What Pakistan gave cricket

Published: September 1, 2011

Let us hope that Saeed Ajmal's Teesra is as good as other Pakistani cricket inventions. PHOTO: REUTERS

Pakistan continues its legacy of being the most innovative and creative nation of cricket. Now Saeed Ajmal is working on inventing a delivery that has never been delivered in the history of cricket.

A few days ago he said that he was working on a new type of delivery, which he will bowl in an upcoming cricket series against England. In an interview with PakPassion.net, answering a question as to whether he has actually bowled this new type of delivery on which he was working on during the World Cup, Ajmal said:

“I didn’t bowl it because I wanted to stick to my best and most reliable deliveries in such a high profile tournament. I just never got a chance to experiment it, but I am still working on it. I am saving it for the series against the world’s number 1 test team, England, and will not use it against Zimbabwe.”

Ajmal remained very elusive about his new delivery, and refused to reveal any details about it, referring to it as a “a top secret”.

Pakistan has been phenomenal in bringing innovation to modern cricket. What Pakistan has contributed to the world of cricket is more than what any other nation has. Let’s review the contribution of Pakistani cricketers to this game:


Legendary off spinner Saqlain Mushtan invented the Doosra and delivered it successfully at an international level. No one could even think of delivering a leg spin from the middle finger of the right hand without changing his bowling action but Saqlain did.

Saqlain invented, mastered and then delivered it successfully at the highest level. The Doosra’s effectiveness is appreciated all over the world. Now, one cannot imagine an off spinner without the Doosra, in modern cricket.

After Saqlain, every off spinner, including Muralidharan, had to be excellent in delivering this ball for his survival.
Saeed continues the tale of innovation and creativity in cricket, after the successful invention of the Doosra by Saqlain Mushtaq.

Saqlain, however, was not the first Pakistani cricketer who introduced something new to the world of cricket. Pakistan has few other good inventors in all the departments of cricket.

Reverse Swing:

From Fazal Mehmood to Muhammad Amir, Pakistan has always produced exceptional fast bowlers. Who can forget 7/1 by Sarfraz Nawaz (he took 7 wickets and gave just one run) against Australia with an old ball? Moreover, Mudassar Nazar’s golden arm and a post tea session, which earned 5 wickets for just 28 runs, was spectacular. Imran Khan’s exceptional spells against super powers like West Indies and Australia, too cannot be overlooked.

In addition to this, the Ws’ of Pakistan, Wasim and Waqar were masters at bowling toe breakers and swinging yorkers with the old ball. And now, every Pakistani fast bowler including Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz, Muhammad Amir, and even the latest entry Junaid Khan has mastered the art.

The truth is this that the reverse swing is synonymous with Pakistan in the world of cricket. Fast bowlers from the rest of the world have just followed in the footprints of Pakistani fast bowlers.


The Indipper belongs to Imran Khan, who not only invented, but mastered the delivery and used it effectively against world’s best batsmen.

Mastering the Googlie, slow delivery and reverse Sweep:

Can you forget the “ball of the tournament” of  the World Cup of 1992, which was delivered to Mark Greatbatch in the first semifinal? Do you remember dancing batsmen while playing a dancing leg spinner and shocked bowlers on getting punished even on a “well bowled” delivery?

The story is all about Pakistani cricketers. Although the Slow Delivery, Googlie and Reverse Sweep were not invented by Pakistani players, they mastered it so well that their names have been attached to these skills forever i.e. Googlie means Abdul Qadir, Reverse Sweep means Javed Miandad and Slow Delivery means Aqib Javed.

Introducing Spinners to ODI’s:

All credit for this goes to Abdul Qadir, who performed so well in One Day Internationals that the whole world started using spinners in limited over games. Before Qadir, spinners were not used in ODI’s. Qadir is also known as world’s most creative bowler. He would deliver 33 different types of effective and wicket taking deliveries, which were never named and could never be reproduced. Even Shane Warne admires his verity and considers him the best spinner the world has ever seen. Great Vivan Richards once said:

“Give me Abdul and I will reduce my fast bowlers in one day cricket”.

Using first 15 overs:

It was Pakistan who used field restriction for the first 15 overs for the first time at an international level. There is a misconception that Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharna introduced this technique.

If one sifts through history, one will find two brave openers Saeed Anwar and Saleem Yousuf who were used for this same technique in the late 80’s. The rest of the world, including Sri Lanka started using the same strategy later. Shahid Afridi’s hundred runs in 37 balls is the best example of using opening overs.

Using last overs:

Pakistan’s W’s with their reverse swing, and Saqlain with his Doosra used the last 10 overs as death overs for the opposition. They made five Hat tricks in these overs and caused a major dent to the opponent’s strong batting line up.

Fight Back:

Who can forget Javed Miandad’s last-ball sixer at Sharjah? Moreover, the 22 runs against favorites of the 4th World cup, West Indies, by tail-enders Abdul Qadir and Saleem Jaffar was just spectacular.

The philosophy of fight back was given by Pakistani cricketers who have a long history of winning nail-biting matches.

Teesra now:

Now again, a Pakistani cricketer is working on a new invention. Saeed Ajmal plans to deliver the Teesra against the world’s number one test team, England, in the upcoming series. Let us hope that this new invention restores Pakistan as the number one cricket team of the world again.


Ahmad Fuad

A corporate training specialist and motivational speaker. Fuad has also worked as a professional sports journalist for Daily Khabrain and has been writing bi-lingual articles for national and international journals. He played professional cricket at the Under 16 and Under 19 level.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    Pakistan Cricket is probably the most entertaining thing in cricket. You can destroy it , loose many players ,allegations ,etc and still somehow they manage to win. I think Pakistan is the only country that keeps cricket alive
    No home ground , countless allegation , a lost captain , 3 top players banned , yet still somehow it manages to produce great players ..
    Proud to be a fan of Pakistani Cricket TeamRecommend

  • Shoaib

    I have given up on Pakistan Cricket!Recommend

  • Ali Shahid

    I think the title ” What Pakistan gave cricket” is grammatically incorrect and does not make sense as such. Please rectify the title.Recommend

  • d2412412

    @Ali Shahid:
    Its completely fine , one can read the title and instantly recognize what the writer is trying to prove, even if its grammatically incorrect its a very catchy title and there is no need to point out such small mistakes . Recommend

  • Mastishhk

    Pakistan also gave Ball Biters, Ball Tamperers, Chuckers & Match Fixers.

    Pakistan cricket also rewarded itself by appointing its boss…Ijaz Bhat :))Recommend

  • Asad

    Yes we did provide all these novel innovations like reverse swing, doosra, reverse sweep but undid all the good work with match-fixing, player in-fighting, player-cricketboard bust ups, player-coach falling out, player rebellions, illegal drugs taking/carrying at airport/beach, politically motivated cricketboard appointments, spot-fixing, more emphasis on rituals of religion than on fitness, mind-boggling mis-management by cricket board, discrimination and nepotism by not-so-independent Selectors.

    If our cricket board and players had only been 10% as efficient and honest as the English than we not them would have been the No.1 team right now and not languishing at No. 6 in the rankings. In England, a country of around 50million, cricket is easily the No.3 sport behind Football and Rugby but they know how to run their Cricket Board and manage their team.Recommend

  • Raj

    Shujja and Shakoor..What Shujja could not give, Shakoor could and vice versa…Recommend

  • let there be peace

    the headline looks like an obituary. was that intentional?Recommend

  • woohoo


    Pakistan also gave Ball Biters, Ball
    Tamperers, Chuckers & Match Fixers

    add steroid abusers to thatRecommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    Most of all, what Pakistan gave cricket is entertainment! Master of volatility, as some call us, without Pakistan world cricket would be poorer. Recommend

  • rk singh

    a bad name?Recommend

  • http://sociality360.com Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    What Pakistan Gave Cricket: A historic rivalry like no other (read the news leading up to a major Pak-India match to get a better idea)Recommend

  • Arslan

    Great article! And I Think that reverse sweep was indeed ‘invented’ by Pakistan, not Javed Miandad but Hanif Mohammed.

    Oh, and you can’t keep the Indians calm can you ? +80 Test years and not a single express bowler from a +1 billion cricket-crazy nation. Oh boy. : )Recommend

  • Rsingh

    @Arslan – Probably only country which did not produce any express bowler,But still manages to dominate world cricket. Recommend

  • http://www.pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    dominate on a pitch for batting .. cricket is not about batting Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Rsingh: yeah we r experiencing that domination in england…..pakistan at there worst while in the midst of all the spot fixing saga played better than this last year……:-)Recommend

  • Arslan

    ‘Dominate’ ? It’s more an exaggeration than anything else, in all its history, India ‘dominated’ Test cricket for the two last years, by playing the Sri Lankas and all at home (oh, of course, you played against SA in SA, and it was… a draw, like Pakistan) – something that ended in the English summer. And you don’t ‘dominate’ ODIs/T20s.Recommend

  • rk singh

    @ Hasan

    winning and losing is part of the game. I am speaking about corruption in cricket.Recommend

  • sara

    not to mention the fact that it is b/c of pakistans pushing that sri lanka is now considered a test nation…and afghanistan is now cementing a place for itself.

    btw…..pakistan didnt give the world match fixing and corruption. that was india! at least pakistan has had the decency to punish its players that were caught in match fixing last year (which it was later proved had links with indian bookies) whereas suresh raina has gone scot free b/c the bcci and icc covered up the incident, for which incidentally the sri lankan cricket board provided the proof. talk about cheats!Recommend

  • sara

    and ppl the grammar is CORRECT. … u give someone something, not “give to”. THAT is grammatically incorrect. when u want to use the word “to”, you say “give something to someone”!Recommend

  • Rashid

    @ Sara
    Absolutely right… and do mention the role of “ICC-aka-Indian Cricket Council” in saving indian cricketers and not observing IPL.
    @ RK Singh
    Please read more & play little more cricket
    @ Asad
    Read Ahmad’s article “Science of Spot Fixing”. You will see how india introduced and mastered match fixing.Recommend

  • umar

    I request you all to live in present
    West indises dont have legends? does that ignore the fact that they are at the bottom nowRecommend

  • sara

    thank you for backing me up on that one rashid :)

    and both of us did not mention that behind EVERY cricketer implicated in match fixing in the past, be it shane warne, hansie cronje, the waugh brothers and wasim akram, there has always been an indian bookie. do u have the link to the article you mentioned on spot fixing? id like to read it :)Recommend

  • http://[email protected] rizwan

    i love cricket i love afridi and i love very muchRecommend

  • Anoop


    Pakistan can always quit the ICC in protest of it being dominated by India.

    Suresh Raina was caught match-fixing? What bookie can afford him? His salary runs into dozens of millions of Rupees. He is filthy rich.

    You read some report in some Urdu newspaper and believe it as the truth. When an English Newspaper show you video and audio evidence you say its fake.

    “at least pakistan has had the decency to punish its players that were caught in match fixing last year”

    I dont think your sources are that strong. PCB has NOT punished any of the 3 players involved. ICC has done that. PCB is welcome to ban them for life. Oh, wait, that would mean it will also have to ban the young Amir who has a chance of coming back and playing for years. One of the 2 has an outside chance.

    Just because you declare something so confidently doesn’t make it the truth.Recommend

  • http://www.studyvalue.com Sohail

    free study lectures and articles http://www.studyvalue.comRecommend

  • http://www.studyvalue.com Sohail

    I remember the T20 semi final when Mike Hussy smashed Saeed Ajmal all over the ground,,,from that day I,m very disappointed.And now the controversy of Amir,Asif and Salman butt also led down Pakistan cricket very badly…

  • Rashid

    @ Sara
    I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you. I’m connecting through mobile and it doesn’t have option of copying & pasting links. (I’d do that later :-))
    You can still read the article. :-)
    Please click Ahmad Fuad at the start of this page. You’ll find all of his articles & then go to bottom of the page. There, you’ll find “The science of spot fixing”. :-)
    It is an eye opener, btw & will tell Indian bookies role & influence at international cricket.Recommend

  • Bangalore

    I am an Indian. This article was supposed to be about what pakistan gave cricket. Then why the hell has it turned into a india vs pakistan debate? @rsingh — Butt out. If they want to write something good about their team, what is your problem? @ All the pakistanis here – If they are some indians making negative comments, Why can’t you just ignore them ?
    @Citizens of both countries – Grow up. It is 2011 not 1947. Move on. Get a life. Take pride in each other’s success. Take pride in being South Asian.Recommend

  • sara

    @anoop..the report was on cricinfo…i read it there myself. have a great day! anything to cover up now right. Recommend

  • sara

    and mr. anoop…the reason we DONT quit cricket is b/c of two reasons..one thats what india bloody well wants and we aint giving them that satisfaction. and two…we may not rank as highly as u but our win/loss ratios and total number of wins r much higher than anyone else but australia…we saw the kind of ground u guys were standing on (i.e. no ground at all) when it only took four matches to bring u down from no 1 to no 3. weve played over 100 test matches less than india and won the same number. 400+ ODI wins, only australia has more. take our performance in england last yr…3-1 in tests and 3-2 ODIs whereas india was whitewashed in tests and is heading for another one. draw with south africa, draw with australia and win against new zealand. hell u guys even got thrashed by zimbabwe last year in the trination cup, it took US to break australias winning streak, and we kicked their ass much better than u guys ever did…176 all out vs 270/6 that too after 50 overs. we know were GOOD and we see no reason to quitRecommend

  • Anoop


    Its the victim mentality that I hate. PCB could have taken this up if the reports were indeed true. I know you will tell yourself that BCCI is powerful and hence Raina escaped punishment.

    Its a Country thing, the victim mentality, I cannot fix it. When the English Media came out with reports of 3 spot fixers I still remember Pakistanis blaming BCCI, RAW and English Board, but refused to believe their teen sensation was corrupt! Pakistanis spit in the face of a Country gracious enough to host a Cricketing pariah.

    Its not your fault, really. The whole Country is paranoid and thinks it is a victim of some giant plot. To soothe your bruised ego, yes, Raina IS “guilty”.Recommend

  • sara

    According to the newspaper report, the ICC launched its investigation following the reaction of BCCI Secretary N Srinivasan to the report. Instead of acting on it, Srinivasan is alleged to have gone to Sri Lanka to have it withdrawn. Srinivasan is also vice-chairman and managing director of the India Cements’ owned IPL team Chennai Super Kings for which Raina plays.

    following link for yr reference:


    cricket.oneindia.in…doesnt get more indian than that now does it..FRESH on the heels of our own SPOT fixing scandal. kindly note….alleged to have gone to sri lanka to have it withdrawn. also the news was taken down from cricinfo a few days after it first appeared there. there u go. india INVENTED match fixing and to date they are STILL involved in it. they will do anything to cover it up just so we appear bad and u appear like angels. the ICC didnt investigate anything because the media shut up after this issue, as did the ICC itself, which is nothing more than the right arm of the bcci

    and the reason we dont quit cricket: it will give india and the bcci an IMMENSE amount of satisfaction if we do. thats what they want and we have no intention of letting them have it :)

    @rashid. thank u for the link, made for very interesting reading :)Recommend

  • Humanoids

    Singh ji
    Forgot about Jadeja,Prabharkar, Mongia, Azhar and even Kapil involved in fixing? It started from India. in 1970’s Gavaskars was found to have cash money alot of it!. Recently, raina was on video implicated but not convicted, courtesy strong BCCI. Pakistan has given cricket world fast an furious bowlers, inventors, high class leggies and match winning batsmen! Evidenced from a fact the Intikhab Alam coached Indian Punjab side! How many Indian batsman or bowlers been coaching international sides? None! check Pak players been training and assisting English (Mustaq Ahmed) Aussie (Waqar-Saqlain) Indian (Intikhab,Wasim). that speaks volumes about us, a small country and speaks volumes about India, a large country with 1 billion plus population and yet can just come out with something new. can make placid wickets Recommend

  • Humanoids

    Bangalore, great message….My message was in response for some kiddos who made it dirty!

    Secondly, if you love cricket, follow it for the love of the game, yes patriotism has its place but it does not mean BS-ing someone by using selective issues!

    Let me put out a fact here, India is the only country to win a world cup in each format 60 overs ( 1983), 50 overs (2011) and 20 overs (2007). that’s their achievement!

    In all Indo-Pak ODI and Tests Pak has won more matches

    In All ODI WC matches, Pak has lost all games starting from 1992, 1996,2003 and 2011

    let it not be a india-pakistan bashing! let facts be facts!Recommend

  • Rashid

    @ Sara
    the link is pasted below Sara… please read this and you will find the report by Indian newspapers which cannot be denied…

    @ Singh & Anoop
    it is an eye opener for all those who don’t know the origin of match/spot fixing.


    @ Humaniods
    Are you sure, this 50 over world cup was not fixed??? Do you really observe “World Champion Attitude” in indian team who do not try to achieve a target of 80 runs in 15 overs with 7 wickets to spare and go to draw the test (against 8th ranked west indies)
    World champions are fighters and you can still observe this very attitude in Australia, Sri Lankia & Pakistan. England & South Africa also show this very often but you will never see this in india…Recommend

  • Anoop


    I understand your desperation to paint India and Indians as cheaters as ‘fixers’, as many of your own have been labeled that.

    You say ICC has launched an investigation, what were the results? PCB could have asked for the results. Or, were the results in the negative?

    You immediately jumped to the conclusion that BCCI jumped in and save its player, not thinking twice about the innocence of the player or the lack of evidence, which maybe the case. BCCI is despised by not just Pakistanis, but the whole world! Heck, even Indians hate it from time to time. Board like ECB would do anything to annoy the BCCI and would have loved to take on the BCCI with the issue of Raina. But, they didn’t. Probably because there was nothing to take on!

    “india INVENTED match fixing and to date they are STILL involved in it.”

    I am asking you again, what bookie can afford Indian players. Remember, the winners are not cheats but the losers. India won the World cup and nobody takes money to win. Its quite interesting why Pakistan lost from a losing position in the Semis or why Sri Lanka played so badly in the Finals. I am not going to accuse them of match fixing(in spite of the fact that Younis Khan dropped a sitter of Sachin!) because I simple dont have enough evidence to prove my theory.

    I am NOT going to stoop to your level to claim Pakistan took money to lose the match. Because, its just the kind of guy I am. I am not paranoid or dont suspect any giant plot.

    “.one thats what india bloody well wants and we aint giving them that satisfaction”

    Isn’t this the same reason Pakistan obsesses about Kashmir? Holding onto something even though it hurts just because India has it and no chance of getting where India is now? Interesting comparison, isn’t it?

    “we may not rank as highly as u but our win/loss ratios and total number of wins r much higher than anyone else but australia”

    Good for you. I for one, wont go for saying my team is better than yours. Thats just immature. I’ll leave that to you. I wonder why Pakistan lost so badly in the semis if they are so good, dropping 6 catches of Sachin, and collapsing while batting(which would seem intentional to some viewers, but hey, I give them the benefit of the doubt). Makes one think, dont it?

    You dont talk about Home performances by Pakistan anymore. Why is that? Recommend

  • sara

    @anoop..its not called “victim mentality” on our part….rather its called hypocrisy on yr part. u lose the right to condemn us because india has been involved in it MUCH deeper than anyone else even pakistan (which doesnt have the money to control the betting arena like u do as well). INDIANS have been behind every fixer who has been caught, all the fixers who havent been, and the shane warne issue where he predicted the result of the england/india WC match 100% correctly two hrs before the match even started also by a strange co-incidence involved the indian team and the biggest fixer in the cricket world (i.e. shane warne himself). if raina is guilty, punish him why dont u?? u cant punish yr own players – either you cant, or u dont want to – u got no right to criticise how we handle our own players. had u caught raina and punished him, maybe we would have taken u seriously, Recommend

  • Bangalore.

    Humanoids — Thankyou ! You actually R.E.A.D. my message and gave it some thought ??? Since the bashing resumed with such Vigor, i assumed my message had gone unnoticed.Recommend

  • Sameer


    Pakistan also gave Ball Biters, Ball Tamperers, Chuckers & Match Fixers

    it is just because no country can master and even learn the art of reverse swing that’s why you asked Pakistanis “Ball Tamperers”.
    No country can produce the match for Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib Akhtar (the fastest bowler of the world) that’s why you asking Pakistanis “Chukers”
    Saeed Ajmal has made dancing each and every batsman of the world in recent times that’s why u asking them chukers
    And about match fixing (India’s contribution to cricket) and its origin please visit
    http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/1953/the-science-of-spot-fixing/ Recommend

  • sara

    @anoop…IF an investigation was launched either by the icc or the bcci and raina was found not guilty, why did the media, any media, pakistani or otherwise, not publish the results? just because the results werent published, and the article on cricinfo itself disappeared not two days after original publication, that in itself is enough to prove guilt. as per yr newspaper, the bcci secretary made a trip to sri lanka, to guess what..get the allegation withdrawn, why did he do that when all he had to do was sue the sri lankan board for defamation, as any normal person would have done if such an untrue allegation was made against them. i dont know what happened, b/c everything was all hushed up, as if NOTHING had happened. which bookie can afford indian players? do u know how much money indian bookies have invested in betting anyway? if they can buy cricket players from ANYWHERE in the world, something that has been happening in the entire history of match fixing, whats to prevent them from contacting suresh raina? it wasnt the ECB that pointed out about suresh raina, it was the sri lankan cricket board, so if u want to argue with someone at least bother to read what they are saying.

    if india won the world cup, it was for one simple reason: the only place your cricket team can play and win is india itself, not b/c of any ability that the indian cricket players have. simple proof of that: look whats happening in england. had the WC been played in ANY country but india, i bet you india would have exited in the first round like last time. yes india invented match fixing, thats an established fact, check the link rashid shared, as WELL AS..any article that gives you details on say shane warnes or cronjes case.Recommend

  • Mastishhk

    @ Sameer..Shoaib Akhtar was a chucker and also used drugs..ASIF was caught with drugs and PCB had to intervene more than once to get him out of Jail. Imran, Waqar, Wasim ..all have admitted tampering with ball to make it swing…more more info ..plz contact SARFARAZ NAWAZ :))Recommend

  • Pavan

    Pakistan’s been the top producer of great bowlers since last few decades. the WI fast bowlers era ended and pakistanis came to the scene. But the article is crazy in it’s own rite. Using of 15 overs of field resctrictions and last overs is totally a irrelevent point and it’s no innovation. But lack of gud quality batsman has hampered pakistan from reaching the top and then lack of discipline in uneducated players is also an issue. But raw talent wise pakistan still remains the hottest nation coz the people there have passion for the game and they don’t find glamor or money in the game. Street cricket is a v. popular form of cricket in pakistan it does help to some extent. Ppl literally breath cricket thereRecommend

  • Rashid

    @ Anoop
    I wish, you have played professional cricket & had direct exposure modern cricket. You would’ve understood what Sara wants to say.
    @ Pavan
    Too biased to see things properly
    @ Sara
    You must read Ahmad’s article “Will ICC investigate India-England match”. :-)Recommend

  • Anoop


    Now, Shane Warne is a fixer! Haha.

    Sara, my dear, nothing that I say will make you change your mind. As I pointed out above dangling in Conspiracy Theories is the pastime of a whole nation! I cant fix that, nobody can! Heck, the US tried but failed miserably.

    I bet you are the same Sara, whose comments I’ve seen on ET, who thinks 9/11 is a conspiracy. CNN did a nice piece on Conspiracy Theories in Pakistan few hours ago.


    Also, a New York TImes piece is instructive.


    Anyway, getting back to Cricket. Yes, BCCI is powerful, Indians are fixers, Australians, apparently, are fixers too but Pakistanis are NOT.

    Isn’t it interesting that you failed to tackle Pakistan losing the World Cup semis but tackle all other Indian matches? Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Rashid and @Sara,

    How do you know I have NOT played professional Cricket?

    I am merely trying to make you all focus that everyone is not there out to get you. BCCI is powerful but it isn’t a superpower to have its way in the ICC.

    You should write a letter to the PCB asking it to request the ICC to give the reports of that investigation or you can write to the ICC. Suresh Raina is guilty of being horny. I’ve been to parties where Cricketers come to and I can tell you they jump on anyone and they are used to Girls jumping on them(pun unintended). This time Raina was caught with some girl who had “alleged” links to bookies. Being seen with some girl, who is not a bookie herself is not proof enough. You have to have more than that.

    I also know for a fact that Cricket in India is a very wealthy sport. If you play a single Ranji Trophy game one were paid Rs.50,000! Thats more than 100,000 Pakistani Rupees. Thats just for a single game and this was, what, 5 years ago. Their pay must have only increased now. Imagine what the pay is like for International Cricketers(It runs into Crores), that too a star like Raina. Not to forget the fortune he earns with Advertisements.

    Tell me, what bookie can afford him. Its just too great a risk. All reason points to him being a womanizing-idiot more than a fixer.

    The Pakistanis on the other hand were paid peanuts compared to their Indian Counterparts. Every year Afridi yearns to be included in the IPL(even though he believes Indians are small hearted), while you dont hear the same from English Cricketers. Thats because the difference in pay in Pakistan and England. The crooked trio had every reason to cheat and earn some “extra money”. Its not like they were performing badly, a no-ball here, a no-ball there doesn’t hurt anyone, does it!

    Stop peddling your crazy theories. Stop doing what every Pakistan now does when confronted with hard facts. Recommend

  • Rashid

    @ Sara
    Please check this… :-)

    @ Anoop
    I’m happy that you know about cricket but I’m sure you know this what bookies offer to such “greats” and highly paid people.Recommend

  • Sameer

    @ Mastishhk

    if Shoaib is Chucker than what about Harbhajan Singh and Murilitharan,,,,,,,,,,????????
    it is not so simple that any one like Daryl Hair or someone else blame any bowler to be a chucker and that’s true
    Shoaib’s action was approved by ICC after a through analysis in Australia (plz update your knowledge),, and if ICC have no issue after that than why someone else????
    Imran, Wasim and Waqar (the master of reverse swing) are the bowlers ever produced in cricketing history by Pakistan and the rest of the world is just sick of swinging the ball reverse. they even don’t know how to grip the ball to swing it reverse that’s why you blaming them as ball tamperers.
    Don’t be so biased if your bowlers don,t know the art of reverse swinging and let the facts be facts.Recommend

  • Sameer

    @ Anoop

    who can afford Indian Crickters??
    the person or persons who afforded Ajay Jadeja, Azharuddin, Parbharkar and even Kapil Dev, can afford Raina as well and other Indian cricketers.

    and what about the latest Edition of IPL (the mother of match fixing)???
    Mumbai Indians led by the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar played brilliantly throughout the tournament topping the points table but lost to Chennai Super Kings who hardly qualified for the last four coming from the bottom,,,,,,
    because there were billions of rupees in circulation for the final that made able Chennai Super Kings to win because it was lead by the national skipper MS Dhoni (captain cool who remained even more cool in England), and included a number of national playersRecommend

  • Sameer

    and please accept the fact that the match fixing originated from India which is still the biggest market for it and a number of cricketers had been victimized while playing in India including Hansie Cronje, Harshhell Gibbs, Marlin Samuels, Jadeja, Azharuddin and Raina as wellRecommend

  • Anoop

    @Sameer: and @Rashid ,

    Ajay Jadeja and Azhar were humiliated by board when their names were found with the bookie. They were expelled from Cricket without even a proper investigation. Ajay Jadeja’s expulsion was overturned by the Courts but it was too late. He was too old. Azhar was too disgraced to even do commentary, which Jadeja did with the Court’s verdict helping him.

    All of you are “experts” in pointing out whom the BCCI has already banned. But, I wonder what stopped PCB from banning Wasim Akram, heck at the least suspend him.

    Since, the word of Cricinfo is being taken as the final one here, here is a surprise for you all.


    I quote from the report,”Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum, the Pakistan high court judge who headed the inquiry that eventually banished Saleem Malik and Ata-ur-Rahman from the game and implicated a number of other Pakistani players in the match-fixing scandal, has revealed that a “soft corner” for Wasim Akram might have influenced him while handing the former Pakistan captain his punishment.

    Akram was found to be hiding something and being uncooperative. He was slapped with a fine as guilt was established to a lesser extent.

    Now, compare this with BCCI and the swift action it took with Azhar and Jadeja, without even a trial! And, after that there has been no cases of match fixing and the motive for fixing also disappeared from Indian cricket with the booming of the Cricketing economy in India.

    FYI, I am glad you are following the IPL. We in India are obsessed with it too. Good that Shahid Afridi and the likes aren’t allowed to in the IPL by vested interests. IPL is corrupt, its better for Pakistani players to stay away from it, isn’t it!

    Also, I dont think that you think that the first edition of the IPL was improper as many Pakistanis had played in it. Ohh! And, one more thing. Wasim Akram was the coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the last edition. I bet you dont think any of the KKR matches weren’t fixed. Correct?Recommend

  • sara

    @anoop, just yr simple statement that shane warne was NOT a fixer proves what a state of denial u r living in:


    did u EVEN read the article i put up about raina. apparently not. if yr theory is correct, why did the BCCI secretary attempt to travel all the way to sri lanka to get the allegations withdrawn? the pcb accused the ecb for something that wasnt true, the ecb threatened legal action and demanded an apology. why didnt the bcci do that? why get the allegations withdrawn?

    what afridi earns?? when afridi owns a livestock farm, owns property in karachi (the most expensive city in pakistan) which is MUCH more luxurious than any chicken coop raina must have found himself in india, as well as has a share in a meat company, AND earns crores from his meat shop and branded lawn in karachi (where branded lawn sells for nothing less than 4,000 Pakistani rupees and stitched clothes dont go below 20,000 PKR a piece), as well as getting royalties for a street that bears his name, AND the sporting equipment store that bears his name, not to mention all the endorsements. u must be joking if u think ppl like afridi worry abt lack of income. do comment on sameers point which is in general an echo of my comment.

    @rashid: thanks for the article :) loved it. its nothing more than double standards on the part of the icc nothing else. had some pakistani done it, imagine the consequences.Recommend

  • Rashid

    @ Sara & Anoop
    This whole world cup was fixed… India would have proved to be world champions in series against England and even against West Indies where they declared the inning when they were just short of 80 runs with 7 wickets in last 15 overs, just to save the match. Champions are not afraid of losing matches. They need to be real champions if they really were. They don’t have attitude of world champion even.
    Please read this article which was written before the final. & DO check reasons which cannot be denied…


    & Anoop
    Who is Mukesh Kumar Gupta???… If you don’t know… just google it…Recommend

  • Anoop


    If the World cup was indeed fixed then the blame comes on Pakistan and Sri Lanka, not India.

    The losers take money to lose, not the other way around. It is quite interesting to note that Pakistan dropped 6 catches of the greatest ever ODI batsman, isn’t it! Younis Khan was even accused of match fixing by one of the parliamentarians, as he was the first to drop a dolly.

    But, I bet, you dont think Pakistani team, including Younis Khan are not cheats. That tag is reserved for Indians, who won, thereby who cannot fix, deserve this in your bigoted and ill-informed mind.

    You never answered by Wasim Akram was freed, did you. Interesting.Recommend

  • Anoop


    I am not saying one is a fixer, one is not a fixer. I am simply saying I do not possess the knowledge to declare forthright one is so without a proper trial. I defended some because I thought you were prejudiced against them. Such prejudices I hate and tried to counter that.

    Shane Warne is a character. Just like Shoaib Akhtar was. I dont believe in hurling accusations without trial.

    Again, to point out your utter hypocrisy, you fail to talk about Pakistani greats, Waseem Akram, who have allegedly indulged in match fixing but find happiness in pointing at others.

    Why a BCCI guy went to Srilanka? Probably the same reason the PCB officials rushed to the Carribean when Bob Wolmer was found dead under suspicious circumstances, right after Pakistan lost to a minnow team, in a match some claimed was fixed. If the PCB hadn’t bothered and not sent their guys a Pakistani Cricketer could have been in jail. Now, do you get the answer why the BCCI official went there? Probably the same reason.

    I do not know how much Afridi makes or how rich he is. But, I’ve heard, from none other than Waseem Akram, that Pakistani players earn peanuts when compared to the Indian players when he was talking about the motivation behind the trio spot fixing in England. If Afridi is so rich, I wonder why he appeals the BCCI to let him and others from his team play in IPL!

    “It is high time Pakistani cricketers also get a place in the IPL. For three seasons, including the current one, we haven’t been a part of the IPL,”, Afridi had said.


    Do any of the Indian players earn to come Pakistan and play in Pakistan? Recommend

  • sara

    @anoop…i dont speak without facts, everything i said, i backed it up with a reliable source…sth u have been unable to do any uve been changing yr statements continuously.

    pakistani greats, yes, we have been caught. but u failed to ignore the nationalities of the bookies behind them too. so to call us fixers b/c u COULD see that wasim akram was a pakistani, what u did not see was the indian who bought him off. im not saying we have not been involved, im saying india is in far deeper than we are, so for an indian to blame us for corruption in cricket is nothing short of hypocritical. again do explain why yr board never bothered to investigate the sri lankan cricket boards claim? and why the media never mentioned that suresh raina was cleared? and why did the bcci never mention it? why just such a hushup? and the news disappeared completely from cricinfo, like it was never there to begin with? if someone IS innocent, why did someone not come up with a statement clearing him?

    i would not make a tall claim that india bought the world cup. u only won it b/c it was in india itself, which is the only pitch where you CAN play. and SERIOUSLY, ARE you trying to compare the death sudden death of a coach to an urgent visit to a cricketing board famously acclaimed to be the 3rd most corrupt institution in its country? bob woolmers death was thoroughly investigated, and no innocent pakistani would ended up in jail b/c it was indeed proved that he had died of natural causes.

    why we dont play the ipl is b/c of political reasons on YR part, its what we call “haram khori” on the part of the bcci not to allow the best t20 players in the world to play. there is no other reason, which is why shahid afridi is pushing for it. the ipl is nothing but dirty politics – oh well, u can keep it if u like. its thanks to the ipl that yr players were injured for india/england and u lost yr rankings hahaRecommend

  • Rashid

    @ Anoop
    Please go through “The Science of Spot Fixing” blog and decide who is “Cause”, in the “Cause, Effect & Catalyst Theory” of moden spot/match fixing.
    And please, don’t tell me that you don’t know how do your players earn through this “game” and you didn’t tell, who is Mukesh Kumar Gupta…Recommend

  • Anoop


    So Indians are cheaters because some of them bet on games and even attempt to fix them. By the same yardstick, all Pakistanis are Terrorists because some of them Terrorize the World and blow up people of other Countries, besides many Pakistanis?

    Its easy to generalize but you forget how far that generalization can take you.

    What facts are you talking about? If you have “facts” then why dont you publish it and force an inquiry from the ICC? You dont have facts, you have reports of newspapers alleging stuff. You dont know if even a inquiry was made or what are its results, same as me. You can believe what gives you satisfaction.

    You derive pleasure from the fact that India lost its rankings, but how much pleasure can I potentially derive from the fact that no International team of any sport, forget Cricket, dares to step into Pakistan? Pakistan spit in the face of the only Cricketing nation gracious enough to host them – England for their “home” series. This is just regarding about Cricket.

    I could derive such pleasure but I dont.

    You can feel false injustice and anger all you want, but Pakistani Cricket will swing wildly forever. A popular sport can only reflect the path its society takes. As with the Country, Pakistanis take great pleasure in accusing, pettily, of their genetic brothers across the border of doing bad things, ignoring their own state.

    If you observe India and Pakistan Cricket story is similar to the path taken by their Countries. Pakistan had a clean, talented team till the economy started to erode, coupled with the Country’s morals. Indian fortunes rose both in Cricket and Economy. Corruption and pettiness is in Cricketing, as well as, Country-related affairs. Recommend

  • http://iamhammad.worpdress.com Hammad

    You wrote so brilliantly and argumentatively that differing from your point of view is almost impossible. The one who know Pakistan cricket, Pakistani cricketers and their flair can not say NO to your points.
    From Fazl Mahmood to Aizaz Cheema, the saga of fast bowling glorifies the history of the sport around the world. From Kardar to Afridi, the history of resistence and resilience thrills the youngsters. And from Abdul Qadir to Saeed Ajmal, spin wizardry has been a spell of black magic upon the opponent bats. I wonder how the ICC is ignoring the services of Pakistan to the sport and why not taking any pains to return the sport to the Pakistani soil.
    Pakistanis are resilient, innovative and crowd-pullars through their heroics e.g. Shoib Akhtar n Shahid Afridi.
    When it comes to the comparison of Pakistan and India cricket, all I would say is: cricket is the game of ball and bat, and not dollar and chat. With ball and bat in question, we infer Waseem, Waqar, Miandad, Inzi, Afridi, Razzaq and many more of all green. with dollar and chat in question, we infer Ravi Shahstri, Sunil Gavaskar, Hersha and many more of all blue.
    Cricket is played with balls, and not with words; with fighting spirit in the ground and not with verborasity in the commentary box. If this is the fact, then judge for yourself and tell who are the real cricketers. Men in Green or Men in Blue…
    Long live Pakistan!

  • Ahmad Fuad

    Dear Readers,
    I must Thank You all for your valuable input and feedback especailly Anoop, Sara, Rashid and Hammad. I appreciate your knowledge and love for the beautiful game. I respect your point of view but I would request not to drag the discussion to the extent that anyone of us loses patience and the argument disrespect any of us.
    Let’s appreciate good cricket and the exceptional players and try to bring back cricket to Pakistan who definitely has a great impact on modern cricket and has always been a great contributor to improve the game.
    God bless you…Recommend

  • Sameer

    @ Anoop

    yes annop i m trying to say the same thing that why BCCI interfaired in Raina’s case to save him if he was referred to fixing
    and what about India and England’s world cup match that was tied in the end?? is that was not fixed??
    India put a huge total and can’t defend it well as Shane Warne had already predicted that the match will ended at a tie (amazing prediction as i never saw such kind of prediction in ODI cricket),,,, no win no lose just and a tie?????
    in world cup 2007 it did not happen only to Pakistan but also to India who also had lost to Bangladesh on a batting track,,,,,, one can think that match might have been fixed,,,, what you say?????????????

    and sea the Pakistan’s record when they won the World cup in 1992 and after that they defeated the English team at their home soil in their consecutive tours (as the World Champions do)
    and whole of the Indian batting as well as bowling line exposed in England except one man – Rahul Dravid for which i always have respect and rate him above Sachin Tendulkar and even Ricky Ponting in test cricket-.

    India just looking to find a single victory which to me looks very difficult and their all great have theirselves injured them to avoid more humiliation including Harbhajan, Sehwag the saviour, Yuvraj, Ghambir and Tendulka but i am pretty sure they will be fit before the Champions League. what an excuse when you don’t be able to perform simply become unfit.
    Ghambir even said that his vision become blurred,,,,, is it justified to a professional cricketer???
    master blaster is yet to score his 100th ton but was unable to score against England even he was in a prime form during whole of the World Cup, oh yes he will have to wait still a team comes to India and he achieves that milestone,,,,, no doubt a great batsman but at home soil and if you don,t agree please sea his centuries outside Asia and you will find a fewRecommend

  • Sameer

    as the title suggest there was no need of so long discussion involving Pakistan and India. if the writer wrote something for Pakistan than what’s your problem

    and for Fuad bhai i just want to add one thing that the credit of Neutral Umpiring also goes to Pakistan and in fact the Great Khan who brought the vital change in the game as before it was even impossible to beat West Indies in West Indies because of so much unfair umpiringRecommend

  • Sameer

    @ Anoop

    and I also want to say one thing more that the Indian team did not show a Champions attitude that it must be
    and the Indian commentators are so biased especially Ravi Shastri that he started a war of Words with Nasir Hussain when they were talking about the DRS
    they just can’t see and bear the humiliation of World Champions and the test number one nation
    even when Sehwag return to the side after their defeat in the first two test there were articles on crickinfo ” Sehwag the saviour” and the saviour did a great job to save the World Champions from even a more humiliated defeat as compared to the first two tests,,,,,,,,, “Golden Pair” for the saviour
    and yes he too becomes unfit for rest of the tour,,,,,,,,,,,,, hahahaRecommend

  • Raj

    No body seems to know about Shuja and Shakoor…Recommend