Let’s love Pakistan: A new resolution

Published: September 16, 2011

The Attabad village in the Hunza valley is beautiful. The next time you find yourself sulking because there’s nothing to do in Pakistan except eat, eat and eat some more, think again—and go out and explore your beautiful country! PHOTO: SHABBIR MIR

It’s commendable how we’ve learned to laugh in good spirit at ourselves PHOTO: JAHANZAIB HAQUE Ignoring the fact that most Pakistani food comes with a health warning in blazing neon, we pretty much excel at arts of the culinary kind. PHOTO: NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS The Attabad village in the Hunza valley is beautiful. The next time you find yourself sulking because there’s nothing to do in Pakistan except eat, eat and eat some more, think again—and go out and explore your beautiful country! 

I’ve often been accused of being a killjoy. I mean, I’m not inherently morose or anything cool like that; it’s just that I take the little anomalies of everyday life a little too seriously. This usually forces me to over think stuff, which leads me to notice again and again the not-so-proverbial glass in its half-filled ignominy, which in turn causes me to be incessantly bitter and irritable with the way things generally run in this country. Yes, living my everyday life in poor broken Pakistan certainly helps make things much, much worse!

Last month however, a few days before the Independence Day, I decided to make a list of 65 things that compel me to love Pakistan. It was a personal exercise, really; one that I assumed wouldn’t just dust the dirt off my shelved patriotism, but would actually polish and dress it up for the big day as well. But boy was I wrong. Not only was I unable to go past 20 half-decent points to endorse my love for the country that is my home and identity, I felt much worse than before the brilliant idea came to me.

And that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate this Independence Day with the kind of sentiment it warranted. I feel that too much has happened over the last year alone for us to turn a blind eye—even if it is for a day—to the tragedies we as a nation have been forced to endure. Slowly, day by day, one after another. Our emotions, courage, hope and patriotism have all been put to test, bringing each one of us in our own little way to a cusp where we no longer understand the meaning nor have the patience to stand united, for we prefer to walk alone; to have the faith, for we are incapable of trusting; or maintaining discipline, for we have allowed ourselves to become, well, monsters.

But I want that to change. On an individual level at least, I want to stop being forever angry at my neighbor for being so unbearably annoying. I want to stop wasting my time grouching about the rabid traffic I have to suffer every day on my way home, and the general disregard my fellow countrymen have for civil rights and other laws and regulations that should essentially be indispensable. I want to stop being irked by the escalating inflation rates in this country and how nobody in decision-making roles seems to be panicking about the plummeting economy yet. However, more than anything else, I want to stop fretting over our politicians’ everyday shenanigans and focus on the bigger picture—on Pakistan, the country, independent from all its blood-sucking vermin and other ailments.

I want to be able to come up with 65 reasons to love the place I call home!

And that’s why I’ve decided to give that list a shot again. With your help, over the next 11 months, I’m going to try to complete the list. Some big, some small; some serious, some funny; some definitive and some not so evocative or significant… but each in its own way a contributing factor to why that tiny spark somewhere inside each one of us still remains buoyant. Let’s face it, no matter how profoundly and habitually we criticize the country and its system, we all love Pakistan.

And right now more than ever, I believe it’s time to start celebrating that love

1. Our unabashed sense of humour. Take the SMS joke culture, for instance. Nobody who isn’t a true Pakistani at heart will ever be able to really enjoy the hilarity of a joke that talks about carrying around a jute sac in your trunk, or how if Zubaida Apa, Zardari and Ahmed Faraz were ever to walk into a Nagori milk shop together, they’d actually be creating desi-joke history! It’s commendable how we’ve learned to laugh in good spirit at everything from our selves to everyday societal misfortunes like street crime, target killings and now, even suicide bombers. (Thank you Ali Azmat forBum Phata)

2. Don’t even let me get started on Pakistani food! Ignoring the fact that most of it comes with a health warning in blazing neon, we pretty much excel at arts of the culinary kind. Whether you’re looking to spend a few grand on a single meal or only have a 100 Rupee note in your pocket, you’ll find something and that something is sure to make your tummy very happy indeed! Everything from roadside bun-kababs, chaat and fried chicken to desi bar-b-q and those scrumptious chicken rolls that come in—hold your breath—75 different flavors! Heck, even our Zinger Burgers taste better than the ones Colonel Sanders is so proud of! Seriously, once you’ve spoilt your taste buds on Pakistani food, there’s little hope you’ll settle for anything less tantalizing!

3.  Let’s be honest: We’re not just laid-back and always looking for a good laugh, we’re also the best looking bunch in all of subcontinent. Period.

4. I used to hate KESC & PEPCO for being such nuisances. I mean, what other country that claims to be at par with the progressing world still has to resort to load-shedding to meet its power needs, right? But then one day my coiffeur sweet-talked me into getting a steam facial and charged me an arm for it. He then looked at me with big sad eyes when I tried leaving the salon without tipping him. Suffice to say, I had to pay a lot of money to get a fancy treatment our power companies have been giving me for free, three times a day, for years on end now! Let’s all hear it for KESC & PEPCO and their gratuitous facials!

5. Pakistan has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and innumerable other historical attractions spread throughout the country from the ruins of Mohenjo-daro in the South to the historical fortresses of Hunza and Chitral in the North. Some of these other sites have been placed under the protective wings of Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO and are definitely worth checking out before you plan a sight-seeing trip to Italy. So, the next time you find yourself sulking because there’s nothing to do in Pakistan except eat, eat and eat some more, think again—and go out and explore your beautiful country!

What do you love about Pakistan?


Saad Zuberi

An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Parvez

    Got to agree with you.Recommend

  • Nadir

    I appreciate your sentiment, however in regard to Attabad lake, it is a product is a natural disaster which has been and is causing alot of suffering to the local people. There is nothing to celebrate especially when the rest of the nation has forgotten their suffering and now marvel at a lake that is causing so much human suffering! Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    (6th). Pakistan has the most vibrant print and electronic media. A real opinion maker as well as the entertainer for the masses residing in and outside Pakistan. Our journalists are tough on rulers and opposition alike and our entertainers are known for their craft when i comes to drama and songs. We have nearly 100 reporting channels and numerous entertainment channels. they keep the viewers glued to the screens. Recommend

  • Rabia Mallick

    What a brilliant idea! I’m so happy to know someone is finally talking about the positive things in and about Pakistan. Good job, Saad! Recommend

  • @ Nadir

    I think that’s the point of the article! Appreciate what we have… agreed the lake is a cause for discomfort for a lot of people, but just look at it!!! It may as well be a gift from Allah! Besides, the lake is just in the pictures…it is not in the points yet.
    I’m waiting for the next set of points…i agree with all 5…esp point no.3! lol. there’s no harm in being a little vain sometimes!!! :p
    will this be a monthly thing? Recommend

  • GetRidOfFeudalPolitics

    Gotta agree! Also, when the lights go out. you should pick up a musical instrument, revive baithaks and story telling, writing, painting, photography. Its the perfect excuse to do what you otherwise can never find time for in this busy world. Just arrange for mosquito repellants and a UPS for a light and a fan.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/fahadk85 Fah

    Our Jazba (patriotism).. when we play cricket or hockey especially against India.. the whole nation becomes one..

    Our Music is one of the best in the world.. Sufi to Rock..etc.. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Vital Signs, Junoon..etc.Recommend

  • saad

    independence days are celebrated by nations which truly believe in sovereignty and self sufficiency. they don’t live off alms and aid from their former masters. here the independence day is just a diversion to enjoy ‘choti choti khushian’. leaders who spouted ‘pakistan first’ are trying to survive abroad. not pontificating but by grace of God i am better off than many – not ever forgetting whatever i am is not by choice when it comes to the ethnic factor claiming to be one up on another or being hospitable than the other. and nor am i planning to go to canada or UK to be a refugee (in the real sense) and be a “second or third class cirizen”. before listing the best or worst of pakistan let’s be thankful in the individual sense. abroad one wouldn’t think twice walking away without tipping after a hair cut. and the arm one pays for a facial treatment is still cheaper than paying in dollars so convert and see. and no use feeling guilty later. the rabid traffic also exists on the freeways of LA. before preparing a list i suggest do a survey of residents in upscale localities, who either have dual nationalties or just the green book with a lifestyle that matches all things western. if pakistan would have been not worth living in that class would be first to head for the exit and the verandhas of the sind club, gymkhana would have been desolate. this class abroad would never dream of living without the domestic help here (some who work for the price paid for a facial) leave alone they wouldnt be admitted in elite clubs (read country) there. by the way why 65 reasons???Recommend

  • CI

    No. 7: I love ALL the extremely delicious, not to forget, endless variety of fruits that our country has. We have different fruits in all seasons and they are simply heavenly! After trying my hands at fruits from all over the world in UAE, I can easily endorse the fact that thanks to Allah, Pakistan has the best variety of fruits in the whole world! Recommend

  • waseem Ahmed

    infact whole Pakistan is a beautiful place all we have to do is to see it with our own open eyes…
    2ndly our students are doing greta work within PAKISTAN and outside too but no one is encouraging them infact our media didnt even bother to tell the Nation…
    3rdly where is our Tourism Ministry, but people have to show their own interest, go out and visit and tell the whole world that how beautiful is our country…Recommend

  • http://samosaplate.blogspot.com Sajid I. Barcha

    That Attabad Lake is a result of a mountain falling down on a village. The lake now has 4 villages under it. Over half a dozen bridges under it. Over 500 homes under it. Thousands of affectees of this “beautiful lake” that you are trying to extract a positive side out of are living homeless in tents. When they demand to be compensated, a father and son are shot by Police. When people protest against this injustice, they are lifted off their beds at 3 A.M raids by army and charged under “terrorism act”.

    How about this for a reason to love Pakistan? Recommend

  • Fareha Jamal

    Its so a appreciable article Saad. So much positivity in. I juts don’t get it, how come still you all find the negativity in it? I mean you people are so much in influence of living in the dark misty shadows, that you don’t even want to look at bright clouds once. Recommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar

    It is the people that make us love or hate a nation. When you have a whole nation of people who are rotten to the core, it is very difficult to love that nation. I am sorry for my harsh comments.Recommend

  • Syeda Aisha

    I just read Saad Zuberi’s previous blog called “A Pakistan with no hope”…and although I could totally agree with him and his sentiments and hopelessness, i think it’s a good positive change I see here…
    Lets encourage positive thinking and at least TRY to love this country!!!!Recommend

  • Imran Khan

    @ Sajid
    Lets not blame Pakistan for a “natural” disaster!
    Let’s just pray it doesn’t happen again…Recommend

  • Qudsia

    Okay all you pessimists out there, the guy is making an effort. Wouldn’t hurt to help him out a little! HOLD BACK THE NEGATIVITY. But I have to say a better choice of pictures could have helped your case saad.Recommend

  • http://Mehreen mehreen

    I have my list of top 10 things why I love my country:

    We are resilient in the face of adverse events i.e. floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and Zardari being President, Nawaz Sharif being President, anyone else from the current crop of politicicians being President.
    Pakistanis spend a considerable amount of time and energy on philanthropic activities.
    Our family system is awesome and protects us against the day-to-day difficulties.
    We have an absolutely rocking music scene
    Pakistan is the country where the amazing movie ‘Bol’ was produced by the amazing Shoaib Mansoor
    We are currently producing really good English literature which is winning rave reviews internationnally i.e. The case of the Exploding mangoes and In Other Rooms, Other Wonders
    Our sense of colour and clothing is brilliant and our relatively new fashion weeks are a testamount to that.
    Our art scene is pretty cool
    Our media (both print and electronic) growth is impressive when compared to other South Asian countries.
    And yes I do think that we are bloody gorgeous.

  • mk

    amazing article!Recommend

  • Arzoo

    Excellent article. I totally agree with mehreen’s comments. In addition I would say the best thing in Pakistan is it’s youth! who have seen and grown up in worst situations and infrastructure and even then think about changing it for good!
    I love natural resource reserves in Pakistan, I love salt mine in khewra, I love pakistan’s marble, I love pakistan’s handmade handicrafts, I love fresh milk from our villages, I love the way we celebrate eids, i love our dresses, shoes made in Pakistan, textile and leather industry for that matter, I love everything about Pakistan:) Recommend

  • haris

    I appreciate your work Bro, but I have my opinion and that is, It is utter disgrace for each any every citizen when their fellow citizen is urging them to love their own homeland.
    What a shame that even after so many years one person has found a noble task ahead of him by compelling fellow Pakistanis to love Pakistan!

    Thank you but it is lovely slap on our disgraceful faces.Recommend

  • @haris

    Thank you but it is lovely slap on our disgraceful faces.

    :) Well there you go! Recommend

  • Usman Toqeer

    Hey Saad, a great topic i must say! all we do nowadays is MOCK or BLAME our whole system and the LEADERS ruling us, forgetting the fact that we BELONG to the same system and its DEMISE! We as a nation need to realize that if we start from our own houses, and start to look within our own souls, the RECTIFICATIONS that need to be done are MASSIVE. We need to start living like a TRUE DEMOCRACY and good MUSLIMS!
    Coming to the discussion, i think the good qualities we have are that:
    1- we have beautiful places to see in Pakistan
    2- good food
    4- rich culture, although we mixed it overtime with other cultures
    5- young INTELLECTUALS making history every other day, eg the guy who scored 28 A’s in O-levelsRecommend

  • Umer Islam

    I agree a hundred percent with each and every point and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the list…but man, I have to tell you, you’re a brilliant writer. Haris is right, this is indeed a slap on our faces… a very subtle and well deserved slap!! I hope it manages to wake at least some of the people who read it! Recommend

  • Rimsha

    excellent and motivational..just try to love pak!..Recommend

  • http://Mehreen mehreen

    I don’t think of it as a lovely slap, I think of it as a reminder to us of what we have. We should keep working on our individual level to make things better. Every little drop counts. Recommend

  • Sarmad Farooq

    I just simply luv Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mehreen Bilal

    Interesting article! Completely enjoyed reading it all!Recommend

  • Mehreen Bilal

    Interesting article! Completely enjoyed reading it!Recommend

  • http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com Hammad Siddiqui

    Having visited whole of South Asia, I can confirm that Pakistan is the most blessed country in this region. Lets take responsibility of fixing the issues that are hampering our growth!Recommend

  • Samir Khan

    Dude, I like your harsh ranting articles more… they’re more entertaining. But that isn’t to say this isn’t a good effort. I hope the idea works though…because right now ‘m thinking of things to add to the list and can’t really come up with much! :(Recommend

  • rohini,indian

    Poetry..Poets ..Ghalib, Faiz
    Novelists…great writers
    Industrious,hard working people.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Lawn prints.
    Warmth of the people.
    Funny things our politicians say and do and that makes news everyday!


  • N

    With all humor and seriousness, please read at your own peril:

    Hard working – if the government could create good policies we woudn’t cry UNCLE! until then we will with equal diligence.
    Resilient – who else could take so much abuse, violence and drama – and, still be standing.
    Imaginative – who else could contribute doosra and reverse swing to a game thought to be controlled by whites.
    Humor – where else can you produce the likes of Zaid Hamids and Hamid Gul who know everything and are on a first name basis with everyone. (But these clowns can make us cry and die in one big sweep of “conspiracy”). Where else would you find people like them arguing with complete conviction OBL was not killed in Abottabad!
    Conspiracies – if anyone needed counterfactual history and justification for everything come to Pakistan. We thrive in it, roll our eyes and move on. Everyone is an “agent” of someone – even you and I. Just ask Mirza of the Karachi fame.
    Food – no one does it better than us and we tell it to everyone.
    Fashion – have you seen the FM lately? My, my….. Indians got taken in. She only had to ask for Kashmir.
    In your face attitude: no, not talking about our Khakis and pols. Our cricketers. Match fixing or not – just pure balsy. Nearly wrecked the Indian BMW machine at the world cup.
    Khidmat – hospitality: we are known for that. So what if OBL overstayed. But seriously, where else would people pick you up, take a day off and entertain you – all at their expense!
    Media Anchors: only place in the world where the anchor talks, preaches more than the invited guests. But we are raucous and colourful – forget the quality of the reporting. It is sheer entertainment.
    Military- have to say they are pros – when they are not fighting Indians, Afghanis and Americans – if that is – they are busy keeping the likes of Zardari and Sharif in line. All politics aside, who won’t get taken in by their elan’.
    Large Hearted: we drank whiskey by the gallon with Nixon and Kissinger – at our cost, we opened China for them. In the process, we forgot to ask anything of meaning for oursleves. But Nixon liked us more than those Indians. He said so.
    Women: not being sexist here. But some great looking women, we have.
    Identity: we love it. We say we are Middle east. Arabs and Persians say we are Indian. Indians say we are Pakistani. (Is the enemey speaking the truth?). But we really love who we are. isn’t that one of the reasons for this blog?
    Love for others: deeper than the deepest oceans, higher than the highest mountains, just ask the Afghanis and Kashmiris. I know you are laughing by now…..

  • MK

    a) How women literally kill each for the latest lawn prints- chahay Sana Safinaz ho ya Gul Ahmed.

    b) How lines and queues – whether at weddings, embassies or a normal ticketed event, are obviously for dummies. Lines and queues are meant to be broken.

    c) How we have the right to yell and humiliate our domestic help, coz hey they’re not human, are they?

    d) How we wake up every morning to children being mutilated, children being kidnapped, women being raped and paraded around town, domestic violence, karo kari, honour killings et al, but hey that’s probably all cultural, right?

    e) How we look down on ‘love marriages’ or boyfriend/girlfriends as ‘affairs’ and oh ho dekha zurra, kitni taiz larki thee.

    f) How we think we’re the kings/queens of the world, and all news items revolve around us.

    GROW UP.Recommend

  • malik

    I will add some more to the list:

    This is the only country where the society does not know to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Where the villains are celebrated as heroes. Where people choose to ignore overwhelming evidence and inconvenient truth if that is contrary to their world view. Where patriotism is mistaken for the love for Army and Nukes.

    Someone wrote in these forums that in Pakistan movie theaters the audience roots for the villain to win !! This is certainly unique !!

    PS: Reg the points of arts and rock music and fashion and intellectuals……don’t you think these things can be applied to any country? Recommend


    Despite political instability in the country for past 60+ years with no solid educational policy, Our students still perform outstandingly inside and abroad in any field of higher education. They are intelligent, extraordinary hardworking and obsessed with going ahead in their relevant fields.Recommend

  • sim

    WOW,,,,,, N and MK, you really put some effort into your comments there……you could have written separate blogs in your own name! hahahaRecommend

  • Abid Irfan

    I ewally appreciate the sentiment behind this blog. It’s true, we really should start highlighting the positive aspecs of being a Pakistani more! Pakistan Zindabad! Recommend

  • A Pakistani

    What an uplifting read. I really enjoyed the blog and support you on this. We SHOULD start loving Pakistan more right away!

    This is for all you cynics out there: do you honestly believe the French and Americans and Germans and Turks and Chinese don’t have issues like corruption and crime? Think again…. every country has these issues, and no one is ever happy with their “system” because they want more and better things for themselves….Granted Pakistan is in a sorry state these days, but half the problem lies in US Pakistanis being so cynical and sarcastic and hopeless all the time!! If you’re so grand on a personal level, use your brain and atleast TRY to change your attitude. Instead of being mad at the “government” for being so wrong and futile, use your energies on being a good citizen on an individual level…. maybe then in a hundred years we won’t need writers like Saad Zuberi to urge us to wake up and love our country and home again…maybe we’ll have the decency and good sense to do it on our own!Recommend

  • Talha

    *Pakistan has Daktar Aamir Liaqat Hussain.

    Pakistan has Zordari


  • Pakistan Zindabad

    *Pakistan Zindabad … Islam Zindabad .. *Recommend

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    So what, what you want to say? In all over the world, do 100% angels exist in each country?Recommend


    ……..well EXCEPTION always prove the rule……………Recommend

  • DesiJester

    I almost peed my pants laughing at the idea of Zubaida aapa, President Zardari and Faraz walking into a Nagori milkshop!!!! EPIC!!! Recommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar Hasan

    The highly educated are just a handful. They go to the best English schools, get remarkable grades, get the highest education they can in Pakistan, pack their bag, say bye bye to Pakistan and lead a very successful and prosperous life in the west. Recommend

  • sars

    one of the best things about pakistan is the people who are trying to do their bit in any way they can.In the earthquake, and floods people in general donated money , materials and time to help.
    Many institutions are completely rotten but people are trying- whether its the one doctor working diligently in a ward full of absolutely hopeless patients without most reasonable facilities, or someones mother who teaches children for free at her house.Many people fund the relatives of their employees to go to school.
    People are tryiong to build schools , convert garbage to usable stuff and clean up roads.
    Can they replace the government?? of course not but they are not packing their bags and running either.Recommend

  • Sameer

    Excellent blog and idea. Please don’t give up before completing the list though!Recommend

  • Erum Khan

    how about the fact that we are resilient. Almost 4 wars, countless natural disasters and decades of political instability and violence…and we’re still standing and hopeful!Recommend

  • Sidrah

    Paragraph #3 speaks of my sentiments about Pakistan and Pakistanis exactly! It couldn’t have been more well written specially the Unity, Faith, Discipline connotation. We really do prefer to walk alone, don’t trust anyone and have become monsters in every possible way. May Allah help us!Recommend

  • Sana

    Women are respected here.
    I’m not denying we don’t have some really sick psychos who commit unforgivable atrocities against women, such people are found in every society. my point is; if there is a long queue of men and a female walks up, she’ll be sent to the head of the line. if there’s a woman standing in a waiting area, she’ll be given a seat. just a couple of examples to get my point across.
    the fairer sex is protected.Recommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar Hasan

    Do you know how many women are abused by their husbands and other family members. Do you know they are raped, beaten and at times killed and the aggressor knows no action will be taken on them. You are of the privileged class. Wake up and smell the misery.Recommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar Hasan

    @Erum Khan:
    You call this standing! We are barely crawling. We are only better than Somalia and Chad. Recommend

  • Faraz U.I

    This was even better than the article [email protected]: Recommend

  • Vancouverite

    @Saad The Cost of living in the West might be more expensive,but it is balanced out by the per Capita income,and the Per Capita income is much higher in the west(and other rich countries),also the unemployment rate is much lower than the unemployment rate in Pakistan.
    Don’t forget about the great welfare and healthcare system in the west(quality, affordability and accessibility).

    Pakistanis and other immigrants are not treated as second-grade or third-grade citizens here(at-least in Canada).

    If you have a good college degree(4-year degree)from a reputable university here,you can quite easily find a well-paying job.

    Racism in Pakistan is really high,compared to racism here.

    Also you have freedom of speech,expression and democracy here.
    Don’t forget about the clean environment,fresh air,no trash on the streets here in Canada.

    Also western people are more tolerant,courteous and polite than us.

    I love Pakistan,but you shouldn’t put other countries down,to make us look good,it shows your insecurities.

    Also ignorance is a huge problem in Pakistan,and Ignorant people like you converting dollars into rupees,just to show Pakistan is a cheaper place to live,is really embarrassing.Recommend

  • Deb

    You should add,

    Pakistani hospitality. I am an Indian and been there.

  • Fatima

    ‘Feel good’ article! Massive thank you to the writer. Being away from Pakistan, with the only link being depressing news on news channels from time to time, reading this article really lifted my spirits.

    No matter how many things we find to crib about, theres always something to be proud of.Recommend

  • Surraiya

    I totally agree with Sana’s comment about the respect for women.
    We may see women being oppressed and women being brought down, but generally, I still feel Pakistani’s have more respect for women than any other nation in the world. Recommend

  • Imran

    The most lively Pathans
    The most welcoming Balochs
    The most resilient Sindhs
    The most friendly Punjabis

    What more can one want in Pakistan. Love Pakistan !!!Recommend

  • justanidea

    today has been a big day for the pakistani judiciary (ref: sialkot case)
    do you think tat could be added that to the list? Recommend

  • Amit

    “”list of 65 things that compel me to love Pakistan.”” So you want to compel.. means to Force to Love Pakistan since you see more bad happening in Pakistan then Good. Well thats True. On top of your list I would say “Do Not Follow The Leaders Whether They Are Politicians or Religious Leader”. Actually the country should ban the Term and Word “Religious Leader”. Second on the List should be Peace and Harmony. Actually the list should include all the basics of Human Evolution and Purpose of Life. Pakistan is degrading in the coherent principals on Human Evolution and existence.Recommend

  • Rizvi

    Pakistan is one of the most free countries. I have been in the UK for last 3 years. No freedom at all, and it is bloody expensive. Everything you want to do, a tax accompanies it.
    Secondly, people in Pakistan are always friendly and helpful, they just make you feel at home. :-)Recommend

  • Pakistani

    I have never seen better shoes than in Pakistan…anywhere in the WorldRecommend

  • Z.A

    Pakistan is awesome because…..
    -It’s the country we got after so much trouble. at least our forefathers did.
    -It’s got culture and variety and houses that dont all look the same! (weird reason, sorry..)
    -We’re good at being all humanitarian when a disaster strikes (let’s not discuss normal days)

    And Pakistan’s awesome because every now and then you meet these selfless people who are patriotic Pakistanis and working so hard to make a difference, and even if they’re like 1 in every hundred, they make Pakistan a better place.
    Pakistan’s awesome because its home. Its the place where you see a family of six heaped on a motorcycle and the place where you see street vendors selling challis or chanay and its the place where you can get started with everyone, from a respected businessman to a taxi driver to a sabzi selling guy on a conversation about corruption and rising prices and the utter uselessness of the government.
    All right, not very good reasons I suppose, but these are what endear Pakistan to me…Recommend

  • Salman

    I absolutely luv how we come together when it actually matters, let it be cricket match or anti Pakistan comments from America to natural disasters (INSHALLAH we will always be together). We have so many issues yet when there are floods we help with all we can, so many volunteers so many donations! INSHALLAH we will have this passion always!!

    Luv Pakistan!!! And yes its absolutely beautiful!

    Pakistan Zindabad!!Recommend