Who would speak up for a dead Shia?

Published: September 21, 2011

A man cries while sitting next to the coffins of victims who were killed in a shootout by unidentified gunmen a day earlier, before their burial in Quetta September 21, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS

As a nation we are getting sicker – we refuse to accept the existence of our disease. We call ourselves humans; we call ourselves people of faith and many other names. But what we don’t call ourselves is what we have become: soulless.  And yesterday’s brazen Nazi style attack on a bus full of pilgrims proves exactly that.

Twenty six people were lined up and shot because of their faith.

Three people were killed while trying to save the lives of others who were shot during this massacre.

That’s enough to send any nation in to a state of absolute shock and awe. And yet here we are a day later, moving on without even looking back again. What has happened to us?

When did Pakistan become a country where you get executed in public based on your faith? And after all this, the only thing our media had to report was someone accepted the responsibility for this attack. So what? So what if someone accepted the responsibility of this attack.

Does that answer why it happened? No.

The fact is, we are so consumed with counting the dead bodies that now they are just numbers to us. We have lost our humanity, our ability to respect a human life or even feel what it means to be human.

This issue did not just pop up, it has been brewing for years. Balochistan has been witnessing targeted killings for years but they hardly get air time. The Hazara people have lost so many people that they have lost count by now. Yet no one seems to care.

While our overlords fight over the game plan in Afghanistan and the issues of Kashmir, our own people are been massacred by psychotic sociopaths who have guns and roam around unchecked.

Why do Jamaat-e-Islami and other religious parties call strikes and take out processions against the drone strikes and foreign intervention while staying absolutely silent about a massacre like this?

The answer to that is simple – because they honestly do not think it is wrong.

The permanent tape on the mouths of religious leaders is evidence of their  secretly support it. The fact that they will not stop crying and shouting about the drone strikes proves that they are willing to speak out, so that leaves us with the fact that they actually believe in this. This is their base, heir reason for power – militant wings that used to ensure they had the firepower to take out their opponents but now have evolved and joined ranks with the Taliban.

While our country is dying, the liberal left is busy Tweeting and Facebook-ing about it and calling on the moral majority to step forward. But what the left needs to understand is that the silent majority is actually social conservatives.

These are people who will watch TV and say “that was bad” and do nothing. They will never rise up, they will never come forward and they will never do anything because they are just too scared. These are the people who will constantly do whatever it takes to protect the status quo instead of speaking out and taking a stand. So calling this majority out is useless. The liberal left themselves, simply take pride in tweeting and writing feel good stuff. But the thing is, just saying things should get better will not make them better.

So, while the Hazara people like many other minorities count their dead the rest of us will move on and forget.


Adnan Khalid Rasool

Currently the Deputy Executive Director Center for Enterprise, Trade and Development, Adnan is also a political analyst working mainly on electoral politics and political campaign management. He tweets at @adnanrasool

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Anum Jafri

    Glad at least someone from the media spoke up about it!Recommend

  • rational

    Great article, but unfortunately our society has become so selfish that people are okay with whats happening as long as it doesn’t directly hit them. The end all of everything is Allah ka shukar hai kay kuch nahin hua ya phir Allah bachaye sab ko. Don’t get me wrong I am a Muslim, but it’s time the population understands that if you take one step Allah takes two, so at least make the first move if you want His help.Recommend

  • Ali

    well said, no one will speak for a dead Shia….most of the mullahs actually think its ok to kill Shia…they can go bonkers over Afia (who is a US citizen of Pakistani origin…and NOT the ONLY daughter of Pakistan) but not care about the Shia (be they Hazaras or of Parachinar) being killed….

    The Hazaras will weep another day and the mullahs will talk of taqwa and sunnah….while the rest of us will go on saying this is an attempt by the West to pit Sunni against Shia….no one will actually call a spade a spade and say that the Deobandi/Wahhabi sectarian mullah is really to blame….they are the allies of the West and it is they who have ALWAYS sold their countries and faith out…NOT the Shia!Recommend

  • Bilal

    Exactly. Pakistan has become immune to all this. To not feeling itselves. To isolate ourselves from our brothers, up in Peshawer, Quetta FATA, and the flooded sindh.. At this pace, division is imminent. Recommend

  • Sanity

    Very nice article. You’ve shown us what we have become. The problem is the very philosophy on which establishment (comprising of military and bureaucracy) want to build our nation. We can only become a nation, when establishment wholeheartedly accepts its diversity based on religious philosophy, ethnicity, culture etc., without imposing their philosophy on everyone. Recommend

  • Bilal

    I don’t mean to be rude, but what exactly CAN we do. Write a article on it? Like you did.Recommend

  • Hassan Shah

    Instead of venting out my grief and furor on this incident, I would just say one thing, who ever gave you Islamic sermon and license to kill innocent people, should one day face it in more worse manner.
    Our Govt, and army are supporting them, getting them bailed out from Supreme court. and their families get monthly stipend from Government. our govt and we being as Pakistani cannot decided what is the definition of a terrorist? one who support our stance (Haqqani Network) we will not take any action against them because they are friendly taliban. if you have to make such distinctions then why the hell you stepped into such a perplexed movement against terrorism from the day first?Recommend

  • http://codingstreet.com Mustafa Hanif

    Why do you keep saying that SHIA are oppressed, why do you keep saying that people support killing of SHIA ?? The truth is whole of Pakistan is under-siege … you put up a drama that only you SHIAs are victim .. ALL of us are victims !!!Recommend

  • san

    Shia have to stand to fight for their rights. There is no alternative to survive among these monsters. Striking back is the only option left. As author suggested no body (Mullas, MPs etc) are going to speak for Shia’s. Recently the youth of Parachinar was protesting for almost three to four weeks outside parliament but tell me single person who spoke for them, the answer is no. Even media ignores them. Though ET and Dawn cover it but that was not even enough. Recommend

  • Anand Kumar

    Q – “When did Pakistan become a country where you get executed in public based on your faith?”
    A – August 14th, 1947Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Its a shame and this madness must stop we are muslim first nothing else and as a muslim i will say every person should raise there voice. we should remeber allma ahsan
    elahi zaheer and allama hussaini at this time who secrifice there lives for peace.Recommend

  • D2

    Muslims unite, do not divide into ‘sects, as the Holy Qu’ran forbids it. And let us as a uniyed Ummah protect each other.Recommend

  • Junaid Dar


    The same question to you. Is that due to August 15th, 1947?Recommend

  • Arooj

    It seems that we will never get our nation rest in peace,walk freely out in streets,either be in Sindh, Baluchistan or any other part of the country.Even when the pilgrims are atrociously murdered then nothing is left to be done more brutal.WHO WE ARE to decide and murder on the bases of faith.This is religious superiority or sect superiority that they have taken everything in their hands and being the judders.Either its the lame people calling them believers or we are damn enough to counter against the foreign powers.But the above all we all are corrupt in ourselves.I cheat in exams,i praise teacher to get good marks,i do favors to friends so that they will help me in my hour of need.WE ARE A CORRUPT SOUL LESS BODIES.Recommend


    @Mustafa Hanif:

    THERE is no doubt that ordinary Pakistani are being targeted on daily basis but the case of minorities are quiet different.

    BECAUSE how many times have we seen JI, Imran khan protesting against the killing of minorites in Pakistan yes we know that they condemned the incident but we have seen them staging dharna against it.

    where are the Journalists like ansar abbasi, shahid masood and other who always moan about the killings of wahabi terrorists in waziristan and lal masjid.

    WHERE are the retired Generals like Hameed Gul, Asad Durrani aand Aslam Beg who fell aggrieved on the death of fanatics of wahabi/ deobandi cult but never spoke on the mieries of minorities.

    WHERE is the pro active judiciary who love to take suo moto actions on everything but why have they been silent for the killings of minorities in Pakistan.

    WHERE is the so called 2nd largest party of Pakistan …. Muslim League Nawaz….we cannot overlook this serious issue by simply calling it an external conspiracy.

    AND now people like you are trying to occupy these forums by spreading ill conceived information and wanted to deprived the aggrieved parties even to mourn the death of innocent by expressing their views.

    ACTUALLY there is not much difference between those terrorists and guys like you who wanted to silence their opponents. Recommend

  • http://nuschon.wordpress.com Shahzeb Zaidi

    @Mustafa Hanif:

    All of you are not being targeted because of your faith. That is the difference. Though none of us underestimate the sacrifices of an ordinary Pakistani, we should all stand up against discrimination based upon religion, sect, cast or creed!


    Hats off to you Sir! Not many people in Pakistan have the guts to write about discrimination against people!Recommend

  • antony

    @junaid, Do you still dont want to see whats wrong in pakistan and want to look at neighbour’s follies ! . Actually what to say ..should I say you deserve this daily news or send you the pictures of innocent victims who were killed by religious bigots to your mail box so that you realise the passive acceptance of this nature cannot and should not be tolerated by any human!!!.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/202/adnan-rasool/ Adnan Rasool

    Firstly.. I do not agree with the title.. I do not write the titles.. so I wish it was not this…. it makes it sound like the whole post is about just one sect.. Its not… What I am talking about is the whole nation.. also a lot of things r chopped off so it might sound out of context as well… The whole version is here… http://aikbaat.blogspot.com/2011/09/dying-nation.htmlRecommend

  • mir

    certainly these are not normal times, the country is in war against terrorism, but i want to point out here that our urban educated middle class is silent, i don’t see any activism from their side, youth has no passion and ethusiasm, they are cold as dead only playing on facebook, if we have accepted these atrocities and are silent, we are criminal, lets nuke ourselves, better to die once rather everyday. Recommend

  • Malik Arif

    All we are sad because they are humans and Muslims but don’t you think that mentioning Shia or Suni is the best way to counter this terrorism or we are promoting their agenda with these sectarian words?Recommend


    Where are our “Secret Agencies” whose job is nothing but to ptotect Pakistan and its citizens

    A very nice article indeedRecommend

  • Ahmed Malik

    On every such article/Blog/Facebook post The majority of the comments come from sir names like Jafri, Zaidi, Naqvi and Shah. I just wanna know why others hesitate to comment on Such an Issue.
    Secondly every time Shias come under attack its Balochistan. I wonder why..So think again is this the Sunni/Shia thing or its just Balochistan. Recommend

  • Junaid Dar

    @antony let me direct your comment to Indian fellows who are doing the same m doing right now! fine?

    I totally agree with Mustafa Hanif, his point is absolutely true if one wants to understand. Who ever did so are the same who did such acts in peshawar, kohat, bannu, swat, mardan, FATA, islamabad, lahore, and so on. We have blasts and killings in all sects mosques imam-bargahs. to stand against this we must stand together for all and should fight against such acts against all Pakistanis but not only one sect, faith or race. this “main main” is the reason of current condition of Pakistan. if this “main main” converts to “we” then things can be changed.

    May Allah Bless The Um’mahRecommend

  • M Ali Khan

    The intellectual dishonesty and blindness towards the Anti-Shia genocide going in Pakistan for the last 25 years by Wahhabi-Salafi jihadi monsters is staggering!

    http://criticalppp.com/archives/57886 you boys may wanna read this just to get an idea!Recommend

  • Sadiq Nagri

    Each day leads our nation into a depper and deeper abyss. Either the governemnet has lost all its writ or is the accomplice in it. The Wahabis have penetrated the whole eslablishment and its useless for any innocent shia to relie on this system for justice. How many more dead bodies should be bury. Hundreds of innocent shias have got killed from Gilgit to Parachinar but where iis the media,the politiicans, the security establishmemnt. They have all taped theri mouths and this atrocitiy continues. If this opression continues then the day is not far when the whole setup will collapse as Hazrat Ali (A.S) says “A society can survive infidelity but cannot endure with tyranny”. Recommend

  • Fatima

    @Mustafa Hanif:
    The truth is Mr Mustafa that no matter what you say SHIAS ARE OPPRESSED! the “brain washing” by the esteemed MULLAHS has led to this .You tell me sir ,how can you justify innocent people massacred brutally merely because they love the family of the Holy Prophet(s.a.w)?
    End of the day innocent lives were lost in the name of religion by the people who claim to be followers of Allah and Prophet Muhammad .SHAME.Recommend

  • indian hindu

    pakistan is reaping the results of its acts in kashmir and in whole of India.

    pak supported terrorists in kashmir and armed them. they were the hope of whole pakistani nation to snatch kashmir from india.

    pak also incited religious hatred against other religions.
    partition was a act where millions lost their lives.
    all these sinful acts are now coming in front of pak.

    i still pray for the people of pak. may god save them from the sins of few feudal individuals.Recommend

  • Truth!

    @Mustafa Hanif: You need to look at the history. Bhai jee shia genocide has been going on since 1990s…such attacks took place as early as 1995; a full 6 years before 9/11! can you tell me any such attack on sunni muslims (as frequently as on shias) before 2002???Recommend

  • Fatima

    It indeed is a sad state of affairs in Pakistan where innocent lives are lost every day just to feed the blood lust of these barbarians. However most of the times when Shias are targeted the matter is pushed under the carpet and silenced Thank you for highlighting the plight of the “oppressed”in Pakistan Ironic that the father of the nation too belonged to this sect! lets see how much time it will take for him to be painted as a disgrace by these esteemed Mullahs!Recommend

  • Truth!

    @AHSAN RIZVI: Very well said!!! I wonder why majority of Shias share same point of views even on political and other social issues:) Mr Mustafa said what majority of sunni muslims think…what a pity!Recommend

  • murassa sanaullah

    pakistan was not made only for some particular sect, the people who are killing on the basis of sect andreligion were dead against Quaid and his Pakistan . they had no right to come and settle in this country . if our govt inthe past had given punishment to elements who spread hatred on the basis of sect or religion there would not have been such situation. there is still time , i have seen any such culprit who was involved in any type of hatred has been caught or punished. the govt should immediately do something for such kind hatredRecommend

  • Adil

    While the article is really appreciated but I have to say, nothing really can be done except condemning it. You see the people who are doing such terrors are very powerful and armed to the teeth. What do you expect an average citizen do? An average citizen working as a doctor, engineer, teacher etc. are powerless. This is not the duty of citizens to go and fight terror groups which have mushroomed in the past 25 years. It is the duty of state. That is why they are there and that is why they tax the population. At most average people can do is opine. Recommend

  • http://zaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com/ Zaid Hamid

    Zaid Hmaid is the man.Recommend

  • Nadir

    I’m not a Shia but THANK you for this. I’m ashamed to belong to a country where we treat Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis and Shias so inhumanely and where they aren’t equal citizens.
    More power to you. Recommend

  • rajab

    things for mentioning the real target the ‘Hazara Tribe’ instead of beating about the bush,because many of the analysts hardly know about the demography of Quetta,it’s a very nice article sir,very well written indeed.It’s been long somebody raised voice and wrote about the target killings of Hazara people,as it’s been going on for years.
    very well written indeed!Recommend

  • Ahsan Ali

    @Mustafa Hanif:

    I do not see Sunnis being singled out for persecution or being assassinated in cold blood the way Shias are. Therefore it is correct to state that Shias are under attack. Rabid thugs of Wahabi persuasion are waging a cowardly war against unarmed civilians and everyone who refuses to condemn them, including people like yourself who’d like to stage a diversion and push this under the carpet are complicit in this crime.

    That said, in a way I agree with you, Jinnah’s Pakistan is under attack and is soon to be replaced by Saudi Arabia’s lapdog, a laboratory for the Wahabi virulent religious experiments.Recommend

  • Tatom

    A very nice article…. no 1 is taking care of any one in PakistanRecommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com LoneLiberal PK

    The author underestimates the power of social networking.

    It’s not that the liberals are too lazy. The problem is that Facebooking and tweeting is the only thing they can practically do. A true liberal cannot last a day in the open political arena, which is dominated by conservatives and even extremists.

    Liberals are still in the process of laying out the groundwork for their political emergence through internet activism. It is only when they’ve generated sufficient support can they actually consider forming a party of their own.Recommend

  • Syed Kamran Raza

    @Anand Kumar: Well.. history tells us otherwise … several 100 of 1000s of muslims (inclding few of my relatives) got executed/killed brutally by Sikhs/Hindus during the migration from Ind to Pak in 1947. Please do not try to twist the history.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    I guess Pakistan is where America was a couple of hundred years ago when there was a saying “the only good Indian is a dead one”. It is similar here in Pakistan in terms of of a religious bias where people think it is OK to kill non-Muslims.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Mustafa Hanif: Please be a man and face what we Pakistani’s are doing to each other. Here we are talking about how shia’s are killed in Pakistan in cold blood, and on the other we have people like you who cant, the very least, come forward and condemn it.

    Shia’s have been brutally killed in Pakistan over the past several years, and always have suffered a complete media black out. All this time, Parachinar was under constant attack by the extremists, yet none of the channels or the newspapers cared to publish it until recently. Why the discrimination? Why is it that Lal Masjid gets so much attention while on the other hand shia’s are being slain in scores every other day and there is no mention of it?

    Don’t comment on articles like this if you dont have the guts to accept what people with YOUR BLOODY MENTALITY are doing on the surface of this earth!Recommend

  • Fatima

    @Raja Islam:
    “in Pakistan in terms of of a religious bias where people think it is OK to kill non-Muslims”.saab jee SHIAS ARE MUSLIMS .Recommend

  • AT

    ‘Who would speak up for humanity’ would’ve been better.Recommend

  • AT

    Better : ‘Who would speak up for Humanity’Recommend

  • mourinho

    pakistan should forget about the futile battle for kashmir and bring it’s lawless western lands under govt. control.Recommend

  • Abdul Sattar Qamar

    This is gory incident which had tarnished the image of a Muslim state.Intolerance had developed many evils in our society.someone says it is a rejoinder of Alipur incident where some elements opened fires at the caravan of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi when they were going to receive Malik Muhammad Ishaq on September 19.Recommend

  • mir

    People who are against TALIBAN need to unite and raise voice against terrorism in PAKISTAN, we need to save our country from turning into stone age, i dont find any protests on streets against extremism from our TECH SAVVY urban youth, do we lack something or are we breeding extremism behind closed doors?Recommend

  • maria

    we have become insensitive coz for the past years we have seen so many dead bodies n so much violence………..we just got desensitized to this big tragedy………just like as a dr gets used to see people die in emergency rooms………….anything if u will see on daily basis u will get used to it………………..but this masacre is like the peak of it……..imagine u r just took down a bus,queued n shot without any reason……………..jungles r better places then such countriesRecommend

  • Tauqeer

    it is indeed a very shameful and sad incident. We all pakistanis are currently being attacked by the terrorists, who have a strong back up provided by the foreign agencies. But my dear Shia fellows it doesn’t mean that you are the only victims! Have you heard any one saying that Sunni mosque being attacked? Or Sunni’s being massacared? No !!
    It just reads as Mosque being attacked, without mentioning the faith and sect of the people. Instead of blaming each other at this critical stage we should pledge to work together to eradicate terrorism. This is not the time to blame! Wake up and try to expand your horizons!Recommend

  • Abdul Wahab Chaudhary

    The article reflects a total sense of irresponsibility …..yes “irresponsibility” …. Hundreds of people killed in Karachi who knows how many of them were Sunni, Shia , Christian , Hindu , Sikh , Wahabi….etc …..FATA have lost many lives, In Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad incidents do we have any figure of Shia and Sunni …. come on guys taking negative out of any situation is very easy Recommend

  • Fatima

    Shias around the world are being murdered ruthlessly …

    few days back .. a bus going from Iraq to Syria for pilgrimage faced the same tragedy..
    Women and children were taken out and their men were murdered right in front of them..
    In Bahrain … majority of the population is shias but are deprived from the rights … they took a stand and were butchered ruthlessly..
    In parachinar … shias are being killed daily … so do we even know ?

    I have same sentiments when a sunni , christian or ahmedi is killed..

    But nobody is massacred the way shias are … and we are fighting for the right path and we always will … Recommend

  • Huma

    “While our country is dying, the liberal left is busy Tweeting and Facebook-ing about it”

    Very true… !!Recommend

  • Zehra Zaidi

    To all the people commenting who are trying to turn a blind eye to the fact that Shias are being persecuted and killed because of their religious beliefs, please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qutbism

    The link is about Qutbism, which branched out from the Wahabi sect and is followed by the Taliban, extremist religious clerics and religious groups. This ideology is spreading in the muslim world. Apart from that, this is where intolerance starts: In 1801 and 1802, the Saudi Wahhabis under Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud attacked and captured the holy Shi’a muslim cities of Karbala and Najaf in Iraq, massacred parts of the Shi’a muslim population and destroyed the tombs of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad, and son of Ali (Ali bin Abu Talib), the son-in-law of Muhammad. (see: Saudi sponsorship mentioned previously) In 1803 and 1804 the Saudis captured Mecca and Medina and destroyed historical monuments and various holy Muslim sites and shrines, such as the shrine built over the tomb of Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad, and even intended to destroy the grave of Muhammad himself as idolatrous. In 1998 the Saudis bulldozed and poured gasoline over the grave of Aminah bint Wahb, the mother of Prophet Muhammad, causing resentment throughout the Muslim world.–http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahabi

    “A study conducted by the NGO Freedom House found Wahhabi publications in mosques in the United States. These publications included statements that Muslims should not only “always oppose” infidels “in every way”, but “hate them for their religion … for Allah’s sake”, that democracy “is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th century”, and that Shia and certain Sunni Muslims were infidels”—-My question is what are we as Pakistanis doing to stop this extremism and poisonous ideology?

    These are historical facts, not some fairy tales spun by shias. Let’s look at current events. Saudi Arabia is clearly funding and supporting movements and clerics that spread extremist ideology claiming that shias and non-wahabi sunnis are sinners, that they are not “true” muslims, that they have strayed from islam. Shias, being heretics, in their opinion, do not have the right to practice their religion and are not “equal”. Proof: Shia muslims are not allowed to practice their religion in Saudi Arabia i.e. majlis etc is banned. If they do, they are punished and persecuted. Shias are discriminated against, even though there are some provinces in Saudi Arabia where they are in majority. Some much for “equality” amongst muslims. Recently Saudi Arabia sent it’s troops to Bahrain to support the Sunni non-democratic government there to crush the peaceful protests of the majority Shia population–The majority of citizens in Bahrain are Shia. Similarly, the majority Sunni Arab world turned a blind eye when Saddam Hussain persecuted and killed the shias in Iraq–again, Iraq has a majority Shia population. The Arab world also did not intervene or try and stop Saddam’s almost decade long war with Iran–why? Because Iran is a Shia state. This ideology that people do not have the right to practice their faith if they do not agree with you, this disrespect6 for religious differences, this idea that is is ok to kill someone just because you do not agree with them is a poisonous idealogy–it is spreading in the muslim world, it has taken root in Pakistan and it is being funded.

    It’s so easy to sway the already conservative and many times uneducated and poor population to accept this idealogy and actually make them believe they are heros and protectors of Islam if they kills and persecute the “heretics” i.e. anyone who does not agree with their version of Islam. How can any civilized, decent and just human being turn a blind eye to this? Yes, shias and Sunnis are brothers–all muslims are supposed to be brothers and brothers DO NOT KILL brothers, they do not discrimate against their brothers or persecute them. So I request our muslim brothers and sisters, Sunni and others, to take a stand against this cruelty and inhumanity against the minority Muslim shia population in Pakistan and in other parts of the world. Turning a blind eye to this will not make this problem go away.

    I love the bit in the blog where the writer says: “Why do Jamaat-e-Islami and other religious parties call strikes and take out processions against the drone strikes and foreign intervention while staying absolutely silent about a massacre like this?

    The answer to that is simple – because they honestly do not think it is wrong.”Recommend

  • http://fruitforbidden.wordpress.com Forbidden Fruit

    As for tweeting and facebooking, a large number of liberals did not say anything on this. Apparently, an ahmedi massacre is way more condemn-able than a shia massacre. The liberals themselves have strong religious biases!Recommend

  • ammad

    Killer are Pakistani too.

  • AD

    Shias need no one’s help. They are in millions and much stronger than these criminals. When Zakat was imposed on them, within days they brought strong military government of Zia to its knees. Their greedy leaders sheepish attitude is responsible for atrocities committed against them. Ban processions and majlis, next day all of them will be in streets protesting. Recommend

  • Mehdi Jafri

    @Abdul Wahab Chaudhary:

    wake up and open your eyes!

    they pulled out those 26 SHIA from full Bus carrying 45 people

    they all were killed B coz they were SHIA

    and top wahabi Terrorist squad ( lashkar-e-Jhangvi ) Claimed they done it.

    Still those Crazy Majority Muslims Support these kind of Wahabi Terror.


  • Sajida

    Blame Wahhabi beliefs infiltrating Muslim countries thanks to Saudi oil financed Jihad financing.
    This started happening in 1980s when Wahhabi fundamentalism and arms became a dangerous cocktail due to Afghan War.

    This behavior is evil. No honorable believer can behave like this.Recommend

  • anonymous

    A simple procedure to make people of a country to go fight with each other: kill some people from one group and enjoy their fight.Recommend

  • http://www.salmanzq.com salman qureshi

    Well written except that I would not discourage our left to stop writing and tweeting. Because we need to fight at all levels. The least of which is speaking out against these atrocities be it shia, ahmadi, or any human being in Pakistan. At least we haven’t completely fallen silent!Recommend

  • Truth Speaker

    If you Shia; wanna to isolate yourself from rest of other muslims community; and want to have mercy then you should realize that you will become minority yourself.
    You are not only the victims of these sorts of brutal act.So become the nation and unite the nation………….Do not give the chance to others to laugh at Pakistan………..Recommend

  • AL

    @Adnan Rasool: True, the title doesnt do justice to what you were trying to say… it just creates even more differences amongst the sects ( the title that is) but what you said is true..and im glad someone wrote such an article. we need to rise and take a stand now… killing human beings is plain wrong. period!regardless of there religious beliefs, caste or creed!Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    The sectarian divide is increasing day by day and it is now our responsibility to curtail this rift.Recommend

  • Tauqeer

    My dear Sister! That’s what we are saying that the shia’s are considering themselves as a seperate entity in this world. That is the main problem actually. The people from the other sect and faith also get murdered but no voice is heard that we are being targetted! If you will think this way then we cannot expect a better Pakistan. This is the time to walk together, not to think of the differences!Recommend

  • ALI

    Shias are being killed just because of thier faith and every one knows about that, where as our Suni brothers has never been victimized just becuase they are Sunni.. thats the point which u have to understandRecommend

  • Danish

    I think this Shia killing is conspiracy by the Jews. It is to deflect Pakistani attention from the Palestine. Or Hindus. To deflect attention from Kashmir and atrocity on Muslims in India. Recommend

  • ali raza

    i’m really very much impressed by your stance…Recommend

  • ejaaz

    64 years too late for thatRecommend

  • Chaui Sb

    @ abdul wahab chaudry…. yes we have record of shia’s killings which are in thosuands; be it it be the bomb blast on MA Jinnah road on 10th Muharram, be it be bomb blast on bus and hospital on 20 Safar, be it be the Haideri Masjid blast, be it be Imambargah Ali Raza be it be on 21 Ramzan Lahore, be it be on Eid in Qutta… i dont recall any attack on Sunni’s worship prcoessions or mosques during the last ten years with the exception of Nishter Park Blast.

    you need to know the facts; if i u still think that we cannot count how many shias or sunnis have been killed, the above mentioned few incidents are a reminder for blind people!! Recommend

  • ali raza

    i’m really very much impressed by your stance….Recommend

  • faraz

    My Sunni friends, who are highly educated liberal folks, declare that Shia arent true Muslims. There is an inherent bias against Shia which allows people to easily digest such ghaslty incidents. Recommend

  • Doctor

    The shocking thing none of us Pakistanis want to admit is that Shias are far safer in India than in Pakistan. Recommend

  • hadi

    Thank you for speaking up!Recommend

  • K. Baloch

    and all of you out there NONE of you NONE, have the right to call any one non muslims you’re not god (nauzubillah) to decide whether shias are non muslims or sunnis or ahmadis or any one you have NO right to say that get it. Go correct your self pray 5 times a day pay zakat, don’t bribe people for your benefits don’t drive on a red light don’t watch porn, don’t go around bitching about people on their backs, don’t lie WHEN you do all that then I’ll ask you who is a muslim or a non muslim, I believe any one who performs a sajdah for Allah is a muslim the rest is upon Allah to decide Recommend

  • Shoukat Ali Hazara

    I agree with you that as nation we are without soul and sense (even without common sense).Recommend

  • Tariq

    @Mustafa Hanif:

    you are write that all of us are victims but it more nobel to speak up for others. As far as I can tell, this article very sincere and touches heart so please you keep your Shia hatred aside and try be just a human being on this massacre.Recommend

  • Tariq


    Author is trying to wake our conscious awake however you can go back to sleep.Recommend

  • Tariq

    @Abdul Wahab Chaudhary:
    So if someone reminds you of human sufferings and hold accountable for our inaction while this injustice has been done others, you will call his irresponsible. How is it? Everyone of us are responsible “We have lost our humanity, our ability to respect a human life or even feel what it means to be human”Recommend

  • Parvez

    Latest news LeJ leader Mlik Ishaq put under house arrest – now get this – for his security.
    So who are the bad guys here ???Recommend

  • Huma

    Great Article!!! At least u raised the point.Recommend

  • http://Yahoo Gorgh

    Abdul Wahab chaudary: I think you have ill concieved the essence/purpose of the article written by the writer. Supposedly, the killing committed in karachi is politically motivated/ manipulated by the political rivals on the basis of hegemonic designs, con of the city, and other political issues which can be controlled / curbed if the issues are settled by the govt. Wherein, the killings in Fata area are due to the suspected presence of Afghan Talibans and other terrorist gps involving terrorist activities in neighouring cty from our land. However, killing of Hazara or Shia in Balochistan particularly in Quetta are specific in design and nature, which is indicative to sickness of mind of supported and funded banned organisation to arose hatred within the ppl of Pakistan to gain their malafide & nefarious intention / interest/designs and put a dent to our solidarity, integrity thereby bringing Pakistan to the verge of inner fighting & collapse.Recommend

  • Atif

    As far as article is concerned it’s a excellent effort keeps the neutral spirit in the all areas.
    I would like to express my deepest sorrow on this sad incident & being a Muslim we have to condemned this shameful act. As per our last Prophet (Peace be upon him) all Muslims just like a body so atleast we have to feel pain of these type of incidents but unfortunately we have forget all the true preaching of Islam .

    Government , Agencies, are responsible to take appropriate action against the culprits involved.

    But Kesay Waqeel Karain kis say munsafi chahin As all Government officials are part of this game.

    Being a nation we have to take serious note of this incident & raise the voice against these type of incidents .. So please be united to stop this fire otherwise it will spread every where. Recommend

  • ali raza

    thanks for writingRecommend

  • islooboy

    isnt zardari,faisl raza abdi,zulfiqar mirza also shia?Recommend

  • Kartikaey

    Shias are true Muslims. The resilience thay have shown will grant them jannat….Those who carried out this attack are beasts in the form of human beings..Recommend

  • zuchini smalls

    @Syed Kamran Raza:

    Well.. history tells us otherwise …
    several 100 of 1000s of muslims
    (inclding few of my relatives) got
    executed/killed brutally by
    Sikhs/Hindus during the migration from
    Ind to Pak in 1947. Please do not try
    to twist the history.

    Doesn’t history also tell you that “Direct Action” started all the violence?Recommend

  • Ahmed Malik

    What the heck is going on here. Why are you guys patronizing the ‘Shia’ factor. There was an attack on Data Darbar Lahore and Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine in Karachi. So being Sufi/Barelvi Muslim my feelings were hurt but should I also say ‘we’ were attacked ?? For me ‘we’ means ‘We Pakistanis’. There is no smaller we for me, neither it should be. Anyone who dies will be included in ‘My people’. Recommend

  • Jaffer Hussain

    This is the time to realize that all this atrocity is being played by players like America, Saudi Arab and Iran who have their own interests to secure at any cost…and they are using the local puppets…and obviously they are playing this game on some grounds i.e ethnicity, sectarianism, faith…and we are so naive as nation that always get easily exploited on any of these grounds.
    Summing it up, this is all a political and economic war between the above mentioned powers and we are paying the cost…and this can not be stopped until we have leaders who have at least some pain for this burning country, some self respect, some fair of God and some dignity…which hardly seems to be the case….the other solution is stand up for our human rights as one nation and through away these bunch of rascles…..but unfortunately we are divided into so many divisions that our interest does not seem to be the same to fight for. Recommend

  • shazia

    This is totally correct that we should see humanity, but humanity begins when we allow every person to practice their believes. lashker e jhangvi is just calling the war on street, this will benefit not a single person bcoz when their will b no pakistan (God Forbid) then how they can practice their so called true believes. Recommend

  • True Believer

    Since the Shia minority in Pakistan feels the same way in a ‘Sunni’ Pakistan as Muslims did in pre-partition ‘Hindu’ India, would it be right for them to ask for a separate state on the basis of the ‘Two Nation Theory’ ?Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Shame on our security forces for giving a free hand to these montrous enemies of Islam and Pakistan a free hand to destory the fabric of our religon nation. How many more yazeeds will we have to face. Recommend

  • Maliha

    We seem to have a short memory – we have always been a intolerant society where people are persecuted for their faith, belief and views. The Ahmedi’s persecution is a particular case in point. And hello, dont we remember Nishtar Park? And the horrific the Moharram procession bombings every other year. What about being killed for your views on reviewing an lop-sided man-made blasphemy law. Gosh we are completely intolerant and suffocating society were religion, faith and belief are a guise for power wielding maniacs. Recommend

  • Saadullah Awan

    “While our country is dying, the liberal left is busy Tweeting and Facebook-ing about it and calling on the moral majority to step forward”

    Isn’t that what you’re doing when you wrote this? Recommend

  • Jameel

    Some people are made to believe that Shia are kuffar and killing them is one of the “wajibaat”. Even mothers have been telling their kids not to “eat” at a shia’s place. It all starts at home. Those opposing the article and denying this Sectarian holocaust are one of the few whose upbringing made them to believe “kill a shia, 70 virgins.” Hence, they cannot stand to hear anything said anything in support of minority because their upbringing teaches them to be the “chosen ones”. Period.Recommend

  • Ali Asghar

    I want to be Bush with you guys for a while. And ask you all Pakis the same question which GW Bush asked right after 9/11 from Pakis. That EITHER YOUR ARE WITH US OR WITH THE TERRORISTS. If you are with the terrorist you will remain silent and Allah knows you might be happy as well inside that Shiaas are killed. But if you are with us you will condemn the Shia HAZARA killing in Balochisthan and you will discuss /condemn where ever with your friends and family that today some of Pakistanis taken out from the bus and 26 of them were killed brutally because they were Hazara Shia and this is wrong with humanity, if you do so you should sleep with peace that you have done your part.Recommend

  • esuM

    Our nation has been Blinded by Greed&Selfishness,most of all it has been Brainwashed by such Mullas who are a Living Version of Satan,they interpret the Quran&Hadith in a negative manner&as they please,

    If one considers Pakistan a Muslim State,You’re living in Denial,surely it was founded as an Islamic state but that Ideology is Outdated or sooo 19th century,
    Muslims don’t live here cause Islam teaches,Equality&tolerance,which is rarely to be found on this land…You’re right no one cares if Shias got killed,their killing are considered as a Prized Action,cause this is what’s taught in Pakistan by the Interpreterter of our Faith. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else see the sheer irony of this blog?Recommend

  • Ahmad Zaidi

    Our chief justice of Pakistan Iftakhar Ch who claims that he has changed the whole Judicial system our country is he sleeping, Where has is free and fare courts gone now. Why don’t he takes an action on these killings.Why doesn’t he calls IG Baluchistan to his Supreme court now as he called IG SIndh in Sarfraz Shah case. Were these people not Muslims or innocent.Recommend

  • Khan Amjad

    I think its not who will speak, while speaking can be the first step, the real question is who will do something to stop this? and say enough is enough! The present political parties? I do not think so because they are more part of the problem rather then solution.
    I wonder where are the liberals ad left of Pakistan.
    My opinion is till we have our Armed forces dictating foreign and national policies and they are the one to determine the national interests of this country not the politician the situation may remain the same.Recommend