Dr Aamir Liaquat: Defamation of faith’s Dr Jekyll

Published: August 16, 2011

The truth behind the Aamir Liaquat video lies forever hidden.

Indeed, during the days of Ramazan nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and the frighteningly charming and inveigling presence of Aamir Liaquat on our TV screens.

What do we know about Aamir Liaquat?

We know Liaquat brews a stew of savagery and sophistication. In one fell swoop, he can sauté his guest. We saw this in 2008, when Asian Human Rights Commission filed a petition deeming Liaquat’s cajoling and coaxing as having led to the killing of two Ahmadis, Pakistan’s most persecuted minority.

We know that his admirers come in all shapes, sizes, income brackets.

We know that Liaquat can acquire academic degrees at a more accelerated rate than the average student – securing a PhD degree reportedly three weeks after obtaining a Masters degree, just in time to contest 2002’s general election.

But perhaps that is no cunning trick of his own; after all, the degree-issuant university, The Trinity College and University of Spain’s website reads ‘get your degree today’ – quite literally.

We know that Liaquat’s reputation suffers from selective emphasis. That he recognises the perfect business synergies between his likes (religion and its power over people) and his dislikes (the Pakistani cricket team’s failed attempts at victory), and he sets about turning the one into the other (blaming the cricket team’s misgivings on the fields to the green-colour soles lining their sneaker’s – green being a color oft-associated with and venerated by Islam).

And now, following the leaked, beguiling YouTube clip, rapidly circulating amongst Pakistanis, both in and out of the country, we have more revelations on Pakistan (and Pervez Musharraf’s) favourite Islamic preacher and televangelist.

Without questioning the authenticity of the video itself – we now go to bed at night secure in the knowledge that Liaquat is a normal, flawed human like the rest of us.

That he swears like a sailor like many of us.

That he often vaingloriously fusses over his shiny mane of hair like those of us with hair.

That, like some of us, he is prone to channelling his pre-on air jitters into a rapturous burst of song – much to the obvious chagrin of his seemingly terrified guests.

That, during discussions of heightened sensitivity, like many of us, Liaquat too cannot curb his unease, and instead bursts into awkward laughter.

We also know that Liaquat (like many of us?) ne Ghalib dekhi huee hai.

As expected, two days after the expose, Liaquat took to his show with a reply to the video and its allegations.

Pointing a covert finger at ex-employer, while admonishing the cunning intricacy of those who ‘beautifully’ dubbed and edited the whole thing, Liaquat conducted a sermon on destructive jealousy (hasad).

Irrespective of the value of fact vs fiction war that now begins, really, the leaked behind-the-scene footage comes as no real surprise.

Many a time in the past, TV’s most notorious televangelist has shot himself in the foot (also occasionally, almost in the head) with his rhetoric and with his actions.

Who is to blame?

The current era of Pakistani television is conducive to far too many flaws, whether it’s a case of media-regulating body PEMRA being guilty of barely enforcing its code of ethics — or a case of TV anchors passively watching their guests bicker and enforce their private agendas, oft-times comprised of dangerous, incendiary polemic.

The current era is also conducive to a case of fallen heroes.

Without naming names, many the admired politician, actor, and athlete has been publicly defamed. The boundaries between the personal and the professional frequently blur, leaving the individual collecting shards from the mud of their lives, all the while profusely apologizing to the nation and to their loved ones.

But maybe the onus rests on us, the citizens who not only tune into the lives of these celebrity-figures but also place them on this mighty pedestal – so high and so easy to fall from, and to fall hard.

If it is true that the media is a reflection of the state and her people, then the Aamir Liaquat controversy speaks volumes about us.

So, a message to a normally vociferous nation: this is no time to remain reticent. If Liaquat, your fallen hero, has left you jaded then moments of private reflection and healing may be in order.

If this expose has incited much anger in you, then vent your frustration by lodging that PEMRA complaint against Liaquat.

If you find this whole episode as a source of sheer, top-notch amusement, then go forth wickedly and wildly tweeting the #GhalibFilmDekhiHaiAapNe Aamir Liaquat meme every chance you get.

But why insist on pinning values, morals, and exalted actions on celebrity-figures that many of us so obviously lack in ourselves? Why ask of others to uphold terms and conditions that we ourselves repeatedly fail to uphold is a shameless case of hypocrisy.

The truth behind the Aamir Liaquat video lies forever hidden. It is fragmented and embedded in the many pixels of video footage and will soon be converted into yet another conspiracy theory (one of us Pakistan’s favourite pastimes).

Yet perhaps, the most important thing we know now is that Liaquat (demon? doppelganger? split personality? – whatever his identity may be) – simply does not fall high in the hierarchy of concerns-currently-plaguing-the-nation.


Do you believe the leaked video of Dr Aamir Liaquat has been tampered/dubbed?

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Maria Kari

Maria Kari

The author is a lawyer and freelance journalist. She tweets as @mariakari1414 (twitter.com/mariakari1414)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Abu Bakr

    Religion and hypocrisy. Hand in hand.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/fahadk1985 Fah

    still though… Ghalib Film Dekhi Hai Apne?Recommend

  • khan

    These pseudo religious “experts” project their fake piety and exploit the gullibility of the public by manipulating their emotions and distort their understanding of Islam.

    The video is clearly genuine, otherwise why the speed with which its being withdrawn. Liaquat is clearly rattled and has been exposed. Surely, as Pakistanis we can do better than make idols of such. consign to the dustbin of history!!Recommend

  • Dodo

    So he cursed behind the scenes, woopdie freakin doo. Liaqat should’ve just admitting that he’s a mere human being and humans are prone to mistakes and moved on with his business. The jig is up!Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/Tooba_Hatif toobahatif

    Ghalib hai kia???????Recommend

  • Ovais

    Aamr liaqat is not an aalimedeen . He is not the torch bearer of islam cause his credentials are not satisfactory , so he is just an overpersonafied anchor . We all abuse so does he whats the big deal and about the last part of the video he had already appologized numerous times . I am not an Aamir liaqat fan , i have always found him cheesy and too over the top just like i dont like Sahir Lodhi, But Aamir is one of those great people who left a ministry in the name of Khatame Nabuwat , which is great act on his behalf . Many Ulemas wouldn’t do this yet still he did. Cant we just move on HE is not an aalim he is just a student and a human obviously

    Aamir should accept it kay like all of us he also abuses so whats the big deal .Recommend

  • Tanzil Gillani

    Agreed to almost everything posted up there,other then the fact that neither me nor you host an “Aalim Online”. Its sensitive when it comes to religion. Taking it against him in this case, would you still rate that as being a hypocrite ?Recommend

  • http://tanzeel.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/dbp/ Tanzeel

    I think Fahad is right, Ghalib film dekhi hai aap nay ?Recommend

  • Anwar Hasan

    Amir Liaquat’s name will go down in history as one of the darkest spots in Media Journalism. What amazes me even more how his religious guests also went along with the program. What will a person do to get on TV? anything.!

  • Ghalib dekh lee!!

    I agree with many points mentioned above, however, the fact remains that be it celebrities, politicians, anchors etc all public figures have responsibility to walk the talk. and in this case, since Mr. Liaquat was so holier than thou, then deifnitely it was shocking and sad that he talks about religion in one shot and immediately turns and starts using vulgar language… if he can not practice it then stop preaching. Recommend

  • http://mbik14.blogspot.com Muhammad Bilal Iftikhar Khan

    I am in media since 2007. I have worked with many Famous Anchors. Anchors are not same as what they present them selves to be in their program. they are just like other people. The video up loaded on You tube or face book donot surprise me as Many top anchors use more filthy language . One of Pakistan’s Top anchor who is literally worshiped by youth is famous for his filthy jokes but when you see him on TV , well he is the best Pakistani.

    Its era of capitalism. Here Forces of Demand and supply shape things.. like Politics , News etc religion is also sold as a commodity and for sake of ratings Anchor can go to any extent. We have to admit we are a hypocrate society and that’s why the top best hypocrites are top best anchors…..
    I am angry with Amir liaqat Hussain is because He was anchoring a religious program and many innocent ppl followed him. he Broke trust of millions and he should be held accountable because he hurt nation ideologicallyRecommend

  • Mustafa

    I think that the video has been tampered with. However, it makes no difference to my thoughts on Aamir Liaquat, that he is a fake. If this stops people watching his show, than it’s fine. It is also a great soure of entertainment now.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nazuk.Surat.e.Haal Tomahawk

    Hilarious pages being created on Facebook. One of them being “Ji bohot nazuk surat e haal hai. =D ” , LOL.Recommend


    Parvez mushraf and his music and his paper commando style and his preacher is the reason we are on this stage uh afsos saad affsaus.Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    I’m literally waiting for more articles on Aamir Liaquat – really want to see the whole movie #Ghalib but this is something very #Nazuk so will do it after examz …Recommend

  • Hammad

    Ghalib film dekhni pare gi.Recommend

  • malik sher awan

    simply venting out our disappointment by tweeting away is not enough. a lot us may swear and make lame jokes about bollywood but we dont come on screen to claim ourselves as ”ulema” and pious and what not. .and we dont mock raped girls !!!!! so saying that he reflects us is not going to help. such televangelists should not be allowed to misrepresent and wangle with islam and its true image.Recommend

  • Nasreen Ghori

    I was thinking the same after watching this video, when most of us used to call names (galliyan) at one time of the day and than go on prayer mate to pray the other time of the same day, when people who are drinkers and gamblers fast during Ramadan and pose as no one is more Muttaqi than them, then why we expect from celebs that they will be not as Munafiq as we are!

    Why we think they will be different from us. The answer is that we do not claim that “I am the Servant of Mohammad (PBUH)” and “my khana, peena, sona, jagna is the name of Mohammad (PBUH)”. These claims make us place him on such high pedestal and this is the reason that he has fallen hard from that high place and we are hurt !!!Recommend

  • fahad iqbal

    TV channel is equally responsible; why TV channels didt stop him at first place Recommend

  • xtacypills

    boring article..writer could have made some sense rather than trying so hard to use the most of the vocabulary he knew.Recommend

  • Ashar Ahmad

    Amir Liaqat (if he is really innocent) or for that matter his employerscan very easily nip this whole clamour in the butt if indeed their stance is true!… how? , just upload /telecast all the original video clips containing those very instances which according to him were dubbed /tempered with!

    But we all know that this is never gonna happen ( simply because there wasn’t any doctored video to begin with) and that all we will be getting are those useless sermons / rhetoric on good old cheesy topics like conspiracy, hasad, yahoodi / hindutwa/ secular / liberal lobby trying to defame the religious brigade instead. Recommend

  • Jali online

    Just saw the Ghalib film !Recommend

  • Abdul Wahab

    Sure we are shameless and hypocrites but we don’t claim to be religious scholars or try to enlighten people about the religion. So there is a difference I guess.Recommend

  • naeem saad

    it is time for other religious frauds to be exposed also. there are a lot of dubious characters who’ve invaded our tv screeens this ramzan and we are bombarded with their religious propaganda on every channel .
    what is our media’s love affair with radical islam? why are our channels inundated with maulvis everyday selling their wares.Recommend

  • Mustafa

    @Ashar Ahmad:
    Most of the videos have been removed by Aamir Liaqat’s employers. Anyways, everyone I know, of every sort of political and religious view, is enjoying this, its not just liberals or whatever.
    And the phrase in ‘nip in the bud‘, though maybe you had some other phrase in mind.Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    Faraz watch out…. Your days are ending. Ghalib soon gonna replace ya.Recommend

  • RyersonToronto

    Hai agar Dushmannnnnn Dushmannnnn !!Recommend

  • That Actor was Mac Mohan

    Heck, the Junaid Jamshed ripoff of Who Wants to be a Millionaire is the most creepiest thing I have ever seen on a TV. What in the world are you doing to Pakistan!!!!Recommend

  • ADy boz

    Ji bohot nazuk surat e haal hai. =DRecommend

  • Ashar Ahmad


    Mustafa ( jan-e-rehmat) I wonder what makes you so sure about the fact that they have been removed from the channel’s archive? …it’s a well known fact that generally the archives contain even ages old recorded stuff ..please stop giving lame excuses!

    and yes I know what’s the actual phrase, just thought that a bit of pun would serve ;)Recommend

  • ADy Boi

    see guys first of all the vdo ended with one or two clear fake acts which shows that If this vdo contains errors, if its fake its created to give a hype to drowning fame.I would say If Dr.Liaqat has even a little moral courage he must file a tort of defamation against media groups asap verna tou :

    “Ji bohot nazuk surat e haal hai.” =DRecommend

  • Adnan

    He’s an anchor and does a good show and is a hit with tv viewers and makes good money for the channel he works for. Most of us say things that we dont do. He’s on of us. Lets leave him at that.
    For inner peace and comfort, lets understand the Quran ourselves and lets love the one who deserves our love and who did what He preached and is the best example for us to follow i.e. Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him). This will surely never disappoint us.Recommend

  • Rana Kashif

    I agree with this article CUT TO CUT. But I also think in Pakistan we have had so many people who have been exposed yet the nation forgives them. Mohammad Asif and the cricketers. So many others. People in power know that in Pakistan you will be forgiven and Amir Liaquat knows that it is very hard to replace him. His confidence and acting skills are amazing. He is a true artist.Recommend

  • eccentric

    this what happens when religion is commodifiedRecommend

  • Meera Ghani

    While I agree with the author that private lives of celebrities, famous and public personalities should remain private and we have no right judging them I don’t think we should be shocked at the reactions the video has gotten from the many. Because they had indeed put him on a pedestal and expected better. However, why do we hold others to higher standards than we hold ourselves??

    I didn’t find the video shocking at all because it made him seem rather human, capable of making mistakes and using profanities. Maybe that’s because I didn’t see him as an Aalim-e-Din but just a televangelists- an entertainer that puts on a good show every day. A little bit of narcissism and vanity goes hand and hand with showbiz.

    What the author fails to mention however is his horrid rebuttal where he points fingers not only at his previous employers but also at the Ahmadi community- that have been targeted in his earlier shows as well. His incitement to hate led to the tragic murder of a few members of the community in the past. And now he seems to be invoking the same emotions and reactions which I find really appealing.

    So, while people have the right follow and listen to whom ever, I really hope that at some level this serves as a wake up call for us to not put these ideologues on pedestals and to treat them as what they are- are entertainers and not as Islamic scholars whom we should be depending on for religious advise.Recommend

  • Taqwa – The ideal ethical value of a Muslim

    Dear Pakistanis, do yourself some favor and attempt to get your minds off of this vulgar episode from your conscious, or else your fasting is of no use to Allah. Let the affected man deal with his own demons while you concentrate on your own.Recommend

  • Meera Ghani

    And I agree with Abdul Wahab, its not so much about his swearing its about him pretending to be pious and asking others to refrain from using profanities. If you are duping people into believing you are a religious scholar then you better face the consequences when they find out you are not who you claim to be.Recommend

  • Dodo

    Didn’t know ET edits user comments as well…interesting fact, nevertheless!Recommend

  • http://www.utterlyurban.com/ A

    I blame the public and our innocent (read:stupid) “aunties” (as he mainly has female fans) for expecting all what he says and does on face value and not realizing that the media world is not as simple as it seems. And that is where I emphasize that media education is absolutely necessary so that people do not fall trap to such publicity images and get carried away by all the “supposedly good” people on TV.
    On second thoughts however, it’s not even the aunties who should be blamed. with our social issues ranging from domestic frustration to lack of education, any naive person would believe what is best shown to him/her. Recommend

  • http://fruitforbidden.wordpress.com/ The Forbidden Fruit

    People need to stop confusing religious celebs with real godly people. He’s a televangelical host, he’s MEANT to act saintly. I think people just take him way too seriously, whether in a good or a bad way.Recommend

  • doc

    simple apology would have sufficed…Recommend

  • CB Guy

    @ Abu Bakr: its supposedly religious people and hypocrisy that go hand in hand, not religion. As for the politicians, they aren’t much different, which reminds me, he was an MNA for not so religious political party too, and that too not long a go.. Recommend

  • http://www.utterlyurban.com/ A

    @Abu Bakr:
    I am sorry but i don’t quite agree with what you think. Religion and hypocrisy do not and should not go hand in hand. In fact, they can never be together as a hypocrite person follows no religion other than self interest. Recommend

  • liaqat

    I do not believe a few swear words and some singing makes you a bad person or “hyprocrite”. If anything his followers should be relieved that he also has a lighter side. The
    persecution of Ahmadis is a whole other subject so to phrase one sentence, giving the reader an impression of sorrow and sadness for the Ahmadi people..is inaccurate.Recommend

  • Faisal

    A very well written article. We really have to look at ourselves closely and worry less about judging others. HRecommend

  • Do not Geo

    @Dodo, perhaps ET has not seen the Ghalib movie? :o)Recommend

  • ssk

    To the editor:

    A little common sense to the dilemma :

    1- Salman Rushdi , a banned personality ( agreed)
    2- Salman Taseer , an assassinated rebel ( on a non issue , humanity any one?)
    3- Aamir liaqat – not dubbed – see voice , actions , words , lip sync , behavior ? – justified?

    Time to see the obvious.

    Thank youRecommend

  • bilal

    good! very well done.
    i m impressd.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Dear all,
    If he is hypocrite then what about the channel who introduce him and project him as a man of spirituality?
    Anyways, think the broader picture of this video. How, why and in which circumstances this video has leaked…Recommend

  • Irtaza Khan

    Maria, Good effort..very well thought and eloquently written essayRecommend

  • Fayez Shah

    Doesnt the burden also lie on TV channels conducting these programmes. We know now that they knew about this long before us! They are like partners in crime with this guy! Equally responsible for playing with people’s serious problems that they brought forth on the show.

    By the way, he mentioned a guy who had butter in his mouth all the time. That guy is Prem Nath! :PRecommend

  • Fahad Raza

    The problem with media and celeb-worshipers these days is that some can’t accept what he did was actually him. I think in some time from now masses will forgive again what he did and he’ll be doing his “acts” again on some channel .Recommend

  • Mustafa

    @Ashar Ahmad:
    I didn’t mention the channel’s own archives. I was talking about on the internet, many of the videos have been removed.Recommend

  • http://sociality360.com Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    1st off, Yousuf Kapadia sent me here. Promote him.

    2ndly, I’m glad for many reasons this happened. Generation X has been warning its parents for eons that the people they fawn over on the TV screen are fake, lame and mean spirited.

    I’m also glad that Pakistani’s once again know what happens when brain power is Not used, as a result a major icon/brand did not hire any PR agency to represent them and perhaps amend the matter before it got any worse

    And finally, I’m overjoyed that while everyone is relishing the complete destruction of the ‘doctors’ brand, they also realize that ‘yes … even in Pakistan’ social media can make or break you.Recommend

  • Samreen

    Also – don’t quite appreciate the writers’ apologetic tone. Liaquat’s actions dont deserve any justification! Recommend

  • Meena

    It’s not the fact that he was cursing and the fact that oh, everyone does it. Of course, everyone has those moments. But it is just a big deal because HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ISLAMIC PUBLIC FIGURE. He’s supposed to be a good influence on people. He’s going around preaching people to not do this and that, yet we see him doing such things. People look up to him expecting him to be a saint or whatever, and this has shattered his image. If he were already like this to begin with, then of course it wouldn’t be a big deal. But to the public, he is viewed to be the entire opposite, that is why it is such a huge deal. The way he is presenting himself, he is NOT supposed to be like this. And did you see him LAUGH at that poor woman’s question in regards to rape and suicide??? Doesn’t that upset anyone? Recommend

  • Sarah

    Bravo! Loved every word of this blog! Recommend

  • Zulfikar F

    Very immature and insipid analysis of the situation. Recommend

  • Attique

    Yaar kya naam hai yaar woh…mar gaya yaar woh…woh nahi hai woh jo…bara zabardast adakaar tha yaar woh…Recommend

  • parvez

    Amir Liaquat has a very thick skin and he and the people who promote him know that the general viewing public have a short memory. Morals, ethics, right and wrong really does not matter, as its ratings and viewership that matters because it translates into money.
    The authors attempt to try and make Amir Liaquat look somewhat less obnoxious than what he is, does not still well with me. Recommend

  • anna

    Amir Liaquat called Ahmadies ” Wajbul Qatal ” & three ahmadies killed by some fanatics after his TELE FATWAS on Ahmadies .Now who will bring back those innocent souls from the heavenRecommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    We support Sir Aamir Liaquat Hussain, this will help spread softer version of Ulemas and religion. Recommend

  • Adeel

    Saying something about Amir Liaquat is sheer wastage of time and energy. I am not here to comment of his character which was recently exposed to Televisionalists (21st century Religion).
    But here to advice cinema owners to think about Ghalib movie :). you guyz can make good out of it. i m sure this movie is in very much demand :) Recommend

  • Abbas ali

    If this video is fake them why removing them from YouTube faster than we can say ghalib film dekhee aap neyRecommend

  • Osman

    @Abu Bakr:
    To be objective, in fact, persons practicing upon a religion which forbids lying and deceit would not engage in deceitful acts. It is only the lack of such religious practice which engenders hypocrisy.
    On the other hand, if a person’s beliefs encourage hypocrisy, then of course such a person is more likely to be hypocritical. However, most traditional world religions discourage lying and deceitful acts.
    Everyone, in fact, has a religion, whether or not he or she would like to admit it. Everyone has their own way of life. Some people believe that there is no purpose in life but eating, drinking, and procreating. Others believe that there is a purpose.
    A blanket statement claiming that religion naturally begets hypocrisy is premature and reeks of bias based on philosophical beliefs rather than sound evidence.Recommend

  • sana

    highly disagree. why is the author trying to justify his wrong doings with fancy words? he doesn’t hold a celebrity status, he affiliates himself with Islam and preaches on national television where millions of viewers tune in to watch and learn, which is WHY this is appalling. religion is a delicate matter, merely tweeting about it with a petty hashtag doesn’t suffice. ET, we need a better take on this!!Recommend

  • Riz

    Dr Aamir Liaqat Sb is a noble man. It is a conspiracy of zionists and hindus against him. Shame on all the people who are criticizing him. Shame on all ur lives. Repent for ur transgressions against such a knowledgeable personality.Recommend

  • Kamran

    The simple fact between me, you and Aamir Liaqat is that me and you are not muslim scholars, and we are not preaching about Islam. where one of the most important element to being a Host to an Islamic show is to follow what you preach. An exact analogy will be if you as a journalist started fabricating news and started misleading your readers.Recommend

  • maria

    even after reading this article and all the possible comments am in the middle of no where.Recommend

  • rehmat

    U find it interesting that people were not disillusioned when his hate speech resulted in 2 deaths but are disilusioned now when it is discovered that he uses swear words. Strange priorities.Recommend

  • A

    Really Maria, thanks for this article.Finally I see someone making sense, and not just jumping on the bandwagon. Over the past couple of days I see people posting and re-posting this video, deeming him to be a hypocrite, liar, two-faced and the list goes on. Even IF the video is true ( only God know the truth), people fail to understand that he IS a human being. Okay, so he is flawed, but is at least he trying to do something for his religion ( there are at least some people who are influenced by him and try to follow our religion), while we do nothing on our own to further our religion, yet jump to ridicule and expose others. People fail to understand that no one is perfect, yet we all in our capacity try to be a semblance of our version of perfection.

    I hope we can stop this hatred, accusation, and jumping to conclusion nature of ours, and try not to pick up on every single fault of someone else does and commit them to the gallows. As they say before accusing/ drawing attention to someones flaws try to take a deep look at yourself and you probably will think twice before doing this.

    I really hope this charade of his videos can stop , this is the month of Ramadan where we are taught to be better human beings. So please instead of spending your time posting/ re-posting videos try to spend that time praying, may be that will help us all.Recommend

  • http://rorolia.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/contribute-to-save-a-life/ Xain Gardezi

    Honestly no one should be surprised. Do we REALLY think all the ‘holy’ TV personalities and some kind of innocent sadhus?Recommend

  • Alchemy

    Personally I did not find his swearing surprising or even offensive. He too is human just like the rest of us.

    But what I did find offensive is how he couldn’t stop laughing at the question of the lady asking about commiting suicide in the event of being assaulted. Even the thought of something like that should be sobering.

    And whats worse is now, in his rebuttal, he is thinly trying to blame Ahmadis for this leaked video (in his insinuation that it is those who are against the concept of “khatam i nabuwwat).Recommend

  • Waqas

    Amir Liaqat and mostly other media people work only for money.Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    can anyone tell me what does “galib film deekhkai hai apnai ” means?Recommend

  • Dodo

    Just wanted to find out what exactly did you mean when you said “sound evidence.” What are those evidences, can you please elaborate? Thanks!Recommend

  • adnan

    thanks to the creator of youtube which exposed so many personalities Recommend

  • Dee

    Yaar woh konsa actor tha….Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I have been working with his team and I know the video is missing alot, coz there was alot more he is capable of speaking, and do it. al of those worked with the same employer know it.Recommend

  • Noon Ghunna

    I love this man. He sings well, he acts well and now this. Veena & Meera’s fame are in serious jeapardy. This man will replace them all from News Headlines.Recommend

  • Shahryar Ahmed

    Nicely written & I ttally agree with you on the below:

    “The current era of Pakistani television is conducive to far too many flaws, whether it’s a case of media-regulating body PEMRA being guilty of barely enforcing its code of ethics — or a case of TV anchors passively watching their guests bicker and enforce their private agendas, oft-times comprised of dangerous, incendiary polemic.”Recommend

  • vickram

    @ Author:

    You ask: ‘Who is to blame?’ Don’t you think the answer is obvious?

    Most of the public figures of Pakistan are low on ethics, because, they know they can get away with ‘murder’.

    Your cricket captain bites a ball in full public glare, and still he has millions worshiping him. And his brand goes from strength to strength. In any other country, he would be seen as a poor role model.

    Most of Pak’s public figures lead a fully duplicitous lives in full public glare, knowing fully well that people will support them anyway. Ethics has never been a strong point of Pakistani society anyway.

    In such a system, you can expect more and more such two-faced people to flourish. Recommend

  • Huh

    Sub choro bomb phuru
    App nay ghalib film Delhi hi :DRecommend

  • turab

    I actually enjoyed, the way he speaks off the air, he is funny. and for those who think that he is some sort of salvation for us, ‘he isn’t ‘ everyone has to answer for themselves. really i mean how many people commenting here even prays 5 times a day. worry about yourselves not him.Recommend

  • HSN

    jo bhi hoa.. Ghalib film ko bohat publicity mili… everyone wants to watch tht movie.. Cinemas should run shows fr tht movie.. kafi business kare gi movie.. lolRecommend

  • sana

    I am amazed that some of the people condone hypocrisy and think that it is perfectly fine to be swearing at one minute and preaching at other? We are not asking him to be hanged to death, we are just asking him to apologise and behave himself for future. The worse part of the entire drama is that instead of apologising he went ahead to give another speech on jealousy! and that has made me really furious! what he thinks we are a bunch of morons? Recommend

  • Mehwesh Ahsan

    Because Mr. Writer.. we do not claim to be Aalims.. we do not sit at a prestigious position and solve people’s issues in light of Quran. Because Amir Laiqat took a lot of responsibility on his shoulders when he got the fake degree…. the responsibility of preaching a religion that condemns all the actions we saw him doing in the leaked video. And why crying now when everyone enjoyed leaked videos of meera? Why wasnt any action taken then against PEMRA?? and why is it so difficult for you to understand that it is not right to PLAY with religion?? religion is not for entertainment for gaining popularity through conducting shows.. is that what religion is for you? just another topic for a hot show!!Recommend

  • Amir Liaqat

    I´m guilty!!!!!!!!! :-)
    But “galib film deekhkai hai apnai”Recommend

  • Saad

    dubbing? give me a break….. this actions speak louder than words in the video….. Wo kaunsa actor tha…. wo kaunsa actor tha yar..Recommend

  • MAD

    When was the lastv time the 1954 Natio0nal Award winning Indian film Mirza Ghalib generated this much publicity. I bet there are vendors in rainbow center digging up old copies of the movies and getting some DVD’s ready to meet the demand.Recommend

  • A-Pak-Civilian

    Yaar, I don’t think so those are genuine videos. Look closely the lips sync and voice is different and more clearly the voice has much difference. We should not come to any decision before getting real proof.

    Also clearly shows when he was sitting between 2 moulvis, may be he was talking something else with smiley face and someone falsely dubbed it.

    Ok, one video may be genuine where he was laughing on ‘nazuk’ word. Don’t you think so; it was just a laugh on Nazuk word not on any religious quote?

    Just see his video on facebook ban, how did he react and was telling us Ahadiths that he remembered and then reach any evaluation decision.

    My countrymen, it’s not an easy task to become an educated Aalim. We should think with both positive and negative points, not just blindly believe anything that multimedia shows you.

    Be Wise.

  • Ghalib

    If this is an attempt at a scholarly article….I am afraid it didn’t go too wellRecommend

  • zain

    ghalib is an indian movie….Recommend

  • M M Malik

    Aamir’s profanities may be overlooked, but his insensitivity towards selectively followed Muslim leaders, Abdul Wahab, Ibne Tamiya and Qutab is in real bad taste.Recommend

  • Malik Haroon

    zabardast!! to me this all issue couldnt have been put more calmly… to write this much with controlled words and emotions is a very pleasant read, Sis, we all feel the same way just get to angry while discussing it. Worry not some one will come up and do the damage to Amir Liaquat….just consider this, Iss mahene main ALLAH ne aisa expose kiya hai isse…. thts bad, one really has to wonder where do i stand after this treatment on the Arshe-elahiRecommend

  • Zulfiqar

    Someone earlier commented that he “left a ministry over khatam -e- Nabuaat”??? What does that impply? That his remaining in the ministry would have threatened or weakened that fact of the finality of the prophet??? Just goes to show the pathetically weak faith most Pakistanis. You need ridiculous laws to confirm your beliefs!Recommend

  • Osman

    I’m inclined to believe that not worshipping celebrities will also help us all.

    “Deen be-deeni se nahin payl saktee hain.” – Maulana Saad (DB)
    Translation: Deen cannot spread from the lack of deen (i.e. irreligiousness).Recommend

  • Sohail

    The message I got when I filed a complaint agains him at “PEMRA Online Complaint Center”:

    “Your complaint has been submitted successfully.
    Error sending email: SMTP Error! Data not accepted”

    Doesn’t seem that my complaint went through “successfully” … lolRecommend

  • Umair Hassan

    I fail to understand why are people comparing Mr Aamir Liaqat to the rest of us? Okay fine, yes, most of us do swear and we do go for prayer right after but do we pretend ourselves to be as religious as he does? Do we run an Islamic Show on TV, the main focus of which is to preach what Islam is all about? and btw……..i don’t think that we (youth of today) would ever abuse in front of an elderly person or a Maulvi. If we abuse, we do it in the gathering of friends. So there is a big difference. So calling us a hypocrite, you may do that in some other context but not this !Recommend

  • Neo online

    Just saw voting results and it surprised me, there are still 12% readers who voted ‘Yes’ to a question: “Do you believe the leaked video of Dr Aamir Liaquat has been tampered/dubbed?” Well, I respect their opinion but I’ll pray for them too..Recommend