Misbah-ul-Haq saved Pakistan cricket

Published: September 23, 2011

Great credit should be given to Misbah ul Haq, for he has gradually becalmed a swirl-pool of ill-discipline and inconsistency marring Pakistan cricket for so long.

Whitewashing Zimbabwe is not a great indicator of any cricket team’s progress. And while Bangladesh’s latest annihilation on their tour to Zimbabwe aptly marketed the home team’s marquee return to international cricket, it also spoke volumes of Bangladesh cricket’s perennial decline. They played such habitually mediocre cricket, that gauging any sign of improvement in Zimbabwe’s first post-hiatus display was almost impossible.

There is no doubting the abundance in talent, with the likes of Sibanda, Taylor, Taibu and Vitori in the ranks, Zimbabwe has the makings of a quality cricket side. However, can Pakistan afford to over hype their recent successes against them?

Historically, Pakistan cricket team’s sojourns in Africa have been split into two parts; a short preparatory series against Zimbabwe preceded the tussle with the mighty South Africans. More often than not, Pakistan would trounce Zimbabwe convincingly, only to be knocked out cold by the rampaging South Africans. In the process, also laying to waste the hard fought minnow-bashings of a ‘preparatory’ tour. This also proves my earlier hypothesis – “whitewashing Zimbabwe is not a great indicator of any cricket team’s progress”.

Based on the approval of the said hypothesis, should we completely dismiss Pakistan cricket team’s recent successes in Zimbabwe? It would be a bit foolish if we did. The extraordinary circumstances of the last two years beg us not to. This was a period of epic upheaval in Pakistan cricket. Even by our volatile national standards, the commotion was unprecedented.

The timeline of this farcical era makes for a tragic reading. Allegations of spot fixing on the England tour led to a hugely dented national ego and trashed dignities. Then, after an excruciating fact finding mission, we saw the cricketing demises of the super-talented duo of Aamer and Asif . Also there was the continued, indefinite banishment of international cricket at home, the ever persistent coach-captain-manager tussles, and to literally provide the icing on an unsavoury cake, the coinciding era of the most imbecile cricket chairman in PCB’s history.

In this melee, entered Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s go to man at the age of 37. Why the nation’s most naturally gifted cricket captain since Imran Khan has stayed on the sidelines for so long is an intriguing question. Great credit should be given to him though, for he has gradually becalmed a swirl-pool of ill-discipline and inconsistency marring Pakistan cricket for so long. Under his captaincy, results have been steady rather than spectacular. A drawn test series against South Africa, Misbah’s first as captain, was followed by a series victory abroad against New Zealand. The West Indians were also held to a 1-1 draw.

In between Misbah’s tenure as the test captain, there was a world cup semi-final berth to savor too. Pakistan, then led by the ODI captain Shahid Afridi, played some credible cricket. Yet under Afridi’s captaincy, the Pakistani team could internally combust any second. A brainwave was always just around the corner. A captain’s temperament reflects largely on his team’s performances. Mercurial leaders often breed unpredictability. Precisely for this reason, the calm and composed Misbah is an ideal man for leading Pakistan.

Far more important than the results is the unbridled joy of watching a Pakistani team playing consistently solid, controversy-free cricket. These are attributes which a cricket fan like me has longed to witness. Finally, we have a captain who can collar his players, and on the back of stellar personal performances, command enough respect to instill a fighting spirit into the team.

Given the acute adversities, these small achievements in actuality represent colossal triumphs. Is Pakistan cricket on the rise again? This will largely be determined when the post Misbah era unfolds. Pakistan’s ageing captain, despite his superhuman fitness levels, has a few years of cricket left at best. Will we have a worthy successor to replace him when he’s gone? This is perhaps the most crucial question. Consistently composed leadership will be vital in garnering long term success for Pakistan cricket.

The Upcoming series’ against Sri Lanka and England will also provide many answers. Any assurance regarding Pakistan’s revival as a cricketing force, hinges greatly on playing competitive cricket against these world class teams. Miraculously though, Pakistan cricket’s most traumatic phase has passed away in relative peace, and for this reason alone, recent successes, however small must not be ignored.


Safwan Umair

A masters graduate in international business from the University of Manchester and an undergrad in business enterprise from the University of Glamorgan. Now pursuing a career as a self employed enthusiast in the Food and snack industry. I Posses a great passion for writing. Exclusively on contemporary issues that matter most. Or those that are related to the Sporting world, especially cricket

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  • Daniyal A.

    I find it amusing that you wrote an article on how great Misbah is and even went as far as comparing him to Imran Khan. However, I was even more flabbergasted with the picture you used to make that point.

    The only memory that I have of CURRENT Misbah is the one from Mohali and if I’m not mistaken, it was against this very team that’s shown in the picture above. The picture that you chose to enlighten people of Misbah’s greatness.

    If he had any sense of how a player (let alone a captain) should play, then he should definitely reflect on that particular performance. Not only was the match against our arch rival, India, it was also IN India, it was on the grandest stage of them all and above everything, it was a WIN-ABLE match that Misbah THREW AWAY!

    Now was that his way of taking Afridi out of the picture? I don’t know. I didn’t like the decisions that Afridi made in that game either but I think if one man can be blamed for that loss, it would be Misbah (who mistook that match, for a test match).

    I think you are a Misbah fan and completely draped that act of his when the team needed him the most.

    Try being a bit less biased next time and please, don’t compare him to Imran Khan because Imran Khan would’ve done everything to get the world cup, not throw it away. Recommend

  • Bilal

    Oh Misbah, so great, saving the pakistan team from getting into the finals of the worldcup. God knows, Pakistan team could’ve died there, considering the threats we faced from indian militants.Recommend

  • Ibrahim Afridi

    hahaha its so funny…how can u compare Misbah to a Legend and then trying to prove him better than Afridi

    I cannot see that enthusiasm and energy level in PAkistan cricket team which one saw when Afridi was around and Misbah never performed when needed if you dont agree then you may have not watched the final of T20 WC and Semi finals of WC.

    It is so strange that any one can come up and write an article based solely on his views rather than factsRecommend

  • Farid A. Malik

    This is an excellent write up. Misbah really deserves credit for keeping the team steady. He can’t be blamed for the semi in Mohali. our team faltered. That’s it. He is a natural captain. And although he doesn’t have any centuries or magnificent innings to his name he boasts the highest odi average of any pakistani batsman of all times.Recommend

  • The Flying Object

    I don’t understand this article. Misbah is a good batsman but not a good leader. Leader needs to be fearless like Afridi…
    Misbah has just lead our team against Zimbabwe; tough tests are yet to come. We’ll see how it goes for him. I am not an ill-wisher. INSHALLAH we will win and I pray for that.

    But why do we forget that Afridi was made captain when the team was down and out. He led us to win in NewZealand and led us to Semi-Final in World Cup. And if we had taken those Tendulkar catches. Forget about it. Still hurts…

    And the South Africa and England series were lost 3-2. And they could’ve gone either way we know that for sure. I know and accept that he ate the ball, scratched the pitch and hit a spectator. But did he ever sell his country???

    I am surprised that people like Wasim Akram are lashing out at him. Yes he was a great bowler; but just fortunate that News of the World did not set him up! And of course we did not have captains like butt!Recommend

  • Modasar

    Misbah is a great captain so is Shahid afridi. the main thing is our bowlers are great.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    He lost us the semi-finalRecommend

  • safwan umair

    @ daniyal …. no way i am comparing misbah with the great Imran Khan. I have merely stated the fact that only since Imran have we found a captain who is actually capable of leading by example. Pakistan cricket desperately needed a calm, cool head in these times of adversity.Recommend

  • AMQ

    @Safwan Umair:
    If leading by example means playing mediocre and less than average cricket then yes Misbah is the man! He has a tendency to loose/draw winnable matches. As a cricket fan I dont mind the Pak team losing as long as they play their heart out and do their best to win. Misbah on the other hand does his best to lose. He is not a good captain because he is too defensive. Good captains are like Ponting, like Imran Khan who take chances, not like Misbah who just comes to the match to swing the bat. His game is very individual, at least he made a 50 so what if Pak lost. I would prefer Afridi’s crazy 10 runs over Misbah’s losing knock of 50s.

    And for the record, Misbah was handed over a team that had been lifted by Afridi already so from where I stand, no credit to Misbah.Recommend

  • Jawad Khalid

    Well… In my opinion, its still too early to laud Mishbah -ul- Haq for greatness as he’s captained very few number of Test matches (7 matches)… Recommend

  • Zohair

    First thing first, Misbah lost us the Semi-final. it was definitely winnable. second, his “temprament”, “calmness” and “Ability” suddenly increases when he is the captain and under others it drops to “non-sensibility” and “slow-death (read suicide)”.
    as captain his focus is always to play for a draw (because its safe). that was his intention against Zimbabwe before they self-destruct. he is not imaginative and i think his only message to his fellow players is to play safe. the South African series which he drew, one of the matches could have been won had Pakistan played a little aggressively.
    All in all, the only thing comparable with the Great Khan is that he is also a Niazi but Misbah lacks the Tiger’s hunger and attitutde.Recommend

  • Mohd Azam

    Why u people blame Misbah only? just because he stayed at the wicket till the end of the inning. and what other people were doing, didn’ u see that? besides Misbah which pakistani batsmen stayed at the wicket ?Recommend

  • Saad Hafeez

    What a small world it is Safwan bhai! Great post btw!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/fahadk85 Fah

    Misbah is 37

    a short term fix.. what will happen next…?

    Mohammad Hafeez for captaincy I sayRecommend

  • Afridi’s Angel

    To the author of this article, I take great offence at the lines you wrote in the article above:

    “Yet under Afridi’s captaincy, the Pakistani team could internally combust any second. A brainwave was always just around the corner. A captain’s temperament reflects largely on his team’s performances. Mercurial leaders often breed unpredictability”

    As a writer, you need to show more professionalism/objectivity. You can’t make these types of slanderous statements and then expect to be taken seriously on the job. In trying to praise Misbah, there is no need to paint a negative portrayal of Shahid Afridi and drag his name down.

    For the World Cup, Shahid Afridi did his best when he was under tremendous pressure, faced more challenges, problems, and back-stabbing politics than other recent captains. Shahid Afridi needs to be appreciated for his efforts, not criticized for an event that happened 6 months ago.

    Stop bashing Afridi and move on with life. If you cannot understand Shahid Afridi facing all his challenges head on during his captaincy, uniting his team, and then not being appreciated as the first captain in several years to lead his team so close to winning the World cup, then don’t say anything at all about himRecommend

  • Sameer

    @Daniyal A.
    @Ibrahim Afridi
    @The Flying Object
    agreed with all of youRecommend

  • Sameer

    younis is more even natural and got gifted captain as compared to Misbah Recommend

  • safwan umair

    @ afridi’s angel….. A classic eyes closed, emotional fan comment. Thanks for your feedback. I was not bashing Afridi. I said he was mercurial. Though, Pakistan cricket needs a serious, composed leader who is not an emotional and tempremental wreck. If Afridi can’t decide on whether he wants to retire or not, can you imagine him leading Pakistan with a clear head. I am an Afridi fan myself, but please be realistic when you asses your heroes.Recommend

  • safwan umair

    * assess your heroes. Apologies for the spelling error. :)Recommend

  • Usama

    @Daniyal A.:
    Mr: Daniyal i am completely agreed with what you said about this article and regarding misbah! even you remeber in T20 worldcup final match and same opposite team india we would had win that 1st t20 word cup but there was also the same situation like misbah did in mohali he also threw away 1st t20 world cup from us! i never like misbah’s leadership!! Recommend

  • Usama

    its too dificult that hafiz can lead the team in a better way! if he get captaincy then his performance can bring him in trouble Recommend

  • Amjad Mahmood Falki

    Daniyal A. And all who still criticize Misbah and for semi final Match!!!!first refresh few facts in your Mind!!!!
    Shahid afridi admit in His half dozen Live interviews to Geo and sama(can find on You Tube) that pak loss the semi final bz of his mistakes!!one of mistakes was not taking power play!!!afridi said Misbah ask me to take PP but I said will take later on @zaheer khan bowling(remember zaheer was wc best bowler)!!Misbah ok but then don’t hit before Power play!!!later I fail to control my sellf and I try to Hit bhajhi!!!!!!
    An other thing Misbah join the crease @ 103/3 and after that pak lost another quick wicket!!!!Misbah play according to coach and captain plan and stay @ one end!!!!run rate was not much but ppl were fail to stay on wicket!!!!
    Remember umar akmal was bold while block a simple ball fm bhajhii not bold while hitting a stroke which ppl blame he play bz of misbah!!!later razzaq got out cheaply and later afridi depart!!!pak tail can’t vag much and Misbah hv to take risk with tail @ the end!!!its international cricket and a pressure match!!!!and teams can win one out of 10 matches when they need to hit with tail!!!
    Imran Khan and viv richards said after match in prog Kings of cricket on CNN IBN India that afridi mistakes cost pak and afridi should send misbah @ #4!!!!!!
    Over all it was a bad day or can say not our day!!!!
    Apart fm semi final if some body have doubt about Misbah I m here to reply and satisfy but plz come with stats and fact and figures not assumptions!!!!Recommend

  • http://www.salmanzq.com salman qureshi

    Afridi was a bad captain. Well done Misbah!Recommend

  • Raj

    He gave you a respectable loss…Recommend

  • Adeel

    @ Amjad
    I would disagree in this regard with u of defending Misbah in the semi Final Performance coz there is a thin line btw a good batsmen & great Batsmen in the Middle order if you are batting & got so many over around 25 & u got achievable target batted till the end & lost the match despite of every other reasoning of losing wickets from other end & power play etc but at the end of the day it means that u may b good player in term of average & all that bt u r nt a finisher & great player that what Misbah is there is no point of staying on the wicket our leading middle order batsmen till the end & cudnt finish the game what is the pt of staying on the wicket Same he has done in T20 Final after getting match so close from no pt in the End he falttered Also in T20 WC in Round matches also he just lost his mind in the last over he is a good player bt Looser at the dn of the day so in the nut shell he is not a match winner Like Inzi & Steve Waugh Who usually were the great finisher of the Game


    For the first part that he has saved cricket may b its the time that Misbah shud share his exp with Juniors in order to prepare for the future & retire after certain time of 1 to 2 yrs & give chances to Juniors to come up & stand Recommend

  • amjad mahmood falki

    We can’t snub some one bz of one match performance!!!!ok misbah fault was also there but what other 10 players were doing!!!!!!plus recently Misbah reply. With his bat and performance!!!!!with out misbah and younis khan pak team can even bat 50 overs!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Daniyal A.

    @Amjad Mahmood Falki:
    First and foremost, if you read my comment, I CLEARLY stated that I did NOT like the decisions that Afridi made in that game either. However, saying that Misbah’s poor performance was also his fault is nothing more than idiotic. Afridi made a mistake in not taking the power play (when Razzak was there or when he himself was there), he made a mistake of moving either Mohammad Hafeez or Ajmal when they were giving Tendulkar a lot of trouble, he made a mistake of giving Umar Gul overs towards the end even thought his start was horrible. No one is arguing how amazing Afridi was, because he was NOT. What we are arguing is how Misbah ALSO sucked.

    If you just look at the scorecard, Misbah didn’t play too bad (56 of 76 balls) and seems like he was fighting till the end. But, if you go a step further, you will realize that almost half of his runs came towards the VERY end when Pakistan had undoubtedly lost the match. People like Umar Akmal and Razzak got out because of this jackass because they’d hit 6’s and 4’s on the other end and then he’d waste the rest of the over. Powerplay came WAYYYY after. He was sucking all along (and if you failed to see that, then you should re-watch that match but with less bias this time). People on the other end kept getting out BECAUSE he forced them to hit by waste over-after-over.

    I love how you say “apart from semi-finals”. I think if you want to judge a “leader” or “saviour of Pakistan cricket” then you HAVE to look at that match because that was perhaps the biggest game of his career.

    I’m sure you love Misbah, it’s quite evident. But try and call it right down the middle. Misbah showed POOR cricket at Mohali and win against Zimbabwe and WI do NOT make up for it. Recommend

  • Adeel


    I totally agree with Daniyal Comments its just coz of Misbah That we lost the Semi coz for the average its nt bad 56 off 76 Notout Average & strike rate fine bt due to his lack of ability of taking singles in middle over Umar, Razzaq & other wickets keep falling & at the end its nearly impossible to get back in the game he played for himself or watever in his mind that was pathetic

    Come to your pt of saying apart from 1 performance its not the first time dude he SUCKED remember in T20 Final when 4 run needed of 4 balls I guess he falttered again & Pak lost T20 final no doubt he had brought match single handedly form No point bt then wat happened WE LOOOOOOSEEE then also in the round matches same thing happen so I think Misbahh is one of his own kind player that in his breif career he SUCKED in three or Two big occasion of WC semis & final & Pak lost coz of him & it is really stupid to call wat other 10 was doing m just laughing on this comment coz we are talking abt Misbah’s performance rather than team at The end it is quite Evident he is freak & he would be a good batsman but not a MATCH WINNer which matters alooootttttt

    I m nt saying k through him away from team Misbah shud share his exp with Juniors in order to prepare for the future & retire after certain time of 1 to 2 yrs & give chances to Juniors to come up & standRecommend

  • http://dawn.com nimisha

    hate afridi love misbah the bestttttttttttRecommend

  • Borhan Bin Shafi


    Please don’t compare between Misbah & Afridi. we like cricket to support Pakistan team. not support individual player. your idea is not correct. you should avoid it. we hope Pakistan team get more more win in future & get no 1 team in all cricket format by ICC.wish Pakistan team at their best in all time cricket history.good luck Pakistan team go ahead. Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    we all heard at the start of Zimbabwe tour that misbah had a disagreement with waqar over inclusion of aizaz cheema. next day news headlines were all too obvious insisting the beginning of yet another controversy. however, against all odds this matter just never came on top again and every thing settled down very quickly.

    Given the same situation and afridi/younus had been the captain in place of misbah, i just wonder what it would have been like!! i am sure this matter would not have settled down like this. First you have to agree to this fact that such disagreements are very common between people and it should be for the greatest good BUT keeping in perspective the whole team, i am amazed that how this issue never really came up on tables. Same team, same coach but different captain and the writer is happy to write an appraisal letter in favour of misbah.!!!Recommend

  • safwan umair

    @ zohaib …. whats your point????Recommend

  • Afridi’s Angel

    @safwan umair:

    Well, I could argue and say the same things to you—-to please be realistic when assessing your beloved hero, Misbah :)

    Yes, I am a Shahid Afridi fan, but my comment is not the “classic eyes closed, emotional fan” comment of a typical Afridi fan.

    You wrote in your response to me:
    “If Afridi can’t decide on whether he wants to retire or not, can you imagine him leading Pakistan with a clear head.”

    Shahid Afridi has a very clear notion of what he wants to do in life—he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. He has passion for cricket, a deep rooted desire for representing Pakistan, and zeal for helping those less fortunate/victims of flood/earthquake/illness, etc as can be seen by his charity involvement.

    Shahid Afridi is by no means an emotional, tempremental wreck as you claim him to be. He is a patriotic Pashtun that has never wavered in his desire to play international cricket. He issued a conditional retirement because of the injustice and disrespectful treatment Butt and the PCB gave him.

    As you may recall:
    After the West Indies tour in April 2011, the media leaked out there were differences between Afridi and coach Waqar Younis. In May 2011, The Pakistan Cricket Board members gave a chance for those involved in the dispute to state there views/concerns/case/opinions, etc.

    However, when it came time to listen to Afridi, Shahid was snubbed by the Pakistan Cricket Board. PCB did not even have the decency and common courtesy to schedule a meeting with Shahid Afridi so that he can get a chance to express his views/concerns/case/opinions, etc. In refusing to meet Shahid Afridi, the PCB members also never gave Afridi a chance to clarify any accusations/half-truths/distorted opinions that may have been spoken against him or his leadership abilities. In addition, the PCB was ready to forge a conclusion without even meeting or hearing Shahid Afridi’s side.

    On 19-24 May 2011, Shahid Afridi had come to the USA to raise funds in conjunction with Islamic Relief Fund for earthquake/flood victims in Pakistan and to seek treatment for his ill father, who was suffering from cancer. On 19 May, 2011, without notifying Shahid Afridi, the PCB removed him as captain of the Pakistan cricket team. I know this for a fact because I was among 600 people that attended his fundraising event that night. These shameful acts by the PCB of refusing to hear Afridi’s side of the dispute, and then by removing him as captain, caused him to issue a conditional retirement on May 30,2011.Recommend

  • Amjad Mahmood Falki

    Afridi angel u still don’t know the facts!!!!stilll sfridi and his fans not able to ans these question!!!!
    Before starting one thing if u think a star player can abuse and break the rules then no further discussion!!!what ever I will write below r on record!!koi Hawie baat nahi!!!

    Afridi is main reason for Team politics from last 3 years!!!after Lanka tour he visit ijazz butt home with 5 players and yawar saeed and demand him to sack younis!!!that time butt acha tha bz us ny afridi ki galaat baat maan li!!!!
    All team player request pcb and afridi many time that plz don’t abuse us durring match beshak net/dressing room mean abuse ker lo per afridi gi nahi manay!!!!
    On WI tour afridi fight with waqar and abuse waqar and players!!!afridi want to select the team alone and want to play ahmad shazad and waqar said how many chances shazad need!!world wide its universal rule that on tour coach captain vice capt and manager select the playing 11 but afridi want to select alone??y??
    When he return to pak he start giving statements and waqar was mute!!!pcb ask afridi to be calm and wait for team return then will sit togather!!but afridi carry those harsh statement and he was bound to not give statment!!!star not mean ap jo merzi karo even that time pcb not remove him as capt but afridi fire hot words!!!!
    In mid may afridi held a press conf @ his home(whhich was last reason to remove him) in that conf afridi Lieeee and said pcb give him go ahead to carry captaincy and later pcb was angry why he lie in press conf!!!
    In cricket circles afridi is famous as jhoota and imam e jhoota:)
    Later afridi said he wana quit ireland tour bz his father is ill in usa but when pak was playing in ireland he reach uk to play county!!!!
    Infont of me 2 x pak players and head of a big TV channel call afridi and advice afridi to not visit uk untill pak team leave ireland bz us say afridi ki badnami hu gi but afridi said doctor sb kutch nahi huta!!!!
    And many reason which I can’t disclose!!!still u ppl think a star can break rules!!!look @ aus they throw symonds for littel mistake and earlier uk did with flintoff butt we think nahi afridi is super star he can brea rules he can abuse players etc!!!I m not her to convince u ppl!!!all cricketing world know afridi dig in hole which he gig for his team mates younis malik yousaf akhtar and razzaq!Recommend

  • Amjad Mahmood Falki

    And afridi angel How PCB snub Afridi in this matter!!!?
    Ok pcb is doing bad in few matters but in afridi case not much fault!!!!!!and before saying pcb snub him. Or not give afridi time to clear him self refresh ur memo with few facts!!!!!
    A) its int rule and pcb rule all tour committee will select team and captain hv to follow even disagree can do it in decent way like Misbah do!!!
    B) problem start when afridi came back and gave firing statements about selection and waqar!!!(U can read news papers and news date by date and all is on records) and PCB not say any thing but said be calm and wait for team return then pcb will sit with both and listen to all!!mean while pcb not remove afridi but not announce the captain for Ireland tour as policy matter bz team was still on Tour!!!
    Prob start when afridi not stop his statements and -n Mid may he held a press confress @ his Home and said pcb gave him go head for ireland tour as captain!!pcb was very angry on this clear cut Lie!!!
    C) Later pcb include him for ireland tour then afridi said he can’t play bz his father is ill but he arrive in uk to play county and pak team was still in ireland to play matches!!!!!!
    We all like afridi but afridi made mistakes and blunders!!!!!!
    Tell me any player x player name who favour afridi!!!his only and one support waseem akram bash him last week to take retirement as joke and call his behavior as kiddish!!!!!!!
    All this is true fact but if some one hv blind strip of their eyes of afridi love thn no body can do much if a blind strip of afridi love on fans eyes!!!!all media know and players afridi done wrong and fall in the hole which he dig for others!!!!Recommend

  • safwan

    @Afridi’s Angel: I really enjoyed reading your reply :). Especially the “please be realistic when you assess your beloved hero, Misbah” part :)

    You see the point though is not about hero’s and villain’s. its about whats best for our cricket. Misbah might not be the dashing hero that the Pakistanis see in Afridi. But he gave our cricket some stability when it was in dire straits. I am well aware of Afridi and Younis’s amazing fundraising work for Islamic relief in the U.K and the USA. These are genuinely nice guys. Having said that, even the most die hard afridi fan will question his temperament as a cricketer. How many times we sat in front of the telly praying for Afridi to play an inspired innings. and how oft would he swish across the line and leave us disappointed. I do believe he has a place in the pakistani side, but as an outstanding spin bowler, and not a dashing hitter nor a captain.

    And as a said in my article, our cricket board and its chairman are a joke. But does that mean that Afridi has to retire repeatedly to make his point.

    I know that you want Pakistan to win as much as i want them to become a champion side. It should always be about the team and not about our personal heroes within the team. If tomorrow Misbah fails to live up to his billing as the calm, composed captain of an embattled team. I will be the first one to raise my hand in objection. Until that happens (God-forbid), lets hope and pray that Pakistan cricket continues to prosper.Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    @ safwan ….. i think we better first need to figure out that why such disagreements happened during others captaincy and why no such issue or controversy was raised in this ‘particular man captaincy’ with those “same” bunch of 11 idiots….THATS MY POINT (ever heard of groupings & politics!!!)Recommend

  • http://dawn.com nimisha

    misbah the best cricketer whether someone believes or not he is da best most sensible nd educated playerRecommend

  • http://dawn.com misha

    he is also mamed test cricketer of year in the magazine !i love misbahRecommend