Let’s play: 20 questions for Zulfiqar Mirza

Published: August 29, 2011

Why didn't Mr Mirza come forward before? PHOTO: PPI

Sindh’s former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza has announced his resignation from the government in yet another media circus.

During TV interviews he made personal attacks against journalists and politicians, making references to their facial features and appearance. However, his emotional outburst left lots of questions on the policy of the government unanswered.

A few questions I would like to ask Mr Mirza are:

1) If you claim to be so truthful, why have you never made these revelations before?

2) According to you, Rehman Malik does everything on the discretion of President Asif Ali Zardari. Why then is Rehman Malik accused of conspiring against the People’s Party and not President Zardari?

3) Is the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari a fool to not understand the shrewdness of Rehman Malik?

4) Mirza Sahab, why did you never raise your voice in 2001 (or afterwards) when you got to know that MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter against the ISI?

5) What exactly made you speak up after the discovery of the torture cells and ammunition from Lyari?

6) You acknowledge that Rehman Malik is a “good politician and a good human being” but maintain that he is also a compulsive liar. What does this mean?

7) You placed the Holy Quran on your head and said that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad. How many petitions have you filed in court about this?

8) Why are superior courts, Pakistani forces and Pakistani law enforcement agencies not taking any action on the MQM’s alleged crimes? Is the MQM really that powerful?

9) CPLC recovered most of the kidnapped people from Lyari. Is this the reason why the CPLC chief, Ahmed Chinoy, has suddenly turned into a villain?

10) You seem to be very worried about the people of Sindh. Why are you obsessed with Karachi only? Has karo-kari, dacoity and corruption ended in interior Sindh?

11) How many hospitals and schools have you built in your own constituency?

12) You say that you will fight against the criminal elements of Karachi in your private capacity. Is this legal?

13) Keeping in mind that a civilian cannot take the law into his own hands, how would you decide who is a criminal and who is not?

14) You claim that you haven’t recruited any MQM worker in the Sindh Police, and that recruitment in the police department was done on merit only. If this is so, then why does corruption and incompetency still prevail in the Sindh Police?

15) Why are the ISI chief and Army Generals not taking action on your “substantiated evidence”?

16) When are you going to the Supreme Court to submit this evidence?

17)  How exactly have President Asif Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto helped you in acquiring such a huge amount of money, villas, cars, sugar mills and thousands of acres of lands?

18) You alleged that during a meeting in London, the MQM chief Altaf Hussain had told you that America and other world powers had decided to ‘break’ Pakistan, and that Altaf Hussain had supported their idea. Since when has Altaf Hussain started sharing such secrets with you?

19) If America wants to break Pakistan up, according to you, then why did you go to the enemy country for a 40-day vacation?

20)  Sir, do you still stand by your slogan “Pakistan na Khappay” (We don’t want Pakistan)?


Tanzeel Ahmad

A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari

    Question 21: Aap nay Ghalib film daykhee hay? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Recommend

  • IM

    Useless and disappointed to read this.

    The writer should’ve seen political talk shows done about this. All answers to his questions were given by Mirza there.Recommend

  • Shahrukh kazmi

    Boy Chah gaye, Excellent Article!Recommend

  • amin rizwan

    First answers of Zulifqar Mirza Allegations are required by MQM with Quran on their heads. Any counter questions attempt shall not impress pakistani nation.Recommend

  • Sajid

    Pakistani politicians are unique in their conspiracy. Recommend

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    The jialays will hate this one but 17 18 19 and 20 are just awsome. Amazing work but whatever he has said is true tough but incomplete truth
    So PAC is an angel organization mR MIRZARecommend

  • umair

    my questions to you are
    why do you hate zulfiqar mirza so much?
    why dont you just accept the fact that sometimes even people like zulfiqar mirza can tell the truth?
    why did you write this extremely biased article?Recommend

  • Parvez

    Great questions. Lets hope someone comes up with answers and not another set of 20 questions for Rehman Malik.
    The over all response from the MQM and the PPP’s attitude seems to be all very low keyed its more of a media circus we are seeing. It’s certainly got people groping in the dark for answers.Recommend

  • Zunnoon Meer

    Defensive MQMer :PRecommend

  • Senior Citizen

    Crap… This article reflects the strong association of writer with the MQM. Its a biased one. Mr. Tanzeel why not you ask questions on MQM and give them chance to defend? Mirza has labelled very serious allegation and its the responsibility of MQM to come forward to prove themselves innocent. Recommend

  • Muhammad Hamza Ijaz

    I believe a few of these questions are strong enough that they should be asked, the rest of them are ( media manufactured ) to bring down zulfiqar mirza, its not possible now he is at a much faithful and trusty position now, but this doesn’t mean that the these questions should go un asked.

  • Azad Raja

    Publishing 20 Question or 40 questions will not change facts and points raised by him still remain unaddressed by MQM. Although I am not his fan but he has done a job which many other politicians should have done before. Why does not MQM clean itself? Why was Azeem tariq bhai murdered? Why are muhajir Quami Movement supporters killed by so called- HAq Parasts?Recommend

  • Zunnoon Meer

    No wonder Steve Jobs quit; Rehman Malik kept calling his company “Banana”
    Boht nazuk Surt-e-haal haiRecommend

  • Senior Citizen

    @Noman Ansari:
    LOL ! What an idea Sir ji :D Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/107528133350/ Samran Warsi

    His resignation is due to Operation in Lyari, Nabil Gabol had already informed about Terrorists and weapons in Lyari, His tussle with Rehman Malik is revealing internal rift in PPP, Zulfi have already spoiled his whole Political Career, now he is going even more down after this press conference…….

    Wonderful and very timely work…. Congratulations…. as somebody said in this chain, this is not new to us ,,, we are facing it since 1987…. this is nothing as compare to what was propagated in 1992….. I remember Asif Nawaz said I will chase after MQM upto their graves,,, and people of Pakistan became witness and saw his own body was brought out of his grave…. whether it Hakim Saeed case, NRO, 12th May, the enemies of MQM found their faces black in the end…..Recommend

  • Bugti

    my questions to Umair:
    since when u start liking someone who had been against Pakistan and its on record?
    why dont u accept the fact that mirza cant even reveal the killers of his Loving Leader!
    why did mirza stood up when the whole media exposed torture cells in liyari?
    Why didnt he point out gangsters of Peoples amn commitee, Sunni tehreek and jamate islami??

    and please dont write such lame comments,!Thanks!Recommend

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    This guy made sense , you jialays will never accept the corruption case on BB let alone accept this. Umair you are the most responsible for the state of affairs in PakistanRecommend

  • http://www.sidrahmoizkhan.blogspot.com Sidrah Moiz Khan

    Umm. Seems like you saw Kamran Khan’s show on Geo yesterday. He asked the same questions. By the way, yeh aap kya kha rahey hain :D!?Recommend

  • Ali Soomro

    Though I don’t like MQM either but valid points. Sindhi Nationalists would never appreciate whatever corrupt Zulfiqar Mirza spewed in his press conference. He’s a hollow bowl whose actions don’t support his words. What I know his and his part has done nothing for his own Dharti.Recommend

  • Kaif Butt

    Was wrong Zulfiqar Mirza said?
    Every one knows he was completely TRUE.Recommend

  • Noman Masood

    Just too awesome, youre write up hit the nerves of Zulfi. Quite n’ Awesome work Mann!Recommend

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    what is so biased about this article , tell me one question which is incorrect .Whatever Mirza said is true and i agree with it but this article is completely justified.Recommend

  • http://Guldaan.wordpress.com.pj Hamza Balouch


    Answer is: He is mqmer:)Recommend

  • Reece

    Tanzeel Ahmed I assume your a muslim therefore If any muslim places their hand on the Qur’an and swear they are telling the truth, its your obligatory right to belive that person. Recommend

  • http://www,pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    @Samran Warsi:
    I disagree with u Zulfi has re egnited the ethnic fire , he is working on the basis of altaf and i guess success will be in his future . PPP wont let him go he is very important in their Sindhi card .Zulfiqar Mirza may be the next cheif minister of SindRecommend

  • Ali Hasan

    Great stuff!Recommend

  • Sana Wahidi

    Spot on, Gr8 work!
    Reply Mirza its about your already shaking credibility :DRecommend

  • Muzaffar

    This article is an absolute waste of time. Seems like the writer has a personal issue with Mr.Mir,a none if the questions make any sense. If someone is taking a stand and speaking the truth why do we have to poke fingers in it?
    Questions like why did he go on a vacation .. Shows how illogical and useless this piece is.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/mraliahmad Ali Ahmad

    He answered most of them if you cared to go through his press conference and interview in Capital Talk where everyone was ripping him off!!

    I dont really like the guy before but after this – the way he answered – He got my vote in next electionRecommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    All Muslims swear in court by placing their hand on Quran but one happens to be criminal. Got it ?

  • http://www.google.com.pk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CB8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpeople%2FSaima-Wajahat%2F100000742382153&rct=j&q=saima%20wajahat&a Saima

    Impressed :) its not hidden that whenever Lyari operation took place he’s gone out of control, now operation has been stopped. Did you notice ?Recommend

  • Alee Soomro

    Useless and rubbish , all question already answered, we should apprecitate the man, and thanks to Allah, still thr are human beings in pak to speak truth with courage.Recommend

  • AHK

    That’s one biased article. All of these questions were already answered by Mirza or are irrelevant. Typical MQM-fanboy talk.Recommend

  • chal oyy

    no it is notRecommend

  • jazib

    AWESOME n towsome ARTICLE :)Recommend

  • Ashar

    Excellent article and I really want mirza to answer these questions. All this drama and emotional outburst was due to liyari operation Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    I think it will only be appropriate if just like Zulfi Mirza , Altaf Hussain takes oath on Quran and says that these allegations are wrong and Zulfi is a liar. But for that, Altaf bhai will have to raise his standards and do a live TV ‘Khitab’ instead of a usual telephonic one. Without it, it will just be a blame game from both sides and nothing else.Recommend

  • Haris Mirza

    I tell the truth therefore people don’t like me! – People don’t like to hear the truth about a lot of things,
    but sometimes its …
    Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it. #ZulfqarMirzaRecommend

  • UA

    Zardari is now playing politics with the ppl of khi.

    Wake up
    mirza cannot do anything with out zardaris consent and we all know tht. This media circus is just to keep ppl confused,Recommend

  • sam

    disappointing article !!
    writer is another kamran khan who cant take anything against mqm :(Recommend

  • ahsen

    aallaa ker dia tanzeel boy !!Recommend

  • http://facebook.com/faizankhan4 Faizan Khan

    Nice yaar u rocks…….
    Zulfiqar mirza is looking for his own advantages that he can gain sympathy from lyari ppl by against PPP indirectlyRecommend

  • eraj khan

    I would like to know this author’s credentials….

    Disclaimer: I am not a PPP supporter or ZM’s fan….But the naivety of this author is quite evident to me, after assessing his questions…. and thanks to ET for, once again, proving their worth by publishing such sub-standard articles…Recommend

  • http://comments. Sultan Ahmed.

    With the deteriorating internal situation in Karachi,
    the media men, journalists,and other intellectuals,has been expressed their views regarding the hands hatching conspiracy behind it but the people at large remained failed to understand.

    Now a man,having holy book in hand have come,he narrated allegations against the persons responsible and challenged them their substantiation,he also requested the chief of the apex court to called him so that proofs might be presented in this connection.

    Now it is depend on the court, as to whether notice of the statement is taken or overlooked but hope notice will be taken.

    Zulfiqar Mirza has justly claimed because relevant documents were shown on the media in the present of journalists in which heinous crime were imposed on leaders of high profiles such as MQM and the interior minister of PPP.

    Apparently, reaction from the nation and the leaders of other political parties serving the people this time was a natural move,they have taken serious notice of this and through their publicly demand for legal action and the persons involved in conspiracy regarding against the solidarity of country punish under the high treason as our constitution says.Recommend

  • tam

    useless n time wasting!Recommend

  • Kinzah

    Bcz ppl like him only speak the truth when it suits him and for that matter it suits you to see some ppl being bashed by him so your okay with it..the article speaks volumes you guys just dnt wnt to see the truth and say it as it isRecommend

  • http://dhfj anonymous

    @Noman Ansari:
    bauht ala bhai:pRecommend

  • CB Guy

    So he spoke out and now we want to roast him for that. I would be ok with it after there is an inquiry in each and every allegation he made. Recommend

  • Unknown

    He got the evidence right now, that’s why he didn’t show up in 2001, and other answers he gave on the shows last nightRecommend

  • M Baloch

    Apart from party loyalty and ethnic biases, If you are based in Karachi you know very welll that what he was exactly talking about? Baaqi aap ko chot dil p lagi hai tou, try to cool down nothing can refute facts and lets call spade a spade. If we don’t do it now, neither we ourselves nor nor future generations ll forgive us for creating this mess and more crucially being silent on all the massacres. Recommend

  • SAK

    Though I am not a fan of Zulfiqar Mirza but what he has said is the truth and if we do not acknowledge then this city will continue to burn , I am sure after his questions are answered these twenty have to be answered as well.Recommend

  • progressive_Pakistani

    Dabang Mirza!!! Pride of Pakistan!! Sheer e Karachi!! We people of Pakistan have great respect for you.You exposed terrorist with such a bravery that no one ever dared to do it before.You got guts and you are REAL man.Dabang Mirza Bravo!!Recommend

  • ameen abbasi

    I want Zulfiqar mirza to prove his blame on MQM and Altaf Hussain Bhai in Hon’ able Supreme Court, if zulfiqar mirza can not do it so he should be in prison further I do request to Hon’ able Chief Justice that You pleeeeeze take Necessary Action in these circumstances in KARACHI voilation.Recommend

  • husaniyat

    firstly good job tanzeel ….. people criticizing it is the same people who use to call “podiny ki gadi” to bangoli’s. But sooner they learned the lesson and done what is needed to give their children an identity which were lost. Pakistan is divided in their opinion on tahreek e Taliban, lashkar e tayba, sipa e shaba, shariyat e muhamadi, jundallah, etc for the right wing parties they are fighting and killing people for Islam and Pakistan. and for the so called liberals they are terrorist. Beside this Pakistan is divided on each and every issue. But guess what when it comes to MQM, there is no difference of religious, secular, left wing , right wing, they all say the same lines. When MQM try to do mohajir politics they get a full blooded army operation. And when they try to do national politics they got kicked back to Karachi. I mean this is in sane there are no angels in MQM but is PAC is (dood ki dhuli huye). All PAC members are sitting in atikaf. All ANP members are on tabligi tour and giving naki ki dawat. There are urdu speaking in jamat e islami ( munawar hasan ) is mohajir , PPP, and guess what in ANP as well. But for the rest of the people of Pakistan except karachi every muhajir is MQM. I’m really sad to say this but they have seen an army operation in the 90’s. at that time they didn’t did anything for the city or for muhajir’s so they were urdu speaking people to support the operation. but performance given from 2001-2007 if this time they going to put MQM with the wall again with same unproved allegation . Then ya mulk ak bar phir tout jiya ga….. there is a real sense of insecurity in the muhajir community. In a country where people rape a 3 year old girl he is a Muslim too . In a country where people take vote on allah rasul name and do LFO. These guys do not have any deen iman. ( hath ma Quran pakar liya nara husan ka mar liya or ban gaye thaky dar). Janab mazeet khatay han I will give my life and fight for the people of Karachi. What about badin is evey thing fine there wahan duood ki nahar nikal gaye hia. Me and my family use to hate MQM because that 95 operation took a lot from our family. But know I have no choice to support MQM. And I’m proud of it. ( and 1 more thing……. If someone’s innocent brother, father, sister, uncle get killed by the police. Like it or not Wo tuoo chun chunk y maray ga)

    jism ma katra katra zahar yun utara jaraha hia
    hum ko chun chunk y kuch asay mara jaraha hia

    mare awam juvay ma lage rakam hia kia
    jinhy asay har bazi ma hara jaraha hiaRecommend

  • axfar

    i have also saperate 20 question o mirza sahebb…Recommend

  • http://www.leghari.com Leghari29

    Dear Miss Eraj Khan:
    The questions writer made above seem to be very valid. being a law students I am taught to analyze the point on its merits and than wasting time in judging affiliation of claimant. At least we have people to respond Mirza. I appreciate writer’s work its not only sarcastic but provides lots of material to ponder about. Besides this Express Tribune people doing great job for providing space to the people belong to different school of thoughts.
    Jamal Leghari (Bahawalpur)Recommend

  • Fawad

    Tribune Should Stop this cheap journalism….Recommend

  • Waheed

    Pathetic effort to gather same questions which were asked from Zulfiqar Mirza in different talk shows throughout night.Recommend

  • Ammad Hafeez

    Thumbs Up !!Recommend

  • I second you

    Good Point
    These guys do not have any deen iman. ( hath ma Quran pakar liya nara husan ka mar liya or ban gaye thaky dar). Janab mazeet khatay han I will give my life and fight for the people of Karachi. What about badin is evey thing fine there wahan duood ki nahar nikal gaye hia.

    After all Mirza achieved nothing as yet. Lets see he can actually bring MQM behind the bars or his rhetoric will again vanish in the air. Recommend

  • N

    First we are use to of see topi drama but this time sindhi cartoon make “quran drama” in front of people of Pakistan. He has such a low IQ that by cursing to specific people he actually cursed Bhutto and zardari who are his ideals too and were reasons of bringing these men back to politics.Recommend

  • M

    Excellent writing!! So true.Recommend

  • NeMeSYZ

    Great article!

    Our people are so naive, they’ll start believing anything that’s thrown at them. People still think something coming out of Zulfiqar mirza is credible?

    Besides even if for a second you do consider that he’s suddenly become a saint, then why doesn’t he tell the truth about the gangs he’s supporting? How can people call him truthful if hes hiding the facts about one side?

    Dont get me wrong im not saying MQM is innocent, they probably arent, but:
    “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”Recommend

  • Musa

    @Tanzeel: You should have watched Capital Talk on Geo last night it was a 2 plus hour program and Mr. Mirza answered all these questions and much, much more. Your usual answer to anyone who speaks the truth about MQM is that he is not a muhajir, well I am one!Recommend

  • Singh

    he did spoke these things in assembly weren’t u aware of that
    also he did not acknowledge that rehman malik is gud politician he said he can b a gud politician if he speaks half the truth then full
    ahh this article is full of lame questions please watch the press conference again and also some talk shows on the tv u ill get ur answersRecommend

  • http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos027.htm Engineer Ahsan

    It seems all parties and even commentators ganging up against MQM. Reminds me of APC where they tried to sideline Muttahida Qaumi but failed . Good efforts Tanzeel Ahmad. Recommend

  • Saqib

    Excellent article its so easy to know why he has don’t this drama to divert lyari operation finding he is terrorist himselfRecommend

  • Hamza Amir

    Very well said..Recommend

  • ansar

    useless question.Recommend

  • Shermeen Shah

    A criminal in disguise beautifully exposed by the writer. iLIKERecommend

  • Sarim Jamal

    Lousy Article Completely Bias. Give The Guy A Chance :P

    Watch The Interview Again And Then Write. He Has Been Saying Kay Mujhe Court Bulao -.-
    Uh. He Said He Was In The Meeting With Altaf Hussain :p Recommend

  • Sehar

    I am a resident of karachi , And i know the person very well , he’s been doing this since the govt formed, he hates urdu speaking people in karachi .I am not a mqm person but they have done so much work for the public and especially mustafa kama he is brilliant , thanks to altaf hussain. i would say this is all fabricated, another trick to meline mqm position which is impossible.Recommend

  • Rashid Aurakzai

    Love Zulfi MirzaRecommend

  • Naima

    oh really? have you ever read whats written inside the Holy Quran? I never knew thats obligatory in Islam. Stop creating your own religion! So if someone hold the Holy Quran and says you are a terrorist (trust me a lot will do that for money) you will believe it? JAHALAT!Recommend

  • imran

    i wont say whatever ZM said is wrong, there may lots of truth in it. But why is he just so against MQM. Are all the other parties pious in karachi. When asked about Liyari he didnt say anything just because Lyari is a strong vote bank of PPP. Completely political press conference just before election to effect MQM votes.Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Mirza

    Can anyone ask Zulfiqar Mirza to take aoth on Alam(Punjatan) and repeat the same allegation?Recommend

  • farah

    best and most valid question is question no.21 put up by noman ansari!!! lolRecommend

  • Ali Aamir

    dear writer u found him quite outrageous but i personally think it was inevitable.some body had to break the shackles so it was mr mirza.Recommend

  • Salman Ashfaque

    *This is stupid article, its all a blame game I blame you, you blame me, but no one answers the questions! But I totally loved the way he came out there and said all that he did!
    Saw Zulfiqar Bhutto in him the one who tore papers in UN and threw them to the faces of the world leaders! He is the only politician I know that stood against MQM.
    MQM blames PPP all the time People’s aman party did this did that, but when someone talks about MQM we get such articles like this.

  • Azeem Shah

    Such a useless and pathetic article….. How many schools MQM has build in Karachi without being in Power… Its look like u havent been to interior Sindh.. Kindly visit there u will find many colleges universities in every big city… They have cadet colleges, engineering and medical universities there. Just teme one thing, How many people are killed in Karachi so far in this blood shed.. I can bet they are far more then people died in whole interior.. and Y MQM leave govt and join govt???Recommend

  • mir

    Tanzeel, I must say, you write very well. Its a shame to see you writing such a biased article. Although, some of the questions raised are really nice and relevant, rest question your credibility as a writer. Questions to be raised should have focused on ZM’s accusations.

    Pity! If you cant raise your voice against tyranny, don’t support it man. Not everyone is gifted with such a beautiful articulation of speech and writing.Recommend

  • ahmed

    @umair: as it was said before that the action of every other party in Karachi is retaliatory one,,, the questions in the article were repetitive and the answers were given by mr mirza during the talk shows and even during the press conference,, and if you are asking a childish question why dr zulfiqar went to america for holidays, the country which is conspiring against pakistan,, well one can counter that with another childish question,what was mr altaf hussain doing in India when they actually have broken pakistan in two pieces,, We all have to raise above all the issues and frankly speaking everyone who lives in karachi knows what type of organization MQM isRecommend

  • http://www.amigozone.com irfan Amir

    Both MQM and PPPP have become SAME kind of organizations. We should get rid of these ASAP!
    Remember, Zulfiqar Mirza said that he has his personal interests too. I cant believe such, Quran or no Quran.Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    People still supporting MQM, makes me really sad. On the day of judgement, everyone will be raised with the leader they support. Is it not scary enough?! Recommend

  • Poor Parrot Party

    hehe :) These questions are valid, whether you’re a PPP jiyala or whatever, people need to ask them on a neutral ground..if zulfi thinks he’s so noble and pious, why the hell did he wait till now to bring all of this in front of the world?

    And what is it with you PPP lovers? It almost looks like you guys squish your eyes shut and put your fingers in your ears and say “NO NO NO” whenever you hear anything even mildly critical… Doesn’t your democracy mean being able to take a bit of dissent?

    Or, is one of the prerequisites for becoming a jiyala, being jahil? Recommend

  • Avida Sheikh

    Brilliant work by the writer. ZM’s supporters must come up with relevant responses.Recommend

  • patriot paki.

    my qustion from tribune.
    1, why you always post news against pakistan or pakistans interest?
    1. why instead of blaming the the corrupt system that mirza analyze,you keep on blaming Mirza himself?
    2.when america is trying to break pakistan will you still remain the partner of american media?
    3. you are partner of nw times or its compaign???Recommend

  • http://ptcl anwaar

    excelleint work by yhe author.zulfikar mirza is bias and show his prejudice against urdu speaking comunity times and again. is mqm chief is so foolish that he shares such secret with him. Recommend

  • Umer

    Totally useless and pointless questions. O yeah, why do we support iftikhar chaudhary? wasnt he the one to allow musharaf remain president in the uniform on first hand??? he also became unrighteous man after he wasnt threatened his job and was blackmailed. He is also a human, no one knows when one’s conscious becomes alive..anyhow, i am still in doubt about mirza.Recommend

  • Jade Crystal

    I am afraid i posted reply to those 20 question, which are not allowed to come up as i tried to repost it says already posted, i would like to tell the article writer to go and research first, than ask not only 20 but 20 thousand questions, be research oriented.Recommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasserr

    Simply awesome and Excellent Question, Great work Tanzeel, why Mr. Mirza happens to speak truth when torture cells are recovered in Lyari is a million dollar question =)Recommend

  • mahar afzal

    Zulfi s rock………………..finnallly he uttered the bitter facts-:) late but right!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Zulfiqar has said what most Pakistanis were already muttering in the privacy of their homes, but were too afraid to say out loud.

    I have my reservations about some of the claims made by Zulfiqar (the article makes a few valid points), but his boldness and solemn sagacity alone are worthy of an applause.Recommend

  • KhaggaMachi

    I don’t understand Altaf Hussain was so stupid that he was revealing Anti Pakistan plan and and his partnership in that with Zulfiqar Mirza?
    Secondly he met Altaf Hussain in Nov 2008, and accused Altaf Hussain and MQM as tool of ISI and Army in Nov 2009? Recommend

  • yousaf

    throughout his interview Mr,Mirza had his hand on Quran or Quran on his head.this act of his made it obligatory on us muslims to believe what he said,But one big obligation fell on Mr.Mirza”s shoulders too i.e.it has become mandatory for him to remove the rampant contradictions in all what he said,moreover after all efforts to keep Pak army away(a neutral force) why this interview just one day before supreme court(another neutral institution) was to start hearings in the suo-moto action taken about Karachi killingsRecommend

  • ZanNeko

    Really? So if Rehman Malik puts a Quran on his head and swears that he’s eating a banana when he’s actually eating an apple, am I obliged to believe him? Please. People can lie even when they put a Quran on their head, stop being so naive. Not that I’m saying he lied or anything, but those are some really serious accusations. Recommend

  • Ayesha Samad

    Interesting perspective by Tanzeel. There is definitely something more behind the scene. While trying to see different point of views, I found another very interesing take on this whole issue :


  • Hadi Ali Khan

    Thumbs up for the article.
    Zulfiqar Mirza is a disgrace to his name. Has he gone nuts and forgotten the innocent blood of Urdu-speaking people who were beheaded in the recent spate of killings? Or is he trying to suggest that MQM is responsible for those killings too? Absurdity of the highest order. Maybe he needs to cool down a bit, and let the operation be carried out in Lyari; after all it is in Lyari that most of the weapons and torture cells have been discovered. Why is he responding so emotionally against the operation in Lyari?
    As far as his accusations against MQM being in anti-Pakistan plots are concerned; we have had a lot of that before as well. All of it has been dis-proven too. If he is condemning MQM for writing to Tony Blair, maybe he needs to poke in his own shirt for once. His own leader, that is BB wrote some letters to US Ambassadors too in which she openly requested the latter government to stop supporting Pakistan and bringing Pakistan to a stand-still. Here is the link to that letter:
    If MQM is to be held accountable, the late BB should also be answerable about her letters to the American counterparts. They don’t smell of patriotism either. So people, get a life, and realize that none of the parties have a clean sheet here. All have deficiencies. Targeting MQM solely is worthless because one thing is for sure: Zulfiqar Mirza howling like that has only made the Urdu-speaking community feel more isolated and that the MQM votebank will swell even further. Recommend

  • Haider Naqwi

    aik aur sawal kiya aap nay altaf bhai ki haleem kahi hai?Recommend

  • Gulkhaiz

    There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting (Buddha) .
    Whether we like it or not,in light of the new ground realities Karachites will now have have to re engineer their political attitudes,Recommend