Transformers 3: Great effects, greater flaws

Published: July 9, 2011

Bay made a good movie in the first Transformers and then proceeded to make two bad sequels.

Bay made a good movie in the first Transformers and then proceeded to make two bad sequels.

Watching a Michael Bay movie must be similar to what I imagine it is like for patients on the receiving end of a colonoscopy – there is always a bit of a fear. After all, this is the director who, in 2001, took a historic tragedy and unintentionally turned it into a three-hour comedy in the form of Pearl Harbor.

The experience is numbing, considering that you can fit the plots of Bay’s entire work on the back of a matchbook; after either ordeal is over, any enjoyment you may have felt is accompanied by feelings of guilt.

Dark of the Moon is the third installment in the Transformers movie franchise, and like its predecessors, it has again been directed by Michael Bay. Bay, who shocked everyone in 2007 by making a good movie in the first Transformers (70 per cent fresh rating amongst Rotten Tomatoes’ “Top Critics”) film, decided that one good movie was enough, and proceeded to make an awful sequel in Revenge of the Fallen, which lacked what little plot development and subtlety the first had (who can forget the awfully gratuitous shots of Megan Fox’s hypnotizing rear?).

Thankfully, In Dark of the Moon, there is a more of a plot than Revenge of the Fallen. We learn that the space race in the 60s was motivated by alien technology discovered on the moon. The movie tells us that the technology allows transportation across galaxies of objects of huge masses, including planets. In Dark of the Moon, the evil Decepticons attempt to use the technology to teleport their war torn planet Cybertron next to Earth, so that they can use human slaves to rebuild it. One wonders if the writers considered that a planet ten times the size of Earth, would have too huge a gravitational pull to be able to sit in orbit?

To keep everyone interested, there are human characters as well. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is back, and struggling to find a job, despite having saved humanity twice. Nonsensically, the movie has us believe that he can’t find work, but the writers are less concerned with logic, and more with the average male audience member identifying with the movie’s lead.

He has a hot new girl in Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), who plays the clichéd girlfriend in distress role. Other familiar faces also return, though the actors seem tired in their roles. New characters include Sam’s new boss Bruce Brazos, given an eccentric edge by the brilliant John Malkovich. Others include government official Mearing (Frances McDormand), and Carly’s billionaire boss (Patrick Dempsey).

These human characters are given more screen time than the transformers, because Michael Bay’s only interest in the robots is playing with them on screen. Aside from transformers Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), and Sentinel Prime (Leonard Nimoy), Michael Bay shows absolutely no interest in developing the characters of movie’s CGI stars. Even the character, Bumblebee, who was essentially the star of the first film, has little tangible presence here.

But, the largest example of Michael Bay’s indifference to the bots is when a certain main Autobot character is killed off nonchalantly during the first half of the film, with absolutely no acknowledgement or regret expressed by any of the Autobots, despite having had significant presence in the first two films. It leaves the audience wondering why they should care about the movie’s characters, when the director himself clearly does not.

Dark of the Moon also suffers from some poor editing. At times the narrative lacks coherence, with scenes jumping from one plot point to the next, with little transition, other than bits of dull and obligatory pieces of exposition, explaining the scenes to follow.

What Bay is good at is explosive action. The last sixty minutes of Dark of the Moon are essentially the last fifteen minutes of the first film on steroids, and quite entertaining. Some of the one-on-one combat sequences are especially enjoyable, and the action set pieces overall are simply awesome. The CGI is also phenomenal, with all the transformers looking and moving realistically.

The movie was designed with 3D in mind from the ground up, which I enjoyed at the Cineplex at Clifton, Karachi. While I personally dislike the effect in most films, I have to admit that it was especially well done in Dark of the Moon, and certainly the best I’ve experienced since Avatar.

In the end though, Dark of the Moon is like going on a date with that hot girlfriend who bores you to death; you feel you can’t quite blame yourself for agreeing to a third date and putting up with her nonsense, even though you probably should have known better.

The movie has a run time of 155 minutes, and is rated PG-13.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Omega Supreme

    Dude, it’s a popcorn action flick, “shock & awe” for the eyes only. Lighten up. Expecting deeply profound commentary on issues of social & intellectual concern in a Micheal Bay film is stupid. Go read War & Peace instead. Sheesh.Recommend

  • talha

    90% of this review is copied from “IMDB”Recommend

  • SAM

    I lol’ed rl when he wrote this “The movie was designed with 3D in mind from the ground up, which I enjoyed at the Cineplex at Clifton, Karachi.”. Dude Atrium for the win!Recommend

  • Rodimus Prime

    Ahhh…. Michael Bay and Uwe Boll,are the best directors ever ..only their fans can understand their bizzare work..though bay still hasnt done justice to the bots..this is the best movie out of the trilogy..Recommend

  • dr.bilal

    seems like u had a close encounter with colonoscopy :-) my dear blogger.Recommend

  • Fraz

    when you make action pack there is always a struggle between more action and less plot. I think you didnt follow matrix triology man. 70% people find Matrix-I more interesting then reloaded coz that was first of its kind. sequels always injected by more money, hard working etc. but most of them never survive. It doesnt mean that you didnt like it its because you saw same idea earlier. Pirates of caribean single handedly stole the show just because of Jhony depp. otherwise its plot repeated every 5-6 years in some adventure films for children. The only man I saw in some selected movies who make action with good plots is Mr. John woo e.g. Broken Arrow 2. MI-2. On the other hand sequels mostly made due to the fact that they always survive in market. their first film provided them great backing. so chill man, I think Transformers 3 completed 500 million dollars run.Recommend

  • Mr.Nobody

    common man!!by now people should have realised what to expect when they go a bay movie.just numb logic from your mind and enjoy the CGI.btw i tolerated revenge of the fallen just for megan.and now since she’s not there(excellent career choice i must add) there is no incentive for me to watch another crap churned out by bay and spielberg co.(what is his obsession with aliens anyway?). Recommend

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Cineplex is in Clifton? Then what’s that building opposite The Village at DHA for?Recommend

  • Bumble D

    Gosh! … Did transformers really reminded u of colonscopy? I wonder why! :pRecommend

  • stupid review bay is good

    the story lines are understandable and actually quite good so you have written a load of lies, secondly its awesome how they fight and most films in comparison are crap even other action films dont have much action anymore, and Mr.Nobody megan fox didnt choose to leave she pissed of bay and he forced her out. aliens are cool and its action its not science the planet may be big but anyone knows that it might not have more mass which is what contributes to the gravity moron, did you happen to notice the gaps in the planet because i did which will have decreased the mass by a lot therefore reducing the gravity,

    its a movie the characters arent real so you shouldnt really care that much and did it occur to you that the characters needed to stop prime from teleporting the planet so there was no time to grieve? all in all if you dont like sci-fi films with explosions then dont watch and review them, its your own personal opinion so dont act like everyone agrees with you because im sure you will find that 90% of the people that watch it will enjoy it and then the rest are fanatical critics that just watch it so they can complain because they have nothing better to do.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I totally LOLed at your name. :)

    Never claimed to be expecting deep or profound commentary. :) Just expecting a half decent movie. :)Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    Atrium’s 3D tech is still down. Had to roll at the cineplex. :)Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    50% of all statistics are made up. :)Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    DoTM lacked plot and character development. Oh and the first Matrix movie was awesome… the sequels weren’t. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    LOL. :) Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    I endorse most of your comments wholeheartedly. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Bumble D:

    Because Michael Bay is a psychopath. :P Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi:

    Yea mate, I should have said DHA. Made a mistake. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @stupid review bay is good:

    Your comments made me laugh so hard, that my eyes started watering. Awesome. I will consider your arguments. :) Recommend

  • Omar

    It’s funny how easy fan boys find it to dig in and camp around a flame feeding on their bizarre comments.

    What does the fact that this was a ‘pop corn’ flick have to do with the fact that this movie lacked coherent transitions and a story line to keep even the most hardcore of transformer geeks (me) interested? I skimmed through most of the comments and, well, you guys give the term ‘fanboy’ a whole new disgraceful meaning.

    I thought the review was spot on with it’s observations, too bad most of the nerds can’t find the intellect to decide what’s trash and what’s actually worth their money. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Omega Supreme:

    I absolutely agree with your comment, “Expecting deeply profound commentary on issues of social & intellectual concern in a Micheal Bay film is stupid.”

    Which is why I am glad that I neither had those expectations, nor did I express such a view in my review. :)

    Thanks though. :)Recommend

  • Ms. Somebody

    The only thing more nauseating than the movie itself was the collective giggling of women in the Cineplex audience to Patrick Dempsey’s first appearance on screen.

    Omega Supreme: ‘Expecting deeply profound commentary on issues of social & intellectual concern in a Micheal Bay film is stupid’

    What’s stupider is to expect an audience of at least average intellect to not get distracted by an immensely nonsensical plot. I’m all for ‘pure mindless entertainment’ (I did watch Fast 5!), but Dark of the Moon takes the idiocy just a tad bit over the edge.

    The second half of the movie kicked off with some promise – relatively speaking anyway: the mind-numbingly boring first hour of the movie negated the less-boring-but-just-as-dumb battle climax, The prolonged and disjointed action sequences grew tedious very very fast. Recommend

  • Jacky Oliviera

    @Omega Supreme:

    hey guy complete overreaction from ya… it is a reviewers opinion and at no point did he say any of those things

    u are the one overreacting . grow up… the entire planet doesn’t have to agree with you… you are being childish and projecting far too much

    if he is asking for more character developmentRecommend

  • Butt Seriously

    Awesome computer graphics…. good story.
    I felt like I was watching a Sultan Rahi movie instead of Transformers3.Recommend

  • Jacky Oliviera

    no one mentioned that the review is exceptionally written and some people (fanboys) are taking it far too personally. The review is the opinion of the reviewer and he backs his assessment in it. Some comments are really childish.

    Just because we know the movie is made by M.Bay doesn’t mean we can’t hold it up to proper standards. Just because you know a car accident is about to happen doesn’t mean you should accept it or lower your own standards. Recommend

  • Talha

    Michael Bay is an amazing director.

    Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Transformers.

    He knows how to make a film for cinema.Recommend

  • Atif

    Noman thanks for your review man. I laughed really hard. You are very funny guy. And I agree with you, if I wanted to see the same old stuff, I would have watched the first movie. The characters were so one dimensional, it was insulting, and it is a sad state of affairs that so many people try to defend such mind numbing nonsense. The action was good, but you are right, the filmmakers weren’t interested. Recommend

  • Atif


    Who is common man?Recommend

  • Atif

    @Omega Supreme:

    Omega you need to take a chill pill baby. Such overreacting. Recommend

  • Atif


    you seem 100% jealus of this gusz writingRecommend

  • Atif

    @Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi:

    yah i think he got it wrong you are sharp guyRecommend

  • Noman Ansari


    Dude, I am flattered and highly amused that you think I copied/plagiarized the review, but I have written professionally for 5 years, so yea. Thanks for your opinion though. :) Recommend

  • Galvatron

    Just wanted to point out the highlights of some of the comments I’ve read:

    “Michael Bay and Uwe Boll are the best directors ever, only their fans can understand their bizarre work”….it’s not that bizarre of’s pretty simple work actually. Robots, girls, and occasionally funny but misplaced humor.
    The guy comparing Matrix to Transformers….come on. At least you had to turn your brain on at some point during the Matrix series.
    “the story lines are understandable and quite good” ….
    The entire review from “stupid review bay is god.”..whoops, good*
    Also – “its your own personal opinion so don’t act like everyone agrees with you”…THE BLOGGER IS A MOVIE CRITIC lmao….you may as well have said “hey, dont do your job!” I bet you he positively reviews some movies too!

    Anyways, I agree that Bay’s Transformers movies are, at this point, kind of a given…you know you’ll expect an action flick with feel good/epic moments with flimsy plot/transitions. Enjoying Transformers for what it is is the way to go but…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t criticize. This was a pretty fair review – Bay dumbed it down too much. I know we are watching an action flick but to say all other action flicks are dumb and plot must be sacrificed…I can name the Bourne trilogy, Dark Knight and…well, watch the Transformers cartoon movie from ’86 and tell me it didn’t have a better plot/story telling than Bay’s movies. Recommend

  • anthony jones

    i think it was messed up that the director made megan fox quit or get fired. megan fox woduve been great for the hot hot parts like the first part of the movie it was more like a ‘sexy movie’ but the blond did preatty good but she has a mouth shes hot but mean how she talked to megatron or mbe1 i thout soundwave was little to extreame i think they shod make another one thats sexy and have megan fox in itRecommend

  • Justin

    Great review. Why does Michael Bay get to keep making films? Oh, that’s right. People (or should I say SHEEPLE) actually pay to go see them. Boogles the mind.Recommend

  • Hussam

    Laughable plot, terrible acting, terrible casting, horrendous editing and every action movie cliche in the book. This movie is a travesty for people who were fans of the original Transformer cartoons. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Transformers ‘movie’ that came out, and that was in 1986 with ‘Transformers: The Movie’. The only redeeming thing about this Transformers is that it is Michael Bay’s last one as director. Recommend

  • jazz up

    bad thing is ironhide dies hope 4th one come’s outRecommend

  • Shiraz

    The plot is great so are the action sequences, but the some parts of the movie bore u to death, making it an unpleasant experience and seems like a deliberate attempt to prolong the movie, but its a must watchRecommend

  • Nicholas Sharaf

    “Watching a Michael Bay movie must be similar to what I imagine it is like for patients on the receiving end of a colonoscopy ”

    Dude watching a movie, any movie, can never compare to getting a camera stuck up your butt =/Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Nicholas Sharaf:

    hahahahaha…. I was kidding, but your comment made me chuckle. Thanks brah. :) Recommend

  • Talha

    Bay’s films have the hottest girls, the best cars, the cinematography is breathtaking and his films always have excellent actors.

    What more can one want?

    One of the funniest scenes in this film is when they follow the Russian cosmonauts and knock on door, as soon as the doormen opens the shutter, the character says “Dasvidaniya”, the russian guy says, “it means goodbye” and shuts the lid close.

    All time classic blockbuster.Recommend

  • sebastian mora

    About the whole Cybertron having a gravitational pull… he dose not. As a transformers fan Cybertron is not like all the other planets, Cybertron is the body of Primus (the creator of the transformers). The whole thing is a living being. if your asking how dose the planet keep it self together easy explanation. all beings have electrical pulses going through their body which makes the body hold together and i know for a fact Cybertron is the same (only with Energon). There for my conclusion is cybertron dose not have a Gravitational pull.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari



    Stan Bush ftw son. Recommend

  • Sophia

    @stupid review bay is good:
    At least the reviewer can string a coherent sentence together. That movie WAS terrible, ALL of them were. Bay used the Transformers brand to draw the fanbase in, and then wasted almost nine hours total of our lives to show how gay his is for the military and pyrotechnics. With that said, when the Transformers were given any decent screen time they looked damn smexy. And Peter Cullen, the saving grace of the film franchise, sounded delicious. He’s the only reason I paid to see this garbage. Recommend

  • Talha

    Bay has more money and probably has had more action than all of you combined.

    Beat that.Recommend

  • Cobra951

    Nice, detailed review. After the horrible 2nd movie, I expected this one to be much worse than you gave it credit for. I may actually watch it when it comes to cable TV.Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    Grown adults discussing the plot and idiocy level of a movie based on kids’ toys that change from robots to cars is as useless as wondering why grass isn’t blue. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Anthony Permal:

    It is how seriously you take the material as a filmmaker, that determines how the audience judges it. For example, you are taking it as a movie based on a kids’ toyline, but think about The Dark Knight, X-Men Last Stand, Iron Man, Superman 1 & 2. Also think about animated films like The Incredibles, or even Beauty & The Beast.

    The material which inspired those movies was originally written for youngsters. Stupid is as stupid you make it.

    In the hands of someone with more skill, I can guarantee you that Transformers would be a movie where you actually care about these giant toys.

    I’d love to see a Transformers movie directed by Neill Blomkamp.Recommend

  • Anthony Permal


    All the movies you mentioned were actually adult comic books with almost 50+ years each of development, meant for a mature reading audience, with the exception of the Incredibles and BatB. Incredibles was a mixed audience film, while BatB is a treasured fairy tale which was ridiculously Hollywoodised by Disney. Good movie, but they raped the script to make it money worthy. So is THAT not bad as well i.e. changing what is a treasured piece of literature? As much as LoTR was a brilliant visual delight, I cringed at the various blatant and sad changes to Tolkien’s words and storyline just to appease ‘the public audience of the film’.

    Transformers was from its original inception a set of toys kids fiddled with. Because of the success, anime was done and a film released in the 80s. That’s the extent of their history. Superman, Batman, X-Men, Iron Man and other Mavel or DC legends are the result of a century of story-telling. For adults. Kids came onto the bandwagon as a result of this being marketed to them later.

    I’m not saying your review is horrible. I’m saying don’t treat this as a Citizen Kane. And no, if I’m going to pay for a movie about massive robots at war, I want to see gore and crunching metal on a large scale, and I’m going to definitely leave my brain behind.Recommend

  • Omar

    @Anthony Permal:
    I kinda agree with you Anthony. I was looking forward to a whole lot of brutal metal crunching action too, and I wouldn’t be bickering had I not been subjected to the torture that was the first hour of the film. It was rife with sad attempts at stringing together a storyline from the oldest set of tried and tested cliche’s. It actually made me want to get up and leave. The first hour was equivalent to enduring a surgical extraction at the dentists and the latter half was like getting a lollipop stuck in my mouth for being such a good patient. Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    Lol @ Omar well said. Recommend

  • Rahim @

    If you are a die hard fan of science fiction movies then it’s a good one for you……or if you want to see the 3D effects then it’s a good one. Otherwise, the robotic action was more than the previous two movies. In the last film the human hero was doing all things and I was wondering what was the use of robot and while watching the 3rd part I was thinking the same for the human boy……..overall it’s a good movie without story.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Anthony Permal:

    You can think my review was horrible mate, it is OK :). I am just honored that people like you are reading my thoughts and engaging in reasonable discourse.

    Plus, I think you are just arguing semantics here, mate. :)

    hahahahaha Citizen Kane is a stretch eh? (I totally LOL’ed) I thought DoTM lacked character development. I wasn’t asking T3 to be one of the greatest movies of all time, and top AFI’s list of great movies. Though Orsen Wells was in Citizen Kane and the animated transformers flick in 86. :)

    I find it hilarious that you took from my review that I was expecting one of the most influential movies of our time, like Citizen Kane. :D

    Speaking of the 86 cartoon movie, have you seen it? As someone posted above, even that told a better story and had better character development. I wasn’t asking for Citizen Kane, but I didn’t expect the narrative to be so poor either.

    Regarding the comic book flicks etc., I talked about above, I was just giving an example. Here is another one.

    You can have two filmmakers make two completely different Batman movies.

    Take Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, and Nolan’s Batman movies. There is a massive difference in story telling. I am sure someone defended Batman & Robin, and Joel Schumacher back then, just like you are defending Michael Bay.

    Also, you are off base regarding the fiction or the “lore” as it were, and the inception of Transformers. You might not be able to tell from my review, but I have been a massive Trans fan since I was a kid.

    The toyline was launched by Takara in Japan, You make it sound like the toys forced the TV show. Actually, the toys were launched in 1984, as was the TV show and as were the comic books.

    I am also an avid comic book collector. The Transformers toyline, cartoons, were also accompanied by comic books. I have the first 25 Transformers issues, including the gold cover first edition of the very first Marvel comic. Those books are on par with other comics of that silver age.

    Dark Horse publishes Transformers graphic novels as well. Give them a read… they are quite dark.

    I hope that addresses your “adult comic book” concern.

    As I said, you can have Batman & Robin, an utterly abysmal movie, and you can have Nolan’s Batman movies as well. Better filmmakers will respect their material.

    Michael Bay clearly didn’t respect his. Ironhide was killed off like Bay didn’t give a damn. I am pretty sure Bay hasn’t read any of the Transformers graphic novels either. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “I am just honored that people like you are reading my thoughts and engaging in reasonable discourse.”

    I just reread that and it sounds like I was being sarcastic — which I wasn’t. I enjoyed all feedback from everyone — negative or positive. It is much appreciated… especially the discussion with Anthony. :) Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    You seem pretty sure of a lot of things based on assumption. Especially about Bay and also about what I know of this stuff. Either way, just a friendly banter. :) Carry on writing at least you’re doing well written reviews, compared to some stuff we have to read in this country’s papers!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Anthony, very kind of you to say so. I am flattered. Also, the editors here know their stuff, and most of the blogs are pretty well written.

    But regarding Transformers, yes, we can agree to disagree. :). All in good fun. :)

    Yup, hopefully my future submissions will find their way on this website. Thank you. :) Recommend

  • Sarah

    This is a terribly written review. Doesnt the tribune edit what people send in?Recommend

  • Akram Shezad


    Are we reading the same reviews? As a person who teaches high-school English in Dubai, I find the review written professionally well. Recommend

  • IBA ka bacha


    Such snarky comment… tsk tsk. Recommend

  • Sumaiya

    This is actually very well written. Care to be more specific and point out what flaws you see in the review? :P And remember…a viewpoint that doesn’t agree with yours does not count as one!Recommend

  • Kup


    If they edited comments, they’d add an apostrophe in your “doesnt”. Oh snap!Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    Lol it’s a personal review, and so everyone else has a personal view on the review. Nothing gained nothing lost, just opinions. So everyone, chillax :)Recommend

  • Kamran Shahin

    Nicely written review.

    Even though Bay didn’t chop the action to death with his usual approach of micro-second quick cuts, I still found it hard to follow who was fighting whom in most of the action scenes, unless it involved Sentinel, Optimus, or Bumblebee. Maybe I’m getting old, but unless they’re standing perfectly still, I can never tell Megatron apart from Star Scream.

    The best thing in the movie by far was Sentinel Prime, brilliantly voiced by Nimoy. Shockwave was also a cool addition – wish they’d done more with him.

    The worst thing? Did anyone find the complete and total lack of respect for life on the part of all the robots, even the autobots disturbing? I’m referring specifically to the scene where a bunch of autobots cheerfully tear a trapped decepticon apart after taunting him, and also how towards the end, a certain evil decepticon saves Optimus Prime’s life, only for Optimus to return the favor with a savagery that is completely at odds with everything we know about him from before.

    Btw, did anyone catch Nimoy repeating his lines from Star Trek II and III? “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Kamran, I think the disregard for bot life reflected the psyche of Michael Bay. I don’t think he gave a sh*t about actual character development, and to him, they were just a vehicle to show some mayhem. None of the deaths affected the audience the way they should have.

    Remember when prime died in the 1986 cartoon? I was just a kid, but I remember crying then. As a few people said in the comments section here, the 1986 cartoon even today, tells a better story. I remember the chemistry Kupp and Hotrod had.

    Regarding the action sequences, I think they were an improvement over the last two movies in terms of the “shaky cam” thing you are talking about. I thought the action was easier to make out, especially because they did the slow-mo thing during the more climatic moments. Still, overall, I agree. I personally am not fond of the shaky cam in films like this. It works in movies like Battle: Los Angeles or Cloverfield, but it doesn’t feel right here.

    But yes, I agree, the savagery was a unexpected. Also, prime was a complete pussy. When Sentinel was about to kill him, Prime raised his hand begging for his life haha.

    Yea, I noticed the Star Trek things as well. It made my inner geek really happy. :) Recommend

  • Fortress Maximus

    @Anthony Permal:

    I have been following the discussion for few days. Dear you are very hypo crite. First you making the personal attacks on the author. After he discussing dat wid you you getting more personl. Den you sad “wrong” rudely. After he disprove ur arguments u have nuthin to say so you act holy..

    Author is film critic and dis job he is writing with making arguments. If no one agree with opinion dis is one thing, but to make person attaks like anthony is not da same thing. U are totally in da wrongRecommend

  • Invader

    I recently watched Transformers 3 at the atrium 3D cinema (this was my first 3D movie experience) i was taken back with the plot was expecting way more than what was offered, like common a 100 plus Deceptions verses 7 auto-bots. The character of Shock wave who “is capable to take down all 7 auto-bots at one go was so easily brought down.

    A complete disappointment for me should have watched on 35mm only :P Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s the same old pointless cacophony…now with more flying metal and bigger explosions.

    For the last half hour of the movie, I was playing Plants vs Zombies on my iPhone with the earphones on.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    haha I love Plants vs Zombies.Recommend

  • Taha

    The action was so fast and explosive and the 3D so awesome, that I found myself not even paying attention to the “plot”, as shallow as it was. That’s the good part. Everything else was bad bad bad.

    Witwicky’s need to “just matter” despite winning a medal of honour from none other than Obama himself was unrealistic. Bay was trying hard to make a young and restless audience relate to current economic and national security pressures and made the Decepticons sound almost like al Qaeda (“Years from now they’re gonna ask: Where were you when they took over the planet?”).

    In the end, as with all the previous Transformer movies, this one was all about worn-out cliches (Your time is wack!), American grandiosity (in the name of freedom, we take the battle to them) and a very pretty face (wouldn’t you agree). To sum it up, despite the futuristic CGI, and perhaps even because of it, I came out with a headache. Recommend

  • Sam

    OMG entertainment couldnt get better than this.. and the ‘this’ im referrgin to is transformers and both its sequels and not ur blog… dudeee if u cant see this its a movie its not supposed to be real.. i mean if that were the point then quite frankly the entire idea of robots that can shift shapes into cars… cars which despite being beaten down dont ahve a single dent .then the movie wouldnt ahve been amde int he first place…

    i suggest not taking such movies so seriously… clearly u didnt but the rest ofthe world loves michael bays take on transformersRecommend

  • Majid Rashid

    lolz great catch bro, but dont be so hard on reviewer he has done huge task of writing 10% review himselfRecommend

  • Majid Rashid

    to the author, dude micheal bay may not be an oscar winning director, and he cant even comes near to chirs nolan but movie was enjoyable, good pop corn flick who didnt get good critics score but entertain you for sure with its awesome 3d effects, actiosn car chases.Recommend