Why can’t women ride motorbikes?

Published: September 27, 2011

I fail to see how a woman riding a motorcycle would be against the tenets of one’s faith.

It wasn’t long ago when I saw her. I remember how stunned people were as soon as they caught a glimpse of her. She was a fat woman, wearing a dark grey men’s kurta with sleeves half-rolled, riding a motorcycle.

Yes, you read it right. She was a middle-aged woman, riding a Honda 70 on Karachi’s roads, with a man sitting behind her. This often makes me wonder; being a girl, why am I deprived of enjoying this convenient form of personal commutation without having a million eyes ogling at me? It saves time and is amazingly economical, if nothing else.

Studying at the University of Karachi’s humungous campus, it irritates me every time I am walking and a motorbike skids past me.

Everyone remembers the massive uproar in various countries, including Pakistan, when a woman was sent to jail in Saudi Arabia for driving a vehicle. Newspapers carried dozens of blogs and other related articles on the issue. Most were sharply critical of the decision to send the woman to jail, just because she wanted to drive a car.

It troubles me. I wanted to ask all my fellow countrymen – are women in this country any different? If driving a car is a basic right of a woman, which has nothing to do with religion, then how is riding a motorbike any different?

People conveniently blame our culture for it. But if it really was for our culture, then we would not be seeing women, beautifully draped in saris, riding scooties in India, since that is the country which has a culture that is the closest to ours.

If not culture, then they will bring in religion. I don’t claim to be a religious scholar but I fail to see how a woman riding a motorcycle would be against the tenets of one’s faith.

The media serves as a stimulus for a lot of acts that people as a society end up doing, and this is exactly what is needed here as well. Television channels need to show more and more women riding motorcycles and bicycles so that ordinary women and girls understand that there is nothing wrong with this. This will also send a much-needed signal to Pakistani men.


Ema Anis

The social media editor for the web desk at The Express Tribune. She tweets as @EmaAnis (twitter.com/EmaAnis)

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  • Dr. Ali Ahmed

    gurls don’t ride bikes because:

    -MEN here r worst than dogs
    -THEIR actions has no link to ISLAM
    -RATHER it has a DIRECT link to the CULTURE Recommend

  • Baber

    Honest suggestion which will work: Begin with Scooters (Scooties), ask yer Dad to set you up a business where you import thousands of Scooties from abroad in colors preferred by women.

    Sell them to everyone but only wimmin would buy due to the colors (girls are pretty influential at school, college and university levels).

    Once your first lot has been sold, import the next one in any color but men won’t buy them than as Scooty would’ve become a girl commuter (IN Pakistan) as happened with the VW Beetle (the newer one not the hitlers brainchild).

    Than, be prepared to get groped if you fell down.

    I am not saying bikes aren’t for wimmin, I mean scooties are for you lot because female aren’t happy with Bike manufacturers anywhere for reasons female of Pakistan would only discuss in privacy with their own gender.

    Happy Motoring!Recommend

  • GarbarGotala

    I am all for my mother riding around town on a scooty, since she seems to be really keen on riding one after seeing women doing the same on her last trip to India.

  • Talha

    What I don’t understand is, who is stopping you? Stop blaming the country/culture/religion/men for your insecurities. It’s becoming a rhetoric these days to do just what you did now, i.e. blame, and it seriously needs to go.
    I, being a man, wouldn’t care the least bit how you ride/fly/swim/walk your way home. And no, the ogling is here to stay, no matter how much you write about it, trust me.Recommend

  • Disco Molvi

    Because in order to ride a bike, women will have to ‘open and spread their legs’ and that doesn’t sit well with the ‘ghairat mandd quom’, as they attribute ‘shamelessness’ on sitting like this. Plus they’ll blame such women to inciting ‘devilish ideas’ in men. They’d rather want a woman to sit crossed leg and ‘defend’ her ‘honour’.Recommend

  • http://www.awamiweb.com/ Nouman Younas

    Some Guys riding of bikes, misbehave with girls and they give horns and tease girls.
    motorbikes is not much easy for girls and especially in Islamic (Pakistani) society Recommend


    nice one and we should ponder on it…………when the early muslim ladies fought from their horseback no one objected on it……….and now we object on this…………Its hi time to realize that how much damage the MULLAH has done to our homeland……. please continue writing, we need brave ones like you…………….Recommend

  • islooboy

    well actually in lahore when women police were riding a bike they were harrased so they stoped riding a bike but our society is getting comfertable at the idea of women driving cars well thats a startRecommend

  • Mohammad Ghani

    I kind of understand what your trying to say..
    That was my concern when I was an 8 year old..

    Now I’m not comparing women..or you in this case to an 8 year old..like many people do in PAKISTAN..

    But ask anyone in your family who”does” ride a bike..what a headache it is..

    Chances of a getting into an accident if not accidents..are more than you think..
    Then you also have the ALL the men..out of no where wanting to help you..a woman..


    I think you know better..

    Word of advice..
    Stay on the safe side.. =)..!!Recommend

  • http://www.nerdcrunch.com Moderate

    There is nothing in Islam that prevents women from driving a car or a motorbike. It is sort of culture-like thing in subcontinent that you dont see women driving. I think they should, how can single women or divorced etc can survive?Recommend

  • Ziber16

    I See no one opposing women to drive the bike. but her own parents and relatives fringing some cupacious words on her back! dont blame the society every time lady!Recommend

  • Salman Haider

    Simple Answer:

    It spoils the perfect blow dry of your hair.
    You cant apply make up while riding it since both your hands are busy
    It is inconvenient to check your makeup again n again in the back view mirror which majority of the bikes in our city are deprived off.
    It doesnt have space to put your collection of fashion magazines and empty your purses to find the lost items.

  • http://ahandfulofdust.wordpress.com/ Mariam

    It is not illegal for women to drive motorbikes. I know few girls who drive it. You cannot compare it with SA, where it is ban for women to drive.Recommend

  • Saira

    Personally I am against women riding or sitting on motorbikes for various reasons. For one, it is not a decent ride as it exposes and accentuates your all sides (even if you are in the regular shalwar qameez dress). For another, since majority of the women here are dopatta-conscious, they will end up making a scene on road. No-no!Recommend

  • Noman Arshed

    you failed to see because you dont have vision to see which things should be there and which things should not be there.Recommend

  • Saira

    Hey Ema! i really appreciate the idea…even few days back i was discussing the same thing with my friends.there are many countries where you can see that women use bicycles and motro bikes to commute.And i personally think there is no harm if this custome would prevail in Pakistan too.

    I wish someday we would see here in Pakistan as well women riding bikes and bicycles and they wouldn’t be seen as a “8th wonder of the world” ;pRecommend

  • Tauseef Mallick

    Ema you must remember when a female was stopped riding a bike in KU by activists of a so-called religious student party, it was really a fun story.. She is the only lady I have seen riding a bike, and now she rides with flawlessness..:)
    Secondly, I cant understand whats the myth behind ladies not sitting crossed leg on bikes, like men do.. I just ask one thing, we all hear tales of women in Islamic history riding horses and taking part in battles along men, How they used to sit on horses? The same way they sit on bikes?Recommend

  • Aiman

    Hey Ema!
    am also the most concerned person regarding this issue.
    see i belong to a middle class family, where to buy a new individual car is a hard nut to crack. since motorcycles are quite reasonable in prices therefore i always dream of having a bike. But ALAS!!! the people of our country……. their filthy eyes makes me the least confident…..
    what i think is that our MEDIA should support this issue… then people will start considering upon it and by 2016 there will be lots and lots of women bike riders on our roadsRecommend

  • kamran

    instead of riding bike why not rickshaw it covers all allegation rather sitting of ladies and it also safe.Recommend

  • Omer

    Ema, to your knowledge, riding horses for women is strictly forbidden in Islam. This is the reason why Hazrat Ayesha (RA) rode to battle of Siiffin on a camel and all other women that took part in the wars used camels rather than horses. MOTORBIKE is quite a same thing as horse. logic behind this fact is that any ride that has a seat placed in between the legs, is forbidden for Women. I can assure you for the credibility of this information. if in doubt, you are a journalist and can easily find a citation for my statement above.Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    @Omer…..hahahahhahaha!!!! are you serious? no seriously? Seriously???

    i ‘ll get my coat now.Recommend

  • http://www.sidrahmoizkhan.blogspot.com Sidrah Moiz Khan

    I would love to have a pink scooty. But then people will stare at me.Recommend

  • Tauseef Mallick

    @Omer.. I am really interested in viewing the authenticity of your statement,, can you please.. Coz with this statement of your’s, you have questioned the historical manuscripts.. Eagerly waitingRecommend

  • Karim Javed

    On scooty you don’t have to spread your legs, i think.Recommend

  • MK

    Geez. Let me remind you guys of a Quranic quote which says – believing women should guard their modesty AND believing men should lower their gaze. now as far as riding a scooty, bike, or motorbike goes, i don’t see any clash between women riding it and them guarding their modesty.

    the real problem, however, comes for the men, as they just cannot control their gaze, and hence their ‘mischievous’ gaze is alerted.

    being an Islamic country, hence, women aren’t allowed to ride motorbikes…make sense? obviously, NO. the fact is, so many of our traditions or norms are based on prejudices and have very little to do with religion.

    my take – start the trend, be the first to ride the scooty, get ur friends to follow, and thats the only way to bring about change. good luck!Recommend

  • Amrita Yasin

    “She was a fat (middle-aged) woman, wearing a dark grey men’s kurta with sleeves half-rolled.” The sketch depicts a young woman in a rather fashionable attire. I am not sure who puts the picture with the blog, but whoever did was sure that the blog wouldn’t get much as much attention if the sketch depicted the description.Recommend

  • Arshad Zubairi

    Please dont cry,, if you want to ride a by-cycle do it… no one will stop you. It is not good to create controvercies.Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com Shumaila

    @ Ema

    It is really only a matter of time. The scooter/bike revolution will come to Pakistan too.

    I for one am going to buy a scooter as soon as I start earning. Screw society. And if they aren’t importing girly ones, I will buy a normal one and spray paint it purple and silver. Ab koi lagaey fatwa tou lagaey. I don’t give a damn.

    I invite you to join me in leading the revolution. SCOOTERS/BIKES ZINDABAD!Recommend

  • http://halaltamweel.com Beauty wid Brain

    y dnt we try rikshaw :PRecommend

  • Abhi

    Nice thread, I am really suprised that the scooty kind of thing is not popular in Pakistan. In Indian I have been seeing females of all age group riding scooty/mopeds since 90s.Recommend

  • Asad

    when eva i cross a one way road, i still look my both sides in-case is there any women drivingRecommend

  • Syed Kashif

    Women Riding Bike / Scooty in Pakistan…!!!!! Hmmmmmm what about the following:

    1) If Tyre is Punctured or Petrol is finished they have to Pull the Bike them selves even some times for over a kilometer to find the tyre and Puncture shop / Petrol Pump

    2) If its raining lady cannot drive a scooty, she can sit behind and cover her self but driving bike..???? tough task

    3) Road Safety will be a Serious Issue, dont take me wrong but Ladies do get in Panic easily and huge number of ladies on bike means Havoc on Road in case of heavy rain / law and order issue or accident.

    4) Sense of Protection for single lady travelling in Car or Bus is more as compared to be alone riding a Bike… !!!Recommend

  • Salman

    You should not relate is with Islam thats pathetic… its a social issue.. I personally don’t want ladies ride a bike. for the traffic rush specially in Karachi, Roads are not suitable, and dont want to see any women with broken limbs. Most of the Karachi boys knows that.Recommend

  • Salman

    Very well said Syed Kashif. You just stole my words.. Thumbs upRecommend

  • BC

    I was quite pleased to see women riding scooters/bikes in Morocco (often in their traditional abaya style dressing) and if it had something to do with Islam this wouldn’t be allowed there. It is more of a cultural thing (to do with the mindset of some Pakistani men) and I guess with the French influence and a thriving tourist industry Morocco has moved on compared to Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    In Pakistan, women ride side-saddle as passengers on motor bikes unfortunately there is no motorbike invented that could let Pakistani women ride in this fashion. Thank you.Recommend

  • Ab Main Boloon Keh Na Boloon!

    @Asad: As if 99% of the people driving on wrong side of the road in our streets everyday are men! Tch Tch Tch, such biased statement against women is totally uncalled for.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The mental block seems to be in the mans head. If a women decides to ride a scooter or a bike or a cycles she should be bold enough and go ahead and do it. If the idea catches on which it should as it’s most practical, the men will just have to unblock their twisted minds. Nothing comes easily, one has to make an effort and I feel this is worth the effort because what it suggests is far more than just riding a bike – its about your freedom.
    Sorry got a little carried away.Recommend

  • Ali Noor

    @Ema: it is not islam but rather the uneducated masses in Pak that won’t allow a woman to ride a bike. When illiterate beardy weirdy ppl strt preaching their own brand of islam to uneducated masses and none of thm know any better what do u expect?? If you visit any of the south east asian islamic countries (malaysia, indonesia) you will be amazed to see a lot of muslim women riding bikes. Recommend

  • Sarah B.Haider

    The way a woman sits on a bike to ride it provokes the ever-frustrated Pakistani men. Hence, they do not want to spread “evil” in the society. As explicit and as simple as that!Recommend

  • malik

    Since our lives are so entwined with our religion, let’s see if this passes the ‘If This Is Allowed In Islam’ test.

    Let’s paraphrase what our Holy Book says:
    1.) The Qu’ran says, women should cover themselves from head to toe.
    2.) Women are not supposed to do anything that invites the attention of men.
    3.) Driving scooty, in burqa, showing feet with pink nail polish, is definitely an attention seeking device.
    4) Girls driving scooty will be considered by muslim men as modern women and hence by extension, men will only think of them as someone with elastic morals.

    So, the verdict is clear: Driving Scooty Is Haraam In Islam !Recommend

  • http://naveedashaikh.wordpress.com/ Naveeda Shaikh

    I pity men like you. Who, violating others freedom, passes verdicts insanely. Recommend

  • Baber

    Malik saab munasib kerlay please. Have you even seen a scooty? Scooty is perfect for wimmin especially Islamic women.

    And I’ve mostly seen KU female students wear joggers which is wise as well. Chalis kilometer chaltay huay khud hi nikal jayegi pink nail polish.Recommend

  • John B

    Damn, never knew women in PAK have the stigma of riding scooter, bicycle, or motorbike. They have to just cross the border to see the women in Punjab, India. They drive tractors in the field while men work on the filed! Recommend

  • Sadiq Nagri

    Its a serious idea which we must ponder upon but I believe that at the moment the society is simply not ready to see women in bikes. The miondset still hasn’t reached the level where women can freely enjoy theri rights. In many places there would be millions of eyes starring a women even if she is driving a car let alone bike. I hope the situation improves and women get more libert but at the mopment its simply not possible.Recommend

  • maieya

    @Talha: scooties are available in other countries for women.here we dont have one.. Recommend

  • Hindu Indian

    @Syed Kashif & @Salman:
    I am not sure if i got this right, but the lady riding a bike will have problems if the petrol gets over or the tyres get punctured, but a lady driving a car will never face these scenarios.Or is something special about the cars of Pakistan ?

    For the person who says having to sit on anything between the legs is forbidden by the religion, How do you guys sit on the camels then ? In India you sit on the camel the same way you sit on the horse. Not sure if i am missing something here.

    & Mr Malik saab, if you think Pakistani men are going to look at any girl riding bike today as having elastic morals, tomorrow the sons of the same men would look at girls riding cycles as having elastic morals and the grandsons would look at girls walking as having elastic morals.

    For once i would have enjoyed somebody calling the author a RAW/CIA agent than bringing in unknown hadiths and declaring something as enjoyable as a bike ride, a HARAAM Recommend

  • Daniyal A.

    What if you drive the scooty in burqa and a footwear that covers your nails and everything that might “turn people on”?

    Would it still be Haraam according to a narrow-minded individual like yourself?Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    O have mercy on the road please .. like we cant get enough of the insecure feminine drivers on road then adding up ladies bike riders… NO way!! stay at home or use your hubby/bro/etc etc. Let men do what men do best PLEASE…. Recommend

  • Humayun

    If you want to ride a bike please help yourself.why make this big fuss.Recommend

  • india….

    i have been riding bikes since i was 14. and yes, i m a lady. what is the big deal about riding a bike ? i ride it to work every day. i mean seriously, are you people really living in 2011 ? Recommend

  • Nauman

    @Fahad Raza: We have enough of this male thing / female thing nonsense. Please lets not have more of it. Where does it say that men are better drivers, just go to any road/street in our country and you will find nothing but brainless/reckless/manic male drivers, or is it still a women’s fault???Recommend

  • hassan

    @Daniyal A.:

    burqa plus sneakers = Not Haraam

    To simplify things for you,

    anything that ‘turns men on’ = Haraam

    anything that makes people’s live dull or sick = Halaal*

    *(my family became vegetarian after my young daughter cried for days after seeing an adorable goat and a colorful hen being slaughtered in halaal fashion…)Recommend

  • kamran

    just listen every one of this blog if ladies want to ride motor byc and there are some hindreance towards there dream vehcile why dont ladies ride RICHSHAW it will give them all protection they want cover them in all aspect easy to handle if ladies not like the rickshaw then it means …….Recommend

  • http://www.salmanzq.com salman qureshi

    Women should totally drive bikes! More than that – please stop sitting like idiots with your legs danging on one side on bikes. I find that so stupid and dangerous!Recommend

  • A

    People support that two women equal one man as witnesses in court….and you are concerned with riding a bike?!?Recommend

  • jahangir khan

    well i wud lyk to say that we people need the the minds lyk u. We the youth have to rebuild society. Y should only mullas interperet the teaching of islam. We have knowledge to survive here in this world according to islamic ideas and we should think ourselves. Wht is right wht is wrong. Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    @Salman Haider: Please don t reduce all Pakistani women to the level of stupid, fashion-obsessed bimbos. We have a lot more important things on our mind than just fashion and makeup.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/NeenaHanif The zenith of enthusiasm by NH

    In start its difficult to get an idea and ppl will surely criticize or do other disrespectful action but with tym ppl would become habitual of it. In start everything look awkward but with time it become a trend!Recommend

  • Pavan

    Everybody’s not like you. She’s voicing a serious concern which most of the women face. I’ve even seen people making ugly faces at women driving cars let alone scooters or bikesRecommend

  • Pavan

    @Salman Haider:
    Seems as if you havenot met any real women yet :PRecommend

  • Zeeshan

    there shouldn’t be any awkwardness in riding a scooty. I’ve seen so many girls in India riding scooty and they look fine. Also people don’t Ogle there.Recommend

  • Zainab Khan

    I do not mean to disrespect your views but by saying that you are actually ignoring what other women might feel about this issue. Maybe they do not see themselves being “exposed” by sitting on a motorbike. How one dresses is a personal choice and should not stop women from riding a motorbike. And you contradict yourself when you say that women who cover their head will make a scene, I think if a woman covers her head she should be more comfortable riding a bike as she would be more “covered”.Recommend

  • http://N/A M. Amir Shah

    Hmmmmmm… practical i guess..Recommend

  • http://N/A M. Amir Shah

    I see a humongous business opportunity for female bike Scoooty in Pakistan. In India scooty in all colours is a roaring business.Recommend

  • m.khan

    If we look at this from legal standpoint only-I’m pretty sure woman cannot apply for a driving licence for a motorbike.This harks back to the Zia ul Haq times when there was a girl in Rawalpindi who came under the media glare for regularly riding a motorbike there.
    The immediate upshot of this publicity was to make it illegal for a woman to apply for a motorbike licence.
    Who knows-maybe this is the same woman-now in serene middle age driving around Karachi!
    There is absolutely no reason why woman should not ride scooters or bikes-every reason why men should keep their eyes and opinions to themselves.Recommend

  • anil

    This should not be a topic of discussion in 20th century. So,no comments.But I want to ask the writer one question ??U told it is not related to culture and gave a brief example.But U didn’t give any example about how it is not related to religion ?? If a coutry like Saudi where living standard is so high ,still has such kind of rules,,,then religion is to be blamed and fact is fact.Recommend

  • Maleeha

    @Disco Molvi:
    ahahahahaha. good one!

  • Farhan

    I am in favour of women bike riding. The best option would be scooties because it will end the debate here in which few said that riding a horse like thing is haram for women.

    For this, the biggest challenge for girls is to buy and riding bikes/scooties now. For men who dominates our society, should accept this fact that it is the right of women. Nothing is haram or prohibited in riding scooties.

    It will save time, money and make them independent in various ways. It will help them grow economically and eventually help our economy. By suppressing our women on such issues, we actually help 50 per cent of our work force to remain unemployeed in homes.Recommend

  • Sanaa Shah

    I don’t think people realize how many avenues would open up particularly for single women from middle and lower class families if they did not have to rely so heavily on a male member for transport. There is a world of opportunity out there but alas our society acts as a huge hurdle! If you’re ever in Islamabad, keep an eye out for random Afghani refugee family on a donkey cart. It’s the perfect depiction of how our society works. There will always be a young lad aged 6-7 years old who will be in charge, while his mother and a few sisters will be seated behind him. Why must the men insist on making the women dependent on some male member or the other? Why can’t they empower the women instead? Everyone will be better off, both emotionally and financially.

    If we were to take the above as a representative sample of the educated men in this country, I’d have to say that besides the handful of sensible men, mostly the ‘educated’ men in our country are either those who don’t think it is right for women to be independent or they simply believe that women are lesser beings/eye candy that God created to serve the men!

    You’ll notice that the ones who believe that women should not be independent will never say it out right, they’d rather hide behind the curtain of religion/morality (“Driving Scooty Is Haraam In Islam !”, “The way a woman sits on a bike to ride it provokes the ever-frustrated Pakistani men.”) or better yet their concern for the safety of their women (“Roads are not suitable, and don’t want to see any women with broken limbs”, “Chances of a getting into an accident if not accidents..are more than you think..”). My favourite are the cheeky ones who believe women to be the lesser being. These men will miss no opportunity to take a jab at women (“huge number of ladies on bike means Havoc on Road”, “It spoils the perfect blow dry of your hair.” ).

    My concern is that if these are the “educated” lot, what can we expect of the uneducated masses! Women are people too, guys. We have our own identity. Stop crippling it. Be a supporter. Encourage and empower your women. Why must you want to have them so dependent on you that God forbid when these women lose their husband/dads/brothers they are completely lost and incapable of surviving on their own. Recommend


    “Honest suggestion which will work: Begin with Scooters (Scooties), ask yer Dad to set you up a business where you import thousands of Scooties from abroad in colors preferred by women.

    Sell them to everyone but only wimmin would buy due to the colors (girls are pretty influential at school, college and university levels).

    Once your first lot has been sold, import the next one in any color but men won’t buy them than as Scooty would’ve become a girl commuter”

    LOVELy Idea buddy..

    its a great deal and i also love the independency of Women in terms of transportation..!

    @ Omer:

    you are absolutley Wrong… ( rememebr Razia Sultana ???)

    Go Girls and get control of your life…Recommend

  • Jeena

    omg!! i so wanna ride a bike, i love bikes!! Recommend

  • Vigilant

    @Disco molvi
    hhahahahahaha……nice one….but in Quran Allah order men & women both to protect their “honour” & if either men or women drive a bike both’s honours are at stake but seriously if can develop sense of security & protection is our society it’s not bad for women to ride a bike but these things are difficult to achieve.Recommend

  • Dude

    Only one reason ………………
    Funny Fact: women are the worst drivers when driving a 4 wheel car …………. JUST IMAGINE what mishaps could lead because of bike driving by women. Recommend

  • Daniyal A.

    Still probably wouldn’t be as disastrous as your English. Recommend

  • Kanwal

    it’s well written and all. but i really don’t see why you bothered really. if you feel like driving a motorcycle, who’s stopping you?? I’ve seen girls drive bikes here. It’s only a big deal if you make it. And why should you care what the ‘holier than thou” society thinks?Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sidra-Tutor-South-Florida-Chemistry/128950750515186 Sidra ahmed

    Forget motorbikes; when I was in Pakistan, I couldn’t even go on a morning walk in broad daylight alone-they said it would look very odd that i was unaccompanied and that I might get attacked. :S The Pakistani society needs some few brave “pioneer” women who ride around in scooters; this will make it more culturally acceptable. Ever since I went to Pakistan and went on my uncle’s scooter, it was my dream of mine to have one. I live in the states and just got a small 50cc chinese scooter. It is amazing; goes through small streets easily, easy to park, gets 70 miles per gallon (30 kms per L), and one feels such a sense of freedom with air rushing through your hair. So I think it’s definitely worth trying…maybe ask your brother if you can borrow it for a short distance.Recommend

  • mik

    I can give a few suggestions to the girls who wish to ride bikes. see no man would be able to stare at you if you drive fast. 2nd thing is, you can wear an upper, or some coat which could cover your body. 3rd, you should wear jeans and a little long shirt while driving. fix your hair with pony, In simple words, try to look like a college or University student. “The people will stare me” is a sentence which shows that you are not confident. Learn how to drive because it the most dangerous thing to ride on. men khush hoon na hoon bhai bohat khush hoonge.Recommend

  • Geordie

    I see nithing wrong with Capable women riding motorbikes and with a msn riding pillion with such women. I nhave done tis many ntimes throughout my life. Unfortunately bI cannot now do it for physical reasons (I’m crippled. I enjoyed riding pilliom with all but one woman out of sbout 40 or 50 different women of varfious ages shapes and sizes. I just avoided short women because I am tall and weigh ovefr 90kgs (now)Recommend