I loved Zindagi na melegi dobara!

Published: September 5, 2011

Care-free Laila helps Arjun learn that life isn't all about making money. PHOTO: REUTERS

With light-hearted humor, sarcasm and striking couples, Zindagi na melegi dobara (ZMND) creates a sense of romance that reverberates through the streets of Spain and into the cinemas all over the world.

This movie conveys important life lessons to its viewers, the foremost of which is that life must be lived to the fullest. The picturesque scenes, great comedy and interesting plot make ZMND a very enjoyable movie.

Kabir (Abhey Deol), insists that his best friends Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) and Imran (Farhan Akhtar) take a trip together to celebrate his upcoming nuptials. Their trip marks many breakthroughs for the men, like overcoming personal fears by engaging in exciting sports or coming to important realizations about life.

Fervent workaholic, Arjun realizes that money is not the only important thing in life, and he falls in love with carefree Laila (Katrina Kaif). Meanwhile, Kabir admits that he is not ready to get married but is reluctant to call the wedding off as it might break Natasha’s (Kalki Koechlin) heart. Finally, Imran musters the courage to face his biological father, Salam Habib (Nassirudin Shah), and he comes to the painful realization that his father never wanted children. This brings him closer to his mother and makes him appreciate his late step father.

The trio set off on their final adventure in Pamplona to race against bulls. They promise each other that if they survive, they will achieve their true desires by facing their most daunting fears. The movie, thus, concludes with a stronger bond of friendship and the realization truly dawns that Zindagi na milegi dobara.

Although ZNMD communicates valuable lessons in life to the audience, it tends to be slow paced at times. Moreover, it strongly reminds one of the movie “The Hangover”, and it is thus inevitable that comparisons are made. In addition to this, although Señorita hit the top charts in the music list, the sizzle of Sheila is sorely missed.

I believe that Zoya Akthar could have used her brother to craft music that more accurately reflected the jovial atmosphere of the film. Moreover, I found Hrithik to be a bit too old for the character he portrayed, and I thought that he did not use his acting abilities to his full potential. However, there is no doubt that with a superstar like Hrithik Roshan the movie had to be a box office hit and attract a vast audience.


Zoya Dhakam

The author is an O'level student and studies as CAS.

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  • Anoop

    It was a lovely movie. Hard not to like it. I found Farhan’s character fascinating. I found in him the person I want to be like.

    Movies are wonderful aren’t they. Hindi Film Industry produces such gems once every 6 months. Good to know I’ve option of watching good movies from other language Industries too.

    You guys should check out Tamil Film Industry. Its much better than Hindi. Recommend

  • http://meezajedeen.blogspot.com Tribune Reader

    i loved it, ive already seen it twice in the cinema, dont mind another crack at it.Recommend

  • Fulcrum29

    @ Anoop, forget pakistanis, not even north indians watch it. But most of them dont know that much of their movies are cheap remake of south indian films and much of talented technicians are south indians right from santosh sivan, ravi k chandran till ar rahman. You like it or not, tamil language is one of the minority language. an actor like surya is lot more better than so called khans..Recommend

  • Ravi

    I am a nothie but i totally agree with you….Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Bollywood represents ‘Hindi Cinema’ which is main line Indian film Industry. Nevertheless, India has many regional film industries and they of their own connect India with world at large. Few to name are Marathi, Tamil, Malyalam, Bangla, Bhojpuri, Telgu, Kannada film industries. The sum total of viewership from these industries is many times more than Hindi Cinema.Recommend

  • Jeans

    I like the Last scene of the movies where they are racing against the bull, and get up again and start running.Recommend

  • anuj mehta

    @ fulcrum29……dont spit venom here…you have got plenty of space on HT and TOI for that….Recommend

  • MK

    aww i loved that movie! it was a delight to watch..much needed respite in the stressful conditions our country is going through at the moment..Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    This movie conveys important life lessons to its viewers

    Waste tomatoes, while most of your country folk starve.Recommend

  • Javeria Mahmood

    I have seen many tamil movies (dubbed in hindi) no doubt Tamil movies are better than hindi movies Recommend

  • Bilal

    Hey Zoya, would you like to add some more spoilers here?Recommend

  • Muhammad Qamar

    I love the action in Tamil movies.
    ZNMD best movie.. love the character of Farhan Akhtar. Abay Doel is the best among his cousins :)Recommend

  • heer

    This movie conveys important life lessons to its viewers
    Bail out yourself from a relationship you are not sure about!

    and i broke up with my bf the next moment i saw the movie :) Glad now..!!Recommend

  • from India

    you missed out Farhan Akhtar’s poetry …Recommend

  • busybee

    Movie good no doubt..Funny too..BUT too westranized…a wanna be..wise cracking jokes..which some time become too obvious…and the persona will probably suit someone who is a bit younger than these guys…90% of Indians and Pakistanis cannot relate to this kind of situation and it appears as if the movie has been made 2 satisfy their Alter Ego. Its as if they want 2 create a ” Dil Chahta Hay” again but this time with stake holders actually IN the movie rather than behind the cameras..:)…

    Never-the-less enjoy it with ur cheetos..Recommend

  • R. Khan

    Excellent Movie! Recommend

  • http://www.sadafhafeez.blogspot.com Sadaf

    Kabir’s spontaneous pwahahaha laughter and Imran’s poetry make the movie worth watching over and over again. I’ve watched it five times in a row already ! O_o Recommend

  • http://www.onlinebazaar.pk Pakistani Lawn Collection

    Nice movie. Recommend