Since when is PTI’s right turn a U-turn?

Published: May 31, 2018

The media reported that Khosa wanted a post at the World Bank, and was told by Shehbaz Sharif to hold his horses.

I can see social media platforms and news channels debating over Imran Khan’s change of choice regarding caretaker chief minister for Punjab. The elections are near, and quite literally, the heat of it and the scorching sun can be felt. Let us take a step back and end the sudden “U-turn” debate that has taken the media and the people by storm.

The system says that the chief minister and the opposition leader are both to mutually decide on the name of the ‘caretaker’, who shall be in charge for three months. Now, let us emphasise on the aspect that this conclusion has to be agreed upon from both sides, and unless signed or stamped, can be altered if any loopholes or conflicting scenarios arise.

Coming back to the present tale, Nasir Khosa – a well-known name in the political world – was the name both parties agreed to. After a while, it came to be known that when Nawaz Sharif’s Panama case was going on, he was called in an attempt to talk things out with his brother, who is a Supreme Court judge.

Things did not work out in Nawaz’s favour back then, so why should they work out in his favour now, considering that evidence, even if rumoured, has come into account? Moving forward, the media also reported that Khosa wanted a post at the World Bank, and was told by Shehbaz Sharif to hold his horses, as he’d be given an important post in the near future.

Given the allegations and declarations being made, how is it not vital to reevaluate the decision of him being the caretaker?

Imran did precisely that: keeping into thought everything mentioned above, he took his decision back, noting the fact that no statement had been signed and the agreement was merely verbal in nature. Now, some beings who were excited to have Khosa on board have lost their temper, commenting on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) decision to withdraw the name.

The story is simple and the turn is right, but of course, with all decisions come consequences and individuals seeking such opportunities, as can be seen now.

Let us take another example.

In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,when the opposition had an issue with Imran meeting the nominated chief minister, the PTI chief agreed to disregard the current decision and take new names aboard, because well, what’s the issue in that? And now, if the same thing is happening in Punjab and PTI has agreed and accepted their calculations weren’t right, what’s wrong with disregarding Khosa’s name, I ask the opposition?

Is it because Punjab is the real game?

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad

The author is the Deputy Information Secretary for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Behzad Rouf

    I must say your level of eloquence is far superior than the reasoning you have given in this article. I agree that, technically, there is nothing wrong with taking back a decision BUT it just shows the level of immaturity of PTI’s leadership.Recommend

  • arehman01

    Since May 29, 2018. This is definitely a U-turn not even a k-turn. Too much spirtuality involved in decision making is not good fot the future of PakistanRecommend

  • Obviously the deputy information secretary for the PTI wants to muddy the waters! Nasir Khosa’s name was suggested by PTI itself. Imran Khan called Nasir Khosa to ask him about suggesting his name, Imran Khan’s opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly provided the name to the Punjab Chief Minister, and then both PTI and PML-N together announced the name, after which the Punjab Governor and the ECP were formally notified. AFTER all that, Imran Khan came back to say someone (his spiritual leader or his handlers) had told him to withdraw Nasir Khosa’s name.

    Fact is, since the name was officially communicated to the ECP and the Governor Punjab after a formal, constitutional process, the PML-N and Nasir Khosa could fight it out and probably get a court order saying Nasir Khosa’s appointment is now completed. But obviously that would defeat the whole purpose of the caretaker administration.

    Poor Nasir Khosa was dragged into this mess by PTI itself and now PTI folks like this author are slinging mud at him and destroying his reputation. Let that be a lesson for any honorable person who associates with PTI!Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    fantastic heading… its been ages i have seen someone written exactly what they want to say … fabulous sister may Allah bless u…
    so nation here is the key to success u can not be right all the time but are u ready to admit that ? ik is he has just done that so what’s wrong … since when the right turn is a u turn and if it is in someone’s book honestly i am not bothered :)Recommend

  • Hussain

    You can try to spin it whichever way you want. But at the end of the day, this episode again indicates the non-professionalism and lack of due diligence in PTI’s decision making.Recommend

  • Parvez

    In politics perception is more than reality ….. the perception given by PTI and further embellished by the opposition and media is that the PTI has a flip-flop mentality when taking decisions. Serious people, in business or politics, have a firm decision making process and once the decision is made public it is very seldom changed because the perception that results can be worse than a bad decision.Recommend

  • Patwari

    True. Punjab is the real game. That’s where the election will be won
    or lost. Not to mention that everyone and his brother lives in Punjab.
    With the exception of a handful of Balochs, 50 plus Sindhis, who live
    in Garhi Khuda Baksh, and a truckload of Muhajjirs, who DO NOT live
    in Punjab. Never mind Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral. They are considered
    non entities.
    Be assured that Nawaz Bros. Maryam and Saad Traveling Roadshow,
    will have a fit of mega proportions if their ‘chumcha’ ne ‘ladla’ is not made
    acting CM of Nawazland.
    See, after all, a lot is riding here. To keep the Darbari from Jati Umra out
    of Adiala Jail. To keep the ‘Pride of Pakistan’s Womanhood’ ne former
    handmaiden of ‘The Sainted Mohtarma Herself’ aka as bint Sharif out of jail.
    To keep the Kuptaan Sahib [retd] of the Pak Army out of jail.
    Say, with all these people from Raiwind, staring at jail time,…they can have
    a whole wing of Adiala Jail assigned to themselves. Their own cooks, their
    own TV’s, their own laundry room, their own reception room for visitors, their
    own offices, their own chaprassis, their own tailors, dhobis….
    There will be a new name for Adiala,… Sharifnagar.Recommend

  • Naokhaiz

    Lolz – such lame arguments. 1) Attacking police was the right turn? 2) laying siege on parliament was as well ? 3) Conquering PTV and damaging public property was right turn. 4) Encouraging people to use Hundi is an example of high morals ? 4) Revolting against state and inciting people to not pay bills is right turn ? 5) Delaying CPEC by 9 months and denying that any such project exists is highly patriotic? 6) Making an assault in Government on flimsy 35 punctures table and then denying any such tape exists is a great example of Sadiq and Amin party? 7) lying on billion trees and massive irregularities and then saying 18 million trees were planted ? 8) Criticising PMLN for Jangla bus (metro) and committing to make one at 4 billion and then spending 72 billion on Pesh jangla bus is halal ? 8) Disbanding the KPK NAB for 4 years and sacking Justice Wajihuddin is a great example of transparency ? 9) using Shaukat Khanum donations for toxic/speculative investments and personal wealth increase is right as it is his personal property ? 10) inciting people to lockdown cities and to attack Police is allowed is a right turn ? 11) blocking the right of information for illegal foreign funding case against PTI is strengthening judicial system in Pak? 12) Committing to create surplus electricity in KPK and adding not a single MW because PTI was busy dancing on containers for 3+ years is a best proactive to be followed by all? Conniving to bring the parliament is not an act of high treason and halal for PTI ? 13) While marriages are his personal matter, but disregarding the religious doctrines of getting married to a 30-+ years lady during her IDDAT is a great trendsetter for our society 14) Inducting a rapist / dacoit Bandial is justified for higher cause ? High time that the cult followers be confronted with right data.Recommend

  • Ravian

    Pretty weak arguments !

    But who do you want to convince? By now, most voters have made up their minds who to vote for, and the Umpire has also made up his mind.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Now ALL THAT was before they discovered some quirky facts,
    and bad juju about the candidate.
    No amount of moaning and groaning will change the reasons
    why the candidate is no more viable. Include the “promise” for
    a job assignment at the World Bank by Sharif.Recommend

  • Afee

    What I do not understand is, in politics “Flip Flop” is a derogatory term used against people who often changes their position on major issues. In Pakistan U-Turn symbolizes the same concept, but in real life a person so opinionated that refuse to change stance even against hard evidence, is a stubborn and fool. Ethically one should base position on an issue, on the current facts. The ground realities changes so often in our current age that staying on a stance that one held few years ago is illogical. A reasonable person educate himself or herself and change position accordingly is much better than a person insisting on an out dated stance. Human societies are dynamic, the world is changing, one should adapt and modify view along those changes. Bottom line is, person who accept mistake is more open and flexible and better than those who does not budge no matter how wrong they are.Recommend

  • azfar

    And that promise was told to imran khan and PTI by umpires. Face saving by degrading and falsifying news?Recommend

  • Patwari

    Humza, you forgot to add the old standby, Sita White, in your rant.Recommend

  • sterry

    Think and reflect about the Peshawar Jangla Bus plan. Think of many of the ticket holders in PTI and their behavior. This will help you to think more clearly about the concept of u turn.Recommend