A father’s ode to his daughter on her wedding

Published: June 24, 2018

My eyes moistened, my throat went dry; my heartbeat became faster as I resisted to cry. PHOTO: PINTEREST

As I walked you down the aisle holding your hand,

It reminded me of a time when I once waited at the other end,

Eyes affixed on the beautiful bride approaching me,

Counting each second for the perfect moment to engulf me,

I never saw the pleading eyes of the person giving away my bride,

Otherwise, I would have the consolation that this was a customary ride,

With bitter happiness I saw your groom waiting to receive you,

Watching you with love not even a quarter of what I have for you,

My eyes moistened, my throat went dry,

My heartbeat became faster as I resisted to cry,

Pleading silently as I gave you away,

To the man who took your hand to part our ways,

I shed tears of joy seeing the bright smile on your face,

But my heart saddened at the thought of you going away,

I believed your marriage will remove a burden from my shoulders,

But my heart still bleeds and strength still shudders,

You are like a plastic doll in a glass casing,

Whose key I guarded with God’s undertaking,

With mixed feelings I hand this key to the new custodian,

Hoping that he’ll guard it always like I had done.

Tuba Faizan

Tuba Faizan

Pursuing a degree in electronic engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology. An ardent writer, reader and a keen observer. Dan Brown and Khalid Hosseini never fail to inspire her. Apart from playing with circuits, she regularly blogs at tubafaizan.wordpress.com/

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