Have you met the sun today?

Published: July 24, 2010

Take some time to take off your shoes and walk in the freshly cut grass

There is no eye that doesn’t find serenity in floating clouds, tranquility in shimmering water, and brilliance in the moon light. Nature is the only thing that will fill your heart with contentment and your spirit with peace. Stop and take a look around. There is nothing like walking bare foot on the moist grass, soaking oneself in the rain or sitting under the shade of a neem tree. When was the last time you did any of these things?

Sometimes I like to close my eyes and listen to the melody of nature. As the song of the sparrow mixes with the breeze I can hear the quiet hum of the trees. I smell the wet soil and freshly mowed grass. I find myself constantly mystified by how nature has the power to soothe and recharge our senses. Modern inventions have filled our lives with limitations. The hurly burly of city life has made us time deprived. So, once in a while, stop!

These are the simple but supreme pleasures of life. Here are few easy ways to embrace nature every day:

  1. Start observing nature around you. Observe the trees that you pass by each morning and notice how seasons make them change colors, shed leaves and bloom.
  2. Adopt a plant!
  3. Sow a seed and watch it grow.
  4. Consider your late night load shedding a reason to lie down on your terrace or on the grass of your lawn. Drown yourself in the starry sky.
  5. Do not miss a full moon! Have your dinner on the balcony in the moon light.
  6. Soak your self in rain at least once this monsoon season! Stick your hand out of the car, or your window and collect few raindrops.
  7. If you are anything like me, you will love having a cup of tea on the rooftop where you can see the sun go down and birds flying back to their nests.

Nature has given you thousands of reasons to smile and to adore the wonders of God. Fall in love with the dancing leaves of a tree, admire the sounds of chirping birds, marvel at the radiance of flowers or value the refreshing breeze. Appreciate nature and be a part of it!


Zahra Ali

A freelance writer, gardening teacher and environmentalist. She has been spreading the message of natural living through her blog 'Crops in Pots' since 2008

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    Utopia! I wish we were able to do the same and yet fight the competition to earn a living :)

    Good post :) I like it. Recommend

  • Immy


  • http://www.wajahatabbas.com Syed Wajahat

    nicely writtenRecommend

  • Sarah Zaidi

    just by reading this post, one can start imagining the sights, sounds and smells of nature. our people need to slow down and give mother nature some attention. maybe then they’ll stop destructing her. good read :)Recommend

  • alina

    nicely written:)Recommend

  • Taimoor balooch

    Nice article plz save greenery.Recommend

  • Nasir Qazi

    well written :)Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    Thanks for wonderful comments:)

    @ Ali Raza: I feel we need to find a balance. No matter how occupied you are, I am sure you can still take out 5 minutes to go out and look up at the starry sky, and the moon that is shinning up there :)Recommend

  • http://mysticsaint.info Sadiq Alam

    Congratulations to the writer for this beautiful piece and such a valuable reminder that nature is such a source of grace, blessing and comfort.

    Loved the title, and the writing.Recommend

  • Dr Muneeb Shahid

    nicely written article.. just wanted to add one thing to it..

    .. hug a tree and feel the life it has in itself. :) if anyone hasnt tried it before, do it once and youll love the feeling of the tree hugging back to you!! :)Recommend

  • http:///www.lahoregardening.com muhammad khabbab

    I totally agree, these are simple but supreme pleasures. An impressive post.Recommend

  • Jameel Yusuf

    A wonderful article, it can be an experience each one of us can afford and must indulge in. It has been written with great passion and would certainly attract a lot of people to go for it & be rewarded with peace of mind that only nature can provide. We need more of this in today’s troubled times.Recommend

  • Scarred

    Dear All,
    I do not understand the cultural logic of late capitalism, the consumption pattern of a rapidly urbanizing city leaves no room for a meeting with nature that can not result in a clash for supremacy. Nature is reproduced in small atomized units for us: the lawn in a nuclear family house or a tract of land reserved in a residential area for nature. I am sorry this not nature. All I can call it is a reminiscence of the gone-by age of pre-capitalist life: the search for ground by the cultural politics of late capitalist modernity.

    There is no nature left (period).Recommend

  • Hamood

    Refreshing post. Nice to read an article like this for a change in newspapers full of nothing but political or terrorism related news.Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali


    @ Sacrred : I do not agree. We do not live in agricultural areas but it does not mean they don’t exit. People are doing wonderful work in the preserving nature and environment and the results are visible. Nature is very flexible. Even if we are short of space but we still do not have an excuse of not growing plants. Every one in this world can not have acres of land to grow crops on and to make gardens around their houses , but what we all can do is find a plant to grow in spaces we have, attract wild life and create a refreshing ambiance for ourselves.

    In next few pieces we will talk about growing crops in pots and more about container gardening.Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    Dr Muneeb, you are so right !
    I ask my students to do the same. Hug a Tree! what a wonderful thought!Recommend

  • winner

    Dear Sister Zahra

    I loved the sentences in which you appeared to have touched the literary realms of William Wordworth when you said…

    “As the song of the sparrow mixes with the breeze I can hear the quiet hum of the trees. I smell the wet soil and freshly mowed grass.I find myself constantly mystified by how nature has the power to soothe and recharge our senses. “

    I loved it…so much so , I have saved these lines on my PC..because they have given meaning to the feelings I have everytime I go on morning walk……..Thanks…and remember that praising nature is actually a type of Ibadat….Jazak ALLAH……….Recommend

  • hasan

    Well I do practice muchof this myself but….it’s not only about nature,but one may get pleasure in every thing ,the trick being one change a bit the homogeinity in his/her life.Recommend

  • http://awgilani.wordpress.com Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    Brilliant write up.
    Yep we need a work life balance thats very important. All the stress and nausea will definitely vanish if adopt what you explained beautifully.

    May I add, we must also enjoy SunRise scene.Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    true:) thanks.Recommend

  • Murtaza Dar

    evry one does that ..!! lol Recommend

  • Maryam

    Very well written….
    ur article put a smile on my face……i just started imagining all that……
    thanks a lot…n keep on writing…Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    @ Maryam: :) smiles are contagious. Recommend

  • Adnan Khan

    riveting reading….excellent stuff!Recommend

  • Anum Sayani

    Amazing :)Recommend

  • http://www.zenacademy.net mf zuberi

    very well use of words, its poetry in prose, and spoken from the heart – keep it – its rocking! :pRecommend

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    Awesome… I am lucky to find a 2 month-old writing… Simply beautiful…Recommend

  • shiza

    Beautiful :) Recommend

  • http://www.google.com BP

    “There is no eye that doesn’t find serenity in floating clouds…”
    I am afraid of clouds more than anything around me. Please don’t make statements on my behalf. Thank you.Recommend