You in your sleep, me in my wakefulness

Published: January 20, 2019

My heart wells up As I resist the urge... To whisper in your ear And drag you out of your dream. PHOTO: FLICKR

You are sleeping
And a part of me wants to wake you up
Just so I can see you smile
That smile you save for me

You don’t yet understand,
But maybe one day you will…

That with every passing moment,
My belief roots deeper
Never diminishing, only growing
With every smile, every glance
Every sigh and every word

Yes – you are sleeping

And I’m sitting here… imagining the unseen.

The sound of you breathing
Cheek resting against the pillow
The curl of your fingers
Arm folded under the sheet
Cosy warmth of your body

My heart wells up
As I resist the urge…
To whisper in your ear
And drag you out of your dream

But no,
You’re sleeping…

So I dare to be bold…

And risk touching your hair
To release this wave of affection
That threatens to overwhelm me
My small, dangerous liberty

Your nose wrinkles
In unconscious annoyance
At this threat to your slumber.
This small somnolent adjustment
Brings you much, much closer to me
Lips more askew now
And fingers curled even tighter
As my heart brims yet more
Than it did a moment before.

And that is when I learn
No matter what I do
This exploding torrent of mine
This overspill and tiny flood
Has dug a secret burrow
and is now here to stay

And we both reach that conclusion
And we both heave a sigh

You in your sleep
Me in my wakefulness

You smile in your sleep

Knowing secretly

That me and my heart

Are in  sync

With you and yours.

Shamael Fraz

Shamael Fraz

The author is an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, a voracious reader and a passionate writer. She can be a coffee snob, with sarcasm as her loyal side kick.

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