Who is @FarhanMasood ?

Published: September 23, 2011

I believe that Pakistan is not just a piece of land; I am Pakistan, you are Pakistan, we are Pakistan.

A  single dad to a 6-year-old princess Farhan Masood is the founder of Go Green Pakistan, a campaign aimed at connecting patriots in the country. He enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces and loves Pakistan.

When did you join Twitter and why?

I joined Twitter on July 2, 2009. I was known as Baba-e-Facebook due to my following and large numbers of comments on my funny statuses and then Talal Masood (@Taalz) introduced me to Twitter and I loved it.

Twitter is like a text-based radio and every account holder has his or her own station. You can broadcast the text of your program the way you like. If someone has tuned into you as a follower that does not mean you hear their text ‘noise’ too, unless you tune into them. It is a neat concept. Moreover, the crowd on Twitter is more decent than on Facebook. One more thing that kept me away from Facebook was that I hate‘like’ button, which decreases user response in terms of text. If someone appreciates your effort on Facebook, they will just come quietly ‘like’ it and go away. Twitter culture is different. People applaud the tweet they like to all of their following by re-Tweeting (RT) it.

Have you ever had a Twitter fight?

Never. I am a positive person who believes in peace. Hence, I never take part in such activities. Sometimes, however, my Indian friends try to provoke me by passing negative remarks on my homeland; all I do is smile and say:

“You are really funny.”

That’s enough to anger them, and guarantee no negative remarks in return.

Many beginners find Twitter very difficult to use as compared to Facebook. What are your thoughts?

Twitter is much easier now than the time I joined it. Yet, you must seek guidance from an expert who will share the right tools with you on how to use Twitter. Just twitter.com is not enough; I would not use Twitter if I didn’t have access to Tweetdeck on my desktop. This tool really made Twitter an interesting experience for me, as I had full control over it and I had a window opened to my friends Facebook statuses on one column.

How many followers do you have?

I have over 50,000 followers. On average, I have 250 new followers a day  which is more than the a months back when I has abut 150 new followers a day.

What’s the secret to having such a large following?

Twitter is full of boring tweets; everyone posts news, generally bad-news, quotes or gossip. My tweets, on the other hand, are positive and funny. This enables me to get more followers. Just like like money makes money, more followers mean more followers every day.

Also, when I run campaigns like the one on flood relief, Independence Day, cricket matches and so on, I gain followers due to RTs. Basically, if your content forces someone to RT you, it guarantees more followers.

What do you do when you are not on Twitter?

I am an entrepreneur, scientist, and inventor. I am also a technology freak. I am the founder of SoloTech Corp, which has created award winning technology including the SmartXS, a biometric retina and face scanner used by Nadra the Pakistan army, and other many multinational groups.

Sometime I can’t sleep because I am continuously innovating and bringing new ideas to my product line. I came back to Pakistan seven years ago to build a local brand and take it global, and that dream is now a reality since our products are now reaching every corner of the world.

Aside from this, I am a relationship mentor, and help many couples who have family issues and problems.

What is life like as an inventor?

The life of an inventor is really miserable. There are moments when you don’t sleep, when you are eating, getting a haircut or even taking a bath. There is even a moment when you say:

“I can’t afford a girlfriend, but a talking frog would be cool.”

However I have learned to keep a real balance in my life as I am not inventing with someone else’s money. I had to bootstrap to fund my inventions. That requires you to be social and always pitch to sell your concepts. On top of this, I am a single parent; this brings on a lot of responsibilities.

What do you do when you are not working?

I like to tweet and smoke Sheesha. Spending time with my friends, family and my loved ones is also something I enjoy doing.

If you had to sing one song what would it be?

Pankajh Udhaas – Chandi jaisa rang hai tera sonay jaise baal. I sing it most of the time for no reason.

If you were on a deserted island, who would you choose to be with?

My laptop with an internet connection. I wouldn’t mind a hunter who could cook too, preferably a female. When are you sending me?

If you had the choice to attain one superpower, what would it be?

To be invisible – the rest I would do myself.

Starting tomorrow, you are the president of Pakistan. What will you do?

If I am in power I will immediately do the following:

I will sign a treaty with China for military protection and handover the Gwadar port to them. In exchange, I will ask for electricity, food, infrastructure development, and oil and mineral extraction. Moreover, I will merge all provinces into one and will hang anyone who gets caught taking bribes. Anyone who helps in capture of a rishwat khor, will not only get double the bribe amount in question, but will also get his job done even if illegal. I will connect all the universities with the industry sector, and the industry will design the new syllabus. In addition to this, I will copy the operational system of 1122 into all government departments especially the police.

You haven’t been spotted at the recent social media events – are you in hiding?

I had been traveling a lot and am busy in some serious development projects.

What has it been like working in different countries and varied environments?

It was has been a great experience; I have worked from London, Dubai, China and Saudi Arabia. My experiences have opened my mind, and enabled me to bring the best of cultures to an organization of my own.

Do you think social media is the be all of the future in Pakistan?

Yes! Wait till the android enters the market for Rs3000 in a Chinese model – that is when we will see a social media revolution in the country.

What quality do you find most endearing in a woman?

Confidence, loyalty and trust.

What is your favourite dessert?

Crème brûlée

When you hear the word Twitterari, what comes to your mind?

Someone who lives on Twitter.

Any message you want to give to Pakistan?

Pakistan is not just a piece of land; I am Pakistan, you are Pakistan, we are Pakistan. When we change, so will Pakistan.

Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabi, Mahajir, Pathan, Hazara and others – we are all Pakistani.


Faisal Kapadia

A Karachi based writer who blogs at deadpanthoughts.com and tweets @faisalkapadia (twitter.com/faisalkapadia)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    omg! not againnnnn!!!!!Recommend

  • Umer Arain

    LMAO what’s that ? Do anyone actually cares who this guy is and how many followers he has ? Pointless.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/fahadk85 Fah

    “I like to tweet and smoke Sheesha”

    yes yes..modern inventors are chillin’ killinRecommend

  • MN

    Farhan Masood is a legend. I like his tweets sounding always positive, a very very rare thing these days. We like fuming people and burning news, so his kind of chaps are not liked is obvious. Recommend

  • Ahmed Malik

    I also want to be interviewed.Recommend

  • godfatheriv

    Its true, farhan masood is a cool who inspires people of all ages to do something positive for their country/community etc. Though he’s a lot younger than me, but I have no problem in saying that he’s introduced me to very cool people. Keep it up, we need more farhan masoods in pakistan.Recommend

  • Naveed Javed

    We need to support people like Farhan Masood, working for the Noble cause; Take a Bow Sir! You really are a true inspiration!! Recommend

  • Bee

    I read the above comments and I realize why Pakistan can’t get anywhere in the world. Most of us act like crabs pulling each other down. Can’t stand anyone getting any praise. Yeah he s not a super hero but he s trying to spread a positive msg so why don’t u do something positive tok instead of being whiny loser pulling others down . Trying to bring down ppl who r trying what ever lil but they canRecommend

  • http://www.razarumi.com Raza Rumi

    Candid, funny and straight from the heart. A good series..
    Enjoyed this v much. Recommend

  • Bee

    Amazing how ppl act like crabs and try to pull anyone who tries to do anything positive. Yes the guy is not a superhero but at least he s doing something positive with his time unlike most ppl Recommend

  • Salman

    I joined twitter about three months ago and I was actually surprised too see few pakistanies on twitter. Given the fact how many of our youngster use Internet and Facebook the number of people using twitter is far less. I think it is a bit complicated and u don’t get hang of twitter so easily.
    Farhan is a pretty cool guy, positive and always charged with positive messages. In the current atmosphere of Pakistan, u do need someone positive to give u a bit of respite
    Only Imran khan and the guy who tweeted Osama operation are the only two having more followers then Farhan from Pakistan

    Salman @salman2979 Recommend

  • http://mylandPakistan.com Rai Muhammad Azlan

    it was 8th september 2009 when i met Farhan Masood for the first time and since than he became “Farhan Bhai” to me worked with him on some projects and he has always been so inspiring and motivating. a legend might be the proper word for him, and yes i am happy that i have people like him around that i can proudly call my friends.Recommend

  • Ali Murtaza

    I think Pakistanis (esp. Youth of Pakistan) should be proud of Farhan Masood, who’s undoubtedly a legend on Twitter – I wanted to know about Farhan since long, but thanks to tribune which covered / interviewed a social – network Celebrity! Farhan; you’ve an impressive personality & youngsters should follow your footsteps – apart from just following you on twitterRecommend

  • Sabz

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole interview especially the answer where Farhan has answered what he’ll do if he becomes the President, intelligent agenda I must say if it ever becomes a reality. Plus hat’s off to him to juggle b/n the fast paced work life and personal life. He’s an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs of Pakistan who wish to become successful in whatever they do. All the best to him for his future and his little princess. One more thing, haters gonna hate ;) Recommend

  • James Caan

    I like this guys, very down to earth and humble, Pakistan and world needs such good people..Recommend

  • sara khalili

    Nice one, farhan bhaiRecommend

  • Raza Asif

    The positivity of Farhan Masood may just be something that the future of Pakistan needs. I am in a habit of RTing his tweets.
    However, openly enjoying drinking Sheesha might not be that beneficial for his 6-yo princess in future (someone who cares about Pakistan should care about his family first).Recommend

  • http://www.fathae.com Haroon

    He, Farhan Masood, is “Enterprising” personality, having all good positive qualities to maintain his life in a smooth way. I know him very little bit personally and met with him on the various functions / events, but his tweets and FB Statuses guide me – enjoy me all the time. God Bless him and his family. He is valuable asset of Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://bartramia.blogspot.com Sam L. Carr

    Farhan is a great guy, a true patriot, dedicated to his causes, a good wit, and a great mind.

    It wasn’t mentioned in the interview, but I got to know him through his activism on the blood donation front, particularly in getting blood for the many sufferers of dengue that’s now hitting Lahore. I am very impressed! He is also active in organizing support for the flood affected.

    Best of luck to you brother!Recommend

  • Ammar javed

    I meet this guy few months back on twitter and he is doing an excellent job by helping others. He tweet positive thoughts and one can’t feel sad after reading his timeline. Now a days he is helping a lot in arranging blood for the people who can’t arrange. He is a very helpful guy. Recommend

  • http://www.naveedtaji.com Khawaja Naveed Haider

    Well I really like his life. He is awesome. He is probably the one when i started twitter and followed him. He is charismatic. :)Recommend

  • http://www.pakrevolutionist.blogspot.com Shoaib Arif

    Lovely interview…Farhan bhai …May ALLAH bless you alot as you are a real gift for us who taught us how to promote and spread positivity in our real lives. Love you Farhab Bhau :))Recommend

  • Hassan Ejaz

    Farhan Masood For President ;)Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/rawahk Khawar Mehmood

    ohh well, its strange that etribune got this late for interview of a remarkable personality that makes twitter even more meaningful.

    wanna learn how to use social media for mobilizing people for the good follow @farhanmasood and if you wanna know how to be a patriot,a fine businessman,an innovator, a fantastic friend and ohh well how to party meet Mr. Farhan Masood :) Recommend

  • Sehyr

    Farhan Masood is undoubtedly one of the most patriotic, down-to-earth people I’ve met on Twitter, and what could be better than to have found him on 14th Aug :) He is an inspiration and his tweets always bring a smile to my face no matter how blue I am. So thanks Farhan!Recommend

  • http://www.jaiserabbas.blogspot.com Jaiser Abbas

    I have only a few words about Farhan Masood,,,,,,,,,he is a great guy & really inspiring personality, it was great day when i met with him at Faisalabad, this pic which you are looking this one also captured the same day at Faisalabd IEEE Event…..wish you good luck for further success in your life :) GOD bless you Farhan Recommend

  • http://www.carassist.in ahmed Khan

    Farhan brings to life some thing very essential but missing, Comman Sense. There is never a I vs U, there is an issue and discussion. Never a me know more kind of attitude. I’ve been follg him since just abt 3 months and he makes a lot of noise silently. Recommend

  • http://www.aaquib.in Aaquib Naved

    Farhan Masood, the name is synonymous with wit, humor and no-nonsense. He is ever supportive of his followers and ever active on Twitter. More than half of his tweets are related to social cause. More power to you and make your country proud. Thank You. Recommend

  • http://jehanara.wordpress.com Jehan Ara

    Congratulations FK on highlighting a young and enterprising person. I have seen how hard Farhan has worked to achieve what he has and I think any support that we provide to entrepreneurs like him, is never enough.

    Farhan has built a large community around him because of the work he does. If you just look at how involved he has been in the acquisition of blood for dengue victims, you will get some idea of the social work that he is involved in.

    Keep it up Farhan! There are lots of people who are motivated by your success and the passion that you put into community work.Recommend

  • AG

    I know him, and know him well … and am only glad that our paths crossed.

    I don’t know the ones commenting negatively here … and well, ain’t I glad that way too ;)

    “Surround yourself with great people” A basic rule of leadership … the negativity (and those spreading it) only brings one down, so in my book ‘who cares’ applies to the later lot.Recommend

  • http://www.manihabarry.com Maniha Aamir Barry

    Mr Farhan Masood is legend. He is a person who knows how to make people happy. He once helped me in getting followers. He is among my 1st followers on twitter. I love his Gogreen pak campaign. The things he invents in Solotech are amazing. He is one true guy, He is too patriotic. He is one of the nicest guy I have ever met. His little princess is too adorable MashAllah :D May Allah bless him and his family Ameen. Farhan Masood as president would be awesome. Good luck Mr Farhan in future. Nicely written about him.Recommend

  • Rosemary

    After reading the above I realised why I follow Farhan on twitter. Yep his tweets are different, interesting and funny. I loved his tweets during ramadan and getting to know more about him made me feel I know him in person. Keep doing what you are doing. Yes, the change we all want in life should start with us.Recommend

  • http://www.pkwriter.com Irteza Ubaid

    Well, The writer missed out the important aspect,The way Farhan Bhai is working on Blood Donors is marvelous.He is becoming a major source of Life saving.Kudos to this guy :)Recommend

  • meeda

    “My laptop with an internet connection. I wouldn’t mind a hunter who could cook too, preferably a female.”
    farhan bhai, you speek my heart!!! :DRecommend

  • http://rumaisamohani.blogspot.com Rumaisa

    A nice article . The most appreciable trait of Farhan Masood is his humane attitude and dedication to the people, not only from Pakistan but also from abroad. His wish is to bring some cheer to already hopeless hearts. He may seem rude or unapproachable to some people, but thats how his busy life is. Lets hope he keeps on coming up with lots of new wonderful inventions and fun tweets :) Recommend

  • maria memon

    Farhan Masood is a one man brigade. Inspirational and Motivating. Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/_UmairHafeez_ Umair Hafeez Mughal

    Very nice!!! In fact, I am really inspired of Farhan because apart from his too much busy life, he is always found on Twitter with some really cool tweets that can make you smile whatever mood you have, and I can bet on this :-)

    And on top, I love his patriotism and social work. Thank you Farhan for being with us all the time :-)Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    I am with president Farhan Masood from now on……………….Recommend

  • Noor-e-Hira

    when are you going to be president then? :D I would love to help you hang rishwat khors :DRecommend

  • Sohaib

    i am following this man on twitter…
    the thing i like about this great man is his likeness for social causes especially Blood Donations. and i am quite sure, he with his fellows must have saved many lives….
    God bless him… and may he continue the good work….Recommend

  • Dr Babar Khan

    The person “introduced” here – Farhan Masood, needs no introduction for those who are social media

    junkies, who seek soothing online on a harsh day, who love their country, who have aching hearts for

    ailing patients, who want to do something for calamity-hit people and who want a shoulder!

    Though never met him personally, I know him for last one year and found him there when any of the

    above need arose. He is there to help you and cheer you up.

    A patriot, a friend of all, a humane human and an innovative scientist, what else qualities one seek at such a young age. Bravo Farhan.

    No wonder, a man with all these qualities have more than 50000 followers on Twitter and likes on

    Facebook and is rated as Pakistan No. 1 by soxial media assessment sites.

    By reading all the comments here from people from all spheres of life, the born-critics and the ones who let their guns go at anything must be biting their nails now, only if they have teeth or nails to do that!Recommend

  • Umair

    Farhan Masood, is a great personality indeed..Recommend

  • Junaid Ansari

    brilliant man, supportive, cooperative, nice human, and a good friend…. all these aspects were missing in the interview….Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/HashimAbbasi Hashim Abbasi

    nice! though I cant back u on merging the provinces… I think we should create more to increase administrative control and ensure that no one province is strong enough to dominate the federal structureRecommend

  • JQ

    Green power!Recommend

  • http://i.com.pk Irfan

    This guy is Pakistan’s most influential tweep (http://www.tweepk.com/)Recommend

  • fareed jillani

    some is faster then me….i am writing about him :DRecommend

  • http://twitter.com/orphicc Tulip

    He’s always been an inspiration. Lighting candles, bringing smiles on faces. Awesome Farhan bhai =)Recommend

  • Dk Mamonai

    We like Farhan Masood Very much . his tweets are awesumRecommend

  • Mahvash

    Its always nice to know that Farhan has been one such person who has instant energy bubbles to drive things around him , an fast paced individual , a dedicated parent and creative thinker….. people like Farhan must be acknowledged for their contributions to the society at large Recommend

  • Dr Anand, UK

    Farhan is an emperor of tweeting
    Always bright happy personal
    Never engages in a fig fight whatever the provocation
    Always happy and positive
    As an Overseas Indian settled in the UK, I’ve a lot to learn from himRecommend

  • Joanna V

    Farhan Masood is a wonderful person who I first met on Facebook and Twitter 2 or 3 years ago when he started the Go-Green campaign for 14th August for Pakistan. I was one of the first “foreigners” to be proud to Go Green to support him and my Pakistani friends – of whom I now have hundreds. To top it all, he very kindly invited me to stay with him and his family in Lahore on my first visit to Pakistan! He was a wonderful host. In spite of his very busy life, he found time to take me around Lahore to meet other people there and see the sights. His family were all very hospitable too. I shall never forget him for his caring ways and being an inspiration to people young and old. I am sure he would make a wonderful, honest President of Pakistan but he is too modest to want to do that.Recommend

  • Ali Zaib

    Farhan Masood is a person to b followed……Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/mr_zii Zii

    Enjoyed reading it, would love it if he can nominate me to go to desert island along that cook ;)Recommend

  • Farah

    he is v.nice guy .. he always spreads smile on peoples’ face :) Recommend

  • @tanvirpk

    a brother from another mother :)Recommend

  • Ilmana Fasih

    Indeed Farhan Masood is an inspiring person and a great asset for Pakistan.
    Oh! plz Farhan do us another favour–invent a cool ‘sanity-iser for the pea brained radicals of Pakistan. Please….:)Recommend

  • um-e-Salma

    Farhan Masood is a legend.brilliant man, Supportive, cooperative, nice human, and a good friend & my Twitter Inspiration :) if u want to read different, interesting and funny tweets must follow Farhan masood :)Recommend

  • http://www.ahkath.com Abdul Hameed Kath

    Amazing man…..I’m a die hard fellow of Farhan Bhai….keep inspiring bro.
    May Allah bless you.Recommend

  • Nizamani4U

    Farhan Bhai & Romaisa Mohani are two great souls of Twitter World…Recommend

  • http://@ShaheedFaiz Shaheed Faiz

    I read this interview when posted but commenting on it very late. I have never met @FarhanMasood but he is one guy I would love to meet someday. I am extremely impressed with the dedication he shows when it comes to helping others and making sure the help is provided before he rests. If you follow him on Twitter (and you must) you will be surprised to see his timeline with requests seeking Blood Donation for Dangue Fever. They arrive at so odd times that one wonders if he ever sleeps till he gets a confirmation from a donor. I am sure he doesn’t. He also had a major contribution towards Go-Green campaign that hit Pakistani young generation by storm. Of course his witty side is also appreciated but hats-off to him for having the heart that he does. Congratulations Farhan. May Allah help you achieve your goals. Have a wonderful and blessed life.Recommend

  • Myra

    Loved the article, you are very inspiring and have a such a refreshing “go getter” attitude that is hard to come across these days… Best of luck with all your endeavors, wishing you continued success!Recommend