Ten reasons why football is better than cricket

Published: September 9, 2011

At least you can play football in the rain!

1. It is a game of one single format rather than four formats. You don’t need a test football or a one day international, T20, first-class, second class, third-class or umpteen class football, just a simple game of 90 minutes and a nail-biting penalty shootout. A timed game is acceptable to a game that lasts for days.

2. It garners more television coverage. The 2010 FIFA World Cup was watched by an estimated television audience of 700 million people around the globe compared to a meagre 65.6 million people (out of which 80% of the viewership was from India alone!) who watched the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

3. It is played all around the world from the high altitudes of Bolivia to the lowland beaches of Maldives. This world has 208 football associations worldwide compared to 105 cricket associations out of which only 10 are full members and the rest are never heard of.

4. It does not need much equipment. All it needs is a ball and a field. One does not need a bat, a rectangular pitch, a helmet, gloves, wickets and other sports goods.

5. A football match on television goes on without any commercials whereas in cricket a lame commercial about a cellphone network or a beverage flashes after every over. Annoying, isn’t it?

6. It demands more agility which makes the game more exciting. You won’t see a fielder doing somersaults to catch a ball. Every single player, right from the defender, mid-fielder and the striker keeps running from pillar to post. Even the goal-keeper must be on alert to protect his goalie from long-range shots. Unlike cricket, where the pot-bellied umpire has to stand for hours, the referee and the linesmen must also be as fit as the players.

7. Whereas one finds it difficult to adapt to a large circular field, a football field is rectangular where the whole theatre of action fits into ones’ eyes.

8. It can be played in the rain.

9. In test cricket, a player must be dressed in pure white. In football, you wear a cool kit consisting of a jersey, shorts, socks and boots all adorned in fancy colours, thus making the game even more attractive.

10. Above all, whereas cricket was once called the ‘gentleman’s game’, football is called the ‘beautiful game’.

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Azeem Abbas

A Karachi-based intermediate graduate who majored in science.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Just simply check the voting results below the article. but anyways nice article. Recommend

  • http://www.sportpulse.net Abdul Muqeet

    There is no point of comparing Cricket to Football. Both are different games and everyone knows that Football is better and that is the reason it is titled as a globally played sport. These types of articles are now becoming cliches. Apart from all this your reasons are useless as well. I mean if you compare football to basketball which both have just balls then is basketball equivalent to football? and It takes less time than football too.

    It is just useless to compare two different types of games. You are just occupying space here, google it and you’ll already find hundreds of same niche articles : http://www.google.com.pk/#sclient=psy&hl=en&source=hp&q=football%20is%20better%20than%20cricket&pbx=1&oq=football%20is%20better%20&aq=4&aqi=g5&aql=1&gssm=sc&gsupl=342l2799l0l7224l19l14l0l0l0l0l515l4863l0.

  • dars

    Rubbish article with rubbish ideasRecommend

  • Old News

    nothing in football can replace the sound of leather on willow of a perfectly timed shot
    its a great game football, its the common man’s game. for everything it is why do you feel the need to defend it? all i’ll say is, genuine cricket fans call t20 the football of cricket, :)Recommend

  • Zubair Mallick

    quite lame. the whole thing. Recommend

  • Charagh

    It looks like just a test article by an amateur writer….
    Dude you gave all reasoning and at the end your poll says cricket is more popular.. lolz..Recommend

  • Whatever

    What do formats, attire colour, equipment, titles or agility have anything to do with what makes a sport interesting? 5 of the points you’ve made do not make any sense.
    And what in football is as beautiful as a ball pitching on middle stump, swinging in and clipping the off stump bails?Recommend

  • HIra

    Most important: Football players are sexier :)

  • malik

    Why Football is better than cricket…

    One main reason: Your national hero won’t be tempted to bite the ball to save the country’s honor…

    You Can’t Bite The Ball It’s Too BigRecommend

  • Incubus
  • Arslan

    I think that football will prevail in South Asia, with the advance of a strong middle-class, and this middle-class naturally exposed ‘to the West’ (football included), I think that football will, in the long term, take over. Cricket is just ‘too complicate’ as you said.


    Don’t know… but have you seen the Australian women’s cricket team ? Difficult to beat that. :PRecommend

  • sara

    i agree with old times..nothing in football can replace the sound of leather on willow of a perfectly timed shot! and come on…..there HAS to be a difference between a game that was invented in royal courts versus a game thats played on the streets. theres a certain level of sophistication in cricket, something u will NEVER get with football.

    PS. hira, apparently uve NEVER heard of michael bevan? i started watching cricket b/c of a HUGGGGGE crush i had on him. absolutely delicious.Recommend


    good blog but football team is consist off 11 palyers , why the hell u give us only Ten reasons Recommend

  • Ashhad

    I personally love football more than any other sport, and have played it for many many years, but the reasons given by the author are simply ridiculous, and make a mockery of this pointless question.

    Some of the reasons are absolutely frivolous. Does it matter that the umpire stands for most of the game? The umpire and the referee’s physical condition is hardly a testament to the beauty of either sport. Also, regarding advertisements, there is no sport that has been as commercialized as football. An example would be the Barclays Premier League or the Carling Cup. The league and the cup tournament themselves are sponsored by large corporations.
    The point about the kits is utterly ridiculous. You have interesting kits in one-day cricket too, and you have some terrible kits in football.
    “You won’t see a fielder doing somersaults to catch a ball” – neither does any footballer (well except Nani when he scores, but that really isn’t part of football its just the way he chooses to celebrate). Agility is important in both sports – as it is for most sports.

    Also, it does not matter how long the game is – you cannot say football is better than cricket because it’s only 90min while cricket lasts multiple days. You can play a half hour football match, or a half hour cricket match if you want to. A sport is not just about the people that play it at a competitive international level, but the millions of boys and girls that play on the streets and parks around the world simply because they love it and have the passion for it.
    Secondly, for a football enthusiast you seemed to have forgotten the fact that games do not go to penalties immediately after 90 minutes (unless it’s the community shield which does go because it’s technically a non-competitive preseason game) but go on to a 30 minute extra time. Just thought I’d point that out.

    Lastly, you can’t really compare the 2 sports. It just comes down to personal opinions. Kind of like asking who’s sexier: Mila Kunis or Olivia Wilde (definitely Mila Kunis actually)

    IMHO I found the article to be pretty lame. Without meaning any offence, the author comes across as someone who’s bought into the glamorous portrayal of football by popular culture and the ‘being cool’ factor, rather than one who appreciates football for the true beauty of the game, and one who actually plays it because of the fact that nothing in this world beats the sheer joy of being on the football field.Recommend

  • NFI

    Horrendous article. No substance whatsoever, and logic is just down-right lame. Recommend

  • http://facebook.com/mswaseem Saad

    Article –;
    Football ++;Recommend

  • Ali

    being a football fan i totally agree with what you said but your arguments does not make football better than cricket both are sports and if a person likes cricket no amount of arguments on your part will convince him otherwise and because cricket is also a fantastic sport.Recommend

  • Vijay

    Indians and Pakistanis prefer cricket over football because football requires more stamina, fitness and strength. By nature, South Asians are lazy and football is not for the lazy whereas an 80 year old man can play cricket. Recommend

  • sara

    @vijay lol……surely a 90 minute game would NOT require more stamina than a game that is 3 hrs long, 8 hours long, or can even run for 5 days :) now THAT was a lame commentRecommend

  • Point ?

    For those who think Crickt is better then football

  • http://www.utterlyurban.com B.Y

    Why would anyone compare two entirely different sports and then try and see who votes in favor of their own preference? They are not related at all. Yes, Football requires a lot of stamina due to the 90 minutes of sheer effort and muscle strain, whereas cricket requires far lesser effort. But both sports are widely enjoyed and played. They both have their own worldcups and intense matches. No one really cares which one is watched more or which one is “better.” Just play what you want (and what you can based on your own stamina), and see what you want. Don’t compare just for the sake of comparison. Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/#!/nadia_zaki Nadia Zaki

    I don’t get WHY most of the tribune bloggers/writers “compare” one thing with another. Be it football vs cricket or Eid vs Christmas or Coke studio Pak vs Mtv coke studio Bol Vs Bodyguard etc etc. WHY do you people have to compare? Can you not just write about something that you like? do you enjoy igniting other peoples anger by dissing their favorite sport/ culture/ show ? You just can’t live without stirring controversy can you?Recommend

  • Amir

    Quote Vijay
    [Indians and Pakistanis prefer cricket over football because football requires more stamina, fitness and strength. By nature, South Asians are lazy and football is not for the lazy]

    You are right 100%. Cricket is a lazy game whereas in football each player has equal chance to show his game.

    Football is time game in 90 mins its earns billions of dollars whereas cricket waste your whole day. If you are going to Test Cricket its waste your whole week, 5 day game+2 day Analysis.Recommend

  • http://www.footballpakistan.com/ FootballPakistan.Com

    And yet no one really bothers about the actual game of football in Pakistan…Recommend

  • Arqam

    thats the reason we Love the Beautiful Game … brilliant article !!!!Recommend

  • Hamza

    Im a football fanatic. I watch a lot of footie games. But that doesn’t make me hate Cricket and stop me from the supporting the national team. Comparing two completely different sports is a kind of lame if you ask me. Its down to preference. We, the people in the sub-continent grew up watching Cricket with passion. Just like people in England or Brazil or other Europeans countries who grow up watching football and supporting their national teams and their local clubs. Recommend