Lessons for “bloody civilians”

Published: August 2, 2011

The content of our state-prescribed text books inject our minds with hatred for almost everything that has officially been declared “against the religious and national sentiments” of the country.

They pointed their guns at me, and started comparing my face with different photographs of wanted terrorists.

“What do you do?” an officer asked.

After an anguished bit of silence, I replied.

“I’m a teacher.”

“Teacher of what?”

“I teach film.”

“Sir jee he is lying! Who on earth teaches films after all?’’

This was about two weeks back, while I was entering the Lahore Cantonment, when army personnel stopped me at a check-point. The minute I was about to leave after the usual investigation, I heard an army officer say something out of the blue, that offended me to the core:

 “Bloody civilian!”

I instantly turned back and strictly asked the reason for their immoral stunt, also impelling them to apologize. They did not expect such a reaction, and thus resorted to harassing me in the way I’ve mentioned above.

What had given the courage to this uniformed gang to affront the people? Our people’s almost sacred love for the military!

A constant delusion of Pakistan’s majority regarding their armed forces has been the most effective tool for the military forces to keep their hegemony alive. This delusion is the upshot of our state’s policy of distorting and narrowing the history since its inception in 1947.

“Hindus are our worst enemies, India is behind every misery, Islam is the center of the universe and Pakistan is the greatest nation” are the compulsory clichés of our curricula and hence the first few things our children begin to learn and believe in. Why are we surprised over this hate culture which culminated in an era of terror and horrid bloodshed? What else can be expected from a generation which has grown up in the siege of state-sponsored illusions and cultural narcissism?

On the one hand, the content of our state-prescribed text books inject our minds with hatred for almost everything that has officially been declared “against the religious and national sentiments” of the country.  On the other hand, they continue to preach the ‘heroics’ of Pakistan’s military forces, with a strong emphasis on the “great nationalist” army dictators, portraying them as the protagonists of the state’s chaotic history. This nauseating propaganda is the foremost reason behind this delusional culture. People mostly see the military as the most “organized, committed and corruption free” national institution, ignoring a history of their crimes and failures.

An exaggerated fear of India’s conspiracies has been a stereotypical justification for supporting and strengthening the military forces since 1947, although according to all records outside of Pakistan, they have lost all four wars with our neighbouring country.

Pakistan’s military has also frequently imposed martial laws and emergencies. They had also inevitably brutalized the people of the former East Pakistan during the war of 1971. They, along with the ISI and CIA as their key backer, are responsible for producing and training the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, an act whose fallout in the form of Islamic extremism keeps haunting us.

Pakistan’s military has also turned out to be a trained syndicate which is the major stake holder in every immense business of the country ranging from commercial banks, housing societies, airlines to hospitals, schools and super stores, not to mention the greater percentage of GDP our poor country spends on defence every year. This haunting tale that has left Pakistan as a traumatic state, doesn’t merely end here. The vicious circle has reached to a point where they feel pride in calling us “bloody civilians!” 

If the Pakistani masses choose to shut their eyes from reality, we may soon see a time when our children will be forced to memorize that India was once a part of Pakistan!


Ammar Aziz

An independent filmmaker and political activist who teaches film theory at NCA. He blogs at ammar-aziz.blogspot.com and tweets at @ammar_aziz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://shemrez.wordpress.com/ Shemrez Nauman Afzal

    It’s happened to me too – and I work for very senior retired people from the Army. It’s very disillusioning, but I think that – despite the valid points you raise – we need to stop defining our Pakistani-ness from the prism of what fauji‘s say about us.
    For me, it has nothing to do with delusion or illusion – it’s just a shift of perspective, and it really doesn’t turn the Army into “bloody fauji‘s” either. Even civil bureaucrats or politicians or jagirdaar‘s exhibit this kind of complex (wouldn’t call it power). The basic issue is about determining who is fit to serve in the Armed Forces – if the sipahi cannot differentiate between who he is protecting, and who is he protecting someone from, then the whole concept of security falls apart in the microcosm. Similarly, if the Pakistani Army soldier who shot a Pakistani civilian on the streets of Karachi is determined to be unfit to serve because he does not know how to differentiate between the enemy and the guy who pays his (the soldier’s) salary (i.e. the citizen taxpayer), then the situation could have become much clearer instead of being bogged down by media hype and multipolar opinions.
    In the end, tolerance is key. Because if you don’t respect the uniform, you will respect the G-3 or MP5 in your face…Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    shukar hai….finally someone wrote about this….army’s been sucking us dry since inception…

    another gem for you all..
    director sohail javed gets beating up multiple times by a brave colonel nadeem…..wonder where the bravery goes when they are faced by an actual enemy and surrender with 90,000….?


  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com LoneLiberal PK

    An outstanding article!

    The long line of military governments have fostered the idea that the army must always be treated with an inordinate level of reverence. And that any criticism of a “soldier” is unpatriotic, if not treason.

    What they don’t realize is that we’re not criticizing the tireless soldiers who merely follow orders. We’re speaking out against the bureaucratic, fat-cat generals and brigadiers who’ve transformed the military into an incompetent, cash incinerator.Recommend

  • faraz

    What’s surprising is the confidence of the army despite losing the wars of 1948, 65, 71 and 99. After 7,500 blasts in past decade resulting in 40,000 deaths, they still consider themselves pretty efficient. Recommend

  • Mahesh:

    Indian army men also known to misbehave with civilians. May be its subcontinent’s cultureRecommend

  • M Ali Khan

    The exploits of Fauji Foundation recruiting thousands to help crush the Bahraini protests makes Blackwater look like a laughing stock!


  • Osman

    This false pride and jingoism is their only disguise for an insititution so rotten, corrupt and cowardly at its core.

    The root of Pakistan’s problems and evil: ArmyRecommend

  • pardesi

    Good article. Pakistanis should concentrate more on their nation building rather than focusing on India threat. 60 lost years and counting. Not long before history consigns it to the dustbin. Google SOMALIA.Recommend

  • Mustafa



    I admire you wishes for peaceful co-existence. But realpolitik demands to be aware of a nation that dont hesitate to express that they are the enemies of Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://www.sonamshyam.blogspot.com Sonam Shyam

    “If the Pakistani masses choose to shut their eyes from reality, we may soon see a time when our children will be forced to memorize that India was once a part of Pakistan!” This is an absolute gem from the author. We in India have heard about the statement, which is more of a cliche now, “Nations have armies but in Pakistan the army has a nation”. Its really amusing that Pakistan army has such diverse business interests ranging from real estate to manufacturing corn flakes. The politicians fare no better. It’s incredible to know that millionaire politicians in Pakistan hardly pay any taxes. Even the foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, who was carrying a hand bag allegedly worth lakhs of rupees, does not pay income tax!. There is corruption even among Indian politicians and many of bigwigs are in jail, but it’s incredible that the Pakistan media or the supposedly independent judiciary does not force the politicians to pay taxes considering that the economy is in dire straits. As it always happens that Pakistan’s military and civilian elite cite the Indian threat to the gullible masses and keep enjoying their lavish lifestyles well beyond the country’s resources. Recommend

  • hamza khan

    @Shemrez Nauman Afzal:

    true..but the incident in karachi was not an army soldier, but a paramilitary rangers one. i agree with the other stuff though. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/HIGHRaJa Ammar Raja

    The same Army who call us bloody civilians has reserved quota in our prestigious civil service and Army Men don’t even have to pass the very competitive civil service exams which every bloody civilian in this country has to pass to enter civil service. If Army can join our civil service without even passing a test then why don’t they make civil service people Bargadiers and Generals.Recommend

  • Dr Taimur Karamat

    While going through this article it makes one feel like the author is quite upset regarding what happened with him at the M.P check post . And its quite funny that he wrote a whole senseless article full of hatred and disloyalty depicting the treacherous thought of the author ; just to avenge for what was an individual act of some armed forces officer .
    Existence of Pakistan in the world map to the date is a clear marker towards the victories and successes achieved by Pakistan army . Otherwise your friendly neighbor Indian generals long had a plan to have their meals at Lahore gymkhana .
    The most successful and prosperous regimens in our country came under the Military Governments . But i still agree that there should be a political government because our military command has a lots of other important issues to handle . And let me make you clear that i don’t have even a far relative in the armed forces .Recommend

  • Nadeem

    It’s partly the fault of us bloody civilians. We in the 1950s put them on a pedestal and celebrated when the first martial law came. From that point the army has gone from strength to strength while the Pakistani state has gone in the other direction. How will this end? Only when the civilians have delivered good governance for at least 5 years, in which they gain the goodwill of the awam, and then come down hard on the army’s arrogance and unjustified perks. At that point the generals will have no choice but to concede their unlawful power. This is the Turkish template. Recommend

  • Tanoli

    Why u bloody civilian celebrated when bhutto got hanged and army regime came in power
    and second time when mushraf took seat u r bloody civilionsRecommend

  • mazen

    The army keep sucking our money unless and until we stop them to do so. Army is the most corrupt institution of Pakistan, the cliche that India is our no1 enemy suits the narrow interest of our army. The role of media on the other hand is quite disturbing and partial in this regard. Media should realise the ramifications of their patriotic mindset. Every now and then, state owned and other TV channels keep on airing the anecdotes of their bravery. Keep feeding the military means to keep them alive to suck our blood just like leeches. I recently had a talk with a patriotic person, who is a proponent of militaries role in preventing India to get Pakistan. The poor guy is oblivious of the harm inflicted by our so-called border protectors. We need to mould our perception pertaining to the military and to change the perception this is imperative that we stop praising our army as border protector. In recent uni-lateral mission in which OBL was killed and taken, the one can imagine about how much secure we are in our country. The effectiveness and efficiency was unearthed in OBL blunder.Recommend

  • Salman Abbasy

    A valiant effort by Ammar Aziz to slaughter the Islamic Republic’s most sacred cow. This enterprise is challenged not only by the Pakistan Army (the other services are simply hangers-on in the debate) but also the military propaganda inspired cheerleading section such as Dr Taimur Karamat who believes that not having any relative in the armed forces gives him an impartial and unbiased outlook. He needs to attend the National Defence University’s regular course like I did to learn the unvarnished truth about the Pakistan Army achievements discussed behind firmly closed doors.Recommend

  • parvez

    The tone adopted in the article boarders on an emotional sort of rant. Some good points have been addressed in the write up but the overall effect appears to be a ‘knee jerk’ reaction that somehow does not come across well. Recommend

  • Lt.Meeran

    Bloody Civilians? The supreme commander of army is bloody civilian. How pity the one is saying that only for this word we are arguing that India is not our enemy no1. Shouldn’t he found something related to this sarcasm?Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    @taimur karamat…..yeah because pak army stoutly defended east pakistan right? remember they lost us half the country…before you embark on a pro-army propaganda Recommend

  • Faisal Safdar

    This article is a true depiction of a Pakistani youth, which have fallen prey to a strong foreign agenda. They are not only assisting the foreign hands in the war envaged against Pakistan but also cutting the roots of their own country. Now a days our country is in a state of war, deteriorated securiy situation is known to every body, at this momet what a soldier is supposed to do? No body has written on his face that he has come for a suicidal or he is a respectable citizen. So being a loyal Paistani it is our duty to give our idenity an to help the individuals who are standing at Check posts and fighting a war which has no distinguished enemy, no distinguished boundaries and above all about which our Army is not trained for. Our country is passing through a very crutial time, a wise person can easily judge what’s going on in karachi?, what’s happening in Balochistan?. At this critical moment our country direly needs a wise and senseable youth who can understand the new world order, can understand Pakistans present situation, can undersatnd the sacrifices which forces have given for their nation, can understand the mindset of a individul who is standing at the check post (not having education as the author might be having but still have the aim), and last but not the least can understand the needs of the time, insead of demoralizing the whole Army just because of the rude behaviuor of one senseless officer. Sorry to say our youth is not aware of all these things, they are just following the big game which is being set for them by foreign elements through different channels. Issues like author have pointd out can be settled at the spot, merely just by understanding each other. But most of us exploits it in the exubrance of youth without thinking that it will bring bad name to our contry first then to any one else. We must support our Armed forces in ongoing war against soveriegnity of our country and need to settle our little issues within rooms. Recommend

  • yousaf

    do not blame the army alone which government department has any respect for the civilians?this disrespect for civilians is from the days of British legacy.They had come here to plunder our land and this they could only do if their subordinates obeyed them and hated the civilians.Thus the British created a mindset of governmet servants with which we civilians will yet have to make do for a long time to come so have patience and do not get upset if you may.Recommend

  • Faisal Safdar

    Pakistan is passing through a very crutial time, how many people out of us know that Pakistan is in a state of war. Our soldiers are fighting a war, which they are not trained for. Nobody has writtten on his face whether he is a suicidal or he is a respectable citizen. It is our sacred duty to give our identity and to help and encourage the individuals who are standing at the check posts. Smaller isssues like the author has pointed out needs to be solved within the rooms. These issues are too small when compared with the present deteriorated security situation of the country. I again say Pakistan is in a state of war and situation demands a high level of commradship in civil military relation ship otherwise we are supporting our enemy in their cause.Recommend

  • Mustafa

    @waqqas iftikhar:
    And where were your lovely civilians at that time? Bhutto contriving the breakup of Pakistan so he could get into power, Mujib cutting deals with India. These were the traitors responsible for the breakup of Pakistan. In fact, the war of 1971 should serve as a reminder that India is and always will remain Pakistan’s greatest enemy, 24 years after Partition, they managed to break us in half, if given the chance, they would do that once again. It is only our Armed Forces who stand in their way.Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    Pakistan army Zindabad..they are the ones who help us from floods to plane crashes and everything. Stop disgracing our institutions.Recommend

  • ali

    Reading all these comments one can only say that now only GOD can protect us from internal chaos . it is said that if you want to destroy a nation than destroy its trust on its forces. most of you have said that all the problems we are facing now are because of army , hats off to your thinking , my dear friends it is we civilians who first elect corrupt politicians and than when every thing get out of hand army comes. regarding 1971 , i think you haven’t heard or read . despite the fact our forces surrendered they also protected innocent biharis who were butchered by mukti bhani , and in some cases there whole villages. in 1965 we won on ground but lost on papers and by the why winning does not mean capturing others land it also means to stop enemy taking your land, even now since OBL drama 23 young officers have embraced martyrdom atleast give some respect to them , they have sacrificed there self for you so that one day this nation can prosper . BUT I THINK OUR GENERATION CAN ONLY TALK . becuz it is easy to sit in your office and write .another thing which i have concluded is that our generation idealizes india, for god sake get your senses back they have already attacked our culture, thanks to our media, don’t let it get to you. TRUST EACH OTHER AND IF YOU WANT RESPECT FROM THEM THEN RESPECT THEM AT LEAST THERE COURAGE Recommend

  • http://www.marxists.org Ahmad

    A LOT of pro-army ranting has proved the author’s so valid point about the masses being delusional in the sacred love of army. What’s the justification of brutality your beloved army is causing in Baluchistan? What’s the justification of their involvement in major businesses, their martial laws, killings of democratic leaders and activists and above all, what they did in the East Pakistan?Recommend

  • anonftv

    A lot of people pass through check points in cantt, and the poor hapless men at check points are not in a habit of pointing guns at whoever they stop for id unless you give them a good reason which takes more than being a bloody civilian.Recommend

  • Moeez

    Shame on ET, never wrote articles on Kashmir or PalestineRecommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    @Mustafa – who was in power at the time? GENERAL YAHYA Khan, the army chief, and Ayub was in power for the ten years or so before that when he sowed the seed of destruction of united pakistan. Not saying ZAB or Mujib were angels because they were not, but the genocide committed by our fauji jawans is nothing short of shameless…killing, raping, maiming thousands in the name of operation searchlight and other assorted ops. Our army commanders are only good for killing their own people, balochistan is a case in point. if yahya had given mujib power, which was only fair, history would have seen our armed forces in a better light.Recommend

  • A J Khan

    The writer of the BLOG is not saying the truth. I can prove it on hundred count that it is false and fabricated allegations. Never ever an officer is placed on a check post in cantonments to check the incoming and departing cars. As he is from “FILMI DUNYA” so it is just a new script which he had conceded in his skeptic head. Like there botched movies, his current script also smack of dung.
    We enter and exit the cantonment s daily and we have never heard any thing as such. There are questions some times about the reasons for going in the cantonment area, but we understand the security situation of the country.
    There is a horde of paid authors who write such humiliating material and there is a media support for such manure, thanks to the foreign funds. World over we have seen such attention seekers or blackmailers who would earn their bread this way. Recommend

  • Lightman

    @ Dr. Karamat ; ..”.Otherwise your friendly neighbor Indian generals long had a plan to have their meals at Lahore gymkhana “.

    Even well read person like Dr. Karamat is become Indophobiac by Paki brain wash Curriculums . Can you justify that If Indian Army /Nation is so aggressive then why it is not included the small ducks like Bangladesh , Srilanka, Nepal .. etc at first . And why it is so much passionate abt Pakistan ? . We Indians never belived in invasion the history itself proves abt it . Recommend

  • Abu Abdullah

    @ Amar
    Respectfully Sir!

    I believe you are lying, I pass through the same check post at least 3 times each day they have never been disrespectful. and i don’t believe they would say “bloody Civilian” for no reason. and also i don’t believe you would have the guts to go back and demand an apology.

    Moreover they have Jawans posted here and not the officers. and i don’t expect a jawan to use this phrase of English.

    And even if it happened than why don’t you get offended each time there is a blackout or a government clerk asks for rishwat for a ligit thing.
    if it is the case you should demand an apology from your siasat-daans who molest your rights and self respect everyday! Recommend

  • Nadeem

    Army generals Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan were very obviously calling all the shots from 1958 to December 1971. What Bhutto said or did is immaterial. The buck stops with the Army which – quite illegally, and in complete revolt of Jinnah’s philosophy – had taken over complete power. It is true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is what “our” Army is suffering from now. And like Pied Piper it has many brainwashed followers. Recommend

  • Amjad

    Sorry guy – let’s say we agree to disagree. I think it’s find to condemn the arrogance of some military people towards civilians but you really seem to forget that most of Pakistan’s problems are all created by India who has been against Pakistan from day 1 of independence from Britain. Incidentally, Pakistan was once part of British India – a colony – not part of India which came into being the same time as Pakistan. I think you too need a refresher on history because you’ve watched too much Indian TV and movies!Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    Strange! Your Army guy calls writer “bloody civve” and its India’s fault. What a twisted sense of logic. A first grader has better sense than that. No wonder Pakistan is in a state it is in.Recommend

  • Tanoli

    I think writer did not got in army for some reason and now trying to blast his feeling.Recommend

  • My Name is Khan

    The Pakistani Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies are some of the most inept people in Pakistan. They have not served the Pakistani people well and have managed to lose every war fought while failing to protect the homeland from terrorists. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    @ Mustafa – ever forget how many Bengalis the Armed Forces and paramilitaries slaughtered? Did you forget PNS Mehran or Abbottabad or 1965 or Kargil or any other massive failure by our military?

    @ All the other sympathizers – please point out a single military victory. Please point out how having a nuclear bomb has made Pakistan safer. Please show me how we are better off than Bangladesh.Recommend

  • Mohseen N.

    Oh! Pakistan! My Pakistan!
    May the almighty, free us from our delusions and illusions.
    Please. Else these feudals and their feuds will destroy us. Recommend

  • Tanoli

    @ My name is khan
    peoples learn from the mistakes there is history of world powers who lost on so many fromts russia lost afghan and many other places america lost in vietnam and in korea
    and does pakistan genrals made few mistakes but it does not means we just bleames
    them there are our great politician also who invited army many times for interfare in govt.Recommend

  • My Name is Khan

    @ Tanoli – yes but the rest of the world learns. The Soviets were destroyed by their defeat in Afghanistan and unraveled. The United States is reeling from not being able to succeed in its nation building efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have a democratic leader who is listening to the people of the US and pulling back from both countries.

    Truly democratic societies are honest with themselves and learn from their mistakes. Slavery was a terrible thing in the US but the US learned from it and worked hard to create a free and open society for all to succeed. There are many Pakistanis here who are doing very well. The US offers a peaceful place for everyone to pursue their dreams. Yes, the US still has politicians who launch silly battles but the military is under civilian control and even though they wield significant power, they are respectful of this civilian control.

    What has the Pakistani Armed Forces learned? Have we learned that we are not ever going to beat India in a war? Have we learned that the real enemy is inside Pakistan in the form of terrorism? Have we stopped funding and supporting our “strategic assets”? Have we shown the world we are not the epicenter of terrorism? Have we made Pakistan a safe place for minorities and women?

    We are taught lies in school and in life. Read Wikipedia, read history, and you will see that our military really has not done one thing right except the UN Peacekeeping Missions where it has done quite a good job.Recommend

  • Jameel

    If the Pakistani masses choose to shut
    their eyes from reality, we may soon
    see a time when our children will be
    forced to memorize that India was once
    a part of Pakistan!

    ..or that it was one of the generals who founded Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ammad Usman

    Maybe the author deserved the treatment he got from the soldiers.I live in the same area,Lahore cantonment, pass the same checkpost each and everyday.So what if they do stop us.The heat out there is intolerable and these men spend the entire day standing guard in the sun. So what if a soldier said something. Apparently this article is nothing more than satisfaction for a personal grudge. Pakistan’s geo-strategic location demands a versatile army. This new generation of frustrated youth vents out their frustration on whoever and whomever they can get hold of. Unlike the author, who probably needed the air conditioner while writing this article, our boys in khakis are bustin enemies from the karakorams to the waziristan and handling floods. And half the allegations about CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE are based on emotions rather than factual evidence.Please shut it with the demagogary.


  • Seriously?

    STOP Crying! It is these men who save you during natural hazards and terrorist activities not you civilian govt…or in your language, your bloody civilian govt! Pak Army Zindabad!
    PS: I’m a civilian with a civilian background and study in a military run college so dont you cry about me being a son of a military personnel or having a military background!Recommend

  • Salim Khalid

    Interesting! The article starts of an incident related to army and ends at ideology of typical urban liberals. I may say 1000 words against army but I cross cantt check post 10 times a day and they never misbehaved like this until or unless someone try to be OversmartRecommend

  • Saad Bin Khalid

    @ Faisal Safdar cant agree more with you ……………. I just hope that author understands his responsibility as a PakistaniRecommend

  • mansoor tamimi

    ..it was really disheartening to read this blog..on just one comment of one individual every contribution of army has been nullified so easily. don’t forget my friend you believe it or not this is an institution that is giving life for as you said BLOODY CIVILIANS..YES people they are not at siachin just to save army of 6 lac indls but to save billions civilians ..
    before writing this you would have atleast given it athought that why that behaviour came out was it intentionally or it was out of some other stress or tension,,being a fine arts teacher as film is also covered in this if i am not wrong you are expeected to be more creative and thoughtful..let me tell you what stress a soldier has when he stands on acheck post
    1. his one shift constitutes of more than 6 hours and is repeated
    2. they are allowed to have a leave not before 3 months
    3. only 10 to 15 percent have the facility of accomodaton in the cantt
    if i keep on writing these reasons will not end…so please realize the stress factor he is facing along with the terrorists threat.sometimes people do mistake but a sensible man is the one who actually rationalize its emotions keeping in view the circumstances.
    one more thing please please read history about all the wars and you ll come to know army never lost the battle it was the red tape which lead to the disasters

  • My Name is Khan

    @ Seriously? – which terrorists have the Pakistani Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies protected Pakistanis from? Please enlighten us. Who are they protecting us against? Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. A simple comparison between Bangladesh and Pakistan proves my point.

    You are just chest beating like the Armed Forces and brain washers want you to.

    @ Salim – the author is making a broader point about how we refuse to question the Armed Forces and bow down to them like slaves while they sap more and more out of Pakistan.

    @ All the military sympathizers – I’m still waiting for proof of our “great” Armed Forces’ victories in war or in keeping Pakistanis safe. Please please enlighten us. We are all awaiting proof. Stop your unrequited jingoism and use your brain please.Recommend

  • Sarim Jamal

    @Tasmia Yaqooti:
    Its The NGOs That Are Helping Us.
    The Same NGOs That The Army Is Stopping Just Cause The USA Intervened And Killed A Terrorist That We Were Too Lazy To Do :) Recommend

  • Sarim Jamal

    Btw, Great Article Ammar :D Recommend

  • Sarim Jamal

    Blog* xDRecommend

  • SKChadha

    “India was once a part of Pakistan”

    Yes, as Indian I also feel and force you to memorize that over 63 years back not India but Bangladesh, Aksai Chin etc were also part of Pakistan. Guess what forced you to lose the large chunks of your territory ….???Recommend

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    @Tasmia Yaqooti….
    I was in swat last year when the flood started from the very first day to the 9th day of the flood. I saw the real behavior of the Army there and I also got to know that how much they care for the nation. they did not provide the food to the people which was given them by the different NGOs to distribute among the people and they just send those people whom relatives were in Army not on the lower rank but the above then the Colonel and I also saw the behavior of the Lt: Waqas who was thinking that those people as garbage. Do you know that when the people of Kalam Swat got the food from the US Army and there were also the Flags of the USA in that packets then they started abusing the Pak Army and raise the Flag of the USA. At that time MI people plays the role of Taliban and come out on the road. this is the real face of Pak Army and at that time it was 37 AK regiment posted at the Kalam Swat.Recommend

  • Sabqat Mansoor

    It’s not that the author does not have a point, but it seems that it is lost in his hurry to arrive at bigger conclusions than the evidence at hand would safely support. A lot is indeed wrong with our country today, but the fact of the matter is the GHQ does not write text books for school children.

    One might even be tempted to assume this ‘diatribe’ has something to do with a bruised ego at the check post mentioned at the start of the article.Recommend

  • Faraz Ghani (Bangalore)

    Well, I don’t know or care about the degree of respect given to or the percieved strature of defense forces in Pakistan but defense forces are held in high esteem everywhere in the world though mostly undeserved. Moreover, security ppl are not known to be nice anywhere in the world, and that may be partly due to the stressful nature of the job they do, so nothing wrong with that too.
    But, what really amazes me that pakistani ppl are actually eulogising army for helping them in the flood and earthquake situations. C’mon guys this is what they TRAINED for, EQUIPPED for and PAID for. This what they ARE for. It is part of their DUTY. Armies everywhere do that and it is disgusting to even mention it. Who else do you expect to help, Indian Army.
    If this how an avg Pakistani thinks about their army, I would say their forces have done a really nice job of making them delusional. WAKE UP!!!!Recommend

  • Mustafa

    @waqqas iftikhar:
    Yahya couldn’t give Mujib power because the bloody civilian politicians couldn’t come to an agreement, with Bhutto threatening Mujib and anyone who dared endorse him in Dhaka and Mujib clinging on to his 6 Points. The breakup of Pakistan was primarily the fault of Bhutto, the Army was also involved and deeply at fault, but the main blame for contriving the breakup of Pakistan lies with Mr Bhutto.
    What did Ayub Khan do during his decade in power? He raised Pakistan’s GDP levels, brought a nation forward economically, industrially and culturally (as opposed to Bhutto’s reactionary politics), turning Pakistan in the 1960s into what China is today. The reality was that with the situation in Kashmir, Ayub Khan couldn’t give East Pakistan the same level of attention as West Pakistan, which led to some obvious problems. Yahya made a great mistake after the floods, but that was a mistake in his own capacity, that doesn’t represent the Army’s mistake.
    I have met a great many people from Bangladesh, born both before and after the separation of their country, and almost all without fail regret the breakup of Pakistan, and blame Mujib for much of it.Recommend

  • gojilla

    I live in cantt and regularly pass through check points. Its not very pleasant getting stopped at check points day in and out considering you live there. Yes it grates on the patience and the trafficjams are not enjoyable But rationally speaking, unlike this post, the foot soldiers dont enjoy stopping every other vehicle in the heat of the day. They are doing simply what they are told to do.
    And having lived in cantt for the better part of the decade, i have yet to see an officer manning a checkpost. Unless the writer is suggesting the soldiers are in a habit of using fanciful language in angraizi. What irks me is that the writer has chosen an easy target with people manning checkposts for his infantile tirade at the khaki powers that be. If you are so angry at the army , direct your rage at people who it is directed at, gen kyanai,isi,ghq, not hapless jawans that you imagine pointing guns at you. Who exactly is the writer fooling. The tribune’s standards for blog are patchy to say the least.Recommend

  • Tanoli

    In these kind of situation if some body got stoped by some army person then dont be get
    soupest cant u guys see what is going on and by the way armed forces in india too they
    get special previledge and in u.s.a it is also holy cow so its just global phanomon.Recommend

  • Hamid

    @Faisal Safdar
    Very true. good thaught……………………
    our youth needs to feel..Recommend

  • Hussan

    @Ibrar Ahmed:
    Just Shut up you dont even know the unit and you are barking like anything
    I am a resident of Swat and i know how much army has worked after flood.
    Just come with me and sho me a single bridge out of dozens constructed by civil government after flood.Recommend

  • Hussan

    @Tony Singh:
    Tony you were previously defeated as you will be.
    Please dont interfere in our personal domestic issues
    When time ill come your forces will automatically runRecommend

  • Cynical

    “India was a part of Pakistan.”
    Like saying that the son is older than the father.(may be not a good analogy, but it’s as close as it gets)

    Wish these children a great jihadi future.Recommend

  • Frank

    I live in a city with a huge army presence and regularly have to go through checkposts. It is extremely annoying being checked so often but we all understand that under the prevailing circumstances it is necessary. I have never once been abused by army or security personal. Moreoever, the men manning these checkposts are from poor rural backgrounds and, unlike students at the NCA, are unable to speak a word of English. Most speak Pashto or Punjabi and passable Urdu but not a single word of English. They are there to protect us from the country’s enemies and they are risking their lives for us. God bless the Pakistan Army.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    Armies help at the time of natural disaster because they have the infrastructure. (Helicoptors, All terrain vehicles, temporary bridge building equipment). This is the least they can do in peacetime. Otherwise what use is of this infrastructure that they own and civilians have invested in by paying taxes?
    Do not know why, but all armies beheave in similar manner.Recommend

  • zia

    Pakistanis will have to stand up against the oppressive and greedy nature of armed forces, otherwise there is no future for Pakistan Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    @Ammad Usman:
    well said!Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    @Ibrar Ahmed:
    stop giving one side of the story. I have friends hailing from Swat and I know what has army done for them, and yea they did not have anyone in army from generations..stop disgracing Pakistan army. Recommend

  • Aijaz Hussain

    Finally, someone who shares my pain. Just reading your story made me so angry I wanted to chuck my laptop.

    This attitude is part of the makeup of our armed forces and our esteemed civil “servants”. We, the BLODDY CIVILIANS, pay their salaries. Why do we have to take any guff from them. I urge every one of you armchair revolutionaries to come out onto the streets and declare that we have had enough of the “Bloody civilian” mindset of those who are technically in our pay. Our guards and servants so to speak.Recommend

  • Mujtaba

    did you have the same opinion about army before you recieved these remarks from that individual Military police (MP) person? and because of one individual you have taken the whole institution a point of your critique !
    I live in military base in karachi and i am civilian and Army is one government institution where people are treated respectably regardless of what the person himself, his dad or his chacha is!!!
    they dont have the right to treat civilians like this though, but after what sacrifices army has given in the name of country, they have all the right to be proud of and consider them selves superior then us.
    * if international statistics show that we have lost all the wars and u believe them then there is nothing military can do, may be you are obsessed with the western world, where IF you go will be the least respected person.
    * If army owns businesses that you have mentioned, which are only in cantts, then its healthy as long as they are in profit !!Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    @Sarim Jamal:
    hahah u actually beleive that Osama was here in Pakistan?? And for your kind information it is our civilian government which has provided bases to the Americans in Pakistan. And are you kidding me? you mean to say NGO’s are doing everything? how the hell does that NGO you r referering to has a helicopter to take people to safer places in flood affected areas. And now you will say that the building which collapsed in Lyari three days back its the US army which is taking out the dead bodies from the rubble or your so called NGO, go check who took part in the rescue operation. Its easy to criticize, so yea thats what you are doing :)Recommend

  • Sikandar Khan

    It is sad to note that mere utterance of a phrase by an individual from Pak Army has provoked the writer to blame the whole institution of crimes which include producing and training the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union and being a trained syndicate which is the major stake holder in every immense business of the country. With due respect to writer’s view, may I ask the writer not to forget the sacrifices that officers and soldiers have Pakistan Army have offered for the noble cause of defending our motherland.
    With the benefit of hindsight, it is very easy to criticize the raising of Mujaheddin against erstwhile Soviet Union, I ask the worthy writer to suggest what other means could have been used to oust the invading Soviet army from out western borders, especially once Soviets had a history of not retreating from any invaded territory. In my view, the course of action adopted by Pakistan was the best possible, given the circumstances at that time.
    As regards Pak Army being a trained syndicate which is the major stake holder in every immense business of the country, may I inform the worthy writer that these outfits are serving a noble cause of creating job opportunities for civilians and retired military personals alike in addition to contributing towards national economic development. Since when doing a business by retired individuals has become a crime in a country which is a bit non business friendly now a days? Finally may I say, civilians or Faujis, all have to make combined dedicated efforts with honesty and professionalism in their own respective spheres for a bright future of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Aijaz Hussain

    Oh ye Defenders of the defenders! Pay heed to what is happening.

    These are people technically employed by us (the taxpayers) to be our guards and servants. And they have the gall to treat us with contempt? I urge every reader to take offence at such mistreatment, and rise up against it. Make it clear to those in command that we, the citizens, will not tolerate being treated like animals….”Bloody” civilians please speak out against this outrage! Recommend

  • Sikandar Khan

    Pak Army ZindabadRecommend

  • malik

    @Tasmia Yaqooti:

    I thought your love for your army was due to your naivete or a misplaced sense of patriotism, but now I think it is nothing other than a manic death wish.

    You still believe Osama was not in Pakistan? What about his wives and children left behind? You asked this question to anyone? Let your army say ‘They are NOT Osama’s wives !”

    Why your army (and the media controlled by army) have not uttered a word about the wives and children and grandchildren of Osama still in Islamabad? Have you thought about it? or You will think only when the Army tells you so?

    Your army has been the reason for the downfall of Pakistan and the Army will see to it that the country is split to small portions so that they can have one country for themselves.

    Wake up Tasmia, before it is too late !! Don’t talk like an indoctrinated parrot …start thinking for yourself !Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    right now when you are criticizing army many soldiers and officers are protecting your borders. At the time when you are busy disgracing them in public they are safeguarding you, many soldiers and officers die each day to protect army? NO, to protect you and me.
    May Allah bless Pakistan, and give some sense to you to stop disgracing them in public, Pakistan has become a laughing stock just because its own people talk crap against it!
    Khuda HafizRecommend

  • Basit

    I feel sorry about the thinking mechanism of our Military, they are infact self obsessed people, who are taught in their training that civilians are inferior to you.

    But keep in mind that military is having the money of people of Pakistan and the kind of hate they are creating for themselves will be destructive.

    Just go around the people opinions, you will find only the military people themselves or their kids defending for the all the stupid acts of military. No one in civilians is standing by you. & military should be wishful that these civilians dont become bloody for them.

    Military put a shame for us all over the world. So sorry about it.Recommend

  • Nadeem

    @Tasmia Yaqooti:
    Pakistan has become a laughing stock not because its citizens indulge in introspection, but because its real policy makers – the Army – refuses to concede its mega-blunders and also refuses to concede power to civilians as required by the constitution. The day the Army gives us 7% annual GDP growth (year after year for next 10+ years), the day Army gives us a foreign policy that wins us friends in the world and does not make Pakistan a pariah (that it obviously is currently), the day Army generals give up their plots and BMW 7’s, the day Army says ‘our job is to take care of the border, not to run banks, bakeries, cereal food factories’ – that day I will become its # 1 fan and say ‘fine, heck with the constitution, let’s look the other way while the Army breaks the law and rules over us – in return we are getting peace, prosperity, growth and a secure future for our children’. Compare today’s Pakistan with the Pakistan of 1958 when Army started ruling us, and the deterioration and decay is eye popping – both internally and in external relations. Conclusion: Army needs to be put back in its box. Recommend

  • Nawaz

    The articleis reflection of a mind set where an educated teacher has overreacted to a comment made by a soldier. While the soldier on duty are expected to behave in decent and firm manner, we the citizen of this great nation need to realize the state of mind that these people find themselves. Irrespective of the weather conditions they remain exposed to hostile environment ready to lay their life while checking at these check posts. These people are the first casuality. Just imagine their state of mind. On the contrary no one in our country wants to stop and prove his/her identity. Everyone wants special VIP treatment. This particular article by a teacher is a clear reflection of intolerance where on account of an individual act, my friend has written so much against an institution. I dont know what would he be teaching in his institution to the students. God bless us as a nation. Recommend

  • Priyadarshan Sahil

    Beautiful bold article..Finally Pakistani nation has started to realize what their Army is doing with them,playing with their pride and killed many innocents in Bangladesh. The failed Army lost all the wars and still feels pride in it. The nation must stand up to show Army the place where it belongs to.Recommend

  • Ehtisham nazir

    After going through the complete article i learnt nothing,no gaain, nothing useful.i just realized the author wants to polute the minds our young generation. the way he used the sentences to express his feelings is artificial and shows foreign agenda.this article clearly depicts the dirty mind set of the author. i would call it an attempt to create hatred and distrust between the army and the public.the author has tried his best to create a gap between army and public.he has not thought where these army personel come?? do their who family is from military?? the answer is NO. they came from the same society.Recommend

  • Ehtisham nazir

    pak army zindabadRecommend

  • Aijaz Hussain

    @Ehtisham nazir:
    Another conspiracy theroist. Waah! What sort of stuff do you people smoke to dream up this sort of Alice in Wonderland level of alternate reality? A reality where only your army, and the followers of your faith are right. Where everyone who does not agree with you is out to destroy you?
    The author does not need to defend himself, I will do it for him. He is just as Pakistani as you and indeed I. More of a patriot for speaking out. It is you mindless sheep who should do us all a favour become suicide bombers and go blow yourselves up in the middle of the Cholistan desert!Recommend

  • Zubair Ali Khan

    The respectable teacher might have been in a state of hurry and the soldier at check post checks every individle in detail to counter any miss happening but unfortunatly instead of appreciating the soldier while performing his duty in true spirite, he has taken it negatively. As we all know that nowadays we are passing through a crictical stage bomb blasts, suicide attacks, physical attacks ant anti state propagandas are commen, and the protection of pakistan is the responsibility of every pakistani not only of ARMY. Our army is presently busy on every front as we all know, at this juncture of our history we require complete moral to our soldiers above own persnal pitty grievences.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    okay disband the Army, remove the borderline between India and Pakistan. Be a proud Indian, that what if you want. Do you know that Indian population distribution for four major religion is 80.5% Hindu, 13.4% Muslim, 2.3% Christian and 1.9% Sikhs. Where as 15% of soldiers and 20% of officers are Sikhs, and Muslims are hardly 1%-2%.
    I would rather die a depressed, suppressed and poor Pakistani than to live as a prosperous Indian.Recommend

  • umar mudassir

    one should not blame the whole system / or organization for the act of a single person …. If a teacher misbehaves with me does it mean all the teachers around globe are like him ?? Recommend

  • umar mudassir

    sorry one should not claim the whole system for the act of a single person Recommend

  • junaid alam

    Dear writer I am happy to tell you regarding the Pak army , the incident u have faced should never have happened , but let me tell you an incident of my self and after that incident I say being a citizen of Pakistan I am proud of Our Pak army . I went to Lahore as I entered cantonment from badian checkpost I saw a man standing in the hot sun performing his duty beyond a human being’s capacity … the temperature outside was about 40 . I had Air conditioner in my car but even then I felt anger on being stopped but I saw the man he was behaving in such a nice way that I may not be able to tell u , once came my turn for checking I got my vehicle checked and then came an idea I my mind I asked him how much salary he was taking he smiled and said “7 thousands” , I thought even if the amount multiplied by ten (seventy thousands) are offered to me I will not be willing to do the same job in 40 degrees …… I leave the decision on to the readers
    but I would just say if a person does some mistake , it should be only taken as an individuals mistake and we should get out of this blaming sort of things … Recommend

  • umar mudassir

    sorry it was typed wrong i wanted to say Blame*Recommend

  • Silent Observer

    Well well well……while going through the article what i have concluded is that the article completely shows immaturity of mind and thought……cox ” Beauty needs no Ornaments ”
    and this is the beauty of army that it has responded to every incident that may b natural or artificial clamity or in the form of elections,war on terror,and many many other occassions.
    being a telecom engineer ..i hv come across many occassions to deal with army personnel i found them very cooperating and helpul…
    Salam pakistan
    pakistan army painda bad… Recommend

  • Inayat ullah

    why we always see the negative aspect of everything ? once two real brothers from the same family have different approaches why we always look for an idealistic behaviour from Army / rangers / police ?
    just tell me which institution is perfect ? name any u think about Recommend

  • abid hussain

    i dont believe this incident would have happened. this is all anti-pak propaganda . sorry mister u r wrong at all . and i am not going to believe ur statement . my uncle is retired from army and no one from army can think of doing this … dont mislead the patriot pakistani people . and pakistani people are now well educated , and more sensible than before Recommend

  • abid hussain

    long Live pakistan
    Pak fauj zinda bad Recommend

  • Asad

    The article appears to be a self assumed dream. No army officer is appointed for a duty at Lahore MP Checkposts. A soldier cannot utter these words. I think the writer was dreamingRecommend

  • Saqib

    Being a teacher the writer is overreacting to a routine situation. Regarding training of Mujahidin for Afghan War, well Communism was a clear and present danger in 1980s and in my view policy was correct at that point in time. Having the benefit of hindsight it is easy to criticize any policy, but i feel the criticism on Gen Zia’s Afghan policy is unjust and and retreat of Soviets from Afghanistan was a big success for Pakistan. For more reference writer is invited to read “The Bear Trap”, a classical book on Afghan warRecommend

  • Haroon

    Their is no doubt that most of Army personals are proudy….don’t know why….but mistake of one cannot be a reason to blame whole organization. like everyone and everything there are sucesses and mistakes….we should honour their dedication and sacrifies….and point out mistakes in a constructive manner….
    Everyone is a bloody civilian….May be even parents, wife and childern of that Army officer….if he is saying anyone to “bloody civilian” then he is cursing his family members first.. :pRecommend

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    @Sarim Jamal:
    Agreed with you coz I myself saw each and Everything in the SwatRecommend

  • sikandar khan

    BLOODY CIVILIAN, yes really a disgraceful word used by a military person for us, Question is, are we civilians really bloody rather the more appropriate is,are we Pakistani really bloody. When we civilians are Pakistani and our Army is also Pakistani then why they call us bloody. A lot of confusion arises here. Before going in to details, I want to introduce myself. I am student of Master of Business Administration and doing my Master of Business Administration in Human Research Management from a very reputed University of Lahore, Pakistan. I have experienced with those military persons in earthquake and during flood. A group of students work with them day and night and we observed few things about those uniform persons.
    • They work without any lure.
    • They are much disciplined and very capable to enforce discipline with in their area of responsibility.
    • They are very simple and hate hypocrites.
    • Once they work, they even do not care about their own lives.
    • They are very cool and calm even in a very stressful situation.

    I still remember that evening and will never forget that moment and even now when I recall that evening, tears come in my eyes. A major of Pakistan army (who calls us bloody civilian) crossed me holding an old man on his shoulders, his uniform was completely covered with mud. I remember his face which was not even clearly visible due to sludge. I start walking behind him and trying to recognize him. He was moving very fast even almost running and took that old man to the clinic established by army. He laid that old man on a bed and said something to a doctor. I stopped that major who was cleaning his face and asked him, sir why you picked that old man on your shoulder and you covered almost a kilometer distance on foot. He smiled and said how I can wait for vehicle, once my father was dying. I asked that major is he your father, the major replied with tears in his eyes, yes these all people are our fathers, mothers, sisters and children and we are the son of this soil, if I have to pick thousand people on my shoulders I will do it. After listening his reply I salute him and chant a slogan Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Army Paindabad.
    Now my friends, I leave this up to you that can these people say us bloody civilians? At least if a man standing with bare foot on burning cool said these words, I will never believe him. Because there are reasons behind this, that person can be an Indian agent or he is not a son of this motherland. These type of persons are least pushed that what is happening in our country and when someone sweat and bleed for his motherland they start writing such type of baseless articles against our heroes because their masters (Indian) pay them and they are their slaves. This is our duty that we must highlight their activities everywhere because they are enemy of state and being a patriot Pakistani we must have an eye behind enemy line. PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI AND WE LOVE PAKISTAN ARMY.Recommend

  • naqvi shah

    @waqqas iftikhar: i 100% agree with you that v have lost half of our country but are u satisfied with the development n progress our half country is making? If yes then i have nothing to say n if NO then when we cant control(half country) Pakistan then how can u think that we could control FULL PAKISTAN(Bangladesh n Pakistan). Blaming only army for our Failure is not fair.We all are party to that. Now a days we say, why general kyani is not taking action against this current government bcz people sincere to pakistan wants only pakistan not corrupt government. Recommend

  • umar

    ok i think police is better for the people of pakistan , they abuse you , empty ur pockets , and once u talk they also slap u and sometimes even register FIR against u …. u deserve such treatment , my father is a police officer and i m a born Dabang ;)Recommend

  • rana riz

    i live in bedian and i daily go to lahore cantonment for my Job … i was always welcomed by our armymen …. sorry i dont agreeRecommend