How to get your first job (hint: use the internet!)

Published: September 11, 2011

I have noticed that a number of candidates get a job interview, but due to lack of preparation, they fail to get the job. PHOTO: REUTERS

I often get emails and calls from youngsters eagerly seeking to enter the job market. Even though most of these enquirers have MBA degrees, finding a job in this market is still challenging for them.

Even though the economy is not particularly strong, one must bear in mind that companies are still hiring people, and these are many avenues for one to find a job. I strongly recommend registering on which is the most enriched job search site in Pakistan. Those, however, looking for jobs in Gulf are recommended to consider the website, Byat.

Getting an interview is only the first step towards getting a job. During the course of several years of voluntary work, I have noticed that a number of candidates get a job interview, but due to lack of preparation, they fail to get the job.

Thus, I have compiled a few tips for those readers who are struggling to find a job.

  1. Make a list of companies that you would like to work for. Check the career section on their website. (Google alert is a good tool, use it)
  2. Make a list of companies you have applied to with the respective dates and the job references.
  3. Be prepared to write a follow-up letter.
  4. Prepare a master CV and tweak it a bit for each application to reflect the values of the company you are applying to.
  5. Research the company prior to going for an interview; visit their website, study their annual report, look at their hierarchical structure, and check relevant Linkedin profiles.
  6. Prepare a list of expected questions and practice answers to these questions.
  7. Prepare a list of questions that you wish to ask during the interview.
  8. For hidden job market leads, an immediate follow-up is important.
  9. Build a network with those searching for jobs. This helps in lead generation.
  10. Remain in contact with those how have been recently hired; there might be other opportunities in the same organization.
  11. Check your email at least twice a day and respond immediately.
  12. Engage in social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  13. Register on job portals.
  14. Dress professionally and appropriately for the position you are applying for -don’t overdress but don’t look informal.
  15. If you are a student with no prior work history, make a list of your hobbies, clubs you belong to, or sports you’re involved in. Show that you have strengths.
  16. Visit the company office a day prior to your interview to familiarize yourself with the location.
  17. Employers want to hire productive, positive individuals. Be positive, but do not play with your words. Always speak positively of former employers and co-workers no matter why you left, even if you were fired from your last job.
  18. Let the employer lead into any conversation about benefits. When discussing salary, always be flexible and avoid naming a specific salary.
  19. Close the interview on a positive note. If the employer does not offer you a job on the spot or say when you will hear from them, ask what their time frame is for making a decision.
  20. I recommend a brief thank you note to the interviewer.

Remember, the process of hiring has changed with the emergence of social media. Be ready to explore all the opportunities that come your way.

Good luck!

Hammad Siddiqui

Hammad Siddiqui

An institutional capacity building specialist who currently works as Deputy Country Director at Center of International Private Enterprise ( He is qualified from the US Chamber of Commerce and blogs at

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jason

    After getting to the final round of numerous job interviews I just knew I had to alter my preparation. I was spending too much time on my qualifications and not enough on the behavioral side of the interview. After trawling the net for books and advice I came across ” The Complete Job Interview Preparation Course” DVD on Amazon. The change in my preparation was immediately noticeable both to myself and the interviewer as I am now gainfully employed in my chosen profession of finance, Highly RecommendedRecommend

  • Vijay

    These days it’s best to start reading newspapers and approaching the companies directly. You don’t get much on the internet. Its mostly hyped by the online job sites. Recommend

  • Asad

    point no. 21
    To be honest if you want to secure job in Govt sector then you should have approach and recommendation of a high official otherwise you will be dumped no matter how education or work experience you have (For Pakistani’s only)Recommend

  • Abbas

    thank you for writing such a helpful article… Recommend

  • NSK

    I agree even I did the same …. Recommend

  • Zorain Khan

    I am currently searching for an entry level job, these guidelines will certainly help me. ThanksRecommend

  • Anas

    MIddle East / Gulf website is
    Not ByatRecommend

  • asjad

    really nice tips….i specially liked the part whr u mentiond to shw ur strength and also to show your productivty. i think it can be in any area. mayb something which is of your intreset can benefit your company too Recommend

  • Mohammad Yasir

    Thanks for this post which is very useful tool for newcomers. I always read your blogs in the end i always feel you always give free lot of things to others. I hope the returns for you be always positive from others.Recommend

  • Ikram Afridi

    These are good tips for searching the jobs in the private sector. But now a days getting government and public sector jobs is the most difficult thing.

    Please also share how can we apply for government jobs.Recommend

  • Jamsheed Khan

    I am a commerce Graduate and unemployed this information is very useful for people like me. I will share these tips with my friends.Recommend

  • Rubina Javed

    Nice post I will follow these good tips after my MBA. Recommend

  • Saleem Jan (from Quetta)

    Very useful tips. I will tell my brother follow these instructions and I will share the results.Recommend

  • Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain

    Ali Akbar, I agree with your comments for plagiarism but on the contrary you have overlooked the line where the blogger has mentioned that he has compiled the list for readers… So compilation means you are giving references from different source.. All in all this is a useful piece for the start ups who are really in search of a job!!Recommend

  • Sidra Khawaja

    Very informative and supportive…. I have forwarded the link to my email contacts as majority of them are having the same flaws which they can take hold of and polish their interview skills accordingly….. thanksRecommend

  • Faryal Chaudhry

    Absolutely wonderful post. I wish I had come across such valuable stuff at the start of my career some ten years back. I am into HR and I feel if young grads implement only 50% of what Mr Hammad wrote here,the job will be in their hands in a month.

    Employers are looking for quality stuff; jobs are in the market. Keep writing good stuff. Please write on some specific topics like interview skills,CV writing,Cover Letters etc.New comers need it.

    P.S: Ali Akbar, plagiarism is copycat/copy paste. Is it so? Writers in Pakistan are endangered species; let them breathe,dude. Appreciate that someone spent one or two hours on writing without any monetary reward ( I assume blog writers are not paid). Recommend

  • Ali Akbar

    Hazaifa, my point is very clear. The article should have discussed the situation with relevance to Pakistan and not with context to career tips abroad. So what you are referring to over is that I can jot down some 5-6 pieces of articles together, ignore the basic fact that it matches the local audience’s preferences, submit it to Tribune and it will get published. On the contrary, I do not really understand if you are trying to support such piece of information published in the form of blog like the article above, or would you encourage some fresh piece that is quite original and reflects the actual situation in Pakistan. Also I fail to understand when the writer mentions Bayt for Middle East, unless he is aware of the job market situation over there. Why would Bayt prefer Pakistani candidates over India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Philippines? Should the writer justify his claim that mostly the jobs on Bayt for Middle East would need Arabic language/National as a preference, driving license of UAE, work permit and so on and so forth.
    We all know the situation in Pakistan and how the hiring takes place. Please refer to the original article again and see how the references have been mentioned at the end of each tip. I believe some research and ground reality could have made this article more interesting than to sit on the notebook and assemble various pieces of articles together and credit it in your name. So convenient!Recommend

  • Hina Roudani

    Thank you Tribune for giving such informative articles to youth. I am sharing the same with my community boys and girls studying in university. Google alert is a wonderful tool to stay updated.

    Tribune,in a short time,you have achieved so much progress. Please bring more writers for youth.Recommend

  • Ashraf Chaudhry

    Hats off to Hammad. Surgically precise, ruthlessly succinct, laser-guidedly targeted. Although I am not into job search,being professional,it makes sense to me as well.Making research on companies and dressings etc is essential for vendors as well.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ali Akbar,what is exact definition of plagiarism?I am just asking for my knowledge. I could not see anything like ‘chchapa’. Recommend

  • Muhammad Tanveer

    I found thid article highly informative and productive. Personally, I have attended sessions of Mr. Hamad. He is a true professional & helper. The devotion which he gives to his work is appreciable. This article is another good-work by hamad bhai. we should follow these points which he has mentioned based on his experience. This will truly help us in succeeding. After our education, our priority is of course job. The current situation in pak regarding jobs is a point of concern. As we complete our degrees but we dont know who to start, what do to & where to go? First job is a first step to the ladder of succes which needs to be given maximum attention. I believe by following above points for sure we can get something out of it.

    Best of luck hamad bhai for ur up-coming articles. Keep motivating & guiding us :)Recommend

  • Ashraf Chaudhry

    Hey one thing I forgot to mention regarding LinkedIn which Mr Hammad recommended for beginners. I found my publisher of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” from LinkedIn and book was published in USA. Recommend

  • Owais Afaq

    Great Post :) Really helpful and informative :)Recommend

  • Anum Akeram

    Thanks for the guidance,this wil definately help me in i have heared that job interview is not an easy job but i am sure, your tips will help me alot.I will follow these and I will share these tips with my friends.
    Thank you for writing such a helpful article.Recommend

  • Emad Sohail

    I think the blog is written in good intention, which is to show hope-maps to depressed youth, who are in search of clutching hope. If your aim is to catch fish, its a free world, you can do that by screwing the reader’s attention, well done!

    Therefore, hats off to the blogger who gathered up useful things in the vary sight of the hopeless youth. As far as plagiarism goes there is a saying “To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research”. We need to bring good stuff for our readers’ attention, for instance, I have this useful website for the youth:

    If you have better suggestions than this blog, then bring it here and serve youth.Recommend

  • Munazza Sajwani

    Being Head Hunter myself, the article is of great value for job seekers. Good work Tribune,good work Hammad.Recommend

  • Ali Akbar

    @Faryal Chaudhry @Ashraf Chaudhry:
    Please wait for my next comment and let’s not jump over to conclusion. I understand that you have a soft corner for the blogger which might be out of some odd reason, but please wait for my next comment as it is awaited moderation. I wonder if you even checked the link I had suggested earlier.. DUDE???Recommend

  • Nasir Jamal

    @ Ali Akbar. see how many peoples like thats means they never visit your givin link ok you say this is copy but atleast read your first comments how hard words you use for writer i think you dnt know him he is professional tranner to realted subject and see never reply to your comment thats clearly say he is and all other peoples are not agreed with you. cool down and think hope now you understand what i am telling you.Recommend

  • Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain

    @Ali Akber, no hardfeelings it was just my thought which I shared, you have freedom to speak, but friend my point here is about giving the youth of Pakistan a way forward either it can be in any form, how many of us here have given time in compiling this 20 pointers list and as you are mentioning about middle East, friend all these points are generic point which are applicable for every applicant before going for interview!! Even you, me and every applicant!!Recommend

  • Ashraf Chaudhry

    @Ali Akbar, Yes I agree with you that I have soft corner for a blogger. There is a reason. Blogging/writing is not every body’s cup of tea. You sacrifice your family time to share something of value free of charge for the betterment of society. Should I have hard feelings for blogger? It takes guts and courage to see the good in society which is littered with sewerage thoughts. Criticism/fault finding is the most favorite hobby of ‘nothing-doings’.

    Gentleman, you have enough time to dissipate. While time is not my money, it is my life. I will spend a minute only to encourage someone rather than stifle someone’s initiative. Recommend

  • Omair Ali

    I am so delighted to see such useful tips. In Pakistan internet use for job search is increasing. I am a web developer and love . Write has rightly suggested the use of technology for job search. Not many people know that even Twitter can be effectively used for job search. Wonderful blog Sir.Recommend

  • Zishan Jafri

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  • Yasir Jafri

    I am jobless for 2 years, excellent blog Hammad sb. This information gives me strength to move on, thank you!Recommend

  • Insia Karamally

    Mr. Ali Akbar, I believe your comment is justified to some extent. While analyzing the situation here, it seems most of the commentators are either inspired by Mr. Siddiqui or are closely linked with him. Nevertheless, people should learn how to respond to to criticism and believe in fair play. Its a free media and everyone has the right to voice their opinions. I am shocked to see all fingers pointed at you, which justifies your claim of the job situation and hiring process in Pakistan. What a country we live in!!! Zero Tolerance!!!Recommend

  • fatimah

    Informative and well written. I have a plagiarism checker and this one comes up as original content sorry to disappoint you Ali Akbar! I think he’s taken the level of job hunt up a notch and strayed from the traditional route followed by most locals. Recommend

  • Tayyiba Iram

    WoW Thats great Hammad. Really its so concise and informative. Congrats for writing this and congrats to all those job seekers for whom this would be beneficial.Recommend

  • Majid Shabbir

    I greatly appreciate your tremendous efforts in guiding the youngsters for getting jobs, which at present are under tremendous pressure due to a number of factors. I understand that a good advice always acts as a source of inspiration for others and the way you are acting as a torch light, especially for youth, is highly commendable. These tips are really very useful and everyone can get help while seeking a job, which normally youngsters ignore and eventually fail to get a good job. I am surprised on Mr.Ali Akbar’s comments and putting blame of plagiarism. I don’t know when we will be out of blame game, leaving the policy of criticizing others without knowing potential and abilities of the persons, who are blamed for nothing. Everybody knows that tips for jobs are usually similar, and I believe write up of Mr.Hammad Siddique cannot be taken in the context of plagiarism. I would advise that we should always try to look at the brighter side, instead of finding something extra special from darker side.Recommend

  • Irshad Ahmad

    I strongly agree with you sir, in my early career I was not did this activity even we spoke to candidates visits us for jobs , should know about companies ,product, its market and competition etc.
    Thanks for sharing.Recommend

  • Farhan Siddiqui

    It’s a great help for youth searching their path to futureRecommend

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    A very comprehensive and well put word of advice. It should put the fears and anxiety of fresh graduates to rest. Hats off to you Mr. Siddiqui Recommend

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  • Fatima

    @Anas: I advise females to stay away from this site — I had a really bad experience, there are some very sleezy Arab hiring manager perverts here and they are very condescending towards Pakistanis in general.Recommend

  • Alliyah

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  • Nabeel Ahmed

    Awesome post Mr.Hammad, I have recently completed my MBA and these tips will surely help me get through the Interview process. The salary tip is great as most of us freshers quote expected salaries which sometimes works negatively for us. Linked in profiles also helps you great deal to know about the interviewer.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saad

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  • Aisha

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  • Sajid Ali

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  • Humaira Zaman

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  • Helen

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  • Mateen Hamza

    Where were you Hammad when i started looking for my first job :)
    Your 20 pointer list is nothing less than “Khul Ja Summ Summ” and inshallah will be opening doors for fresh and not so fresh job seekers.

    You won’t believe it, but interestingly there are lot of graduates out there who still don’t know what is LinkedIn. They simply have no idea how to look for a job using social media.

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    I would thank you on behalf of the people who it has helped in gaining the hopes again. Thumbs up and keep up the good work. God bless youRecommend

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    Dear Readers this blog has been picked-up by The Employment Daily, a issue published from the US.

    Check with #jobs right at the bottom of the paper.

    Thanks for appreciating. I will be regularly contributing to Express Tribune blogs. Keep watching!Recommend

  • A.E. Snyder

    Use the Internet to locate local non-profit groups seeking volunteer leaders that you can use to build up your resume. For example, my local club is seeking a Financial Director, Web site Director and Communications Director. Imagine a first time job seeker having those titles on their resume!Recommend

  • fahnan

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  • Ali Akbar

    Shocking that the moderator is not posting my comments. Wonder if somehow this blog is to publish only praises for the blogger or to show people the rosy picture only. I am sure at least you the moderator is reading this. Its people like you who are the culprits and do not promote justice and fair play. Wonder if you are another victim of politics??? Nevertheless, there are people like me in Pakistan who will find other channels, unbiased and fair, and at least try to deliver the message where audience is impartial. Wonder even if comments posted are genuine as I am not able to find comments other than all praises for the writer.Shocking that the moderator is not posting my comments. Wonder if somehow this blog is to publish only praises for the blogger or to show people the rosy picture only. I am sure at least you the moderator is reading this. Its people like you who are the culprits and do not promote justice and fair play. Wonder if you are another victim of politics??? Nevertheless, there are people like me in Pakistan who will find other channels, unbiased and fair, and at least try to deliver the message where audience is impartial. Wonder even if comments posted are genuine as I am not able to find comments other than all praises for the writer.Recommend

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