Shahbaz Taseer kidnapped, and a scream that never ends

Published: August 26, 2011


This is my country – a place where governors are murdered for fighting for minority rights by bearded men claiming higher moral ground in the name of religion.

This country – where entire families are targeted for the alleged sins of a single individual. A place where justice is a joke, and every good deed can be counter-argued with ten evil deeds making us all, indeed, rotten to the core.

I am talking about the abduction of the late Governor Salmaan Taseer’s son, Shahbaz Taseer today. I wake up to yet another morning of screams inside my head; visions of death, torture, pain and unending questions mostly centered around –- why?

What did Shahbaz Taseer do that was so bad?

Was it the photos of his family that were circulated online in an attempt to malign the Taseers?

Was it the fact that he was born into money?

Was it the fact that his father was in a position of power, and in a moment of clarity, decided to stand up for the right of Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman being persecuted by her village?

Was it the fact that the Taseers maintained a courageous face after the murder of their father, stepping forward into the media light and trying to make a difference, rather than cowing down as the men in beards would want? A refusal to submit to the whims of terrorists merits murder and abduction?

What a sad state of affairs – the screams in my head will not stop today, or for many more days.

I go online hoping beyond hope to find some meaning in this madness – to connect to some of my fellow people.

There are already comments welling up under articles being shared on Shahbaz Taseer’s abduction. This is what I read pock-marked among messages of shock and dismay:

Wajahat Ali Khan Wow! 1 Secular abducted (Updated on Media) 10,000+ Faithful Muslims abducted (No Update on Media) ET; You are failed. (22 people like this)

Azhar Haleem Raja its realy bad bt 1 thing there are 100’s of people kidnaped daily alas never heard of those poor felows bt a rich kidnaped n media z barking (13 people like this)

Shahiq Ali What do we know he was probably kidnapped by his girlfriend ;) (11 people like this)

Xalvi Xalviz All media now following this. Media is biased. Normal citizen insaan nahi hotay? Tab koi Ku nahi headlines deta (1 person likes this)

Bushra Zia Rehman Agreed. Why special news for him? Is he some kind of celeb? I dont even no hiim. (2 people like this)

This is my country and these are my countrymen…more does not need to be said, and some of the more atrocious comments that have been deleted should never be shared again.

To answer one question though – yes, Shahbaz Taseer is special for me. All the Taseers are special for me, because in the struggle for a poor Christian woman in a village, they did what no one in Pakistan is ready to do. They took risks, they made sacrifices and they are a symbol for justice above and beyond our flawed Constitution, our pathetic (often dangerous) clerics, our weak-willed, cowardly politicians.

It’s called walking the walk, rather than talking the talk and for that alone, I am humbled by their strength. I hope to show some of that same courage some day – to stand up for what is right, and make a difference, despite the risks and consequences.

That is the only way the screams in my head will ever be silenced.

Thank you for showing me the way Salmaan Taseer, may your family remain safe from harm.

Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ammar Aziz

    Taseers are the new Bhuttos of Pakistan…Recommend

  • Wajahat Ali Khan

    Dude, I am faithful, honest and loyal with my Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan.
    Do not create Hype, or else Write an article on Thousands of Abducted Muslim Kids, Boys, Girls, Men, Women in Pakistan since 2001 and Now!!!

    I will be thankful to you, Don’t be so biased. Voice of HAQ can never be stopped; You are limited MINDed person that is why stated ‘ME’ in this article :)Recommend

  • Amir Nasiruddin

    God Save Shahbaz TaseerRecommend

  • ZM

    You gave me someone to scream with in my head. Like i said earlier too. Laanat on everyone else who thinks otherwise. Recommend

  • Hamna

    This is so sad and you are right. This scream will never end. What’s the problem with these fundos? The have killed the father and now they want to kill their whole family. What our country has become? It was never like this.Recommend

  • Mahrukh Asad

    I use to defend my country, arguing with friends that. Pakisan will one day stand on it’s feet. Convincing them that leaving our own land and moving abroad is not and will never be a good option. Convincing them to do something for Pakistan, to stand up and raise our voice wherever and whenever needed but as the days are passing by I’m losing hope. And the reason is not the terrorists attacking our city, not the government failing to provide basic needs but the people living in it, ‘our awaam’! A very clear example can be seen in the comments given under the kidnapping of salman tasser’s son which the writer mentioned.Recommend

  • khawar kazmi

    firstly Governor SALMAN TASEER was martyred for mouthing against ongoing stream of vigorous turbulence by belligerents.then the person who led the funeral prayer of late Governor was coerced to leave the Governor’s son has been abducted by impetuous religious lunatics ; Finally, it indicates that unless there is a meaningful policy shift on the appeasement of extremists that is supported by the judiciary and the political class, the edifice of the state is in danger of crumbling irretrievablyRecommend

  • abdul moiz

    what was his crime?? which cardinal sin did he commit? how much more will the taseers be made to suffer and suffer for what sin?????Recommend

  • ZM

    @Ammar Aziz: For every reason, I sure hope not! Recommend

  • Adnan Ahmed Sial

    Hats off to you man!! May ALLAH save his life. Recommend

  • Leviathan

    “What did Shahbaz Taseer do that was so bad?”

    So, only bad people get kidnapped then? Classy.Recommend

  • RS

    Well done, Jahanzaib. I too hope for Shahbaz Taseer’s safe return. No family should ever have to go through such torture, ever. Recommend

  • Said Chaudhry

    Brilliant piece Jhaque. It sickens me to see what our society has become today. You couldn’t have put it together in better words. I hope this article serves as a form of introspection for our country. Praying Shahbaz returns home safely.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Completely ridiculous article .. shahbaz is Kidnapped so whats the big deal 1000 have died in karachi with no change in sight .. add shahbaz to the listRecommend

  • shahazad

    May Allah save you shahbaz!
    you are a son of great man and brave man!Recommend

  • Zeenaz

    this all is getting so suffocating…my life has changed since the day Salman Taseer was shot dead..and today when i got the news of Shahbaz taseer’s adduction i was speechless..most people around cant understand that what Salman taseer has done for humanity and for truth everyone is just blindly following fanaticism…we are a evil nation but i want to hear atleast one good news..Shahbaz Taseer may safely return.Recommend

  • Nadir

    Jay, thank you for standing up for what is right and humane. We seem to be losing our humanity each passing day, but who the heck cares? At least we’re gaining in ‘purity’, right?
    I’m with you man…Recommend

  • Nadir

    I don’t have the stomach to go through the comments under your post. ‘Most everything disgusts me these days …Recommend


    Horrible state. We need oppressive type of dictator to put matters right. Democracy has always been too weak to tackle such situations, particularly in Pakistan. Our constitution brings out lamb-type democracy rather than lion-type government. A criminal minded party or individual is trying to make the maximum score or gain while affiliated with the government, and if the government intends to put a stern hand on their waga-bbounds, they threaten to topple the government; and of course our government has all the wishes to stay in power, so what if thousands of the poor are slain in Karachi or abducted. No one is Zardari or Gillani’s kins. Recommend

  • sam

    so where do we liberals go ? leave this country …. i wonder how does Christians and Hindus of this country feel :(

    down with biased constitution and judiciary @[email protected]Recommend

  • Syed Hussein El-Edroos

    Agree with what Jehanzeb writes about what the Taseers stood for. We need more people with more guts.Recommend


    Does he believe in Allah?Recommend

  • true

    love da comment dat he might be kidnapped by some of his gal frnd lolRecommend

  • sam

    @GHAREEB ADAMI: No sir democracy has nothing to do with it, this cultural change came after Zia ul haqs islamisation of Pakistan and since than its increasing.Recommend

  • Wajahat Ali Khan


  • waseem

    dont you all thinks that express tirbune publish from pakistan. iam not ready to beleive on this fact.when ever i read the tirbune articels,i felt ashame that our own media trying with full force to declare pakistan as failed state.this article wht ever the writer name is trying to draw a clear boundry between those who are liberal minded and those who want to live un pure islamic state.
    paid writers…………Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    Brilliantly written!Recommend

  • Yahya Mansoor

    I hope he comes back home safe, My prayers are with Shahbaz Taseer. Recommend

  • zain

    what the hell… The kidnapers are not known yet, while we are directly claiming bravely that he is abducted by bearded terrorists. Is this not biased? But on the other hand who ever kidnaped him is a terrorist and the whole nation is with taseer family.. Writer plz stop sharing biased thoughts rather share an article covering all the aspects. Recommend

  • sarah

    What happend with Salman Taseer was wrong! And what has happend with his son is even worst. May he return home safely. But please people, stop using the words liberal to define yourselves and religious to define criminals. Please do some research and increase your knowledge of our beautiful religion Islam. Islam is the most liberal religion. By posting such comments on the internet, you give people reason to assume that Islam is a bad religion. It is always the people who are bad. Pakistan’s biggest dilemma was, and always has been this fight between the liberals and the religious. Please remember someone who commits crime can never ever be religious, they are just paid criminals.Recommend

  • Sane

    i would like to add up here that taseer family has been involved in some property disputes. and they are not so


  • CB Guy

    This is just another kidnapping for me, unfortunate indeed but just because he was a known personality’s son does not make him any special. Anyone who points at ET’s failure to give any heed to dozens of kidnappings in Karachi in the last few days has the right to be annoyed.

    As for Salman Taseer’s assassination, it was indeed a very unfortunate incident. i do not think that he carried out any kind of Blasphemy, not at least from what i have come across in the news. Suggesting a law may need improvement does not make him blasphemous.

    But please stop painting him as a saint. As for his family snaps, they should have never made out of his house. Governor is head of the province and one does expect such a person to bear good moral character. Since he didn’t hold that post in Hawaii, he certainly lacked on those grounds as well. . Recommend

  • Freya

    @Wajahat Ali Khan:
    You mourn over the thousands of abducted people but have you ever done anything for those people? Except yell around? Well this man and his family is paying the price for supporting one minority in a Islamic state. I surely think they are much more respectable than you who can just sit there and post denial comments. Recommend

  • Salma

    Excellent article.

    This is not an ordinary abduction…this is not about a poor man abducted or a rich man for ransom…this abduction is related to the fanatic element eating the very fabric of our society and we are unable to comprehend it. It’s such a sad state of affairs the comments after Taseer’s murder and now these just shows there is a taliban hidden in each of these people and they don’t ever look into their own cheatings and hypocricy and lies of everyday life but are quick at jumping to condemn people who stand up for the marginalized and are not hypocrites. These are the people who can live the best of life in any part of the world but are the ones who choose to live and die for this country. Recommend

  • Saad

    I hope and pray for Shahbaz Taseer’s speedy rescue/recovery. It’s no more about hoping for things to get better; these days we wake up and hope things aren’t going to get any worse. It’s hard not to feel asphyxiated and lose hope.

    That being said, I believe that the author could have shown some journalistic ethics in not naming people who clearly have either lost the ability to empathize, or have a misplaced sense of empathy. Inasmuch as I try to understand the author’s emotional state, I still think that he could have either skipped, or not named and linked to the Facebook pages of such people without their consent.Recommend

  • Freya

    The big deal is he and his father DIED FOR THE SAKE OF JUSTICE. You people scorn minorities, you hate them that is why you people are the ones who will bring this nation to hell. Yes, the 1000 people abducted had a fate, a bad fate, but they werent the ones to deliberately walk into death for the sake of JUSTICE. Now get the distinction??Recommend

  • fahad ullah

    at the end of this article there is a note which says ”The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune” …So Mr Jehanzeb keep your biased comments within urself ,No human loving can justify Young Taseer’s abduction ,but presenting him like a champion of Minority rights nah not taken.And you being an editor online at tribune should avoid this un-ethical and biased analysis.Let us wait for the details only then you should make it another case of Religious intolerance and Islamist Fundamentalism.And one last request plzzz concentrate on your own city Karachi where every day dozenz of Poor Young Taseer’s are abducted and killed ruthleslly,where you even know the killers and abducters but you dont even dare to name or speak about them because they are not Mullah’s or Talibs ,Recommend

  • Freya

    So if he and his father saves a minority, then he doesnt believe in Allah?? Is that your point of asking this question?Recommend

  • rehan

    though this action should be condemned, but for the love of god dont try to prove salman taseer as a social activist working for the minorities. and why is this kidnapping bothering u so much? why cant u take it as just another kidnapping in the country? just because he’s rich doesnt mean he cant go through the tragedies that a common man can face any day. Recommend

  • Ahmed Khan

    Really appreciate your thinking Mr. Haque. I’m really distressed too, I don’t know where our nation’s thinking is. May Allah bless them wisdom & keep all of us safe.Recommend

  • Fahad Najib

    i see where you are coming from and agree to some extent, surely raising voice for a christain helpless women is commendable, but not this or any other thing makes one superior to other, what about a common less influential pakistani who works hard from dawn till dusk for his family but he gets killed for no reason(in khi) i won’t see policeman taking fingerprints so diligently as i saw today on TV from a merc compressor. I wont even see an article in tribune on a common man being killed near kati pahari.Recommend

  • Freya

    @Wajahat Ali Khan:
    You know from this comment, you come up of as a amateur teen who still has got to understand some really important issues in life. Its not the matter of class. Its the matter of sacrifice, of taking risks, of dying for a greater good and of coming down from “class status” to do something for a weak woman. Grow up. seriously.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Thousands are getting kidnapped every month in Punjab…Hundreds are killed everyday in Karachi..This is not about Fundos,its about a country where there is no Law and Order.However your article didnt address the real issue at all which is No Rule Of Law In Pakistan.Recommend

  • Freya

    Stop being in a state of denial Mr.Waseem. Look reality in the eye. Pakistan is 80% a failed state and if people like you hang around it, going into constant denial and pretending that everything is right, instead of identifying problems and fighting them away, Pakistan will definitely become a 100% failed state! The article wasnt even talking about Islam being a bad or good religion. It just talked about how a person is killed, abducted for protecting the rights of another minority. Please have some insight, before you post an emotional comment.Recommend

  • MN

    I can’t understand why we have become so desperate in our approach. Everybody will be given a chance but please let it be clear by whom and why he was kidnapped. Why are you all highly educated and liberal people being so decisive? Recommend

  • faraz

    People should come out of denial, Pakistan is a thoroughly radicalized society, and there is no such thing as silent tolerant majority. Despicable characters like Mumtaz Qadri are equally popular among educated and uneducatedRecommend

  • Arslan Khalid

    I hope he remains safe but so do I hope for hundreds that are getting kidnapped everyday,,hundreds getting killed everyday…My problem with such episodes is that instead of addressing the detrioting Law and Order situation,our highly enlightened opinion makers make it sound as if we are becoming a failed state because of Mullahs..Why do they forget that there is thing called GOVT who is responsible to keep check on such crimes whether they be coming from some Mullah or some Liberal Fascist..Recommend

  • amerbail

    my prayers are with taseer family, inshAllah he will return very soon safely. and to all haters, get off, taseers are one of the most courageous ppl of pakistan that besides the tragic death of salman taseer, they decided to stay in pakistan. Salman taseer was one of the most charitable and outspoken people. he went to help out the flood victims last year. He did not get his deserved pay as being a governor. Please give him and his family some respect PLEASE.Recommend

  • http://computerweb aden

    may Allah he back his home safe & sound:)Allah bless him or his family:)Recommend

  • maulabus

    pleas please this is my request to all taseer family
    please quit this country ——– to safe your lives—– There are lot of Mumtaz Qadri in this fundamentalist countryRecommend

  • Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    can ET please stop focusing on all this nonsense and make the good we do the new headlines?Recommend

  • Anon

    Wajahat, I’ll happily join you in praying for the safe return of “common” people if you join me in praying for Shahbaz Taseer. Sound fair?Recommend

  • Noble Tufail

    For me and many like me Salman Taseer and his family is more important than even ZA Bhutto. Wishing Taseer’s safe return home.Recommend

  • Safi Uddin

    “cowing down as the men in beards would want”

    What a misleading statement. Dude, men in beards? could u have thought a little harder before writing this?

    I am sorry but an article written with a lot of emotion and zero objectivity!Recommend

  • khola

    May Allah save his life from the hands of these cruel people! (Ameen)Recommend

  • maestro

    May God have mercy on the Taseer family and may all those praising vermin like Qadri burn in hell. Recommend

  • Adnan

    A high profile person who possibly kidnapped for money or because of his business affairs ……… don’t u people think its too early to decide that he kidnapped because he is Taseer or bulla bulla ………….. we should wait for Mr. Rehman Malik statement too, he surely knew who kidnapped Shahbaz Taseer. ;-}Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    God has punished him for being son of a secular. Recommend


    He is the son of an unpopular politicians, his abduction definitely is NEWS. However, your article is absolutely biased and purely subjective. I suggest ET teach some journalistic ethics to its staff so that they come out of their pseudo-secularist and pseudo-liberal stance and develop some objective analytical skills.Recommend

  • !!!

    @Syed Hussein El-Edroos:
    people with more guts and less of islamic sense? cuz taseers sure dont have the later.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Why do not the create a culture of love, peace and harmony,when they rule ? They care about personal gains , kick backs and blind support to CHIEF SAHAB(party leader ). What your peace loving moderate party is doing in karachi ? Recommend

  • Pakistani

    May Allah save us from cruel ruling elite who never do anything for safety of common people.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    100% rightRecommend

  • Sana

    Even though i do hope he comes back safe and sound, but this is a biased article. I mean what about the 1000’s of people killed,abducted,tortured in Karachi in the last 3 4 years, Y don’t we write an article on each of them as well..??Why is he being given a special treatment…??Do you even listen to yourself??What about all those mothers who still have no idea where their sons have gone too..???Who will write for them??who will make headlines for them..??? in this country where the rich and the famous are worth mentioning and the others are mere ants to crush…!! SHAME ON YOU…!!! Recommend

  • farhan

    great work Pakistan. keep on abducting and killing your own people and hosting murderers of other countries. Recommend

  • Who cares!

    Who the hell cares about Taseer! They wouldn’t have thought for even a second if it was a common citizen of Pakistan. Why should we cares about these high class people then?Recommend

  • Adeel ahmed

    Over All Kidnapping Ratio in pakistan Growing day by day great example is cantilever in Province Baluchistan.well i thing No one safe in Pakistan every person has a problems in Different shapes:(May Allah Bless our holy Land and its Nation)Recommend

  • Who cares!

    Who cares about these people when they don’t care an iota about us! BIG DEAL!
    Heck he might be kidnapped by his girlfriend or his wife to be! At least that’s what Rehman Baba makes us think.

    P.S: This comes from a citizen of Karachi who has picked heard gun shots all his life and seen people in body bags by the dozen!Recommend

  • s

    no need for creating such hype…think about other poor ppl being abducted on the streets and being shot openly..its not about shahbaz taseer…its abt every individuals safety.. before feeling sorry for him…feel sorry for 500 ppl who have been shot in khi for no reason. people are killing eachother…being abducted…but why?? noone knows…start frm the basic…root problem..n mayb the abduction is not cuz of religious reason or any statements.. its just a part of some political game…or uncertainity that is prevailing all over pakistanRecommend

  • UA

    From the views of some of the people who have posted on here thats what it seems they want all Pakistanis to do. The view that we should for the sake of fairness give annonymity to all rather than a voice to even one of them seems a horribly wrong idea and makes a mockery of the concept of humanity in Pakistan. I do not comment about Shahbaz Taseer because I think he is famous or he is a celebrity I do because I think he is an amazing person and he does not deserve nor does his family deserve to go through this ordeal. Am I sad about all the other kidnappings in this country? Yes I am but does that mean I should stay quiet or any one should stay quiet. We should considering the circumstances all come together rather than whine about why this person is being highlighted and why this person is not.Recommend

  • Mehr

    Makes me sick what my country is coming to. Maybe if people will read this article and reflect on it’s meaning. Of course it is sad that every person that is kidnapped is not covered like this by the media… But right now the Taseers are in a position of power and money and are under constant media spotlight. So this case has more light shed on it. Doesn’t mean that just because his kidnapping is getting coverage, it is wrong. Praying for your safe return.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    After going through the comment, cant believe that people cant me that insensitive.Recommend

  • Lady Macbeth

    Salman Taseers murder by a religious fanatic was tragic. His sons abduction, if it leads to his murder (lets hope not), could prophesize more doom and darker times for a balanced Pakistan.

    It could only mean that the so called ”liberals” can start with their Pakistan bashing (ie the country is overrun by Islamic radicals/secularism is the answer to all the bloodshed) and the religious extremists can applaud the culprits responsible.

    And hence widening the gap between normality and equilibrium. Recommend

  • Ali

    Here’s another one and I totally agree with him and also Wajahat Ali Khan!

    akchishti: I wish there would be same uproar for the #Baloch who are being kidnapped and killed everyday by State than for #ShabazTaseerRecommend

  • Hassan Akbar

    Do u even know what Asia BIBI said about prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)?
    There was no question about defending her . As for shahbaz taseer his kidnapping is unacceptable so are other kidnappings but why are they not in media!!Recommend

  • Talat Haque

    Dear Mr. Wajahat Ali Khan ………. do you not realize that human sorrow has nothing to do with high class or low class ………… injustice and sorrow and real human values know no boundaries ………… they affect human beings equally everywhere – Norway, New York, Karachi or Lahore ………….. one can cry for the sorrow of even one’s enemies …………. as a good human being can you not feel for the torture of another human being …………. you and I are high class soulful people that is why we feel the scream inside our hearts and minds that the writer of the article feels ……… the kidnappers have lost their souls and humanity………….. may Shahbaz come back safe and sound to his family just like you wish every other missing person should come back to their families ………….. there is a principle involved here.Recommend

  • Saad

    Woah, reading all these comments has just left me confused. Why are Pakistanis so insensitive?Recommend

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    JH, whatever we do, we will never be able to knock sense into the heads of “Lakeer ke Faqeer”.. the second comment with 40 likes so far testifies that! These people harbor grudges for the Taseer family because they took sides with a christian woman. They’re bigoted… they have no sympathy and they’re breeding like bunnies! (had to say this!)Recommend

  • Sadiq Nagri

    Very well sadi.I completly second your views. Our country is rapidly going into an abyss and if don’t stand now againt these bigots then our future generations will never forgive us. May Allah save Shahbaz Taseer’s life and the lives of millions of other pakistanis who dare to challange these fanatics.Recommend

  • Azam

    We need a grand cleanup in Pakistan. Start with the lawyers who supported the terrorist who killed Governor Taseer. Shot them on the spot and then go after religious fanatics.Ata Turk can be a good role model.Recommend

  • Salman

    I wonder why not mumtaz qadri is hanged up yet? May be Zardari and Gilani are scared of molives. and even Zardari is not interested to catch his wife killers after having full powers. Pakistan is no more a place to live. And people are dead they don’t bother whats going on around. so sad.Recommend

  • Forbidden fruit

    The abduction of shahbaz taseer cant’ be directly related to ‘men in beard.’The overall situation of country demands the unbiased picture of the map.Hundreds of peoples are kidnapped and killed brutely in karachi,meanwhile the people in Balochistan are feeling like living in somalia.Now this incident seems another propaganda.We need to get rid of corrupt govt. and religious lunatics:Recommend

  • Malik Rehan Khandada

    Its really sad to hear taseer family’s suffering has not ended yet. may Allah the Almighty save shabaz and the common pakistani as well.Those who are typical religious(maniac)mind set are trying to intimidate others by using harsh language as well as by saying he is just like another common man so y so much hype in media———— let me tell you If the next day Hamza Shabaz is kidnapped ,you,ll see their u turn and comments changing——–why
    Hamza Shabaz belongs to sharif family who has close ties with Saudis(the current wahabi govt.) and shariff family has close ties with the religious extremism not only in pakistan but one can say in southeast Asia as well. these Religious maniacs doesn’t even cross the I.Q. limit of 90, they cant question there cleric who tells them whatever he wants and they gonna believe him.Let me tell you they dont care about Islam,current situation of Muslim world etc.what they care is the extremist version of Islam they believe in.May Allah the almighty help us as I see Curse of almighty coming on them soon.Recommend

  • India.

    I have been following the news in Pakistan for a while now. I was shocked when i read of salman taseer’s death.This morning when i read of his son’s kidnapping, my heart stopped beating. i wanted to cry…Then i thought to myself,” why is this affecting me so much. Pakistan is not my country.” Well, It doesn’t matter whether it is India or pakistan. We are all Humans after all. It really hurts to see innocent fellow humans suffer doesn’t it ? you guys will be in my prayers. God bless. Recommend

  • Farhad Yousafzai

    @Wajahat………Off course we must pray for the safe return of all those poor people too..but that does not reduce the significance of Shahbaz kidnapping as his father was martyred in broad day light by a bigot extremist murderer who claimed to do it for religion and we saw him being showered with flowers by people of this country. And his father was murdered for standing up for justice and truth and humanityRecommend

  • Sarah Babar

    This article moved me. It’s true. The screams will never end. Our screams will never end. And to see our own countrymen post comments saying things as appalling as some people hete, have. It’s shameful. I’d like to ask Jahanzaib’s question, again. What have the Taseers done that has ignited so much hatred in the hearts of my fellow Pakistanis? Is it the fact that they’re rich? The fact that they’re not corrupt, for a change? The fact that, unlike other Pakistanis I know, they actually did something with their money? Or maybe the fact that they stood up for the purpose this coubtry wad made – to protect the minority groups living on her lands? I just don’t get it. I really don’t.Recommend

  • Anoop

    All I can say is get used to this. These kinda things will keep happening in Pakistan and the frequency is going to increase.

    I think Pakistan has crossed that threshold. There is no turning back.Recommend

  • Nafisa

    Sad. Very sad. Recommend

  • aalia

    1000’s of people are kidnapped every day. his story is being given importable just because of his influential and wealthy background.Recommend

  • sara

    you are absolutely correct :)Recommend

  • @CRITIC:
    i agreeRecommend

  • M

    Where is the humanity in all this?
    Whether he was born into a rich family or poor that should not be the basis to decide whether this incident deserves all the media limelight and attention it’s getting or not. At the end of the day he is someones son, brother and husband. Just because he has a good social and financial standing doesn’t mean him or his family have no emotions or values that the rest of us Pakistanis have. Agreed – we probably don’t stress enough over the commoners dying in suicide bomb attacks or the victims of random shootings and killings but that should not in any way mean that what has happened today is right. We cannot and should not condone any incident that puts people and their family in harm. We need to unite as a nation and drive out the fundos instead of them scaring away the scarce educated class that chooses to live in their home country. It is unfair and if we don’t act fast – we will confirm the worlds suspicions on Pakistan becoming a “failed state.”Recommend

  • Taha

    Well look its really good that you are thinking about shahbaz taseer but my dear friend you are showing your biasness, if you are thinking about this so called shahbaz taseer then being a pakistani you should think of those 1000’s of people who either lost their lives or being kidnapped just go and get a balanced mindset dear VIP’s has always been a ruling part of our country and this is their job to work for the general public dude we are not getting rude for him ok his work is appreciable but what if i say think and pray for shahbaz taseer and dont show any concerned to those who belongs to middle class or lower class,dear one should have a balanced mindset the comments which you have included are not wrong either if you are not considering them right ok
    and one more think you have already indicated that you thinking is one sided because you wrote the word “me” so next time whenever you talk about majority consider them as well. :)
    May ALLAH bless us Recommend

  • justired

    @Wajahat Ali Khan: You do know that your coment is not the point of the article. The point is that if stand up for what you believe. You get kill. As simple as that. It can be anything. Don’t pick side and listen to the message first. Open your eyes to your people and see them. Stop seeing religion scripted on their forhead. Just STOP.Recommend

  • Shazia

    Doesn’t matter he was a higher or lower class but he was a human….why we always think negative abt the high class?we all belong to same class for Allah…. God bless him….. And inshallah he ll celebrate eid with his family AmeenRecommend

  • Syeda

    Thank you for this article. May Shahbaz Taseer be found safe and sound, as may all the other hundreds of people who have been abducted.

    For those thoughtless people who questioned the specialness of Taseer and the author’s screams for the injustice of his abduction, I would like to say that even if Taseer was not special, we should all be screaming in our heads and otherwise as well. We should scream for all victims of abduction and injustice, INCLUDING Taseer. (I’ll have to assume these people had lost their thoughts, for if they had actually thought about what they were writing regarding Taseer’s abduction, they wouldn’t have written their flippant remarks.)

    May safety and sanity prevail in all of Lahore, in our beautiful Pakistan.Recommend


    Yes u r right . There are different types of fanatics and lunatics. Some are financial , political and administrative.They push common people to the wall.When they rule they do not care about laws, justice , fairness and rights. but when they are victim of their own lawless system , then they cry for laws and rights or wrongs. Recommend


    @shahazad: Who great ? Great cheater and law breaker !Recommend

  • Majid Rashid

    wow! the comments are so one sided, poor guy is kidnapped there is all sort of speculation and fight and debates ranging from expressing happiness to grief to poor/rich argument to rightist/leftist arguments. Both rightist and leftists are just using this to support and add weight to their own views and believes and that goes for you too mr writer. How about a thing call investigation of kidnapping I mean there are many reasons for his kidnapping and people just assuming one reason and start arguing. First of all we don’t know that he was kidnapped by fundamentalists, religious fanatics, personal disputes or just for money so please don’t use that assumption to start another story of leftist victimization by fundos, you are doing that, you are better than politicians who using target killings to add weight to their “biyan bazi”, so don’t use every thing as an opportunity for rightist bashing.

    The people who are saying that his kidnapping doesn’t matter because nobody cares about poor people kidnapped are first degree morons, you don’t care and that’s the attitude that take our country to hell, no matter some one rich or poor hes still somebody’s son, being rich doesnt mean that he is not human, you people using the age old argument of poor vs rich and that * is getting old drop it and prey for poor guys safe return to his family and remember there is thing called empathy, and the problem with people like you are that you dont give a * over other people troubles and when something happens to you, you start whining that nobody cares. And for those fundos and idiots who are expressing happiness over taseer kidnapping, shame on you I just hope your loved one is kidnapped , then you will know the pain. You people deserve it, for 60 years you are using the religion to bully people and you will know when its going to bite you in back.

    When ever the thing like that happen liberal and fundamentalists start fighting in that case poor vs rich argument and the real issue left behind. Instead of assuming the reason Wait for the investigation to complete, and if you dont trust police investigation, then raise your voice against it. And for web journalists there is thing called investigative journalism do give it a try.Recommend

  • farah

    why do i feel that the government is behind this?there is alot more to this kidnapping…Recommend