Video Blog: Wake up and vote

Published: September 6, 2011

This video was created by Jaag Utho – a youth mobilization campaign by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). Jaag Utho volunteers Nasir and Rizwan were the brains behind the video.

Election Commission of Pakistan is conducting a door-to-door voter verification campaign from August 22 to September 30, 2011. In this campaign they will visit each house in Pakistan to verify the electoral lists according to the data given by NADRA.

Voter registration is one of the most critical steps in bringing a change to Pakistan. It is the duty of each and every citizen to use the power of their vote. I especially appeal to the youth of Pakistan to get their votes registered and start awareness campaigns at their educational institutions to spread the message.

Do we have the right to criticize and question the rulers if we don’t vote?


Imran Ghazali

The author is a Finance graduate from Ohio State University. He is a youth activist aspiring to see a positive change in Pakistan. He is also part of PTI's Web & Social Media team.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sadia Agha

    Excellent message..We need a lot more awareness on this issue.
    Wake up Pakistan!!Recommend

  • Danali Dahraj

    Good message, excellent way to communicate it. However like all messages it too ignores the fact that politicians did not only make deals via the NRO for corruption cases, but also other criminal and murder cases!Recommend

  • suraiya kasim

    This is a wake up call!Recommend

  • Niha

    I disagree. If you vote a particular party in then i think you have no right to criticize since it WAS your choice in the first place. Its almost like when you commit a mistake you have to pay for it.
    Secondly, vote who exactly? whats our choice? choosing between our current political leaders is like choosing whether you wanna die by driving your car off a cliff or into the sea. Recommend

  • naeem

    i hope this election may be chang in my swet pak Recommend

  • kifayat mufti

    if v change ourselves v can change the world and inshaallah v will show this time that v r changed and have new prime minister IMRAN KHANRecommend

  • Abu Bakr

    “Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.”

    And thats why there’s hope for Pakistan. Great job Jaag Utho team!Recommend

  • Leader

    @Niha: vote PTIRecommend

  • Mugal

    nice work,only vote is a way to change our destinyRecommend

  • Mohammad Imran

    Simple as that, if you want to SAVE Pakistan then vote for PTI, Imran Khan! that’s it.Recommend

  • jameel

    Awesome Really Awesome …………. Imran ghazali ……… Acha kaam kar rahe ho………………………….Recommend

  • wsd

    Change your destiny by voting in the best possible leadership…….Vote PTI, Vote Imran Khan…….Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    The right to vote is the basic foundation of democracy and each one of us has a responsibility to exercise this right to strengthen the democratic structure.Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Niha: Then maybe you should stand up for elections, criticsm is always the easy way out!!!!!Recommend

  • imran

    @Sadia Agha:
    efforts are also neededRecommend

  • Exposed

    My vote and Note$ are all for PTI and Imran Bhai :)Recommend

  • Sadia Agha

    @imran:yes imran efforts are needed but the point is are we all doing our bit?? I seriously doubt it..most of us are unaware of the new electoral process and even if the officers do come to our doors, we are too lazy to register/verify. Incase they dont come to us, how many of us will go to the EC office?? I rest my case! Recommend

  • Niha

    Im sorry i meant a democratic party and not a one-man show.

    does that imply that your’e satisfied with the direction our “democracy” is headed? Recommend

  • Haseeb Siddiqui
  • Hassan

    What is a democratic party and no i am not satisfied and thus have decided to get off from the proverbial fence and pick a side in this case a political party and would support it and vote for it in the next election. i humbly suggest you do the same rather than continue to sit on that fence!!!!!Recommend

  • Niha

    Thats where we disagree. I am not going to vote because i dont think there is anyone worthy of it. I am not picking a side since in my opinion there are no sides to pick from. To put it simply I am totally against the theory of voting for the “lesser-evil”. I’d rather not vote at all.
    All major parties of Pakistan have been tried and tested before. All in vain.Recommend

  • Leader


    PTI is not a one man show… guess you had a long hibernation….its not 2002, its 2011 !!

    WAKE UP !! Recommend

  • Hassan

    PTI hasnt been in power and isnt a one man show, you have access to the internet how difficult can it be to find out who is part of PTI’s leadership but you wont do that because life is comfortable on the ‘fence’. Waiting for God’s angels to descend from heaven and sort pakistan out might take some time till then i humbly suggest get politcal or rue the consequences of your silence.Recommend

  • Niha

    @leader and hasan

    Arright guys look.. this is simply a difference of opinion. To come into power PTI would need majority in NA as well as in provincial assemblies, which is practically not possible. Imran Khan cannot run for elections from every seat in national and provincial assembly now can he? His backup leaders are not well-known to masses. Yes i am privilleged enough to have access to internet but that hardly makes majority in Pakistan. You are ignoring the rural areas where peasants still vote for their Zameendar. And as much as it would hurt you to read it but i have to say that PTI is no-where near being a major party of Pakistan.You have internet too, just do a little more research not just on the party you support but others and their capacity.
    My conclsuion is strictly based on ground-level realities. But since this is a democracy which enstates my right to an opinion and the freedom to express it, Frankly I hope he does not make it. His ideas plus “supposed” coalition partners are somewhat undigestable for me. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Niha: Ahh a realist, you see the idea of voting is based on ones own conscience and not on how the electoral process pans out or who is strong in which area rural or urban. Voting should be done based on understanding of our problems and the different policies being advocated by the political parties so you decide which one comes close to your ideals and vote accordingly.

    It doesnt matter if you are in majority or not what matters is that you vote and that you vote according to your conscience, as for realities as a supporter i am all too familiar with what his and the parties strengths and weaknesses are, we are not supporting him to get somewhere but that he and the party are the closest to what we want as political leaders.

    Freedom of opinion and expression is overrated as an idea and a concept but yes you have that right and no one is trying to take it away from you all we are having is a debate which also is a part of democracy, frankly i hope Zardari wins again so that people such as yourselves get to enjoy the fruits of democracy, his politics of reconciliation and yes his very digestible coalition partners!!!!

    Viva la democracia!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Niha

    So you’re against democracy now?Anyway one of the many reasons I won’t be voting is that I Ve doubts about democracy being the right system for Pakistan. Which is another debate.
    I am not going to vote and probably won’t change my mind anytime soon till I find someone worth enough to vote. You’re voting for PTI that’s good for you. I love Imran khan the cricketer, not a fan of his politics. So let’s just leave it at that. You’re not convincing me
    And I’m not even trying to convince you. Your “democratic” right , your choice.
    And well i didnot vote inthe last elections for the same reason. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @ Niha, no i am not against democracy but any system even democracy must have rules to allow it to grow as for freedom of expression well all liberties must result in a change from the status quo of corruption and mismanagement. What use is the freedom of expression when it doesnt represent change but is an excuse for indifference.

    I am not trying to convince you of anything, i am trying to tell you that as a citizen who doesnt vote you relinquish your right to complain about the status quo and as for worthy of your vote i did say that you should stand for elections yourself i just might vote for you :-)Recommend


    GOOD WORK, if you want to save pakistan than vote for PTI $ IMRAN BHAI, only vote is a way to change our destiny, thats it.......

  • Umair

    The only hope now we have is Imran Khan. People have to vote him to save Pakistan. Please vote him and also convince other people to vote him.Recommend