Let’s play: 20 questions for Zulfiqar Mirza

Published: August 29, 2011

Why didn't Mr Mirza come forward before? PHOTO: PPI

Sindh’s former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza has announced his resignation from the government in yet another media circus.

During TV interviews he made personal attacks against journalists and politicians, making references to their facial features and appearance. However, his emotional outburst left lots of questions on the policy of the government unanswered.

A few questions I would like to ask Mr Mirza are:

1) If you claim to be so truthful, why have you never made these revelations before?

2) According to you, Rehman Malik does everything on the discretion of President Asif Ali Zardari. Why then is Rehman Malik accused of conspiring against the People’s Party and not President Zardari?

3) Is the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari a fool to not understand the shrewdness of Rehman Malik?

4) Mirza Sahab, why did you never raise your voice in 2001 (or afterwards) when you got to know that MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter against the ISI?

5) What exactly made you speak up after the discovery of the torture cells and ammunition from Lyari?

6) You acknowledge that Rehman Malik is a “good politician and a good human being” but maintain that he is also a compulsive liar. What does this mean?

7) You placed the Holy Quran on your head and said that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad. How many petitions have you filed in court about this?

8) Why are superior courts, Pakistani forces and Pakistani law enforcement agencies not taking any action on the MQM’s alleged crimes? Is the MQM really that powerful?

9) CPLC recovered most of the kidnapped people from Lyari. Is this the reason why the CPLC chief, Ahmed Chinoy, has suddenly turned into a villain?

10) You seem to be very worried about the people of Sindh. Why are you obsessed with Karachi only? Has karo-kari, dacoity and corruption ended in interior Sindh?

11) How many hospitals and schools have you built in your own constituency?

12) You say that you will fight against the criminal elements of Karachi in your private capacity. Is this legal?

13) Keeping in mind that a civilian cannot take the law into his own hands, how would you decide who is a criminal and who is not?

14) You claim that you haven’t recruited any MQM worker in the Sindh Police, and that recruitment in the police department was done on merit only. If this is so, then why does corruption and incompetency still prevail in the Sindh Police?

15) Why are the ISI chief and Army Generals not taking action on your “substantiated evidence”?

16) When are you going to the Supreme Court to submit this evidence?

17)  How exactly have President Asif Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto helped you in acquiring such a huge amount of money, villas, cars, sugar mills and thousands of acres of lands?

18) You alleged that during a meeting in London, the MQM chief Altaf Hussain had told you that America and other world powers had decided to ‘break’ Pakistan, and that Altaf Hussain had supported their idea. Since when has Altaf Hussain started sharing such secrets with you?

19) If America wants to break Pakistan up, according to you, then why did you go to the enemy country for a 40-day vacation?

20)  Sir, do you still stand by your slogan “Pakistan na Khappay” (We don’t want Pakistan)?


Tanzeel Ahmad

A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nafisa

    For all those who think ZM is the Anna Hazare of Pakistan.
    Naive ninnyhammers. Recommend

  • Mohammad


    Exactly! Recommend

  • farah

    i think the writer had apple(seib) in mind but he wrote banana(keila) instead!! Recommend

  • T IMM

    Now what happened …Recommend

  • http://www.criticalppp.com Mirza Ali

    Here are possible answers to the 20 questions:

    1) To avoid this huge storm, this wasn’t revealed before. He tried to work hard and get his work done but R. Malik kept saving the criminals. He tried to work in the corrupt system and get his way here and there but when it reached a limit, he lost it and exploded.

    2) For one, he cannot openly say anything against Mr. Zardari as Mirza sahab owes a lot to Mr. Zardari. He said it on Hamid Mir’s program that he came as a baggage indirectly hinting that he was appointed from above (foreign powers) and baggage have to be accommodated at all costs. Maai baap ko naraaz nahi kr saktay :)

    3) 2 answers this. There are hurdles but have to get your way working with those hurdles. Remember, PPP govt. worked with Mr. Musharraf as President as they had to.

    4) It was just a letter and ISI probably knew about it. It was Martial Law and so the concerned individuals already knew. When he burst recently, he disclosed it to the public.

    5) Good question. This could be a triggering point. However, the outburst appears to be a clearly laid out plan which occurred by the permission of Mr. Zardari. Time will reveal what the truth is. It always does.

    6) The queen of England is believed to be a good person but has a problem of shop lifting. This is an innate problem.

    7) The step would not have been practical and hence not done.

    8) Nope. He said America wants to break Pakistan and Pakistan army and ISI are aware of it. They are taking it cautiously. They have their own thinking which we normally do not understand and often takes a long time to come out in public (if and when it does).

    9) See answer 5

    10) Another very good question. No answer.

    11) I do not know.

    12) He didn’t say with guns.

    13) Law books are available in the market. Everyone knows who is criminal and who is not.

    14) They somehow crept in and many were already there since Musharraf era.

    15) Their action will worsen everything if America really wants to break Pakistan. Courts are the key now.

    16) Whenever they call. He said that in Hamid Mir’s show.

    17) Please no personal questions :D We are discussing MQM only and if you think anything against them is wrong, then say so. PPP’s corruption is a separate chapter (or rather a book[s])

    18) Mr. Altaf and Mr. Mirza were ally remember? Mr. Mirza definitely had irrefutable evidences of MQM’s terrorism and he must have asked Mr. Altaf to limit it to which he replied that he will kill Pathans (which he is doing, even a blind man can see that).

    19) Another very very good question. This could be a noora kushti between PPP and MQM. All three parties of Karachi want to break Pakistan with America at their back and so this statement was part of a bigger plan.

    20) Yes.Recommend

  • http://www.adnanjabbar.com Dr. Adnan

    lol another Pro-PPP and Pro-MQM writer ! … duh ! … Pakistan is sheddin’ blood and here you are favoring the most corrupt parties of Pakistan Govt. AfsoosRecommend

  • farii salahuddin

    new beginning of conspiracy i guess :)Recommend

  • Salman Oranigwala

    @Blind folded Jiyalas

    Just watch carefully :

    Watch the real truth of Zulfiqar Mirza as to how he became the owner of several sugar mills


    @Tanzeel ,you could add up one more question ……why Mr.Smarty Pant knows “ALL” the killers except Benazir’s ? Recommend

  • http://amerbail.wordpress.com amerbail

    Just one question for all zulfi mirza lovers/worshippers/supporters etc etc, Please explain tortured cells found in liyari, weapons found form there, highest number of dead bodies found from there, and murders of urdu speakings?
    and @author great job.Recommend

  • Muslim

    From the comments it looks like there’s no hope in this nation – this will go on forever until Pakistan is no more: PPP PMLN will keep stealing money by giving emotional speeches.

    This was all a drama to gain votes in 2013 elections for Zardari the innocent.Recommend

  • Rashid

    All Planned and all parties agenda against MQM thats all,most of people in Pakistan play politics on TV only tbey dont know about ground reality MQM is reality we have to accept this other wise Pakistan na khapay.Recommend

  • talha

    If M.Q.M is coruppt the n why ur brave and honest brother asif zardari invited M.Q.M to join govt if M.Q.M is coruppt then whole p.p.p is corrupt.Recommend

  • Anonymus

    Tanzeel, why is it that MQM only speaks for Karachi? Recommend

  • http://Zaghreb BanTheEnemyOfFootball

    @amin rizwan:
    people like you never learn…
    hasn’t there been a drama on GEO about the
    very same issue of Quran being used as witness?

    what if the other does that as well? what would be your position?
    killing people is much greater crime than lying on Quran…
    if MQM has been involved in killing, i would ask them to hold
    Quran and refute Mirza… Recommend

  • dr. teh

    very nice article mr. tanzeel..

    i cant understand y ppl are not thinking that zulfiqar miurza reacted after lyari operation just to divert the attention…..after all lyari was his AREA…who is answerable for those tourcher cells hanh!!!

    ppl are still showing their ANTI MQM attitude without thinking that what is mirza’s credibility….if he knew that mqm is going to support the division of Pakistan why dint he react at that time??if this is truth thn he is guilty equally…

    now i know why zardari is our leader!!!!! bcoz my andhi n jahil nation deserves the leaders like him…

    putting Quran on head doesn’t mean he cant speak lie…
    kia courts main log Quran per hath rakh ker jhooti qasam nhin khate n jhooti gawahi nahin dete…

    Yes I do agree that allegations made by him should be inquired fairly…but it doesn’t mean that zulfiqar is telling 100% truth…
    do u think only MQM is killing ppl n ANP n Lyarians n PPP are innocent…???Recommend

  • Sadeed

    SIrjii- another question arising- among many others, is-

    He said that among the 10,000 he recruited- None were frm MQM… Meaning wrkers from other poltical parties WERE recruited..?!
    the statement that “galti se, kissi apne bhai ya dost ki ghalti se aa geya ho to men nahi keh sakta” supports this question by implying that yes, his own people were recruited…Recommend

  • Salman Ahmed

    Excellent work out. My answer for those who are saying that Zulfiquar Mirza is Right, is The book he hold and swear was not “THE QURAN” because Quran has no editions in it and its a complete sacred Book.! For more clearification. Plz see the link below.

    link textRecommend

  • http://www.meintudekhunga.wordpress.com Saquib

    grow up and wake up to sense something nonsense happening for years in your city rather than getting attention to read your something 40 questions or 40 answers – grow up and save your country against the strong allegations put forward by Mr. Mirza – am not Pro-PPP but this needs to be taken seriously.

    I know your bunch of rebuttals on this comment, please avoid.

    Thank YOU!Recommend

  • Humza

    The author is from Karachi, and thus would never go against the likes of MQM; and ends up writing a biased article.


  • Humayun

    Desperate MQMers, carry onRecommend

  • Kamran Lasi

    What I think … Zulfiqar sb knew all the facts from day first, he closed his mouth for 3yrs just because of zardari sb, now zulfiqqar sb has issues with rehman malik sb on serious note, he cudnt controll himself and speak out the truth, but not the 100% truth. All I can say .. 3yrs back he said pakistan na-khappay … Nw he is saying ” we have to safe our homeland pakistan”. Cudnt understand this. Recommend

  • alishah

    with no comments……………. he is holding NEHAJ UL BLAGH no.. 6 not QURAN MAJEED.Recommend

  • Kamran Lasi

    I agree with Mr.adnan that whole contry is suffering from target killingg, kidnaping, and other criminal activities and we are discusiing the politics of those people who are not 1000% right. So we should debate/work for the peace rather then discussing the weird politicians. (Thou I also commented about this article also) Recommend

  • Lord

    useless questions ever asked!

    you should ask question to MQM and PPP Leadership!
    NOT to Zulfiqar Mirza!

    he said it all ! he said it all true ! allegations are not NEW to hear about MQM!

    this type of article means protecting MQM by counter questioning !

    Although he said it late ! but ATLAST he Said it!

    We appreciate him ! Recommend

  • Farhan Agha

    I am sharing the facebook status of MQM Youth Advisory Council member Ali K Chishti.

    “his style may not be civilized but what he said even being bias and one-sided has some truth to it” (29.08.2011 at 3.54am.)Recommend

  • ali

    hey writer can you send me the HD pic of his press conference if so..sent me on my email id..i doubt that Quran..since when the Quran comes in part( i mean jild )Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/arsalankh Arsalan Khan

    Thank you so much for speaking the hearts of Karachiites, Tanzeel. Very valid questions for the rhetoric of Zulfiqar mirza .Recommend

  • Hasan

    People please don’t forget that it was MQM from 2001 until 2008 which has Developed Karachi and Hyderabad which in turn was beneficial for Pakistan. If MQM was so much against Pakistan and different ethnicity they would have flushed them out when they were in power from 2001 until 2008. I live in Karachi and I know who is bad and who is not this guys roams around in Karachi with 20 security guards and thrashes anyone he wanted, so does his son. He has not done anything for the constituency he was elected from people are still working on his fields like slaves. PLEASE MY PAKISTANI PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SEE WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG. People like him has accused MQM of this in the past too but it all turned out to be fake, but it had cost us around 20,000 innocent lives. Please wake up before its too late, because we wont tolerate another genocide on Urdu speaking people just because they want to challenge the feudal system of this country. This whole drama was only because of operation against liyari gangsters. Don’t be so naive and start make him your hero just because he is saying things against MQM in a emotional way and just because you are against MQM. and please dont forget that majority of the people died in Karachi violence was either MQM supporters or workers. Ask yourself who killed them? Karachi belong toe everyone but please respect the mandate of people of Karachi.Recommend

  • baqar

    QUESTION: Mr. Mirza about your manhandling of GEO news reporters and harassing them in public episode, How will you defend yourself?Recommend

  • Truth Seeker

    All those who persume that Zulfiqar Mirza is telling the truth are fooling themselves because the easiest person to fool is ‘yourself’. At best, he is narrating the half truths or known knowns, and in the garb of religious authenticity is hiding unknowns. It is a ploy by those who are interested in keeping Pakistan hanging in lurch.
    Nothing is going to change for the good of the people with this farce show of ‘explosive revelations’.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    The only shining fact Dr Mirza said was that PPP got this government as a sadqa from Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination.Recommend

  • AD

    Niiicce Questi0nRecommend

  • M.Nawaz

    Musalman honay kay natay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i know one thing ,,,, and u guys also better knows that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dont say any thing untill unless he will not going to prove ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he will go to prove all things wat he said at that time ,,,,,,,,,,, so MR. ABC, ur 20’s questions article does’nt has any value ,,,,,,,,, so please just wait and watch ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, any pray to GOD please save us and save pakistan from our enemies . Recommend

  • just pakistan

    @Reece: Yeah right exactly as all criminal take oath in courts and tell sea of liesRecommend

  • Ali

    Idiotic and biased Questionss!!!,,,totally irrelevant,Recommend

  • Realist.

    Thats called SELF-PWNAGE :D

  • Student

    1.) Point 17,18,19 sould be answeredRecommend

  • Naveed

    its encouraging to know that most of the readership seems to approve of the article. apart from some ZM fans he are digging deeper to defy logic and reason behind the questions.Recommend

  • http://www.icantrevealeverything.com Kazim Warsi

    By the very first of all (before these questions, before Mirza Conference), You guys let me know that has anyone like this ever done before in politics? Has anyone have done this along with Al-Quran Al-Kareem? Has anyone revealed such secret documents? Has anyone said so much with ‘given’ proof? None yet! Not MQM, No PPP! This guy is first to do this. This is called ‘real man’. Instead of saying why didn’t he do before, I can let you know he’s first to do this! Not anyone did this before (Here I made your question useless). All of your questions didn’t really made any sense, anyways nice try. But MQM should be given chance to defend their-self. Everyone, to everyone who dare to speak. Do come up with Al Quran on your head to question all this crap, if you want to ask you should be under Al Quran as you heared whatever said was keeping Al Quran on his head.

    Guys, at least he revealed something going fishy in the politics. So what is the sense of asking all this question again? One last response from my side ‘Why didn’t you ask all this, came up with all of this in the press conference?’

    Not everyone will have a separate meeting with you. BTW @Tanzeel, Zulfiqar Mirza has given his contact numbers on news channels, you can directly contact him and ask all of thisRecommend

  • http://www.icantrevealeverything.com Kazim Warsi

    @Reece All Muslims swear in court by
    placing their hand on Quran but one
    happens to be criminal. Got it ?

    Yes, every criminal has to swear on Al Quran ‘in court’, you should mind your own words. Nextly, you want a difference between the criminal and Z. Mirza? Mirza has the proof of everything he said (Again, watch his press conference), criminal don’t.Recommend

  • http://www.icantrevealeverything.com Kazim Warsi

    amerbail 8 hours ago

    Just one question for all zulfi mirza
    lovers/worshippers/supporters etc etc,
    Please explain tortured cells found in
    liyari, weapons found form there,
    highest number of dead bodies found
    from there, and murders of urdu
    speakings? and @author great job.

    Answered in news channels, go find there. Recommend

  • Muhammad azam

    Most of the questions are quite irrelevant. Almost all these should be asked from every Pakistani Politician and even from a man in street. We all as a nation be held answerableRecommend

  • mudassar ali
  • Asma

    Pakistan ke log can never ever desist from criticizing everything others do or say. We too not have guts to speak out, and we tongue lash those who have the courage to do so !!
    Poor Pakistanis. I pity !!Recommend

  • aafat

    These are certainly pertinent questions and it would be interesting to have their answers.Recommend

  • Intelektual

    All Talks all comments and no answers
    all the ears to sensationalism yet no voice of reason in pro ZM comments.
    If u are right prove it and answer these questions and if ZM had already answered just quote him after all u ppl r so used to hanging on 2 his every word.
    He never answered any of the questions on ny of the TV shows just kept beating around the bush and kept repeating himself over n over !!

    what exactly do u mean by “even ppl like ZM”
    please elaborate.

    @Zunnoon Meer:
    Defensive !! since when is asking straight forward questions defensive your petty attempt at humor now thats down right defensive.

    i am nt MQM’r just admire the work they did when they were in power not talk but work mind it !!Recommend

  • Amir

    They are all biased question? i guess the author is PRO MQM? so its should be removed from TRIBUNE site its would give bad impression…Recommend

  • Faraz

    Asif Ali Zardari Sacha, Bahadur, Acha or Mukhlis Insan Hey..
    (Quran pe hath rakh k Dr.Mirza ki gawahi..baqi ki press coference ko kia samjhen..:)Recommend

  • http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com Hammad Siddiqui

    This an excellent piece! Some people wont like it, but such is life. Questions are 100% valid. I would add: Is Nabeel Gabol is supporting you and Where is TAJ HAIDER these days?Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    also…..who killed over a 100 people and torched over 900 cars in a 3 day rampage in khi between 27-29 dec 2007 after benazir was murdered?Recommend

  • Ali Wazir

    I am not interested in why ZM still supporting Zardari.Or if he ever went to the US for vacations(sic), or if has a political stake in his revelation, or why he did not muster the courage to say it before.I am not interested in why MQM has not been challenged by the courts or the ISI. Its frankly irrelevant.(In fact not particularly hard to answer)

    What is relevant is that weather the very specific allegations he made are true or false. He has named names and pointed out how MQM protects target killers in a very specific pattern.He has released official Investigation reports. He has given dates and specific people through which incidents can be verified. He was in an official capacity to know these things. And Finally though has been known to be boor and a blowhard but never been known to be a lier.He is lets be honest, a credible whistle blower. His reasons are irrelevant the content of his accusation are the only thing that matter.

    The question you need to ask is from MQM: why has it not answered these allegation if they are false.(Understandably a dangerous thing to do) Its not enough to say “ZM statements are Obscene and we condemn it” Tell us if what he said is true or false. If you cant or are unable to do so can you blame people for concluding that what he said was probably close to the truth.Recommend

  • EoH

    Totally balanced article… Zulfiqar Mirza was no one during the time of BB. His corruption is historic and his hotch-potch with matters of internal security during his tenure as interior minister of Sindh are historic!

    Does anyone know how he acquired such huge amounts of money, property, real estate and went vacations to USA that is going to break Pakistan?????

    Why is your family keep going to USA despite that you know USA is trying to break Pakistan?

    ZM all claims were baseless and naive. All we can say is that he jumped into the bandwagon of Anti-Americanism like Imran Khan to create some space for him in Pak.

    Unfortunately, you failed miserably!Recommend

  • Yusuf

    As if he is gonna pay much heed to your questions and will answer them in the same sequence :D nothings going to happen brother.. we’ll just be kept on making fools in the hands of these politicians. to hell whoever says it was his personal opinion :D easy way to get carried away with a “notice le liya hai”Recommend

  • Jameel

    Good work Tanzeel, someone ask about this from Mirza please.

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel Ahmad

    I am not their spokesperson but I guess they generally speak about Pakistan, don’t they ? Recommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    @amin rizwan:
    If ZM is so true he should take this to SC and get the answers… MQM should not respond to this tirade!Recommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    @Dr. Adnan:
    Can you prove it? Corrupt? Even the letter he showed didnt show any corruption. The letter was a demand for rights. According to ZM MQM was safe guarding its cadre.. is it corruption? Do you have proof that MQM is the one doing all killing and plunder and rest are sitting in aitakaf praying? Recommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    why not take the allegations to Supreme court… if I say you are a plunderer do you have to respond to my allegations? Anyone can say anything… not a single thing he said could prove that they were demanding rights for themselves… He is the one who said Pakistan Nakhappay so how come he is such a Pakistani. MQM shouldnt answer anything until SC demands.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Nothing more to say after this .. this is enough for ZmRecommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    Very pertinent quesitons… good work. Its a fight b/w Middle Class and Feudals. The only place where middle class truly exist is Karachi… these fuedals want Karachi to kneel… they can take away MQM if they want but they can forget ever getting votes from us. They should remember we never voted for them when MQM wasnt there…. Karachi is a misfit in Pakistan.Recommend

  • M

    @Alee Soomro:
    People who are saying that ZM already give the answer of these question kindly mentioned those answers instead of saying that, and he is just trying to make his own party because he know that there is no scope left for PPP in futureRecommend

  • abdul tawab

    I think he is write I don’t trust him but the book which he put on his head, I believe in Quran n every Muslim knows that if he misguide us azab is ready for him in Qayamat Recommend

  • muneer

    you people are dividing our nation on the name of mqmer , sindhi , pathan and so on.
    we all are muslims and pakistani. Recommend

  • M

    @Sehar:! Very true I am also a karachihite and for me Mustafa Kamal is hero who did alot for karachi and not Zulfiqar Mirza who can only speaks.Recommend

  • Mrs Ahmed

    Wonderful article , may ALLAH bless you for siding with haq parasti.
    Courtsey Mubashir luqman , we come to know that mirza started his active life with showing unappropraite films allow me to say blue films illegally in hyderabaad and the planned raid at his premises was stopped idue to him being the son of sitting judge,1986.Also Quran sharif is revealed to our Beloved Holy Prophet , the last prophet the Seal of prophets , for guidencefor way of life, not to used as evidence . One must need to look closely and impartially Mirza`s life if we can trust his words , also are we tribal living world , where walking on the burning coal decides or being hit with poisoned arrow to decide for truth.
    We have courts he should petitions substantiated by solid evidence God forbid if Altaf Hussain has acted against pakistan we have courts and judicial system .
    If he can take oath that he has never tresspassed basic islamic tenets of remaing alcohol free never had drugged and people can vouch for his piety , there is a chance that his Quranic oath has credence . Well this what talibinization , courts , investigtion system ,law all down the drains . So all mirza supporters be ready to walk on burning coal and quranic oath , if you get into any dispute. Well for that matter if mirza has himself brought Quran we ahave right to ask him t9 recite couple of surahs publically . Well what is wrong with being MQM supporter. And there is no need for MQM to bring Quran in this way like a spectacle
    rather strong rebutal with evidence is should be sufficient for all educated intelligent pakitanisRecommend

  • Mrs Ahmed

    i am sad these mirzas are suppose to be leaders , who makes Quran a public spectacle , what do we expect from ordinary pakistanis, very sad very sad, ulema should come forward with incidences from life of Prophet (SAW)and also from Khulfai rashdin if they had ever sought evidence or brought justice by holding oath on quran in worldly disputesRecommend

  • Muhammad Ali Esani

    See these all questions are only a waste of time and a source of income for media. We all are aware of the situation yet we go for questions? Just find out what he said is right or wrong, if right then how to recover, don’t go for how, why and when…!!!!! @ Even if you get the answers then what is the point? The corrupted official? so even if we find out one, it will be useless. Now Q12, tell me what is legal?????? Lol.. And how this is related to Pakistan????? If you want things to go legal then go to Mr zardari…Not a single question is relatedRecommend

  • Karim Javed

    Another piece of extraordinary marketing and gaining peoples feedback. I have seen that tribune goes always negative which is the biggest reason they have got this success.Recommend

  • Sheraz

    Dear Agar ap ythora ghour karain to Jis Kitab ko yeh Quran Keh raha hay wo Quran E PAK nahe hay kio k Quran Kbhe Jild may nahe hota or is taveer may bhe Wazeh tor par Jild No. 19 Nazar araha hay. Jb kitab Quran e Pak he nahe to ek jhut to yahe pakra gyaRecommend

  • Khaqan J.

    Give the man a chance. Everyone cries out for a change in the country & when one man no matter what his agenda is atleast Give The Man A Chance!!! Besides whatever Mr. ZM has said is true & even if the truth were to come & hit the public & flatten them out like an out of control Dumper truck, they still would be sitting finding faults in everything! the man has Balls of Steel to have had the courage to voice whatever he did, however & whenever he did. Hand it to him that much atleast instead of bringing up inane questions!

    Also Please Quit branding the whole of Lyari as a terrorist infested area. A few areas are corrupted that way but, not the whole area.
    As for an operation clean up there are many other areas that need to be cleansed & that was the main reason behind the resignation of Mr. ZM. Go & meet the man yourself & also visit all those “No Go Areas” as publicized by the Media. Recommend

  • Salman Oranigwala

    These two questions might be added to the list , being pointed out by poor AWAM like myself :

    1 ) As per ZM 10,000 police personnel were appointed /selected in Karachi and he ensured no Urduspeaking gets into the force

    So who are these new recruits ? The same force who just watch and vanish in thin air whenever there is trouble in any part of the city , letting the poors on the mercy of the terrorists and killers ?

    2 ) The other day ( Aug the 29th ) Mubashir Luqman clearly mentioned in his program that Mr.Zulfiqar Mirza used to run a few “Chappar Hotels” showing x rated moives in Badin and thereforth within a period of 2 decades ,he now owns more than 2 sugar mills .

    How come a non practising Doctor of Medicine , who used to run the “murky” business for extra dough in BAdin , becomes a Billionaire .???? Recommend

  • M

    @Salman Ashfaque: You are saying you see Zulfiqar Bhutto in Zulfiqar Mirza I am totally agree with you because Bhutto breaks the Pakistan and we lost East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and Mirza is again doing the same.Recommend

  • Truth

    where are my comments? Recommend

  • Born Again Pakistani

    @Khaqan J.:
    How well do you know the man? Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Breaking News: In his recent bravado His excellency has abused and beaten a private Tv channel reporter during Press conference in Hyderabad. Recommend

  • Born Again Pakistani

    @Salman Oranigwala:
    Please dont ask anything… he is right the world is wrong… he has spoken the biz word.. MQM… I can see the slow demise of the 64 year old dreamRecommend

  • ahmad

    When the whole nation unites for a revolution, then a change can be possible…this is dark ages for the country..Recommend

  • Dani

    Zulfiqar Mirza has already answered all the questions you’ve raised. Let me write them for you.

    1) If you claim to be so truthful, why have you never made these revelations before?

    Ans: Because of so-called ‘politics of reconciliation’. President Zardari had asked him not to speak against the angel MQM.

    4) Mirza Sahab, why did you never raise your voice in 2001 (or afterwards) when you got to know that MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter against the ISI?

    Ans: He was not in Pakistan in 2001, I think.

    What exactly made you speak up after the discovery of the torture cells and ammunition from Lyari?

    Ans: Because the so-called operation is ONLY being conducted in Lyari. No action has been taken in the MQM strongholds so far. Indiscriminate operation cannot be conduced in presence of Rehman Malik and Zardari.

    You acknowledge that Rehman Malik is a “good politician and a good human being” but maintain that he is also a compulsive liar. What does this mean?

    Ans: He said Rehman Malik can be a good politician if he doesn’t lie.

    7) You placed the Holy Quran on your head and said that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad. How many petitions have you filed in court about this?

    Ans: One doesn’t need to place The Quran on his/her head to prove that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi. Everyone knows that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi. They rig polls.

    8) Why are superior courts, Pakistani forces and Pakistani law enforcement agencies not taking any action on the MQM’s alleged crimes? Is the MQM really that powerful?

    The Supreme Court has taken Sou Moto action against the target killings in Karachi. Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has listened to Zulfiqar Mirza’s speech and will probably summon him to court. Just wait and watch.

    CPLC recovered most of the kidnapped people from Lyari. Is this the reason why the CPLC chief, Ahmed Chinoy, has suddenly turned into a villain?

    CPLC Chief has to be neutral, but he isn’t. His picture can be seen on KKF’s official website.

    You seem to be very worried about the people of Sindh. Why are you obsessed with Karachi only? Has karo-kari, dacoity and corruption ended in interior Sindh?

    How many people get killed in Karo-Karo and how many people get killed in target killings in Karachi? Almost 1500 people have been killed in current year in Karachi. He should be worried about Karachi and continue exposing the terrorists.

    15) Why are the ISI chief and Army Generals not taking action on your “substantiated evidence”?

    You probably don’t watch the news. The Corps Commander Conference is going to be held after Eid over Zulfiqar Mirza’s press conference.

    16) When are you going to the Supreme Court to submit this evidence?

    When the Supreme Court will summon himRecommend

  • Ebad Pasha

    I like the naivety of the writer. Only IF the writer could keep hatred aside and go through his conference and the programs that came later, again, he would find out his answers. Others are just not sensible and worth it. I don’t understand how tribune gets this through! Recommend

  • http://ahandfulofdust.wordpress.com/ Mariam

    I wish he could answer all his questions and from where did he get that letter written in 2001? Any connection with agencies?Recommend

  • Realist

    Dani your replies are not only pathetic but incomplete as well. Recommend

  • Mairaj Khan

    As he said in his press conference.. “Ye met dekho ke kon ye baaten ker raha hai”.. focus on the content.. this article of yours is just an attempt to distract people from the real thingRecommend

  • Salman Oranigwala

    BREAKING NEWS ( or is it ? for obvious reason as it was expected from a person who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown , in case you are wondering why ? Cause that’s what you get from the Almighty trying to divide and sow the seeds of hatred between the Believers of the Faith and wait….. more are on its way , InshaAllah )

    Mr.Zulfiqar Mirza and his 25+ bodyguards beat the hell out of an ARY journalist when he tried to put forth A question why ZM was mentioning Urdu speaking …… Pardon , it was a HALF question , to be precise . ( Source : Geo , ARY , Express News etal )

    One can hear the venomous lingo , loud and clear ” yeh tumhare baap ka kamra nahi hai , nikal jao yahan se , tum kis ke agende par yahan aae ho ,mujhe pata hai ” ………………

    Need one say more .

    ZM declared he would start his “tehreek” from nine zero .( with perhaps 250 + armed bodygurads this time ) .Please do so .I would like to complete the question and ask him the same in the most polite way .Will the “Loin of Sindh ” will allow me to have the privilege .( I hope he wont let loose those 250+ on me , or will he ? ) .Will someone of you Jialas let me or help me in getting an answer wihtout getting beaten to death ?

    awww….c’mon I am not asking for the hands of Meera .please please pretty please …Someone ?….anyone ???? Well ……………??? . Recommend

  • Ahmad Naveed Fateh

    Zulfiqar Mirza is man of Will and I am sure he is true and he was true. May ALLAH bless him and give him power to bear foot MQM.
    I am with the truth n Mirza is true. Recommend

  • umair larik

    what a stupid questions. mirza already gave the answers of aal these.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    I am still waiting for the answers especially # 20. . As far as beating the innocent journalist out of TAASUB is concerned. I believe media should boycott him and frequently run his videos where he called himself Badmaash and took many U Turns after issuing statements. Right after his first conference he said he would go home without protocol but proven liar. Recommend

  • http://Yahoo. SA Chaudhary

    LUST OF POWER; It is an open secret that lust of power in our politicians has taken our politicians and present rulers to that extent that for that power, they even don’t spare their kith and kin. Really most of our rulers try to cry when they are loosing power or lost power. You may also observe as to how Mr.Shah Mehmood Qureshi cried and only when he was out of power. Likewise Mr.Mirza as is apparent from the last days, was goint to be ousted and he cried. But the fact remains that when aforesaid personalities have exposed their leaders, then it is to be seen as to how all the concerned react and what should be done. We are only concerned with Pakistan and not particular individual. Here many are trying to save individuals and not Pakistan. Some body says that his life is open like book, some body says that his son is not involved in any corruption and some body says that President of Pakistan is very wise but it is their fortunate that they are Pakistani and that is why Pakistani had choosen them but they made the law of the land as mockery and intended to run this country as per their wish and whim and they forget that the time is running very fast and the time is coming when either they would leave this country or may be behind the bars. God Bless Our Country.Recommend

  • me

    @Reece: its not obligatory right to believe him but to ask for justice that time!Recommend

  • Journalist

    At Writer: Former Interior Minister Sindh & PPP Leader Zulfiqar Mirza Conquered Hyderabad Press Club through Kalashnikov, repeating his old practice. Zulfiqar Mirza and his gangsters abused and tortured Journalist fraternity. I am sharing this article on my FB page. Good Job!Recommend

  • AH Mughal

    Much of your article has already been slated so let me ask you one very different question…
    Why do you use the terminology of interior Sindh? There is no such thing, and infact, it in itself is a conspiracy against Sindh. You are dividing Sindh into interior and karachi. Can you give me a rational explanation to my question?Recommend

  • Maverick

    Criticizing is the most simplest thing to do.The only problem with Pakistani nation is that we can’t bear anybody’s success, be it politics or social-life.We are addicted to listening false statements,hence whatever Zmirza said also seemed to be a planned conference, though its not…….So dear writer, here’s a free-legal-advice from a 15year old, kindly remove that negative theme from your articulated articles……You will discover a great change in ur personality…Recommend

  • Albetros69

    Further to my earlier comments, it seems that everyone has conveniently forgotten the specifics of mirza’s staement. Let me reiterate:
    1. He was accompanied by pir mazahar at the time when altaf hussain stated what he did. So pir mazhar is an evidence. As far as I know, he carries the reputation of being an upright person, why not ask him to testify?
    2. He gave some specific details about the equipment used by mr. altaf hussain to scramble the sounds. That can be verified.
    3. Mirza claimed that he shared this info on his return with the corps commander karachi, DG MI and DG ISI, prime minister and the president. if iam not wrong. Its very simple- these people can be asked to testify on oath.

    What I mean is that mirza has given a very clear trail of evidence, which can be verified and enquired. It’s not appropriate to simply call him a liar. Liars dont name evidences, especially of the stature given by mirza. Again I am not stating that whatever he said was true, but by the same token, I am also not saying that all that he said was a crap. All I am saying is that it should be investigated, at the very least.Recommend

  • Time Traveller

    Says who??Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    @AH Mughal:
    The term Interior Sindh is frequently used by Media and the Government Officials even today. You talk about conspiracy, the real conspiracy to divide Urban and Rural Sindh started when Bhutto introduced quota system to appease people of “INTERIOR SINDH” . Ask media and Government officials not to use term interior Sindh I will cut it from my vocabulary too. Recommend

  • Bilal Anwar

    Very Important and valid questions…
    May Allah protect us from this political warfare.Recommend

  • Tanvir Khan

    mature people donot respond such idiotic statements..Recommend

  • http://Zaghreb Uncle Sam

    @Tanvir Khan:
    being mature is like being smart,
    if you have tell others that you are smart, you simply aren’t… XDRecommend

  • Fan

    For Mirza I would say Get well soon. Recommend

  • Ali

    We all should thanks Zulfiqar Mirza for speaking truth even if he only told one side of the story as this is the most scariest part. Recommend

  • Duran Ahsan

    I agree … We should ask him to tell this to his wife so she also leaves the speakership of this corrupt government supporting secessionist Recommend