Protect Pakistan from Hizb ut-Tahrir

Published: July 5, 2011

Hizb ut-Tahrir gained international attention when Pakistan's army said on June 22 it was questioning four majors about alleged links to the party, following the arrest in May of a brigadier suspected of having such ties. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

This past week I’ve seen all sorts of groups offering advice to Pakistan. After the events of June 22, when the Pakistani army stated that they would be investigating four majors because of certain accusations, the Hizb ut-Tahrir decided to put their two cents in.

They suggested Pakistanis take to the streets for Islamic rule. I suppose it was their finest moment when they were linked to the Pakistan Army, as the Hizb is being given some of the international spot light it has always craved and needed to validate its existence.

As a Pakistani who has lived in Britain and knows what the Hizb has done here, it is my duty to tell my fellow Pakistanis to protect our beloved Pakistan from yet another monstrosity.

Founded in 1953, in Jeruselum by Taqiuddin al-Nabhani, the Hizb came to the United Kingdom (UK) in 1986 via the hands of Syrian Omar Bakri Muhammad and it now dominates the British radical scene. While the Hizb claims to be non-violent, according to author Ed Hussain (an ex-member of the party), the Hizb derives many of its fundamental principles from Sayyid Qutb’s famous publication “The Milestones,” which is best explained as a manifesto of political Islam full of anti-secular sentiment.

This group is not banned in the UK.

Devastated that they have been allowed to flourish in the UK, I cannot bear to think of them gaining major support in Pakistan. Hearing about their supposed links with the Pakistan army is just as disturbing as the military being linked to the Taliban and al Qaeda. What the Hizb has done in various universities and mosques in the UK, at the start of the new millennium in their quest to restore the caliphate, is no secret thanks to Hussain’s book “The Islamist.”

People’s faiths should not be politically manipulated.

If we cannot stop that from happening, we can stop it from happening to ourselves at least, that is one less person they’ve gotten to. If the Hizb has infiltrated our institutions, let it not infiltrate our hearts and minds. We cannot allow yet another ruthless Islamic political party to gain support in Pakistan or flourish any more than it already has, just because they are pointing out what many Pakistanis are thinking.

The Hizb’s main focus is to unite the ummah and restore the caliphate, which is something a lot of people in Pakistan and the world will want to get on board with. As the Hizb has demonstrated in the past, they will use Sharia law to serve their own interpretations of Islam that are not always in the interest of humanity. Their manifesto says one thing but their actions say another – but do not take my word for it, look into it.

Restoring Pakistan, above everything will require us to be human and we must dispel all else but compassion from our hearts and minds. If we are to take to the streets let it be for peace and love in our country.

Sahar Aman

Sahar Aman

The author is the CEO & founder of Love To Eat It sharing behind the scenes of my startup journey! Also check out my blog, food and lifestyle titbits for glow getting lady bosses! She tweets as @sahar_aman ( Follow her on Instagram: sahar_aman ( Follow her on Snapchat: Sahar_aman

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  • Numan

    The author makes accustations against HT but has not substantiated any.

    HT is a non violent Islamic Political party, it has allways honoured this principle.

    I asked the author what is your policy for economic revival in pakistan, what is your policy for agriculture, tax collection, power creation, public private property, foreign policy. Only HT has done an in depth analysis of these for pakistan from an Islamic perspective.

    Yes Pakistanis want one ummmah, united by islam and want to live in accordance with Islam. HT call for this in a practical method.Recommend

  • faraz

    Muslims never remained under a unified Ummah except for few brief periods. And when they did remain under one ruler, it was monopolized by a tribe, clan or family which ruthlessly suppressed all kinds of opposition. Caliphate only lasted for 3 decades under the Righteous Caliphs but turned into a dynastic monarchy after major civil wars in which tens of thousands of Companions of Prophet PBUH lost their lives. Recommend

  • Saad Shaukat

    Unless they do not restore to any sort of violent means, don’t you think banning them would be a violation of the basic right of freedom of expression? After all, if that’s what they believe in, why should they be stopped from projecting their message? Isn’t it a form of censorship? Can censorship be justified then?!Recommend

  • God Father

    Thank you Wiki Leaks !!!!Recommend

  • God Father

    Thank You WikiLeaks !!!!Recommend

  • SAB Sohail

    you should come back and put your words into action!Recommend

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    Ah.. so now I get it! That’s why people on facebook have been devotedly discussing their potential role in the implementation of sharia law in Pakistan! TBH, seeing what people have been making of religion (rather than religion making something good out of them) I continue to pray for a secular Pakistan where people have a warm heart and a sound mind of their own!Recommend

  • Moderate

    Where are the arguments to support your stance against Hizbu Tahrir? It clearly shows that you dont like them and want others to think the same way. If you have qualms against them then come up with some proofs.Recommend

  • Rock

    What sort of concept is this? This is 21st century….What will happen to nonmuslims? Forceful conversion to Islam? How about forming a Bloc of these country’s instead of the above concept? Though religion is same languages and cultures are different.. how will caliphate will tackle the more complex problems?This seems to be exist in theory practically imposible. Recommend

  • raha

    Empthy rhethoric of a pseudo self-appologetic “libral”. Wish you would be able to “see” more and wiselyRecommend

  • Ezekial

    Hizb Tahrir is basically a dangerous organization which must be countered with full force. These people have no scruples or values. They will use any and every means to attain power. Their claim to non-violence is non-sense. They belong to the same category of Kharjiite ‘Muslims’ who did not hesitate to pass fatwas of death against Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Hussan.Recommend

  • Absar

    HT members are, by and large, intolerant and emotionalRecommend

  • syed abdullah

    I am seriously amazed to read this blog. A writer from Uk describes how HT interferes in universities and she not even know the true objective and mission of HT.
    I was a part of HT at some time and i am seriously amazed to see that most of the students belong to this group is from the extremely respectable universities and families. So the question is what is the factor in this group that motivates them to spend most of their time for this party?
    The factor is Khilafat. And every muslim who beleive in it or not must find their way to khilafat one day.Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Haider

    Believe it or not…What happened to Islam after the death of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was not different from religions like Christianity and Judaism. its followers altered the teachings according to their own agendas….and it became a struggle for power ever since.
    None of the sects or the Khalifas contributed to literature and learning except for a brief period of Fatimid rule…rest is evident to everyone…so stop crying about gathering as an Ummah….
    we never were an Ummah and nor will be….a central figure is necessary to gather all the people, which we don’t have….
    So let it be this way…..and only if we stop giving value judgments against one another, we’ll be successful in contributing a little to the overall status of Islam….Recommend

  • Shahid

    @Saad Shaukat:
    If you have so much respect for freedom of expression are you willing to enter in a peacefull civilized discussion challenging the existance of God????Recommend

  • Numan

    All Muslims believe Islam is a complete way of life.

    It deals with your personal Ibadat actions as well as the transactional duties, muamalat. The Prophet (pbuh) ruled in Medina in accordance with Islam, socially, economically, judiciary etc. They collected taxes, built industry, distributed wealth, treated black and arab equally, gave rights to women, treated Muslim and Non Muslim as equal citizens who both had rights of ownership. The Prophet (pbuh) drew analogy of non muslims and muslims living side by side and equal to the teeth on a comb, he said who ever harms the dhimi (non muslims) harms me…..the examples are endless. The 4 righlty guided Khalifs built upon this model. After them as the prohet predicted we had monarchy…Yazid appointed Muawiyah etc….then in 1924 the state was abolished (Pakistan Khilfafat movement tried hard to stop this!). After 1924 as the prophet said the ummah experienced tyrancial rule. Note the decline had started several hundred years prior. The Prophet (pbuh) then said Khilafah will be established on the way of the Prophet (pbuh). We are now witnessing the end of the Tyranny in the Muslim lands. Khilafah will be established soon inshallah.

    As Muslim we must learn from our past mistakes, understand our faith, learn practical skills and establish a super state which will be an example to the work. Tehnologically advance, wealth distribution and creation central to its economy, rights of its citizens Muslim and non Muslim respected and protected, Women treated with respect not as trash as we see in some parts of Pakistan and the West, an independant and corrput free judiciary, Accountable Rulers, free elections, corruption free, sovreign. This is the Pakistan I envisage under Khilafah. This is what Hizb ut Tahrir calls for. Yes it frightenss America and its cham cheh in Islambad, Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo, Tashkent, Tehran etc…Thry should be scared as it will end their influence.
    Do not be defeateated my dear brothers and sister, percevere and support one another and the goal will be achievable. Alternatively lets settle for seculary Pakistan where we have a democratically elected Zardari as president and disco for homosexual pride events at the American embassy!Recommend

  • faraz

    Ironically they think it’s their democratic right to voice opinion, but they are against democracy and want to impose a dictatorial system where no opposition is tolerated. I think they haven’t read about the endless disputes over caliphate, how Ottoman sultans executed their entire families to come into power; how Umayyad ruthlessly suppressed opposition and attacked holy place of Mecca and Medina to crush revolts. Early Ottoman sultans even advised the elder son to kill all his brothers after becoming Caliph. I don’t think HT is much dangerous, but it’s sad to see educated people so deluded from reality. Recommend

  • Samir

    The comments of all the HT supporters on here are somewhat comical. The Caliphate would be a huge disaster – why did Pakistanis let Saudis corrupt their minds with intolerant versions of Islam?Recommend

  • Asif Ilyas

    I think author has no srtong knowledge about islam and HT.HT is non-violant organisation which is to restore islamic caliphate through peaceful way.Recommend

  • Rizwan

    Damn right. As an international student in UK, I recall Hizb activists trying to recruit me to their organisation at university. Thankfully the saner members of our Islamic Society saw fit to explain to us what the Hizb was all about. Recommend

  • Kramer

    Uniting people under the banner of religion? Heck, i’d run out of space pointing out how many times that has failed miserably over the course of human history (examples are abundant from all the three major monotheistic religions). You can never unite a nation [let alone a whole body of believers across borders] under the banner of religion due to the vastly different socio-economic and cultural realities of people not to mention the different interpretations of religion vis-a-vis different sects that exist. Organizations like these are bound to fail miserably and fall into a trap of intolerance and bigotry while most of their followers are uninformed, misguided and emotional [and fail to clearly analyze & understand events from their own perspective and fall prey to empty rhetoric and made-up stories of these organizations. Recommend

  • Mohammad Rafey

    This article is devoid of backbone and negates itself. The writer mentions: “The Hizb’s main focus is to unite the ummah and restore the caliphate, which is something a lot of people in Pakistan and the world will want to get on board with”. So if a lot of people want this per the writer then please enlighten me why this is wrong. Why can’t we have a vote or referendum on it. Its not banned in the UK which needless to say is a much freer, liberal and democratic country than Pakistan yet somehow the Pakistan government has sought to ban it, violating the basic right and freedom of expression. Again if the party is non-violent and propagates it’s ideas through intellectual discussion then I am sure that the much superior ideas being propagated by the democratic state of Pakistan should be enough to put these “radical” ideas to bed without the other party resorting to violence.

    The writer goes on:”As the Hizb has demonstrated in the past, they will use Sharia law to serve their own interpretations of Islam that are not always in the interest of humanity. Their manifesto says one thing but their actions say another.” Again mere statements. Please enlighten us madam with evidence so that we and out children can be protected from this menace.Recommend

  • Saqlain

    We need smart brains to tackle the problems of 21st century. We need competent leadership not some rotten head Mullahs or Khalifa.. The problem with every ideological state is that people are told mutilated history of glorious past. And thus common man buy in these fabricated stories and aspire for going back in time and revive that imaginary era… Same is the case with history about Caliphate. No one knows how much bloodshed and injustice was rampant in those times.. We need to revise history to give our future generations a fresh start..Recommend

  • Saqlain

    Well said Shahid… Glad humans still live in this animal society.. Wish to see one day a free worldRecommend

  • Tilsim

    Hizb e Tahrir is trying to subvert Pakistan’s constitution through secretive and non-democratic means which also involves trying to induce a military coup. It is actively recruiting military officers and former officers. That is why it is banned and it’s absolutely correct that it should be. Recommend

  • N.S

    I can’t believe how many people are falling for this ‘uniting the ummah under a caliphate nonsense.’ Do you honestly believe one all-knowing, great khalifa will appear out of nowhere and solve all of Pakistan’s problems? Get real. You can’t just rely on one person to solve almost a century worth of mistakes. What we need is a system that works, and good, honest leaders and followers to make that system work. You really think a bunch of religious bigots fits that bill? This country is going down the drain.Recommend

  • Muhammad Asim

    “the Hizb derives many of its fundamental principles from Sayyid Qutb’s famous publication “The Milestones,” which is best explained as a manifesto of political Islam full of anti-secular sentiment.”

    This is a claim without proof that HT is influenced by Qutb, referenced only by an author who has been emphatically rejected by the Muslims in Britain which is why he has run off to America. You should know this, since you claim to be a Pakistani who has lived in Britain.
    In what world does anti-secular automatically = violent?

    “What the Hizb has done in various universities and mosques in the UK, at the start of the new millennium in their quest to restore the caliphate, is no secret”

    Erm what has it done? Again you reference a book that is written by an individual who is discredited.

    “If the Hizb has infiltrated our institutions, let it not infiltrate our hearts and minds.”

    If the arguments of the Hizb are weak they shall be defeated. If not, lets not patronise those who agree with the Hizb, which is an ever increasing number.

    “We cannot allow yet another ruthless Islamic political party to gain support in Pakistan or flourish any more than it already has, just because they are pointing out what many Pakistanis are thinking.”

    So “ruthless” secular political parties are OK?
    Surely the foundation of healthy political support for any part is that they are in tune with the thoughts of the people? Is this what frigthens you? Would you rather the people’s desires were not represented?

    “As the Hizb has demonstrated in the past, they will use Sharia law to serve their own interpretations of Islam that are not always in the interest of humanity.”

    You have offered no proof for this. It’s the same me replacing ‘Hizb’ in the above sentence with ‘Sahar Aman’. Both would carry the same weight without proof, which is zero.

    “Their manifesto says one thing but their actions say another – but do not take my word for it, look into it.”

    Thanks for offering us some freedom to think. I don’t know in your secular courts, but in Islamic law one is innocent until proven guilty so surely you should back up your statement or retract it, if you are writing in good faith.

    I’m sorry but your article is very poor as it offers no proof to back up your claims other than sparse references to a discredited indivdiual’s book and your own apparent dislike of the Hizb. I am a supporter of Khilafat and have researched in to HT and whilst no one in their right minds will say they appeal to everyone or that everyone agrees with them, that’s the nature of politics and being a political party. No party in the world enjoys 100% support anywhere. To say Pakistan should be protected from a party which you yourself have pointed out talks about what people think is mind boggling. You are calling for nothing short of censorship of legitimate political debate which even by your own apparently liberal standards should be unacceptable.

    If you truly believe what the Hizb says is weak then they should be engaged in public debate and made to look like the fools you say they are, but don’t write articles with zero proof without giving them a chance to respond to your accusations.Recommend

  • hassan


    Where is the fun in having a Khilafah if non-muslims are treated as equal to Muslims?

    Why should we strive and fight for a Khilafah when you know that it does not give muslims any clear advantage over non-muslims?

    Khilafah is cool only when the rules are hoplessly in favor of muslims and only when non-muslims are reminded to live like second-class citizens.

    Khilafah is the place where you should be constantly able to rub into those infidels for refusing to convert still.

    We used to take infidel women as slaves during our moghul period and if you promise that in Khilafah non-muslim women will be up for grabs, then I am all for Khilafah !!

    I don’t want that nonsense about equality of all religions……Recommend

  • Malay

    HT doesn’t believe in democracy but want to take advantage of it wherever it can and as long as it can, until they get hold of political power. In short they are a facist outfit.Recommend

  • muslim

    Hizb ut Tahrir is the best group, insya Allah, will bring ummah to best condition under islamic khilafah… it is different with pakistan nationalism secularism, the bad system… so, save Pakistan with shariah and Khilafah, save by Hizb ut Tahrir… Allahu Akbar./.Recommend

  • Mehboob Ali

    My name is Mehboob Ali and I am a member of Hizb ut Tahrir.

    There are many people that agree with the party and yes there are some that disagree with it. What intrigues me is why some amongst those who disagree call for the party to be obstructed in its peaceful political work, whilst accepting that the party is non-violent. All of these people are those who champion secularism and secular liberal values; yet they see no contradiction in their views, words as well as their deeds.

    As a representative of Hizb ut Tahrir, I am ready to debate key issues that people may have concerns or questions about. The party does not subscribe to a brainwashing mentality but rather thrives on debate and intellectual discourse. I have been a member of the party for 19 years and have discussed with many personalities in this time. Recent discussions have been with Mr. Mansoor Ali Raja of the PPP’s Overseas Central Committee in the UK. I also invited Wajid Shamsul Hasan, the UK ambassador, to an open dialogue in front of the media and public so that he may explain his government’s position on the recent American attacks on Pakistan. An invitation which he incidentally refused.

    If we are to be a nation built upon a strong intellectual foundation then we cannot stifle debate, particularly one that resonates so strongly with the masses such as the ideas of the Caliphate and Shariah. Anyone who believes that Islam is backward, regressive, divisive and not fit to be placed in political authority is welcome to discuss with the Party. Let the soundness of the solutions be the judge, and let us cease the publication of a one sided monologue of accusations, scare stories and smears. If we are confident in our views then we should have nothing to fear from dialogue.

    twitter @mehboobali70Recommend

  • Mudassar Rana

    Quite amazing that you find it so disturbing that a group calling for something which the great imam abu hanifa labelled the mother of all obligations.

    Its not a matter of ht or zaid hamid or any other group or people or persons. the caliphate is an islamic obligation.

    Would you care to show the same disdain for what secularism has done to pakistan over the last decade? Recommend

  • SJ

    Well, lets have that debate Shahid, oh but I’m in your team. We still need the other party.Recommend

  • Rashad Ali

    We can’t have a state based on religion, however how then does one explain the founding and existence of the state of Israel, which (like Pakistan) is subsidized by the U.S.?

    Also, didn’t Ed Husain advocate that ALL Muslims recognize the state of Israel as a precondition of being considered “moderate” Muslims, his own words:

    “Jewish students “should not be held accountable for the actions or decisions of the government of Israel”, he said.

    “No Jewish student should feel like they have to apologise, nor be held accountable, for what happens on a flotilla near Gaza, or actions taken in the West Bank.”

    He said Muslim activists should be free to criticise Israeli government policies, but had “a duty to recognise Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist”.


  • Samir

    @ Mohammad Rafey – So your argument is as follows: “If a lot of people want something, it can’t be bad”. Hmmm, many Pakistanis feel that M. Qadri is a hero and Salman Taseer is not. Clearly, they are wrong but you think that it can’t possibly be bad.

    The HT apologists keep dreaming that some Khalifah is going to solve Pakistan’s problems. If that person was there, he’d be smart enough to run for office with his own party and win. Guess what? It doesn’t happen. Ever notice how poorly religious parties perform in elections? Ever notice how they are even worse in office? The fact is it’s easy to say that a Caliphate will be a good thing but it’s a serious joke. Pakistan already has Shariah. Wonder how that’s working out? People still get killed every day in the name of religion. Minorities have no rights. Women are treated like animals.

    If Khalifah is so great, why does no one in the world have it? If Khalifah is so great, why isn’t there even one city or province where it works well? Please, enlighten us with some examples.Recommend

  • Rock

    @Mudassar Rana: Do you find pakistan as secular and democratic country? Pakistan still trying to learn secularism and democractic values… It will take some time. Please don’t support HT views these are not at all practical. These views are going to create confusion amoung the masses. Better idea will be improve your current system and strengthen your institutions. Recommend

  • Rock

    Saahar Aman, thanks for writing an article on this topic. Instead of improving current system some educated people try to invent something nonpractical thing. Good Job.Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    @SAB Sohail, I know the author of the blog and she HAS been in Pakistan for a long time before going to the UK and when here she did a lot more for this country than I believe many Pakistanis within Pakistan have ever done in their entire lives.

    As usual, people in Pakistan only know how to pass judgements on people they don’t know, as you have done. Recommend

  • Saad Shaukat


    Whether I believe in freedom of expression or not or to what extent is not the concern here. The point that I wanted to make was that the democracy and liberalism, which the writer seems to be so fond of and considers them the only ‘right’ ideologies, itself is such a strong proponent of freedom of expression. So, don’t you think the writer is contradicting herself by promoting liberalism and democracy at one hand and opposing the right of Hizb to propagate it’s message?Recommend

  • karim

    @Author: I am not sure what Hizb is all about, but will u be fine if secular, democratic countries use lies and violence to further their agenda?? I guess u are, because you are living in one such country. Get real, Lady! Recommend

  • John Bijou

    Oh so the US can subvert the army by outright buying them and that is okay with you then ?

    Wakie wakie and smell the dollar bills buddy ! Recommend

  • Ali

    @ saad shukat you probably dont know anything about HT. what they want to do is something that jamaat i islami has been trying to do for the last 60 years but HT has a different agenda, talk to any member of HT and you,d realize that after talking about Islam and the ummah for about an hour all they want to do is grab power through violent means and then run the country according to their own interpretation of Islam. Recommend

  • Umair Ahmed Shaikh

    Pakistan has been ruled by secular governments for past 60 years or so whether it is Civilian or Military and the pathetic condition in which it is now is because of their corruption and tyranny. I hope Islamists can prove themselves as much better alternative than the so-called secularists.Recommend

  • Hassan

    May the Best Party win…Ameen…Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    Pakistan is buffeted by two forces, ideological and reactionary. Hizbut Tahrir is the ideological torch bearer of Islamic fundamentalism and calls itself a non violent force. They say we will not cause violence, we will only indoctrinate and leave the shedding of blood to the many other violent groups running amok. This is a nuanced position and public should avoid splitting hair and falling into their trap. People must recognize and realize all threats to their well being. The day ideology wins the country will cease to exist. Recommend

  • Awami Lota

    If you don’t mind my saying, this is nothing, but a point scoring article. Hardly tell anything new, neither did it cover what HT doing in state you are living. And good to know you have read these books, we’d have appreciate if you cover something from those books to make your piece look interesting.

    Please, don’t touch political issues for fun sake. Like HT damaging our society, such post and blogger playing their part in damaging it too.


  • Natasha Suleman

    This group is not banned in the UK.

    That speaks volumes about its ‘monstrosity’.

    Im ‘scared’!Recommend

  • nafisa

    There may be no room for a secular Pakistan.
    There should definitely be no room for an extremist Pakistan.
    Fundo’s —-> Please, Marwa na deina.Recommend

  • abdul rehman

    Majority of the Muslims in the Muslim world including Pakistan want the return of Islam and Khilafat….An international company, MEMRB which offers custom analysis to address special issues, conducted nationwide survey in Pakistan. They asked question about ruling system in Pakistan. Question was “Which Ruling System can solve Pakistan’s Problems?”

    Democracy (Only 11%)
    Dominion (Only 6%)
    3. Islamic Khilafat (53%)
    Martial Law (22%)
    Islamic Democracy (Only 2%)

  • Syed Naveed Hussain Shah

    “Prophethood (meaning Muhammad (SAW) himself) will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain, then Allah will raise it up whenever he wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood remaining with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, He will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a reign of violently oppressive [The reign of Muslim kings who are partially unjust] rule and it will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, there will be a reign of tyrannical rule and it will remain for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, Allah will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Then, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood.”

    Musnad Ahmed

    Can we really deny the establishment of Khilafah! when our beloved Prophet (PBUH) clearly told us about the return of Khilafa. HT is nothing they are only tools in the grand chessboard of world events if they would not be able to bring Khilafah it would still come as the time for its advent is very near as a muslim we must strive for Khilafah otherwise when time comes the muslims who reject Khilafah would be on the wrong side of history and would be considered non muslims as Imam Mahdi(AS) would only be able to unite all muslims it cannot be done by other leaders who want to establish Khalifah for themselves.Recommend

  • S Minhaj Zafer

    As in all spheres of life, we fail, 1st to read, 2nd to understand & 3rd to comprehend. system of Khilafat did’nt work even in the 30 years, we cry so much about. Its there in the history, go read, understand & then please try to comprehend.

    Had,1st 30 years the bed rock of Islamic history, were able to give a credible system, 3 out of 4 kaliphs would not have been assassinated?…

    It did’nt work in a much simpler and less complex world. How it’s going to work today’s world?

    The argument is like sitting at a 1432-nd floor of a building with a flawed bed rock & claiming it to be the best.Recommend

  • faraz

    @Syed Naveed Hussain Shah

    So those who don’t believe in Caliphate commit apostasy! You should extend the argument: in Islam the punishment for apostasy is death. How tolerant.

    When elder son or other family member becomes the next ruler, it’s called monarchy, not caliphate. So caliphate basically lasted for only 3 decades. The four Righteous caliphs weren’t elected by any standard method. So there is no system as such for election of caliph. Caliph Abu Bakar used the tile Khalifa Rasoolallah. Caliph Umer used the title Amir ul Momineen instead of Khalifa. Why? Umayyad caliphate wasn’t accepted by a large number of Muslims. Umayyad used force to crush dozens of revolts. They attacked the holy cities of Islam and slaughtered fellow Muslims. Abbasids was taken over by Buyids by mid-10th century and Abbasid Caliph was reduced to a mere rubber stamp. The Fatimid caliphate, called anti-caliphate, became more powerful that Abbasids. They took control over the Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Many other Muslim empires emerged which waged wars against each other for 3 centuries till the Mongols invaded and eliminated most of them. Ottoman Empire was similarly a Turkish monarchy rather than any Islamic caliphate. Ottoman and Safavid waged wars against each other for centuries. Have you heard about the Ottoman Harem? And the last Ottoman caliph was a British lackey who was sitting in Constantinople under British protection while Turks were waging the war of independence against the imperial powers. If not for the great Ataturk, the Turks would still be throwing rocks at some occupying force like the poor Palestinians.Recommend

  • rehmat


    You may want one ummah but I don’t think all Pakistanis do. Certainly all Muslims have no desire to be partt of this Pakistan led ummah. TO begin wih even the erstwhile East Pakistanis were unable to live with West Pakistanis eventually sought independence. The Indian Muslims too do not want to be part of this Pakistan led ummah. Do you think Iraw would want to join anummah where the shias are ruthlesly killed? No. Turkey is a Muslim majority country but it is secular. Do you think they want to join this ummah? No. What about Indonesia who has the largest Muslim population in the world and where almost 20% population is non-Muslim and lives peacefully. Do you think they would want to give up the peace in their country to embrace the type of violence that Pakistan is wracked in? No.What about Afghanistan? Even when the Afghan Taliban were ruling they did not even agree to the Durand line. So you think they want to becoe part of this Cliphate? No they want a cuontry for Afghans.

    Do you know how Muslims for the subcontinent are treated when they bbecome pat of the labour force in Arab countries? The Arabs definitely do nto embrace their less fortunate co-religionists from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh in the spirit of ummah.

    Forget that. If all Muslims within pakistan stop killing each other that itself would be a big step forward.Recommend

  • Mudassar Rana


    If a nation is ruled by the whims and desires of a few enobled men and women then isnt that secularism? i.e the seperation of state and God?

    Doesnt have to be great secularism on the basis of switzerland!!

    I am not supporting HT nor Zaid Hamid or Dr Israr Ahmed. What I am against is linking the idea of Khilafah to one group – because this is an islamic obligation. One the great imam abu hanifa labelled the mother of all obligations.

    The author based their views on her experiences with HT in the UK – that is a totally negative way of doing things and belies her secular credentials which alledgedly promote free and unbiased thinking! I too have met several good bad and ugly HT people and from whom i can learn I shall learn and from i cant I wont. I dont tar a whole group, religion or people with the same brush – and to the secular I am a fanatical sword and axe waving fundamentalist!

    The fact is that the nature of rule in Pakistan is up for discussion simply because the rulers after liaqat ali khan have been some of the worst in 1400 years of islamic history and gradually getting worse.

    The field marshall who led the indian effort in the 1971 war said exactly that when he said had he led Pakistan forces he would have won – simply because our leadership is “piss poor”. Corruption is one thing and may even be forgivable but combine that with incompetence and it is a lethal combination which is having disasterous results for Pakistan.

    Regarding democracy – Pakistan is not up to the standards set in some of the more democratic countries – because the voting system is corrupt to the core. Nevertheless in any of the mature countries like america or britain the results of democracy are the same – the same vested interests backed by a very powerful media get in. Pakistan is simply an immature version of that. We simply can’t hide our incompetence or corruption – not that we are more incompetent or corrupt than anyone else.

    The call is to the deen of allah and his noble messenger s.a.w – my question to the secularist is that do they think that God the universal creator the one that set the laws of absolute perfection in nature to be so impoetent that he couldnt set the rules for how society should be run? Do you think that the Noble rasool e kareem s.a.w the blessed who changed a people of rag tag tribes into a nation that ruled 2/3’rd s of the world to be so incompetent that he couldnt carry out his creator’s message as it should have been?

    If the answer is no then think about your beliefs and if the answer is yes then you need to think deeper about your islam as your only fooling yourself and those who sail on 2 ships never reach the shore.Recommend

  • Nasar

    Secular Pakistan has failed politically because it has become subservient to an other state and executes its agenda within its territories, hence acceptance of drone attacks, OBL incident, fata and waziristan operations etc. Only an independent Pakistan with Islam as its agenda and system (Khilafah) will it go forward .Recommend

  • Abdullah

    history is not the only thing.. Implementation of Islamic system is farz. either past was bad or good.Recommend

  • Pakistani in US

    Looks like a lot of HT members are on ET. But thankfully these pseudo Islamic drives never translate into a major force politically in Pakistan. Waiting for a day when we have secular Pakistan as Jinnah imagined.Recommend

  • I am muslim

    *As salaamu alaykum wr wb – there are two parties here, one that aspires NOT to implement islam on a societal level and the latter which aspires to live islam as Prophet Muhammad SAW and salaf e saliheen did. I go with islam and Allah over manmade laws and desires without any hesitation *Recommend

  • Omar Changezi

    Wow I was amazed by the lack of knowledge of the writer.HT never adheres to Violence.And HT is the largest Islamic Political group in the world.There aim is of CALIPHATE on the method of prophet hood which is the best thing ever happens to ummah for 1300 years.We need unity as we had once.Now divided in 58 nation states and being robbed by western powers,clearly shows the slave mentality of writer who wants that we always remain in shackles of capitalism and never make true gain and empower ourselves.
    Plus where are the accusations madam.Don’t just shoot in the air without knowing anything and I request tribune to please make some standard of there articles and don’t let fools like the writer to tarnish the hard earned credibility.Recommend

  • Trooper

    @ Shahid, I have been in some discussions with HT, and it actually does enter into a peacefully civilized discussion challenging the existence of God. For starters read book “Rational Universe, Irrational Odds” authored by a HT memberRecommend

  • Ahsan

    no system, whether Democracy or caliphate is wrong. but in terms pf practical approach and implementation, democracy have many pitfalls which you cant see in caliphate.
    Oh People ! please do not think caliphate as dictatorship. In caliphate, Khalifa can’t make or amend law by himself only. He needed to consult sharia, Quran, and Shorah (Counsel).
    Also in democracy, you don’t have any freedom of speech in real sense. but in caliphate you do have. please remember when Buddu stands up and asks for the Shirt (Kurta) of Umar r.a. Umer answered first and then the crowd listened what Umar was saying.Recommend

  • Hadeed

    does the writer expect us to listen to her or should we instead listen to the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wassalim) when he explicitly states : “thumma takoonu Khilafah ‘alaa minhaaj-an-Nabuwwah” (and then there will be Khilafah on the method of Prophethood)….as well as respond to the sincere elements within the people working for the cause of humanity….

    and NO u cannot separate humanity from the Deen….not unless ur an atheist or an agnostic.

    when u make ur whims and desires your god and challenge the Creator’s laid out laws and His Authority, this article is precisely what you get as a product. Recommend

  • Ma’moun

    “Their manifesto says one thing but their actions say another – but do not take my word for it, look into it.”

    ummm … I’m sorry but that is a little over the top exaggeration don’t you think?

    you got the facts down right as in uniting the Ummah, when they group formed, its leader, beign against the secular regimes, calling for a caliphate, applying shari’ah, working with the people of influence (it never was a secret to begin with lol) etc but you have other information that is way biased for e,g. the Ed Hussain usage to support ur arguments and the whole, lol excuse me, monstrosity part can hardly be used even as supplementary evidence … he is not a member, never was (even though he claims to be) …. and what is really interesting you as a freelance reporter should take out the time and liberty to go and speak with the media rep for the Hizb themselves before you assume anything about them …. which leads me into saying that assuming anything about them (or anyone for that matter) without concrete evidence showing they have done contrary to what they claim to be is, well, in essence, a lie lol ….. or more lightly put an invalid argument ….. next time just interview a member and ask the questions …. it wont hurt to do some actual journalism …. rather it’d be a lil adventurous … wouldn’t you agree? …. I guess you could call this my advice / critical analysis and constructive criticism in a nut-shell (wish we could go over this in more detail ….. ALAS! work calls!)Recommend

  • optimist

    I never worried about Hizbut Tehrir. These people will never win support of ordinary Pakistanis unless we go mad.

    And if we go mad, then who can save us anyway? Recommend

  • york

    it is indeed one of the most active groups and they are not just an internet group in fact they target and recruit many each year.Recommend

  • Mohammed Rizwan

    What will it take for liberals to wake up and smell the coffee? Secularism has failed. Pakistan is a backward state under secular institutions. The only thing liberals have left to offer is to futher entrench the status quo.

    Pakistan needs real change. Hizbul-tahreer are offering change from what I gather from their writings. I would gladly welcome this change. They have a forward looking programme for progress. I am yet to find a single critique of their programme for change by a liberal or anyone else as a matter of fact. Its not good to throw stones whilst seeking shelter in a liberal glass house!

    Pakistan is indeed in need of protection, but this protection should be from those who offer no alternative and not from those who are calling for it!Recommend

  • Zardari Abdul America

    “Protect Pakistan from Hizb ut-Tahrir”

    Who is protecting Pakistan from American slavery?

    I assume the writer doesn’t mind being a slave to America!Recommend

  • shahid

    @Saad Shaukat:
    You are right. Every person and party should have the right to express their views peacefully including Hizb, They can register as a political party and take part in elections.The problem is that religious parties have lost faith in peaceful struglle and have resorted to violent means which they would not express openly.Talk to any Iranian, Imam Khomeini did all sort of sweet talk before revolution but aftewords formed a fascist state which committed all sort of crimes against its own people. Recommend

  • Moiz

    @Mehboob Ali:
    One demand only: name your Khalifa.Recommend

  • Asaf

    Never seen such a childish article – not one shred of evidence about anything!Recommend

  • Trooper

    @ Shahid, Hizb actually did register itself as a political party but it was banned by dictator Musharraf when Hizb criticized his stance on American war. Many reports from global think tanks and declarations by Pakistani law courts are a proof that Hizb’s work is peaceful. If you read their literature you will come to know that they infact forbid and condemn those who have taken the path of armed resistence for Islamic revival.
    They base their call on intellectual debate.
    Yes it is the problem with many parties, both religious and secular (if you havenot noticed) that they resort to voilent means when their goals are not met. How is Hizb different then? because every dawa carrier associated with Hizb goes through extensive study circles where he gets convinced through dialogue, evidence and debate on the methodolgy of Hizb, and if Hizb deviates an inch from its path then the first one to account Hizb will be its own members.
    @ Moiz, there are seven conditions a person should meet if he wants to become a khalifa. If khilafah comes on hands of hizb then the ameer of hizb will be khalifa, as the ones transfering power to hizb will be transfering it on his hands. If some other party gets this blessing then Hizb will give alligence to their khalifa.
    But it is sad to see you focussing on personalities and avoiding discussion on the system of Khilafah, when the real question should be why khilafah rather then who will be khalifa? Recommend

  • Osama

    It seems anyone who believes in Islam as more than just a few prayers is labeled as HT…

    Believe it or not, most of us muslims believe that Allah’s law is the highest and that it is the truth that should reach all of humanity.

    How can you attack the concept of unity and khilafah? Please don’t become part of the people who spread misinformation as there is already so much of it right now.Recommend

  • zafir alj

    Rd Husain loves to see Muslims go back to the Brits Rule . He refuses The Notion of Islam In state, well HT is working to being Islam back into it,s Natural seat Hukum .. Ie Khilafah . All uslims shpuld either Join or support at Leaset sor the sake Of AllahRecommend

  • Abdul-Fattah

    A non-hijabi, talking about an islamic party trying to implement islam… It is not surprising she is against it.

    “Their manifesto says one thing, but their actions another.”
    One could also say about the writer;
    “Your picture says one thing, and your actions affirm it.”
    Here’s an idea, look into islam before trying to defame islamic ideas that an islamic party holds.Recommend

  • rehan

    Sorry Sir, the concept of Ummah is something easy to say and very difficult to define.
    If concept of Ummah was that strong, why was Bangladesh created?
    Why we Muslims keep mum when Muslims were butcher-ed in new Russian States?

    And finally, having a Caliph is not going to solve any of our problems you have listed. We, ordinary Pakistanis are fed up with this religious parties and their agendas – their hidden deals with security agencies and foreign countries.

    If you doubt my claim – just watch the results of last elections and the coming elections.
    The religious extremists who wants to force their interpretation of Islam on the others – are small minority but they use guns/sticks to hijack others.
    We refuse this.Recommend

  • rehan

    So the biggest problem you found in this article and its author is that she is ‘non-hijabi’.
    Perhaps your interpertation of Islam starts with hijab and ends with hijab. Corruption, abuse, killing women in the name of honor, un-equal distribution of wealth, our dirty cities and streets, our un-educated kids, our health system – i am sure these things are not going to bother you as long as women wear hijab…Recommend

  • rehan

    Can you kindly specify any length of 50 years in the last 1400 years of Islam, when there was a Umah living like brothers…..
    There was bloodshed as soon as Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) passed away.

    We need to understand and accept that there will always be different opinions / interpretations among people of Ummah and this is natural. We need to accept is and try not force one opinion over the others.Recommend

  • Dexter

    Absolutely non sense. You are talking against HT without any proof. Sorry Madam You made me disoppointedRecommend

  • Rizwan

    This really is a poorly constructed article. These kind of articles doesn’t posses any depth or logic behind. Looking at the main picture of this makes me feel sad that author doesn’t even bothered what is gonna be depicted. Kalma is power of Islam and one shouldn’t be complexed about it, Say it loud don’t bother what the world is saying about you. Be strong about it, stand with each other rather fall deliberately.Recommend

  • Osama

    Are we in oblivion about the current reality of Pakistan? What good democracy or dictatorship has done? Poverty, corruption, injustice, bomb blasts???? Madam! We need to save Pakistan from Secular’s, democrats, dictator rulers and politicians of Pakistan who are corrupt terrorists and murderers… not from the peaceful educated men of Hizb ut-Tahrir…

    Muslims want Caliphate to be restored and they want to live under Shariah of Allah (swt)…. NOT under self created laws by man and their futile interpretations…Recommend

  • adam

    @all, let try it on yourself whatever you believe, show the output to the world, even non belivers will belive you, but without demonstrating it any place in the world after Holy prophet, now HT is coming with this idea. Let me tell who is going to be your new caliph, one like OBL or BM, or the Qadiri has got the chance. Let be normal, come back to base, you are welcome back to normal and unspoild Islam. If each caliph is going to make his own rules like earlier one did, then, be ready for a new religion in Islam, I am okay with mine. try mobilizing people but don;t try terrorizing, otherwise, it will be another shame.Recommend

  • Etzaz

    irrespectve of the fact what is written by sahar. we as a muslim we need to see these organisation with different perspective. we always want to see the apparent picture and never sight out the prospective issues related with these organisations. i must say this, once my friend said the same language for lasker jhangvi and other organisations. after 11 years the fear turn out real and it is now banned ornaisation not only in pakistan but internationaly. we, muslims need to see these things realistically and on the facts. we cannot defame this organisations but can critically review its operations and its potential threats for all over the world.Recommend


    now what is wrong if they want to bring ISLAMIC LAW to pakistan?Recommend


    n what does the author realy want to say??? shud pakistan not be run under the sharia….smthin for what it was made????Recommend

  • gill

    I appreciate your effort to write on HT and ur concerns for pakistan.
    Just like u, we are citizens of the country n we think as much as you about the welfare of our brothers n sisters, but we derive solutions for the problems of Pakistan from quran n sunnat as opposed to solution carved by limited human intellect.
    And I hope u believe in the supremacy if quran over anything else n wouldn’t be biased against Islamic system as best guidance for Pakistan n the rest of the world….Recommend

  • fusesense

    Why all the Jihaddi outfits choose pakistan?Recommend