Google Plus: Epic Fail

Published: September 18, 2011

Google decided to take on the giants of the social networking world - and failed.

If Google+ crashes and nobody is using it at the time, does it make a sound?

When I told my friends that Google+ was dying, they looked at me puzzled. Turns out they couldn’t believe it wasn’t already 6-feet under.

Google was already in every nook and cranny of your private life but it wanted to dig deeper. The company came out with a Facebook clone to do this and is even now congregating and contextualizing all the very possibly embarrassing data that it has on your life using its new social network.

However, somewhere along the way to Google competing with Facebook, something went horribly wrong. Maybe it was the middle aged executives who were tasked with building a social network for teenagers (Facebook’s management team is significantly younger). Maybe it was all the things that they wanted to incorporate. Who knows. But Google+ is failing quite miserably. And might be dying.

More and more research is saying that activity is dwindling. One of them said that its posts decreased 41% in the last two months. As if that wasn’t enough, most of the things that Google+ came up with, Facebook mimicked in no time and gave their healthy user base no reason to shift to Google+. No wonder Zuckerberg signed up for Google+ as soon as it was up and running.

Google used to be innovative at some point. But then it became a big company and started buying up smart ideas instead of coming up with them. Blogger, YouTube, Motorola Mobility and Double Click to name a few.

I used to think Google was smart; no longer.

Anyone who launches a social network with limited invite-only user base is frankly stupid. I mean, there you are trying to make an exclusive club that you are not sure anyone wants to go to. And you’re limiting the people who are going to get it.

Thanks, but no thanks, I’d rather go to the club that already has my friends and all the hot women I want to stalk. I got an invite to Google+ as soon as it launched and I signed up with all the satisfaction of someone who has gotten into an incredibly exclusive club, only to realize that there was no one there.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google knows that one of the biggest reason the internet is on Facebook is so that they can stalk people. And with its security settings making that almost nigh impossible, who is going to come to Google+?

But no,  Google is not going to give up. These guys have enough money to keep this project going well beyond its abandonment by everyone smart.

Its going to be like a bad indian soap opera. Its going to keep on going regardless of how bad it really is.


Omair Zeeshan

Corporate Account Manager by day and photographer by night. He can be found on Twitter @OmairZeeshan

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