‘Zaid Hamid told me so’

Published: August 23, 2011

Zaid Hamid is back in the news and regrettably for all the bad reasons - so I decided to meet him...

After a hiatus of few months, Zaid Hamid is back in the news and regrettably – though not surprisingly – for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, his labeling of SAFMA as an extension of RAW, didn’t sit too well with the SAFMA people and they have decided to press libel charges against them.

A week before this new development, a few friends and I met him at his house:

The assistant introduced us and left. The desk, the comfy seat, the black monitor and sheets of papers scattered all over the table were a shock. I was expecting a middle-class drawing room embellished with cheap vases and dirty artificial flowers. The eagerness with which the occupant of the house met us belied the impression that the untidy office gave. He wasn’t that busy after all.

This middle-aged man with his square glasses, short-beard and trademark red cap, knew more of the youth psyche than could be guarded by a cautious young interviewer. Articulating our names with a vigor that one associates with army generals, he embraced each of us as if we had just volunteered for a battle no one was ready to fight. His dripping self-assurance made us realize that none of us would leave unimpressed. And surely none of us did.

Zaid Hamid is a fascinating being. Equally comfortable and convincing in both English and Urdu, he gave disillusioned people what they want the most and need the least: stirring words. A well-endowed tongue is not a waste; it’s a guarantee of survival in bad times and fame in good ones. However, listening to Zaid Hamid hardly reminded me of Jacque Vergus, Abu Zayd of Saruj, or any other devil’s advocate. He didn’t dissemble; what he said was what he meant. His assistant had already encouraged us to put any kind of questions to the man he considered ‘a holy warrior, an intellectual, and a saint’.

In spite of all his attempts to act humble, Zaid Hamid’s words were pregnant with the vanity which every famous man, especially the one who has raised himself from complete oblivion to the pedestal of popularity, subconsciously considers his hard-earned right.

The image that he had built of himself was not a simple one: he was a humble, ordinary citizen in relation to his country and an ideologue and a mentor in relation to his countrymen. It might be difficult to reconcile his ‘ordinariness’ with the ‘extraordinariness’ that elevated him to the position of a mentor, if one fails to see the awkward position it puts a well-known person in to only self-efface himself or to only glorify himself.

Conviction offers nothing to a good orator. Speaking is just a science: you know when to talk loud and when to whisper; when to punch the dais and when to move away from it; when to recite a ditty and when to use foul language. From the first word to the last, sincerity can’t play any part in a speech. Yet, the conviction with which Zaid Hamid spoke reminded me of Malcolm X and Trotsky. He had more in common with them than his eloquence. He had not only revised his ideas once but had also unwittingly planned out his own fall.

Zaid Hamid is abhorrent to the idea of both western democracy and totalitarianism. The system he proposes is a child of both and something which is, according to him, similar to the early Islamic caliphate. It requires no overhaul of the present system, he asserts; one just has to follow the constitution. The clause of constitution which interests him the most is the one concerned with the character of the parliamentarians. He wants a supreme panel to decide if a candidate passes the leadership criteria set in the constitution or not. It would effectively filter out the ‘undesired candidates’.

But wouldn’t this system give way to dictatorship?

It certainly would. As it turns out, the ‘undesired candidates’ include not only the corrupt and opportunists but also the separatists and candidates with secular leanings. The greatest benefit of this system, he explains, would be to get rid of MQM, ANP and PPP, all avowed enemies of Pakistan and on payroll of Hindu, Jewish and Christian Zionists.

The idea of uniform state that he promulgates bears uncanny resemblance to the Soviet Politburo of early 1920s: the state is to become an idea. Though he repeatedly states otherwise, only the secular parties draw flak from him; apparently the conservative parties aren’t as grave a danger as the secular ones.

So is his Takmeel-e-Pakistan just a right-wing movement?

Not according to him.

Zaid Hamid had used ‘Hindu baniya’ and ‘Indian’ interchangeably in many of his speeches. To many, it laid bare his deep mistrust of the minorities and his fascist tendencies.

On being confronted with the question about his careless choice of words, he took pains to explain that the Pakistani Hindu was never his target. In fact, many Pakistani Hindus had joined his movement because ‘they felt more secure with them’. The ‘Hindu baniya’, to him, was the name that the Hindu Zionists, ‘who have been ruling over India since its independence’, have begun to signify. Asked if one could have a positive attitude towards India and still have a positive attitude towards Pakistan, he answered in the negative. America was in hands of Christian Zionists, India in hands of Hindu Zionists and Israel in hands of Jewish Zionists, who were bent on destroying Pakistan. In such a situation, there couldn’t be a constructive dialogue with any of these countries.

He rubbished all peace proposals and roundly condemned Aman ki Aasha. Until his one demand was met he was indifferent to any kind of bilateral relations: the triumvirate would have to ‘back off’.

Since Mr Zaid adamantly denied that he was discriminating against the Pakistani Hindus, his viewpoint on their citizenship status was noteworthy. Sharia Law demands that the state exact Jizya tax from its non-Muslim citizens as a fee for the security that the state provides them. Zaid Hamid took some time to shed light on the positive aspects of Sharia law (e.g. the command to keep streets clean, to establish peace etc.) and to expose the West’s ignorance of it.

Soon his passion took hold of him and he started repeating things he had already explained. This was the only moment when magic of his words began to weaken and I became more aware of the petite newscaster on the monitor screen behind him than of him.

Thankfully, this did not last long. As regards the Jizya tax, he was wholly in favor of it. According to him, treating Hindus as Dhimmies wasn’t akin to giving them a second-class citizenship since they didn’t have to pay Zakat and were exempted from military service in return.

If the state of Pakistan were to tax its nationals on the basis of religion, wouldn’t it alienate the minorities?

Again, his answer was in negative. Jizya, he explained, ‘is peanuts’ and thus couldn’t force any man to ‘revert’ to Islam.

Listening to this man speak in person is no worthless experience. Of the four of us who went in, three returned converted. Some of his theories seemed just too far-fetched to me (maybe because I never had stomach for them). For instance, he considers that the genocide of Bengalis was ‘the biggest lie of the 20th century’. ‘We have no credible information about the killing’, he claimed, ‘since everything came from Indian or American sources’.

On being reminded of Sadeeq Salik’s ‘Meine Dhaka Doobtay Dekha’, Mr Zaid conceded that in the war some isolated incidents might have occurred. Still, Zaid Hamid is one of the very few people who can never be pessimistic and who are so fanatically devoted to one idea. He is not as intolerant of criticism as the press made him appear after the assassination of a respected Sunni leader.

On being informed of Amir Liaqaut’s recent allegation that he considers himself a prophet, he only guffawed and changed topic. When asked for a message for the youth, Zaid Hamid had two words for them: ‘Educate Yourself’.

Orr Ali

Orr Ali

The author is an undergraduate student at LUMS, pursuing a degree in Bsc. Electrical Engineering.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • X

    I don’t know why and what do you assess from his welcome, but knowing him closely, I very well know, he’s a very humble and down to earth man. There’s nothing like so satirical in him, sorry. He’s a wonderful man, both as a Pakistan and as a human. We need sincere, devoted and patriotic men like him.Recommend

  • Waqar


  • Haseeb Uddin

    Not quite agree with the author.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Dear adm when MEDIA try to disgrace some one then there is no Lack of reasons but as a muslim I BELIEVED that In Sha Allah PAK ARMY will foght holy wars under the kind control of Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Mr Zaid Hamid is 100% right .
    2ndly Qurran clealy says NON MUSLIMs CANT B FRNDs of Muslims.
    Pakistan is trying its Best to b a good frnd of AMERICA n INDIA but results are very Cleared to all of Us.
    Finally If media or the ppl who were interviewing Mr Ziad Hamid have their own agenda then i think they should leave journalism
    thx n regardsRecommend

  • N.S

    I don’t even know why such scumbags are allowed to exist, let alone pollute our television screens. What in the world is a ‘Hindu Zionist?’ And since when did India and Hindu become interchangable? This man and all his followers are severely disillusioned and hopefully, are destined to failure.Recommend

  • Neutralist

    ha ha.. so, someone meets you with eagerness, and you derive the result that he is not really busy. :-) such cynicism may not helpful in your own life Recommend

  • Rehan

    Zaid Hamid himself is on the payroll of a certain Agency. Next time you have the opportunity to meet him, please kindly request his bank statements.
    This man is an utter fraud, and is making money off the insecurities of our poor and ignorant population. He is no different from the likes of Amir Liaquat. The sooner Pakistanis realize this, the better.
    Warm Regards,

  • Laila

    “The desk, the comfy seat, the black monitor and sheets of papers scattered all over the table were a shock….The eagerness with which the occupant of the house met us belied the impression that the untidy office gave. He wasn’t that busy after all.”

    It’s a clear case of biaseness…you WANTED to believe him wrong…..you were so busy making up justifications ..that are fairly stupid to prove that Sir Zaid Hamid is wrong or something…i suggest that you stop whining and start writing some intelligent work not just a show of your english vocablury… Recommend

  • ashok sai

    With people like him, Pakistan doesn’t need enemies.Recommend

  • ashok sai

    A perfect write-up by Kamran Shafi about this fellow on today’s Dawn:-


  • Fahad Raza

    @ashok sai:
    but we still have guys like you across the eastern border who WE LEFT BUT THEY CANT GET ENOUGH OF US.!! Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    LIBEL is written defamation.

    What Zaid Hamid did was spoken and not written.

    But a very interesting article otherwise.Recommend

  • ikram khan

    no doubt he has guts to address any issue in the world and he got palenty of words to impress the youth BUT what about his association with Yousuf kazab? he never ever showned his regret over yousuf kazab issue.And he never gave any satisfactory answer to questions raised by prominent Ulema of pakistan.this makes him very doubtful .. Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Well, seems another effort to defame this great man…the author himself has exposed his biasness and his political agenda.

    Nice try !

    Hats off to Sir Zaid.Recommend

  • Tahir

    Zaid Hamid….please the guy is a complete ….his solution to every problem is raising Pakistan’s flag in India…

    If anybody cares to do any research on his background they’d learn that he has actually spent time in jail for being the “Khalifah” of Yusuf Ali, the guy who claimed to be prophet back in Lahore in the early 90’s…

    Life isn’t one big conspiracy that this guy makes out to be, I only wish people would realize this and start facing reality so they can truly figure out the problems plaguing this country and move towards fixing them. Recommend

  • http://pakistancyberforce.blogspot.com Enticing Fury

    A big load of crap, rather I should say a desperate attempt to justify Hindu barbarism and malign a Pakistani patriot who is trying to remind Muslims of their long forgotten lesson how Hindus have been treating Muslims throughout the history of India. And what a fine act of humanity it was indeed that a 30+ mass graves were discovered in IHK from which thousands of civilian dead bodies were recovered.

  • faraz

    Zaid Hamid symbolizes the intellectual bankruptcy of the society. His arguments are extremely ridiculous and lame; if people start studying books and newspapers to counter check his claims, they will realize that he is nothing but fraudRecommend

  • M Ali Khan

    @Enticing Fury:
    so what about the mass killings of Baloch activists by ISI/FC and the running riot of ISI ‘strategic assets’ of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba that can kill hundreds of people and can get out of jail without even a charge??

    Zaid Hamid is a fraud. He is a ISPR puppet that has gone horribly wrong. He has a shady history and a troubling background and has been shoved into our faces because his nonsense conveniently puts a cloak on the Pak Army’s 3 decades of stupidity that has made us see this day in Pakistan just by doing a ratta of nonsense spat out by likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Pak Studies and of course horribly using Iqbal in every occasion!

    Keep dreaming about useless stuff like ‘Radio Pakistan Delhi’ because it only shows how stupid our so-called ‘parhi likhi youth’ are!


  • M Ali Khan

    why is every kid calling him “Sir Zaid Hamid” like they do with “Sir Imran Khan”??Recommend

  • waqas ahmed

    which one is better,


    please answer me. i am desperate.Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    I like Zaid Hamid and Tom n Jerry.Recommend

  • Anwar Hasan

    All a result of an illiterate nationRecommend

  • Junaid

    What a ridiculous, biased article! “Sir Zaid Hamid” as I would like to call him, has never had any conflicts in his statements. There are no leaked scandalous videos as those Amir Liaquat came out with. And those of you who doubt his contacts and his income, oh please!On who’s side are you? The west which has nearly placed guns on your foreheads or the Pakistanis voluntarily giving up on life?
    So you have a better solution to Pakistan’s breakaway?Recommend

  • Roflcopter

    Zaid Hamid is a patriot but I guess bashing him is the new cool?Recommend

  • mourinho

    i am shocked!! this person wants to impose tax on minorities and looking at the comments above people actually support him.this is akin to the apartheid mentality of south africa.i think it is time for pakistanis to introspect deeply where their society is heading.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Where you want devotion you’ll see bigotry, where you want patriotism you’ll see xenophobia. Zaid hamid is nothing but a fascist hireling who is bent on destroying all that’s left of us.Recommend

  • mourinho

    blatant hate will get us nowhere my friends,it will consume us both.Recommend

  • R A

    Perhapse Waqas Ahmed

  • R A

    Better in what

  • Jeewaji

    though I dont like Zaid Hamid but seems like you are on a payroll and your mission was to create a negative image of Zaid Hamid.
    I think what Zaid Hamid said is correct. We can not deny the fact that India, Isreal and some what america are against Pakistan. There are some elements in India who do wish bad for Pakistan. They have extreme Hindu parties like RSS. So what ever he is saying is correct to some extend.
    This article is a crappy one. You are just proving your point with out any base or giving any solid reason. If you dont like the man why visit his place?Recommend

  • X

    @ Ikram Khan and all those who are whining against ZH’s believes: Please do your own research work before entering a discussion forum, this is the etiquette of a debate. If you really believe that ZH has allegedly any links to Yusuf Ali or any person like that. Only a sentence of Tauba is required according to Islam. Ain’t it? (I hope you know the procedure in this regard) And ZH has clearly clarified the misconceptions and false accusation more than a billion times! I can provide you evidences right here: 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHOZneLhJRw&feature=share
    2) Various leading and authentic Islamic institutes of Pakistan gave fatwa about Yusuf Ali, not being a kazzab! http://pakistancyberforce.blogspot.com/2011/08/zaid-hamid-hand-written-fatwas-from.html
    And more ever one shouldn’t fall blindly to the trap laid by media, ironically our nation wants to excel in fashion and secularism more than the West, but have stopped educating themselves to a level west still does!
    All the learned journalists of West are familiar by the terminology “Zionists” by now and have acquired more knowledge than us. Webstar Tarpley, Alex Jones, Mark Glenn and many others. Google ‘Zionist’ and you will easily find who neo-conservative avenglical zionists are even on wikipedia! Stop living in a fool’s paradise! There are things far serious than branded stuff, parties, malls in this world!Recommend

  • Chengez K

    Zaid Hamid is the sword of Islam in the scabbard of modernity!!!!Recommend

  • Dodo

    This is all I can say about the Great Mohtaram Sir Zaid Hamid (Pvt lmt)

  • Muhammad

    MR KHAN ISI n FC is not KILLING INNOCENTs YOUR BELOVED MR BHUGHTI’s PUPPIES are their and ALL they are SUPPORTED BY “”” RAW””” CLEAR evidence is available against them thats why Afghan govt thrown them out of Afghanistan.

  • Daniyal

    Good exposure to Zaid Hamid :) He is down and out :0 good riddanceRecommend

  • shahid

    Zaid Hamid is a hateful man, bent on establishing a fascist society where minority rights would not exist. He has the backing of an agency and is part of the Hamid Gul nexus.Recommend

  • CB Guy

    He gained fame as a conspiracy theorist,who are generally quite learned. I am not saying his is always right or wrong, but atleast he will put forward something. And he does not flip flop like our politicians where the PPP is the worst’s greatest enemy one day and a dear friend and ally the other.

    Being patriotic is no crime and sometimes people will cross the line. Although in today’s world with all chaos and anarchy, it is hard to determine what exactly crossing the line means. Recommend

  • http://djdurrani.blogspot.com Saad Durrani

    So subtly, a blogger on the Tribune again raises a point which will be controversial.

    However, Zaid Hamid is bad news for Pakistan. He feeds intolerance.Recommend

  • http://humasattars.wordpress.com Huma

    The author goes to interview this man with a mindset- with preconceived notions about what and who he considers Zaid Hamid is. Not gonna comment on ZH, but on the ethics of a good piece of writing today. You cannot start an argument with an ill-fated opinion and expect people to consider you a source of authentic information or justified opinion, for that matter.
    Why interview the man if you already know everything? :p

    A very disappointing read!Recommend

  • Hira Zulfiqar

    Zaid hamid= Sweet knife to cut PakistaniRecommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Why do you guys take him that seriously. Recommend

  • Uhuh!

    Great reply!Recommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    Dressing like a soldier and picking up conspiracy theories of some people in west via internet does not make you an expert of ‘geostrategic issues’ but makes you a champion of plagiarism . I have noticed that this guy’s appearences on tv channels increases when our defence establishment faces a fiasco OBL , Sarfraz shah case and Mumbai attacks e.t.c. So not a big deal to guess whose propaganda machine he is.Recommend

  • Majid

    It is troubling to see how many of supposedly educated youth put stock in a bigoted and xenophobic conspiracy theorist. I would not be surprised if the man takes inspiration from David Icke and Glenn Beck. Recommend

  • omer

    @muourinho: absolutely shocked too by the support this bigot is getting ny the suppoesedly “educated” people of pakistan… living in the 21st century and then talkning of special taxes on minorities and calling for conquering india and israel is just plainly absurd..n then these people complain why the “west” doesnt respect them?? how can they respect us when we still cant agree on the very basic fundamental of human values of equality that are taken for granted in the civilised world.. i am just horrified at the suppport this bigot is getting… we srsly need to get ourselves out to the virtual reality we have created for ourselves in which everybody is our enemy and theirs a conspiracy theory behind everything….wake up guys this is the 21st century and stop believing in this medieval religious/patriotic non sense or we are fast turing into a theocracry if we already are not……….. on a separate but related note…………………… best comment was ” i like tom and jerry and zaid hamid” absolutely brilliant… Recommend

  • Osman

    Zaid Hamid is a true hero. Pakistan needs just a few more people like him and we can fix the broken/corrupted system of Pakistan.
    All the haters out there please educate your self. Watching “Iqbal Ka Pakistan” and “Khilafat-e-Rashida” on youtube all episodes and parts changed my life completely, today with a PHD degree in Technology & Sciences. I’ve lived in Pakistan for 10 yrs, Middle east for 13 years and now in North America. With my experience in this world and education I confidently request you all to learn and watch his episodes.

    This man speaks the truth.

    May Allah bless Mr.Zaid Hamid with health, success and reward him for his hard work. Recommend

  • Cynical

    Relax folks.
    Zaid Hamid is a total package, take him for what he is, an entertainer.Recommend

  • My Name is Khan

    @ Roflcopter – a patriot? So just because someone hates India, Israel, and USA you call them a patriot?

    Give me a break. Zaid Hamid is a patriot like the Taliban are our friends. Pakistan doesn’t need enemies when we have guys like Zaid Hamid to lie to us and taint our youth. The more of this stupidity about how the whole world is out to get us we believe the more reclusive we become. Rather than engaging with the rest of humanity and building a strong economy, we build a nation of hate.

    We hate Indians, Israelis, Americans. We hate Shias. We hate women. We hate Sindhis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Baluchis, Hazaras, Kashmiris, etc. We hate Deobandis and Sufis. We hate our neighbors with a bigger car than us. We hate everyone. When does the hate end? Zaid Hamid’s message is stupid. He wants us to refuse to question how our Armed Forces and so called Intelligence Agencies waste all of our budget depriving the rest of us of education and infrastructure.

    Guess what – our Armed Forces have never won a war. Our Intelligence Agencies are only good at creating problems for other countries – they are powerless to stop terrorism in our homeland. These guys are liars and cheats ruining our country and your blind patriotism is not patriotism but a sign of a small mind. You want simple answers. You don’t want to accept the truth that Pakistan is rotten at the core. You don’t want to own up to the fact that we don’t pay our taxes and we hate everyone around us.

    To all the remaining sane and logical Pakistanis – we must speak up now or there will be no Pakistan thanks to our intolerant, uneducated, and simple minded brethren.Recommend

  • saif

    Zaid Hamid is a confirmed CIA / RAW / Mossad agent himself. Think about it … how could someone with little background suddenly become this big TV star, get so much attention and air-time, and be able to call everyone else a RAW / Mossad agent without any repercussions? He has a big hand supporting him, bigger than even the ISI. Recommend

  • Yasir

    @Haseeb Uddin:
    Me Too, What Ever He’s Tryna Say Isn’t Clear, He Seems More Traumatized By The Realities…!!!Recommend

  • Yasir

    This Kid Seems Traumatized By The Realities, & This Article Isn’t More Than A Crap. Mr. Zaid Hamid Is Much More Respectable For The Youth Of Pakistan, Articles Like These Can’t Go Any Further. Grow Up Kid, Try To Live In Realities.Recommend

  • Akif

    “For instance, he considers that the genocide of Bengalis was ‘the biggest lie of the 20th century’. ‘We have no credible information about the killing’, he claimed, ‘since everything came from Indian or American sources’.”

    I’m sorry but anyone who believes that is living in cuckoo-land. There is the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report. Add to that the personal accounts of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis.

    Mr Zaid and others speaking in the media should think before they make such erroneous and hurtful comments. Such comments are deeply hurtful to those (both Bengalis and Pakistanis) who have lost loved ones in the war and live with the scars of the conflict to this day. Recommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    Really! Christian Zionist, the Hindu Zionist and the Jewish Zionist are all there just to take down Pakistan? Then what are Pakistanis doing? What is happening in Karachi, is that a Zionist conspiracy? The fact that the leaders of Pakistan are all corrupt, is that Zionist conspiracy?

    The fact that more than half of our nation is illiterate, is that Zionist conspiracy? The fact that the Maulvi of this nation brings disgrace to Islam, is that Zionist conspiracy? Majority of the population lives under feudal rulers, is that a Zionist conspiracy?

    Pakistan is torn down from Inside you don’t need any ‘foreign’ conspiracy for that Mr. Zaid Hamid.Recommend

  • Gibran Ashraf

    To all those referring to Zaid Hamid as Sir: be reminded that it is a legacy of the British colonial masters. So are we to believe we are in fact being played by an imperial agent from the British – who, may I remind were the chief benefactors of the Crusades against Muslims?

    Oh and Zaid Hamid may as well disclose his war chest getting full of ‘pounds’ then!!Recommend

  • Hassan

    EDUCATE YOURSELVES GUYS. Do not look where the message is coming from but what is the message. When a nation does not know who is enemy and who is a friend, they are bound to fail. Wake up and smell the coffee. Recommend

  • Daggardalla

    Zaid Hamid is a puppet of establishment. He is a part of hameed gul group & zia ul haq ki bakiat. And their mission is to destroy pakistan & create mullahism, talibanism & wahabisim in pakistanRecommend

  • MysticSoul

    Very interesting..and well written. It is different in a way that the writer has only given you the actual details…no personal opinions..and no conclusions drawn..that is Journalism..!Recommend

  • Rehan Ali

    Being a patriot is one thing and being insane is another


  • Sana

    What a biased write up. Cheap vases and dirty flowersRecommend

  • http://Karachi Anwar Hasan

    Zaid Hamid has a large followers of ignorant and illiterate people. There are millions of such people in Pakistan. Illiterate people are also very emotional. We see them in the streets of Pakistan everyday chanting slogans, carrying banners and burning flags. The educated can see through Mr. Zaid but the illiterate cannot. The illiterates firmly believe in Conspiracy theories and see him as a savior.

    The only solution is education. Once the nation is educated all these idiots will just disappear.Recommend

  • zain

    wow what an interesting vacoublary you have (the words you wanna hear i guess)… Anyway apart from any lenghty critic wordings, i say ”follow the one’s words and deeds who you think are right to be followed”Recommend

  • yawn

    *snore* … sorry, fell asleep trying to read this blog :PRecommend

  • Rizvi

    This is utter crap,nonsense,an orchestrated well thought out designs by a group of sycophants who are on a holy mission to malign anyone who speaks truth,who patriotically defend the case of Pakistan with all logical reasons.I would not want to target the writer only,it is in fact, a work of whole bunch of ‘black sheep’ within our media as well as the civil society.Mr.Zaid Hamid, with out any doubt is a pure patriot Pakistani,who vigorously invest his energy in defending Pakistan’s case with all wisdom,vision and eloquence.Recommend

  • zohaab

    i dont know about zaid hamid much apart from what i have read in news or seen him in media, but i will not conclude judgement on him from this one article, but one thing which is of immense consideration is his message which he gave to the youth. “educate yourself’ and if someone can understand the need of this then that man has a true understandsing the problems of youth and PakistanRecommend

  • zebunnisa

    so you’re proposing that Pakistan lives in diplomatic isolation?! smart verrry smart!

    and on the question of jizya, why the hell would minorities pay tax when the state is not protecting them but is infact discriminating against them!! I think ZAid Hamid should stop trying to brainwash our impressionable youth with his impractical ideals. Further, our youth needs to have the power to think critically and not believe every statement that is made by such people. If you want to believe, then do your research first encompassing scholars worldwide!! Recommend

  • Malik

    @Tahir we don’t need to raise our flag in India, what we must assure is to atleast raise our flag in every part of our country including Balochistan. Zahid Hamid in pathetic big enemy of youth and just guiding us to no where but distruction. we need friends not enemies. Zahid Hamid Sucks(ZHS). Recommend

  • Vinayak

    You have narrated your story quite well. Nice subtle humor.

    Looking forward to reading articles by you.Recommend

  • Nafisa

    I can honestly say Zaid Hamid is no Malcolm X.
    His view point on minorities is NOT akin to the apartheid government that used to govern South Africa; that was egregious.
    However, he is rabidly xenophobic.Recommend

  • assaffat siddiqui

    “if you want something to be done, choose a busy person, the other kind has no time” this is what in common in every humble selfless devoted person , with a supreme cause.indeed the chrisma of Zaid sb ‘s speech that irritates and give a bold “shut up call ” to all the ignorant zionists and their allies in Pakistani media or in govt is the quality that has made him popular and amiable. and this charisma is because of his strong faith (emaan) that is inherent with Ishq e Rasul sal lal lahu wasallam ,its natural and contagious , one starts recieving it from him when ever in any program he talks about the adab and ishq e Rasul Sal lal lahu Elayhee wasallam . one of his intense talk can be listened through this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0FIxRvnpMw if you visit his facebook official page ,http://www.facebook.com/syedzaidzamanhamid one must be surprised to know that how in short span of just only three years , he has not only given direction to the youth of Pakistan with the strong message of hope , strength of character through iqbal’s ra message of khudi, and most of all the immense love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah Sal lal lahu Elayhee Wasallam but also giving a line of direction to all patriotic stake holders , be in the media or in the armed forces. surprisingly with his latest show in ARY news on 20 August ‘ Danish kay saath”.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8YGNQiTE2k I was thoroughly amazed to observe how all the news channel listens and follows his logical powerful analysis. those who are his regular listeners must agree that this man is a gifted soul for this sacred land, reviving the ideology of our Pakistan, defending it as a last fortress of Islam and directing towards the most fascinating journey of revival of the glorious golden history of Muslim Ummah, Alhamduliilah, Labbaik united states of Islam! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind! jazakAllah Zaid sb. May Allah swt bless him always, give more barakah ,ameen Recommend

  • joginder

    So the guy is affable, talks well. Demagogues usually have the gift of the gab. But his ideas are idiotic and dangerous for the whole sub-continent. A nutcase would be unremarkable if it weren’t for the large following. And Zaid Hamid obviously has a pretty large number of admirers. That’s bad news, and not just for India.Recommend

  • N.S

    @assaffat siddiqui

    I sincerely hope, on behalf of every Pakistani, that you are joking.Recommend

  • dair_hushiyar

    Zaid Hamid is a just a comedian……Recommend

  • Bahram Durrani

    You’ve done more good to the man with the article by spreading his views if your aim was to defame him :)
    thank youRecommend

  • Bahram Durrani

    Loved the part “of the four who went in three came out converted” :DRecommend

  • WhatsInAName

    Things that make me think that Zaid Hamid is genuine of upright character and speaks the truth.

    He never brings in his own logic. Always bases his arguments on Quran, Sunnah or some other text.

    He never speculates.

    He never criticizes without giving an alternative.

    His attacks are never personal.

    He never indulges in sectarian debate.

    He attempts to remain humble, never glorifies himself, although he has a lot under his belt to show off.

    Somethings in his resume that are rarely found. Not a single individual can boast of these…

    He has fought the Afghan war.Has been an influential member of it, with close contact with kingpin Afghan commanders.

    He has a sound understanding and knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.

    He is a well read person, with good grasp on various subjects.

    He is an engineer by profession, has a degree from a reputable Pakistani university.

    He is also an entrepreneur, runs or used to run his own consultancy company

    He is multilingual. Is fluent and can read the literature in Urdu, Punjabi, English, Pushto, Arabic and Persian.

    He has no political or religious affiliations and has made a name for himself, only via his TV programs, in a very very short time.Recommend

  • Ali Shuglidian zubi

    It seems Zaid hamid himself does not believe in what he says. Everything that he utters is just meant to gather support. I am surprised that there are few sane people who believe in his conspiracy theories. This nation is in DENIAL.Recommend

  • LayMan

    Although i barely could understand much and was almost lost in the maze of well crafted words in this blog (lacking meat) but certainly a right move to show this poor mans bent of mind.

    Truly and surely this is a classical case of intellectual bankruptcy but the more controversial you are … the less people care what you say / do. You are just the person in news for all the right or wrong reasons ..but then who cares :)Recommend

  • http://www.salmanlatif.wordpress.com Salman Latif

    Eloquence and loquaciousness is enough to sustain eve a nut long enough on our national scene, especially in the media. And Mr. Zaid Hamid has both in abundance. He is a pure conservative with strong right-wing tendencies, but just with the garb of a so-called moderate, enlightened fella. That garb is off as soon as he starts spewing his venomous ideas which include blaming everything on those ‘dirty Zionists’ and going back to the vile Zia days!Recommend

  • Rizwan Shaikh

    Love sir Zaid :)

    He clear his stance many times that they are not against innocent peoples of any religion (jews, hidu, christian). He is against Extremist whtever in the face of Terrorist Tharik e Taliban, or Jews Hindu Christ Zionist, who destroy the humanity and slaved by the capitalist and banking system.

    Balochistan, killing of journalist etc etc, just are the propaganda against ISI. mostly killed journalist worked under the umbrella of CIA and also worked at S. Waziristan for reporting on TTP. like Masud, Saleem, Kamran etc etc

    Zaid bhai zindabad Recommend

  • Arslan


    You are grossly ill-informed! In Islamic Law (Shariah), firstly there is NO INCOME TAX! Muslims pay 2.5% Zakat on their annual savings (not annual earnings!), which goes direct to the poor. And minorities pay no Zakat and tax on minorities is less than 2.5% anyways.

    Muslims are encouraged to help out the poor as much as they are capable to but 2.5% Zakat is only the must.Recommend

  • WhatsInAName

    Things that make me think that Zaid Hamid is genuine of upright character and speaks the truth.

    He never brings in his own logic. Always bases his arguments on Quran, Sunnah or some other text.

    He never speculates.

    He never criticizes without giving an alternative.

    His attacks are never personal.

    He never indulges in sectarian debate.

    He attempts to remain humble, never glorifies himself, although he has a lot under his belt to show off.

    Somethings in his resume that are rarely found. Not a single individual can boast of these…

    He has fought the Afghan war..Has been an influential member of it, with close contact with kingpin Afghan commanders.

    He has a sound understanding and knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.

    He is a well read person, with good grasp on various subjects.

    He is an engineer by profession, has a degree from a reputable Pakistani university.

    He is also an entrepreneur, runs or used to run his own consultancy company

    He is multilingual. Is fluent and can read the literature in Urdu, Punjabi, English, Pushto, Arabic and Persian.

    He has no political or religious affiliations and has made a name for himself, only via his TV programs, in a very very short time.Recommend

  • From India with Love

    His lies and fantasies have been publicly exposed when he referred Aafia Sidiqui as “neurologist,neurosurgeon,neuroscientist” all in one, and went ahead to claim that she was engaged in bioweapon research that Indians were trying to steal from her!! Thank god Dr Siddiqui’s sister rebutted him on live TV!Recommend

  • http://www.hup.edu.pk Zeeshan Ali

    Zaid Hamid had two words for them: ‘Educate Yourself’.

    There could not be any better advice than this, believe what the man has to say or not, its up to you. But, do educate yourself on the pressing matters of the state, the society and our legacy. The way Pakistan is going, its not long when we need to make some very though decisions.

    Ps. Zaid Hamid is giving a lecture at our University after Eid InshahAllah! =)

    Zeeshan Ali
    BBA (Hons) Student
    Hajvery University (HU) Recommend

  • M I Khan

    Haha I call him red-topi pagal. And all his followers loonies!Recommend

  • Aiman

    Thank you bro, my blood was burning in rage until i read your comment .

    Only a very few get the wisdom at such a crucial time to atleast decide the right from the wrong.

    Thumbs up ! Sir Zaid is the man Recommend

  • Aiman

    @assaffat siddiqui:

    Very True!Recommend

  • Aiman


    The true PAkistanis agree to assfat and yes he/she isnt joking . Recommend

  • EoH

    So many hysterical comments about ZH from those who doesn’t know him exactly! He is a stupid fellow and for “Sir” Imran Khan, please read this: http://pioussluts.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/ptis-new-joke-100-days-crash-plan/Recommend

  • Sana

    adn if you think you wouldn’t need to pay jazia just because you are muslim just wait until zaid hamid declares everyone kafir except those who follow his ideologies… hurrah another tax is on the way!Recommend

  • ahmad

    Zaid hamid lives in a world of his own, or should I say the world of delusions. Far away from reality he is trying to seek refuge in a setting where India, America and Israel are the antagonists conspiring against us. Instead of accepting the fact that we alone are responsible for our decline, he blames others for it, which may seem appealing to his followers. He talks about holy war in a period where Muslims (especially Pakistanis) are divided among themselves and are killing each other due to ethnic and political differences.
    His attempt to dissociate our nation from realities through conspiracy theories may achieve temporary satisfaction but will lead to destruction in the long term. Recommend

  • ashok sai

    Mr.Zaid Hamid should be made as a President of Pakistan, lot of works has to be done to catch Somalia !!!Recommend

  • Tush Tush

    Zaid Hamid, Meher Bokhari, Hamid Mir, Hameed Gul, and sadly now Imran Khan too…….a whole list of delusional people who would rather blame Pakistan’s mistakes on anyone but Pakistan. It’s always India, Israel, the War on Terror, it’s never us. Recommend

  • iftikhar Ahmad

    Atleast someone has pain and speaks in favour of this country, Let him do his work and donot be so prejudice that your manuscript starts appearing absolutly biased. Give some balancd opnion.Recommend

  • http://aacounterterror.wordpress.com/section-4-why-zaid-hamid-is-a-success-in-pakistani-society/ Aisha Abid

    I would have valued your article, if you had written it in favor of ‘Zaid Hamid’. Can you tell me of something that you have done for Pakistan rather than criticizing the most respectable people of Pakistan.? However, I liked the way of writing…Recommend

  • http://aacounterterror.wordpress.com/section-4-why-zaid-hamid-is-a-success-in-pakistani-society/ Aisha Abid

    that was rude of [email protected]: Recommend

  • http://Houston Warsi

    IF medie goes after Zaid Hamid nobody can save him. Its all about media.Recommend

  • N.S


    How do you define a ‘true’ Pakistani? And who are you to decide?
    A true Pakistani is not someone who blames all of Pakistan’s problems on ‘Hindu-Zionist-Christian-Tom, Dick and Harry’ conspiracy theories. A true Pakistani is not someone who comes on TV to spew hatred against fellow human beings, solely on the basis of their religions. That is certainly not patriotic. Simple-minded people like you only like the drama that people such as Zaid Hamid and Amir Liaquat create.

    If you ask me, a patriot is someone who pays their taxes, helps the poor, genuinely wants to help the country, and realises that the problem is within us, because of us, and only we can fix it. As a nation, we’ve become too complacent, and its just easier to blame ‘outside’ forces than to accept that we’re the ones who are wrong.Recommend

  • maria

    non muslims were taxed (if you have read Islamic history) and it was very minimum! get your history right! and for this minimum amount of tax, the non muslims were provided with security and respectRecommend

  • maria

    Funny how you all (the youth) absolutely LOVES defaming people who go by Quran and Sunnah, be it Zaid Hamid or Aamir Liaquat.

    My suggestion is get your research right!
    Zaid Hamid has clearly stated that he is not against the normal christians or jews! If you don’t believe me go on his official and read a post of his with a non-zionist jewish guy. He is against Zionism only!

    Zaid Hamid goes by Sunnah and Quran.but you all are tooo WESTERNIZED to realize that.

    if nothing then you guys should at least credit him for reviving Allama Iqbal.

    I do not live in Pakistan, but when I was there during childhood, my Allama Iqbal knowledge was limited to “Aik pahar aur gulehri”. And I was also taught that Iqbal ney Pakistan baney ka “khwab” dekha tha. Khwab as in dream and thanks to my limited and my teachers and the whole systems limited knowledge, I always thought he actually saw a dream.

    For god sake, he only goes by the Quran and Sunah. NOTHING else!!!He has taught us about the history of our Muslim heroes (which I was completely unaware of). Most importantly, he has taught us or me at least Ishq and Adabe Rasul Saleh lahu Alai Wasalam.

    watch his interviews before writing crap about him.

    and seriously guys it’s time to wake up. I have Indian friends too. But do you realize don’t realize that this “aman ki asha” is a lie. I am not blaming the Indians themselves but only their government.

    And you people question Ghazwa e Hind. It is in the hadees.Not just one and many!

    The whole country keeps rejecting Quran and Sunnah. And then they realize why our country is in trouble….Recommend

  • Ali

    “on payroll of Hindu, Jewish and Christian Zionists.”

    LOL he never said that.different parties have people in them of the payroll of different people.he has never once used the world jewish Recommend