Women can drive

Published: September 17, 2011

I am always surprised to see how drivers around are so loathful to women drivers PHOTO: REUTERS

As much as I hate Karachi’s traffic, I unfortunately work at a place situated far from my house and have to drive my way to work. Whilst driving, I am always surprised to see how drivers around are so loathful to women drivers.

Call me a feminist, but I’m totally against the cliché that women are bad drivers. They are not. I have seen many men displaying berserk driving skills on the roads. Women are just underrated.

Since I have been driving for a long time now; I have come across different people that have given me tough looks for driving. But some of them who tick me off each time with even more intensity:

The grumpy husbands: These guys that you see behind the steering wheels will always look down upon women drivers. They wear a disgruntled expression on their face with their eyebrows knitted together and grinding teeth. Having seen them, you could easily say that they have fought with their wife back at home and venting their anger around.

If you drive past them, it means you are crushing their male ego. He will jump to press the accelerator so that he can beat you and show you his triumphant look while he drives past you. And you are just baffled at what just happened and why.

The Devil’s advocate: They are the wives of the grumpy husbands. They are obedient, they support their husbands when they bully around the women drivers and in some situations they shout something mean at you for having ticked off their husband. Above all, they will ignore how their husbands treat women drivers.

The self-declared racers: This category is found in abundance in different parts of the city. They get an adrenaline rush the moment they see a girl driving. They would want to chase her car and start an uncalled-for race and take utmost pleasure in overtaking your car, without you realizing what’s going on. They are crazy, believe me.

The know-it-all navigators: All the women drivers know what I am talking about here. These are the men who start guiding and directing you while you are reversing or parking or driving or turning even sliding down your window glass! I hate them. Did I ask for your advice? No!

I guess no matter how well women drive, the cliché will continue to haunt us.


Sidrah Moiz Khan

The author is a sub-editor at The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Faizan

    Yeah. Women can drive. Into my car’s rear bumper. I saw some real talent there.Recommend

  • http://www.codingstreet.com Mustafa Hanif

    I think your name is “Forever Alone”Recommend

  • http://samosaplate.blogspot.com Sajid I. Barcha

    All things aside, the photo given to your blog couldn’t be more relevant. Recommend

  • san

    I totally agree that women cannot drive..:PRecommend

  • Humayun

    Joke of the century,all i can say.Recommend

  • Mehrunisa

    Hahah, i love you !Recommend

  • heer

    yes women can drive Crazy :P Recommend

  • pappi

    the picture says it all!Recommend

  • Aiman

    The know-it-all navigators are the most annoying of them all.

    Women drivers are always undermined not only at road but even at their respected homes. If she is a sister, she will be driven around by her little brother as he would prefer to stay behind the wheels than to give her the car. If she is a wife, her husband has to take her out on shopping, at parties, markets etc as it would look “more appropriate”. If she is a mother, it’s her son’s duty to get behind the wheels and fulfill filial gratitude once his legs reach the accelerator.

    One question. Why?Recommend

  • http://Sweden Iqra

    You could have post a better picture than this. The article lost worth because of such a picture. XXRecommend

  • D

    I’m a girl and kinda feminist too.. but women are generally bad drivers…and I’m one of them….. so what…… I think I’m gonna get a bumper sticker… “bardasht kar ya pass kar” :-DRecommend

  • Hassan Naqvi

    Don’t deny the universal truth, while driving I can easily guess without looking that it’s either a female or a grandpa or someone talking on mobile in the car ahead of mine. Recommend

  • rahib

    thats the funniest thing ever, driving doesnt mean u know how to turn the wheels n shift gears iv never seen a girl taking care of water in radiator or checking the engine oil or air filter or carbon in the exhaust or even dust on the mirrors, they want to drive n get freedom but when they are asked to take care of the car their feminism arises. every driver knows wot hes driving n how he is driving unfortunately wen it comes to girls they jz know they have to reach somewhere. they dont follow traffic laws or speed laws or simply human laws of transport and yet they want to be drivers, i totally disagree with your article. almost 60% of all road accidents are directly or indirectly caused by women.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Yeah women can drive…..Up the wall i.e.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Leave the article…photo illustration is interesting BTW !!Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    Women can drive wearing skirts ? well tht picture shows tht :pRecommend

  • Hammad Azam

    The problem with you is that you’re too damn serious.
    Women being terrible drivers is an internet meme, its supposed to be a joke. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/telha.khan Talha

    The fact that this proposition needed an article to convince readers to believe the proposition to be true, proves that the proposition is either very hard to believe or not true.Recommend

  • Waqar

    I dont wanna be that guy but….. reserving? It’s reversing :PRecommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasser

    yeah, things you mentioned exist especially one Pakistan, on the other part of world women while driving in Cairo(traffic worse than Karachi) really give hard time to male drivers, though what i noticed in Sydney that men prefer to give steering seat to their wives. Pakistan/India is different and unique though =)Recommend

  • Umer Arain

    I looked at the picture and didn’t read the rest of the entry, can’t blame me, right ?Recommend

  • Arzoo

    I totally agree with you!!!
    I am a driver for a long time now.. and have drove in Islamabad & Karachi! and when my elder brother experienced my driving in Karachi, he was like how can you be such a good driver in such traffic and drivers around!! Though he was the one who taught me driving.. my younger brother however had major accidents for being a bit rash driver, unlike me!
    My husband alhumdulillah is usually boosting that my wife taught me driving..:) so I am valued in my family and I do feel that it is about time that our fellow country men should value the women drivers who are out and driving and helping themselves instead being asking their brothers and fathers and husbands to drop them.
    It is about time to change our ideas on societal grounds such as “women are bad drivers”! Recommend

  • Bumble Dee

    men are not bad drivers… They are reckless drivers… They do it out of choice… While women…….. Well, I dun blame them! :PRecommend

  • Mr. Road Rage.

    You’ll find a quite a lot of women drivers in India. And i’m a complete believer in the Divine Mother aspect of every woman. But oh divine mother we pray that thou shall not drive or cross the road.

    Forget driving, most women don’t even understand how traffic works and when they should cross the road. They just put their hand out or protrude their ‘you know what’ out and cross the road.

    Although, my personal experience says that there are two types of women drivers that is who can make a conversation, think about what to do next in their routine and drive at the same time like a genius (exceptional cases and very rare) or do all the above except the driving part and infuriate the traffic.

    Me thinks guys over confidence se kiso mar denge or gals kisiko gussa dila ke uska janaza utva denge!Recommend

  • Danish

    Seriously I think there’s a thin line between stupidity and rash driving.. with women, you usually witness mistakes because of probably their confidence level.. When you associate bad driving with men, its usually related to “Rash” driving. But then again I am not going to generalize. I have seen very nice mature female drivers.However the proportion for good and bad is seriously against this piece written. Recommend

  • Sheikh

    Women drivers …. Oxymoron !!Recommend

  • http://jingoist.pk/blog jingoist

    Without any descrimination, I do beleive that both men and women drivers lack road sense!

    Any how, the article is very nicely put up by the Author as no one can deny the facts that ve been highlighted!

    Keep it up!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s actually a proven fact that women are better drivers than men, because the don’t normally pull off the kind of driving stunts that testosterone-charged male drivers do.
    A woman might bump into another car while slowly reversing, or scratch her car making an acute turn. But she don’t often overspeed, indulge in drag racing or get into major fender-benders. I’d much rather let a woman drive my car than a daredevil whose definition of “driving like a man” is breaking all traffic rules and risk brutal death for the both of us.Recommend

  • saaz

    aww honey ! The know-it-all navigators is the unique act men do to protect themselves you’ll get it someday!!Recommend

  • Happy Man

    And the point of the article is… Waste of time.Recommend

  • Anum Akeram

    hi..appreciated your work.wel wil u plz guide me how to drive safe.i am damn crazy about driving but i realy dont know how 2 drive.wil u plz guide me , i,ll b very thank ful 2 u :)Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com Shumaila

    Wow. If I needed any more evidence of how Pakistan is full of sexist, misogynistic d*ebags passing themselves off as male humans, I would just see the comments here.Recommend

  • Ashar Ahmad

    Lol, You are not a feminist but either in your early 20’s or just a tomboy!

    Otherwise Why would you even feel the need to waste your energy on a universal joke like this?

    I think this article exposes the very difference between the general mentality of men & women which might as well be also the reason for women’s horrendous driving skills I.e You girls take everything far more seriously and hence on your nerves!

    Confused? …When was the last time you saw a guy trying to refute the light hearted notion like ( for instance) : ‘All men are dogs’, etc etc?

    Take a chill pill & if you still have some doubts then watch this legendary video

  • Raza

    Yea.. Women can drive..

    Women can drive you crazy only =PRecommend

  • Parvez

    Let’s be honest here, this was written with the sole purpose of trying to provoke and have some fun – well 35 comments, not so bad.Recommend

  • faizan

    man i think this girl ……(author ov blog) has realy undergone from a realy tough time at roads…..thats why this has been happening with her and same mistakes are maded by 99% of women……Recommend

  • Rehan Ali

    “Women can drive”, rightly said and even more appropriately depicted. More and more women are getting behind the wheels these days and my navigator, my better half, constantly keep telling me, “us ke pechay na jai, khatoon hain” aur “sambhal ke aunty chala rahi hain”.

    I guess she does it because she is a misogynist :(Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    I completely agree with Shumaila. The stereotype about women are worse drivers than men, despite evidence to the contrary, is ridiculously offensive, and food for discriminatory laws like Saudi Arabia where they don’t allow women to drive.Recommend

  • Naumaan

    The article is about women drivers. Strictly speaking about ladies drivers in Pakistan, they are far better drivers than us Men, like it or not. Driving means being sensible and not being in the Grand Prix which most of us males think we are in, once behind the wheel.
    And Sidrah, all the male drivers categories you presented are not reserved for female drivers only, they also react to anyone they consider not being in their percived egoistic mould of fast and rash driving.
    Pakistani man is chauvinistic in every aspect of life including driving and also that can be seen from the responses received here. Pathetic people, and they wonder why Pakistan cannot progress?
    A foreigner once said about Pakistani Drivers (and I guess he was talking about male drivers) ‘Why is it that everyone drives like mad in Pakistan, yet they are late for all their appointments’?Recommend

  • ALI

    Up to large extent people around us cannot accept this,because they still sketch women image like in past decade .Recommend

  • Irshad Khan

    Nothing true but self conciousness complex. Come out of it and everything will look to you normal. There are many things interesting in Karachi to be seen than a woman driver and some of them too ugly to spoil the day, who will chase them.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    The Devil’s advocate: They are the wives of the grumpy husbands. They are obedient, they support their husbands when they bully around the women drivers and in some situations they shout something mean at you for having ticked off their husband. Above all, they will ignore how their husbands treat women drivers.

    Haha, that reminds me of your drive to McDonald’s in Ramadan :PRecommend

  • Cautious

    Drivers in South East Asia are considered to be the worse drivers on this planet — so saying women drive as good as men isn’t saying much. BTW using a photo of a sexy model taken during the German Auto Show sends the wrong message – if that was added by ET they should change it.Recommend

  • Youmna Ghori

    You walk, talk, placing order in a restaurant, visiting any place for the very first time, standing on a bus stop in typical Karachi halaat!! and list goes on and on…. all above kind of man in fact more than this will be there to irritate you if you are a FEMALE! So the only thing you can do is ignore them.Recommend

  • Uzair

    My 2 cents: In Pakistan women are brought up as the “weaker sex”. Since birth all the familial, social, educational, and religious messages drum the propaganda that women are supposed to be subservient to men, that they are intellectually not as sound, and that ultimate decision making is with men and not women. In such a society of course those women who drive will bring the insecurities hammered into them onto the roads.

    In European countries female drivers are not considered worse than men; they drive as sensibly (or insensibly) as the men. Thus there is nothing in the female chromosomes which make them bad drivers, it is the social mindset which drives both attitudes and behavior.Recommend

  • Abeer

    Women are more careful drivers than man. Its an undeniable fact that you have missed in your report. But careful doesn’t necessary always mean good.

    Plus your article is based on gender psychology rather then driving skills.

    The title mismatches with the content i.e. you are not pointing the good in women’s driving instead you are simply highlighting the different mindsets that you have noticed.

    I don’t mean to demotivate you, but I would rather like some good driving tips than just catfights.Recommend

  • http://none vikash

    tots women are best drivers expect men.men are just trying to tease.Recommend

  • Amna

    Ok, so you can drive very well. Do you want a cookie now?

    Seriously, I think you are the only one giving so much thought to a woman driving. Stop acting like you are doing something really out of the ordinary, and you wont “notice” men giving you weird looks or treating you differently. Recommend

  • Reema

    I totally agree with this article.It was words out of my mouth.I would say that women before our generation weren’t good drivers but now women have improved a lot.Now adays many girls drive just as well as any good driver.I do agree that there are some bad women drivers but so are some men also.U cannot catagorize men or women in good or bad driving.

    I can totally relate to the uncalled for races by the egoistic men, and Im proud to say that I have never let any of such men win from me, especially on the motorway :)Recommend

  • Zarmeena Ikram Babar

    A brilliant write up!

    I have been driving for the past 7 years and the most annoying of these categories include the grumpy husbands and the self-declared racers -I wish they realize it what they make me think of them seriously!Recommend

  • umar

    OKAY! but still women can’t drive, they just drive you crazy on road lolzRecommend

  • http://laaleen.blogspot.com Laaleen

    Just wondering why this photo was picked by the graphics dept…is it supposed to be ironic in that it feeds cliches about women drivers and sexuality in Pk (where losers get excited anyway to see females of any age driving, so a hooker-ish image like this to represent Pk women just makes it worse)Recommend

  • Ema Anis

    Great blog.. It is undeniable that women drivers are always discriminated against.. This was a nice way of telling how women feel about it :)Recommend

  • GarbarGotala

    I have been with her in a car and this lady has ROAD RAGE!. Beware!!!! :ORecommend

  • muhammad talha

    ma’am you just failed to define a category that just laugh to their own fate and let it go when females hit their cars. . . . :PRecommend

  • Nobama

    Desi girls don’t know how to drive.Recommend

  • http://www.mymodev.com Asher

    Lets see now:

    2006 – My car got rear ended by a woman driver (while standing still at a signal)
    2008 – My car got sandwiched by a woman in almost standstill traffic
    2008 – Yet again in bumper to bumper traffic, a woman sideswipes my side view mirror

    Yes, they’re really good drivers… in the confines of their imagination maybe. I don’t really see the point of this blog entry, driving is hardly an accomplishment and not to mention your article is heavily gender biased. You haven’t pulled off an amazing feat by driving or blogging about it.Recommend

  • Omar

    While women may not have a genetic predisposition that affects their driving, they do drive a lot less than men. Especially in our male dominated society. Driving isn’t something that comes naturally to you, it’s more of an experience oriented activity. The more you drive, the higher the chances are that you won’t do something stupid enough to have you labelled :)Recommend

  • Atif Iqbal

    Great effort, but this has been well-established in society, among men, and even among women, who are ready to accept, that women can drive, but they are not good drivers..
    To add a bit of humor here, I would like to share a joke, I recently read about women drivers. :)

    Doctor to injured patient:
    “When a lady was driving the car, you should have stayed away from the road.”
    Patient: “Road! I was just lying down in the park.”

  • aamer

    lol I agree with the kinds u mentioned :p specially “the know-it-all navigator” :d khair there are few things that annoys me about women driving, 1. they drive slow in fast lane, 2. they drive like there are to rules for them :/ plus u cant curse them :p, 3. cops never stops them! huh! n most important! they distract others!! :pRecommend

  • newbie

    I can see all the male egomaniacs here :DRecommend

  • Abdul-Mughis Rana, Lahore.

    Who says women can’t drive? You bet they can driveRecommend

  • xahra

    liked ur article, loved the picture :D ‘m glad we have got writers like you. thumbs up!Recommend

  • neutral one

    the article and the thought, both are equally stupid….Recommend

  • Sadaf

    I have a question for all the couples here. When you usually go out who drives? The husband or the wife?Recommend