A mother’s bitter past

Published: August 18, 2019

To bring you up and provide the best for you, I swear to be both a mom and dad for you. PHOTO: PINTEREST

Every time I see your face,
It reminds me of my past fate.
The rush of love I have for you,
Overweighs the pain I feel seeing you.

Your eyes remind me of someone,
A person whom I thought was ‘the one’.
The way you walk makes me revisit that day,
When you took your first steps and made your parents gay.

Your dad and I celebrated having you,
And framed every memory like a permanent tattoo.
Now as you grow up, you might miss your dad,
But I promise to stay close and hold your back.

To bring you up and provide the best for you,
I swear to be both a mom and dad for you.
You are a living shred of my bitter past,
Like a tiny piece of a broken glass.

I still remember that fateful day,
When drowned in sadness, I threw my past reminders away,
The wedding gifts and my beautiful shelter,
Came crumbling down by just a mere court letter.

Tears streamed as I happily detached,
From things associated with my past facade,
You my Darling, however, are the only memoir,
That I treasure and not regard as a blunder.

The living memoir that I fought to keep,
Against everyone who came in between,
Because only a mother can cherish your existence,
Despite the haunted past that flashes with your presence!

Tuba Faizan

Tuba Faizan

The author is an engineer on weekdays, a passionate writer on weekends, a crazy foodie 24/7 and a happy-go-lucky girl since birth. Apart from procrastinating, she regularly blogs at tubafaizan.wordpress.com/

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