG LIVE IMRAN KHAN : A person who is at least an honest person. People might think his political ideas are not fit, but at least he is committed to his country which is known by his exceptional efforts in Health and education sector .What these Bhottos and Sharifs has given to Pakistan besides sasti roti and Benzir income support and slavery . I have just thing to say about both Bilawal and Fatima .SHAME ON THEM. Both must spend rest of there lives in London Paris or wherever. Shameless people .Recommend

  • sami

    @another_dude, and u seems 2 have a crush on fatima. what a way 2 counter an argument., grow up guys. only time will tell who z the better of the lot. however, this z a fact that the party fatima supports.ppp-sb, cant bring her in the parliament. about her recent book.SOBAS, the less said ,the better. its a controversial biography of her father, murtaza,,havent searched well by the writer and being criticised by many eminent pakistani political commentators and writers. probably thats why she has so far avoided pakistani media visa-vis a Q & A session because she knows that our journalisst and media persons know our history well ,and , unlike western and indian media, will not digest her ”FACTS” .so easily, Recommend

  • bigsaf


    What a sad statement when you pin your future’s hopes by continuing to endorse nepotism and slave vote for totally unproven or inexperienced family members (who have immense delusions of grandeur in regards to their parents’ and grandparent’s pathetic leaderships) of a corrupt Feudal Royal dynasty in your supposed democracy.

    How about developing some other young leaders who are recognized on their merit, not their name?! Recommend

  • hamza

    well said,@ amjad.Recommend

  • nadeem

    fatima i support u i support u i love u u r my leader pplz save pakistanRecommend

  • Blocked by @BBhuttoZardari

    You’re comparing international best seller writer to a man who is nothing but Zardari’s piece ?Recommend

  • FatimaHasMyVote

    Bilawal Bhutto is not a leader. At the most, he’s a posh twit Brit whose father cheated his way into a Presidency.
    Fatima Bhutto, on the other hand, has her own mind and the potential to inspire.
    You can’t compare the two just because they’re from the same family–one of them has what it takes to lead her nation to a better, more tolerant future, and the other is better off being a frat boy.Recommend

  • Salman

    The video is not showing up??? Please fix the video so we can view it. ThanksRecommend

  • Karim Javed

    I don’t think that Bilawal can compete his mother near in future. The main reason behind this is the image that PPP has created in 3 years will ruin his career as well. Second Benazir Bhutto has a real original political mind and was step by step guided by his father even at many big stages of Pakistan like Shimla agreement she was with his father. But Bilawal was totally away from this political mess in our country he don’t even know the latest deals and delegations signing between Pakistan and other countries. You can’t become a politician after getting PHD in politics, you have to be god gifted.Recommend

  • http://none Mumtaz ghreeb ka dost

    I really feel sorry for those who support Bilawal as a next public leader. For all his good looks he is only a child, let him live his life ! And if PPP uses a political loophole like the one musharraf used to have Shaukat Aziz elected, then we Pakistanis should forget about elections and democracy ! Just establish a Bhutto monarchy. And lets rename Pakistan as The Kingdom of Bhuttoistan. Re-emergence of the new Bhadur Shah Zafar will certainly bring the demise of Pakistan for which our enemies are so desperately waiting.Recommend

  • sarah

    noone needs 2 feel sorry 4 the bilawal supporters. we r the proud”billians”. we believe in the power of votes . if u ppl dont like us, ppp, or 4 that matter,zardari, then vote us out of the parliament.hope u will garner that much vote 2 be in the assembly next time but u will never b able to break the ppp vote bank. its intact , bro&sis.Recommend

  • umaid

    Very interesting.. wonder what sort of logic you all understand. Just break it down, for all the devotional PPP and BB lovers. Just open your eyes !! BB came into power using her dad’s name (kindly correct me if i’m wrong) and then the long live bhutto slogan was sung over and over and over. I mean seriously, why not an average pakistani can be represented and elected, and given a chance to run our country?? Why these Bhutto’s, Shareef’s, Pagara’s, Chaudhry’s etc have this privilege? It is cause of us !!! You, me, and the rest who actually have the audacity to go online and express our political views, yet stay biased to our affiliation.. Speak up !Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about Bilalwal’s or Fatima’s future. All I care is about Pakistan’s future!!Recommend

  • Robinhood…..

    Bilawal just has a Pakistani origin… he is least interested in the issues of the people and the country….. he will be working to protect and increase his wealth…… Fatima on the other hand is more mature toward the national issues and with experience, * She can become the leader of the future….*Recommend

  • Amrita Yasin

    The very questions points to our mindset… Why should we only pin our ‘hopes’ on a political dynasty for future leaders? A capable leader, coming from any xyz background, should be welcomed. Also I believe the day PPP leaders were waiting for BB’s will to decide the future of PPP, as if the party was her personal property that would be inherited by her progeny, PPP ceased to be a democratic party. True democratic parties decide their future leaders on their abilities not bloodline.Recommend

  • http://none Mumtaz ghreeb ka dost

    Wake up, wise up Pakistanis ! Are we for or against the formation of the Kingdom of Bhuttoistan ?Recommend

  • rukhsana

    fatima is very brave and inteligent girl she have good experience to understand the problem of pakistan but bilawal is not able to understand the pakistanies problems so my vote is for fatima bhutto GOOD LUCK FATIMA Recommend

  • AIRA

    people of pakistan loves u fatima BEST OF LUCKRecommend

  • Umaid

    Seriously, this stubborn nature of our people (including you) has brought this country to the brink disaster, we can never recover from. Kindly list the reason for your support? is it cause of your peer’s, in your case (parents, i donno) supported this political part. I’m trying to understand the devotion. May be i’m wrong and you are right, but as per my wrongful thoughts, I only see disaster when it comes to PPP. Kindly correct me if I’m wrong!Recommend