Why I think women are stupid

Published: August 30, 2011

Why do women make monkeys of themselves repeatedly in their intimate relationships with men?

Women, no matter how smart and intelligent they are professionally, are horrendously stupid and myopic where men are concerned.

They can be very assertive with everyone, but place them opposite their lover and they start stuttering (it’s happened more than once with me). They are bosses at work, running their own business or office and yet will let a loser run their lives for them. Why?

Why do they make monkeys of themselves repeatedly in their intimate relationships with men? The sheer stupidity displayed by otherwise sensible women in the presence of a man whom they love is baffling.

Is it the way we are raised?

Are we to focus on what we are told about a man in our life that we do this?

But if that is so why do women from other cultures do the same?

In our society a girl is taught to act stupid in front of men simply because intelligence isn’t a trait men look for in a woman. We are told that men want women as audience not as participants in any debate or interaction. And our own experience does confirm this ugly fact.

Men want to be the center of attention; they want to have the last word always; they certainly don’t want to be upstaged, and definitely not by women who claim to love them. Their girlfriends, lovers and wives are their personal and constant trumpet blowers, one of the sole purposes of whom is to proclaim publicly (loudly and clearly) the wonders of the magnificent and unique man they are with.

It is like an endemic disease, this constant need of ego-massaging; it is rampant, spread everywhere and in all social strata. But, it is astounding that among the so called ‘liberal’ and ‘educated’ people, independent women become putty in the hands of obnoxious, arrogant men who are usually inferior to them intellectually and otherwise. I have played dumb so many times in life to please the love my of life that I started to believe in my own stupidity!

Men possess an art of insulting the woman they are with in public, and when alone, it starts as a joke, a loving teasing game, and matures into a power play. The man feels powerful, he feels intelligent, better, more of everything when he is with an intelligent woman who has implicitly agreed to believe and act as if she is inferior to him.

This is an ultimate high for a man, the subjugation of a woman who knows she is being unfairly treated, but deceives herself into thinking that he treats her the way he does (shabbily) because he loves her! How sick and twisted is that, but so is reality a lot of times.

I can understand a man’s reason for behaving in this abominable manner, but please enlighten me as to the reasons why we, women let ourselves be treated this way? Then we have the audacity to call this bizarre behaviour love – convincing ourselves that we must be intrinsically happy.

Sadly, a woman treated cruelly by a man, abandoned by one, physically abused by him, left and dumped for another woman will be on the look out for another such character! As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets!

When will we learn? Why are we so dependent on such men?

I think women are stupid to want men in the first place, and then stupider to let them treat them badly over and over again.

Lubna Khan

Lubna Khan

An ex-civil servant and literature buff who is a full time mom to a 12-year-old.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ali Tanoli

    I will say one thing only women are …… when i see some pretty woman with ugly man.Recommend

  • ahs

    very good write upRecommend

  • Omair Shakil

    If only “stupier” was a word, your article may have made some sense. Also it is isn’t and it didn’t.Recommend

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    Ironically the first 4 comments are all by males of an article for females. Agree with you tough but then society norms are also a hindrance .Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari

    You’ve obviously had a terrible experience with someone, and are letting it dominate your entire view of men. There are kind, caring, sensitive men out there who treat women as equals, and don’t play the mind games that you suggest, just like there are manipulative, self-centered women out there, who take advantage of the nice dudes.
    Don’t paint with such a wide brush.
    I do agree that men or women, who find themselves mistreated in a relationship, are partly to blame. Yes, it often does start with “jokes”, that are part of a subconscious powerplay, and yes, the partner on the receiving end needs to stand up for themselves. But to suggest that all or even most men are like that is just sad.
    It seems that you’ve had a terrible experience, and it has skewed your entire view of men, but you need to find some balance, before you go out and hurt a nice guy because you are too afraid of getting hurt yourself.
    Also, your other article about “not having enough good looking men to look at in Pakistan”, suggests to me that the qualities you look for in a man are skin deep, anyway. I wonder if you have much right to complain about a guy who treats you like garbage, when your main prerequisite seems to revolve around how attractive you find him. If you are going to enter a relationship solely based on how much he looks like Brad Pitt, then don’t be too surprised if that’s the only good quality he has. And don’t be surprised that you find out that underneath, he is a jerk, until it is too late, and you’ve developed deep feelings for him.
    As I said, good looking, well groomed guys, who are sensitive, kind, and are attracted to women that are intellectually stimulating, do exist. But at the same time, they also need to avoid women that are man-hating traffic accidents, that can’t shake their past long enough to not sabotage their relationships with an actually nice guy.
    There is nothing worse than a woman on the rebound. She will use the good guy she gets involved with, to regain confidence and overcome all her self-doubts, and will then proceed to let her past experience sully things.
    You know what a woman who has had bad luck with men will say she meets a great guy? “You are too good to be true.” And then she will proceed to make sure that somehow, someway, he really is too good to be true.
    Be realistic. Life is full of all sorts of people, and all sorts of experiences. Use the negativity of your past, to help yourself grow as a person. Don’t let yourself be clouded by this hatred.

    In our society a girl is taught to act
    stupid in front of men simply because
    intelligence isn’t a trait men look
    for in a woman.

    Sorry Khan, but I just find that annoying. If that’s what you believe, then I think you’ve been hanging out with guys who were dropped on their heads as babies, by their birthing nurses.

    I am certainly not like that, and neither are most of my friends. I do know a lot of men who objectify women, and are the exact caricature you painted, but I know enough normal dudes to realize that the vast majority, aren’t like that.

    If that’s the view you have of men, then I think you are just attracted to the wrong crowd. You claim you want something else, but let’s be honest… you don’t.

    And really, do you think a good looking man, who enjoys an intellectually stimulating woman, would want to date someone that is single minded, and spewing fire? Maybe you should open your mind, and drop some of that baggage. Recommend

  • Talha

    You said it yourself, lol.

    Your fascination with all things relations is kinda cute.

    Let me tell you this too. There are good men out there, they do treat women with utmost respect and love. Most men feel uncomfortable around women of real substance because of thier own lack of character and this is due to the surrounding they grow up in.

    I realise that women have physical and mental needs and that needs to be fulfilled. Being open and communicating well is the first step to a succesful relation.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Don’t know what society you are talking about here but I for one don’t see girls being taught to act stupid to impress men… That notion is just bizzarre… As for a woman second guessing her “man” well if my wife/gf/companion would second guess me in front of other people when the discussion is not directed or insulting towards her then I would indeed be offended as I would want her to support me and if she has a difference of opinion then ofcourse she puts it in a manner that does not sound like an insult to me then I wouldn’t have any thing against it… I’m sure most women would feel the same way. I don’t think one should just generalize men just because of their personal experiences.Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com/ Shumaila

    I’m trying to decide whether you’re being insulting to men or to women or to both.

    Well, anyway. Don’t blame women, yaar. Blame the system that makes both sexes like this. Better yet, try to fix it. Recommend

  • Raies

    It’s the nature of Man to be dominant in a husband,wife relationship.Dominance does not mean arrogance.This dominant man surrenders in front of another woman i.e mother.Recommend

  • amir

    Question1: have you recently been dumped??
    Question2: why you date stupid guys??Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    agreed!!! women always remain emotionally stupid no matter how smart are professionally….. BTW from you previous article and this, it seems you have serious have issues with men. u seem to have developed false sense of superiority complex. no one seems good enough for you.Recommend

  • baqar

    I am not a male chuvanist but this feminist rant has become quiet stale…..stop whining and stop this sympathy seeking behaviour…start taking initiatives Recommend

  • sadia amjad

    well written lubna.ofcourse people will feign outrage and disapproval here but that’s because we are not used to accepting the truth in pakistan.you are right , girls are brought up in our society thinking that landing a man and keeping him no matter what kind of a monster he is ,is the sole aim of their lives and our women are prepared to be treated as doormats by their husbands/boyfriends as long as he doesn’t leave them.

    pakistani girls ,look up the term ‘self respect’ in the dictionary.Allowing men in the family to treat you like inferior,second class creatures doesn’t make you a good wife,daughter or sister,it just makes you a person with no self respect and a woman who’s ashamed of her gender.Recommend

  • yousuf mehmood

    excellently written.This blog goes against the norms we are fed since childhood in our culture so it will be trashed by a lot of people.because we like our girls weak,scared,ever dependent on men and having low self esteem.any woman challenging the status quo has to be trashed and torn down because she shows us the mirror.

    you’ll get more negative response from women on this blog then men because our women like to live in their delusions,they do believe they are inherently inferior to men,having been indoctrinated since birth that they are infact inferior to men,that their evidence in court is worth half,that they must get lesser inheritance than their brothers,that their husbands are allowed to have 4 wives at a time but they are not allowed to have 4 husbands at a time.
    if you accept that you are inherently inferior then you let the men in you life treat you like a slave.Recommend

  • RS

    This blog is so stupid, but not stupider than men. Recommend

  • Editor Roznama Jawani

    Why I think women are stupid….because they can’t quit whining…Recommend

  • rk singh

    agree with you 100%.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    I will give a different version. Perhaps the author will not agree. She needs deep introspection, really break into her own subconscious.

    You ask a woman (ask yourself, you are one) what they want out of a relationship? What they look out for, in a man? There’s a standard answer – simple, honest, committed, well settled and respectful of women.

    Now what they really mean is –

    ‘simple’ – the man should be simple enough to allow the woman all her indulgences and be quiet to all the silly displays of the woman’s vanity. When she spends all her time with her cousins and friends, he should keep quiet.

    ‘honest’ – the man should be truthful enough to tell all his wife that she the best and always right. He should also honestly agree that his sister is not as good looking as her. His mother does not cook as well as she does. When the woman says something bad about the man’s family members, he should be honest enough to accept it.

    ‘committed’ – the man should be so committed to the woman he’s married (or in love with) that he should be able to distance himself from his ideals, principles and possibly relatives/friends/family members.

    ‘well settled’ – he must be earning at least a 100 times more than her father ever did. He should have his own bungalow (at least a flat) and a big car and should be willing spend a lot of money on restaurants and other indulgences. This qualifier, in a way supersedes the rest!

    ‘respectful of women’ – when the woman (a man is in relationship) says something stupid/meaningless/spiteful, he should respect her so much that he shouldn’t talk back.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    They aren’t stupid. They are victims of a popular, almost universal culture, where people feel sorry for women who a single beyond a certain age. It causes women to become overly obsessed with getting hitched, and getting their abysmal relationships to work no matter what it takes.

    It’s typical Charlotte syndrome, which is why it’s always good to have a little bit of Samantha in you (I feel mortified using that Sex and the City reference, but it had to be done).Recommend

  • TT

    “I think women are stupid to want men in the first place”

    Men would love to see the alternative happening :)Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    One more very important point that I want add is women are more sexist than men (men are no saints).

    Women are not only sexist towards men, they are also sexist towards other women.

    For ex : A woman expects her man to earn more than she does (because he’s a man), on the contrary if a man asks the woman to clean the house/cook, they become sexists. Women expect that their men should be taller and stronger than themselves, on the contrary if the man asks woman not to drive, he becomes a sexist. Women expect men to be brainier than themselves, on the contrary if a man makes a decision without consulting women, he becomes a sexist. Women expect men to be rich/wealthy, on the contrary if a man asks woman to contribute for the family, men become sexists.

    My point is, men are sexists, women are far worse.Recommend

  • Parveen bibi

    speak for yourself please.Recommend

  • Uncle J

    What exactly was this article about? :SRecommend

  • Mani

    This is the most blatant piece of sexist drivel I have ever read. Just because the writer herself might have made bad judgement calls on the men in her life does not mean that all men out there are like that. I for one admire intelligent women.Recommend

  • M

    Yes, speak for yourself please. Above all, I find even the title so offensive!Recommend

  • proudpaki

    women!! go make a sammich :pRecommend

  • http://habloid.wordpress.com Habiba Younis

    sorry to break, but its quite an immature rant, one would expect this emotional outburst from a thirteen year old after a breakupRecommend

  • laila

    so trueRecommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    ..By the TITLE this article was supposed to be blaming women for their “Stupidity” but 80% content is actually blaming men here , the same old whining about calling men as oppressors, cruel and dominant. If you look deep inside men , they are submissive by nature , more submissive than women , but yes women are stupid because they repeat the same thing again n again no matter how much you change for them , they will still whine, am not a sexist but that’s true and so is the 80% of the article written …!


  • from India

    women themselves do not know what they want … do u disagree ? Recommend

  • Usama Qureshi

    After going through this one sided post, i just like picture :) Men Men Men.. all around.!Recommend

  • M

    I am surprised to see that comments on this are more from boys side, and I know the reason as well because of the Heading of the article and this will also show that writer is right that males are think that they are dominant and that’s why they enjoy to read that ‘Why I think women are stupid’.Recommend

  • ahahah

    @Noman Ansari:
    haha this guy is so farigh!Recommend

  • Mahwesh Chishti

    well … true indeed and iam completely agreey with you . (Y)Recommend

  • eccentric

    personal experiences cannot be used to construct overarching theories that present with a naive view of the society, although agree with her on cultural stereotypes Recommend

  • Venkat

    @Noman Ansari:
    I actually like yours better than the original one. Recommend

  • MK

    wow- this is one bad article. i think i agree with Noman’s point of view though – you have obviously had a really rough/bad/unpromising/unfortunate experience in some relationship. I don’t think all guys are like this – at least I hope not!. Try getting some positivity, zen and calm. You need to relax and vent your frustration, btu trust me this is not the way to let it out. Sorry, but this article / point of view just is really frustrating – it’s the oh I am so sorry to be a woman stance. Grow up girl, this ain’t feminism. Recommend

  • Sootwala

    I had prepared a whole speech in my mind to post while reading the blog. I was about to fire my cannons until I saw the comment by Ansari. And then I just recommended his comment instead of writing my own.Recommend

  • yousaf

    coquetry would have been a better title for the blog.stupidity?I dont think women are alone in this fieldRecommend

  • Parvez

    Sorry not convinced with the argument. It looks more like an unwarranted cry for sympathy because you have failed to use simple good adult sense in dealing with issues.Recommend

  • mahaa S

    This is merely short-sighted. Just because a woman adjusts more (which is not always the case) for a relationship doesn’t mean that it makes her in any way inferior. This is an unnecessary shell of feminism. Look at it this way. She hurts and whines more because she cares for another human being. Now this may be a lover, a parent, a sibling etc. We don’t question her woman empowerment when she loses her mind for a friend or a family member, but just because she is romantically involved to someone is supposed to make it hurt less? It is not men making a big deal out of an issue like this but rather women themselves. If your marriage starts to fall apart, wouldn’t you want to do something about it? Or would you shun it aside so you feel superior?
    Secondly, men today don’t usually look for intelligence in a woman? I don’t know what sort of men does the author usually interacts with but men today are definitely asking for someone who is more than just a pretty face. So NO. Women are not stupid when it comes to men. Emotional yes, because they are made to be more aware of their feelings than men but does that make them stupid? There is a stark difference. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari


    LOL yea it was 1 hour to sehri time and I did have time to think out a reply. :P Recommend

  • Qudsia

    Behold – thats a man hater in the making. Seriously woman you need to CALM DOWN!

    No one is asking you to play dumb. Most educated men now appreciate a woman who is smart and can make her own decisions. Provided these men may be fewer than the sleazy mamas boys usually found under every rock but hey, to say its the norm is extremely offensive to BOTH genders. Please broaden your own horizons. Recommend

  • Fajja

    Men these days love to hang out with intelligent women. Recommend

  • Hikmatyar Wali

    @Noman Ansari:

    You are a superstar. Great argument, maturely put.

    As for the writer – faulty lens on life, bad experience, bitter aftermath. All the signs are there. :) Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Reminiscence of lonely desperate soul. Recommend

  • Hira Z

    Lubna your so damn right , Lady. Recommend

  • Ask

    Men always need to be kept entertained like babies. there’s no denying that women have to invest much more time in a relationship to keep their men under their wings. The little babies may go astray if their mothers don’t keep them safe, warm and happy. Lol.Recommend

  • Ask

    I love how the writer pissed of all the men here Go gal, you really knw how to kick them in the butt. Lol.Recommend

  • vicky

    Khan you painted the picture what majority of men wants/think, and it is quite safe to say that its because of the society in which we are grown up,where men always have upper hand, but now things have been changing rapidly, most of men start giving equal respect/rights to women and so you don’t need to be act doltish in front of such men. Recommend

  • Tahira Asad

    Eastern women have to learn to stand up for themselves, be strong but charming and know what you want.Most of the time men will tell more than they want to so pay attention to what they are saying.If you see RED FLAGS exit the relationship don’t think you can change him or he will change!!!
    There are plenty of guys out there who are HONEST,HUMBLE,SENSITIVE,GENEROUS,COMMITTED,AMBITOUS,who can say I am sorry when wrong,Treat you with RESPECT and LOVE, and know how to ROMANCE. Here is your list if he does not match your list just tell him politely He is TOO PERFECT for you and mention the above flaws you are looking for and move on without a DRAMA!
    Looks don’t last forever its the inner beauty in a person that makes a relationship last and grow stronger.So don’t blame the MEN choose the RIGHT MAN. Recommend

  • AH Mughal

    Deeply rooted traditions about the inferiority of a women were present even till the mid of this century, or perhaps even beyond that. No matter how liberal women get, they still inherit the notion that women are bound to obey the men no matter what. This thing interferes in the social development of a woman. Though apparently they seem brave but when it come to the man they like, all those inherited claims come to surface. But I personally think that upcoming generations will be much resilient when it comes to their beloved men. Actually freedom of women is in its early stages and perhaps that’s why its flappable. But I see a great prospect for women in coming generations, given that religious extremism does not interfere.Recommend

  • Ali Noor

    Miss Lubna after reading your article I came to a conclusion….your dating schmucks. Frankly, they way you describe it, it feels a lot like you are one of those girls I see in movies with daddy issues and a very low self esteem. Be proud of who you are and be strong in life. Always.

    “The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him” ~ Helen RowlandRecommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Noman,Ansari,very well thought and balanced,no hint of malice or “I know it all,and woman are light weight’.I find the writer has personalised her column with her own experience,it seems so.Most people do generalise their personnel experience as universal.There is always a grain of truth ,in it.Ansari has greater weight in his rebuttal,in fact it should be as a column. Humans,male or female are complex,they come in all hue and shades,there is no such thing a standard yard stick to go by.What works for one, is poison dart for others.When we fall in love,or get married,or in a relationship,most often than not,we are young,we are more guided by harmones and emotion than brain,that is now I come to believe.3, scores and 11 ,means something in any ones life.You learn a lot,but it does not do you any good as one can not turn the clock back. What I now come to accept is we are fated to be togather,most people are,there is nothing any one can do otherwise,the need on all fronts makes it unavoidable.There are going to be mismatch,tragedy,misery and sometime shear Shakesperian tragedy very often,this is not going us to stop relationship,as it is very natural, almost evolutionary natural selection.No matter how we feel later,many years since,not much good will come out of it.Personnel relationship(man/woman),is not something we can ask for full refund in a store,there is permanent scar left ,which if ever , heal or vanish.How do we guard against it?,you simply don’t.Leo Tolstoy and A. Lincoln are prime ex.how most brilliant people make mistakes when it comes to choosing mates.There is no method to this madness,because love is madness in a sense,itself.. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari


    Most people do generalise their
    personnel experience as universal

    To be honest, my own response came from an awful personal experience of my own. Life can be harsh, and many guys can be just as true hearted as most women. Sometimes you have to forgive the other person — even if they lack the strength to express remorse, doesn’t mean they don’t feel it –, but more importantly, you have to find a way to forgive yourself.

    You also have to find a way to move on and not let it consume you. I hope I wasn’t harsh to Ms. Khan, because frankly, many of us have been there.

    I don’t want to dwell in this thread too longer for the same reasons you don’t want to listen to certain sentimental pieces of music. Anyway, I hope that Ms. Khan can find the right person for her, and I really, truly, hope that she can blog about how wonderful the right people in your life can be.

    If you look at some of the things she says about men here — how they mock women to feel smarter etc. This just seems like something she told herself to perhaps heal better. It is human nature.

    Like I said, I hope that she finds that great person, and I hope she blogs about it. I also have to say that I know a lot of guys in Pakistan who do the whole powerplay thing, with the public mocking. I also know of a lot of men who when not in the company of women, objectify them. It sucks, seriously. But many of us aren’t like that.

    All sorts of people exist in life. Sometimes when you are dealt the worst cards in the deck, you naturally assume that every card is as worthless as the one you played. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Wow, the article just took me back to 1940s. The world has changed, so should you, Lubna! Recommend

  • Fatima

    Regarding my experience and observation, when boys and their family looks for ‘rishta’. They want a well educated and groomed girl. And after that they expect her to follow their instructions and decisions without uttering a second word. Men take their wives as their personal property who just has to fulfill his wishes.
    Anyways there are good men also but far less…….Recommend

  • dextor

    Miss Lubna Khan…Well I was thinking that i am reading an observation from any village or a blog written in 70z and 80z…Dear writer please observe the current condition around us….it is different..please comment about it…Recommend

  • MK

    I think the basic problem lies in difference in values – e.g. the girl may be from a ‘liberal’ religious family, and if she gets married into a religious family, she is expected to adapt. i guess th ebest thing to do is for the guy/girl to develop a set of value system between themselves and then stick to it – they themselves need to be in basic agreement on how they want to live their lives, and not take other people seriously. also, i think unhealthy interference from parent’s generally can be a source of woe, esp in joint family systems. however, again, there are all kinds of people, all kinds of marriages, all kinds of experiences.

    As Socrates once said, ” By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. ‘” I would say the same for anyone: good wife, or good husband. works both ways. :)Recommend

  • http://sociality360.com Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    There are no Stupid People. Only Smart and Nazuk :)Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    Dear Ansari,Thanks.I write for advancing the possibility of love,to make suffering endurable and justice desirable.Life has pottential to be what we make it.Our problem especially in less developed country is very poor education.It is not new phenomena,it is there for very long time.People simply do not have ready tools available.Beside for various reasons ,history is distorted and rewritten.People are kept poor and ignorant.Religion is main culprit,I mean the the “Tekedhars” of organised religion.Every religion,no exception.Poor, and woman, are their main victim.When you get hurt,the first reaction is,what the columnist penned.They say “Dotha(MILK),jala,chach(buttermilk) ko bi phook ke pitha hay”,it is very true,we become gun shy,and become scared and see danger where sometime,none exist.Another thing you said which was profound was,people because they are not brave enough to express regret,even though they feel in their guts.I found that very true in my personnel experience,and I found forgiveness the best course and a way out ,not to destroy the frail or failing relationship,at least you stop it from breaking completely down.We get hurt,man or woman,’Leaf always tears whether it falls on knife or knife falls on leaf’period.We must always make wisdom our path finder.So advance the possibility of love so that its has a chance to endure.A fair chance.Recommend

  • http://yahoo.com. ZAFAR IQBAL.

    Men alwayas have respect for women but women some time not some time but more times the take it negative way men are also have right for samythy. Recommend

  • john

    Well it’s the worst piece of writing i have ever seen in my life. Recommend

  • Hina

    Maybe you’re too emotionally weak and insecure that you want a man to satisfy your feminine ego that has been damaged by your own home atmosphere? Maybe your parents gave more love and attention and appreciation to your brothers and less to you? Maybe you’re relying far too much on a man who cannot handle so much emotional baggage along with the other baggages that women tend to bring along? Maybe you’ve got wrong instincts towards men and have made the mistake yourself to go for who’s more materialistically attractive? Maybe you need to introspect where you might be going wrong? Maybe for once you need to be more realistic and less idealistic, maybe?

    PS. I’m a woman, and no I’m not stupid. Don’t represent based on something that has entirely been ‘YOUR’ experience. Recommend

  • MTa

    don’t u think its part of the life if women are stupid there are men who are alos stupid Just think of a man (T) you may have fooled many timesRecommend

  • Hamid Shah

    its so convenient to blame and bash men all the time. Women in Pakistan do not like nice guys and just love the bad boys…….i know so many women who just enjoy the attention they recieve in our society. I do not like the way that men are stereotyped as being mean and insensitive, there are the odd idiots here and there but not like how its shown here that our men just love to subjugate women. You havent seen how the goras treat their women in this regardRecommend

  • All-Bro-Caveman

    I think you are being too cruel on women. I believe men are as stupid as women( actually I don’t like to use that word for anyone) but at a different occasion than dating. Men and women are made by nature the way they act and no one taught or brainwashed them as such. Nature is wild, survival of the fittest, of the quick and the charming. We must understand human nature is very close to animal nature when it comes to breeding priorities and ancestry rights. Whole sexual episode is animal in nature there is nothing angelical about it. Marriage, dating or child bearing goal can’t be otherwise. So now the most innocent and stupid acting female is the one who wins a males heart. She now after landing the male must get back to reality soon or she will be very stupid. Generally the male follow their wrong head and so can easily be seduced by such a show. Women should thank God for the other head or they didn’t have a chance. Recommend

  • Sanaa

    “They can be very assertive with everyone, but place them opposite their lover and they start stuttering” – Seriously??

    The whole tone of this article reeks of a woman scorned in love!

    Very disappointing!Recommend

  • Sahir

    This is SPAARRRTTAAAA!!! =PRecommend

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  • Aiman

    Such sexist articles, I dont understand what’s going on in this world! Why are women comparing themselves to men? Men are desperate on a whole higher level, while women are strong enough to not lose their regiments when they see a hot guy. Okay, I’m not comparing but I’m just saying that they’re made biologically, mentally and physically different, so why is the trophy of fire being juggled around like this? (i know im being eccentric) there are two trophies people. Stop trying to be like the other sex, why do we forget that men actually leave their seats for a woman to sit down in a metro, and that women are given more respect in the society, atleast in the islamic society where women respect hasn’t been exploited unlike the western society where women are treated the same way as men, respected but like a man being respected hence no esteem here, pushed and touched in buses, no concept of ‘women first’ and respect for them is not even a concern. Recommend

  • Haroon

    Anyone with little knowledge of Pakistani Scoiety knows that there is huge trend among Pakistani men to marry educated women….if they want some who behaves like stupied then why they want to marry well educated women?????
    All men want their women to be intelligent, well educated and well awared of current situation of world in all respects so that they can be better life partner not just better burden of life.
    Ever increasing number of women in higher educational institute is clear indication that men want their women to well educated not just wives but even sisters and daughters. i donot thing above article represent current situation in the society.
    One thing men hate about women is their extra cleverness….which is main cause of disbalancing of relationship between his blood relations & in-laws. Being educated is not a license to ruin a relationship which existed even before her birth. Recommend

  • Osama Sarwar

    A very well-composed article Lubna but, biased.Recommend

  • Qasim

    um? was this not about women? clearly is a male bashing article:) get your aim straightened out lady or you might end shooting yourself in the foot!..but OH!..you just did!.AWWW!:PRecommend

  • Sarah

    I do not like when you said: “Sadly, a woman treated cruelly by a man, abandoned by one, physically abused by him, left and dumped for another woman will be on the look out for another such character! As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets!” It seems you have never experienced yourself, or through loved ones, what really happens to these women in abusive relationships. Nor do you seem to understand the complex psychology of abuse. Until you do, I think it is ignorant of you to say this.Recommend

  • True

    Who said they Weren’t?Recommend

  • frnnieva

    This article im half and half on..i dont agree that anyone deserve what they get at this situation deserve it. Its a horrible thing but women that are smart sometimes let go of the things men that they love say because they are convince that we can give them a benefit of doubt. Saying his not perfect, i know its a lie but its not a big lie so i can live with that..i know im guilty of saying that to myself and the amazing thing is that men think they got a way with it.they keep doing.Women just needs to know boundaries and value themselves and know that they are worth it.Recommend

  • ToKnowTheTruth

    Why would they ever be smart to begin with?Recommend

  • P.J.101

    It proves, that wmen have less empathy than men.Recommend

  • P.J.101

    Bitter, sexist, man-hating, life-failing, responsibility-rejecting woman
    spilling her hate. Maybe it’s precislely women like her ( that is a
    laaaarge part of all women ) the reason, why ppl see women as stupid. It
    thus is a fact-fased look at things resp. women.
    Maybe women are the reason why ppl see women as more stupid as men.Recommend

  • Absolutely

    Well most of them that work at a Doctor’s office sure are.Recommend

  • RealitySpeaksTheTruth

    Now there are so many women today that are real Narcissists which makes it Worse too.Recommend

  • The GD Truth

    women like being treated badly and insulted to their face, lied to, etc. Because it fulfills a instinctual genetic disposition to logical reasoning.

    Obviously you can’t tell a stranger lady that she’s horrible and expect her to fall in love with you. But if you subtly tell someone that “she’s beautiful no matter what anyone says” it’s got a double meaning to them. And women my friends love to be subtly clued in that they are realistically and pragmatically inferior to men. It’s just nature peopleRecommend

  • Be Practical

    God bless you !Recommend

  • Be Practical

    Regarding my experience and observations, when girls and their family looks for ‘rishta’. They want a well educated and earning “bakra” !!!. All they “girl” want is a “man” who acts like ATM, bears all her tantrums, always “entertains” and does what she wants; without asking a question or have his own opinion.

    Why do women act like innocents ? Who there are fooling around ? You always “expect” respect, chivalry, consideration, benefits, sympathy concessions and reservations, just because of your “gender”, YET at the same time you demand for “equal” rights !

    You should find yourself lucky to be able to “effortlessly” live and bask on the “success and hard work” of Men, ever since the evolution began.

    Power/Current/Electricity, Generator, Vehicles/Cars, Transport, Telephone/Communications, Engineering, Camera/Lens, Medicine, Diagnostics (X-Ray etc.), Computers, Typewriter, Printer, Web/Internet, Bio scope/Telescope, Television, Karate, Radio, Piano, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Sewing Machine, Aeronautical, Sewage System, Toilet paper !, Shoes, …

    OMG, well the list can go on …

    “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you”

    And yet, women are equal/superior to Men ! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!Recommend

  • TheySureAre

    Most of them are so very Pathetic.Recommend

  • TheyReallyAre

    Without A Doubt.Recommend

  • UnfortunatelyTheyReallyAre

    I Don’t have to think they are because i Know that they really Are.Recommend

  • And The Truth Is

    Well the way that they act with us men really proves it since they have such foul mouths nowadays which makes most of them real losers anyway.Recommend

  • And That Is The Serious Truth

    More like very Retarded altogether. Especially today.Recommend

  • The Truth

    This is why good men stay single with all these kind of women that are everywhere now unfortunately.Recommend

  • The Sad Truth

    Well when were they ever normal to begin with?Recommend

  • Reality40

    When were these women ever normal? Never.Recommend