Tableeghi Jamaat: Playing politics

Published: August 4, 2011


The Sharifs, who portray themselves as the torch-bearers of principled politics, have by their actions shown themselves quite otherwise. In other words, they have shown that when it comes to garnering votes, they have no problem courting the conservative and right-wing elements of society.

A war of words keeps erupting between Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif over issues of religious extremism, banned outfits and existence of the Taliban in southern Punjab. The former makes the allegations and the latter denies all of them, saying that no such thing is happening in his province.

In the same vein, the interior minister’s recent statement about the activities of the Tableeghi Jamaat seems to have forced the Sharifs to come forward and vociferously defend the Raiwind markaz; and the Sharifs have gone to the extent of demanding that the federal government issue an official rebuttal in this regard, against one of its own ministers.

Malik had said that the headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat in Raiwind was a breeding ground for extremists. However, Sharif immediately rebutted this and gave a statement that the organisation was non-political and non-militant. According to reliable information, following the interior minister’s remarks, the provincial government deployed personnel of the counter-terrorism department and other law-enforcement agencies at Raiwind. A senior police official of DIG rank said that in many cases they have uncovered links between people who went missing and were thought to have turned to a life of militancy and Raiwind, ie, the headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat.

Of course, the right thing to do for the ruling party in Punjab would have been to not dismiss the statement of the interior minister but rather have it investigated. If it is insistent that there is no connection with militancy whatsoever then there should be nothing to hide and an independent police investigation would have revealed just that.

Let us also not forget that it was the PML-N whose law minister was in recent weeks seen hobnobbing with the chief of the outlawed Sipah-i-Sahaba and even attended some public meetings with him, prior to a by-election.


Abdul Manan

A Lahore based reporter for The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Yggr

    @ Author: Where did you get this “reliable” information as you have failed to quote these sources you talk about.

    “According to reliable information, following the interior minister’s remarks, the provincial government deployed personnel of the counter-terrorism department and other law-enforcement agencies at Raiwind. A senior police official of DIG rank said that in many cases they have uncovered links between people who went missing and were thought to have turned to a life of militancy and Raiwind, ie, the headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat.”Recommend

  • BADurrani

    I would like to point out to the author of this blog that on many occasions members of the Tableeghi Jamaat such as Junaid Jamshed et al. have been called “munafiq” as well as a lot of other much worse things by Islamic militant extremists groups such as the Pakistan Students Shariat Movement etc. Recommend

  • BADurrani

    I would like to encourage the Author of this piece to do a little more research which may lead him to discover that many Isamic Militnt Extreamisits Groups consider the Tableeghi Jamaat to be munafiq, because they don’t agree that the conflicts taking place around the world qualify as “Jihads” as well as the fact that the Jamaat has always condemned attacks which take the lives of innocents. Recommend

  • Tanoli

    even officers of police and army goes to raiwind markaz please dont mix things up if sialkot
    shezada rehman malik dont like to go just leave them alone and peoples of sial kot are
    famous for changing so queickly.Recommend

  • Sikandari

    Seems like the author does not have a clue what “Tableeghi Jammat” is…. Poor piece of writingRecommend

  • Usama Aziz

    Author please go and do some research on tableeghi jamaat before spreading propaganda against them. A crap piece of writing.Recommend

  • khan

    @ author.. try to be accepting of others that dont look like you . anyone who keeps a beard or associates with guys with beards is not an extremist, Recommend

  • Amer

    This is the true face of a facist! Be it a liberal or a conservative or whatever else, no one has the right to mix facts with fiction and present it as evidence. The author and the editors of ET can do much better then just write that they have information from “reliable sources” and then spread facist propoganda. What a piece of crap! Maybe you only like people spreading non sense in the society, maybe you only want your readers to live a farce! Recommend

  • Kashif

    PML-N is religious party like jamat-e-islami. Recommend

  • Realist.

    What a Fascist.
    Whats Wrong in Having Right-wing Vote ?
    Its upto the people of Pakistan to vote for the person they like. No one has the authority to tell the people who to chose & who not to.
    Tableeghi Jamat has nothing to do with Terrorists Stop your pseudo liberal agenda of spreading hatred!Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    Really. How ridiculous can people get?

    //A senior police official of DIG rank said that in many cases they have uncovered links between people who went missing and were thought to have turned to a life of militancy and Raiwind, ie, the headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat//

    Hah! So even if that’s true , how does it make Raiwind a ‘breeding’ ground for terrorism? Tableeghi Jamaat is highly popular in India and Bangladesh as well. And for what? ‘Tableegh’. It is perhaps the only apolitical Islamic organization in the world. Please get educated author.

    Shame on all those Pakistanis who try to tarnish the image of this organization which is perhaps the ONLY popular one that talks about ‘educating’ people about their religion more than anything else.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    Your Sialkot reference is as ridiculous as the content of this blog.

    Thank you very much.Recommend

  • sarah

    its just a double faced party , playing games with the people of Pakistan. they don’t give a damn to what no. of people are dying in bomb blasts as long as they keep receiving dollars from Saudi Arab or whatever place!! Recommend

  • san

    It looks like raiwind markaz is the epicentre of terrorism. Time for army to launch full flash operation against state elements. Army need to open another front and this time they have to start from raiwind and flush these so called Jammats. Recommend

  • parvez

    The strong perception that the Sharif brothers and their party are affiliated with hard line religious groups for political gains, in nothing new. Your equating genuine Tableeghi Jamaats to religious extremism is skating on thin ice. Considering the state of denial most of us live in regarding religious matters you should have researched and worded your thoughts carefully. @Usama Aziz’s comment ‘ a crap piece of writing’ describes it well.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    By all means, Tableeghi Jamaat provides the nursery for the militant organizations. This is how it grown like such a big monster. With huge funding streams from Saudia and Kuwait, they are harboring terrorists and it was right thing to investigate this if Rehman Malik had said something right for a change. Recommend

  • Asif Ilyas

    it is habit of rehman malik to give such type of statement who has no head and tail.i think u all remembed his statement about killing in karachi that 70 % killers are girl friends or wives.Recommend

  • Zain Bhika

    @Abdul Manan: I think you are not aware with Tableegi Jamat. Do proper research before writing. I think you are facing pogonophobia…Recommend

  • abdullah khan zai

    people involved with tableeghi jamaat spreading islam throughout world and they have nothing to do with militancy. people around the world are involved in this noble cause. u should visit and spent some time then u will know the truth. i think u r socalled progressive and inspired by propganda. we pakistanies feel very proud in talking against islam to please froeign masters and rehaman milkRecommend

  • Junaid

    yes and sarah is the one who delivers the check from Saudi Govt to them… right sarah?Recommend

  • Ibrahim Afridi

    All I would say is please do have some research before u write something and secondly dont be another US calling every muslim a terrorist and thirdly to hell with secularism people talk about Pakistan was created as a relegious state if you dont agree go and read your history and two nation theory etc
    I wonder how people today influenced by the western backed media and talk watever they want to

    and ET are you really working for Pak Recommend

  • ali

    Even PTI accepts that allegations against Tableegi jamaat are correctRecommend

  • missmartypants

    Whoa! Who needs Fox News when we have Islamist-bogeyman hysteria getting whipped up right here at ET! Seems like you have found your Token Terrorist of the Day.

    A few nuggets that I am sure ‘accidently’ got lost in your draft:

    Tableeghi Jamat peacefully operates all over the world and that INCLUDES Western countries.Raiwand is just one of the several cities where it’s based.
    This organisation was started in India during the Revialist Movement and as a form of a non-violent community based forum against the Raj. It has been in existence for more than a 100 years. Did you just figure out today that they are actually terrorists?
    The main focus of this organisation is on personal and spiritual development, and have never been known to comment on politics let alone arouse jihadist rabble.
    You are more likely to find Raiwand Mullahs distributing Besan ke laddus amongst the masses than bombs and jihadist pamphelets.

    Next time some honest homework would help.

  • Arsalan khan

    Let’s be rational. What Rehman malik said was that common feature of all extremists is that they all have been visiting Raiwind. Now is it impossible ?how can Raiwind centre check all the visitors? Further there is some thing there which attracts these people.
    We must remember that Tableeghi Jamaat is totally banned in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Why?Recommend

  • Munir Akram

    A brilliant follow up work on Tableegi Jamaat. Pakistan and Islam was doing excellent until we had these self proclaimed Islamic elements doing one or other things in the country. Tableegi or Talibaans or other banned outfits of Pakistan all share one school of thought that originated from Saudi in the recent history – call it the American Islam Not prophet (PBUH)’s Islam – yes you got it right – Wahabism. Recommend

  • I_love_Pakistan

    @Junaid: speaks of your ignorance.Recommend

  • Sara

    you failed to cite any source for your information, who is this “senior police official of DIG rank”????Recommend

  • Sara

    the tittle is misleading, instead of the tableeghi jamaat, it should have been PML-NRecommend

  • Arsalan khan

    What rehman malik said was a fact. According to him most of the terrorists who were rounded up had been visiting Raiwind Markaz.Is it impossible?

    We all know that Tableeghi jamaat is banned in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Why?Recommend

  • Khadim Husain

    Please do not mix many issues, sectarian jealousy is clear in some remarks. Historically Shariff family is Brelvi, Mian Shariff hired Tahir Qadri and today billion rupees property of Minhaj was Bakhshish of Ittefaq Foundry at Lahore. Today incharge of Ittefaq Mosque and other religious activities Riaz Husain Shah, chief organizer of Sunni Tehreek is appointed. There are so many other details but a list of organizations banned from collecting Zakat issued by Shahbaz Shariff, 98% list contains Deobandi organizations to give passage to Sunni Tehreek and Tahir Qadri group.
    Now come to Rana Sanaullah patchup with Sipah e Sahaba, Rana is an old worker of PPP and Sipah e Sahaba was ally of PPP in Punjab Government during Benazir Government.
    Even one person of Sipah e Sahaba was the only person who contested against Mian Nawaz Shariff in elections, I don’t remember his name but Shahbaz Shariff used police to indict him over 200 criminal cases and finally killed him in an encounter.
    Killer of Salman Taseer was member of Brelvi Tableeghi Jamaat, not the Raiwind one.Recommend

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    Not a valid blog……..Recommend

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    Not a valid article author don’t have the idea what he was willing to write and regarding what he have to explain the background of the Jamat that what they were doing and right now what they are doing then he have to define that where were the links any name or the Tableegies are neutral Jamat they don’t interrupt in the any political or terrorist activity. Recommend

  • Usama Aziz


    can u give us proof to back up your claims? Recommend

  • ofmoria

    Do you even know what exactly is Tableeghi Jamaat. All they do is go around for some tableegh AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. And Raiwind is the Headquaters where strategy is made how to do the Tableegh. How is that extremism? Just because they want people to be more religious doesn’t mean they want extremism. Also a high ‘official’ of the Tableeghi Jamaat Dr. Tariq Jamil said this on live T.V that Suicide bombing in Pakistan is Haram. What more do you want?
    I hate you kind of people who go around talking that the tableeghi mullahs just want everybody to have beard. They want to order everybody around as to how they dress. How are you any different? You want everybody to follow your example and NOT have a beard. They are infact more tolerant than you are. When you go on criticizing them for exercising their rights, they don’t return the gesture. They are in fact one of them best spoken people.
    And I laughed when you said that government should have gone on to investigate claims the of our ‘respectable’ interior minister that they were breeding extremism there. Isn’t it the same guy who said that half the people are killed by their girl friends? What kind of crap was that. Do seriously expect me to do anything other than laugh at this guys comments?
    And about Sharifs getting there votes from Mullahs. Let me tell you they are conservatives by nature? And why should they not use that potential of votes there? Do these ‘Mullahs’ not have right to vote same as you? They can choose to vote whosoever they want and you cannot criticize anybody on his choice to vote somebody.
    And lastly your claims that extremism is being manifested mostly in S.punjab. Maybe its true. But is it not the responsibility of the federal government to fight extremism. They should be the ones to investigate there. And any way Sharifs hardly have any footing at in the S.Punjab. Their vote bank is the upper punjab. Lower Punjab is the control of PPP (The party to which the interior minister belongs to) So instead of whining on media, he should set the matters right in his territory.

    What poor piece of right this is! HuhRecommend

  • Khurram

    So only the comments ppl post gets checked by Tribune not the blog posts.
    Serious allegations with No Evidence No Reference……..
    What to talk about visiting the place, I am sure, the author didn’t even bothered to listen/research the lectures given at Raiwind which are just a click away on youtube.
    I have been to this place twice and listened to Tariq Jameel many a times, all they talk about is basics like namaaz, roza, zakat etc!!Recommend

  • Shoaib

    Far from reality….need proper research before putting up a blog. Recommend

  • xiaahmad

    Author do u really think that Interior Minister can be taken seriously?

    He call Altaf hussain a great leader working for peace :D
    He consider Zardari to be best for nation
    he consider drone attacks ok

    so how can he be taken seriously in this statement of hisRecommend

  • SJ

    I’m just dumb founded. One Anti Tabligi Jamat article and 90% of the comments are in favour of them. Pakistan, tumhara Khuda hi Hafiz. Recommend

  • Rizwan Ibnul Hasan

    The author does not know what Tablighee Jamat aim is and what Sipha e Sahaba aim is. The former is trying to spread the message of Islam. Many great people have benifitted from their efforts while the later has only one point agenda i.e. to creat terror in the country. People calling Tableeghi Jamat as a terrorist jamat should get their head examined.Recommend

  • Mehroz Ali

    Once I met some tableeghi Jama’at persons in train and they were very polite so humble that I got inspired by them…… pls do research before writing…. Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    @author: By the way Rehman Malik himself took back his remarks about the Tablighee Jamaat. Instead of advising Shabaz Sharif, you should advise Rehman Malik to not to issue such a silly statements and then contradict it the second day.Recommend

  • missmartypants

    @Munir Akram
    Instead of throwing words like terrorist, wahhabism and Tableeghi Jamat together, why dont you do some ‘followup’ homework first? TJ is NOT equal to Wahhabism, why because the two come from completely different schools of thought. TJ is a Deobandi forum, Wahhabism -the more stricter school are Salafis.
    So called ‘policy experts’ love to inter-change the two terms these days.Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Ali Mughal

    This article is poor…..Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I know writer is on payroll of Interior Minister. Its his duty to defend RM because he is very much paid for this purpose. No grudge Mr. Manan, Truth does not need any evidence. Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    So? What do you want? Do you want people to appreciate this nonsense just because Tablighis are ‘religious’ people and because anybody who happens to be working for Islam definitely has something fishy about him/her?Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Ahmed

    For all those bashing the author for this blog, please go and have a word with any Pakistan army officer who have captured suicide bombers in Pakistan and they will tell you the link between Tableegi Jamaat and those who are sending young boys to heaven with the help of a bomb. People in the blog keep asking for “reliable sources”, for all those, for God sake, wake up and smell the coffee. Because someone belong to Tableegi jamaat or any other Islamic movement, that doesn’t make them a better muslim than those who have no affiliation with any Islamic movement or party.
    As a Pakistani, we love conspiracy and denial from truth. Whether it is 9/11, or any other event, we keep saying that is the work of CIA and Mosad, even when Osama Bin Laden comes on tv and says yes, we have done it, we still say “noooo”.
    For all those who support violence in Pakistan (covertly or otherwise), here is Prophet Mohammad PBUH quote “Whoever killed a person who is granted the pledge of protection by the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”Recommend

  • faraz

    Why is the army planning to ban tableeghi jamaat from Cantonement mosques?Recommend

  • Irshad Khan

    As far as I know the tableeghi Jamaat does not run any Madarsah. To me it is a movement and not to preach any sect or way of Islam. It does training of existing muslims to be better and disciplined muslims. They create awareness amongst muslims how to live and how to behave. They tell how to take bath, wudhu, enter into a mosque and sit there. They teach how to talk to your elders and during majlis or a meeting and listen patiently. They pratically tell how to eat and how to cook simple foods. They do not ask anybody which mosque they have to go and which not. They have gatherings from Thursday evening to Nimaz-e-Juma. You have to make your own arrangements for eating and sleeping in mosques. Every body is equal and every body has to sit on mosques floors. Most of the people, in the gatherings, are educated, highly educated and from all walks of life. Nobody is discouraged to attend the meetings or gatherings including illitrates or semi illitrares. Lectures are translated into many languages in the mosques. According to my observations they do not speak against any religion or sect which is the best part of this movement. They talk only about QURAN and Hadiths and Uswa-e-hasna. They ask you to read QURAN with meaning and some Hadiths. Now it is an International movement which was started from a mosque near Dehli before partition. They do not talk politics but do only character building excercises. They make groups to travel inside city, around the city and to other destinations even to far flung areas of the world. All expences are to be born by indivduals. Expences of travelling are very minor as they travel by any cheapest conveyance, stay in mosques and cook simple food theselves inside mosques. Every body has equal right and respect without consideration of wealthy, healthy, rich, poor or an Executive in forces, business or government. They have to sit together, eat together and sleep at the same place. There is no show of wealth and power. One has to remain in a disciplined way and listen and see what senior people do and say. In each group there is a leader who is to be followed and heard patiently. This is only a muslim character building movement and make people practicing muslims. I had very little experience to remain with them and found them good human beings, they give respect to everybody and there is a great brotherhood in this Jamaat. They are selfless people, only serving and preaching Islam in a very humble way; so much so that they are neither capable of blaming others nor to be blamed for anything. Why to talk about persons whom you don`t know, Mr. respectable writer?Recommend

  • Azfar

    Arsalan khan said above “We all know that Tableeghi jamaat is banned in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Why?”
    You should come to the Sharjah markaz and see how many people come to it. Different jamats have visited the higher-up sheiks in the UAE from time to time, delivering the message of Islam and peace. There is no ban on them at all. I have also lived in Saudi Arabia and have family there, there is no ban on any activity, tablegi jamat is simply doing the work of dawaa and nothing else. Is there a ban on doing dawaa of Islam? calling people to the masjid or talking to them about their duties in Islam?Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Seems like all these ET bloggers have made it obligatory upon themselves to falsely blame and rebuke everyone and anyone who tries to merely follow Islam.. Supporting the claims of someone like Rehman Malik only causes the credibility of this blog or whatevers left of it to go down the drain..!Recommend

  • Tanoli

    @ munir akram
    please dont say if u dont know somethung about what u called wahabism its a pure form of islam with out any MALAWAT what our moulvies doing in pakistan and also when
    we goes to makka we pray behind them and i will say thank allah atleast holy land has
    dont have these pakistani fitna mullahs other wise who know what thwy do to em.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Seems like all ET bloggers have made it mandatory upon themselves to accuse everyone and anyone who merely TRIES to follow Islam of being a terrorist extremist fundamentalist and WHAT NOT…! Supporting the claims made by someone like Rehman Malik only causes this blog to lose all credibility… If it had any! Recommend

  • MI Khan

    This is an excellent piece. Tablighees are spreading LITERALIST/WAHABI Islam and that is the beginning of militancy and extremism. Their so-called ‘peaceful’ evangelism ultimately ends in self-righteouness and use of violent means to convert others (both muslims and non-muslims) to their conservative literalist version of Islam. Tablighees have made only negative contribution to the society. Their mission has no positive impact on Pakistani society.Recommend

  • Tanoli

    @ MI KHA
    I think u never been to there unless you are its all right man but did u know
    our interior country side lot of peoples dont even know basic of reliegen even dont know
    NAMAZ and quran so it is great tablieghi jamat they go there and teach them and bring
    them to reliegen and when MAULANA MOHAMMAD ZAKERYA SAHAB ( rehme elle) sta
    rt it this great thing from basti nazamudeen Delhi around century ago his basic idea was
    also to muslim to know there reliegen lot of us dont know how to perfom a khusal accor
    ding to sunnah (SAW) do you know mr khan all these english craze making us cookoo.
    and far from faith. of course learn the science and math but with the faith.Recommend

  • Asif Ilyas

    if Tablighe jamaat has any connection to terrorists groups than why rehman malik dont take any action against them.why all governors and even our president and PM participate in its annual means that our heads of state are also terrorist.secondly,if TJ belongs to terrorists group than why its members increasing day by day.Peoples belongs to all sectors of society have any type of relation to TJ.Recommend

  • MK

    @Munir Akram:
    This “Brilliant work” is not really a synopsis of Tableeghi Jammat. Generally Tableeghi Jamaat people are always denied visa by Saudis and Kuwaitis, and interestingly it is relatively easy for them to obtain visa for western countries. Here is fact about them if one cares.
    Tablighi Jamaat maintains its international headquarters, called Nizamuddin Markaz, in the Nizamuddin West district of South Delhi, India”. Europe’s main Markaz is in Dewsbury, England and is not considered a threat to any of these countries by their respective governments. Recommend

  • Adnan

    An Excellent Blog clearly showing the double standards of Shareef brothers and T.J. It is very brave of the author to call T.J as a terrorist’s breeding ground as mentioned by Rehman Malik. I think on the basis of evidence got by Interior Ministry, an Action should be taken against T.J and its sympathisers or at least we should monitor their activities in the grab of Preaching our Tolerant Religion, i.e. ISLAM.Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    So , eventually THEY are seeking some reason to “blame the dawg and hang it ” sort of
    another stale and yes , another powder keg strategy after the Lal Masjid Carnage !!!!

    ( May ) God save te King ( with a skull cap ) this time .

    @Blogger , in case if you havent been to Karachi ,just visit and witness .

    Tablighi Jamaat is the only entity that , through its apolitical and purely Dawwa’h based philosophy command a very high respect amongst different lingusitic groups of Karachi .

    Currently some of my cousins are on a Jamat in Balochistan with Pushtoon Jamat mates( !!! ) , and I had a chance to meet them and was so aw-struck to witness that my cousin was washing the clothes of his Pushtoon mates while his mates were cooking NIHARI on my cousins farmaish during their stay in a subsurb mosque ,as if one small happy family !!!! For me this was eye-ogling-shocking ( in case you havent noticed I am a Muhajir and yu know how things go in Karachi these days ……)

    Incase you are in Karachi just visit their congregation in Madni masjid on every Thursday night , near Aisha Manzil and yes adjacent to Nine-zero . It represnts something pristine and true to the core Islamic brotherhood , further , grasp this , more than 50 % of the around 10,000 particiapnts , are Pushtoons , yet never ever any thing unwarranted happens no matter how much the situation is dreadfully violent in any other part of the city , that is what I call RESPECT for the Tablighi Jamaat .

    I dont have anything to do with Tablighi Jamat , but thought it would be better to write something what I belive is true and maybe Karachi can benefit from this kind of harmony .Recommend

  • Ali Mardan

    I dont understand the need of tableegh in a Muslim dominated country like Pakistan where more than 80% of the Public are already Muslims. These Tableeghis are just trying to spread their own school of thoughts. They have already caused a major damage to our peaceful religion. Now they are even trying to damage relations with our friend country China. They are just spreading hatered where ever they embarked. Please stop this drama. We are all good muslims dont try to impose you own version of Islam, Live and let others live as well.Recommend

  • Ali Mardan

    Than why Sharif brothers feel shy to register their N-League as a religious Party Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Ali Mughal

    May Allah give strength to all the people who are part of this great Tableeghi Jamaat and may Allah help them as always ……. The actions tell the story themselves, no need to waste my words on this ridiculous article.Recommend

  • Neutralist

    The guy probably wrote it out of the typical habit of calling anyone with a beard, a terrorist.. No wonder our society is so polarized today–such liberal fascism represents a mind set, not rationalism.Recommend

  • Mustafa

    This is crap. Nonsense. I have myself been attached with Tablighi Jamat for many years. They encourage people NOT to vote in elections….why??? Coz they are non-political. They donæt believe in political activism. When the Taliban came to the city of Buner (last year I think) they even arrested a group of Tablighi Jamat for not accepting their view of Jihad. The government should crack down on militants where they are…why don’t thet stop jihadi groups and arrest their leaders in stead?

    Beeing secular and “poen-minded” doesn’t mean that you can attack anybody who is attached to religion. Please sir, do I bit reasearch. Recommend

  • chaudhary atiq

    well tablighi jumaat have common people like us there may be bad guys inside but overall its a wonderfull piecefull jamat and those in tablighi jumaat who dont lie or support jihad for today are not right we may condemn this but cannt blame all the jamatRecommend

  • Adnan


    Thanks to the moderator who is not allowing the other point of views to be included in the comments section. I tried to post my comments many times but failed due to my honest endorsement of Interior Minister’s views about TJ.Recommend

  • Umer

    @author, I think nothing more requires to guide you on the way as much been said by all the above, else give some research before writing some piece that might spread some lousy propaganda. Recommend

  • Feminist


    Why can’t women go to Raiwind?
    Can we argue about that now?

    Unloved Feminist.Recommend

  • Major Rasheed Awan

    I have not gone thru this article but will comment on the picture attached to it where Khadim is showing thubs up-

    Please note in some cultures thumbs up means ”Sit on this”

    I am 100% sure that our politicians mean the same when they thumbs up to the masses..Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Shafqat Ali Khan

    I personally know many of friends( extended) who are criticizing TJ for opposing Jihad or not persuading younger to go for Jihad. So just criticizing TJ for having connections with militancy would be injustice.

    So far as, Sharif brothers connections with militant organisations its very much true and good evidence is of Rana Sanaullah Law minister of Punjab honey moon relations with SSP.Recommend