Edhi, we expected better from you

Published: July 12, 2011

What to say of Abdul Sattar Edhi who recently made a very public demand for a mass killing? PHOTO: RASHID AJMERI

We all suffer from occasional bouts of madness. It is a hazard of being a human, a side effect of possessing a mind. We all have thoughts, wishes that cannot and should not be taken seriously. Mostly, we keep these thoughts to ourselves but sometimes, we blurt them out.

If we are lucky, not many witness our moment of insanity.

However, if you are someone with a fan following, if you are someone who motivates and inspires, someone who has a standing in society, you are expected to refrain from having public bouts of mental diarrhea.

What to say then of Abdul Sattar Edhi who recently made a very public demand for a mass killing?

Kill all corrupt political personalities, he has asked of General Kyani. Kill them so that the next generation can step into politics.

The strange thing is Edhi made this call while opposing a bloody revolution.

When I called Mr Edhi’s spokesperson Anwar Kazmi, to confirm the statement he said that Edhi was asked what could be done to improve the situation in Pakistan and he responded with the idea of a six month long martial law during which all the corrupt politicians are to be executed.

I cannot decide what is more disturbing. The fact that he actually called for death, that this call was inspired by the recent violence in Karachi, or the fact that someone like Edhi believes that killing a couple of dozen people is the key to ending violence in Pakistan.

What is it with these calls for murder?

As if the crazy mullah’s weren’t enough for hate speech, now it seems like everyone is joining the bandwagon. Talk show hosts, politicians and now Edhi!

We have been one of the world’s most volatile nations for a while, and now the mania seems to be catching the most unlikely suspects. I have heard demands like this before, but never from someone who celebrates life and humanity.

I understand his sentiment, his frustration, but I cannot understand how someone like him could think the solution lies in the killing of some corrupt individuals.

While I am disappointed by Mr Edhi’s demand, I am far more scared; if people like him, people who have previously helped and served everyone without passing judgments, without discrimination, are starting to think that military action and execution is actually a solution, we are in serious trouble.

For decades a majority of Pakistanis have denounced violence. We have felt proud to be in this country even in its darkest hours and said these terrorists aren’t really us, we are peaceful.  But today the best of us have supported a violent track. I know we don’t need any more violence, but when I go back to the question that made Abdul Sattar Edhi give this statement – what is the solution – I can come up with no answer that doesn’t involve excessive use of power and subsequent bloodshed.

Am I the only one at a loss?

Do feel Abdul Sattar Edhi's statements were justified?

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Sadaf Khan

A broadcast journalist based in Islamabad who was formerly associated with Geo News and Dunya News. She blogs at ibteda.wordpress.com/

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://haslaw.myqnsite.com Kaptain Mirza

    Yeah protect the politicians so they authorise rangers and Army to kill anyone with impunity.

    His demand is not one from an insane, just spoke the minds of many.Recommend

  • Phatty

    No Sadaf, the whole of Pakistan will be at loss if people like Edhi promote such ideology.Recommend

  • A Pakistani

    Edhi said what most of us are thinking…. Please kill these politicians as nothing good will ever come out of them at least for this country…. And till they are alive they will not let anyone new into the arena Recommend

  • http://www.flickr.com/shairani Asad Shairani

    Someone very rightly mentioned on twitter, “He’s been picking dead bodies for 50 years, stop picking on his words!” – and rightly so.Recommend

  • Q

    Yes you are at a loss. I don’t know what’s wrong with calling of strict punishment for the corrupt. Please read through history and see how revolutions came about in countries. Why have mercy on those who are primarily responsible for the violence you are talking of above? Edhi has not only spoken of Pakistan sincerely but have acted in the same manner as well. One of the biggest problems today is that we have to criticize everyone and everything. And, you have just done that.Recommend

  • d2412412

    The man is old, he probably got emotional and tired or something seeing his city burning like this . Not saying he said the right thing , but his service to humanity is unmatched and he will and should still be loved and thanked by everyone for that.Recommend

  • mak

    oh please! the guys 90 years old – give him a break. what a useless read! Recommend

  • aqel

    i think everybody agrees with what edhi thinks in one form or another.. and this nation is sick of these politicians… i wish they could all die so that we could get rid of our miserable lives..Recommend

  • Pakistani

    You probably are the only one at loss – the only solution to the problems of Pakistan is to get every responsible person a trial in the court – and the only sane outcome that one can think of, for all these politicians have done to our country is: Execution by law – To be hanged till death – To rot until they disappear!.Recommend

  • http://www.myasinmasood.blogspot.com Muhammad Yasin

    that’s an emotional common man bursting out of frustration…simple non-sense thought…if so many ppl are being killed what if a handful of allegedly corrupt too get same treatment… !!! Recommend

  • Imran

    Yes you are only one at a loss Ms Sadaf. You are one among many journalists who seek nothing but attention and clicks on your blogs. In Pakistan, media has no set of priorities. In India, media never promotes incidents that magnify events of national disgrace, but Pakistani journalists have no idea whatsoever about dignity of nation. Justifying your pathetic self serving ideas in disguise of ‘freedom of expression’. This is not just one incident, Paki media is abound with such crap and YES you are not alone in promoting crap.Recommend

  • Jamil

    Yes you are the only one. corruption must be punished and the only way is to kill the corrupt. crime should never pay, never.Recommend

  • Tajdar Chaudry

    What I hate and loathe about our hypocrytical nation is that we’re all pretending to be “civilized” when in fact our frustrations say otherwise. Let the cleansing of a few existing corrupt members of this system take place so we can set an example and have some hope of a brighter future. The oldies loot and plunder in plain public sight. What exactly has the writer done or suggested to curb and make these entities accountable for their actions?Recommend

  • 007

    Edhi’s idea is right. Enough is enough

    For Pakistan to prosper, the Army should make a secret death squad of assassins who have a license to kill.
    Then, all corrupt politicians should be given a 1-week deadline to return all their looted assets.
    If they don’t, then BANG BANG! Recommend

  • Raza

    I wouldnt have expected this from Mr Edhi as well. That being said what other soultion do we have. Is the government going anywhere , i doubt it. In fact its pretty much on course for winning the next election as well with the Grand alliance that it just won while it merged with PMLQ. Is the Government really concerned with the real issues that the Nation faces? Is there any sincere Politican left who is standing up for the Nations basic rights. Im sorry in this so called flawed democratic system none of the Political leaders are addressing the grave issues that are faced by a common man. The opposition keeps on blaming the ruling Government, the ruling government keeps on blaming the past Government really 3 years down the line and we are still there , actually its even worse that the first time these people ever entered Politics. So wiping them out completely is his point of view which most Humanatrians would disagree with . I fear that if they dont go soon enough the mere existence of this Country would be a big question mark. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/IAARACCOP I am a responsible and civilized citizen of Pakistan

    I think Edhi is j justified from his own point-of-view, that is the observation and analysis he is having, which definitely is a narrow-minded. Still it shouldn’t be dealt as a weapon to make him infamous as the old fellow has a great deal of services for mankind. The title of the write-up is more sensible though, we expected something better from Edhi. May We find a better solution rather than slaughtering of politicians for Pakistan. AmeenRecommend

  • Majid

    You asked “Am i the only one at a loss?”
    Answer: Yes.
    Reason: You dont know how to use google :)Recommend

  • http://tightdhoti.wordpress.com TightDhoti

    Is it just me or is there something wrong with all the comments above which casually call for the death of fellow human beings? Recommend

  • positive pakistani

    I understand your viewpoint and your fears..which are quite relevant, but it is another fact that in this country, for more than 60years….whatever “violence” has been taken place…..it always have caused damage to the people who have been the least probable culprits of all that mess……and the only class left out almost-always were those (so-called) 2% people who always have been constituting more than 90% of all that mess……..so it started looking ‘very fair’ to demand giving ‘very-much-due’ share of that violence to those who have been escaping from it for a long time……I believe this is the reason behind this mentality, which not that in-human. I don’t agree with your cynicism towards Edhi.Recommend

  • Adil Shafi Afzal

    What an offensive article! What an insult to such a great human being! I’m sorry but who exactly are you to talk like this about Edhi? What exactly have you done that makes you even wish that you could judge him! Stop making a moutain out of a molehill and we all know what he really meant! He vented his anger and frustration at the corrupt politicians who deserve nothing but death for they have caused so many deaths directly and indirectly! He did not sideline with a political party or gave out names or suggested certain factions should be put to death. So instead of trying to be oh so politically correct I suggest you take a leaf out of Edhi’s book and go do something practical and actually useful for a change!Recommend

  • positive pakistani

    This is a little difference between ‘fairness’ and ‘rationality’…….the writer is being ‘mechanistically-rational’ and Edhi and I am being fair………in my humble opinion only …:)Recommend

  • Neha

    Edhi is about 90 years old, He’s tired of burying dead bodies due to political violence. If he wants to vent out his anger , let him! He’s earned the right to do it by serving us all his life. How typical of our media to ignore Decades of handwork comin from a man who says whatever comes to his mind and is not always politically correct.Recommend

  • Amer

    To answer your question very shortly YES! YES! YES! and YES! from all of Pakistan, you are the only one! Recommend

  • Mirza Abeer

    The sacrifice of a corrupt few will benefit frustrated many. Edhi just said out loud what every Pakistani says and wants every single day. I can name quite a few politicians I would love to see swinging by their necks especially those who rob us blind i.e Moonis Elahi.Recommend

  • abbas

    So what are ur demands Ms Khan? A murderer who takes one life and if proven guilty can be punished to death. Corrupt politicians that we have their corruption leads to 100 of people taking their lives. So what should be the punishment for that. Edhi is absolutely right a one year or more Marshal Law and execute each and every corrupt politician. Infact we regret despite all good things Musharaf did not have courage to do this. Recommend

  • |TopGun|

    lol.. the poll on this article suggests 61% in favor of Edhi’s statement… means the author can just sit n blabber about non violence while the nation is going through a turmoil…!Recommend

  • Omer

    Sadaf, your blog seems forced. It seems as if you had nothing to write about. So you chose Edhi, a man who should be respected by all, if not already. Imagine, Edhi, such a great philanthropic figure in our society, and then ooohh what a negative statement he made! perfect ingredient for some sensational news item.

    I’m sure you after reading the comments you must be saying “but i know how great Edhi is and he’s done so much for our people and our country etc etc. You guys arnt understandiong mee”. But come on, seriously. This blog seemed like a joke. Our parents and i’m sure your parents too voice their frustrations and be like “kab jayega ye Zardari” or “iss ko koi maar kyun nai deta”. But i feel that Edhi having said what he did is truly because he wants to see the country prosper. He is probably one of the few people who envisaged Pakistan BEING a welfare state and played his part magnificently in trying to acheive that in his own ‘small’ way. And yet, when after doing so much, after having such high hopes, only to see and realize that he can’t change our leaders and politicians who will always be a hindrance to what he imagined Pakistan to become, he has vented. I dont blame him. In fact its good that public figures like Edhi are making such comments. At least it makes its way to the ET blogs and people talk about it.

    So Eidhi sb, another great job.Recommend

  • Karachi Girl

    Edhi is a renowned philanthropist. The work he has done for this country is unparallel. Everybody rants in frustration. Its human nature. To target such a noble man when he breaks down under the obvious heat is a pathetic attempt at being an attention seeker. Edhi is a hero to millions. And just who are you again? Recommend

  • Waqas Kazmi

    Simply, Mohatram Edhi Sahab is right and Respected writer is wrong. Recommend

  • Karachi Girl

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Recommend

  • Hasan

    Well written, Sadaf. You are not alone. Crop of militancy grown by the army is over shadowing beds of roses now. Civil society has to check it out.Recommend

  • rahim

    if dog(men best friend) gets crazy the only solution is to kill!Recommend

  • Syed Qalb-e-Abbas

    MAY Be killing these corrupt politicians is a bit too much, but first we must look for replacing them with new leadership so that a void is not created… also these people should be prosecuted in a martial law environment where they cannot be saved by so called democracy… !Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    What gives him the right to say that? Decades of selfless work.
    What gives you the right to judge him? Exactly nothing.
    Might I suggest you find a proper cause… Maybe go pick a few bodies off the streets of Karachi, in the next bout of violence.Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    And, may I just say what an ungrateful and disgraceful Pakistani I think you are, for having the audacity to actually “EXPECT” something from this man. After all that he has done. Shame on you!Recommend

  • 007

    i agree, all those politicians who have looted even 1 rupee of this country’s assets should be given a 1-week deadline to return the money. If not, then BANG BANG! Recommend

  • Phatty

    @ The people who so strongly want corrupt politicians dead,
    Umm, I don’t see how death of such people is a solution. It may be a punishment, but why punish a person, punish their wrong notions so that others who think that way realize it and do not follow their footsteps.
    If people really want to spark a revolution, then they should take away the authoritative powers from those who misuse them; that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to kill em. Because, NO, no one possesses a right to kill another human being (no matter how corrupt they are).Recommend

  • http://www.6la8.com Confused

    Yes, in short, but you shuoldn’t be at a loss. While Edhi is an amazing humanitarian, he is neither the voice of authority nor a diplomat. He is just angry like every other Pakistani who has to face sh*t all the damn time from politics and its resulting pessimism.
    You don’t expect rational answers from people who are frustrated, you should know that by now. What were you expecting him to do? Sing roses for the politicians? Bet that would not have made another ‘we expected better from you Edhi’ blog.
    Leave him at what he does, he is still doing a good job of it.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Just take a moment and imagine What would you feel like picking bodies..riddled with bullets every day. not just one by in tens and at a bad day more than hundred. All in the name of political and ethnic killings.
    Its funny you are picking the words of a corpse picker than a politician Shahi Syed who says …” Yeh panahgeez hein …. hindustan sey jootey kha ke ..”
    Your the only one.. yes..Recommend

  • Uzma Khan

    ever heard a mother cursing her own child to death when he gets too annoying, does she ever really mean that her child be dead the next moment? Sadaf, next time u’ll be writing about the violent streak of mother as anti human? what Edhi said is to be taken as a 90 year old’s rant for whom nerves are getting weaker and weaker to tolerate slightest corruption. this article was such a waste.
    what Edhi expressed is his utter grief and intolerance for corrupt leaders, not a massacre. Recommend

  • M.J.

    i totally agree with edhi sahib….being a teenager i simply get frustrated by watching the corrupt around and how they simply get away with everything implementing a very negative impression around the young , my friends believe by following the path of good u only get into worse situations but if one follow the corrupts not only one gets fortune but you get away with every thing (like our leaders)and i have no idea hoe i can correct their P.O.V .so i personally believe in RIPPING THE ROOTS OF EVIL by giving corrupts the worst punishment possible not only will this correct the system but also set an example that if anyone tries to take the wrong way their would be consequences.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari

    “When I called Mr Edhi’s spokesperson Anwar Kazmi, to confirm
    the statement he said that Edhi was
    asked what could be done to improve
    the situation in Pakistan and he
    responded with the idea of a six month
    long martial law during which all the
    corrupt politicians are to be

    hahah that is so disturbing. It sounds like the script of a Tarantino movie. Kill Bill Vol 3 (Zardari edition). Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/noman.ansari Noman Ansari

    @Kaptain Mirza:

    Dude, it isn’t about “protecting” politicians but following the rule of civilized society. You have to show you are better than the animals, or you become one of them. Violence has lead to the escalation that is haunting Karachi today.

    @Imran: Wow, that’s a pretty extreme reaction. Just because you don’t agree with the writer’s views doesn’t mean that their motivation for putting the article together was sensationalism. That’s a giant leap you made there, buddy.

    I think what all of you are ignoring is the root of the problem. Even if you hang corrupt leaders like Zardari, Nawaz Sharif etc., do you think that will solve the problem?

    Did executing Bhutto in the 70s solve anything?

    The root of the problem isn’t the politicians, but the system which is being taken advantage of by those with wealth and power. You can kill all the corrupt today, but that won’t mean that future Zardaris and Bhuttos won’t be born tomorrow.

    Also, how do you judge who to kill and who to execute, when the law makers are controlled by those you wish to eliminate?

    The system is what needs to be killed. Let the gods judge the politicians if you don’t have the evidence to prosecute them.

    BTW, I think it is a fine article, this. The author acknowledges the services of Mr. Edhi to humanity, and tries to give him leeway for his extreme thoughts, but also expresses fear at what drives a noble person to such lows.

    I think we need to import five billion cases of chill pills and distribute them freely in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Tac

    63 n 37! That is wot truth is!Recommend

  • Respect Edhi

    Dear author – Try this….. Pick up dead bodies for last 50 years and then one day it becomes much worse all of a sudden to the point that you start losing count of the dead – all doing of these A-hole Politicians. You are 90-year old who is seeing the worst of what humanity can do to itself. A reporter asks you for a solution to stop this insanity. Your response???Recommend

  • Akbhar

    killing human beings !== killing monkeysRecommend

  • Xam Xaffa

    M With Edhi. KiLL Em oL! EnouGh Of This oLreAdy.Recommend

  • enkay

    nothing justifies killing.. be it the blatant way Salman Taseer was killed and/or similarly with Shahbaz Bhatti.. or the daily killings in Karachi.. Yet

    I share with the author’s view at the dismay and utter shock to hear these words from MR. E himself. Any man (or woman) who has even a cursory look at the news and events of Pakistan would not call for the military to take over.. because lets be honest.. Mushie love us long time man!! Let the civilian government rule for a while too.. Secondly, for a General who who just got a second life-line using an extension not in his pants but in his years of service has no moral right to actually take over. Thirdly, when has the Army actually come for Three Months mister E?? Lastly but more importantly, why can’t we search for an amicable and political situation to the natural disaster that is Pakistan today.

    Please I do not want the political government to go out only on the premise to return later that they were “ousted” from power. Let the government be.. people have to expect that we have still not hit rock bottom.. I find it rather amusing that we actually do find something everyday that allows us to slip even further down the abyss but never rock bottom..!!!Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Even though I disagree with edhi, in all the reports ive read edhi never calls for killing anyone. Even in your link, there is no actual statement o him using those words. Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Shame on u, shame on u, guy has done a lot for pakistan, he was probably just having a bad day, after all dont we all have days so bad we forget to exercise common sense. Tell me sadaf, havent u had a day where out of anger uve said something in appropriate or behaved rudely with some one who didnt deserve it? Yes u are the only one at loss.Recommend

  • Pagla

    You have no mind hot childRecommend

  • xzy

    I think this proves that eventually Edhi is a human, and that he is a common Pakistani… The only strange thing is that while such calls come out from a person like me who wants everything to be done with a magic stick while I sit on my couch, these words came out from a person who has given his life for the welfare of others and never sat back! In any case, I strongly believe that this statement displays the purity of his emotions. He said what he felt because he is not an intellectual and so could not mince his words like most intellectuals do… Recommend

  • Salams

    Edhi is the salt of the earth. True and Honest. He feels the people’s pain. We trust him and believe in him. He is God sent Angel for Pakistan. May God shower Edhi with all the Blessings. He is the true humanitarian and Pakistan is blessed to have him!!Recommend

  • TheLowBlow

    It’s cute that whitey has you so convinced that the LEGAL way is the right way to fix a country, especially in a place where court hearings can be shoved back to upto 12 years before they get addressed. Meanwhile no law restricts a man from becoming President while court cases are still pending on him.

    A dude whose been hangin round dead bodies his whole life probably knows which ones he wouldn’t shed a tear for.Recommend

  • Hassan Q

    Look who he is asking the favour from?? Army generals!! The biggest single contributors for the whole delimma at the first place.Recommend

  • aq inqalabi

    Edhi sahb is absolutely correct, useless sudo intellectuals who supports politicians should also be included in the list i guess , Edshi shb u r absolutely right kill all the politicians with their families n finish their nasal once n for all!Recommend

  • Arsalan Ghumman

    When asked to join politics our answer is NO but when asked to criticize politician we don’t waste a minute. What a hypocritical approach we have adopted.
    I am really disappointed. Instead of naming those killer politician Mr. Edhi just found a middle way. I cannot expect any humanitarian to say such a thing. That’s pity.Recommend

  • RealityCheck

    Sorry nothing more than another useless political correctness rampage.

    “He’s been picking dead bodies for 50 years, stop picking on his words!” Recommend

  • Shahryar Ahmed

    The writer is too romantic about this thing in Pakistan called democracy. Democracy is the best Revenge, yes it is & its playing out for the people of Pakistan (citizen) & for the ruling elite (AZ, NS & co.).

    The real blame of that is happening today should fall on the door of the so called civil society, so called media (especially Jang Group as a whole) & the lawyers. They fought for a corrupt & highly biased person & now we are paying the price of their doing.

    In my opinion, all political leaders who were killed or executed died for either Money or Power, not the people.

    I totally agree with Mr. Ehdi, because he feels the pain of the people, the writer does not ofcourse as she/he might not have lost a loved one to this senseless killings over flags, land or worst mere votes.

    All Hail Democracy!!!!!!Recommend

  • Z. Akbar

    I can only say one thing and that too with confidence.

    There is only man in Pakistan today who the people will blindly trust and follow, and that is Mr Edhi. If he were to stand up and start a mass movement against the Government, then at least 40% of the population will follow, and a majority of the poor people will definitely follow him.

    @ The author, rather than denouncing Edhi for his statements, think of it this way. What has caused a person like him, who has helped humanity his life, to pass such a radical statement? When a humanitarian like him, who everybody respects passes a statement like this, then this means that the situation has rapidly progressed to anarchy.

    All of us think this on a daily basis, no matter how good/bad we are. Then a man of his stature to say something like this means, that things really need to change.

    I for one will support edhi if he starts a mass movement.Recommend

  • Adeel

    I wont totally agree with Edhi’s Statement I would say take all the politician just away from Pakistan Politics Scene & transparent case hearing shall be done as they all are corrupt & have some charges on them punish for their deeds & at least get back all the black money to Pak
    Sorry to say Miss Sadaf its very easy to write & say such kind of statement sitting in the drawing room culture, If you want to see ground realities Please go on the roads of Khi where no person is uncertain before leaving for work can he/she will reach safe & sound to home in the evening or not ?? & Go to North Waziristan & Peshawar see the situation Our Politician simply don’t have anything on stake they will just flew away form us all the money & business, children Education everything is setup in abroad they just came on long vacation when u have nothing at stake u just give a damn to public don’t know what’s the real prob public is facing so in the context yes They deserve a very harsh treatment !!!!Recommend

  • talha

    Y u r showing so much sympathy to the bloody politicians. V think vampires dont exist – they do. Its our politicians who feed on poor peoples blood. Recommend

  • Khurram

    Can anyone even imagine how many day old babies this man has taken out of garbage drums, how many dead he has burried or how many have died in his arms………

    Dear writer next time you think about Edhi please do think about the pain he goes through every day and night do think about the number of lives he has saved do think about what he has done and is doing for this nation. While we switch channels he is the one who is doing all he could to save a life and believe you me if he gives such a statement if he thinks this is the only solution than……………………………Recommend

  • A Agha

    Isn’t the whole of Pakistan at a loss as it is?Recommend

  • http://www.rhythmofunity.com Sohaib Irshad

    Sadaf you should consider the context of what he said. “He said, “Political parties are in the opposition or in power, both of which are sides of the same coin. They have been involved in killing thousands of citizens.” He also said that according to the government, 1.7 million capitalists are tax thieves. “All tax thieves and zakat thieves live freely in the country. All killers are free, 95 percent of Pakistanis are living in miserable conditions,” he added.”

    Read the article again. He is speaking for the masses.Recommend

  • A Agha

    I’m with the great man on this one. It’s his frustration speaking. He has actions to back up all his statements ever – he’s pulled the country together with his efforts. But even he can’t keep up with all the deaths these politicians and they’re politics are causing, all the havoc this city is facing and does so every time one of them has a hiccup. Kill them all and a few rich families will – no, not mourn, but fight over who gets to keep what.
    I’m sorry this makes me sound so vicious, but the very fact remains – you and I and any one reading this doesn’t really have a high chance of taking a bullet commuting to work. We are still privileged. Edhi speaks for the REAL masses. All the power to him. Recommend

  • Asad

    Though not very welcomed statement, but I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Its the frustration that is speaking. Nobody is perfect.Recommend

  • Bilal

    The headline of hte article quoted is misleading. All he was saying was that the corrupt need to be punished, the current rulers cannot continue to rule and called for a revolution ot bring the new generation into power. Did you know that over half the votes cast in our ballots are fake. These people are not our representatives!Recommend

  • Urooj

    I think you are judging too harshly, even if he expressed something as inappropriate like this openly, he’s only human! He has a right to get frustrated sometimes too.Recommend

  • http://www.terminalx.org Sultan Hijazi

    Too bad for the pompy writer that the poll reflects agreement with Edhi’s fantastic views :)Recommend

  • http://na deep

    Sadaf – well written. The supreme irony will be when Edhi ambulances are used to ferry the murdered politicians.

    Even a man like Anna Hazare had to clarify his comments on Narendra Modi. And if he is just plain senile – his office should say so. Recommend

  • Umar

    hi author,
    sorry i left the read in the middle. that was not even worth reading, you know :(
    what you can expect from Mr. EDHI is he simple human like us that have emotions and worries for a country like a simple normal Pakistani. If he made this statement then rather taking it to negative side you can even thought why a MAN such like EDBHI had made this statement. Ans: his nerves are also on the verge of break down.

    So dear author, think again, do politicians look like you a HUMAN from any side?
    plz ans to itRecommend

  • Umar

    Author is just speculating the dear’s statementRecommend

  • http://arslan-poetry-blog.blogspot.com/ Arslan

    simple explanation of this article is….. GET ALL THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS IN JAIL, and once the situation stabilizes get the new people in it, people who sincerely care for the well being of this country…..

    frankly speaking this country is in an abysmal state right now, and it has reached this state because the politicians are corrupt, most of the people are ignorant, and the few who aren’t are kept down by these very politicians…..

    we need to get these few good men and women to the top and the only way that can be done, is when these corrupt people are made powerless and thrown in jail….only then can the good can start their work towards the betterment of this country…Recommend

  • Ali

    [email protected]:i think you do not find any other topic so you wrote on this. Please do care taliking baout someone like EDHI and think twice pointing finger on him.Recommend

  • Syed Abdus Sami

    You cannot be blamed for such a non sense of an article Sadaf. This is what the media is earning from now a days. You guys are so busy in spicing things up that you ignore the intrests of Pakistan in doing so. Just go through the history and see how revolutions can change the complete picture. On one side everyone agrees that pakistan is facing the worst time of its history, on the other hand we just dont want to make any decision. Ask those whose sons are being killed without any reason and the people planning it are seen giving the speeches on humanity!!!! All I assume is that you are far from reality and grave situation of karachi and consequently the country!!
    I sincerely request you to please think for a little while prior to posting such things. Abdul Sattar Edhi is undoubtly among the most humane people in our country and very close to the public. This statement from him is just an expression on behalf of the common people; those who are bearing the heat of it all and those who are losing their family members.

    For sure you have ruined my day with this article. Thinking like this has been the cause for our situation where we were reluctant to nip things in the bud resulting in the current political scenario where we do not have any ray of hope in the presence of these corrupt people who are leading us towards complete destruction.Recommend

  • Sam

    @ Sadaf

    Its sad when people (including urself) bring others or atleast try to bring others like edhi down…

    heres a man whos dedicated his live to better his country.. to better his people and all he has seen in return is our leaders do the exact opposite….does he not deserve to get upset and say whats on everyones mind?

    they say an intelligent man knows when not to talk… post edhis statement u should ahve stayed quiet!Recommend

  • donation

    as they (politicians) sow so should they (politician) reap……Recommend

  • Umair

    When you are talking about politics, try to keep your emotions aside, and everything that can cause bias, including the consideration as to who said this and things like that. Try to evaluate everything on the basis of pure logic. Lets do that.

    Unfortunately, if we look at the situation that has been in Karachi for quite some time, points the ruling class to be responsible for it. Whenever you have a law and order situation like that, you must rush to increase the amount of law enforcement personnel at the place. Unfortunately, this was not done till it was very late. Don’t you think that these people sitting comfortably escaping from taxes and the duties they willingly assign themselves, are responsible for the deaths of these many people? Don’t you think that this situation can arise again if these politicians keep sitting like that? Don’t you think the people who were killed in Karachi by stray bullets had some right to live? Do you think that this bloodshed that happened was not bloodshed?

    Sometimes, it is necessary to have a minor loss to avoid a bigger loss, its common sense! And i don’t consider killing all these politicians a loss at all, I have just considered it because I think that you do so.

    Now, just consider how good Pakistan will be without these corruption hungry people. During the last government’s era (Musharraf’s Regime), only a few of them were sent out, and the results were far reaching,. Pakistan was Asia’s economy tiger in 2005. The prices of petrol, dollar and everything else were maintained throughout his 10 year dictatorship. Many new universities were built. HEC funded a huge amount of scholarships for our students abroad. A lot of investment was brought into Pakistan.

    Sometimes, I think Pakistan should be ruled permanently by army, or a selection procedure like that should be taken into account for those who run the government here. Recommend

  • Saad

    Our Dark Knight.Recommend

  • Syed Shoaib Ahsan

    I would really like the author to come up with ONE SINGLE IDEA that could help change things. Stupid article with a stupid title. Recommend

  • Shayan

    Frankly i feel the views of the author display inexperience and naivety and that he does not understand the gravity of the current scenario.. If someone like Edhi says something like this, then try to understand his response.. I think some of the younger writers here are hjighly influenced by what is published in international media, which is highly detached from the ground situation..Recommend

  • Columbus

    edhi needs to take a rest now, his mind and body is no more working together…being one of the greatest philanthropic and much more doesnt make u 007 (license to kill)…Recommend

  • http://ibteda.wordpress.com Sadaf Baig

    Did you guys even read?

    “when I go back to the question that made Abdul Sattar Edhi give this statement – what is the solution – I can come up with no answer that doesn’t involve excessive use of power and subsequent bloodshed.

    Am I the only one at a loss”

    Does any one understand what it means?
    Gosh! READ before passing judgments and at least try to understand what I am saying.Recommend

  • http://russianroullete2.wordpress.com Jeddy

    The true face of philanthropist – is that of a mass murderer. All revolutions always result in a reign of terror. Guilty and innocent are all exterminated – some people are guilty by association hence also put to death. Edhi’s words has wiped much of the good will he earned. Never trust a philanthropist, they are parasites who thrive on the misery of others.Recommend

  • Hira

    So basically Edhi just called about 500 people Wajibul Qatal – and we say that is okay?
    I respect Edhi. He is a great man. But this statement is unacceptable, No one can say it is okay to kill another person because they were corrupt.
    1. That is not a crime that merits the death sentence.
    2. Edhi is not a judge
    3. To those who say he was misquoted – the blogger confirmed the quote.

    I understand that we are frustrated but are we really ready to justify official lynchings? Recommend

  • MAD


    Why dont tyou become an EDhio ambulance driver for a day. Maybe then you shall understand. There are people who owe their lives to the man. never forget that.Recommend

  • Farhan

    I agree with you Sadaf and am deeply disappointed by what Edhi said. He was one of the very few people who we could take pride in mentioning to the outside world. So much for that!
    Killing to stop killing, how ridiculous is that!

    What is more ridiculous is that more people in your poll believe that Edhi is justified in what he said!

    We civilians break every law of the state on daily basis, yet we blame others for our miseries as a nation.

    This was an occasion, and opportunity for Edhi to call for brotherhood, compassion, unity, forgiveness, peace, patience and restraint. Instead he chose to add his name to growing list of hatemongers!Recommend

  • dextor

    Dear write even i was expecting an open thought or opinion form your side….in the light of current happening…if you visit the looted houses and watch old ladies crying about their lost sons then even i swear i prefer to have a drone attack on our parliament during the meeting…what they have given to us…what the hell they have done for us…nothing killed people ar ejust numbers for them…open your heart and put yourself in anyone shoes who has lost thier beloved family member…….one thought about it…now people dont even know who to blame and how to tackle if someone from outside would be doing this then this nation will take stand to fight against them…now it is just a rubiish game of death going on…..I TOTALLY AGREE WITH MR: EDHI……Recommend

  • Vaqar

    Dear, you should have asked yourself before writing this articile whether there is any other way left to get rid of all the corrupt politicians and make Pakistan clean from dirty being like them. Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    Edhi only said what we’re all thinking. And yes, he is allowed to have his moment of anger. Get over yourself Ms Khan…it’s time for a little selective ‘cleansing’.Recommend

  • hassan

    Edhi does not have the guts to say “Kill the corrupt people in Army too.” If he had said that, I would have agreed with him.

    If you want people like Idi Amin or Pol Pot to rule the country, just say so. We just adore these guys.Recommend

  • sanambaywafa

    Mr. Edhi you are talking on behalf of whole nation of Pakistan. You have proved that you are a mango man of Pakistan and care about Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://russianroullete2.wordpress.com Jeddy

    No ambulance driver at Edhi is a full time employee – simply because there is no system of fair salaries. None of drivers cannot meet ends if they only worked for Edhi, they have to do additional jobs. Running a charity by having slaves working in them is criminal.Recommend

  • Sidra Zia

    I’m sorry but the point of Education, Awareness and Intelligence is to allow human beings to look beyond words; to choose perceptions and formulate judgments without letting prejudice or verdicts block our views.
    And Sadaf, with this blog post, you have overseen a great man’s true purpose, intention and emotions behind his words. Let the man’s humanitarianism not allow you to pick on his words stemming from frustration.Recommend

  • Talal Tashfeen

    You are using an article which has no foundation. Pakistan Today is the only website which is reporting that he asked for the politicians to be killed. You, as a journalist, are supposed to make sure your news is credible.Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    Uh, no. There’s NO error in judgement or misunderstanding in what you wrote, because of one simple sentence: ‘We expected better from you’.

    Expected? 50 years of picking up the dead bodies no one else did, feeding hungry no one else would, clothing the naked no one else could, and you EXPECT MORE from him?

    Maligning Edhi’s name in your sensationalist Fox News-y title may get you hits and fame (infamy), but you have just lost whatever integrity you had in the eyes of the many.Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    Shameful. It seems like a few of the blogger’s friends have been called in for a show of support. Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    @Sidra Zia: So very, VERY well said!! Thank you.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Army is a part of the problem, not a solution to it. “Killing all politicians” would only allow army to gain monopoly on sucking the life out of this nation. Every Ying needs a Yang to maintain balance and accountability.

    By the way, I’m all in favor of punishing certain corrupt mafia-esque politicians (we all know who I’m referring to). But killing all politicians is just way too extreme a statement.Recommend