Video Blog: Voices from Pakistan

Published: September 6, 2011

The international media has always shown Pakistani people reacting and protesting on TV screens, with the opinions of these people expressed in minimal headlines, skimmed and forgotten. Behind each of these headlines, are real people, with real issues and perspectives.

This documentary explores the diverse spectrum of perspectives among Pakistanis, up close and personal, detailing the conflicts of opinions between them over various issues, in particular, the Facebook related blasphemy incident (also known as Draw Prophet Muhammad Day) which resulted in Pakistan’s authorities blocking major websites.

The documentary goes beyond just that incident and touches other international issues too that cause reactions within the country.

Voices From Pakistan was actually made for the international audience, especially for the Scary Cow Independent Film Festival, where it also won the Judges Award.


Ali Kapadia

A filmmaker from San Francisco who swings between art and technology. He tweets @alikapadia

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  • Hagat

    Completely not agree with Salman Abedin and his thought process over the fact that Islam is not a tolerant religion, it is a tolerant religion and no other is comparable, it’s a religion of honor, righteousness and integrity. If you say the history of Islam has proven that it has been a non tolerant religion than i really do not know what education or what sources has lead him to come to such an opinion. As Mr. Jami said there is a problem of literacy and I believe everyone in Pakistan is in complete agreement to it.Recommend

  • Hagat

    Mr Salman Abedin has not researched well on Islam to call it a non tolerant religion. It is very well explained in the Quran and talking about Christianity who follows a book given by ALLAH to Prophet ISA (A.S) and Jews who follow the commandments of Prophet Musa (A.S) who too was a messenger of Allah. I mean how can you say the last world of Allah was intolerant?
    History also proves that Islam was not just spread through swords, there was more to it, then how does one justify the crusaders. As said by Mr. Jami, there is a lot of illiteracy in Pakistan and even among the most educated who are ignorant about their religion and base their facts on books which are biased. Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Great effort. Loved how you brought such different thought processes of Pakistani people together. I don’t want to start a debate on who was right and who was wrong since they all were experienced enough people and probably had grounds in believing what they believed, but it most certainly was enlightening!Recommend

  • Moiz Raza

    This is a good documentary, but if this is Pakistan’s viewpoint(s) — I am terrified, and it seems the cliches are true…very sad.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Excellent work .. u took interview of all the segmants of society the marketing guy and the Jamaate islami were justified but you should have taken one of the other two since both of them had the same viewRecommend

  • kazbanubaloch

    Great video but ,just for Pakistanis opportunity not for us BALOCHISTAN it may be for your country people to learn something from this video………… i don’t think so. Recommend

  • Ali

    A very interesting video response to this documentary by a viewer:

  • Pakistani Lawn Collection

    very interesting video.. for pakistanis..Recommend