Video Blog: How to start a business with Rs10,000

Published: September 7, 2011

This series honours entrepreneurs who use limited resources to survive in competitive markets. Their advice is simple, feasible  and most importantly practical!

Their real life wisdom can help improve local economies and guide the common Pakistani.


Abid Beli

Founder of E-Retail and E-Kitchen businesses in Pakistan. A Social Media Consultant, a blogger and an anchor at He tweets @abidbeli

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  • Muhammad

    Dear ADM !

    I m looking for some other LINKs for small business COZ In Sha Allah soon i m planing to strt a programe of QARZ-E-HASNA for all with my own money so if you have any suggestion for me to make my job more effective kindly do let me know .
    I ll b really greatfull to YOU ))

    Skype; Muhammadsajidrashid1 Recommend

  • J Effendi

    Impressive work. Good job. You are spreading hope in this atmosphere of distress. wish you best.Recommend

  • http://none vikash

    from 10000 what crap
    10000 is the only rent of shopRecommend

  • Abdul Mughees


    Why don’t you contact Akuwat, they are very good in this field they will definitely assist you.

  • A

    I think as educated individuals we need to contribute actively towards this country’s economy. We need to find such individuals who are willing to work hard, and put their sweat and blood into something. We are all too willing to contribute Zakat and Sadqah, but hardly find the time to actually check how these people are faring, or whether they need additional help.

    Rather than giving Zakat and Sadqah as immediate consumables, it would be better if the money went into establishing a small business for someone.

    Good job by the author. Recommend

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    I am covering small entrepreneurs in my blog Abid Beli was on of them. There are many such ideas. Great efforts by Abid.Recommend

  • Naushaba Awan


    i am appericiated of your ideas . i will be the first consumer of your product .becasue i am in heavy debt and want to ridout of this bad debt . still if you can contact me to discuss i will apperiicate your concerns . pass your email or pvt number to communicate more . thanksRecommend

  • Umerrock

    Great BlogRecommend