Does your foreign minister own a Birkin?

Published: July 27, 2011

As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: AFP

I am a big supporter of well-groomed women but couldn't Ms Khar have done without the Hermes Birkin? As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: AFP As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: AFP As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: AFP As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: AFP As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: REUTERS As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question: could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? PHOTO: REUTERS

‘What was she wearing?’ rather than ‘what was she saying?’ was the question that made the rounds during Hina Rabbani Khar’s Delhi visit this week.

As she sashayed off the plane onto the tarmac, glamorous HRK touched down in Delhi amidst the Indian press, her cobalt blue dupatta billowing in the wind. As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question (snarky as it may seem):

Could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin?

Before you brush me aside as a hater, let me clarify that I am a big supporter of well-groomed women (what’s wrong with being hot?).  But was it really necessary for a minister from a poor, corruption-stricken country to brandish a limited edition bag that boasts luxury and probably costs somewhere between $10,000-$15,000?

Some colleagues disagreed with me, asking why HRK should be ashamed of her identity. They speculated that had she dressed down, people would have been equally critical. It was interesting to see that while most talked about her being a ‘weapon of mass distraction’ and speculated that many Pak-India talks would be scheduled in light of HRK’s visit, discussion of confidence-building measures between the two countries was largely trumped by:

“So what if she carries a Birkin? Every woman deserves a nice handbag.”

Forget Kashmir — while the Indian media went all out in praise of the attractive HRK and her tasteful accessories, guys on the web desk asked:

“Why didn’t she iron her clothes?”

Funnier still were comments on the news story ‘Delhi gushes over new Pakistani minister’, where readers said everything from:

“We will give her Kashmir on a plate if she requests it.”


“As long as she wears a headscarf, she is a behenji.

Who talked about what she actually said in her official role? Not many on my Twitter timeline.

All of one lone voice tweeted:

fotespeaks  Dear Pakistanis, we do not hate beauty if we question HRK’s credentials. We just want to check what the heck is she bringing to the table?


Atika Rehman

Editor of the Life & Style pages of The Express Tribune and an LLB graduate from the University of London.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nas

    you are jealous of herRecommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Now I can all criticize her when she is at home, but when she abroad. No way!! she is our Graceful Minister and no doubt she looks… Gorgeous. Recommend

  • ahsan221

    Ohh comeon Tribune put some quality news.. so we can click and read…just wasted my 2 mins on this useless report..Recommend

  • Editor Roznama Jawani

    Hope she is not offered a role next to SRK.. in RAB Ne Banadi Jodi 2Recommend

  • Tanoli

    Bhenji like subzy wala said to lady.Recommend

  • http://www.primroseinternational,com muhammad

    Wuff ! whats wrong with these media reports she really no bodys looking at the fact that she did carry her self gracefully it Patriachial society could come to term that a lady could do it as well as professionally ,no one seems to remember that prior visit by our foreign secretary and hand shakes with the Indian lady incharge of office was never brought up

    Taking the fashion hubla in the press about the way she dressed and the brands she endorses i would be proud that finally there is competitor for First lady in france (i.e in the dress and fashion areena ) what the hecks Wrong Recommend

  • SNM

    Hah! Totally agree with the writer, I’m too in favor for well groomed stylish ladies but the important part was that its high time that as a nation we give vanity a back seat and focus on talent. HRK still has to prove her worth as an FM and above all as representative of the country. O btw did anyone noticed how simply dressed Indian female politicians are– leave the dressing aside but a total Respect for their nationalist spirit p.s they DON’T carry a Birkin ;)Recommend

  • Wazir Chandio

    haha jealous muchRecommend

  • God Father

    @ahsan221: and you actually wasted a few more while posting!Recommend

  • Yawer Amin

    aw well i must say that its good to point these things but these pointing are useless in the country where all politicians are billionaire! Hermes Birkin? is just nothing and not unbelievable !
    i mean who doesnot know HRK’S status ?Recommend

  • Tanoli

    She is from one of punjab richest fuedal land lord family she can buy any thing and nothing
    wrong with that.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I don’t see the foreign minister’s taste in handbags and other accessories as an issue.Recommend

  • toobahatif

    Seriously?? Hermes Birkin?
    Come on dude.. just because she is a minister of Pakistan doesn’t mean she cant exhibit one exclusive brand!
    Why do we earn.. to live lavishly of coarse!
    When Hina Rabbani Khar is a daughter of one the biggest land lords and most influential Political family.. she has every right to wear what ever she likes .. You cant question that! Recommend

  • Alia

    Dear Writer,
    Correction, that was NOT Cobalt blue that she wore. It’s more of a musky, teal blue.

    Secondly, I’m glad only the color of her outfit and handbag have caught your notice.
    How about the fact she is trying? and spoke well? Recommend

  • Azhar

    After reading the comments from people who do not find anything wrong with this show of luxury all i can say is that our stupid nation deserves leaders like Zardari. Recommend

  • Amer

    What else did anyone expect from a rubber stamp FM? She has no say in the forgien policy of the country or anything else, just there to fill up an empty seat. Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    So whats the big deal? useless blogRecommend

  • Sabih

    Of all the things you could have criticized, you choose her bag.

    I ask you a similar question, isn’t what she is carrying in her official folder more important than her hand bag? Yet you choose to take out your anger on the bag.Recommend

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    No she should have dressed up as a faqeer! Do we ask ourselves the same question of being a spendthrift from a poor country when we buy chunky gold jewelry? No. Not every woman has the guts to break free of the societal norms of advertising one’s status.Recommend

  • Madeeha Chaudhry

    I completely agree with the writer. It’s not about “hating” or being “jealous” at all.. again the very POINT of the article is being lost when people make comments such as that. The point she is trying to make, she succeeds at making when she asks if it was necessary for a minister from a poor, corruption-stricken country to be carrying such an exclusive brand. Hermes is famous for making highly pricey personal items, the Birkin bag being one of their most exclusive items, ranging from, as the writer correctly points out, $9,000-$15,000.

    Lavish living is what our parliamentarians and politicians are famous for. Not proving to be excellent governments, improving the conditions of education in our country, providing the nation with the very basic necessities of life, getting rid of terrorism that’s plagued the country for nearly 5 years now, getting rid of the bureaucratic red-tapeism and nepotism which makes our public service perhaps the most pathetic choice for a profession… but for spending millions that they are being given as allowance (on what? Birkins?), running state-provided vehicles into the ground and the like.

    Just because Hina Rabbani Khar has the word “Khar” attached to the end of her name does not excuse her from acting in bad taste. She sends out exactly the same message that so many people from the “nouveau riche” classes send out.. “MISPLACED PRIORITIES” (It’s all about what bag I’m carrying or what shoe I’m wearing, not whether I’m doing anything useful with my life or what I can do for society).

    Lastly, I’d like to add, being well-groomed has nothing to do with the price tag of the item you wear. She could’ve carried a $150 Michael Kors bag and still sent out a message stating “We Pakistanis are well-to-do and carry designer wear!”Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    This article is absolutely spot on. Again, we need a feminism movement in this country. [sarcasm] Women love to be judged by their looks, and not their qualifications, or by their professional excellence. [/sarcasm]

    Undeniably, Ms. Rabbani is an attractive woman, who dresses with class. Does anyone for the slightest second believe that she would rather be known for that than the job she has been selected to perform? Recommend

  • Amal Hafiez

    Oh c’mon! HRK is a well to do woman who can afford to buy expensive bags. I know through authentic sources that she was present at flood-hit sites last year and took several trucks full of aid for the those affected. People like HRK who share their wealth should be respected and not criticised. Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    The Indian delegates would have given her India had she asked, they were drooling that much. LOLRecommend

  • Orianz

    yr she is politician by background and she is running a famous hotel i think she can afford such hand bags..Recommend

  • san

    Handbag is female issue and we male do not have any problem with either women carry handbag or not. Between she has every right to spend as much on accessories stuff as our PM, President and Army Chief has. We all knew very well that how corrupt our governement is. Atleast Ms Khar has that beauty and glamour which our other politician seriously lack. Recommend

  • King Kong

    Now I understand how we use the billions of dollars we get in aid each year.Recommend

  • indian

    that @fotespeaks is, fyi, a right-wing extremist nutRecommend

  • toobahatif

    you should think again.. even if u earn above 50 k.. you will definitely start buying brands.. Be it Levi ya Berkini..
    So mate jalna choro…its in her power of buying so she bought it BIG DEAL! STOP WHINING about we deserve Zardari or Gillani.. Recommend

  • N Shah

    DUMBEST article ever……….so the point is what exactly?that she carried a birkin? SO WHAT! ..something of more substance should be published and if its satire on something………..shouldnt it be fun to read and have a point instead of stupid babble and filling column space just because it might not have anything else to publish? hugely disappointed Tribune guys..Stupidest 4 mins of my life reading this and those minutes i could never get back. UghRecommend

  • Tehmina

    So wait a second. I’m from a rich family. We’re not landlords we’re rich professionals. So if I wanted to become a politician would I have to hide my car and where I live and the good things that I own?
    Would I have to dress like an old amma with shabby clothes? Wouldn’t that be a bad representation of our country? If I looked good then that would be a bad representation of my country too?
    Please people differentiate between people who are rich because of corruption and people who are rich because they or their parents are smart and hardworking. Oh and yeah, stop hating. The taliban do enough of that for us already. Recommend

  • Ms.A

    I agree with the writer. When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge can wear high street brands then why the hell cant our politicians carry a Charles & Keith bag? Recommend

  • tauseef

    M.Sc in Hotel Management and Foreign Minister……? Good Luck Pakistan. Recommend

  • Shamy

    wat the hell was this ??…wen we dont portray ourselves well…we criticize…wen we do…we criticize…wat is wrong with us ???Recommend

  • meh

    so true, Atika. She has a freaking degree in Hotel Management. And she’s chosen to represent the entire country. Recommend

  • Danish Sultan

    Come on people! What is wrong with you? Next thing we know, you’re going to have issues over the clothes she wears, maybe her make-up kit brand, or her sandals. Please broaden your vision! There’s a lot more to Pakistan and politics that being entangled in hand bags, clothes and apparels.Recommend

  • Shayan

    :) …at least people here haven’t given hope. They still were thinking we would get a Foreign Minister based on their credentials and not money/family’s political influence/power etc.

    How she looks or her brands, doesn’t matter, I want to see what she does. But I don’t have any hopes. The hope that this corrupt/cruel/uncaring government picking a person who understands the people or the the foreign policy matter was never really on the table. She will do what the other ministers have done.

    But keep discussing you all, thinking or questioning is always a good thing.Recommend

  • My Name is Khan

    @ KolachiMom – she should move to India as her future acting/media career is not too bright in Pakistan where she will face constant criticism for being a beautiful woman.

    Sure, she did not need to carry a very expensive bag. I had to Google it just to learn what on earth a Birkin even is. The more important question we should really be asking is will the Armed Forces and ISI stay out of politics and do their job or will they continue to interfere and prevent Pakistan and India from becoming peaceful, happy neighbors.

    Mrs. Khar has absolutely no real power to make a deal happen until Pasha and Co. give up their support of terrorism which we Pakistanis well know they have done. Recommend

  • http://na deep

    I agree with the writer – symbolism is important – of course if it translates to genuine simplicity – it would mean empathising with the common man. btw – does she pay taxes?Recommend

  • Antebellum

    was it really necessary for a minister from a poor, corruption-stricken

    There is your answer, right there!Recommend

  • http://Riyadh,SaudiArabia Bilal Ahmed

    Well done, Atika! If she talks as good as she looks, we will have peace – no doubt about that!Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Worrying enuff to me is the view that is Withheld so firmly ; “”Individual will help Bring About Desired Change To The Lala land” trust me it has helped reform societies and Praise be to be Indian official dressing humbly But Did anyone Notice the Coverage Indian Media Relayed Vis-e-Vis HRK Vs Their Own ‘Man” at The Office and The Coverage Our Channels Are Airing Now Respond , a realisation lacks that these are not just Individuals but decomcratically elected representative holding office on Visit to Yindia our quote unqoute Arch rival ,for heavens critize to the hilt constructively ,abusing and calling names is no critism

    @Nomi Ansari Thanks for pointing out the “”need”‘Recommend

  • Salman

    I can’t see any purpose of this article.

    Is there be any quality check on tribune? can i write an article as well?

    Don’t mean to be rude (to author) but please think seriously and think a lot before writing your articles, it is a responsibility, articles like these will simply confuse some already confused people.Recommend

  • Ayesha khan

    Im so proud of Miss Hina Rabbani.She represented the good Image of pakistani educated and well groomed ladies.Theres no doubt tha pakistan is facing problems economically and socially, but that doesnt mean at all that a FORIENG MINISTER cant afford designers stuff…o please…dont under-estimate pakistan this much.though having tough times but pakistan have so many names of which we r proud of in various fields.and above all our Jinnah was a very well dressed and tasteful person.this Nation has talents like Madam Noor Jahan,and Nusrat Fateh Ali,Intellectuals like Qateel shifai,and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, scientiSts like Abdul Qadir Khan, players like Imran Khan and boom boom Afridi, and vwomen like Maliha Lodhi and last but notthe least Benazir Bhutto.
    Please dont compare Miss Hina Rabbani Khar with indian bollywood ggirls who hav nothin but their bodies to get famous.Hina is much superiour to dem all as she has been acknowledged in the world as the youngest foriengn minister on the basis of herintelligence not for her figure or size zero.please dont try to ruin her decent image by draggin her name into bollywood movies…which hav nothing to do with a dupatta covered girl.
    The discussion about Hinas bag,glasses,and necklace s
    is just a cheap tact to waver focus from her charismatic and decent peraonality to a petty issue like bag an jewellry.I want the Indians to know that not only models and dancers like aishwarya,priyanka,Bipasha,and Katrina who make money by all this can afford designers stuff…in Pakistan there are many feudal familieS who live a life of lords and hav a blend of tastful modetn items too.
    As always Indians hav to make some kinda Recommend

  • maru

    it is the same as asking, could you not have done without that ac in your home at night or the expensive lawns you adorn yourself in. you are a blogger/writer/student yourself right? do your neighbors know you like that? well then stop living the life the way you do because you know that more than 50 percent of people die in this country out of sheer hunger. pfft
    jeisey jesiey level barhta hai when you live in a society. the same way your luxuries get new definitions and are soon your needs. clean sweep of mentality is required from a grass root level! why attack the politicians alone? we need to be our own leaders.Recommend

  • Fawad

    With the level comments coming from the pathetic level of “school of thought”..
    I agree with anyone who says, that this nation DOES deserve a president like Zardari..

    Like seriously.. I can bet that most of the ones who commented defending the current FM didnt even know what a Hermes Birkin was.. and I can also bet that none of the commentators all in awe of this one female can actually afford one..

    So.. what an amazing mentality we have.. lets ask the FM to pose in a Chanel outfit.. wouldnt that be also an amazing message.. why not? she can afford one.. just like the president and the prime minister of this beggar country who wear 20,000 pounds suits (that even angelina jolie was shocked and sick to see).. and after all.. shes a foreign grad and very much completely suited for this role.. after passing her degree in Hospitality and Hotel management.. waoww..!!

    lols.. i give up on this nation.. you people deserve to live in misery for the rest of your lives..


  • Ayesha khan

    I think all Indian meda can do is to create conspiratic issues like star plus dramas
    as….”aakhir wo bag kahan se aya,..(dhaaa dhaa dhaaaaa the musical effect)…wo glasses(again da musical effect zzzzup zzzzzup an da camera takes each actors close up)…..Please act mature an face the reality.if u cant gulp the bag an glasses its only ur problem.for us her work and why she went is mpre important.Recommend

  • samee

    Oh God, what is this nonsense? why can’t we appreciate anything?! so what if she’s carrying a Birkin? she can afford it, let her enjoy it! are you only happy when bad press is given for a country!! give it a rest! You DONT have to criticise every damn thing!!!!Recommend

  • Karachi Guy

    Wow !! what a bag !!!Recommend

  • Swami Pranab Roy

    First time, we Indians felt a friendly Pakistan through HRK at political level. Full points to her. There are no outstanding issues between us except one, i.e. ” An Open Hearted Friendship”. Recommend

  • myworld

    what’s the big deal with all the accesories…..she’s a woman and still young and beautiful. May the Almighty bless u and your work Ms Khar…….GOD BLESS PAKISTANRecommend

  • sars

    I would much rather have HRK with whatever bag she may carry representing Pakistan.Think of the shudder inducing alternatives bozos like rehman (wives and girlfriends)malik, zulfiqar(verbal diarrhea) mirza and the eternal firdaus (idiot)ashiq awan.

    The bottom line is that all respectable politicians have deserted this governmant and only scum is left.Recommend

  • addy

    i wont say i knew her personally. but i have met her, a couple of time, before she went into politics. she is insanely rich already and married a guy who is filthy rich too. these rich people only care about the poor in speeches. but in reality they have no connection with the poor folks of Pakistan. so when it comes to boasting and flashing their wealth they wont waste a single moment.Recommend

  • Be Pakistani

    Pointless write-up. Clearly HRK is having a successful visit to India, a difficult task for any FM, and author can’ t handle the praise he lady is getting in Indian media. Recommend

  • Naveed

    $10,000 to $15,000……..Holy colido….gimme that money i have a family of 3 to feed…would be good for the whole year.Recommend

  • Naveed

    interesting you would know how much its worth.!Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    she isn’t qualified for the job – i don’t care if she is monica freakin’ bellucci….a degree in tourism and hotel management does not constitute requisite training for the job of an FM….aitzaz ahsan wouldve been the perfect fit for this positionRecommend

  • from India

    dear writer,

    i can truly understand the points you have made in this article…. plz remember that your FM is from a feudal rich family who doesn’t even know what poverty and hunger are… if you see rahul gandhi who is probably 100 times more rich than your FM, you will see the simplicity in his dressing and he still doesn’t own a car ….although he too is a corrupt politician but he understands that he has to represent india as a common man and not as a niche member of the society !! Recommend

  • shayan

    I believe as long as she is getting it from her ‘rightful’ earnings there is no shame in getting one. stop being a critic. our world is full of critics, people should look upon themselves what are they doing at the first place.Recommend

  • Ahsan Bukhari

    This is what our Media has become now! Hungry for anything negative… Ranting on some useless topic. So what if she had an expensive hand bag? Personal grudge, exaggeration, Typical Ranting composition ! Someone tell this writer to stop copying dialogues from the Book ” A Case of Exploding Mangoes”. Tribune they call this idiotic paper that is full of [email protected]: Recommend

  • GAA

    @Editor Roznama Jawani: Lord! get over this cheesy mind set of portraying well groomed women as a source of amusement all the time. She is our foreign minister and to me it is important that she pleads our side with logic but for this she does not have to appear haggard and ill dressed. Women with looks do have brains admit it ,, if it goes down your male chauvinistic throat. Recommend

  • fatima

    I beleive that the bottom line is that we are a shallow nation!….just look at the way she has dressed herself up, absoultely elegent and decent, with no hint of extrravagence what so ever…n dont u think that it wud be sheer hypocracy at her part if she had hidden that hermes birkin bag of hers back in her closet in lahore and carried a cheaper bag instead just to pretend that we r a poor nation!…she from a rich family background and can afford spending on whatever she wants to.. and just come to think of the fact that if we continue to degrade our own political figures on such open forums (on such petty issues), y wud the other nations even bother respecting them!..its high time we start thinking out of the box!!Recommend

  • Udaya Bose

    Why do we earn.. to live lavishly of coarse
    I liked the spelling of the last word.
    It just about reflects the Foreign Minister’s tastes.Recommend

  • Tanzeel Ahmad

    The developed world is not crazy when they appoint experienced and aged FMs who lead their team while negotiating the most complicated foreign matters. We will ask what HRK has achieved during her visit to India, her appointment as FM also questions Zardari’s wisdom when it comes to discussing Pakistan matters with the world. I wonder on what basis has she been appointed such a crucial ministry. Can she really compete brains like Kasuri, Bhutto or Qureshi ?Recommend

  • shehiryar hassan
  • TL

    why didn’t you ever notice these things about benazir bhutto? Recommend

  • parvez

    She had on a pair of Roberto Cavalle shades and you did not even mention his name – shame, shame.Recommend

  • Thinker

    Seriously its her choice what bag she takes! Talk about being sexist! All I read everywhere was what clothes Ms Khar wore, what she looks like, what bag she was carrying!! Seriously talk about what she did in India and how she did as the FM?!Recommend

  • Somebody Wisedomess

    @Amal Hafiez:

    People like HRK who are part of the feudal elite that has made its wealth off the labour of millions should be ‘respected’ indeed. honestly what a load of elite suck ups we have hereRecommend

  • Sarfraz Salik

    Well, Carrying Birkin is a good thing… but it should not be at the cost of Citizen of Pakistan… Pay taxes, make your own money and stop corruption, we have no issue if next time you carry two Birkin bags in your both hands…Recommend

  • Ahmed Lodhi

    Extremely Honorable Atika Rehman,
    Reading you in Times New Roman, 12 font, I never realized you didn’t own a Hermes Birkin. Thanks to our new foreign minister, now I do.Recommend

  • Danish Maqsood

    I totally agree with the writer.You don’t need branded items to show that you are well groomed.
    Just look at at the headlines in leading Indian papers.They are talking about her dress sense and accessories she used.Rather than focusing on foreign policy,such petty things were discussed.
    In the end,i would say that HRK managed to get headlines in media but for all the wrong reasons.Recommend

  • Asim

    yes our nation deserve the leader like and all others from the same category like Nawaz Sherif etc. there is a big listRecommend

  • Tony Singh

    Enjoy the catfight between the two beauties folks! Now its your turn HRKRecommend

  • Q-bass

    HRK represented the country in the best way.. this IS the new pakistan… our elders have ruined pakistan enough.. this is the start of a new era of youth, a new generation and she represented all that very well and well our youth IS this sensible in fashion.. lol.. Recommend

  • saad

    What a day, we have finally accepted this corrupt government and accepted it. I’m guess this government will stay for another term, judging by the comments. We now point out good in bad. Recommend

  • Female Hitch

    Absolutely useless blogRecommend

  • maria

    its not like she stole the money from pakistanis and bought the birkin. she belongs to one of the richest families of Punjab. why is it that we cant digest being in the news for good for once? enjoy it cause it doesnt happen often instead of wining! Recommend

  • mak

    Get a life – seriously! Recommend

  • Iftikhar Naseem

    You girls just cannot keep your discontentment with yourself, so what if she owns a birkin, i pray that one day you own 10 bags like this, but lets not always be so envious about what others have and you dont. She is in foreign territory representing Pakistan lets support her, we can keep these complexes for when she returns. Cheers Recommend

  • dude

    This is nothing compared to Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalita, she has thousands of sarees, hundreds of bags and millions of sandles…Recommend

  • waqas

    Well NO !

    Will answer you Ridiculous time wasting article in simple words :

    “Presentation matters ALOT ! ”

    and in answer to what she is bringing to table : A very Good Image of Pakistan to other countries, and thats what Pakistan needs the most right now !
    And Her HRK screams it to the world that we are not savage illiterate Barbarians ! So ya .. thats what she is bringing to the Table … A GOOD IMAGE OF PAKISTAN !!! Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Agree with author 100%. What do we as Pakistanis get from her looks and her lavish accessories. We need a strict and straight person who sticks more with his country’s foreign policies rather wasting his/her time gathering all lavish items.Recommend

  • R

    She is smart and street smart that too. In open democracies like India and USA the media is easily distracted by charm and beauty. Years ago it is was Raisa Gorbachev and recently it was Caral Bruny. Indian media, with its obsession for the same old boring anlaysis, can make dialog ineffective. Good to see them focus on her handbag, shoes etc. Hopefully K & K can get something accomnplished away from the glare of the papparazi. Ms. K knows what she is doing. I hope Mr. K knows what he is doing. LOLRecommend

  • Zoya

    The problem with our country is that we ignore the main issues and make a big deal out of these pointless things(in this case her bag).Recommend

  • MH

    The comments just made me realize what a sad country we live in. I mean for goodness sake, the writer has a valid point: Do you need to flaunt blatantly such wealth when the rest of your country suffers? I mean this woman does not even pay her taxes and she has to rub it in our faces that no matter how corrupt you are, you can always make it big in this country just by defect of birth.

    Pakistan needs to get rid of people who ‘parrot’ views rather than think for themselves. Recommend

  • MH

    @Q-bass: If this is the new pakistan, I weep for our country. Recommend

  • MH

    Right on bro :) I mean jeez… the comments just sort of sadden you at the level that Pakistani psyche has reached. Recommend

  • Ms. Shams


    Reading all these commentators who actually think we are being jealous or haters when we find HRK’s choices wrong, make me so so sad! Do you people not realize how much 9000 $ translate into Pakistani Rs? how that amount of money can feed so many poor, or marry off an orphan girl, or make a school for barefoot kids, or prevent some miserable family from standing in front of a full speed train, or…the list is endless. It saddens me that so many people read the article, and ended up scolding people like me, for being too critical. Either you do not live in the same Pakistan as I do…or you are all part of the same corrupt circle; the one that believes that no means is bad means as long as it makes you filthy rich. The same circle who believes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! for what’s the point of being filthy sick rich if you cannot even show it off. What of the that very beautiful Islamic sentiment of humility, and simplicity, and of not being extravagant. A head scarf clearly does not indicate humility in this case. I’d rather have her in jeans and shirt, as long as they were made in Pakistan, and were affordable by an average Pakistani. Not even the poor ones. Just average ones, like me or you!
    If that woman had even an ounce of love for her country men, she would never have spent that stupid amount of money, on such a pathetic piece of craftsmanship. Not when people are dying of hunger everyday. Even if she had that to spend, she wouldn’t have had. Just to show that she really cares for the people she is supposed to represent. If she were really that amazing a human being as people are led to believe, She would have bought something beautiful and reasonably affordable, something made in Pakistan, and worn it with Pride! Recommend

  • Muhammad

    @Swami Pranab Roy: you are correct cent percent the friendship needs a better bondingRecommend

  • Muhammad

    @waqqas iftikhar: i m affraid waqas there are no degrees that qualify you anywhere in a democracy for public office its the elected reps Recommend

  • Diana

    With all due respect, if she where a man would you be making the same comments about being wrinkled, or wearing a several thousand dollar suit or how about a rolex?

    Here in the United States people have done the same with Hilary Clinton (and several other women officials, politicians, etc) – going as far as commenting on her hair, her pant suits, her weight. Shouldn’t we be caring about the work they are doing rather than what they are wearing. Maybe we can save the attire and accessory remarks for movie stars, models and royalty – afterall they have all the time in the world to look perfect. Recommend

  • Amadeus

    The only purpose this blog served was letting me know what a birkin is =D (ofcourse after some googling).Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Toobahatif……we dont earn to burnRecommend

  • AAA
  • BADurrani

    What is sad is the media has reported more on what Shades, Jewelry, Cloths, and Bag Hina Rabbani Khar was wearing during her visit to India, and in comparison almost nothing about what was discussed and or achieved on her visit. Recommend

  • Adnan

    Oh! come on people, let the woman be. She is perhaps doing a better job than most of the other nincompoops.

    And besides, why doesn’t anybody notice the clothes and accessories of male dignitaries.Recommend

  • Sana Miraj

    I almost agree with the writer. Why people spend time on negativity means what was her wearing, glamorous personality, etc etc rather than that what is she presenting in an Indian land. I like her way of conversation, her gesture, postures, way of walking even I noticed that she was giving respect whenever she is not agree on any thing So she is our lady and I solute her because in this crucial situation of Pakistan she have the confidence to face all the criticism and she presented our culture, our religion, our manners and many things on the land of our mind created bad India. I am a PAKISTANI and I love my Pakistan. I believes that India is not bad its just our thinking which was feeding by our Bazurgans, because they have seen bad time between the two countries at that time but we haven’t seen any thing, we are young and youth of our nations so we have to be positive for good and peace relationship that’s why we send our HRK to India. I am not a favoring for HRK and I have no any relationship with any officials/HRK in our country I am just a Pakistani. So leave this topic whatever she wearied by thinking that it’s the right of every official to wearied /expensed on our self while going to deal with any one in the country as well as out of country whether he/she is in Pakistan as well as in India. Please powered to Ms Hina Rabbani Khar by saying we are with you in leading our country because Pakistan needs sincere leader. May Allah Showed right path to you. Amin. Promote Peace and Love between the nations. Thanks.Recommend

  • Maleeha

    Interesting comments by readers. Surely she could have done without Birkin but what if she chose otherwise? She belongs to an affluent family and if she can afford to own one then why not show off?I didn’t know untill going through this post that Birkin exists or it was a limited edition bag. How many people in Pakistan do you think know that any such brand even exists. Thank you very much for educating the likes of me, hopefully on some lucky day I can show off my knowledge by merely naming the brand. This was such an important issue to occupy the space that you have the luxury to use.
    In many ways she is better than former FM who went there with a ‘no matter what we are always right attitude’. She is articulate, educated and capable women. Let’s not belittle the purpose and likely outcomes of her visit.

    P.S I don’t think she carried that bag because she belong to the ‘Khar’ family. These kind of articles are coming from those who have been either chasing these brand and consider them a status symbol or want to show off their knowledge of such luxury brands.Anyone who attach no importance to these brands can never think of using this precious space to write about such trivial things. Recommend

  • z

    Its probably a Bangkok fakieRecommend

  • sab

    she is not an ordinary woman,she is our foreign minister and she has to represent our country so wat do u think if our country is poor so she shud wear something really uglyy!!…this article has no sense!Recommend