Delhi belly: Bollywood’s successful attempt at adult humour

Published: July 11, 2011

One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners.

One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners. One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners. One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners. One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners. One hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour, ugly situations and one liners.

Much has been said about the expletive filled language used in Delhi Belly. However, there are very few films which make you cringe with delight, and this movie happens to be one of them.

In Aamir Khan Productions’ latest venture we meet three roommates, living in the filthiest bachelor pad ever in Delhi:

1. We have journalist Taashi (Imran Khan), who is stuck in limbo and has to decide whether he really wants to marry his annoyingly shrill OCD airhostess girlfriend Sonia (Shenaz Treasury) and sought after by his sexy co-worker Menaka (Poorna Jagganathan).

2. Photojournalist Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor) who suffers one of the worse bouts of food poisoning after indulging in some highly unhygienic roadside tandoori chicken and ends up using orange juice to wash off, due to the shortage of water.

3. Cartoonist Aroop (Vir Das) who is stuck between his bewafa girlfriend and designing a banana for his uncreative boss.

The plot thickens when Sonia is given a mysterious packet, filled with diamonds, by a Russian criminal. She is told to deliver the packet to an underworld don (Vijay Raaz). Expecting her boyfriend to do the needful, Sonia hands over the packet to Taashi. As a result the bag ends up being passed around among the three roomies and after getting mixed up with a stool sample, reaches the wrong hands. The three main characters end up on the hit list of this deadly crime syndicate and what ensues is a lot of running around, some manipulation and loads of toilet humour, concisely packed into one hour and forty five minutes in a pacy “English partly Hindi” screenplay.

Ram Sampath’s soundtrack is brilliant, with all the songs are used as background music except for “Jaa Chudail.” Already a youth anthem “Bhaag DK Bose” is sure to receive a lot of hooting and cheering from the audience and one simply can’t miss Aamir Khan’s item number as the hairy Disco Fighter.

Askhat Verma’s script is replete with one-liners, and as far as the expletives our concerned, the language used is real and something that is in-sync with today’s generation and does not seem forced. However, watching with your family may not be the best idea.

The only issue is that there is nothing typically Delhi in the lingo, but the the cameraman captures every nook and cranny of the city, including the grotesque details of a cockroach lapping up leftovers, butt cracks and well some stool. Kudos to Abhinay Deo for a daring and successful attempt and for making a simple storyline in an unconventional manner.

Where performances are concerned, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Vir Das steal the show by putting up stellar performances and make the viewers roll in their seat. Vijay Raaz and his henchman add to the entertainment. Poorna Jagganathan is good as the problematic journalist while Shenaz Treasury is kind of annoying. This can be called one of Imran Khan’s best performance post Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, but compared to the rest of the cast his work seems mediocre.

All and in all this is one hell of a filthy yet sexy rollercoaster ride, with loads of potty humour and ugly situations and one liners, which gives Bollywood a fine contemporary adult comedy that is worth watching.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: July 12, 2011

Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated that Nitin, not Taashi, was sought after by Menaka. The error has been fixed.


Zoha Tapia

A freelance journalist who lives in Bombay

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  • uXuf

    Imran Khan was sought after by Poorna Jagganathan, not Kunal. Just sayin’.Recommend

  • Not a movie buff

    thanks for promoting a movie full of crap…….take out time, read a book and write a reviewRecommend

  • AS

    I mean cum’on why the hell are u promoting this already-so-taleked-about-Hindi Flick..Get a life .This is a Pakistani blog and we the readers wud like it that way only.They have enuff of their own media, newspapers, magazines, blogs to comment and write onRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    The article is pretty good. I am not a fan of Bollywood, but I may check this flick out.

    Also, I don’t understand the hostility. It is just a film review. Lighten up. :) Recommend

  • Seriously?

    This film tried to imitate various R Rated hollywood movies by using filthy language to make it more humorous but it failed.Recommend

  • Long Standing

    @AS(s): Only one thing…….Stop staying in a kaboosh! Recommend

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    I could not watch this movie more than thirty minutes. Full of crap and dirty scenes. Bollywood movies are about love, songs, music, lovely scenes and beautiful faces. If you want to see crap, why spend money and sit for three hours, just have a free tour of Bhindi Bazaar and you will see all the crap. Very disappointed with Amir Khan and his team.Recommend

  • Khurram

    My feelings after watching it- Thank God I watched it alone, cant even imagine watching it with my lil bro (who is 19), sorry but to me movie is all about filth and abusive language nothing else.Recommend

  • Baqar

    @ Noman Ansari

    i had a similar feeling a few days back and i went out to see “Ready” upon insistance of my cousins. All i can say is i came back with more repulsion than ever for bollywood crap. Learn from my experience dont throw away your money.. having Brain masala would be a better choice than Delhi belly.. :)Recommend

  • Rsingh

    Pathetically Over Rated movie,heard some critics saying movie is cross b\w Tarantino and Guy Ritche!!!!. Only scene worth mentioning is orange juice-refrigerator.
    Well did not know it has been released in Pakistan also. May this the reason Bollywood stars seldom speak against Pakistan or may be because Dawood bhai produces most of Bollywood films.
    Only star worth watching in Bollywood happen to Abhay deol for his excellent choice of movies and Ranbir kapoor for his fabolous acting.
    Of all the khans in Bollywood i would recommend Saif Ali khan.Though he has done his share of crap Yash Raj kind of movies but he is still better, first movie his production house produced Love Raj kal, a Imtiaz Ali directed movie, i think this kind of movie and of course his role in Omkara sets him apart from any of his Khan contemporaries. His next spy thriller which goes by the name Agent vinod, the Saif has said that in this movie they are trying to find balance b\w drama and action. This line i thing very aptly says every thing for Mr. Khan.Recommend

  • Samir

    How hypocritical are we Pakistanis? All of our shopkeepers have posters of Indian starlets and we know all the songs yet we put up this front of “Oh Indian culture is so offensive!” That’s the culture we’re all part of and the sooner we stop pretending like we’re better than our neighbors, the sooner we can make peace and build our own economy. We don’t have to love Indians and we don’t even have to like them but let our competition be in the economy not about making fun of movies that we secretly like. Recommend

  • Jerry

    But Delhi Belly release in Pakistani Cinemas, is banned by the government… sho shadRecommend

  • Roshan Purdah

    Sometimes, only sometimes, the Pakistani censors take good decisions.
    Delhi Belly’s case is one of those good decisions.
    There used to be a time when Indians were proud of good movie-making.
    Here is the link to one such movie and its inspiring song.
    Just to tell you … how far India and Indians have come away from their ideals. Recommend

  • xyz

    I have to say that bollywood is fastly graduating from hypothetical movies to more real movies like Dev D which adapted the Dev Das in a new modern way reflecting Indian society. This change has been seen in every progressive country. In 1900’s UK and US shed its veil of Victorian hypocrisy. one can see these changes in Chinese society and similar changes can be seen in Indian society in a short while. It all changes with economy and rise of middle class.
    This movie is more of a crossover movie of ‘ Lock stock and Two smoking barrels’ and ‘Hangover’. The realism in this movie was the language we use in our life.
    One has to accept that This is what we use in our lives and what we do. Its time for hypocrisy to end. Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    I was a fan of so called Mr. Perfect, but after Dhobi Ghaat and this crap, not anymore. Could not complete one of the worst movies of my life. To punish myself of this crime, I watched eleven times Vyjianthimala’s dances in Amarpali. Recommend

  • Bilal

    it was the most dissapointing film involving Amir khanRecommend

  • xyz

    hypocrisy at its best. Its banned in Pakistan and yet pakistani’s are watching it and commenting as well. Just believe in your censor board, it might have taken correct decision.Recommend

  • Adil

    The movie is far better than how it has been portrayed. Sounds quite dull from the review. Recommend

  • yeah rite

    Plz we dont need reviews on Indian movies.. especially when its “just another bollywood movie”.. nothing special abt it and plus this is a Pakistani blog. no offence..Recommend

  • Yumna

    successful attempt? excuse me?? Delhi Belly has to be the most ridiculous movies of recent times.Recommend