Video Blog: No one cares about the floods

Published: September 27, 2011

The people of Sindh have lost their homes and have been forced to live in make shift houses made out of pieces of wood and whatever clothes they could salvage from their ravaged belongings. They don’t have food to feed themselves, and clean water is a mere dream to them.

Their livestock is dying because there is nothing to feed them.

The floods have washed away their crops, and with that, their sole means of survival. In addition to this, these people have been beaten by their landlords for having moved to a safer place, away from the inundated lands. They lament at the fact that all the relief goods have gone to the influential landlords, and nothing has been given to them – the people who are in desperate need of it

This video shows the plight of the people of Sindh who have lost everything.

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