American life through the eyes of a Pakistani

Published: August 8, 2011

Today, it is common for young Pakistani men and women to go to the United States of America for higher education. My friends ans I are a part of this percentage of Pakistan.

Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not that easy to get there in the first place.

You apply to countless universities; receive lots of rejections and a few acceptances. It is then up to you to decide where you want to go. Are you a big city type of a person? Or would you prefer a more of a small-town feel?

Once you have finally decided where you want to go and you’ve paid the university you will be attending the registration deposit which is about $700 (completely pointless money making scheme) comes the issue of applying for your visa. This is an extremely tedious process; you have to deal with loads of paper work. Filling out forms that require you to disclose your family’s travel history from the year 1910 till the present day and what not, but we still answer all their pointless and absurd questions because you see, we must get out of here!

Who would want to stay in Pakistan, right?

On my way to the USA

You fill out the forms, get a date for an interview and then the next 3 weeks or so are spent in anticipation, severe stress, going over the capital cities of all the 51 states of the US, trying to learn the names of all the NBA teams; all this just so you might seem more “American” to the interviewer.

We go through all this trouble and when we show up to the US embassy at 8 o’clock in the morning in the blazing July heat all they do is make sure that you have the money to pay for four years of college and that after college you will return to Pakistan.  That’s it, end of story.

All they want to do make sure of is that you will pump money into their education system for four years and after doing that you will return to your country and look for a job in Telenor or one of the many other multi-national companies that have been investing in Pakistan due to its booming economy and the highly efficient government.

So you’re set then; you’ve got the visa, you’ve got your ticket (flying economy on a Middle Eastern airline by the way, because all of your money has gone towards paying for visa fees and other deposits.) And we’re off.

You reach Abu Dhabi; you have a 15 hour layover and then fly to… let’s say Washington D.C.

In the land of opportunity

So you finally land, and of course you remember to say thank you to the air hostesses in your new found American accent.

Once you are at immigration you are asked the same questions you were asked when you got your visa.The officers asks you what kind of vegetables you are carrying with you on that particular day, which firearms you decided to bring along and how many times you personally met Osama Bin Laden.

Once you’ve answered these extremely relevant questions you move on out of the airport and hail a cab. The whole ride you think about how unbelievable it is that you are finally in the country where all your favourite movies have been made, you tell yourself you’ve seen that building in some movie and you take picture with your brand new Blackberry to upload it on Facebook.

And then, something unexpected happens.

You reach your destination and contrary to what everyone has told you, the locals are actually nice to you! It’s the Pakistani’s who try to keep their distance. They don’t seem to want to be associated with you, they don’t seem confident enough to let everyone know they are from Pakistan. But it’s okay, because you’ve already made tons of American friends. They are all really nice to you and make you feel really comfortable. They ask you plenty of questions because they seem to know that everything they’ve been shown on TV can’t mostly be true. And that’s when you realize it’s not the American people who hate us, not even the American government.

They do not have any hidden agendas against us; they do not want to harm us.

They just want to make sure that we will in no way harm them. When they see that you will not, you are welcomed as one of them. You have been accepted.

You see, it is not America or the American people who have developed this feeling towards us, they had no need to. It is the hero of many, Mr Osama Bin Laden and his countless followers who have done this to us. They have cast doubts upon us; they have made sure that we are the last ones to be looked at when there’s a job opening even though we might have a better GPA then most of our class.

My mission in America

I went to America to study, to get a degree and maybe a job after that if I’m lucky. But my mission in America has changed drastically since I got here. I want to change perceptions in whatever way I can. I want Americans to know that we are not the enemies and that we are victims of this terrorism, perhaps more than anyone else in this world.

In America, we must prove we are better than what they have been made to think of us. We must work hard, always remain ethical, never forget our values but at the same time try to assimilate ourselves into the American culture. Assimilating yourself into the American culture doesn’t mean you have to drink a beer every night but it does mean that you try to play basketball instead of cricket while you’re there.

They should want us to stay in their country. Right now we are weak and we need them. But we must change that and it is no easy process. To change the way they look at us Pakistanis we must change our behavior.  We cannot go there and attempt to blow up bombs, it is not right.

Sure, they’re not treating us in the best way possible right now, but why should they?

We fostered the world’s most wanted terrorist, Pakistani’s tried to blow up Time’s Square, Pakistani’s funded terrorist organizations and Pakistani’s come from a country that is nuclear powered and is reportedly on the brink of collapse.

If we do not change ourselves, then it is only a matter of time before we are denied entry not only into the United States but into every civilized society in whole world.


Taimur Ahmed

An undergraduate student at the Marietta College in Ohio

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ali

    If we do not change ourselves, then it is only a matter of time before we are denied entry not only into the United States but into every civilized society in whole world

    I’m glad more and more Pakistanis are realizing this!Recommend

  • Tanoli

    its nothing like that america need immigrants and they are peoples who runs america for
    centuries and please dont be american dont like pakistanis america peoples are great
    peoples even after 9/11 if there is some unfurtunate incidents happend to difrent countries
    peoples but sure we many are safe and secure so many my american friends old young
    all ways ask me u all right if some body bothers u so are good peoples and strict system
    over any racism or other issue. i disagree with the writer,.Recommend

  • Tanoli

    Off course there are some wrong foriegn policies and even lot of american dont like it that
    but inside is one policy.Recommend

  • parvez

    Why did this simple realisation of the need to be a ‘ good person ‘ in order to be accepted come to you only after going to America ? Recommend

  • Anam

    I’m not sure if the writer is trying to gain pity in his first few paragraphs.

    American students get rejected from more universities than they get accepted to.

    You had to stand out in the heat (which half your countrymen do everyday) in front of a building that most of your countrymen don’t dare dream of.

    The deposit you pay gets deducted from your tuition. Its an assurance you will come to the university.

    Awn poor you, you had to study for things you weren’t going to be tested on. You’re going to a country where this happens all the time, get out of the Pakistan memorization mindset.

    Economy on a Middle Eastern airline (Qatar, Emirates or Etihad? – some of the best airlines in the world). Poor you, you had to sit with the masses.

    Seriously, you don’t get into any significant until you get over the pity parade. You have an opportunity that very few people in Pakistan have. Embrace it.Recommend



  • Ali

    Oh Please!!! What a lame ground for proving your point. Those that hate you will hate you no matter what. Try going to areas with majority red necks and you will know. Those who are indifferent will be indifferent no matter how much to dance in front of them and those who care will keep on caring. America to be just that. Like any other country. Getting a visa is difficult, true but what follows is just business as usual. Trying to prove yourself will not change anything. And yes, you have to drink to blend into the culture. Give me one example of a person who did not drink and blended??Recommend

  • Abdul

    When did USA get the FIFTY FIRST STATE.??? Please correct your facts before writing such random paraphernalia.. Recommend


    bro wt do u really mean by “(flying economy on a Middle Eastern airline by the way, because all of your money has gone towards paying for visa fees and other deposits)” ???? it looks as if u flew out of pakistan for the first time…n m sure u wud hv been giving that ” mai pehli bar jahaz mai betha” look at that time……u look pretty unfamiliar wid the airline thngi brav……for ur kind information…

    QATAR AIRWAYS—rated 5 star by skytrax…ETIHAD AIRWAYS—KNWN FOR THE WORLD’S BEST FIRST CLASS……EMIRATES….I THINK U SHUD HAV HEARD OF IT FROM SOMe “chacha mamus” in ur family who normally fly quite often…OMAN AIR—RATED 4* …..

    WT ELSE DO U WANT??? u knw wt??? U really need to chnge ur “DUR K DHOOL SOHANAY”mentality n nothin else…and yeah one thing more……if any airline in the world has a stopover for more than 12 hours n less than 24hours, it provides u a hotel no matter wt…..i wonder y u forgot mentionin that when had to layover for 15 hours before catchin the next flight???


  • KolachiMom

    So, why not stay in your own country, and make some changes here first? – “We cannot go there and attempt to blow up bombs, it is not right.” Wow, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? It’s not like all Pakistanis run to America so they can blow things up. Calm down kid, or are you equally vocal there in telling them “You cannot go there (to Pakistan) and bomb people with drones. It’s not right.”??? – Who cares about beer? Take a step back, and stop guzzling the Kool-Aid.Recommend

  • Tanoli

    Dude i never drink a wine or class of beer and i have many white red nek amer friends &
    they invite me to birthday parties and thanks giving and chrismas time please its nothing
    like that.Recommend

  • Cautious

    Pakistan gets very limited press coverage in the USA and until OBL fiasco most American’s could care less about Pakistan – but OBL was a game changer – one that will permanently change the relations between Pakistan and the rest of the World.Recommend

  • rk singh

    good commentry. hope pakistanis comply. world would be a better place then.Recommend

  • malik

    I wish there are more people like you in this country. I also feed glad that more and more youngsters are now waking up to the reality that we need to do something active to bolster our image and blaming others is not going to help us any more.

    My advice to you: Stay back. Pakistan needs jihadis and not educated persons.Recommend

  • Milestogo

    So some places are ok to be bombed others are not… May be because you are still in minority – wait till there is sizable minority – true colors will come out…Recommend

  • Omair

    Well-said and well-written. Agree with everything except:

    “If we do not change ourselves, then it is only a matter of time before we are denied entry not only into the United States but into every civilized society in whole world.”

    It is not a matter of time. In fact it may be too late. The whole civilised world is already rejecting us. Recommend

  • My Name is Khan

    Very good article. All the American-hate is unfounded. Americans are generally very friendly and our country’s actions certainly can’t make the US feel good about Pakistan. We would not be leaving to go abroad if things in Pakistan were so rosy.

    @ Tanoli – you can barely write a sentence in English so I’m not sure how any foreigner can hang out with you. That being said, you sound like a terrorist sympathizer who wants to claim that Pakistan’s world standing is just the result of “unfortunate incidents.” Give me a break. We brought this upon ourselves. We’ve been brainwashed.

    @ KolachiMom – you fail to see the forest and just focus on the trees. The author is making a valid point about how many Pakistani-Americans enjoy the benefits of America but secretly hate America. Look at the recent arrest of Dr. Fai – it turned out he was a fraud. How does that make Americans feel about Pakistanis?Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Two things I want to correct: The US visa application is not as lengthy and tedious as that of UK, where you have to fill out 13-or-so-page application. Second, you don’t need to undergo that totally unnecessary medical check-up as is required for the Canadian study permit.

    Second, you get an interview fairly soon. And yes, the visa application fee is not as much as Australia was charging. 2 years back. The US visa application fee was Rs. 12K, while Australia was charging Rs. 30K. Recommend

  • hariharmani

    Mr T.Ahmed,for first attempt,at understanding USA,well done.You will do well,do not befriend jehadi’s,there are plenty in USA,pray in your home,avoid mosque,if you do not have strong mind.I’m sorry for that some of your countryman have not taken your simple observation kindly,they think you are fresh of the boat,as such your observation do not count.I ask some smart Alexes,what is objectionable thing he has said?,it is his first time so he does not have knowledge about Airlines,can not guys be charitable?,some inspite of living in USa,have poor control of English,so what?Do we have to be cruel and merciless in our criticism?I’m pretty old,yet I feel hurt,when some folks are unfair and unkind.We are humans with feelings.For me he is young kid,much younger than my own sons.You can not deny that in Pakistan ,so also in India,very wrong perception of USA,when you come first time,you are like Alise in wonderland,huge highway,traffic moving at break neck speed,tall building,healthy tall men and women,this all throws off first comers?When I came here 50 years ago,I went searching for “DAHI”,came back empty handed,my room mate told me,it is called’Yogart’,see education has very little do to with,culture,it great cultral shock.I’m sure he will find lot of well meaning kind souls also.He is in . right place ‘far from madening crowd’Recommend

  • Cynical

    Love them or hate them, but can’t live without them.

    Talk about obsession!!!Recommend

  • Saad

    I seriously don’t understand the purpose of writing this — a lot of people on here have already been to us and other western countries and they know how life is.

    After you have completed your education and you have probably decided to make US your home you will still be classified as a third class citizen people will look down upon you and oh by the way ( do end up getting a US passport) on port of entry they will still ask you whats your country of origin.

    PS- have a good life in a country which is on the verge of bankruptcy.Recommend

  • bilal

    After reading comments of Indian readers one can easily see how much Indian hates us and always busy in doing propaganda against Pakistan [mainly on internet], Indian are talking here as well with their typical mentality about Pakistan; We don’t really need any Indian advice on any issue. indeed good article!Recommend

  • Sajida

    Which hick place have you landed yourself in?
    There is no need to prove yourself if you are amongst the more educated Americans! After college you will only qualify for a low level job. Better get ready from some grunt work! You need a graduate degree for a decent job that will pay off your costly American education.Recommend

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    Good article. the author don’t say that come to US and blah blah but the mean of the author is to change ourselves. Its easy to point some one instead that If we think about ourselves that how much wrong m I ?Recommend

  • http://carmaichael najib

    @Anam: you seem to have a grudge against teh author to be picking up on his every lineRecommend

  • HRZ

    Nicely written. Totally agree with you that we have to see ourselves first.Recommend

  • LayMan

    I wasted some good time of my life reading this joke aka blog.
    Better luck next time dude!Recommend

  • AZ


    Dude… punctuation?…ever heard of it?Recommend

  •!/piraliraza Pir Ali Raza

    I agree with you that the American people dont have anything against us but if you think the American govt. doesnt have its own interest which sometimes overlap our basic security and needs then you need a lot of growing up to do buddy.Recommend

  • Adeel


    well said malik and a very comprehensive article thanksRecommend

  • Ali S

    The writer should have mentioned which city in the US did he go to. Depending on which area you are in, attitudes of locals vary enormously. We’re talking about 300 million people here – different views, different opinions. And I hope that one day young Pakistanis will be as enthusiastic about fixing their own country as they are to leave it for another one.Recommend

  • Dil dance maray.

    Seems more like a guide then an article. Makes more sense towards the end. Oh, and ‘booming’ economy? Sir, about time you educate yourself about your own Country. Recommend

  • Nisha

    @ Dil dance maray:
    Sir, about time you educate yourself about a term called sarcasm. “..due to its booming economy and the highly efficient government.” Are you really naive enough to believe that people would actually say that about Pakistan? Maybe you should read up on sarcasm a little more before doubting the author’s knowledge about his country.Recommend

  • guest-worker

    4 years in USA will cost the parents of a “Education-Desiree” over Rs. 1.40 crores. Even then he will not be allowed to do anything worthwhile in science, engineering or medicine. A short well planned world tour sans education in USA would save him 1 Crore with which he can start a business that would employ 100’s. The days of a “4 year degree” are over and are only in demand because the mothers of these kids still think they will trap a rich mate for their kid

    wake-up Recommend

  • from india

    you can come to india to study like bangladeshis and get placed in MNCs in London, New York, Singapore or Dubai by taking admission in a good business school , tech or law schoolRecommend

  • Salma

    it was just a blog….freedom of expression please!Recommend

  • Frank

    This blog is brazen American propaganda, Recommend

  • Dil dance maray.

    It seems more like a guide then an article. Although it gets better towards the end. And as Anam said, Embrace it! Oh, And Sir, “booming” economy? It may seem ”booming” to you upper- class kids. Who have the world at their disposal and sit on their fancy laptops in a dorm room somewhere in the great US OF A! and write all this. Ask the ‘Awaam’ how booming it is Sir! Recommend

  • luqman

    Absolutely childish and pointless …. nothing novel ………… sorry but thats what it is….Recommend

  • Muhammad

    You obviously don’t understand the purpose of this article. Stop criticising something someone tries to do and change something yourself instead of simply commenting on articles. At least this guy had some sort of a realisation. I, personally, completley agree with him. Everyone who doesn’t is just another frustrated Pakistani looking to criticise someone. Get over yourselves guys, well done Taimur! Great article. All the best in the future. Recommend

  • Muhammad

    And Mr Abdul the 51st state of the United States is HawaiiRecommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    @My Name Is Khan
    Dr Fai is not a Pakistani American but an Indian American!Recommend

  • basharat

    Americans do not hate us despite the fact we hate them too much. Talented Pakistani students have studied on American scholarship programmes and earned doctorates and other graduate and post graduate degrees. Hatred , that has been spread by religious bigots, in most of cases, amonts to an exaggerative reaction. We, in our own interest, need to be tolerant.Recommend

  • Bilal

    How is your comment, IN ANY WAY, related to the topic at hand? The author isn’t trying to prove anything other than taking a look at ourselves instead of playing the blame game. There wasn’t a single mention of the US education system anywhere in the piece. Recommend

  • Nisha

    @Dil dance maray.:
    For the love of god SIR, relax. He’s being sarcastic. Google sarcasm please, will you?Recommend

  • Anam Kabir

    I am glad more and more young people are waking up to the reality of what terrorism has done to our country. I am also glad that the younger generation is less biased towards the West and looks at it more objectively. Taimur seems to have the intelligence to see America for what it is, and not through the eyes of our hypocritical mullahs who would give their * for a chance to go to America.Recommend

  • parvez

    @Muhammad: Suggest you look that up again. Recommend

  • Sidra Sheikh

    First of all great article, as an attorney liviing in the U.S for the past 7 years I could’nt agree more. Thankyou for writing this article and making some kind of, albeit small contribution to changing the very bigoted and resentful mindset that seems to be growing in Pakistan. Yes, you can move to the United states, make good friends who are Americans and have a great job not just some “low level postion” as one commentators described it. Embrace the oppertunities America hasto offer, so many of which we unfortunately to have at home in Pakistan.
    I wish you the best Mr Ahmed, so much insight at a young age is hard to come by.Recommend

  • Abdul Rehman Sheikh

    Authors conclusion about all Pakistanis being denied entry from civilized world is IRONIC! Didn’t anyone notice that? You cannot be considered civilized if you deny entry to people solely based on their country of origin. Banning an entire nationality by generalizing them as terrorists is called discrimination, and civilized nations dont work that way.

    The article is still plausible though I like how the author correctly identified the fact that many Pakistanis think there are 51 states! Thank You Muhammad, you made my day!Recommend

  • Homa

    Good article. The author verbalizes the right message… he should be praised. Recommend

  • Trish Dykowski

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this article and sharing your experience. In today’s society fear based Anti-American Sentiment is growing exponentially, primarily due to greed induced government-military action. However, it is well known that the actions of governments do not always represent the feeling of those they are meant to serve. The truth of the matter is each and every American is a descendent of an immigrant and the plethora of cultures is one of the attributes that makes it so great. Growing up in a destitute farming town and working my way through law school, I’ve encountered a wide spectrum of opinions. Albeit there are many narrow minded people in America, there are equally as many who welcome the opportunity to experience customs and traditions of various cultures. All persons should try to “work hard, always remain ethical and never forget our values.” Again, thank you for your opinion and choosing to enrich America with your presence.

    Sajida a majority of all graduates start with so-called “grunt work”, but the manner in which you accomplish those tasks will lead to either your demise or success.

  • Cautious

    Well two things are clear — the author doesn’t know that the USA has only 50 states — and Mohammad doesn’t know that Hawaii is the last of the 50 states to form a union. Thankfully you don’t have to know how many states they are to get a VISA to visit the USA.Recommend

  • Rubab A. Zaidi

    Very well written! And very realistic account. All this American-hatred is unfounded!Recommend

  • Syed

    Immature and shallow piece!Recommend

  • Atif Afridi

    Salam, can anyone tell how can i n from where can i apply for u.s student visa ?? plzzRecommend

  • Atif Afridi

    can anyone help me to know the visa process ???Recommend

  • ahsan

    I just have to say total wastage of the time by reading this article, writer is trying to take the sympathies or just trying to become the party of American society by showing the wrong image of Pakistan, as any student can get a degree of University of Stanford in Pakistan by taking admission in Numal University founded by Imran Khan, importantly on merit free of cost.Recommend

  • j

    Can the author please explain to me how the facts leading to OBL being caught in Abbottabad and being dumped in the Arabian Sea made sense? I’m sure he stood outside the White House and shouted USA USA but seriously, as a PAKISTANI how can you actually believe it?

    Secondly, get your facts clear, not all Pakistanis blow themselves up a measly 1% will want to do that while the rest of us would just have them be executed to save the world some mess to clean up.

    Thirdly you pig headed pakistan bashing ass, Yes our government is corrupt but us the educated masses who can change that run away to the US and write pakistan-bashing articles like this. We do not fund terrorists, we’re told we fund terrorists from the USA, we’re a developing country with Nuclear weapons and we should bloody well be proud of that fact. i know i am.
    Yes i sit and whine about KESC, and Visa lines and all that crap. But i have never once gone into a country and crapped about Pakistan.
    You say you want to change perceptions, you son are the reason their perception won’t change with your cribbing about how us pakistanis are the reason there violence, war and hate in the world. Recommend

  • fatima

    well a little reality check here….we did not foster terrorists nor did we fund the terrorist organizations…..the actual culprit here is US ..Mr.Osama bin laden is knwn to be linked to CIA in cold war era and the organization he headed was too created with money flowing in to defeat Soviet Union… was not Pakistanis who published books having J for Jihad and K for kalashnikov and had it transported in Afghani madarsas….Recommend

  • malik

    ” Can the author please explain to me how the facts leading to OBL being caught in Abbottabad and being dumped in the Arabian Sea made sense? ”

    Have you ever thought of asking this question to the innumerable wives and children of Osama who are now in Islamabad, in the custody of your Army?Recommend

  • Doc72

    @from india:
    Dude are you naive. Do you think a Pakistani student can study without getting in trouble?
    It’s next to impossible. Read the news paki born Australian cricketer denied visa this past week! Ground realities have not changed!Recommend

  • Asna

    you are so right. this is not just the case with being in US. Pakistanis have to make constant effort to change their image in the eyes of the world. Thanks to our media for spoiling everything. we, as individuals are the only way to create some good impression. Recommend

  • Abdul

    bro am not opposing u … but i dont agree with u either … u talked about bin laddin ? according 2 me it was just a character which they created through media … nd u knw what they killed Osama more thn thrice … nd when they killed him in Pak… they dint come up wid a proper footage ….just an American propaganda .. nothing else… !! America just want to maintain its superiority … thats it… !! forget about Pakistan …. hope u how they planned against Russia ?? this Osama was their hero .. ?? let me bring u more close to their reality … hope u know wht they did to Iraq ? hope u knw wt they hav done to Afghanistan ?? Islam is the second fastest growing religion and they fear that it will overtake their superiority … even a fool can understand a trick …!! they just want to tag Islam wid a bad name … a propaganda to stop people revrting to islam !! Recommend

  • ali

    We Muslim Believe in one Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Christ (MABH)

    1: Very First lesson of Allah. Iqra Bisme Rabe Kalazee Halak. (Simple mean first advise from Allah read, study, education with Allah name

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said: Get education even you need to go China. 2: Get education from your mother arms to grave.

    Christ (MABH) : Said it’s easy for me to re – soul to some body, but it ‘s hard to convey message to uneducated.

    Sorry my English is poor, but hope you will understand the importance of education.

    Many thanks to USA for inviting peoples for education.


  • zaid

    If we do not change ourselves, then it is only a matter of time before we are denied entry not only into the United States but into every civilized society in whole world.

    Assimilation is a very important concept to adapt when you come to America or any other country. For example, If I am a chinese citizen and I go to Germany to relocate, I will make it a point to at least try to conform some of my beliefs so the transition is smooth and less stressful. At least learn the language and perhaps dress similar so you don’t seem like an outsider after 10 years of living here. I say this because I have seen pakistanis that have lived here for about a decade and their english is almost nonexistent.

    The most important part of assimilating though, in my opinion, is the fact that you utilize the freedom here that you didn’t have back home. Recommend

  • Waqas

    It’s AREA 51 my friend :PRecommend

  • pups

    Well written and balanced article,considering the author is a young student.We pakistanis are a very talanted,patriotic and proud peaple, but we need to channel our talent and energies in the right direction.This can only be done if we recognise our shortcomings and try to improve ourselves.No nationality or peaple are essentially all good or all bad.There are good and bad peaple everywhere.Imortant thing is you have yourelf to be a good human being before you expect others to be good.Thank you Mr. Ahmed for giving the correct advice to your fellow students and countrymen.US is a" melting pot",where so many immigrants from so many different nationalities have been accommodated since long.The present perjudices ,if any will also melt with time.

  • Haaris Shahid

    If you would have asked me, before you went over the capitols of 51 states, is that the US has only 50 states :)Recommend

  • Abdullah

    You are right..its time we should change ourselves. That society is really tolerent, civilized, they dont care who you are and where you’re from as long as you dont harm them. we need to work hard on our image. and the point written above is soo damn true that its the Pakistani people that keep other Pakistani people at distance..this is bad..real bad!Recommend

  • M.Tufail Cheema

    Dear Taimur! I have read your article and pleased to know that you have become so mature.
    May God Bless you with successes.

    Tufail CheemaRecommend

  • Ajay

    I have met a Pakistani in US who worked for a major US co but walked to the rest room or out of it with rolled up pant flares, he would put his feet in the sink to wash his feet before the prayer and when suggested that it I’d not right, said he could care the least what others thought. Recommend

  • A

    As someone who has grown up in Pakistan and America, I’d wait until the author gets over his “honeymoon period” with America. This article is typical of a Pakistani “star-struck” with the glam of the US, and unaware of the US’ war-mongering, terrorizing history.

    I hope you get over this perceivable inferiority complex and look into the United States’ history. Throughout its existence, it has served as a nation succeeding through war and oppression – be it through the killing of Native Americans, the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, or the ruthless drone attacks in Pakistan.

    Truly, “freedom and justice for all” is reserved only for true Americans – your blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christians for whom this country was created. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can stop feeling ashamed of who you are and work towards helping our trodden-upon country.Recommend

  • powerball

    We cannot go there and attempt to blow up bombs, it is not right.

    We fostered the world’s most wanted terrorist, Pakistani’s tried to blow up Time’s Square, Pakistani’s funded terrorist organizations and Pakistani’s come from a country that is nuclear powered and is reportedly on the brink of collapse

    Umm..what the hell are you talking about?! I am a Pakistani and I sure as hell did not do any of the above mentioned things.. I will never apologize for them. Your okay with them not treating you with respect because you think they have the right not to? I agree with the idea of changing our behavior but the idea of changing in order to please Americans is just stupid.. You say you should play baseball instead of cricket while your here. Why?? Be proud of who you are. Prove to them that you’ll stick to your culture, not theirs, and let them come to you if they want.. Don’t go around apologizing to others just so they’ll accept you. People will see as weak if your going around saying yea I’m weak and I need you! Recommend

  • powerball

    people will see you as weak if your going around saying that you are.Recommend

  • taimur

    good words and thoughts… from your namesake… http://www.taimurahmed.comRecommend

  • http://Australia Naeem Siddiqui

    @Taimur Ahmed,

    Did you ever try to be a good person when you were in Pakistan!? How many times you have broken the traffic signal, how many times you may have abused or looked down the poor.

    Mate! We desis always try to be good and look good once we are in a western society. but when we are in our country we behave like spoiled prince.Recommend